Porch volume 144 is closed see 145 for a party

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    Hello all, just going to make this quick in case a left coaster may doing the same thing. See ya later

    We have a new porch member and she is gorgeous see Lydia/Julie's profile for the new grandbaby.

    So the porch is decorated in pink ribbons and streamers, cake and punch is out for everyone to have.

    A new life has come into this world and I am sure will bring big smiles, sweet laughter and lots of hugs to her special and wonderful family. They are so lucky to have this little jewel to brighten their live.

    God has blessed you with this baby and your live will never be the same again-I wish you all the best Hugs-Carla
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    congratulations...glad you all had a nice delivery and everyone is healthy!

    i went to a friend's son's football game. today it was sunny out for sure.

    i had a week last week i hope i don't have to repeat for awhile.

    but in someways it was a relief to get somethings off from my chest is all i can say.

    well gonna lay down i think...

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    She is one cutie...glad it's all over,except the diapers,2am feedings...unless exFIL wants to help.

    WE all thought since you were MIA that it was happening.

    funny how such a tiny little thing can fill you with sooooo much love.

    Hope everyone else is making their way to the porch


  4. ckball

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    And a great day on our porch with little Kiera's arrival.

    Julie I am so proud of you, you are a amazing lady. I do hope you get some rest today, you have been on a merry go around that hasn't stopped the last month, but adrenline is a wonderful thing isn't it?lol.

    I watched my GD be born and even cut the cord, it is a amazing thing to watch a baby being born. My daughter did have a rough labor and Haley was a premie so both stayed a few extra days, that was 16 years ago before ins co's started kicking you out the next day.

    I am glad your mom got home and is doing well, hopefully the test result will be positive. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Linda- thanks for the vol hint, I was very sleepy when I did it and couldn't remember the number so put it in and meant to go look to change it and forgot that quick, ambein will do that,hehe.

    Sorry about the back news, I have never head of a lateral herniation. Did you have MRI's CT scans, which area of the spine is it? I hope with rest and PT will help. Hopefully surgery won't be needed but you know today they have made back surgeries easier than years ago.

    My videos are taken on my digital camera, they are about 25-30 seconds max, I did order a bigger memory card so I can do a little longer ones. I have been having a lot of fun with it. I have 13 videos posted now.

    Lacey- wow your were up early this morning- I hope you can get out and enjoy this beautiful day we are having here.

    Jodie- glad your son's freind team won and hope this week is better than last week.

    I am going to work on a baby gift for my boss this week so I will be sporadic in my visits. I am makiing her a stained glass panel with her little girls initial in it. Her name will be Courtney and that would be a lot of work to cut each letter out, so I will do first and last letters.

    This week has a good start and hopefully only gets better from here, now eat some cake and pucnh-Carla
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    Julie - I sent you a note on another board in answer to your post. Hope you saw it. How wonderful. That baby picture is just beautiful !!! Glad you got to coach and everything worked out well with the birth and the other family and grandma (if you know what I mean). You all must be SO HAPPY !!!!! Yes, babies are special. Iknow what you mean about your other daughter Linsaey who apparently has been trying to get pregnant and wants one so badly. We have a similar situation. My son and his wife have been trying so hard and his she has had one miscarariage and one where the baby wasn't developing properly . So they had to do a D and C. O know they were crushed as we were too. So far have 8 grandkids but they don't have any . I hope they get one soon. It must be so frustrating. I can imagine how they feel. For DH and I we had one baby every 2 years and then one about 4 1/2 years later. Hope everything continues to go well with Amy, the baby and the father who doesn't want to be married any more. Not sure if I would want him back after that statement anyway but it will be so hard on Amy. She is so lucky to have YOU and her dad Den.. Big congrats and hugs to you both.

    Carla - Thanks for starting us off right after the birth.

    Jodie - Hope you are feeling better and glad that Cody's team won again.

    Linda - MMMM - dod you make an apple pie (from scratch)? I will be right over. My dear other used to do it like doing and it was so wonderful and flacky with loads of apples. Hope you are feeling better also.

