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    Y'all come on in and join us.

    I can't find the little refresh icon here to bring the page up to date. Otherwise, it can take a while for a new thread or post to appear. I used that a lot and miss it. I had to post this, sign off, sign back on and edit my post when the thread finally appeared. After the marathon shopping expedition, I just sat out on the Balcony with the neighbors and had my medicinal glass of wine yesterday afternoon. Barb had some Gargonzola cheese which was delicious. I almost forgot to take my Lactaid pill. I have a mental block when it comes to cheese; I forget it's dairy.

    Today is our bldg.'s annual mtg. and I just printed out my Treasurer's Report. I'll have to read it into the minutes and it's a bit long (big surprise ;) however, this has been a very unusual year. Then, I'll be planting my Calla Lily in our garden and trimming our Hawthorne bushes. Nothing too difficult as I'm a bit tired today.

    Will post more later. Just wanted to start a new Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - Thanks so much for starting us up again. Been rather out of it lately so not posting as much as usual. Thank goodness at least you and some others are on the ball. Not sure when DH will want to get on the computer so I thought I would at lest take a peek right now . MMM that medicinal wine and cheese sounds right up my alley :)! I got my mouse tendancies from my dear dad.

    You have been outside planting some. Have lots of dead stuff from the last freeze and there will be more I am sure after today. There was also a really large branch that fell down last night sometime.

    It is really cold again today with ice until mid day they said. It is already starting to melt some I think. It will be a lazy day until this afternoon then to singing for a short while We will miss quite a few people I know which is not good especially since we perform next week again and we have some new ladies singing with us and other new one today.

    Thinking of all who have really cold weather and lots more snow and ice than we have !!

    Don't forget to go back and read the last porch volume if you haven't before. These post volumes have been flying so fast lately and I have missed a bunch too I know.

    Love to everyone inc Diane, Leah, Jole, Spring Water, Rock, Sun, Dar, Julie, Jam and and all our MIA's like Windy, Teacher, Elaine and so many others,

    Granni :)
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    My very thoughts exactly.......who would want to eat pizza in their good clothes.....sitting down!!!! I think it was very funny when Ellen was asking different people for $ for a tip then called out for Harvey Weinstein (he's the big movie producer) for tip $. She REALLY lightened up an award program. I think she's very funny......just the way she innocently says things. Honestly.....one of the best shows.

    Diane: I was watching part of Dr. Wayne Dyer's latest program on PBS. He mentioned FEAR......and gave the breakdown that it is just FALSE EVIDENCE APPEAring real......Oh joy.......the font has changed. I need to order his book and read it.

    What a morning! A bathroom light exploded while I was standing at the sink. The force pulled out the glass shade so I had to yell for my DH to bring shoes and my glasses before I moved. Just another stress added to my already stressful life.:(
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    Hello Folks

    I typed up a post last night, but when I went to post, the computer had some sort of
    seizure. The message board shrank to about the size of a lasagna noodle and resisted all
    my attempts to restore it to health. Gordon coaxed it back into operating form this morning.
    As I anticipated, he did something with the tool bar.

    Diane, Ellen seemed to get both good and bad reviews from those commenting on the
    news. Generally, however, she got more compliments than not. I saw a clip
    of her show with the pizza guy as guest. He was from Moscow. Said he used to watch
    the movies of his favorite star Julia Roberts. And there he was. Serving her pizza.

    Ellen handed him a wad of bills saying she had collected $600 for the tip. She added
    another $400 with no explanation. Talent fee?

    Is your Treasurer's Report funny, Mikie? The most famous treasurer's report in history
    was written by Robert Benchley in 1923. You can see it on Youtube. He delivered it
    in an Irving Berlin show and was paid the princely sum of $500 a week. I looked it up
    on an inflation chart. Apparently that had the buying power of almost $7000 today.
    Five hundred books was enough to buy a Model T!

    BTW, both Benchley's son and grandson were writers. The first wrote "The Russians Are
    Coming" (repeat) and the second wrote "Jaws".

    Hugs, everydobby
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    Oh Diane, PLEASE cook some liver and onions for me too. PLEASE, PLEASE! I haven't had any in a couple of years; R is not too fond of it..... You know Diane, I've been thinking that you would make a perfect chef for me......

