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    Here we go, another new Porch. Last one went by fast!

    Julie, I am a tolerant driver too. If someone cuts me off, I just let it go and say a prayer of thanks that he didn't cause an accident. I think highways/freeways/roads are a microcosm of life here on Earth. We are all trying to get to Heaven on our paths. There is always someone who wants to take a shortcut, cheat his neighbor, steal or otherwise cause us all to have to stop because of his bad behavior. The same is true on the roads. If everyone drove sensibly, we would all arrive at our destinations safe and sound. If we all loved our neighbors, we would all arrive at the Pearly Gates safe and sound. In the end, there are no shortcuts that involve hurting others or keeping them from their destinations. Some just have to learn this the hard way. What is more worrisome is that they often hurt others in the process. When I lived in CO, I used to wear shorts inside in the winter when the heat was on. I'm almost always warm anyway so I don't mind the cold. Still, living down here in our balmy weather is pretty nice. That is, until summer when it's sooooooo hot and humid for months on end. Then, I'm inside with the A/C on, at the pool or, occasionally, at the beach. Hope you feel better.

    Sunflower Girl, I am so very sorry about the problems you have with posting on your iPad. Am I remembering correctly that you contacted tech support here at PH to ask if they could help? I know how frustrating it must be for you. This might make you smile--when I went out to check on Simon's bowls, there was a small brown furry possum eating his food. I shooed him away as we are not supposed to feel the wildlife. From now on, no bowls go out unless Simon is there in the fur to eat it. Now, I wonder how many times the possum has eaten his food. Usually, if a wild animal eats his food, it smells musky. Because this is a young possum, he may not have developed his musk glands yet.

    Barb's new computer got what is called the "FBI Virus." The screen comes on with the seals of the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, etc. and tells you you must pay a fine to unlock the computer. You have to use an untraceable payment service to pay this "fine." The virus now includes a supposed error message from Microsoft with phone numbers to call. Barb called and they phished some info from her and she allowed they to download some file ending in .exe. So, they have jacked her computer and have total control over it. Her daughter changed her banking passwords from her computer up North and we took Barb's computer to the shop to have it fixed and a good anti-virus installed to the tune of $180. She will, however, get a $40 rebate on the anti-virus software and they will install it there. I got an earlier version of that virus a few months ago but fixed it myself.

    We stopped at Target for my Rx. Target is bending over backwards to placate their customers. They had sent me an e-mail with a bar code which allowed me to buy certain products at half price. I got a frozen pizza, some tissues and the big container of Woolite for half price. Not too bad. Then, we went to Bealls and I used my Bealls bucks to buy a new top for my swim shorts as swimwear doesn't last long down here if one goes to the pool a lot. UV rays and chlorine destroy the elasticity. Finally, we stopped at Stein Mart. There was nothing I could use my coupons for so I gave them away but bought a fuzzy wuzzy throw for my bedroom. Now and then, at night, I'm just a tad cold. I usually throw my long fuzzy wuzzy robe over me but now, I have my own throw. Of course, I wake later in a sweat and kick it all off. I'm like Goldilocks. Everything has to be JUST RIGHT!!!

    Better get going. I send my love to everyone

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the doc's office. Since the niacin experiment didn't work, he prescribed
    Tricor. I said, "Oh, I know what that is. "Tri" means three and a core is a heart, so it's
    heart medicine that you take 3 times a day." He looked a bit startled and then laughed. Ironically, Gordon is already taking Tricor.

    Our doctor is very urbane. Looks kinda like Charles Boyer. The same guy what got mugged
    by Lucy while in Paris.

    Mikie, glad your Bealls' bucks binge was satisfying. I got some "personalized" coupons
    from Ralphs a month or two back. Finally used a few. Saved 4-5 bucks which was a
    pleasant change.

    Julie, glad to see you were up to writing a long, newsy post. You're right about driving
    in rural communities. In our village it was common for drivers to drive for half a
    century and never get a ticket or have an accident. And we didn't have parking meters
    either. Ha Ha!

    BTW, what's the going rate for the tooth fairy now? I remember when it was a quarter.
    I suppose like most everything else it's beaucoup bucks.

    Gotta go, Kids. Can't sit at the computer very long anymore. Back can't take
    the strain. Hope everydobby has the bestest weekend possible.

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    Just had time to do some fast reading on the new and old Porch. So glad to hear from so many of you.