    Hi to Lacey, Joan, Jens and anyone else I might have missed. I did some shopping or looking this morning for a Halloween party we are going to didn't get much. DH hates to dress up. I have to run and get some other things done. I had to do some e-mailing for our Ladies Associations Food Bank pickup in Nov. Then have to eat something and go to choral practice. I was pouring all afternoon. Hope it stops soon even if we need alot more rain.

    Big hugs to all,

  6. lilaclover30

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    There is nothing more precious than a gradchild. And even more so, when it is a little girl! She is sooo beautiful too. Our first was a granddaughter and how we loved her. She is now 32!!! Can't believe it and even has her own babies! Oh, if I could only see them.

    from now on, i will jot down notes about each of your replies and talk to each of you. My memory is so bad.

    i go to the Dr. tomorrow - had the appt. for 2 1/2 weeks. I have too many questions. Why am I so short of breathe? And jow, my neck muscles and shoulder muscles hurt so very much I can hardly hold my head up. I want an answer to this ??? also.

    I need to make out my list for him this evening. I know after I ask him 2 questions that he will walk out of the roonm. I should just say "Whoa ---I am still talking" (But i won't.)

    i can't tip my head back or twist it to see behinc me.k Do we just have one pain after anotgher?

    Maybe some of you read thye short story about FMS in the tabloid in the Sat. paper. It said to learn what you can and do not do what is too much. I know that I do too much but it is getting less ahnd less all the time.

    Again, bless this perfect little girl! She is so beautiful and precious! Yes, your life will never be the same. You have never felt this special love before.

    Gentle Hugs and just a tiny kiss on her beautiful dark hair!

    luv you all

  7. 69mach1

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    re-do some regrets i have made, or mistakes...

    i made spaghetti w/ sirloin burger and chicken basil/sundried tomatoes. garlic bread too.

    went to another rape cousnelor appt...she is going to get a copy of my 18 page report. she said she will call the dectective herself and do the work for me. i know it will be stressful to read some lies, but it may help reading the report of sorts.

    she said that is my right as the victim and the person i last spoke to didn't know what they were talking about.

    that is why they have advocates for people myself.

    well gonna call a friend about something...sorta disappointed about what some jerk said about me...telling my friend(male) who is around retirement age that i am easy...

    my friend knows this idiot...and he said some things to her on saturday about her son. that didn't know about and myself...i just don't need some little idiot spreading rumors about me...he is a wanna be thug.....

    i w/never give him a car ride home again...so much for being nice.

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    oep your daughter is feeling a little bit rested..boy i was so so exhausted and anemic plus breastfeeding...that is when i wished someone else could sit in...

    i mad homemade chix noodle soup for everyone cause cody has a cold and i think i have started to get one as well...

    had a long talk w/a friend of mine...she told me more things from months ago before the rape about erik...not good things...she said she found out in a circle of outsiders through a used to be friend of hers(cause that friend was/or maybe still using and knows erik.) that he was saying way back then that men could have me...and i was his sugar mommma and how i would buy him things...well, i did not buy him much of anything.

    anyways, told me he told cody's football coaches i was either selling myself or easy....she did not want her name i n the mix. basically didn't want to come forward w/some info for fear of things...but i already know the da wouldnt' prosecute because they would have to get a confession out of erik that he put something in my drink or the other guy did that did the physical rape.

    so he has been spreading nasty rumors about me for along time....and he sold me out for $100.00...all for drugs i am sure.

    i can't wait to get my 18 page report. but i think i have decided not to confront him due to my own safety....he thinks i am on friends basis w/him. but really i have been doing my own mental investigating. and finally it has sunk in that he did have something to do w/the rape all over drugs i am sure.

    so i have my name slung out there in this small town or city as being easy...from a old bf...so granni. linda, ck and rafki i think i get it now..

    this has been driving me nuts in my head everyday since 2/22...did erik have something to do w/me getting raped...answer is yes...

