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    Hope no one got any part of their anatomy caught in the door :)!! You have to be careful when theings start closing down !!!

    Also, hope to see some more of you on the Porch and checking in. Missing so many of you and hope no one gets their electrricity turned off by the massive snow storm going on in the midwest.

    Nothing much else happening here since the last post on the last volume. So, please don't forget to check out the old volume for Julie, Spring Water, Myself and a welcoming greeting to Topsy40.

    Stay warm everyone ! Hope others from the lounge also stay warm, dry and happy (pain free too, if that is possible).

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    Topsy - a very warm welcome to you here on the Porch. im sure
    your sister is so glad of your and your mums help with the kids.
    the meditation i do is a specific one called Twin hearts. In it we
    take divine energy and then bless the whole earth.

    My struggles with my health is a very long and uphill one and
    even tho the meditation isnt a miracle cure, it surely helps me
    cope and stay the course.

    Julie - wish your SIL wouldnt cause your FIL stress like that.
    considering he must have let her move in so things would get
    easier, not worse.

    i surely hope the sinus thing has lessened a bit. wonder what
    brings it on. i have a book by Louis Hays on healing and she
    has mentioned that a very likely cause of sinus attack is
    extreme irritation at a specific person. she says to use theaffirmation.."I declare peace and harmony dwell in me and surround me at all
    times. All is well".

    Havent felt my best but managed to go to meditation. and
    buy some edibles for a lunch my friend is hosting tomorrow
    at her place for our common friend. i know she is harassed,
    she has to buy drinking water and with the power cuts and
    all having guests over for a few days is no joke.

    so when she invited me and my dh and son over i offered to
    make two dishes which she gladly accepted.
    gonna make chicken and a mushroom tofu curry.

    I found the camera. thats one less stressor anyway.

    my body is feeling 'off' vague aches and pains and a general
    feeling of uneasiness. let see how tomorrow goes. i do
    hope i get a good nights sleep at least. i dont seem to get that
    much for a few nights now. kind of restless.

    God Bless

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before I have to start lunch and get ready for two performances at Sr. home facilities/and assisted living in town. We sing old tunes and man of them even try and sing along or mouth the words (inc the ones who may have forgotten a lot of what has been going on in their lives, even today). Not much NRG and my sciatica I think may be thinking of coming back. I guess a lot of walking, rushing around and carrying or pushing suitcases has not been helpful.

    Spring Water - glad to heaqr you are doing better or at least coping better with all about you. So nice of you to help out with the lunch, at your friends. I can't imagine to prepare a bunch of people food especially with your intermitant elecatricity,let along not feeling well, etc. Meditation sounds good if you have the time and can tune out everything else going on, including all the pain. Glad it has been helping you. BTW, I think that blessing the earch is a good thing - we all really need it !!

    Topsy - Hi to you again. Glad to see that you have been popping in to check out the Porch. I think I missed some of your post before when SW mentioned your sister and mother's helping with the children.

    Hope to hear from more people today or soon. I do realize that sometime it is hard to keep up with Porch doings when you don't really feel like keeping up with anything plus lots of things happening with others too, perhaps family and all

    Thinking about Rock, Elaine , Jole, Joan, Mickie, Georgia and all our wonderful Porchies, old and new
    Love to everyone,

  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I am so far behind with The Porch happenings. So sorry to hear about your daughter as I have gone down that road several years ago myself and my Mom is still fighting Stage 4 breast cancer. It neveris easy for the patient or their family, I wish the best for all of you. If I remember she lives in the Charlotte area which is around 90 miles from me.I was in that area on 2-14-13 for my annual appointment with Dr. Lapp at Hunter Hopkins Center.

    Julie...Congratulations on the twins. How old are they? I can't remember that Lindsey was expecting twins. I do have a bad problem with cognitive issues so I don't know if I knew about it or it happened since I quite checking in. I may suffer with memory problems but I haven't forgotten how busy you stay, BTW if you think there is mold in your home, please have it checked out by an mold remidation specialist. If you remember I've dealt with it at my home and my husband works for a insurance restortaion company and have a division that specializes with that issue. No one in my family can tolerate mold. It is especially hard on children and the elderly. It caused us headaches and respiratory problems and in my house it was only in the bonus rooms twice. Each time caused my improper installation of heating/AC units for those rooms. It actuallly lead to my son's health problems now. He got a severe case of pneumonia. When he was feeling slightly better, he attempted to changed his bedding and caused severe nerve damage which has led to Complex Reginonal Pain disorder and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He had to have his first rib removed due to his vein being closed in excess of 70%, The surgery corrected the TOS for now but he is in unbelivable pain. It is nearly constent. He had to move home with us. His pain even with meds is unbearable. It's a long story, If the doctor's had diagnosed him earlier correctly he could have had a better outcome. It's so very hard to watch your child suffer like he is suffering. I just pray for him as there is nothing that I can do to help him physically.