    Haven't heard form my doc today so guessing it will be Monday or later. Trying to keep busy and not think about it.

    Julie - I saw that picture of Keira and her missing tooth :)! So cute she is getting so big !! Was worrying a bit about you but was glad to see you there on FB and here too.

    I went to Wm for some more soups and some makeup I was getting low on. this morning. DH is busy working on the Lenten fish fry this afternoon. I used to help with that but now that we have one car thee is no way I can stay thee for that long almost until they close down. DH gets out of there as soon as he can after serving. After all he is 76 and been on his feet since about 1 pm or so.

    Mikie - You are such a busy beaver going shopping and all and got some more bargains.

    Hi to Rock, Jole Sun and all. Can't really think about what to say to everyone as I need to get off here before DH gets home.

    Not sure if I will get her tomorrow or not. I will be helping the gal that helps me clean up once in awhile. Plus DH wants to go to the gym. We have been slacking off quite a bit lately. Next week will be another busy one with a bone scan on Monday that I couldn't have the last time as I took calcium. I come to fine out that it messes up the scans so they are harder to read if some of the CA haven't dissolved or been digested properly.

    Love to you all with special HUGS to SUN and DIANE and anyone else needing one !
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    Hi all,

    Haven't been up to posting this last week. Really not feeling well at all. And today in particular. Just cruised through the last thread to catch up a little.

    Sun, I'm so, so sorry. You and your DH have been through so very much. And now this to go through. This is such a rough and raw pill to swallow. I think a good private cry would be appropriate at this point. My heartfelt prayers go out for you, your DH, and your family.

    I've been thinking of you all this last week. Sorry I haven't been around. I've been in a flare and, today, feeling tired/lightheaded at work and having mild chest pain, (likely stress related). I'm cancelling card night tomorrow and making my apologies to my youngest daughter for not coming to 3 year old grandson's birthday party tomorrow either. I need to rest. A lot of rest..........

    Love to all,
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    Dar: I'm sorry you're in a flare.....not fun, not fun. And I know how you're hurting if you are cancelling your card game for tomorrow. Of course we all know flares don't just last one day. Take it easy and do what you have to do.

    Mikie: Yes, I got an email from Prohealth to use "more options" BUT there's still a problem when I use the Ipad, not my regular computer. I know that others have complained about these problems too. I believe Springwater also uses an Ipad. There's a glitch there!

    Granni: I didn't realize your DH was 76......good for him that he keeps so busy and active. Tell him NEVER to stop.

    I got my NEW mattress and box spring delivered today, lay down to take a nap and woke with awful back pain.....OMG.....what have I done!!!! Of course the old mattress is gone, gone, gone. I went to Target and also Joann fabrics to look for a 2" foam for a kingsize. Very expensive and not sure if it will work, so came home and rummaged for various foam pads, etc. in my closet. Put what I had on the mattress where my hip would be so I'll see what happens tonight. It feels like I can't win at anything.

    Rock: We used to put a dollar under the pillow for the first tooth.....my granddaughter lost her first a few months ago and she got $10 Of course I used to babysit for 50 cents an hr. and now it's more like $10 an hr. Inflation.

    Went with my DH to the clinic today so Both of us could learn how to give this blood thinner shot. UGh. He's going to give his own shot every morning but I figured I would be the backup.
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    A quick HI to Dar. sorry about your flare. Hope you feel better soon . Sorry you had to miss all the festivities.

    Sun - Also sorry to hear about your new mattress. Hope you can fix it or get used to it. Glad DH will give himself his shot. I could give it but it might be rather far to travel :)!! Yes, my DH is 76 and I am not far behind - ugh !!

    Gotta run for now. DH needs attention and then time to go nighty night. Hope to get back sometime tomorrow if I can.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Dear Porchies,

    Good news. I got message on my e-mail from the doctor's portal. They didn't say what it was but did say it was benign and to repeat the tests in a year.

    I am very happy about that.

    More later and gotta run. Have a wonderful weekend, painless if possible.

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    great news Granni......now have a good weekend.
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    Hi Kids

    Great! Glad to hear the good news, Granni. Remember this old song?

    Yes, it's a good day for singin' a song,
    And it's a good day for movin' along;
    Yes, it's a good day, how could anything go wrong,
    A good day from mornin' till night.