    why would he take a pic of my wine stained shirt? he said he thought it was funny...why would he keep messages i supposedly on his father's answering machine? too make me look like i was a drunk.....i had one beer served to me...and w/in minutes i don't remember the hours later.
    why did he take down the picture of me that was hanging on his wall the day before? so in case the police knocked on his door, can't look quilty now!

    why would he tell me where is your drink? and dirk wants to get jooiou! to have someone slip something in my drink.

    why would he ask me a few days later and tell me that dirk really wants to fouo me? cause he was trying to figure out what i remember from that night.....

    why would he ask me to drop the charges? cause he didn't want to be implicated in it in case the charges stick?
    why would he tell me in a month this whole thing will be done and he can relax....cause he was guilty.

    why would the rapist swap out my credit card w/his and then come knock on my door around 11 am...? to keep in touch w/me....they were both trying to keep me preoccupied so i didn't go to the police to go get my blood tested or to see if did go to the police...

    but i was so bombed out of my mind and sick...i couldn't think...i was in shock...

    rapist said erik would call me in the morning, how did he know that? because they both had a plan.

    the rapist is a pastor and also erik....i know now and it feels sort of calming to have my mind at ease to have it solidfied in my head finally that erik did sell me out for money....

    i kept wanting to not believe that someone that says they love you would do such a thing....but when it comes to drugs and money they will do anything.

    even if i gave this recent info to the dectective they wouldn't process the case becasue they would need someone to come forward as a witness and people just don't want to do that.

    this is a huge step for my healing so i am sharing this w/you all...because i know you all love and cared enough to deal w/my drama of this ordeal in my life...

    i hope the ptsd gets better now...every morning i wake up wondering if he did infact have something to do w/this.

    yes yes yes...

    to confront would be a denial from him;a physical risk for me....so i suppose i will need to do a ritual or a burning of sorts of him out of my life....

    i have to focus on more positive people in my life now....

    and for if i run into him in the future...i am going to be able to figure out a way that he does not suspect that i know what i know from that night.

    thank you everyone for your support this year...hugs

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    funny how she is 3 days old now. pretty soon she will be running around getting into everything..that's when the fun begins...i liked cody when he was in the curios stage which was almost always...around 1 1/2 to 4 years old were fun..

    he got disappointed in kindergarten and would come home crying because they weren't teaching him how to read....he was ahead of the game...but california schools are behind in teaching.

    luckily he had the opportunity to go to michigan for 6 mos. after his dad got out of the coast guard. they taught him how to read and caught up to their level of expectations..

    the first grade teacher asked me if cody could spell out all of the primary colors....Nope...and all of the numbers spelled out one-ten.nope...

    she said if he were going to there school in kindergarten they would've made him repeat it....but cody just wasn't subjected to what they expected...everything happens for a reason....

    julie i am going to another therapy appt on thursday. we are trying for two days a week w/community violence center. and then i get one about every two weeks w/normal psychologist at kaiser.

    i am hoping that i can take probably a part time load of classes this winter or in january....

    well feeling better internally..but i just hope the ptsd gets better and i learn to respect myself better....and know when i deserve better than what someone is giving me...and learn to get out of a situation.

    you get a good nights sleep and tell the little mommy to try not to get frustrated...if she has to bottle feed her daughter w/come out just fine. and boy it sure was nice to not have to have leaking breasts all the time...

    i am sure you are doing a fine job w/her.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say hi and CKk I have not been over at the spa much either lately. I have just been to busy this whole week and then we will go to the casino on mon and tuesl for my birthday. Hope I will some money, I really need it. To much going on this week and next week will not be allot better. Hopefully I can breathe after that.

    Not enough time to mention everything but alot of it has been trying to get flyers ready to put out at our Ladies Club craft show to advertise the County Food Bank next month. I just got all that info together since they just changed coordinators. Tjis weekend also will be very busy . Have to make 3 pies for a Halloween party on sunday and try and get mDH dressed for the occasion. He loves that.

    Hi to Julie and the new baby, Jodie and EVERYONE. Pardon the typos. Hope to get back soon.