    Warm Hugs, and Hello to All,
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    Hi Barry,

    My brother, the Forest Ranger, fixes excellent liver. He makes it with both
    liver and onions. Come back and see us when you are able. Regards to Richard.

    Well, I lost another post. I feel like that character in Lil Abner who had a perpetual
    (and visible) black cloud over his head.

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    Hi all.......my DH got the BAD news. It was stage 3 cancer, some spots in lungs and liver too. He'll start on chemo and another pill soon. I'm a bit numb on all of this right now. Doc. told him he might have 2 years. I can't sleep so I'm doing research.

    Anyone.......in so. calif.....recommend a cancer doctor who treats without drugs?????
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, SG. I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. Of course you are numb. You must
    both be devastated. I'm sorry I don't know any cancer doctors. I wish you both the
    best on this difficult journey.

    Hugs to you both
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    Hi, Porchies, sooooo good to see y'all here.

    I'm sorry it's been so cold and miserable that it broke a tree limb. I remember those kinds of snows in CO. Brrrrrr! Is it more difficult to get you voices warmed up after you've been out in the raw cold weather. I know just talking after I've been out in it makes my voice raspy. God forbid I should ever have to sing. Screeeeeeeach, screeeeeeeach! :confused: I used to have to have mammos repeated and have ultrasounds because I tend to have cystic breasts. After awhile, I just always assumed it was a harmless cyst and didn't worry. I figured if it were something more, the doc would tell me.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about your anxiety. One shrink gave me a really good little way to help reduce anxiety. I was to sit and just passively look around. If there is a pic on the wall, it can be a great focus for this game. You do this very slowly. First, you find one thing in the pic. You say to yourself, "I see a boat." Then, still slowly, you say, "I see a boat and a rock." Then you find something else in the pic until you have found five things. Then, you go backward until you're back at the boat. You might say, "I see a cloud, I see a lighthouse, I see water, I see a rock, I see a boat. Next, it would be, "I see a cloud, I see a lighthouse, I see water, I see a rock, and so on until you're back to just the boat. First, you add five things, one at a time, repeating the whole list. Then, you start at the end and reduce the list, in reverse order. It can be done almost anywhere using a picture or objects, or people, in the room. It's amazing just how calming it is to focus on this game. Try it. I hope it works for you. Geez, I'd eat a slice of sausage pizza even if I were wearing a couture original. I think the stars are good sports and want to help Ellen. Ellen is so great because she never relies on swearing or talking dirty to get a laugh.

    Sunflower Girl, I wanted to watch those shows so badly but was going out. I love Wayne Dyer. On his last show, he mentioned that he had some kind of cancer. I think it's some kind of lymphoma. As is usual for him, he was taking it in stride and using it to further grow in spirit. I'll have to catch the show when it comes around again. I've learned soooooo much from him.

    Rock, I only had one sorta funny line in my report. For years, our various sprinkler guys have let the sprinklers water our electrical box on the side of our bldg. As a result, we've had to replace one big main breaker after another in various units. Until we had to replace a few, we couldn't figure out why they were getting corroded. This last year was no exception; we had to replace a breaker. I mentioned that I guess no one had ever taught these sprinkler professionals that water and electricity don't mix safely. DUH!!! We now have a sign on the box not to let any water sprinkle on it and we've tightened the box coveres but the damage was done long ago and, one after one, the breakers have failed. Each big breaker costs more than $150 plus the labor. Fortunately, we have a really good electrical vendor. Whatever they do, they do it right. Most of my report dealt with the settlement on the foreclosed unit and our new landscaping. BTW, I was having a LOT of trouble posting the other day. Lots of swearing going on here.

    Barry, you can have my share of the liver and onions. Gag! :confused:

    Jam, glad you caught the shows on PBS. I'm sure they will run Wayne Dyer again soon. He's on of the favorites.

    After the meeting, I decided to just give the Hawthorne and Ixora bushes a light trim. Then, I raked up all the dead stuff which has fallen in our landscaped area. The Ti plants and the Plumeria lose their leaves and make a mess. Well, actually, the Ti leaves die on the plants and have to be liberated with my trimmer. In any case, it makes a mess to be cleaned up. Bless Barb's heart; she held the big bag open so I could fill it and she emptied it in the dumpster for me. I moved our tri-colored ginger plant one more time to get it out of the direct sun and planted my Calla Lily in the garden. Most of the stalks came off the Calla Lily so I don't know whether it will make it. It's a bulb so it may come back. Finally, I watered everything because it's been so dry.