    Thank all of you for welcoming me back for a visit, I am going to try to come back more often....probably will help me with my depression if I can get my mind off of our problems.

    Sweetwater...It was nice to hear from you. Hope you find your camera and enjoy your new plants. The colors sound so pretty. Did I read correctly that your brother is also ill? I wish him well.

  5. Granniluvsu

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    Just a quick check in as I am not eating my cereal as I chat and dh is off to the store and to get gas:)!

    1sweetie - it is so wonderful to hear from you but sorry for all you problems and that of you family too. Hope you come back soon to visit. We are missing so many oldtime Porchies , and many have also just disappeared and we wonder about them. Others just are very busy and may not be feeling well either . Some just have gotten busy with other things but it would better if we at least we knew how they were doing like Elaine who I am hoping have not just had more problems and finds it hard to either talk about them or just come back and cope with posting. There is also Georgia too (also used to be called goat woman or something like that) I forget now and she doesn't always come alot any more but off and on. She is busy with knitting and genealogy transcription and doesn't come on as often as she used to. I miss so many Porchies when they don't check in at least once in awhile. Oh well, we all have our own lives, don't we and have to do what we have to do.

    I too feel like this is one of my therapies and probably helps me to cope . I have never had depression per se but think with all the daily pain I have and not really on much meds pain wise it is , that this and my music keeps me from going into a depression of sorts.

    I had been hearing on and off from Elaine but now she doesn't or hasn't answered my e-mails to her. I hope she is doing OK. Carla B is just very busy and now doing some traveling and working with her art studio I think it is and working on her projects. Rock has his memory problems and computer too and we haven't heard from him in a while on the Porch or Lounge. He always keeps us going when he pops on. I hope he does so soon again. There are also newer Porchies that have come and gone and we miss like Joan /Lilac clover now known as something else as she is a senior facility. She is fine but has fallen a few times and just got over the flu or whatevetr but is doing OK. Miss her posts too but she does pop on from time to time. Oh BTW, you can catch Carla and Joan on FB if you go there. Georgia too is another that has been here for some time but now is busy and just pops in once in awhile. Of course us oldies or older porchies still miss dear Mr. Dad.

    Oh, Julie is also on FB.

    Enough nostalgia for now, hope to see you on here again soon. I'm, trying to get back to normal, whatever that is after our trip to see our daughter and family in Mooresville, NC. Her DH hopes to move back to TX after he retires soon, if that all works out. So hopefully we will see them more.

    Spring Water - Hope all is well with you and family and haven't completely pooped out. I know the feeling.

    Julie - Hope all is well with you and that the storm hasn't taken your electricity or caused any more problems with the snow and wind. Hope to hear from you soon and that you are all well and not still nursing colds or whatever, including Linds and babies (all 3).

    Topsy - Hope you are doing well and enjoying reading on the Porch and Lounge too. You do not have to post each time . Sometimes I know it takes the time and energy to just read. If you read and can't post all the time that is fine, we understand.

    More later -
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    So happy to hear all is sort of well at your house with no major problems due to the storm. Hope Lindsay gets rid of her crud soon and that it doesn't do the usual thing of passiing itself on to everyone else in the family too.

    Have to get off now and starat lunch so may try checking in again later on.

    Love to you and everyone,
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Isweetie - so sorry to hear about your son..i knew he did have
    some problems even before when you used to come on here
    but didnt know he had so much pain. i remember there was
    some accident or something? you have been through so much.
    I am praying for your son to recover and for the whole family.

    yes it hurts us most when our children hurt.

    Granni - good to hear your daughter didnt react to badly to the
    chemo. nice to hear you will be performing again at several places.
    youre dead right about keeping depression at bay by doing things
    and keeping busy.

