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    for the power invested in me may smg and joe get this started for all the porchies to share their stories of life. i hope this is almost as good as the other porch volume starters, but i am doing the best i can for the party for the weekend. thank god it's friday.

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    That's right, I love Fridays. This week flew by, especially today. It was a madhouse today, I didn't even have a chance to post any of you, so you should know how busy it was. Well, it is almost over, however..........

    I will be working all weekend helping my mothing and father in law move. They just built a house about 1/2 mile away from us. Can you believe it??? I do really love them, however, that is just a little too close. Oh well, they are dears.

    Carla, you are just a hopping around aren't you, you are a busy little bee lately. I bet you do just love it in the tub when you are done. Just please don't drown for all of our sakes. No, I did not get to watch Oprah & Dr. Phil. What do you mean, a pregnant man??? What is that all about. LOL. Also, I have been dealing with the Heavy Heavy rains as well, everything is flooded here in St. Louis.

    Lin - I have to say, after all the running around and getting things done, i am just pooped. I am so so tired and really all I want to do is go home and lay on the couch and watch TV. But no, I have to help the inlaws move. Yuck. Oh well, I will just get it over with and then go home and lay on the couch and watch tv for a little while, oh I forgot, can't do that yet, I have to pick up about 5 15 year old girls from the movies and take them all home. So I guess around midnight I can finally relax, geez I will just go to bed then.

    CANDY - That is what I like about Pro Health, at least they won't let you fall off the cliff, so that is a good thing, right???? LOL I went to You Tube and you are right, Jeff Dunham is awesome, wow, what talent, and he is hilarious. Thanks for telling me about him. I cannot wait to show my husband, he will love it.

    ELAINE - The slumber party is tonight, but guess what, I won't be able to get there until midnight, after I get all my errands done for tonight. I won't be much fun, because once my head hits the pillow, I will be out like a light. We could have a pillow fight, that way, maybe my head won't hit the pillow, the pillow will hit my head instead and that is different, haha, I knew I would get around it somehow.

    JOLE - That is awesome that you got 12 hours sleep, hooray. You needed that, I am so glad for you. I am sure you still hurt all over, you probably will for a long while unfortunately. I wish I could make it all better for you.

    Granni, Didn't you see me there today, I started to paint the railings but then I was called away back to work, can you believe, they can't do without me for 1 day. LOL I don't have curly hair either, and man did I used to hate girls with curly hair, I would spend an hour on just curling my hair in the mornings. But guess what??? Now I straighten my hair, hahahaha. It takes about 5 minutes. I love it.

    Big hugs, kisses, blessings and more hugs to all you porchies and you all have a wonderful, safe and happy weekend. (can you tell i am excited that it is Friday)

    Love you,


    PS Elaine, you snuck in on me. I do see all that food, yummy, save some for me when i get there at midnight, pretty please.
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    Well here I am in my jimjams all ready to partyyyyyy!

    I just baked some jam tarts and sausage rolls and toad in the hole, which is all food to eat! and a prize for anyone (cept Rosie) who can tell me what they are?

    That is party game number one-guess what this food is...

    Love Annie
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    you seem to have way more experience w/the dating game....my mom told me just sit back and wait it out...see what happens....like more about him....we do have a mutual friend. i may go that route...sometimes it just feels good to me that i get things off my chest personally man to woman....being more of an advocate of my ethics and whom i stand for is great for me. because of being a child of an alcoholic father, sober now though...we learned to keep things in and not say a word about our perfect little well off family that certainly could not have dysfunction in our house.

    i am sure he w/call or see me sometime...he will ask about me i am sure...maybe just to be nice. then i may pull him aside and tell him where i stand....i am not trying to judge him, but i can not have someone that is not quite there emotionally for me. i may want more from him than he can give me now because of his habits and his inaptness to be exclusive w/someone.

    i now know as of last week he got dumped by his last fiance'. he used to say he called off both of the weddings so i got him at the right moment in front of his sober friend jon. so he could not tell a lie. i guess no one would really want to tell someone they got dumped at the alter.

    well off to me land. i have a female friend that may want to go hiking this weekend w/me. so that will be nice....she is 40 and a model, yes modeling in her years she was in our county paper last saturday...

    well have a good slumber party everyone..


    p.s. i have to take 30 days off from alcohol, found out since i am not eating properly, enough foods, the medication that i do take for sleep is messing w/me along w.the ptsd.

    it is me time happy tgi!