    After all that, my shoulders ached from using the long clippers and I was exhausted. I took a long soak in Epson Salts and went to bed. Aaaah! Sweet slumber. Today, I'm going over to the pool to work out come hell or high water. I have a feeling it's gonna feel like hell in shallow water. :( Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Sun - I am so sorry hear your awful news. Of course you are numb along with probably other confused feelings too. Yes, if you post on some of the other boards you might fight some answers than on chit chat. I will add you to my prayer list. The list seems to be getting so long lately. Sending extra special hugs to you too along with Diane and others (((SUN))).

    My brother finally got his dx at least no spreading but still has radiation and other treatments. I go tomorrow for my redo of mammogram along with a rt. breast sonogram. Hope they have some good answers tomorrow so I don't have to think about it any more. Much LOVE and prayers to you, DH especially, along with all my dear Porchies !!

    Nothing else new. Tried cleaning up some of the fallen branches this morning - brr. . It is still cold but not raining or icing any. I would love to stay in the house but have to go sing and get Ashes for Ash Wednesday at church this evening.

    Hope to get back here later.

    Love and big hugs to everyone, esp. all those with special problems right now !! :(
  11. Mikie

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    Dear Sunflower Girl, we must have been posting at the same time. I didn't see your post. I am so very sorry about the bad news. In two years' time, there can be a lot of progress made. I hope and pray for some treatments for you DH which can turn this around for him. During this time of progress every day, buying time is the name of the game. I will offer up some special prayers for you both.

    Granni, I'm so glad DB's is not spreading. I pray for you and your mammo redo and sonogram, that you get good news.

    I just wanted to stop in before turning in to see how our Porchies are doing. Sending up prayers and sending big hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  12. springwater

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    Sun - im sorry to hear the news. No one wants to get that type of news. My thoughts with
    you and yours...

    i had met this 85 year old man, who had overcome lung cancer when he got it at 80. heavy
    smoker, that too.

    i did notice those on herbal (ayurvedic) meds did not suffer much pain. happened with
    mybrother and another relative, who had lung cancer..he was a smoker too and over 75
    didnt want chemo...he never complained of pain, tho he did succumb to it...

    louis hays has a book You can Heal Your Life...she writes how she got breast cancer and
    how affirmations and treatment and changing attitudes helped her recover completely.

    please do make sure you give yourself some TLC too. you need to be strong and calm too
    these times.

    Jam - ive read Wayne Dyer too..tho i do find him more difficult to follow than say Brian
    Weiss or the other motivational speakers. he goes into such excriciating detail but i love
    his idea of Thought Power. kind of uplifting.

    Mikie - Simon and you must be having a connection the way you worry and fuss over him.
    or would fuss over him if he would let you. i find it strangely appealing..the way he obviously
    regards your home as his 'going to' place but is elusive and you watch out for him unconditionally.

    Granni - its nice to know your group gets new people who want to sing and make a difference
    in peoples lives.

    i remember your director who was 80!!! amazing who had to retire coz her dh needed looking
    after; the sudden wet and cold must be such a change for you down south.

    hmmmm... i need to go now, someone at the door, will check in later....take care, all.

    my sweetpeas are peeking out of their buds, aint that sweet? i took a whiff but the scent
    isnt that strong right now.

    god bless
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  13. sunflowergirl

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    thank you everyone for your good wishes and prayers. I talked to the oncologist awhile ago......I didn't even know the appt. was yesterday with him......even a surprise to my DH who thought he was seeing the surgeon for a followup visit. I will go with him next wed. and get more info. He has to get off coumadin and onto a blood thinner shot.......he's going to learn how to give himself a shot......I absolutely can't do it. I couldn't even get my poor sick cat a daily shot years ago. He'll pick up the chemo pills and take it with him next wed and then he would be started on the intravenious drip. It's been a highly stressful 24 hrs and I feel like I'm running on fumes at this point.