    Julie - all right, seems like youve swung right back into action again.
    keeping up all night doing stuff. i m sometimes like that, and its
    so much easier to get chores done when no one else is about and
    nothing to distract one like the daytime.

    hope Lindsey gets better soon. Im about over the crud myself except
    for this horrible cough but that too is intermittent and not all the time.

    im struggling a bit with stomach issues, gas bloating indigestion etc
    tho not severe but its there. im wondering what to do to address it
    other than taking analgesics. i know the stress is bringing it on, and
    the stressors are kind of hard to get rid of at the moment...more a
    matter of facing them, and riding through them.

    well, i went to the lunch yesterday. made my two dishes and also
    managed to go to the nursery before that and pick a few more
    seedlings for the spring garden. i had to take our helps husband
    who drives also to transport the plants back.

    the lunch went well tho i didnt get time to bathe my hair. and managed
    to scald a pot i had put on for heating my food at home before i left.
    i know from experience my friend serves lunch really late like 2:30
    or 3pm and i did not want to nibble on spicy snacks.

    it was good to see the friend who has come down from u.s. wth her
    family. we all went to the same school in our hometown. her husband
    and my eldest brotehr were friends. she was sensitive enough not to
    ask after my brother in front of everyone. she did so after every one else
    had left. there were like three other couples besides the friend and her
    dh and cousin and son. so it was quite a crowd.

    one of the ladies has done a hypnotherapy course and i remember i
    had done a pranic healing course with her daughter. my my i didnt
    know we had hynotherapists in our city.

    however i kind of never got very nice vibes from this particular
    lady when we were young. used to find her kind of snooty and running
    her eyes critically over my shabby clothes when i was working and
    we'd meet up in common friends places. however she was nice now
    but somehow first impressions kind of last,dont they?

    the friend who came down from america has done so well for herself
    inspite of being diabetic. and having a dh who is fond of drinking and
    smoking. she got to go work in the usa because she was working in
    the world bank here and her kids have grown up and are working
    and theyre doing so well. they come over to this country often staying
    with friends and the son is soon to get married. he was a shy young
    kid when i last saw him and now he is this handsome personable
    man who works in the International Monetary Fund in Washington.

    i would love for my kids to turn out like him.

    one of the guests there, the hypnotherapists husband invited everyone
    out to lunch today but i begged off. i just cant do it. im just not a social
    animal i guess. but my friend will be happy she doesnt hv to bother about
    making lunch for our common friend.

    as it is one of my own cousins, a monk who gave us money for
    brothers treatment is in town for teachings and i have to go meet him
    now, a courtesy visit. my brother went yesterday to thank him. all
    these visits take a lot out of me and as is usually the case, they come
    one after another.

    at least i feel a little better. actually much better. my aches have gone
    just a bit of stiffness and the 'off' feeling too has left off. im wondering
    if the moon has anything to do with it, last evening while saying my
    goodbyes, my friend pointed out the full moon.

    I do have anxiety still. well, have to work on that.

    its 6:30 am in morning and i got up noticed the lights were on so
    i decided i better pop in and post while the lights lasted.

    oh my friend loved what i cooked. lol. i guess im relieved about that

    God Bless

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to go to church this morning. Then it will be lunch and go to workout room which we did little of while we were away. I do mostly treadmill and a few other machines to help my flexibility and some strength. I don;t do any heavy weights.. The FM and pain I have does not make me love exercising but I guess you have to do what you have to. I also have osteoporosis so trying to strengthen my bones mostly throught some exercise, and helpful supplements and vitamins. Most of the meds I took didn't help a whole lot othe r than the 2 yr. max. of Forteo injections daily. Have been done with that for a couple of years already.

    Enough of that stuff already.

    Julie - I understand what you are trying to do about starting to limit yourself somewhat on helping Lindsay. Now is a bad time for her and I see she has her health challenges too with such small children and nursing twins yet. Of course I never lived that close to my parents at the time we married and then moved out of state away from all. Also didn;pt live that close to my children after they married, at least after a short while with husbands being transferred from here to there. I feel guilty in some ways about not being able to help alot but I know for me it was best. You live so close to Linds and family that it is almost impossible for you to escape and not see everything that is going on and or needed. Also you ar elike me, if I were in your shoes and lived as close to my kids as you do, when my gkids were younger it would be hard for me not to try and help in some way even though it might be hard on my body. Glad David is about 1/2 way through his classes. It is hard for her at this time, I know, to try and do everything herself. Also when the twins get bigger it will be so much easier, esp with the getting up at night to feed them..

    Hi Spring Water and everyone- it is almost time for church so I need to go for now and will try and drop in later this afternoon sometime. Wow, I can't believe both you and Julie have been up so early :)!!!!