    Recorded by Peggy Lee and Perrry Como and Kay Starr. On Youtube you can
    see a rendition by Betty White. Not known as a singer, but certainly better than
    most of what's out there today.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, Dar. I guess you're really illish if you're cancelling your
    card game. (That'sa lotta "yours" in two sentences.) Got an e mail last night from an
    old card-playing friend. He moved to Georgia a decade ago. Now in failing health.
    Sure would like to go back and play cards again with old friends. Would like to
    have the brain power with what ta do it.

    SG, Mikie, Diane, maybe some of you computer savvy folks can explain why I can
    sometimes post a picture here and sometimes not. Does it depend on the source
    of the picture?

    SG, Regarding the price of teeth, I guess it depends on what you are comparing. When
    I was a teen I could go to two movies with two quarters. Or buy 2 gallons of gas. Can
    now buy 2 gallons of gas with $10, but from I read you can't go to two movies.

    I read that after WW I inflation in Germany was so bad that you had to take a wheelbarrow
    of bills to the market to buy a loaf of bread. Don't know if that was true or just a
    figure of speech. Well, here's a figure of speech for you.

    See ya later, alligators.

  10. Granniluvsu

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    Everyone have a great night, sleep and rest of the weekend. Please excuse all the caps.

    That was weird, I am not editing. Before I submitted the letters were teeny tiny and then they grew all big after I submitted. Go figure.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi Kids

    Just stumbled upon (almost literally) an example of why many women don't want
    their man to help with the housework. Gordon is doing the laundry. There is a pile
    of neatly folded washcloths on the shag carpet that was installed some 3 decades ago.

    Granni, thanks for the daylight saving time alert. I can't change any of our clocks
    because I don't know how to do it. The modern world is too digital for me. I'm
    more of an analog person. Of course a sundial is an analog clock. I wouldn't be
    able to adjust that either.

    Don't know what caused your font variations in your previous post. Which do you
    think has more quirks? Computers or people?

    Julie, Hope you are catching up on your rest. I can't imagine a little kid with money.
    When I was a kid I usually had about 15 cents in my pocket. That was more than
    enough in those bygone days since a nickle would buy a: soda, popsicle, ice cream
    cone or candy bar. And penny candy and gum were still around.

    Even when I was in college I seldom had more than a dollar with me. Room and board
    in the dorm were prepaid. I earned 75 cents an hour at various jobs such as dishwashing.
    Never went to a movie. About once a month we'd go out for pizza. A small pizza
    cost 90 cents.

    Dar, I hope you're feeling better. A shame you had to miss your GS's birthday party.
    Three is a wonderful age. I used to tell my son short stories. He was the hero and
    saved mama from a monster, etc.

    Mikie, hope things are copacetic at your casa. Yes, we had the dreaded FBI virus a
    year or two ago. Had to take the machine to Gordon's coworker to get it unfrozen.
    I read an article that said the scam apparently originated in Russia. It was estimated
    that the thugs made 5 million a year. I don't know how they could get an accurate
    estimate. You can't call up the thugs and say, "Hello, we're taking a survey."

    I am currently reading a novel set in Russia. It says what numerous other novels
    have said. Since the USSR collapsed, Russia is full of criminals. The Mafia and
    ex-military people who are selling all kinds of bombs, guns, etc. to dictators around
    the world. Many Russians are hoping for a return to a monarchy that will restore
    stability. I hope they don't want the stability they had under the rule of the Czars.

    I suppose you have explained Daylight Savings Time to Simon.

    Gotta go. Hugs to everydobby
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, good for you for using coupons. It's just like money in my pocket when I use them. I don't use them for products I don't need or use. I don't know why some photos will post and some won't. Good question to put into an e-mail for TechSupport@ProHealth.com. Didn't have to 'splain DST to Simon. I'm sooooo proud of him; he knows his name. I heard the newspaper come and it obviously scared him off if he were there. I picked it up and called, "Simon." Then, I came in. Pretty soon, I looked out and he was sitting by the door looking at me like, "You called?" So, I put his food and water out for him. Smart little kitty ;)

    Granni, soooooo glad you got good news. I've gone through this same thing over the years so now, I don't worry; I just wait for the good news. I'm so happy for you.

    Julie, sorry you overdid things. I think I've done that too and have been tired yesterday and today.

    Dar, hope you are up to posting more soon.