  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda it is more empowering to me to know in my head the things he has said behind my back...sleeae that he is.

    granni hi there to you as well.

    got to go sleep some.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry so short on the last one and this one too. Just went back and read your other posts. I may have to get off again quick when the guy comes to get the car that we sold him. hH is already late .

    Just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry and I will not say " I or we told youso either".. It is just a very sad situation that YOU had to figure out for yourself hon. We can tell you but until you are really ready to believe it wouldn't really help.

    Now you really know what that RAT really thinks of you. Just remember that hon and go on from there. No looking back now!! Sorry !!!

    DH just called. Gotta run. Back later who knows when. Choir practice tomorrow.


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  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Surprisingly, he was in a very caring mood. i guess i told him all that I had planned but one thing. he actually said that I had Fibromyalgia! The first time that he said it for certain.

    he changed me from Gabepentin for Lyrica. he had read all about its great future for us FM'ers. I also read in the Sunday/Saturday paper magazine section about its supposed future with us. Let's keeo our fingers crossed.

    He said, "let's see - it's scoliosis, s[pinal stenosis, OA, heart murmur, and Fibro! That's a lot". I agreed. he also told me he saw a tiny piece of white sticking out of where my tooth extraction was. He thought it was a root but a friend thought it was a tiny piece of bone and it would work its way out.

    he tok me off Tramadol with Tylenol and put me on Tramadol and to take my own 2 Extra Strentgh Tylenol. We'll see.

    Right now I can not see very well. I have made 3 calls to a Internet provider that I had canceled. Finally on the 3rd try I accomplished what i wanted - no more bills from them as i am on another provider and have been for about 2 monthes.

    How is the precious baby? is she fweeding OK Now? How are Grandma and Grandpa holding out? Don't get too tired. Rest when you are home. Your baby and mogther need you so stay well and restede.

    Luv to all,

  14. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    I'm so tired I can hardly stand it. Went to work at 6 am yesterday, my sup called about 8 or so and asked if I could do a transfer to the Cleveland Clinic (about a 4 hour drive). Asked him how late he was talking that I would get out, he says probably about 9 or 10. Well that turned out to be 2:30 this morning that I got home and after working for almost 24 hours, I am TIRED! Granted it wasn't really hard work on the way there and back, but still.

    I'm hoping for an official full time spot there, kinda freaking out about not having regular hours. I like to know i have guaranteed hours coming every week. Be nice if hubby would just get off his arse and get a job, but that won't happen.

    Brooklynne and I made candy apples tonight, they turned out good, but had to cut them to end up eating them. Candy shell got a little too hard, lol.

    Brooklynne got her new glasses, she looks even more like me now. I have to take them back to Walmart though because I noticed the lens is seperating from the frame.

    Well,I have a little boy that needs to go to bed. Then Mommy will be behind him!
  15. ckball

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    Yes, Linda I was doing all you said, just not at the same time. I started a stained glass peice that I already broke, it was suppose to be a 14 x 18 in rectangle and now is a 12 x 12 square ;-( so I took a break.

    I hope everything went well today and the epidural worked. I just saw your Monkey card you sent me for my birthday. That is so cute, somehow I missed it. I haven't been deleting stuff since before my surgery. So have been cleaning out my mailbox and there it was. Was that your voice?? Thanks for thinkin of me. Now get better-

    Jodie- I am so proud of you, you finally "got it" just like granni said we couldn't do it for you but glad you reached a point where you know he is a TOXIC person and will never be anything else. Now just put it behind you, I wouldn't even read the report, since you can't prosecute you shouldn't put yourself threw that reading because I am sure it will only upset you more, especially if it includes the guys side of the story. Just let go and move on and stay positive and get back on track with school and takeing care of Cody. Sorry about the cold hope it passes soon.

    One of other reasons I have been gone, is headaches, I know it is from being on the computer so I am taking time away and spending more time with training the wild animals I have. The barking and chasing is a issue and they are now tied up, in the house or with me when I am gone. They think they own me and I need to fix that.

