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    Hi, Gang,

    I just posted the 30th over on the old thread so thought I'd open up a new Porch. C'mon all you MIA's--let us know how you are doing. We worry about y'all when we don't hear.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Haven't been here for a bit due to my electrons not working properly. Also, my computer was ill.
    Can't post too much, because I can't see the keyboard. Not sure what the cause is, but whenever
    we turn off the table lamp, the computer shuts down. I think there was a Mama's Family episode
    with a similar plot.

    I have both kinds of news. The bad was I fell again. The good was I didn't have to go to the
    emergency room. Saw the doc yesterday. He removed my stitches. Going back this
    afternoon for a sonogram of the carotid arteries. I had a sonogram for the heart a few years ago.
    The technician was from Persia (Iran). He got part of his training from my cousin who works
    at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I asked the technician if it was a boy or a girl. He just
    gave me a confusiated look.

    Just heard the weather report. It's snowing in the mountains East of LA. The skiers are rushing
    out there to romp in the snow. Of course they have to put up with a lot of traffic to get there.
    I understand it's a very expensive sort of recreation. Dunno myself. Last time I skied was in
    Minnesota during the 1950s. I imagine the basic principles are the same. Try to stay upright
    and avoid hitting anything.


    have been reading your posts. Thanks for all the good wishes. Will post some more later.
    Tried to move the above sentence. No can do. Oi-vey!
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    I'm baaaaaack! Trying to use our Ipad. We took it on the trip, I would sign in, thought my posts were there but each time I pulled it up....nope. So don't know what the problem is.

    Sorry to read that there's STILL flu making the rounds at your homes.

    Mikie: Hope you're able to get to Colorado for your scheduled visit. We left Oregon yesterday afternoon and we could see the snow clouds rolling in. They were expecting a big arctic storm. Coming from so. calif. it was HARD to adjust to the layers of clothes including the heavy scarf wrapped around my face almost the entire time we were there.

    I did good for the most part on the trip. I've learned I have to carry a small container of almond butter in my purse with a spoon for those times I feel the blood sugar drop. I also have a rice sock I had made that slips into a black faux leather covering to velcroe around my neck. And I was lucky to find people at the hotel lobby or little restaurants that would heat it up for me in their microwave. That along with lots of ibuprofen and some pain pills at various times got me thru.

    We rented a car the day after we arrived, drove to see Multnomah falls (spectacular but freezing) then tried driving that late afternoon in the city. OMG! The next day we left the car at the hotel and learned to take the lite rail train and streetcars to get around.

    Rock: I was concerned why you weren't posting. I hope your ticker is OK. Have you had the falling episodes first thing when you get out of bed?

    Granni. I think someone mentioned that you look for AA meeting places for relatives. I've heard they are of great help.
  4. Mikie

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    Ah, Porchies, sooooo good to see y'all posting, especially since so many are having problems.

    Julie, I feel your pain, my sister, as memories of the "both ends" thing are still fresh in my memory. I am so very sorry you are sick. A lot of the time, this kind of thing doesn't last too long and I pray you are on the mend.

    Diane, I may not even go to Atlanta if it looks as though getting to Denver will be hopeless. I have trip ins. but don't know how things have to shake out to use it. Have a call in to my DD to see whether she knows the rules. I hope both cats stay well and Faithy gets over the pinkeye soon. Seems they are taking advantage of DH.

    Rock, so glad you posted as we were all worried. I'm sorry you fell again. After my big head injury, I couldn't see right for months. It all came back in one day in a snap. Praying for a quick snap for you. Doc said this is normal. I'm laughing about the "boy or girl" thing. Every time I go into the urologist's office, I'm tempted to ask for the free prostate exam they have advertised.

    Sunflower Girl, I love the idea of having the almond butter on hand--smart! As I mentioned above, I'm not sure I'm even going to try to go. Denver is a hub and is a mess in big storms. I'm barely keeping the UTI's at bay as it is and think travel may not be my friend right now.