  5. Granniluvsu

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    Well I popped in to say hi again before I start the project of THE HAIR CURLING !! You guys have it so easy- just wash and comb !!AAACK !

    Annie - Thanks for the tarts and snacks. Did someone also say popcorn ??? How's Danny doing after all his speeches ? Great job !!

    Where's Mr D? What a night for a party. I have to get my hair done tonight and not in the a.m. because we have a meeting in the morning DH and I that we haven't been to in months. It is not that acloseby either so have to get up early. It is a church Sr., meeting where they have programs and do things, take trips, etc. This month I even remembered to put it on the calendar. So we had better remember it tomorrow. Actually it is not through our church but another one that has a big "Sr. Pals Group". It is fun when we actually remember and have time to go.

    Jodie - you left and I was going to talk to you girl. Well, I hope you have fun with your friend on your "hiking" journey. It will be good I am sure to get out and just chat girl to girl.

    Elaine beat me to it so I won't say anything else sweetie. Yes, especially now that you are hearing all these things inc hearing from your therapist to keep your distance from him, I hope you will. I know it is hard sometimes.. You have so much going for you my dear. Don't ruin it with a spoiled, mixed up guy. He didn't need to be just shouting for you and there you were. Forget him. Glad your therapist has said the same thing that we have been too. Don't feel bad about the being bad in math. In the higher maths I was horrible and even tutors could't help me - so try not to fret my dear. Just do the best you can !!

    So Mickey is leaving to running around picking up kids ata the movies or soething or another.

    Elaine - are you still there. I brought some Baileys and amaretto. Then we can just take another nap.. How's that ?? Unless someone ends up putting lamp shades on thier heads or something.

    Mickey - No I didn't see you but did see some extra bridge railings painted. I couldn't figure out who did them. That's hon !! I can use all the help I can get.

    Linda - Thanks for the guitar. Wish I knew how to play it but I can try. I can play the piano by ear so who knows. Have a fun date with DH.. Sounds like it is going to be a quiet party.

    I probably will go and finishm my hair and then go check to see if anyone else is back here to party of not.

    Candy - Are you up for this party or are you sleeping or what? I need Mrdad to give us all the times on the porch like he did one time when I first joined. Then we would know the time zones where most of us are from when we are posting. I think it was he who did so, not sure.

    Elaine - do you want to try and play this gee tar while I am doing my hair for tomorrow?? I will come and check later or I will surely try. Gee it sure is quiet . I think it may be you and me and I have to go for awhile All those goodies you brought sure look wonderful I'll grab a few and will be back later hopefully. Start practicing on the gee tar. Sure is a lovely night looking up at the stars. Wish I didn't have to go do my hair but I have to try and look pre sentable tomorrow a.m and that is not always easy.

    Have fun Elaine and whoever else pops in after I leave.. Save me some of the snacks to while I am gone please and some Baileys too..

    Love and blessings,


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  6. jole

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    Wow! Food fest, great drinks, nice warm jammies and blankies, and the bestest friends in the world...who could ask for anything more? Is that another song???

    Elaine, I saw your shooting stars from the last Porch episode, and they were beautiful....

    Jodie, thanks for starting this vol. and for reminding us all of SMG's role in the early days with MrDad. I actually miss having her around, and know she would be proud of the great job you did.

    Mickey, hope to see you back later 'cause I hear the guys might be joining in on the fun...Right, Rock and Joe??? They have never missed a party yet if I remember correctly.

    Well, one game up, and I don't know the answer...wait, maybe I do know what a toad in the hole is, but gee, I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone, now would I?

    Lin, yes I do remember those darn rollers, and no I don't want to wear them again, even for old times sake. Ouch! What we didn't go through to look beautified (that sounds like a mrdad word).

    Granni, you snuck in here when I wasn't looking! You know you can stay up all night on the porch and still be at that meeting in the morning all bright-eyed!

    Candy, where are you? Yoo hoo....Calling Candy!!

    Rocky Road ice cream in the lodge freezer to go with the cake I brought...for when we all get sleepy and need a little caffeine pick-me-up.