    Just read that there is an internet called, The Dark Internet, where hackers sell all the info they hack and also software to anyone who wants to do their own hacking. One guy was a young genius living with his grandmother in Russia. There were no jobs so he turned his talents into crime. US officials waited until he traveled to a country with an extradition treaty with the U.S. and arrested him. It took two years of waiting for him to leave Russia. The U.S. also caught the guy who pretty much ran the Dark Internet before this Russian kid. Both are awaiting trial in the U.S. They stole millions. Geeks at the store told us there is a new virus going around. Oh, joy! NOT! :mad:

    I forced myself to work out in the pool this morning. I had to wait an hour because of DST. It's cold enough in the water as it is. Later in the day, all the Spring Break visitors are at the pool and it's miserable over there. I try to get in early before anyone else is there. I need room to work out and I'm noisy--all that splashing. It's better to do aerobics early in the day as the benefits to the metabolism last all day. Work out too late and I can't get to sleep. One of the benefits of my new regimen is that I'm sleeping better and later. Slept til 5:15 real time this morning. That's 6:15 DST. Woohoo! :)

    Yesterday, I did laundry, changed the bed, and ran the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. When I say "Changed the bed," I literally change it by spinning it 1/4 turn. It's a king bed so it's almost square. It's also a pillow top so I can't flip it. This way, it gets wear up and down and across. It's 11 years old and is still comfortable. I just got back from taking the garbage and recyclables down and got my mail. Finally, I soaked in the tub and exfoliated with a mango scrub. Mmmmmm! Yummy smelling! I put on a tan out of a tube and did my toenails a floozy shade of red. Think I'll just take it easy now. I have all week to do the floors and baths.

    Well, almost all week. After the condo mtg. on Tues., all us girls are going to Joe's Crab Shack. I always get a big boiled pot of seafood and corn on the cob. I'll only have one beer with it as I'll likely drive. I can never eat everything and it usually lasts 3 days. We go every year. It's downtown right on the water.

    Well, Kids, that's all the excitement I have going on around here so will go rest and watch TV. There is soooo much on TV tonight that I'm having a difficult time deciding what to watch and what I'll have to catch up on on On Demand. Ooooh, three "on's."

    Love, Mikie
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    Greetings to everydobby ! It is dreary and chilly with a hint of rain on and off. It rained last night and of and on during the early morning I think. 51 right now. It feels a lot colder than that with no sun and drizzle on and off. Don't think it is going to hit the 59 that said it was going to hit.

    Dar - Sorry you are still feeling all pooped out and you too JULIE.

    I can't believe that Keira got a silver dollar plus a $5 bill. I only got a quarter if I was really lucky. Nice to hear from you JULIE. Try and rest some will you ?

    Mikie - I think you need to rest some after all your escapades and fixing yourself up so. You can come nd do my nails, toes and finger nails too whenever you are free and have the NRG. Both of mine look pretty bad but toes are worse. Need to remove what little polish I have left on mine and get the trimmed.

    Rock - I know how you felt with 15 cents in your pocket or less and you could buy so much for a dime. That candy store was something else. You could buy a bag full of stuff for a dime. Actually I didn't grow up with lots of money in my pocket. I had to wait till I started working at 16 or so in the 5 and 10 cent store to have a little money :)!
    Thinking of so many dear Porchies - Spring Water, Jole, Joan, Sun. Diane, Soul,Windy, and everyone that I can't remember at this moment.

    Another busy week coming up. Tomorrow morning I have to go to the hospital to have my bone density scan done. Hope it does show some improvement, even if bit.only a little. Our small group sings again on Tuesday . We have to travel a little farther this time so I need to make sure someone else drives and not me. It is in a Assisted Living facility that has different levels of nursing care and areas. We will perform most likely for the mostly assisted living part I think.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    You are right JAM about it being a very different world that we grew up in and we didn't grow up with Spring Break either. It was Easter break, like a long weekend if I remember correctly like Good Friday off , Sat, Sun and maybe Monday. Plus we had very little money to go anywhere. BTW, you are lucky, I never went to Maui. DH could care less about going to Hawaii and I would love to go but there is only so much money and that is not a priority. It is all what you get used to doing and what you se others doing so the kids think they have to go and do the same things, even if their parents don't make as much money. I can see where that can cost lots of problems for both kids and parents. Parents as well as kids think they have to keep up with the Jones, as they say and go on all these fancy trips.

