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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Rosin on the Bow and Here we Go!

    Bow to your partner and all around.
    Tap your big foot on the ground.

    Do see Do and don't be late.
    Swing that gal like a garden gate.

    Ladies to the center and form a star.
    Gents stay put right where you are.

    Allemande left and don't be slow.
    Give her a kiss and home you go.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think Pippi is right. You've all been wonderful in
    helping me cope. Now it's time to move on.
    I was very lucky to have such a wonderful uncle
    and aunt in my life.

    Linda, thanks for the bags of energy, smiles, et.
    al. Jack Benny and Fred Allen both used to joke
    about Fred's hound dog face w/ the bags under
    the eyes.

    I think Fred said he needed a red cap. (For the
    youngsters, red caps were baggage carriers
    who worked in the train stations. They wore
    red caps, sorta like the Red Hat Ladies Society
    many years later.)

    Well, not too much like.

    Georgia, I hope things calm down for you now.
    Glad to hear Granpa found a job. Was it the
    Norwegian sweater that you finished?

    Pippi, I think that's wonderful that you could put
    a drafting table together. I have trouble just
    plugging things in.

    Must say I've never heard of exploding styrofoam.
    We used to kid my secretary. One
    day she was driving to work and a wire popped
    outta her bra and stabbed her.

    She came into work laughing, and said she had
    been attacked by an exploding bra.

    MSS, We have an occasional fly here at the
    ranch. More often we find ourselves swatting
    moths. Glad to hear you're killing them softly.

    Leaves must be starting to turn now, huh? Haven't
    been back to The Land of 10,000 Lakes
    in the fall for some decades.

    Julie, I'm glad to hear the new job is working out
    so well. Anybody who has a job she likes is
    very lucky in my opinion. Hope the Amy-Chris
    situation can be resolved w/ minimum stress.

    OK, gonna try again to copy this. Back later.

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry you're having a flare, Teacher. Is it
    bad enough to keep you away from work?

    You know, I sent copies of the verses I wrote
    using the unusual names of some of your kids
    to my 3 siblings. None of the commented or
    even acknowledged receipt of same.

    It's like we were raised by wolves. We are so
    outta touch w/ normal human responses. Some
    years ago my sister bought a book on baseball
    for my father. Birthday gift.

    Well, that made sense. The only two things in
    life that he loved were sports and booze. But
    this was in 1976, and she bought him a book
    about baseball in the year 1975.

    He stopped paying attention to life after the 1950s.
    Didn't she realize that? Apparently not.

    As always, denial is a big part of the dysfunctional
    family. She wants to believe that she had a
    wonderful childhood, so she has a shrine to
    my father in her bedroom.

    Looniness everywhere you look. My uncle had
    a sister who was estranged from the family.
    (Another typical behavior for the screwed-up
    family.) Nobody has had any touch w/ her since
    she slammed the door in her mother's face during
    the 1950s. If she's still alive she's in her 90s.

    I guess my uncle's death is bringing up all these
    memories. Just had an email from my brother in
    Oregon. He wants to know my uncle's correct
    name. Doh!

    Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yeah, staggering down
    memory lane. Deb. hope you have a good visit
    with your daughter and grandson.

    Granni, hope all goes well tomorrow.

    Julie, just read your last post. Are there any
    credit advisors, divorce attys, etc. near you. I
    think you are absolutely right. You want to do
    whatever it takes to prevent some financial
    liability falling on Amy's shoulders that could cause
    her problems for years.

    Do people still publish those notices: Not responsible
    for any debts but my own.

    Gordon has beef stew in the crockpot. Probably

  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Beef stew, sounds heavenly!! It's 1:00 in the morning, i've been laying in bed since 9:00 and finally gave up on sleep.

    I hate that when that happens, kinda ruins the day when you can't sleep, and i have stuff to get done tomorrow. (today)

    Leaves began changing in August this year. Noticed the first touch about 3 weeks ago. Wrote a poem that day too. But can't find my poem journal at the moment.

