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    Good chilly Thursday evening! 18 degrees, is supposed to get down to 15...

    Mikie, hope everything works out for your trip.

    Granni, that would be neat if some of your family could be closer!

    Just popping in to say that I am back from a long day...the chiro seems to help a little more each time I go. Will try to continue, even through the winter and hope to be a "new woman" come spring, lol!

    I did have an interesting day, to say the least. Left in plenty of time...stopped about 3/4 of the way to get gas. Totally blew a red light as I was coming in to a town...have never done that before...didn't even realize until I was nearly through it. But nobody was coming and no police around at the moment, so all was well.

    Had to air up a tire, then headed on my way. Was in the chiro office for maybe 45 minutes...when I came back out, a different tire was about half flat. Drove to a station and aired it up, then on to a tire store to have them check it out. They found a nail, so fixed it for me.

    Stopped for a sandwich and was reading one of the grocery ads...saw that the clementines/oranges I usually take to the care center were drastically on sale, so I found the store and picked up 8 five-pound bags...will take some tomorrow when I go see my dad and the rest on Tuesday afternoon to his Christmas party.

    Got home way after dark, so glad no more tire trouble. Den had already fixed himself some supper, so I just made his lunch for tomorrow and relaxed a bit...headed to bed now...should sleep good tonight :)
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    Hi, Kids, had to get up early to check status of flights so thought I'd check in. So far, no delays from this end so I'll likely get to Atlanta. Report said no delay from Atlanta to Denver so that looks good as well--so far. :)

    Granni, thank you for such a sweet Bon Voyage. I figure however it turns out, it's the way it's supposed to turn out. I am keeping you and yours in my prayers.

    Julie, I hope you are feeling well and everyone in the family is OK. I laughed when I read you were "popping" in after seeing the chiro. Rock will appreciate the pun.

    Woke at 4:00. Planned to get up at 5:00 and set alarm. I went ahead and got up at 4:00 and fed Simon. He now cuddles up next to my front door instead of waiting on the chair, which would be more comfy. I think he just wants to feel like he belongs somewhere. He could belong in my home if he weren't too traumatized, by God knows what, to let me get near to him. Barb will try to feed him if she gets up early enough. Sometimes, she is up at 3:30 too. He will run when he sees her but if she puts the bowl down, he probably will come back and eat.

    Guess I'll just enjoy waiting to take my shower at 5:00. I hate to even do that cause of the folks downstairs but, sometimes, I have to make a little noise. Overall, I don't make much most of the time. I'll be gone for a few days so that should give them some peace.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie...I will pray that everything goes well and you are able to get to where you are meant to be and have a great time!

    I didn't even realize I had made a pun, lol! Yes, hope Rock sees that...:p

    I got up several hours ago, but went back to bed and fell asleep until Lindsey texted me. They were all at our local chiro and he had discovered she has a kidney infection! She had suspected as such, I think, and had him test for it...that explains a lot of how awful she's been feeling lately...

    Trying to get some coffee down, so I can start "functioning", lol! Gonna take a few clementines in to the care center and visit my dad. Should get groceries, etc. that I need for my dinner on the 14th. May not get to town too many times between now and then. We are to get 4 inches of snow on Sunday...could end up being a lot less, or much more...Den is on call, so he is trying to be prepared. Even if no electrical outages, he will still have to run a snowplow in town :(

    Thinking of everyone...especially you, Granni...
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    Hi there everyone,

    It is freezing or almost so ( 37) I think right now but wanted just to pop if for a bit. I have been so busy around here and DH has the computer or had it so I was busying myself trying to put a few decorations up and DH found a nice and already decorated small tree at Home Depot. Just the right size for our buffet. I got a few Christmas things from upstairs and didn't have to go under the eves to find anything I really needed.

    Need to go get dressed and start the makeup process as that takes awhile. We are going tonight to one of K of C Christmas parties. I will just wear a sparkley black sweater and black pants, very simple and warm.

    Don't know how you all in the colder climates stand it but I guess you just get used to it and if you live there have to make the most of it.

    Mikie - Hope you have a wonderful trip with no problem from the weather. I heard last night about bad weather coming into CO., I think that is where you were going but of course may not be in the exact same area.

    Love to Everyone will try and check back tomorrow. Things are just so hectic around this time. Next weke will start the really busy time with all the singing with the small group to the nursing homes and such. The 20th is the big performance at church.

    Thinking of you all but to tired to mention names.
    Granni :)