    Granni, I also thought the suggestion for Alanon was for you. Families need support, sometimes, even more than the one with the problem. I dated a recovering alcoholic for a short time but went on a retreat and sat through the Alanon parts, as well as the AA parts open to everyone. I learned sooooo much and it really increased my understanding.

    Went to condo mtg. which was horrible. We have one family who wants us to let them violate the rule against keeping a commercial vehicle (big, tall A/C van painted from top to bottom). Board already voted to not allow it, which I think is the correct thing to do. If you let one do it, you have to let everyone do it. Not all commercial vehicles are decent looking. We don't have garages, just carports. The woman asking to break the rules simply refuses to take no for an answer and threatened to sue us as she stormed out. They had us believe that if he couldn't keep the van on the property, he would lose his job--NOT! He can pay $100 a month to store it, drive to it and go to work. As it is, they are taking up three parking spaces, another violation. Things weren't handled very professionally. I had written a concise letter to thank the board and boil things down to the issue at hand. This woman keeps talking about things which simply are not germane to the issue at hand. I read my letter and the board liked it, even those who voted against what I want.

    I got the video games mailed to DD for DGS so that's done. I also got some groceries. Been losing weight ever since the ABX messed up my innards. I never know what to buy to eat. Well, I can stand to lose weight but diarrhea isn't my idea of a healthy weight control program.

    Gonna rest for the remainder of the day. I'm still not up to doing too much and am afraid the UTI symptoms will rear their ugly heads. I will watch "The Blacklist" and "Hostages" this afternoon. I fell asleep last night and missed them. I'm sleeping so much better since getting the shot. Also, I'm wearing my sleep mask which keeps the light out. So, Dear Ones, take at least as good of care of yourselves as I'm taking of me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Folks

    Gordon and I took a tour of our acreage. His Christmas cactus has bright pink blooms. The two others will bloom in succession during the next two months. At least that's what they usually do. The narcissus has small white blooms. The flower is similar to a daffodil. The camellia bush (played by Greta Garbo) is in bud. It will have gorgeous red blooms soon. Several of the orchids are blooming. And Gordon found one cherry tomato which I promptly ate as he does not like same.

    Julie, is your upset tummy righted again? I remember them from childhood. My mother prescribed 7 up too. I thought of looking on the net to see what was the cause and why do they generally go away in adulthood. It's like a lot of things I would look up only I never think of them except when I'm not at the computer.

    Diane, I hope Keven gets paid for his "homework". Glad to hear Faithy seems better; hope Rosie doesn't go pink too. Is the big yellow duck still in Pittsburgh?

    SG, my latest fall was thisaway. I left the computer room, turning off the light as I went. Then
    realized that once again I had forgotten something. Went back 4 steps to pick up a book from the computer table. Then, somehow, I got a discombobulated and instead of walking out the door, I walked in a different direction and fell on top of some boxes with blankets, etc. A soft landing. I just can't understand how or why I changed direction. I guess it's all part of the getting old and nothing works syndrome.

    Sounds like you were well prepared for your trip w/ almond butter and your stole. Could you
    save space by putting the almond butter in the leather tube?

    Hafta take a break. Doctor visit this afternoon. Back when I can. Hugs and Kisses
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Had my carotid arteries test yesterday. A typical medical procedure, i.e. annoying. Had
    to complete an 8 page questionnaire. After obtaining my name and address, the questionnaire wanted to know if I had ever been admitted to the such and such hospital
    before. The hospital was one I had never heard of and in some other town. And we didn't go through this nonsense the last time I had a sonogram.

    Anyhoo I sullenly filled it out. After what seemed hours but probably wasn't a dark skinned young woman with black hair who was wearing something that looked like a Navajo blanket came out and said, "Zha-bon?" Since Gordon and I were the only people in the waiting room, I asked her who she was looking for. She tried again: "Zha-bon? Jo-ban?"

    Nothing like my name, but it was I she was seeking. She held the door open for me; then followed me down the hall calling, "Can you please follow me?" "Not unless you walk in front of me," was my clever rejoinder.