    I have been fixing dinner in between working on the computer. We'll be having little steaks but nice ones (cooked inside due to weather)zucchini and we will share a sweet potato. I have gotten to really love them and they are so good for you. Don't know when we have had a regular baked potato and we both love them . Trying to eat healthier even though we cheat sometimes :)!!!

    Some of my kids and gkids can't afford it but actually now only one of the kids does the big trip thing but they can afford it. Our son and DIL do it occasionally but they have the money but he is really rather conservative with it. We got used to not going anywhere going up when I was a kids so any place I got to go after we got married was a big treat. We bought a trailer and camped in it with the kids otherwise with 5 we wouldn't have taken to many big trips either, not overseas though or any cruises. Did get to see national parks though and lots of beautiful places and went to Disneyworld before EPCOT though. I can't afford to take my family on a big cruise like some people do but am happy , like you and MIKIE to live somewhere where the weather is nice most of the time, not counting this stupid weather we've been having lately.

    Those living in the snow belt I am sure have things they love about their homes and areas too especially if they are close to their families. I just can't stand the cold, anywhere - brrr not good for FM and OA.

    Yes, such a different world today, good and bad. I don't want to get started on that subject. Am pretty happy with what I have though. More later on .

    Hugz to everydobby,
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    Granni, I would treat myself to a manicure and pedicure but am afraid of getting one of those horrible disfiguring bacterial infections I see on TV. Some got them in the "nicest" salons. Investigators go in with blue lights and the places light up with bacteria. AACK!!! Barb gets her finger nails done with the gel. The polish is used by everyone who wants that color. I'd, at least, buy my own polish. One of the reasons I try to keep agile is so I can do my toe nails myself. Down here, we wear open shoes all the time and I hate having troll feet. I not only polish my nails, I use a small wooden paddle with sand paper on it to rub off dead skin. I grease and oil up my feet and put socks on them to sleep in and allow the oil to soak in. Dry, cracking feet are a no-no down here too. I've loved nail polish since I was a teenager. Don't know why. I guess it's a little luxury which doesn't cost much. Like everybody else here, I didn't grow up rich like some kids do today. Even upper middle class kids are rich by comparison. Granni, are you on a bone density medication? If not, the bones will not improve in density. The best one can hope for is to hold the line. I have osteopenia in my left hip but the loss is very slow. The meds can reverse that but one cannot take them too long or one risks femur fractures. Good luck.

    Jam, I went to Maui as an adult. Hawaii is beautiful but the flight is long. The culture there makes the experience different than just going to a beach here but I doubt I'd do it again. I met O.J. Simpson there. That was back in the 70's and I thought he was sooooo handsome. He was very gracious and nice to everyone. My kids are runners but are having problems in their bodies as they are in their 40's. I think long-distance running is too hard on bodies. This is why I do my little piddling workouts in the pool--to take the pressure off my joints. I've had both knees scoped and don't want knee replacement surgery. Now, my hip is bad and I'm going to have to go in to see whether I have OA in it. CA and FL are both beautiful in different ways. I also like the Carolinas but it's not as warm there in the winter. I loved CO but couldn't take the yearly asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, etc. Jan. through Mar. are miserable there.

    Because my DSIL is a pilot, my DGS has been on, probably 200 flights and he's only 8. They fly somewhere every Spring Break and during the summertime. They fly to see family all the time and to their ski condo in CO. To him, it's normal. He, and all his friends, have tablets and computers. I'm sure he'll have his own cell phone soon. We grew up in simpler times and were happy with what we had. One thing I always wanted to do was to go to Disneyland. Never got there until we took our own kids. I cried when I saw it. I was lucky that my ex traveled in his job and I went on a lot of company paid trips to great places. I feel very fortunate to have been able to travel, to live in such a great place, to have achieved some healing, and to have the things I do have. I never take my electronics for granted. I love them. My life is pretty simple, all things considered, by I'm happy with that. I've already done everything I wanted to do and consider myself lucky that I was able to do them before I got sick. My heart goes out to our members who have small children and who are so sick.

