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    Hi, Porchies,

    Sunflower Girl, I will keep praying every day for you and your family, especially your DH. I've seen the ads for Cancer Centers of America. I don't know anything about them but they claim to treat the whole person in difficult, or advanced, cases of cancer. I don't know whether there is one near you or not. You may already have some of the best specialists now. Just thought I'd mention it in case you think it might be helpful. I love it that you also like to shop Lowe's marked down plants. I look for ones which have just recently been put on the rack. My neighbor, Jeff, used to go in and buy the whole rack. Half the plants would be in bad shape but he would always bring them back. He not only has a green thumb, I think his whole body is green! :D Keep us updated and, please, take good care of yourself.

    Jole, in the old days, winter was for staying inside and reading while Mother Nature took her nap. Seems that today, we feel guilty if we're not active all the time. I stayed inside all day yesterday while the rain poured down and just watched TV. I love my little guilty pleasures. Only problem now is that today is exercise day and the rain will have made the pool too cold to go into this morning. I'll have to go later or fudge a day until Sat. I feel guilty when I miss my water aerobics. I like your idea of journaling. I did it all the time I was bedridden so much and while I was healing. Not so much any more. I don't like the idea that Pandora won't play a specific song for me but picks out other "similar" music I might like. I wouldn't mind if they would play the song I requested first and then went on to play their suggestions. I've stopped listening to it as I often don't even like what they suggest. Comcast has digital music in many genres and I end up listening to those channels.

    Leah, hope you're doing better. Come back when you can post a bit more about how you are doing.

    Granni, I will also be praying for good news for you til you let us know. Yesterday, I got out early to finish fertilizing our new plants before the drenching rains came. We took in the cushions on our Balcony chairs and moved our more delicate plants out of harm's way. There was no really hard rain nor wind as had been predicted but we just caught the tail end of the huge storm system. We are very glad to have gotten the moisture. I did next to nothing for the remainder of the day as I was tired. I try to pace myself and don't push when I'm tired. I can't keep up with all you do, dear lady.

    Springwater, how strange that we have been having the same kind of weather. It's been cool, very cool, most mornings and then, in the afternoon, it gets downright hot. Yesterday's rainstorm was an anomaly. I'll have to fudge my water workout til tomorrow as the rain will have made the water in the pool too cold for a morning workout. I could go this afternoon but I'm a morning exercise person. If I exercise later on, it jacks up my NRG and I can't sleep. I meditate on my Chakras, trying to clear out the path up through my crown chakra. While doing any kind of spirit work, I ask for a dome of protective white light in which to work. The idea of white, healing light is very appealing to me. People who have had near-death experiences always mention God's loving white light. BTW, I did find my sage smudge packets but I don't believe I was meant to use it in my cleansing exercise around the bldg. It was very windy that day and I used incense instead. It works as well. Hope you get your head cleared.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you also got the bug. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Our neighborhood is more than 20 years old. The first condo bldgs. are quite different from ours. They put in dormer windows but didn't design and build them correctly. Those bldgs. have had water intrusion problems. In the upstairs condos, they used wood with wood studs in the walls. All that wood has rotted and in some places, termites have done a lot of damage. The bottom floors are stucco. Our whole bldg. is stucco with metal studs. I'm so glad I got one of the newer condos. Dealing with mold and water damage is horrible. I wish the kids good luck with it.

    Today, I have to pick up my Rx at Target. Won't be buying anything else there. I have to stop at Bealls as I have $10 in Bealls Bucks. They spend just like cash with no minimum spending amt. I saw some blue Capri's like the ones I ruined and will check them out. I wear my Capris so often that it doesn't hurt to replenish them from time to time. They are all on sale. If nothing else, I can always buy white or khaki. Then, it's off to the car wash as my vehicle is covered in filth. I wanted to wait until this strange winter/spring storm passed before washing it. I'm anxious to put my little sticker on the back window as it cracks me up. If I didn't mention it, it's a fish skeleton and the caption reads, "Fillet And Release." If everyone had something funny on their vehicles to make other drivers smile, maybe road rage would decrease.

    To all our Porchies here or MIA, I wish everyone a wonderful day, filled with blessings.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: Good to hear from you......I'm sorry about the news about remodeling the house. As much as they were hoping to stay there, with all the mold and problems it might even be a good thing for them to rent some place until they could find a home to buy. With her pregnancy and the little ones getting sick all the time it's probably all that mold. We found mold years ago in one bathroom and a wall and floor in a nearby closet but we were lucky to just pull up the floor and treated everything with bleach.

    Someone I know up in Idaho were both sick (husband and wife) and doc thought they both had CFS. Turned out it was mold in their travel trailer and once they got rid of it, their health returned.

    Jole: I keep meaning to ask a little about you. I know you've been on the board in the past. Where do you live, married? Children, still working or retired, etc. Hope I don't come across as nosy and you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

    Granni: Keeping you up in prayer. Worry does NOTHING except makes it hard on a person. Give it ALL to God because he already knows the outcome......put your trust in him and ask for his peace.

    1. Mikie: I keep forgetting to tell you I love how you talk about little Simon. I can just imagine this little kittie sitting on your patio chair, connecting with you. I've always felt I could "communicate" with animals, and like people, some you love and some you just tolerate. I have two cats, one I love even though she can be ornery, and the other one is most definitely my DH's cAT.......WE ND OOOPPPPS

    1. O......T'S DONG T'S OWN TNG AGAN....
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    O.........TRED AGAN NDER "ORE OPTONS".........T DOESN'T WOR!!!!!
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