    Anyway it turned out that like the previous technicians for previous tests, she was from Persia (aka Iran). I will skip to the results. My arteries are 70% blocked which means, from what I read on the net, I am a good bet for a stroke. Gordon kept asking the doctor questions, and the doctor kept saying he'd have to review the entire test results. I finally pulled Gordon off, and the doctor said he'd call us. Uff-da!

    Mikie, are satin jammies expensive? They sound like something from the 1930 movies where the bedroom was all white and so was penguin, I mean the peignor. Reminds me of some silk boxers I bought a J. C. Pennay a couple decades ago. I did it on a mad whim thinking they would probably be fragile and fall apart in a month or two. Sadly, I was right. I coulda got 3 pair of cotton for the same price. Ah, Life! So full of learning experiences.

    Jam, I wrote to you about bridge books, but I think it was the message that disappeared. Have
    you read any books by Victor Mollo? He escaped the Russian Revolution when he was a child. Then lived in England. He wrote two kinds of books. The instructional and the comical. See Bridge in the Menagerie" and its sequels if you haven't already. The L.A. Library has some. Sure wish I could still play.

    Granni, I hope your Italian dinner was a treat. I haven't had pizza for years on accounta
    teeth problems. Lottza great pizza places in LA. There's one that has a space ship parked in
    front. It was made in the 50s. Is about 6 feet tall. They have 3 stores and every 4 months they move the ship. (It is generally believed that that the space ship is trucked; not flown.)

    Very sad about your daughter. It is a shame that people can't be helped until they want to be.
    One of the Helpful Concepts in Emotions Anonymous is: We do not come for another person — we come to help ourselves and to share our experiences, strength, and hope with others.
    I went to meetings for about 25 years to help my depression. Would still be going if I were able.

    Big hugs
  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, hope by now, you are doing better and no one else is sick.

    Jam, you are right; the Universe can't send new things to us if our lives are crammed too full with our old stuff, emotional and physical.

    Rock, when I tripped, I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking. I was only focusing on getting to my coffeemaker in the kitchen. I'm much more careful now and move more slowly. The BOSU ball has helped me with balance. I hope they can help with clogged arteries. Keeping you in my prayers. Those jammies weren't cheap. My Mom bought them for me. I wouldn't normally sleep in such luxury but it's a beautiful set for special occasions. My red Christmas cactus isn't blooming. Last year, it was loaded. It's a big plant. It's out on the lanai. Our desert cactus has beautiful dark red blooms on it. I love that plant more than any other I've ever had.

    Talked to DD in Atlanta. If, by late tomorrow, all flights are cancelled, delayed, and backed up across the nation, I will not go. If there is still a possibility, I will fly to Atlanta on Fri. and if I can't get to Denver, I'll stay with DD in Atlanta and return to FL. Flying is so iffy this time of year and this is a HUGE storm. Weather is lovely here, low 80's and sunny. I slept well and feel better. Barb is at the door for coffee so will sign off.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Darrae

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    Hi Porchies All!

    Sorry I went MIA again. Work has been non-stop chaos. The holiday made things more "confusicated", as Rock so aptly describes things. Lots going on from what I've read here. So hard to keep up! I spent the last two days decorating the first floor, library, t.v. area, lobby, foyer, mezzanine level and two trees. I still have two more trees and the dining room to go.

    You'd have to see this place to understand the scope of space I'm describing. The Fort Armstrong was once "the premier" hotel years ago. Heck, there used to be a bowling alley in the basement! Many very famous people entertained there in its heyday. Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Bix Biderbeck and many more. June Haver, (if you remember that actress, singer, dancer), grew up in Rock Island and she came there to celebrate a birthday in 1935 or 40. I forget the exact year at the moment. One of my residents actually dated her at one time.

    I gleaned a lot of interesting information when researching the place for a marketing event. Beautiful old 9 story building. It was built by Italian artisans and it's beautiful even now. The present owner has had the good sense to keep it up and restored. There was a ballroom on the mezzanine level, a restaurant (now the dining room), gift shops, a bar, coat check room, etc.......Amazing history this building has.