    Julie you are such a good mom and your daughter will be too, just be there for her and support her the way you have. It is hard not to take charge but we have to let them learn on their own.

    Granni you are just one busy lady, glad your able to do it.

    Jen that was a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day, I hope you were a rider and not a driver.

    Joan- glad your Dr gave you a real answer. I have heard good things about the Lycria. let us know how it works for you.

    Rock where are you? Lost in a book?

    OK going to chill for awhile, hello to everyone else I missed, hope your having happy and healthy days-Carla
  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    for him and then some....he is comfortable where he is...sorry to say that...sorry you had to work all those hours.

    ck i feel i still need to read it...i know there w/be some lies like maybe i wanted to do it...i am looking at how he may implicated erik as pimping me out for money....i just wonder why the heck the dectective never interrogated erik...maybe they figure they w/catch him w/drugs some day....

    it just seems about all they may do in this county is get them for drugs.

    i could sue in civil court...that is why i had heard the rumor he and erik were both going to /had been to an attorney to sue me...it was threats to get back to me so i would be afraid and breakdown and not file the reports...but they both didn't know me after all. i just let it go to the da's hands and let them figure out what they could do w/it.

    well i am going to nibble on something..i took cody to jack in the box for his dinner...he said,"mom aren't you going to order anything?" said no i don't feel well..

    gonna go now.

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    their love for you over and over etc....then i have to hear things like i was a sugar momma...calls anytime when he is in the mood...sort of speak...well i know i had two of his ex friends say to me. "did you buy him a new king size bed?" i said no. so i am sure he embellished his stories...i have heard he is bipolar...and i could believe it for sure.

    i was niave on the drug scene so i guess that can be good and bad. but i don't deal w/that stuff and what these teens and olders are doing w/stuff in their noses and the crystal meth stuff is just getting out of control..

    my friend and i got out to look at some used cars. got back in my car...she said there are her oldest trouble maker in and out jail son's friends...we sat there and watched a drug deal go on...

    this kid about 14 maybe was riding a bicycle and dropped it off and got the money....incredible...or deplorable is more like it.

    i wondered if his parents were making him sell the drugs or if he just got snickered into it...
    bad news.

    i just put a pineapple upside down cake in the oven to nibble on...cody likes it...i haven't felt like baking for awhile...i hurt like heck back etc...head congestion...

    but i did it..

    well that is all for now...

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have the cake done...the dishes are in dishwasher.

    i took an application today for a different apt...not sure if i want it when it comes available...the livingroom is smaller than my current one.

    it is just down the street from erik's...i don't want him thinking i am spying on him...but there are only a few places that take section 8 vouchers.

    the possible apt has private bath in master room...and full bath in the hall way...more space..much more quiter..storage space that i have not had in years..

    bad thing erik is down the street...who knows maybe he will go to the "blue roof inn", marin county jail someday...i don't wish it on anyone but keeping doing what he is doing they usually get caught.

    well gonna go finish my cake that i can barely taste.

    i have a therapy appt at noon. a friend wanted me to p/u her a macheinics place.. well i need to go i ache all over

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I was up bright and early and have to run soon to go with DH to get our flu shots. Then go toeh gym to do the treadmill some and then home to do lots of undone chores to get rady for our casino trip mon and tues. Company coming over tomorrow for a drink and then we go out for my birthday.

    Yes, I am now finally 29- don't I wish??

    Julie - Glad that Amy is doing well with the baby and breastfeeding going well.

    Jodie - Hang in their kiddo. You're doing great now !!

    More later . Have to run. I am not sure I am hapy or not at my birthdy- getting closer and cloer to 70-ugh. However, I have felt that old or older for along time.

    Love to you all,

  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Getting warmed up for Granni and Joan- I see Linda and Jodie have been baking up goodies. I LOVE pinapple upside down cake. I haven't had a real on in years. German chocalate is my other fav, esp with the coconut carmel icing, hhmmmmmm can't wait.

    I am closing this volume and reopening a new one to announce the BD party-Carla