    Pip- Exploding styro-foam, that's hilarious, great visual. Glad to hear you got your table put together, but sounds like an exhausting day.

    I pushed to hard today, and hurt now, can't relax and sleep.

    I loved the bags of energy, and smiles are great.

    Hope it's okay not to address everyone, but, i do say, HI, to everyone.

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  5. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Julie, thanks for the hello, the guy sounds like a lowlife, i hope your daughter will see she's better off without him. He's a drain, on energy, emotions, and finances. And how in the world is she cheating to have other male friends?? I wouldn't trust him. And if he don't want her, just the way she is, he isn't good enough for her!!!

    That's my opinion, and i'm sticking to it!!

    Where's the coffee?? or maybe now the kids are out the door, i should go back to bed?

    Goodmorning everyone, Cool and partly cloudy, not sure if it's going to clear up, or rain yet.
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  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Julie: That BOY posing as a man needs his A** kicked, straight & simple. Then he needs to be dropped off at the nearest homeless shelter! (If anybody gives a crud, enough to give him a ride...)

    Rock: If we must stagger, Memory Lane is the best place to do it! :)
    Exploding styrofoam: Oh, heck yeah! The "solid" blocks of it (I discovered the hard way) are really a collection of compressed foam "B-B's"! Bang! Poof! Foam B-B-bits EVERYWHERE!!! I'm STILL finding them in odd places!
    I can't sweep them up, cuz the static charge seems to be opposite the charge of the broom! They run in the opposite direction!!!

    I hated the thought of putting the stuff down the garbage chute in the first place, but has anyone discovered a way to recycle it yet???

    Ms. Sonshine: :) I had an odd night, too!
    Every time I started to "sleep", I jolted awake.
    Then, by 4:30 am, I was wide awake, with no chance of anymore sleep attempts.
    I'm SO not a morning person that I don't even know what to do with myself at that rediculous hour!!!

    Well, Peeps...
    I may be busy today, cuz I had myself yet another Bright Idea...
    I want to move my short bookshelf, to the right of my drafting table, store the books, & use that shelf to hold all my paints.
    Of course, in order to move that shelf, I have to empty the shelf, empty ANOTHER (big) shelf, which has to be moved slightly, in order to move the first shelf, but I can't empty/move the second shelf, until I scoot the kitchen table outta the way.... After I unplug 3 lamps, 2 clocks, & make sure no wires will be in a position to send my stereo crashing to the floor...
    Hmmm... Do I even begin, or just stare at it, imagining how nice it would look IF I arranged it the way I want it??? LOL!!!

    C Y'all Later!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Thanks for the dance, Rock! Watch your toes!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Speaking of dreams, i had a weird one last night too. I was deboning a chicken, and i couldn't get to the end of the job!

    That's strange, the chicken just kept having another carcous inside it, another and another!!

    I would say stay away from the boiler room today!! :0)

    Take Care

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    There's a terrible racket in the neighborhood this
    morning. Just went to look. Oh, it's a cement
    mixer, putty, putty. (For you youngsters: That's
    an old novelty tune.)

    Also for you youngsters: Novelty tunes are what
    we don't got no more. Stuff like "How Much is
    that Doggy in the window" and "If I Knew You
    Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake."

    Both big hits when I was a kid, and both written
    by the same guy. He went on to write B'dway
    Shows and more serious songs like "People"
    and "Love Makes the World Go Around."

    Anyhoo, the landlord next store is putting in a
    new driveway. I think it would make more sense
    if he worked on the house. The houses on this
    street were built between 1908 and 1910 and
    can always use some fixing' up.

    Would certainly be a lot quieter.

    Mickey, are you busy taking care of your mother?
    (That got lost when my post on the last volume

    And MSS, my thanks to you vanished too. Your
    poem was beautiful. I felt less frantic after
    reading it. When I was young we used to memorize
    poetry in school. Still remember a
    few fragments.