    It is, however, no day at the beach to decorate!!! All I could think of today was, "Crap"! "In three weeks I'm going to have to take it all down and store it again"! The residents are enjoying it very much though. Puts them in the "spirit". That is what makes it worth doing.

    Granni, sorry you're experiencing difficulties with DD. Prayers for you will be said. Hope you are feeling as well as possible. Still keeping up with the exercises? You are such an indominatable spirit. I enjoy your posts and your wit. Stay well.

    Rock, Glad you didn't get major injuries from your fall! Sounds like your computer has gremlins. Ya know, I used to be a cold weather fan. I used to snow ski. I started out with cross-country skis at 11 years old. Waited until I was thirty to try downhill. Loved it. Now I no longer participate in any sport where there may be an ambulance waiting at the bottom of the hill or my posterior might wind up higher than my noggin! Oh, and by the by, no strokes allowed! Stay well please. Will pray for it.

    Jam, You're right about the Calmes Forte and Melatonin are a great combo. I take two of each at bedtime along with my Flexoril and Lodeine. I hated taking the Ambien. Made me too groggy in the morning.

    Mikie, Thanks for starting the new porch. I've missed reading your posts and hope you don't hear from the UTI monster again any time soon! Stay healed please. Careful with the coffee. That's odd, I can't get my smilies to work. Drat! Am I alone in this? Oh well.

    Joan, didn't see any posts from you. Hope you are doing ok. Wishing you well.

    Sun, Diane, Windy, Julie, good to be back and reading your posts. I've missed a lot. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am glad to report that my regimin I started a few months back is still holding strong. I'm working my duff off and still, I'm not in a flare. This is good. Last year was horrid in the pain sense. My supplements and homeopathics that I added are working still. Thank Heaven. By tonight we're in for some bitterly cold weather to finish out the week. I shall be known for the rest of the winter as "Nanuk of The North". People will see nothing but eyeballs peaking out of all the outerwear I don for the season. Somewhat like an Eskimo/Ninja sort of flavor in my winter apparel.

    Have to go and catch some Z's so I can get up bright and early. I live to decorate another day.
    Love and hugz to all!
  9. Mikie

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    Hi, Gang,

    Julie, I'm always amazed at the fact that anyone allows open burning anymore. Down here, it's the normal way to clear out bush before building. We get winds from all directions since we have water on three sides. Our air is some of the cleanest in the country so I guess the burning isn't polluting too bad. We don't have a landfill here. We have furnaces which burn the rubbish. There are scrubbers to clean the smoke and the heat is used to make electricity. Our animal shelters are always looking for towels, blankets and sheets. Mine are usually in too good a shape when I give them away so I give them to Goodwill. I try to recycle, repurpose and give away things I don't use but, sometimes, it feels like I'm losing the race :( I have got to get rid of some of my old tees. I hope your trip to TX works out. I think this massive storm is an anomaly.

    Jam, glad you got some good sleep. A good night's sleep is a blessing to be sure. I woke at 3:30 and peed and had to pee again as soon as I got in bed so decided to just get up. I have the really ABC news on. I keep the volumn on really low and hope it doesn't wake the people downstairs. She has a sound machine which she says drowns out noise. My ceiling fan does the same for me. I wish I had the patience to sit still to play cards, or any kind of game. I know it's good for the brain.

    Dar, thanks for the good wishes for the UTI. It's a bit touchy; could go either way. If I go, I'm taking my ABX with me. I don't envy all the work you have ahead of you but I know how much it means to so many. You really make a difference in others' lives.

    Well, Dear Ones, I have a plan. Will be tracking flight delays and cancellations all day and watching the storm. A delay in one place can have a ripple effect down the line. Talked with both DD's yesterday. If things look good, I'm leaving in the morning for Atlanta. If the leg to Denver is cancelled, DD in Atlanta will come pick me up and I won't go on to Denver. Denver is expecting another snow storm Sun. and I have to try to fly home on Mon. Oy! I think, as much as I love the snow in CO., I won't try another trip in the winter. Too iffy and stressful. At least, I have a plan and a backup so I won't be one of those people on the news sleeping in the airport. I told DD that they would never put me on the news anyway because they'd have to bleep out every other word :eek:

    I didn't get much done yesterday. All that's left is to vacuum and run the floor cleaner on the tile. I'll do that today. That, and pay bills. AACK! I'll likely sit out on the Balcony as the weather has been really nice. Poor DD was outside waiting for DSIL to pick her up last evening. She was freezing and had to go back inside to warm up. It went from the 50's to 10 degrees in a very short period of time. Thank goodness, if I go, I have warm clothing but, even then, it's hard to stay warm. It's gonna be in the 80's here all week. I have the Weather Channel on now. Right now, no delays at our airport but that could change. This afternoon and evening will be crucial.

    I had to smile; the Denver Zoo brought all the animals inside where it's warm and gave them new toys to play with. They have big screen TV's to watch too with animal videos. I once told my Nebraska Mom that I could never keep cattle unless they had heated barns with toys. Cows are amazing animals who like something to do beside just chew the cud. Oooooh, it's minus 33 degrees in Denver--just saw it on the map. AACK!!!

    OK, Kids, I'm going to sign off and pay my bills. I hope everyone is doing well. I'll pop in to let y'all know what's happenin'. Take good care of yourselves and I'll ask the angels to watch over everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just read a report from the Assoc. Press outta Denver. Cold weather there and in Minn., Texas, and Calif. A guy in Laramie, Wyoming, said it was minus 25 there. Our weather report says it will be in the 60s and high 50s the next 5 days which is pretty standard, BUT we will have some nights with temps in the high 30s. Never seen it that cold here, and I've been here 46 years. I wonder if the punk kids who wear their pants down to the asphalt will finally pull them up.

    I remember listening on the radio for snow days when I was a kid. We were so happy when the announcer read off the name of our town. Of course the grown ups didn't tell us another day was just added to the school year to compensate.

    Hope all goes well with your trip, Mikie. I plan to never fly again. You see where the passengers on a Delta flight got booted so the Gators basketball team could use the plane? Don't know about cow toys, but Gary Larson did a cartoon on cow tools some decades back. He said it was not a success. Readers were mystified rather than amoozed. I hope you
    have wonderful time.

    Nice to see you back again, Dar. Sounds like you've been busy as a "B" on Sesame Street. Yes,
    I remember June Haver. Was in lots of musicals. She and hubby Fred MacMurry were in that long Lucy episode where the gang was looking for uranium in the desert.

    Sorry you can't get your smiles to work. Try resting with a warm, damp cloth on your face. Ha Ha! I don't think I've ever tried to use an emoticon here. :):cool::rolleyes: Oh, there. It worked.

    Julie, 28 degrees! Brrr. That's close to freezing. When I moved to CA and people found out I
    was from MN, they always mentioned mosquitoes and cold weather. I was amazed to found out that many of them though freezing was zero degrees. Made me suspicious of all the beautiful new schools out here. Most of them one story.

    Yes, throwing away trash is very satisfying. I wish Gordon agreed. Jam, glad you like your
    new purchases. I hate buying things, and then finding they are not satisfactory. Well, who
    doesn't. I wonder if the Denver Zoo would like some of my old T shirts. The monkeys could wear them. But they're pretty thread bare. Remember Julie Andrew's clothes when she left the convent? (S of M) She said the poor didn't want them.

    Granni, hope things aren't too cold way down Waco way. You know what song has the same
    tune as "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You"?

    Joan, hope you are warm and comfortable. I often think of Zippy, and that reminds me of
    you and and your missing Maggie. Just read the biography of a Broadway actress named
    Dorothy Stickney. She played the mother in "Life With Father" which ran for almost 8 years
    on Broadway. A record finally beaten by "Fiddler on the Roof".