    Allergies here are horrible. Don't know what it is but figure it's why I'm so tired. My tree face came and I've been too tired to haul out the step stool and put it up. Also, the change to DST always messes me up. Can't we just leave it one way or the other all year long? I don't even care which, just leave the clocks alone. BTW, I peeked out twice and no Simon. On the third try, there he was stretched out on the step near the top. I put his food out for him. I had better go get his bowls so the possum won't finish it off. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, I got little confusiated yesterday. As Walter Cronkeit used to say, "What sort of a
    day was it? A day like all days. Filled with those events that alter and illuminate our
    times. And you were there." Or, in other words, I'm confusiated everyday.

    Anyhoo I had intended to post about the Los Angeles marathon, but forgot all about it
    until I saw Jam's post. I also intended to post about a couple books, but did that on
    the wrong thread. Oh well, I'll move it over here.

    Just finished the autobiography of Susan Boyle and am reading Mr. Blackwell's autobio.
    He's the designer with the famous lists: best and worst dressed. Ya know what? Some of the
    famous showed up on both lists over the years: Liz Taylor, Doris Day, Princess Grace,
    Sophia Loren, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Shirley McLaine, and Julie Andrews.

    I don't know anyone who's happy about DST. The theory was that it would be good for
    the farmers, but all the farmers where I lived hated it. "The cows don't know the time
    has changed. The crops are still too wet to work." Our clocks have yet to be adjusted.


  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Jam and Rock......did you see that spectacular sunrize yesterday morning? The sky was a complete bright red, then some yellow crept in then some blue and then it was all over. I had gotten out of bed and I always peek thru the drapes to see what the day looks like. My eyes were flooded with red and at first I thought something had happened to them. Went into the LR which has a wall of glass facing the east. The whole LR was red! OMG. Even the pastor at church asked how many saw the sunrize in the morning.

    Mikie: I watched Celtic Woman Emerald.......is that the show you saw? They're down to only 3 women with two backup women and men. I see Chloe has really matured. She's the heavy set one who I think started when she was about l8 or even younger. I really enjoyed the program.

    Rock: I had to laugh over your comment about laundry on the floor. I think we've all done that without thinking......while we're watching TV at the same time.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Love the line "survived the time change,"Julie. Did you get up to 62 degrees? Supposed
    to be 20 degrees warmer than that here. Thanks for the analysis of Daylight Saving time.
    (I kinda doubt it was written by an Old Indian. Whaddya think?)

    Didn't see the sunrise, SG. Used to see wonderful sunsets in Minnesota. And when I lived
    on the beach in Ventura, CA, the sunsets were even more spectacular. Was listening to
    some Irish music yesterday. Found a cassette tape I made 26 years ago. Still sounds good.
    Had lots of Irish performers like Frank Patterson and Ruby Murray and Johnny Cash.

    Yes, Johnny is not generally regarded as an Irish singer, but he did write "Forty Shades of
    Green" half a century ago when he was in Ireland. Typical Irish song. Full of Irish place
    names. Nobody puts the names of towns, counties, rivers, etc. into their songs like the Irish.

    Jam, my allergies (pollen, mold) bother me very little nowadays. Probably due in large
    part to grape seed extract which I've been taking for several years now. There's some poster
    on this board who is always talking about its benefits. I'm in a jam here; can't think
    of her name.

    Here's a relatively new song I like. It's sung by 3 queens of Country music, but I think
    the song sounds more like an old fashioned tune from a century ago. The song writer
    may be Morris (Buddy) Sheffield. Hard to tell. When you look up a song you get who
    who sang it, but it's hard to find who wrote it.


  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Those long distant runners have their own way of thinking.......if they can do it without too much pain then more power to them. I used to jog years ago but I wasn't a runner and the most I could go was 5 miles RT. I really loved the exhilerating feeling I got after about a mile and sometimes when I see a jogger out I soooooo wish I could still do it.

    Years ago we went to L.A., forgetting that the marathon was on. OMG.....we were stuck and had to sit there forever until all the straggling runners went by. As I recall we just went into a nearby Greek Orthodox Church and became a sightseer until it was OK to drive again.

    My DH went to see his boss today in that his disability is up at the end of march. They're going to give him a computer so he can work from home and he was telling me he needed to figure out WHERE he could work. I went to the local Goodwill store, and as luck would have it they just put out an antique mahogny desk, with cubbyholes, a bottom drawer and a pull out shelf, perfect for his needs. Can't believe I got it for only $35.99 which was using a senior discount. We've brought it home and now I need to move some things around to make room for the desk.
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