    I hope I didn't forget other important stuff. Julie,
    I knew the kids weren't married. I was just thinking
    a divorce lawyer might know about financial

    I never heard of a cohabitation contract like Georgia
    mentioned, but it sounds prudent.

    Georgia, the symbolism of the boiler blowing up
    is open to interpretation. (Well, of course it is.
    That's why it's symbolism.) Maybe you're afraid
    you'll just blow up at work someday.

    I almost did after I retired. Went back a week later to
    get my final check. Thought seriously of
    yelling at a few people. Decided it would be

    Pippi, maybe you can do like Mr Wizard if the
    power ever goes off. Just rig up a broom and
    styrofoam generator. Like those "batteries"
    made w/ a lemon or a potato.

    By the way, orchid growers sometimes use
    chunks of styrofoam in their potting mix. Orchids
    are usually planted in some loose material like
    redwood bark rather than in dirt.

    Hope everything is going OK w/ Granni's surgery.

    Well, I hope I haven't forgotten too much this
    trip. Hope I can get this copied and pasted.
    Hope the river don't rise and the crops get

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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock – thanks for opening. Theres a racket going on most of the time
    In my neighbourhood these days. To the west of our house, some
    Blocks away, there used to be this large forest belonging to one of
    The members of the royal family.After things started going downhill
    For the monarchy, most ex royals have sold their lands to developers.
    They are building a large housing complex on this former forest land;
    And day and night there is this sound of machines going whirrrrr.
    When they started demolishing the forest, I felt so sad for the birds,
    Mostly tho goodness knows how many other forest creatures got

    Julie – how petty of him to go and change his status to “single and
    Looking straightaway! As for the comment about him “maybe
    Marrying her if she lost weight. Grrrrrrrr…looks like a good thing
    She left him. I pray she doesn’t change her mind.

    Morning – just hope the insomnia doesn’t last. My husband was
    Commenting on how much I sleep, and he said he read its one
    More sign of depression ; that, or not being able to sleep. I told
    Him I thank my stars I have the other one..too much sleeping.
    Have you tried chamomile tea..supposed to be good for a good

    Georgia – yes, I got your letter.Thanks. I havent been on FB
    Too much. Although I need to get on and post some messages.
    My dreams have come back. Its due to all the relative spats, I
    Now know. Will relate them later.(.the dreams) , they are real
    Wacky! Your dream could mean you are fed up and would
    Like to see the back of it. My dreams seem to be about things
    I try to push out of my conscious mind. A kind of release,if
    You will?

    Pippi – you seem to love organizing, I wish I could get you
    Down to the madhouse that is my place. I love the idea of
    A nice neat place for everything, trouble is the energy and
    Motivation runs out on me before I get even started. And
    I will have used what energy I have just doing mundane things
    Like making the bed and washing dishes etc before I run out
    Of steam..so tidying and organizing is just left for another day
    Which doesn’t seem to come.

    Oh by the way, you seem to be very matter of fact, about
    The issues which keep cropping up in your health..you are
    A brave brave one…not to get panicked when something
    Hits you out of the blue.

    Teacher I hope the flare subsided somewhat and you are
    Feeling better…good luck for the doc appointment.

    Debra – by baby’s ‘puppy ‘ breath, im guessing you meant
    The ‘milky’ smell? Aaaah…..so sweet, I wanna hold a soft
    Lil baby right now.

    Granni – thinking of you..I sure hope everything goes well
    And you can come back on soon.

    Linda – so good to see you. I am so comforted by yours and
    Everybodys kind words re my spat with my cousin sis. It
    Reinforces my faith that I did right.I hope the fatigue and
    Pain let up soon and that you will get the vision problem
    Fixed soon.
  10. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I don't know about Mr. Wizard, but I've seen other, ummm... "vintage" kids' science shows like, Beakman's World & Bill Nye the Science Guy. I LOVE that stuff!!!