    And about extra supplements, per his oncologist he can't take anything other than a multivitamin as it could interfer with the chemo. Such problems.
  14. Mikie

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    Sunflower Girl, sounds as though the docs are wasting no time in getting DH on the meds he needs. I prayed last night and this morning for you both. I know that at this point it probably seems unreal and foreign. Pretty soon, you'll get into the routine and things will settle down a bit. I can only imagine how exhausting it has all been for you. Yes, please take care of yourself too.

    Springwater, I love Louise Hays too. She is so positive and motivational. I haven't read Wayne Dyer's books but love to watch him on PBS. His message is always the same but, somehow, he manages to repackage it and make it fresh and even more applicable to my life. When he learned he had lymphoma, his mantra became, "I'm fine." When people asked him how he was doing, he said, "I'm fine." He believes that our language becomes reality. I've found over the years that when people ask, I have always said, "I'm OK, how are you?" A couple of times when I've said that I'm fine, people expect something of me and then I have to say my health won't allow me to do it. I remember one motivational speaker (can't remember his name but do remember his mantra). Every morning, he gets up and says, "I feel good; I feel fine. I feel this way all the time." Yes, Simon and I have a strange relationship. I know that something so horrible happened to him to make him not trust even those who feed him. He does give me love looks and chooses to sleep on the cushion on my chair. This is his home away from home, his lair.

    Yesterday morning, I went to the pool and worked out hard. It felt so good but the water was cold. That only makes me move faster. Someone has been messing around with the thermostat. I think if they set it so it's warm in the morning, by the time the sun shines on the pool all day, it gets too hot for afternoon swimmers. There is usually no one there when I work out at 9:30 or 10:00.

    I felt so well afterward that I came home, colored, cut and styled my hair. Then, I went out to several stores. I wanted a small, inexpensive power screwdriver. As it is now, I either have to do it by hand or drag out my big drill/driver set. It was only $10 and I had a 20 percent off coupon and got a free LED flashlight. Not a bad deal. My neighbor had gotten a massage and her skin was like silk. She asked the guy what he used and it turned out to be coconut oil in the solid form. It has to be warmed up in the hands before spreading it on the skin. I had a coupon and stopped and got a jar. I should have checked PH before I went but it didn't occur to me. I'll have to check to see whether they sell it here. Then, I stopped at Publix. I had $7 in coupons there. Steaks were on sale and I got two big strip steaks. Geez, I only ate half of the one I grilled. That, some broccoli, and red wine were just what I needed. I did manage to fertilize our citrus trees and hibiscus bushes. The sprinklers are running so later on, I'll sprinkle on the time release fertilizer for our new Ixora bushes. Wish I had done it yesterday before the sprinklers but I was too tired after all that morning activity.

    What is amazing to me is how much better I feel when I work out. I don't have to do it every day. Three times a week seems to be just fine. I'm glad because I have sooooo much to do around the condo and the gardens outside. Of us older ones, I'm the only one left who can work out there. The others live in condos so they don't have to do lawn and garden work. When I can no longer do it, we'll have to pay the landscapers extra to do the extra work I now do. Things need to be trimmed more often than our usual landscapers are able to do. In the courtyard of the townhouses across the street, they pay more and their place looks perfect. It's a bit more formal looking than ours, with a fountain in front. Ours looks a bit more natural and I like the way it looks. We get a lot of compliments on it.

    Well, that's the extent of my little adventures of late. As well as I feel, by afternoon, I'm ready to rest. I have trouble staying awake in the evenings. Barb will be going back home to the Boston area for July and August. She has MIL quarters in her daughter's home. She really likes it down here better but she has a GGD and misses her and her kids and grandkids. I'll miss her when she's gone. Think my other neighbor's trip up North is going to fall through so her cat, Bob, The Heart Throb, probably won't be coming to live with me for three weeks. I had been really looking forward to that. Guess I'll just have to go visit and get my cat fix.

    I will continue my prayers for all my Online Family here. I wish a great day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

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    His Kids

    Thought you might like to hear some soothing music from "Steel Magnolias". The
    playwright believed that women were tough as steel and yet delicate as a magnolia
    blossom. You can see the playwright in a bit part in the movie. He plays the minister.

    Robert Harling originally wrote a short story and then a play to help his nephew
    understand the life and death of his mother.

    The final scene of the movie is magical with the Easter Bunny riding off on a scooter to
    the hospital where another baby has just arrived. Music by the French composer Georges
    Delerue who wrote the music for hundreds of movies and TV shows.