    The father in the play was played by her real life husband, one of the authors of same.
    Anyway she wrote about their wonderful cat with the loud purr that was happiest lying
    in someone's lap.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again, just messing around avoiding work. I've packed and my carryon is big enough for my fuzzy-wuzzy robe. Woohoo. I had a nice new colorful neck scarf but am leaving it in favor of a heavier one. It was minus 13 in Denver last night. I now have Plans A, B, and C so feel much better. I just have to clean floors and take garbage down and get mail. I paid bills so that's done. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

    DD in Atlanta had her surgery on her foot and is resting comfortably. Didn't know whether she could get it done because of DH's co's merger and change of surgery. Hope she recovers easily and that I don't get stuck in Atlanta tomorrow. If I do, at least, I can help her. DD in Denver is staying home today and putting up their tree.

    Rock, Gary Larson used to crack me up as do your amazing puns. We used to buy his books and laugh by the hour. I'm glad the days of just warehousing animals in zoos is over in most places. It's still a prison no matter how nice it is. On the other paw, animals in the wild don't have it easy. We now know a bit more about how intelligent animals are. I pray for your continued healing and good news on the arteries.

    Julie, I just sat outside for a bit and it's actually hot and humid. I came back inside to my A/C so I can clean. I feel for everyone who is having cold weather, especially extreme cold. Denver, if I get there, is going to be a big shock to my system. Perhaps that's what it needs.

    Will keep in touch and keep y'all in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Dear Porchies,

    I have been SO busy that I haven't been able to check or to post to the Porch lately. Going here and there and to much going on. Just wanted to let you know that I am still around and have not disappeared !! I can't be on to long. Don't even know where to start on a post.

    Our lovely Italian dinner with friends turned out to be Mexican, the only one open on Mondays. Yes, we had made reservations and found out when we had gotten there that some idiot had actually driven into the front of the restaurant. So, they will be closed for awhile, not that we go there very often, to expensive. We did have a nice time even though it was not what we all had out mouths watering for. GRRR but it was a good time but aggravating.

    The DD saga continues but I do not think she wants to talk to us but our DS is going down this weekend to see if she is till there and talk to her. What a mess. I think she has spoken to some people who must have had bad upbringings and thought we were toxic to her. Yep, that is us, we try to help her, maybe to much and then get blamed. Our x SIL has been trying to talk to her on the phone but he says she is so very negative and has a bad attitude and apparently doesn't want to listen or take our help. If she speaks to anyone our DS would probably the best one. Others are to far and the eldest daughter and her really clash. Eldest daughter has little patience with this stuff and is just disgusted. She had tried to help her in the past. In the past she got a bunch of info off the net about mental health help in their county. She just sent it to me but with no job who is going to help her. DH doesn't want to get started and we get stuck with all her bills.

    We are worried ourselves with all this change in medical insurance rules, etc. We are pushing now trying to get out well person exams and get done what they suggest. Not sure if I will have a colonoscopy this month or next but will go to the specialist on Monday. Then DH needs to get the same thing done plus his yearly visit.

    Going to an AA meeting for us sounds good but not sure DH would even go and it is so busy now I can't even do what I am supposed to do. DH has talked me into putting up the tree tomorrow, So, now I have more. work to do, the cards including all the singing that is on the calendar. It is really COLD out and getting worse. Guess we will escape any snow though I think. Supposed to get rain so we might get some sleet or ice later on.:(

    Miss talking to you all on a daily basis. I went today to the chiro and DH had run to the store in the meanwhile as we have one car. Then we went to the Macy's to look at some creams, etc. that is supposed to be good for trying to fixing up old faces like mine :)!! Got a buy but it will still expensive. We rarely go to Macy's as it isn't convenient or cheap but does have nice things.

    Diane, Rock, Mikie, Jam, Julie et al , nice to hear from you. Got lots to go so will try and go and try and get something started that is needed.so something.

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over this DD crisis. We may just have to step back and let her ruin herself if that is what is to be.. Glad the AA people at least put her up in a motel but not sure how long they will do that. In this cold weather what do you do.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again. Just got up from my nap and decided to check in and print out my boarding pass. So far, no delays from our airport but, at this point, that doesn't mean much.

    Jam, I get plenty of sleep but when I first got my UTI's, I got in the habit of getting up to pee around 3:30 and sometimes, I can't get back to sleep til later. I also had a nap this morning.