    I think that's the one & only thing I miss about not having cable tv.
    The broadcast stuff is brainless.
    I like 4 or 5 of the crapzillion channels they have (on cable). I find some good stuff on there, which is actually interesting!

    More later!!!!
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    today also spent battling fatigue and and noisy chattering going on in my head.
    Just reliving the conversations i had with husbands aunt and then my cousin sis.
    And then the phone call i received this morning from elder bro who was having
    a melt down of his own with youngest bro. He wanted me to speak to youngest
    bro to pull his share of the work. I know my elder bro talks really harshly when
    he is tense and he has been tense for months now and told him not to take it
    out on younger bro.

    Then sis in law came on and mentioned in passing that a creditor was asking for
    payment of middle bros dues and was asking my number and when she refused to
    give it, told her "do you have any love for your bro in law or not?" Meaning he is
    threatening bodily harm now to my brother. I have never been involved in things
    like this, i have always had a hatred of credit...because of my childhood and i
    think this is the reason Im getting depressed and fatigued again. Getting involved

    Sometimes one thing after another keeps coming at you, and seems like this is
    one of those times....I am going to go to the monastery and do some prayers..
    wanted to go today but couldnt because we were putting up new curtains..the
    help and i. Tomorrow, theres two more to put up and then its done. Trying to get
    everything done before the help leaves.

    Early in morn at nine another cousin sis of my husband whom we meet only sometimes
    called on us. She is a lovely lady and she had woes of her own. They live in an area
    of town where the Maoist dissidents terrorise people, and it seems she has been
    having to pay off hundreds of dollars...to them..as protection money. They know that
    their silver ware business is doing well, and if they dont pay up, they threaten to
    kidnap members of family. So she has also been having to escort her middle school
    kids to school morning and evening.Because of the rising inflation, and rampant
    poverty, kidnapping is on the rise with many cases going unreported. A shop next
    to theirs closed down because the owner just couldnt take the stress and fear
    of having to pay up every three months...or face violence.

    I wonder what the country wil be like when my kids have grown to adulthood and making
    a living? Will they have to live in a lawless place like this?

    My sons exams are finishing tomorrow and his holidays start. He told us maybe he will
    start working in a call centre..for the hols. Also that his friends are planning a trip out
    of town to a town eight hours away and going bungee jumping. Can he go? His father
    thinks we should let him go. He will turn 18 on September 20. So it will be like a birthday

    My daughter had called just now and i told her and she said she thought her dad and me
    should go bungee jumping too. I told her which rope did she think was strong enough to hold her dads weight; so she said "well maybe he could use two ropes. Then we laughed and laughed, And she said, she didnt think the ropes were a problem they were imported,
    but she wasnt quite sure about the nepalese constructed bridges..if it was a steel one,
    it would probably be bent out of shape when her dad jumped. And again we laughed and

    The poor girls fete didnt turn out exactly as planned since the weather was so wet,
    but they cooked a lot of Indian food which was a hit. She said ten girls cut onions straight
    for twenty minutes. the water spray guns alas, couldnt be used, too less space indoors,
    and too cold. But she has kept them aside for events in the summer.

    Today i was thinking of the coming winter and feeling so happy to think of cuddling under
    warm quilts...i just hate the heat..but i hope my joints and bones can take it; Im realizing
    my body is not what it used to be. But the warm stews and soupy noodles..and gruels to
    have...aaaah. goody.

    God Bless

  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Oh no!!!! i did it ;again!!! poof the magic dragon visited with me. I can't even remember what I wrote and it was looong too. I hit some key with my left little finger to lo9se it. I thought that I had such a "good" posting for you too.