  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks, Rock. I'll check it out.

    Just wanted to let y'all know that Dr. Dakos has died. He is the one who started the peptide injections here and got my doc, Dr. Gomeringer, into providing the injections. He was 86 and was still seeing patients until recently. He was a very sweet and smart man with many interests. I feel as though I owe him a lot, even though he was not my own doc. I met him at the workshop on the injections where he spoke along with my doc. He was a very proactive practitioner in all the areas of medicine in which he worked.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    thanks Rock for that beautiful clip. I'm a bit sad this morning, almost teary eyed over life in general. I guess I need a good, secret cry to clear out the cobwebs.

    Yes, women ARE tough, God made us that way when he gave us pain in delivering a baby and then to continue thru life's up and downs. I love that movie and have it around here someplace, I'll have to watch it again. And I wish Dolly Parton would take up acting again. And how about her in Best little whorehouse in Texas!

    Mikie: I agree with you about activity bringing on some energy. I find that many times if I push myself into doing something outdoors, I think it's the fresh air that helps invigorate. I bought 4 gallon size brown/black cannas, marked down to $3 each and 2 gallon size yellow daisy plants marked down to $2.50 each at Lowes. I love to get there early when they mark down plants. I have no idea why these were reduced but I'm not going to complain. I have a spot upon a tall planter area in back but I have to wait for the neighbor's gardener to come on tuesday to plant them for me. I just don't dare hop on a stepladder to climb up there.
  18. jole

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    Hi all.......
    Sun, I'm so sorry to hear about your DH. He will be in my prayers, as will you. There will be hard days ahead, so hopefully along the road you can make some very special happy 'moments'. You might even (or he) want to keep a journal. I've found journaling to be a good, cathartic experience, and a way to sometimes keep negative thoughts on paper and out of daily life better. Wishing you both all the best!

    Barry, good to get a glimpse of you :) Hope life is treating you well.

    I'm still hibernating, looking forward to Spring. Always makes me feel guilty to say that, because it's like I'm wishing my life away, but it is what it is. I love reading everyone's posts.....wish I had more to offer back.

    Rock, enjoying your music! I listen to Pandora radio on my computer. I enjoy it because 1) it's free, and 2) it lets you pick the genre of music you want to listen to! The only thing I don't like is it will shut off after 30 min or so and ask if you're still listening...lol.

    Thinking good thoughts of everyone!
  19. Granniluvsu

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    Good afternoon dear Porchies !!

    Went this morning to have my redo mammogram plus spot compression and sonogram. It didn't take very long. The tech was so sweet especially when I told her about my FM. She asked me about my pain threshold as she would be trying to find a needle in a haystack. I told her pretty high but she told me to holler when I wanted her to stop squeezing. She stopped before I said anything. At the end she just said I would probably hear from my dr. either Friday or Monday. I am guessing Monday at the earliest but who knows. The radiologist would have to look at it first I think and then sent to my doc. Please pray for a good read and that perhaps like many years before that turned out to be VERY dense breast tissue but it was so tiny. Didn't look like anything to me. Oh well !

    Please continue your good thoughts and prayers. I will let you know when I hear.

    Sun - You are going through so much sweetie. I wish I could give you a big hug. Don't know what is worse sometimes to have a terrible disease yourself or taking care of someone you love who has it. Hope you have some sunny days ahead and with the treatments and all you can get him to feeling much better and getting through this whole thing a lot better than the doc thinks. With proper treatments (regular and natural) I hope it will get him to much healthier state that he is now. Let us know what you find. Jam seemed to have some good idea for whom to contact about natural treatments. Also, I know the right foods are very important too. When my daughter had breast cancer she started really eating right with cancer fighting and preventive foods. I know the cabbage family, and kale, etc are very good, broccoli too. Google it to find the really healthy foods to eat for cancer. If I had a list I would send it to you. Also, sugar isn't a good thing either. Cancer cells love it from what I understand.

    Yes, as someone else mentioned, please try and take good care of yourself too. Those plants sound good too and will make you feel cheerier.

    Nice to hear from Mikie, Leah, Jole , Rock, et al. MIKIE - please try and slow down some but it is good that you get get out and about, good for your body and your mind. More later on.