    By the way, I have dibs on the reclining rocker in the corner, okay? Where is everybody else? Come on guys, the porch is big enough for all!
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    Gee that was a rather quite party last night butit was fun. Did anyone sneak in last night we didn't s ee them or sign in ?? Hmmm! Maybe should have our parties in the afternoon. Everyone is so busy or sleeping !!

    That's OK, even if I wasn't here very long. The food was fantastic !! Maybe some peeps did sneak in . I see alot more of my Baileys is gone since I left last night. HMMM, that is interesting !!

    So glad that everyone popped in that could anyway. It was a very happy and relaxing time - I can use more of that ! I came back and didn't see an people dancing around with lamp shades on their heads or anything. It was a tru jammie party for those of us who made it for awhile.

    Glad to see Jole, Linda , Elaine. Mickey,Jodie and Annie. Hope I got everyone that came to the party. Sorry if I missed any that snuck in while's we were all sleeping. MMMMM, those drinks and food was great and DELICIOUS !!.

    Glad that Jodie even got to stop by on her whirlwind of events in her life.

    Jole, Linda and who ever else was talking about rollers. Yes, I surely remembber those and they were awful, especially th sleep in -my head huts to much now and I could never wear themanyway. If they hadn;t invented curling irons Iwould have to go around with straight hair. That might be pretty scary (-: !!

    Well you gals (and guys) I have to finsih getting ready to go out this morning to our meeting. Have to try andlook presentable. Tonight we are going out with friends to dinner so hope I can check in later on.

    Lots of hugs n blessings to ALL,

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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i didn't snore too badly did i girls? i stayed home last night.

    went to bed sometime around 11 pm or earlier. woke up around 7 am..stayed in bed for a bit.

    now i am waiting for my friend colleen to call me back she is stuck at the post office. i should be there myself picking up mail.]

    i shall see what we may do. i still have to do my 4 page outline and bibliography for my speech on date rape drugs...

    ladies and men be very careful. read where a 51 year old woman died because she drank her soda w/ghb...no trace of alcohol in her toxicology. that could've been me.

    anyways. it is sunny out here i don't know if george hamilton is hanging around or not right now. still a bit cool for bee kee nee weather, sorry joe...maybe some of those tough haight street girls can bare the suits for you today...i have to wait.

  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    But my phone was out when I got home at almost 8pm. After I left work, I went by the art gallery to pick up some things from Christmas and she had a check for me, $8.69 whohooo I hope I don't spend it all in one place.

    Then I stopped my my freinds house, she has RSD and a very stressful life because of her newly divorced daughter and 3 yo GD. We don't talk or see each other like we use to because she is sicker than me, but she did kick the DD out, she is one of those people that really suck your life energy out of you just by being in the same room with her.

    I am trying to talk her into going to see Leatherheads with me next week.We both have been stressed to the max and she knows we need to do something relaxing.

    Since I had no phone today, I actually got my house cleaned, still need to mop/clean the floors. It does help that my floors are the same color as the mud in my yard,lol.

    I have a neat floor cleaner, like a rug shampooer with rotating scubbers on it, you squirt the water and it scrubbs and sucks up the water. Much better than a mop.

    Just wanted to say sorry I missed the party but still have a lot of other things to get done since I am on a roll.

    So here is a big wave for EVERYDOBBY-CYA Later-Carla
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick hi to all !!

    Went to our meeting this morning a style show. Gee, all the guys wee so bored, esp DH !! Anyway we had some coffee and goodies afaterwards. I am now drying the clothes that were in the washer since yesterday. So, I threw them into the drier. So I had better go and start folding or they wiull all abe in one wrinkled mess !!

    No, lucky me, I didn't get to paint the posts on the bridge yet today, mayabae tomorrow or monday. however, yesterday and I did wash the other side of the post. They had green stuff all over the bottoms of some of them.

    We go out tonight with two other couples so that should be fun.

    Candy - Hey there sweeetie, I did put in a call to you on this threat . It was either the beginning or the middle of this volume. Sorry you are in a flare. Hope you get to feeling at least a litttle better soon. I know it is not fun. I don't have to many flares I just hurt 99% of the time. I am guessing some is also arthritis in my neck, etc. My back has aways hurt in one way or another. My mom always had a bad back but she was a real worker even as a child and had to do, not choice. She had to do lots of farm work which she hated. Perhaps she passed some of that on to me !