    Granni, sometimes, all one can do is pray. Based on what I heard there, and the suggestions of so many families of addicts, I believe Alanon, not AA (but it is affiliated) can be of huge help even when the person who is addicted isn't talking with family. At the very least, it might help you deal with your feelings. Parents can do everything right but addiction is still a family problem and parents need support. You have been harmed and need healing. Again, I will keep you in my prayers.

    I really have nothing much except that I did manage to take my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster area and get my mail. I vacuumed everywhere and ran the hard floor cleaner on my tile. It's nice and shiny. I went to lie down and saw the "Peggy Sue Got Married" was on. I curled up on the bed and fell asleep watching. I love that strange, strange movie. Everything is packed so there isn't much left to do. Morning will tell.

    I hope everyone has a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I forgot exactly when you were leaving for your visit to CO. I think that is where it is. I believe you are leaving Friday which is tomorrow. Hope it is not to long a ride to get to the airport or to long a flight. Have a wonderful flight and hope you feel better so you can really enjoy it. I know you will , you are usually so very positive about things. That is how I at least try and be. Most of the time I am but then there are days, to myself grrr !


    Have a wonderful time. I wanted to get on to wish you bon voyage in case I didn't get on tomorrow. Not sure if I will be on tomorrow or not I have so much to do and then we have the first K of C Christmas Party in the evening. It should be a good time..

    Julie - Hope all is well at your house and people are feeling better. Our daughter #2 who now lives in NC and was the one who had cancer , her DH and son will be coming here next Friday for two days to look at a house they may be putting some money down on. I think they hope they can aren't for a few months until he sells his and then can buy. It is across the fairway from us. That will be nice to have some family close by. They will only be staying a few days and both her DH and DS has to go back to work.

    Thinking of everyone and will get back as soon as possible.

    Love to everydobby,
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids, had to get up early to check status of flights so thought I'd check in. So far, no delays from this end so I'll likely get to Atlanta. Report said no delay from Atlanta to Denver so that looks good as well--so far. :)

    Granni, thank you for such a sweet Bon Voyage. I figure however it turns out, it's the way it's supposed to turn out. I am keeping you and yours in my prayers.

    Julie, I hope you are feeling well and everyone in the family is OK. I laughed when I read you were "popping" in after seeing the chiro. Rock will appreciate the pun.

    Woke at 4:00. Planned to get up at 5:00 and set alarm. I went ahead and got up at 4:00 and fed Simon. He now cuddles up next to my front door instead of waiting on the chair, which would be more comfy. I think he just wants to feel like he belongs somewhere. He could belong in my home if he weren't too traumatized, by God knows what, to let me get near to him. Barb will try to feed him if she gets up early enough. Sometimes, she is up at 3:30 too. He will run when he sees her but if she puts the bowl down, he probably will come back and eat.

    Guess I'll just enjoy waiting to take my shower at 5:00. I hate to even do that cause of the folks downstairs but, sometimes, I have to make a little noise. Overall, I don't make much most of the time. I'll be gone for a few days so that should give them some peace.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there everyone,

    It is freezing or almost so ( 37) I think right now but wanted just to pop if for a bit. I have been so busy around here and DH has the computer or had it so I was busying myself trying to put a few decorations up and DH found a nice and already decorated small tree at Home Depot. Just the right size for our buffet. I got a few Christmas things from upstairs and didn't have to go under the eves to find anything I really needed.

    Need to go get dressed and start the makeup process as that takes awhile. We are going tonight to one of K of C Christmas parties. I will just wear a sparkley black sweater and black pants, very simple and warm.

    Don't know how you all in the colder climates stand it but I guess you just get used to it and if you live there have to make the most of it.

    Mikie - Hope you have a wonderful trip with no problem from the weather. I heard last night about bad weather coming into CO., I think that is where you were going but of course may not be in the exact same area.

    Love to Everyone will try and check back tomorrow. Things are just so hectic around this time. Next weke will start the really busy time with all the singing with the small group to the nursing homes and such. The 20th is the big performance at church.

    Thinking of you all but to tired to mention names.
    Granni :)