    Well. all I will repeat is yesterday, the day of mishaps and weariness! Worked in the kitchen at church for a bit to clean up the kitchen after coffee. Then I decided to go shopping. I made my list and headed out.f Halfway there, I remembered that the list was just where I left it at home. Oh well, I can remember most things. I went to W.G. and picked up 2 rx's at drive-through. OK so far. I went to W.Mart and there were NO electric carts for me - that never happens. So, looking like I am pushing a plow, I went down the aisles looking for what I needed. The 2 things I really went in for, they didn't have. A 3-picture frame for Greats. new pictures. Nope, didn't have. Then there are always a tall stand of silk flowers. I wanted a bush of autumn leaves for DH's grave site. you guessed it ----None there. I just checked out and decided to go to McDonalds drive-thru for a bite to eat.

    I ordered a wrap, french fries, ice water and a parfait. I went to pay and "we don't have parfaits today!" Oh well, guess I had enough.

    Then to the gr45 ocery store. I NEVER Go to both places the same day but they had ice cfream and yogurt on sale and I didn't want to dr4ive back again. And----------no electric cart s either.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that I couldn't do it but I answered myself "do it anyway". So I plodded along, bent over and hanging on to the cart and pushing!! I got a few things and those 2 other things and went home. when I use4 an electric cart, someone goes out with me to bring back the cart and puts the groceries in the trunk. Not today!!

    I couldn't e4ven think straight and just put frig/freezwer t5hings away and sat!! I had a pillow and laid it on the left arm of chair and put my head on it. O(f course, I went to sleep. if someone had come to the door, they would have thought that I had died!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    This a.m. when I got up I thought that maybe the walking had helped and I should do more of it. Nope!! It didn't take long for me to hurt, hurt, hurt. After lunch today, I sat down to rest and to read. Just fell asleep and no reading so----------here i am!!

    i did scan the last vol. and the last of the one b efore it. My mind is not thinking clearly enough tio remember wghat I read.. Only that some of my dear friends are having family problems and I hate that so much!

    I am so tired ------have typed 2 times more that I should have and when I started over, I can't see what is before me to talk to you. Hate that! I'll try to talk again tomorrow!!

    Love all of you sweeties, even those that I don't know. That's OK. We are all in that same boat, going over waves and tipping over and getting back in the boat and trying it again.

    gentle Hugs,


    Excuse alllll the typos!!! Awful!
  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Don't worry. I won't tell anydobby that "typos" are really our secret code, & only Porch Peeps know what it means!
    (And the lurkers think they're getting the whole story! HA!)

    I decided not to do the Big Job I mentioned earlier.
    It's an all day job, & I just feel a tad too sleepy today.
    I'll do that tomorrow.
    I did get one job done, tho.
    I have a chair, a tall stool with a soft padded seat, that is perfect for using with my drafting table... If it was 8 inches shorter...
    So I found my buddy in the maintenance dept, borrowed a pipe cutter, & took 8 inches off the legs. Perfect! :D

    I even got all the exploded styrofoam cleaned up! LOL!

    Back to bed, now. It's a multi-nap kinda day...


    PS: Sweet SpringWater: I'm constantly thinking about you. Geez! I wish you could just come & hang out at my place for a few days & get some PEACE!!!!!!!


  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm still working, but I'm worn out by noon everyday and crawling, figuratively speaking, by Tueasday.

    . the beginning of the year is very stressful, mostyl due to the fact that we have so many rehearsal groups to set up (chioir, band, strings, etc.)

    onec that gets done, it'll be a little easier to pace myself so i don't have to use quite so meuch energy every day. Usually by the beginning of October.

    But, as i said, i will be seeing my GP tomorrow. and then the next day is friday. it'll be ok.

    Everydobby take care of yourselves! I'm going to sit hiere and watch the square dancers. They look like thier having fun!
  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Gosh it has been forever since i have been on here so much has happened to everyone and to me. I read each and every volume (took me an hour to do this). I can't write much right now as it is 9:30 and my bedtime since i have work tomorrow.

    Rock i just wanted to say i am so sorry about your uncle and please know you are close to my heart and i am feeling for you. Please thank Gordon from us that he let us know and how much he knows that we care about you. You are such an inspiration to me and i am sure to all the other porchies. This wouldn't be the porch without you in it with the others.