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't you think someone who suffered from depression would be more understanding - well I guess not, with your MIL. Yes, and we all do what we can do at the time.

    We just had a supper of stir fry of more veggies and some pieces of scallops on the grill. That was our healthy meal. On sundays we used to have steaks on the grill. Now it is not neecessarily that, but maybe be seafood or something like that. Trying to eat less cholesterol. Mine is pretty good but DH has more of a problem of high LDL I think. Anyway it is higher bad cholesterol. His overall count is not bad at all , not quite 200, under that. Mine is really good but he has always been more of a meat eater. Even had brown rice instead of white rice that we used to eqat all the time. His dr. said that he was also borderline diabetic so is trying to be careful with that. Neither of us has been great on sweets and sugar. I prefer salty stuff which is not necessarily that great for me esp with having high b/p.

    Hoping time will come soon for David to be home and the family will be together and the children will all soon start to grow up and it will not be quite so hectic, at least in the feeding and changing diapers department. They may have other problems but not that :)!!

    Yes, try and keep yourself on an evven keel which I know is not always that easy to do. No one will be in good shape if you do not take care of yourself. I st ill feel guilty about not being able to help my mom but they both ( and dad too) lived thousands of miles away and so I really couldnpt do much unless I went there. My brother at one time asked if mom could come live with us for awhile. My husband was not to thrilled but he probably was right with all my problems. I just keep on pushing till something gives and hate to give up. Had my DB and SIL, esp my SIL were not to thrilled with me not doing so but oh well. We all do what we can, when we can.

    You surely must have needed that extra sleep Julie. Hope you are feeling OK now ! Yes, what ever did happen to Pippi? I sitll worry about our Porchies who have disappeared over time. Missing them all.

    How is your snow storm. They were taliking about a snow storm (another one) coming to hit the midwest so was thinking about you . Let us know about your weather. Hope Lindsay is feeling better. Your daughter sounds like two of mine - like size 2. Yes, I do worry aboaut them. I never was that small even when I was a skinny kid and not to badly now but never a 2 or 4. My top was always alot smaller than my bottom.

    Thinking of everyone. Hope to hear more from SW, Jole, Joan, Georgia, Rock, Elaine , Pippi and so many others.

    Bye for now.

    Love to awl,

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    And as it is running on the little inverter battery left

    Julie - your mil was a dragon..insensitive. When a woman's
    Just delivered, she,s at her most vulnerable and high strung
    No one needs someone breathing fire over one, those times.

    Maybe the reason you help out at your daughters so much
    Is because you remember your own self as a new mum,
    Young mum and how you could hv used some TLC then.

    What Granni said is true in a year or two the lil ones won't
    Be so little any more and everyone inccluding Lindsey will
    Be freed up more. And able to take a breather.

    Oone toddler and two infant twins would take a lot out of
    Anyone, especially considering Lindsey was so sick after
    She had them. She scarcely got time to recover really
    With looking after small ones even with you helping out
    All you can.

    Granni - have you settled back in now after your trip.

    Yes I too really wonder a bout Elaine n all. And hope all is
    Well or as well as can be.

    Today's full moon for us, wonder of that explains the jitters
    I felt yesterday. Like an elephant in ,mast, mode. Fearful,
    Angry, palpitating, hot flashes. It's gone today, tho still
    Feel like I'm wading thru sticky mud when I try to move.

    A ton of clothes to sort and fold, a dresser full of rubbish
    To look at and put into some sort of order.

    Just trying not to get overwhelmed looking at all the undone
    Stuff and my state of no energy at present, lol.

    Julie your salad sounded delicious, must try make it one
    Of these days for dh and son.

    God bless
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You are right about poor Lorraine. I am sure she is confused why her daddy keeps disappearing and then reappearing agin. She loves nad misses him and is to little to really understand what he has to do. Glad he will be soon be home for good, even if still a while yet. Luckily. the twins are to little to really understand, which is good in a way. Poor babies (including Lorraine) and Lindsey, it is hard for them. Hope Lindsey feels better with her cold, etc.

    Am finally going to try and go to Line Dancing that I haven't been to in some time since before the holidays. Then DH said he wants to come with me to the store WM to pick up a few things. I would rather go myself as he rushes to much but then he will also make sure I don;t get anything else I see that may not be on the list :)!!!