    Julie - Thinking of you too and hope you and family are doing better.

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Sunflower - its cheery to hear about flowers...I love the thought of daisies..arent they just
    such bright happy things? and so strong. Ours will come up only some weeks later. we let
    them stay where they are and sprout again in spring. your post reminded me i have to go
    visit the nurseries and get some annuals.

    something i keep having to put off. really need some petunias, everyone seems to hv them.

    Freida - our weather here is strange right now. it is cold and then if the sun peeks out, it
    becomes too hot to stay out for long. i learnt that when i took a trip to the monastery to
    pray yesterday. it was lovely for a while until it got hot. the big stupa had a new addition
    to it and people were crowding around it admiring. It was this HUGE incense bowl made
    of brass about a metre wide and 2 m high. the keepers burn incense all the time here, mostly
    fir, and other herbaceous stuff, not flowery ones, since so many people visit i guess the energy
    needs clearing. the pilgrims mostly carrying their prayer beads smudge their beads in it every
    time they pass by.

    Mikie - everytime Granni or you mention exercising i think i m going to begin. ours is
    something very basic taught in Pranic healing where you turn every joint like neck ,
    waist, hands, wrists working your way down to the feet so blocked energy can flow out
    and circulation is conducted properly. the eyes rotation is meant to clear out the crown

    i think it was during one of the meditations that i found out i hv a block in my head area.
    we are taught to bring down divine energy (white light) and circulate it around our bodies
    and i found i simply couldnt get it to move in a certain part of my head (inside). so i ve
    started working on that area. we imagine white lightish green energy and start flushing
    the blocked part with it.

    im still dealing with some issues here so not sure i am going to follow up and try and
    take the last course..tho a lot of my colleagues hv even taken up instructors course.
    my friend and i think that is too rushed. there are so many things involved in healing
    and most of it is working on yourself first. emotions, ethics, physical stuff. in order
    to become a good healer. i realised you dont trust anyone blindly because even theyre
    rookies when it comes to certain things.

    Your doctor must hv become an angel in heaven now :). Doing his healing
    work and bringing succour to others from the other side. Sigh. I wish i was too.
    This side is so difficult sometimes.

    Tho i look at my friends and relatives and most of them are pretty fine. No one
    with really big issues. so lucky! i understand people not wanting to let go of this
    life. If everything goes hunky dory this world has so much beauty and joy and
    surprises. So much to do.

    Rock - I hope your weather has cleared up by now..what a change to hv rainy
    weather when your used to sun. However, if one doesnt need to go out, nothing
    like sitting by your window with a hot mugga something and reading an interesting
    book. If possible, with your pet snuggled beside you. ah bliss!

    Diane - good you dodged the big snowstorm. i never used to like liver.
    they used to serve a lot of it in soups at school. Hope you doing a bit
    better with the PTSD. Mikie had this good exercise. I do breathing.
    long breaths in and out.

    Jole - i think we are all looking forward to spring. Unfortunately for
    me we go directly into summer. just a few days of balmy weather and
    then its hot. Nice to hear from you.

    Granni - praying for a good result for your sonogram. I m pretty sure
    it will come out good. I used to worry a lot when my breasts used to
    ache and become knotty during pms but now, i kinda ignored it, since
    it doesnt get achy any more. What what women hv to deal with.

    yesterday was such a busy day.. ugh.i couldnt go out to look at a washing
    machine, the unwashed clothes are piling up. for some reasons the phone kept
    ringing, various issues. workmen my SIL, nephew. Pranic Healing
    centre, then i was about to turn to and do some chores before going out
    and my middle brother turned up, the painters to paint some grill work
    came, and my dhs uncle dropped in. I had to rush off to the monastery
    later so i could replenish my supply of incense. Also i feel rejuvenated if
    i go and worship in the monastery and perambulate the stupa. These days,
    like someone else, i think Sun said, Im running on fumes. All the stress
    of past 20 months having eaten up my energy.

    The dogs need a bath too. But it is good to have them bounding around
    barking, laughing as energetic as ever. jeff got lost for couple of hours and luckily, oh so
    luckily, got found wandering in the streets. apparently he followed my son
    who had dropped in to get something he left and didnt close the gate properly.
    he had gone off on his bike so didnt notice.

    Take care all

    God Bless
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