    I want to explain everything that is happening in my life but i will tomorrow, i am just too tired. I also read all of Elaine's posts about Chemo, which i wanted to let her know i was thinking of her.

    One thing was i need a break from prohealth (not the Porch) because of all the rude, inconsiderate people that really got me down in the dumps. So I am only coming on the porch for now on and no where else because i don't want people hurting my feelings or my friends feelings. It is not worth it.

    I am just so glad i have the porch to come too. That will be the only post i come too unless it has something to do with one of you, like Elaine.

    Love you all and i will catch you all up on me tomorrow. Goodnight and sweet dreams you all.

    Love and God Bless,

  16. jole

    jole Member

    MICKEY, good to see you back, hon! It sounds like you've maybe been going through some not-so-good times...I'm sorry, and hope things get better quickly! You know we're all here for you. I hope your mom is doing better.

    Rock, not sure if you remember, since I didn't say much on this board, but my uncle's death a little over a week ago had the same effect on me that you're going through. How can we be two people at once...the one from then and the one from now, all at the same time? We seem to do pretty well keeping the two seperate until something like a death happens, then the "two" of "me" overlap and collide, and all he** seems to break loose again. It's like that bungie jumping Spring talked about, only not the fun kind.....

    Morning, I had your night last night. I've been trying to clean out a couple closets, and ended up making more of a mess than anything...lol. But last night my legs and back hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. Walked the floor most of the night, then when I finally got to sleep this morning the phone rang....of course!

    GRANNI, been thinking about you and hope you're doing well. Hope we hear from you soon, and your recovery time is short and easy.

    Spring, I agree you did the right thing with your relatives...and now you have another decision to make, it sounds like? I'm so sorry the situation (not only family) there is so volatile right now. It must be hard for everyone to live under such scary circumstances, not knowing who will threaten harm at any moment. I think we're much luckier than we realize here.

    Pippi, that sounds like a lot of work....I'd just visualize! Less of a mess to clean up.

    Joan, sorry your shopping didn't turn out better. I HATE shopping for that very reason. It takes me a day to recoup from getting groceries...and my hubby does half of it...lol...

    Georgia, your life is never boring, is it? I think you need a day away to grandpa's place to relax and read a knitting book.....doesn't that sound good?

    Julie, what a mess with your daughter! It's so hard to watch our kids go through hard times, isn't it? Been there with one of mine also, with a cheating hubby and divorce. But things turned out well for her....they just can't see it at the time.

    Teacher, I hope your energy returns...I'm sure being around all those kids will do one of two things....either give you energy or totally drag you down just watching all that extra energy going to waste! Lol....
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Okay, now for the exciting part....Deb...you have a new grandbaby??? Well, my daughter called this morning and she's in labor!!!!!!!!!!!! She's really excited and really fearful at the same time. Her other child was born C-section, and they're hoping to have this one natural. The doc's been keeping a really close watch on her, and so far so good, but no promises. They were told at the first sign of problems they would immediately do another section.

    So....I'm patiently (not) waiting, phone in hand.....

    Even though this will be our 9th grand, I'm still nervous...and can't wait to hold her. Yes, there is something about those babies that seems to say "all is right in the world", even when we know it's not. Just the total dependence and innocence and sweetness...and "puppy" breath.....

    Love to all..........Jole
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mickey – good to see you! Don’t let those few people get you
    Down; I seem to have developed a crocodile skin these days;
    Doesn’t really affect me if something less than nice happens
    On these boards. Now, if only I could develop the same kind
    Of detachment in real life unwanted situations….i still seem
    To get down and upset…and prone to brooding over things
    Said, done.

    I hope your mother is recovering fine.

    Teacher – yes, can imagine the madness going on at the
    Beginning of the term…I used to love beginning of terms
    And handing out of new books and routeines, but I can
    See why this would be a mad time for those in charge.