    I have been hearing about that on coming snow storm. Hope all will go well and it rolls off your back like most of these storms do (you get used to them and most become old hat, shall we say). Let us know how all goes and that you do not lose your electricity, esp in such cold weather.

    I have to go and get dressed to leave this morning.

    Hi to SW, Gail, Georgia, Rock and everyone .

    Topsy40 (I think that is your name). Hope to see you on the Porch again soon.

  12. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I just typed (and corrected) a long chat on here and----you know what happened!!!!! I hit the poof button. I shall return when I have more energy. Sorry!!
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    nice balmy weather here; a sun trying to show its face through
    some powdery grey clouds and mostly succeeding

    Granni - where are you? I think you havent checked in yesterday.

    Joan - oh my..i am irritated at this computer glitches which took
    away your post...so looking forward to hearing all your news.

    Julie - keep safe, all of you. But its nice to see Den keep so busy.
    I hear about all the economy not doing well and all and its nice
    to know Dens busy and his area of work is not affected.
    You must be longing for spring to come in earnest now. this
    snowstorm is what...your third this season? wonder what my
    daughter is doing...being snowbound in her room.

    i went to brothers yesterday; his wife is one energetic bunny!
    his chemo had come in the way of her giving her annual Tibetan
    New year lunch and they were in hospital that time; but would she
    use it as an excuse to get out of giving a lunch? No.

    brother called us all yesterday and what a spread; dunno what it
    is, she made so much stuff and all of them, absolutely all of them
    turned out delicious! pulao rice fragrant with coconut slithers,
    and spices, fried chicken nuggets, golden coloured mushroom curry,
    kidney beans gravy, pork and vegetable pickle, curried potato,
    soyabean ball and tomato chutney..and some fried tacos...

    everytime i see someone cooking up a storm almost singlehandedly
    like my chinese friend and this SIL, i get a pang and think "what'
    is wrong with me? besides digging in and appreciating the cooking
    of course. for me the spirit is willing but the flesh is, well, it doesnt
    cooperate, is what.

    i took my son and my middle brother brought his two kids. and
    now that my son and nephew are all grown up and soccer
    afficionados my eldest brother had a whale of a time talking soccer
    with them.

    I'd wait for the conversation to finish and try to slip in something
    about something happened to a politician or the condition of our
    ex prince (he's serious with a heart attack/stroke) but no. Big
    brother would again pull out another nugget of wisdom on' what
    this spanish player was doing and why manchester United
    was losing its grip' and off the men would go in that direction.
    at any rate, it was good to see big brother so animated.

    you 'd hardly think he has to go in for his 15th round of chemo
    on Monday. he has spikes of hair growing on his head too.
    inspite of all the chemo.

    niece is doing good. i think the prayers some of us and those
    dear ones over on the Spirituality board are working. she is
    lucid and happy.besides glowing like a princess
    isnt that just wonderful?

    son reached me and middle brothers family home and then
    headed off for his own stuff.

    he is thinking of giving up the IT course he is doing and looking
    for alternative courses to study because there is just too much
    course stuff he missed out for two years in grades 11 nd 12.
    and finding it tough.

    my nephew though is doing well in his hotel management course
    and scoring high. good. this family needs some good things happening
    to it. lol.

    i hope i can make it for meditation again. theres so much housework
    piled up but i somehow feel i need to meditate in a group, keeps
    my spirits up.

    All of you, take care

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Please check the lounge for another post.

    Have to run too a luncheon meeting today and tomorrow will be going to grandson's HS play where he works behind the scenese. The other brother is into sports - these are the twins 15 years old and so different. We will spend the nite. Next week off for a few days at the seashore in Galveston with some friends but no water for sure. It is much to cold and I am not much of a swimmer anyway. No swimming for me in the COLD ocean for sure. Just lots of browsing and eating seafood like a piggy. It will be fun to get away.

    Right now I am starting to have pains in my upper left shoulder/neck area, sometimes sharp. It better quit so I can enjoy myself. Hoping no more nerve problems., good grief !!

    Glad to hear from you Julie and Spring. Thanks for worrying about me. I am doing OK I guess, just busy and choir practice next week. If I get through with this month I can breathe a sigh of relieve with all the music going on.

    Julie - be careful in that awful weather . I wouldn't go out for sure. I thought I sent a post but maybe it is on the other side . Will try and check later. Choir practice tonight.

    Gotta run for now. Love you ALL.