    Carla - since you are on the big roll of cleaning I hope that you can drop by do help me some. I ae some floors also that coud use some cleaning. What is the ame of that cleaner/fllor washer/scrubber, etc. you are using? Keep on going girl !!

    Hi to Linda, Jodie, Georgia, Elaine, and all tose busy and or peaking through the bushes.

    DH is calling me. Got something to do outside.

    Love to you ALL,


  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm busy making my preparations for the big pajama party tonight. Whaddya think? Are pajamas really required? I haven't worn pajamas since college.

    I have a nifty idea for entertainment. We'll rent the movie Pajama Party starring our old favorites Franke Avalon and Annette Funicello. I don't know, of course, but I rather suspect they probably had sand in their pjs.

    Now about refreshemnts, I would think popcorn and lemonade would be nutritious.

    Never been to a pj party, but I did see the movie Grease about 20 times, and there was a pj party in that. My 7 year old son was besotted w/ that movie. Come to think of it there is a movie called Besotted we could rent. I don't know anything about that movie.

    Well, I'm really looking forward to the big bash. See ya all there.

  12. jole

    jole Member

    Candy, bad day for me too. The wind is howling outside terribly, and that always sends me into a flare. Finally got a shower at 2 p.m. but didn't get one yesterday. I understand you about the falling part and wanting someone at least in the house when you shower.

    Don't you hate the days when pain pills are like candy only worse for you?? Haven't done a darn thing for me lately. I'm really seriously thinking of going off as many of my meds as possible and doing some alternative.

    Yes, my dizziness has let up and at least I can walk again, but slowly. Not even hitting the walls much these days LOL

    Elaine, I'm going to have to read your post to Candy so I can figure out how to do the read/type thing too. It's been explained to me, but I just don't get it....maybe it's too simple?? hahahahaha right.....

    Back to doing nothing. Hi all, love you guys!!

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - you missed the party. It was fun but many porchies were busy doing this and that , inc me but I did come for awhile. Go check the last volume probably if it isn't on this one. We missed and wondered about you and Mrd not being there.

    There was lots of good food and drink of course. Elaine brought most of the party and I brought the Baileys. Some one else brought some tarts I believe, I forget who. Elaine played the gee tar for awhile. When I got back this morning I think her post might have been the last one. I'd have to check, forgotten.

    Mrdad wasn't here either. Don't know what he was up to. Hope he was feeling OK . I mentioned that maybe we should have a jammie party earlier in the day but don't know if that would work either (-: !!

    Jodie popped in and out and Mickey, myself, Elaine, Jole and I think Lin and DH had a real DATE so couldn't stay to long either!!!

    Sorry you missed it Rock . Not sure if a fri,& sat nights
    are great either. Oh well, we all do what we can, right.

    Missed you and everyone else that could be there !!


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  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Jodie: Thanks for getting the new Volume started yesterday.
    Most likely a bit warmer up your way. Sunny but
    windy, cool 58 degrees down here. Did ya go hiking today?
    I walked to the Library and brought back some books that are
    do tomorrow. Figured no one would be there on Sunday so I'd
    just go ahead and get them back rather than wait until Monday.
    We do have a good library system here for we "pointy -head-
    suito- intellectuals"! Sorry George.

    Linda: The "Lil Guys" weren't there for Lunch yesterday, just
    their Daddy and I. We had a nice lunch and conversation as
    well. We plan on taking the Boys fishing on a Lake here in

    SF where I learned to fish. They use to rent boats as well
    and believe they still do. Should be fun. Just have to pick
    a date to do it. Hope you are doing "well" and that Hubby and the Girls are also.

    Georgia: Hope you friend is doing better today. It's great that she has you and others close and happy to help. So many
    people don't. Your kindness will be rewarded!

    Granni: I know you're disappointed that I missed the Jammie
    Partie last night! I must have slept clear thru it!! YOU
    know that is out of character for ME to miss such an event!

    Carla: Ya working at the 'Tique Shop today? Twyla still being a good Girl by making visits to the outdoors? Our
    "Critters" can be more work than Kids at times, but yet
    love them too!