    Georgia – whats the pesky trouble making neighbour
    Doing still sniffing around your area? Why doesn’t she just
    Buzz off? Glad to hear your work place didn’t blow up,

    Jole – I need to get several cupboards in order now.
    Oh dear where is that elusive energy?
    How exciting about the new grand baby! You have
    Nine now! Wow. That first time is so special isn’t
    It? the first time you behold the new baby and take the
    Tiny thing into your arms. Can you imagine all the
    Grandkids together? Helluva racket and fun too.

    Pippi – well, looks like you got some stuff done.
    Cleaning up the exploding styrofoam must have been
    Tedious and tiresome. Looks like youre all excited
    About your new drafting table…and Im sure its
    Gonna be put to good use…with you doing artwork
    And graphics and what not. I used to love drawing
    As a kid, and remember these paper dolls I made with
    A whole wardrobe of paper clothes for them. Pity
    I never was able to follow up and become a dress
    Designer..heaven knows I admired pretty clothes
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, things moving at a brisk pace, with festival
    Season upon us. My help who does dishwashing
    And helps with cooking is leaving on day after tomorrow.
    So I am going to be very tied up.

    My cousin sis phoned up today and looks like she has
    Decided to come and stay here. And has planned on
    Staying for six days. Well. Ive told her the situation.
    If I cannot cope, she and the other three wil just have
    To set to and help out. So now I am readying the rooms.

    Today I went and visited my ma in law. I took the
    Trekking stool my friend gave me and I could see
    Ma n law was pleased with it..her feet are a little
    Swollen again.

    Then I went and ordered some new loose fitting sofa
    Covers because I never bothered to make some and
    My sofas fabric are all faded and worn looking.
    Will not do for guests.

    I also went and bought some white, purple and grey
    Elongated beads to embroider on my tops. I have
    Two cotton tops but they are plain and embroidered
    Tops are in right now. I got inspired by my husbands
    Cousin sis who embroiders most of her clothes and
    Makes them look so pretty. Just wondering when im
    Gonna get the time to do it.

    Well everyone…hugs

    God Bless

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Hellofaruckus indeed, Spring! When this bunch all gets together I pray for warm weather so the kids are all outside...lol... They vary in age from 16 down to newborn, so the older two hang out more with the adults, but the others are go-getters, and love sports. We have a huge yard and they play softball or football or fly kites. Or sometimes climb trees when the parents aren't looking. They also love hunting and picking up frogs, etc.

    Christmas is another story!! The noise level in this house can become unbearable with 19 people. Earplugs would be a great stocking stuffer for this year....what a good idea! Think I'll do that!! But the little ones have sooo much fun together and love each other so much! As a matter of fact, when they're really little (under kindergarten age) they actually think they're brothers and sisters, and we can't convince them otherwise! Too funny!

    One time they were making so much noise downstairs that I managed the stairs only to find them having races across the length of the basement in rolling office chairs!! One would give the others a huge push-off and see how far they could go...it's a wonder they didn't fly off the chair at that point! They still have great imaginations and don't need a tv, but boy, a tv would certainly be quieter....although not provide any memories! I have some great pictures of them in my scrapbook, for sure! They do have their quiet times also where they just sit and talk...and have "sleepovers", which means watching a movie, sitting on the living room floor eating popcorn, and falling asleep whenever they choose, not when they're told.

    This past week I talked to two of my grandsons (different families) and we watched the moon and stars together...."hey Nana, do you see that bright star by the moon? That's the one I'm looking at now." "I see it, Brody...that's the one I'm looking at too!" Now that really makes you feel connected!!

    These kids are the best part of my life, and I love them soooo much. I just miss the days when I felt good enough to pull the first ones in a wagon and go walking through the pasture looking for wildflowers together. I really, really miss that.

    Okay, Rock, memory lane isn't always bad.... Love and hugs...Jole

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