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - keep safe on way to visitation. That sounded like a lot of

    Hope Keira is well soon. No. I think one can see you push yourself
    to do stuff inspite of having aches and pains and allergies and sinus
    problems and its because of the person you are. The family has
    grown since last couple of years so so much more to do too.

    Its also as Granni mentioned, you live nearby, so its hard to detach.

    If i were somwhere in America like a lot of our relatives are now,
    it would not be possible for me to be around my brothers helping
    out with niece/bro and all the way its possible now. They would have
    had to manage. Maybe they would have been a little smarter,
    who knows, knowing someone wasnt there to pick up the pieces.

    Im glad to know you might take a little time off again next week.
    You and Den need to do that more often, to recharge and recupe.
    You both do so very much.

    Granni- i hope your shoulder pain goes away before the trip.
    sometimes i notice it takes going away to get rid of a pain.
    like when i went to visit daughter, i was doing so much and not
    getting tired. i surprised myself and daughter! mmm my mouth
    was watering imagining you eating out, all sorts of food with your
    friends. Have a good trip. When did you say you would have to
    perform? Are you still going to the gym? maybe they can suggest
    you exercises to help with the painful shoulder? I hate to think
    of you hurting, or feeling unwell. Our Porchie people are such
    lovely souls, we should be having the bestest of health and the
    peacefullest of lives!

    I went to the meditation center yesterday inspite of having a lot
    to do at home but will stay home and try get some order into
    the house.

    but i could not get a good nights sleep. tossing and turning.
    strange dreams. the kind which make no sense at all.

    well, i just had my morning cuppa ginger tea and Tinku the dog
    has hoisted herself up on my bed and is deep in sleep with
    hear smooth neat brown head near my laptop.

    Oh to be her. she is such a free spirit, and being young and
    in her prime, she is so perky! she doesnt walk, she trots
    and her eyes gleam with excitement at the world in general.
    i was like that once, or was i? lol.

    All our MIAs thinking of you, wherever you are. Be safe.

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time to post right now but wanted to tell you so sorry to hear about Den's cousin who died. I think that is who you said he was, someones cousin in the family. Glad he isn't suffereing any more. Cancer is terrible. Sorry to hear about lindsey too being ill.

    DH just arrived home and needs the puter. Not sureif I will be back today or tomorrow. Will be going to DGS play and will spend the night. Home early in the morning,

    Be careful in all the SNOW !!

    Love to you all,'
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SW - Thanks for the sweet words. Yes, all of our Porchies seem to have wonderful souls and are very caring people. Unfortunatly, we feel like ezlsjdbfmsks or should I say fill in the blank most days and so sometimes can't or don;t feel like doing what they would have otherwise, to help others in the family , etc.

    JUst spending the night at DD's to see the play South Pacific. I love the music and am anxious to see how they do (the HS kids). That reminds me of TEACHER speaking of musicals. TEACHER - I SURE DO MISS YOU AMONG OTHERS WHO HAVE DISAPPEARED. HOPE YOU CAN DROP IN AGAIN SOON TO LET US KNOW HOW YOU ARE.

    Hope no one else disappears in a snow bank. Missing to many Porchies but they all have their own lives to live and many may find it haard to do what they HAVE to do and then post too.

    Bye again, I hope to see you tomorrow when I will be busy washing and trying to get ready again to leave for 2 or 3 days. What a hustle !

    Love to awl,

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It seems like we have been going to way to many lately. Oh well,, not much we can do about that I suppose. I think it is a good idea not to mention it to your dad either unless he brought it up.

    Julie - How long is it of a drive to see David? That is a great idea but might be hard for the young ones not to understand Daddy can't come home yet. Probably a good idea of Uncle Harvey not to come if the funeral if it is to far and full of snow. Please be careful in all that snow !!!

    Gotta leave in a few minutes to go down to see our DGS and the HS play. Will have dinner at DD's before we go to the play. Will stay overnight at DD's and home tomorrow.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Early morning here

    Found the power on so decided to check in

    Julie that's sad about your dads cousin but better
    He was out of suffering.

    Hope you have a good trip with the girls
    to see David.

    Granni - it will be fun to see GS's play.
    I haven't heard of south pacific, must
    Look it up.

    Not much to tell here.

    Did some odd jobs around house,
    Discovered a lot of plants need
    Spraying. Hid sons torn pants from
    Him which he insists on wearing
    And went and bought him new
    Ones exactly the same.
    Trimmed poopsies hair at her
    Rear so she can do her business
    Without hair getting in the way.

    Stay safe

    God bless