    Hy to Elaine, Candy, Mickey, Rocky, Jole, Sweetie, Julie,
    Annie, Billy Bob, Ben, Elizabeth, Marta, etc., etc, etc,
  15. jole

    jole Member

    A weekender sounds good to me! All just for Rock and MrDad since they missed out last night....

    You know, I could stand to watch "Grease" again, or at least sing the songs. My girls and I use to sit up and watch it together after it came out on video. It was great!
    (And I thought it was pretty darn ....what's the word????....then I see what's on the tv these days and it makes that look REALLY tame!)

    Okay, violins, guitars, singers, poker players, pj wearers, we're ready to RUMBLE!!!!
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sounds great but I am on my way to church and then probably will do some weeding and painting today. I will be back to check on you guys later to make sure you are all behaving (-: !!

    Gee, if I watch you all who is going to watch me (BIG (- : !! I've been know to have some crazy fuun in my younger days. Plus around you all who knows what silliness I might get into.(he, he).

    Leave it dear Elaine to opt for antoher party since she was all ready. Good thinking girl !

    Gotta run now and bue to y'all right now ! Off to church.

    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I think. I may have to go out and do some touch up work later on, who knows but not today. If it were up to me and the way I feel I may not bother. However, will go check it in the sunlight after it dries. I was also busily dropping little drops of white paint here and there on the brown deck floor also. Then would try and wipe it up. Like I said, little bits of paint everywhere.

    Glad I do not have to do this for a living I would starve to death. Oh my neck and upper back is bugging me, into the shoulder area actually, instead of just the lower.

    Mickey - Hey were are you girl that likes to paint ???.

    Let me know if anyone else wants to help, K???

    Please excuse the gripping. I will probably do this till the whole porch (patio)gets done. DH does the flooring and the power washing and I get to do the posts and white parts. He told me this year I can use the small roller for some of the posts and bottom parts of the "benches". That should make it easier, or at least faster, we will see. Do not have to that for awhile though He may start the power washing tomorrow. Goody goody !!!I have to help him move the stuff on the porch while he cleans. After he is done painting he will help me with the rest of the while.

    Are we having another party tonight? I think completely missed last nights party Maybe I can be here for some of tonights, no plans really. Are we having another one tonight or was that last night? If we donot party tonight (sunday) we could still play Grease since I didn't get to watch it yesterday night.

    Jole - Was it you that mentioned "Grease" if you did not play it last night or even if you did you oould play it again. I love that movie !! That was my time, the real Rock and Roll era in the 50's Yeah really COOL !!!! I love the dances and everything . Of course DH doesn't like to do the jitterbug (what we called the Lindy or the Lindy hop" in NY.) So, I usually now have to find another girl (woman) who likes to do it if they play the music.

    I think Mickey was one last time who said she would dance with me, if she is unable to come - that busy gal. I had mentioned it the last time we were having a party adn the 50's came up. I think someone else might have wanted to dance too. So get out that tape and let's GO !! Anyone know how to do the STROLL !! Actually you need a bunch of people to do that all in a row. Remember Dick Clark - lots of peeps used to dance on it at that time and went on for years.

    Actually, I wasn't sure if you were having another party tonight or if that was last night. I am getting so confused when I am not here to really participate. There goes the brain.

    Party or not tonight I will come to check it out later on. I can bring some snacks too. Not sure if everything Elaine made is all gone from last night to. They should be.

    Well, sorry for this almost generic post. I'll come check in later on with my jammies and if no one is here I will eat my snacks all by myself.

    Elaine - if you are coming bring he gee tar. I forget whose it was anyway.

    Whoever brought the video of Grease or DVD please bring it tonight so I can at least watch it even if we do not have a party.

    If we do not have a party tonight that is fine since you had two of them in a row already. I am reasy for a nap and as we speak am drinking a glass of wine before diiner.

    Georgia - Sorry you are having to take care of sick people. You are so sweet !! Are taking a break from baking today???

    Love to everyone inc Jodie, Candy, Elaine, Mickey, Mrd, Rock, Lin, Carla, Marta, 1Sweetie and whoever else may be lurking about.

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  18. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I just wanted to stop in quick before I get caught in the door.

    It sounds like the party was great fun and I'll catch all of you on the next Porch.

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