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    Hi Kids

    Well, I got little confusiated yesterday. As Walter Cronkeit used to say, "What sort of a
    day was it? A day like all days. Filled with those events that alter and illuminate our
    times. And you were there." Or, in other words, I'm confusiated everyday.

    Anyhoo I had intended to post about the Los Angeles marathon, but forgot all about it
    until I saw Jam's post. I also intended to post about a couple books, but did that on
    the wrong thread. Oh well, I'll move it over here.

    Just finished the autobiography of Susan Boyle and am reading Mr. Blackwell's autobio.
    He's the designer with the famous lists: best and worst dressed. Ya know what? Some of the
    famous showed up on both lists over the years: Liz Taylor, Doris Day, Princess Grace,
    Sophia Loren, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Shirley McLaine, and Julie Andrews.

    I don't know anyone who's happy about DST. The theory was that it would be good for
    the farmers, but all the farmers where I lived hated it. "The cows don't know the time
    has changed. The crops are still too wet to work." Our clocks have yet to be adjusted.


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    Good Monday morning, everyone! We survived the time change...hope Lindsey and David got the kids to bed at a decent hour...they got up later yesterday, naptime was later...then Daddy got home around suppertime so everyone was happy and excited to see him :p

    Mikie, I'm glad you can get out and exercise in the pool. How neat that your kids get to travel so much. We are heading into another allergy season too. Simon is such a lucky boy...we have possums too, of course, and I always know if one is around when the cats act all jittery when I go out to feed them.

    Jam, hope your kiddos have a wonderful time on their trip.

    Granni, I'm sure your steaks were yummy! Yes, many of us in Iowa might enjoy living in other places, for sure. But it is home, and I am close to the most important people in my life, so we brave the cold/snow in the winter and heat/humidity in the summer...and enjoy the "in-between" times all the more, lol!

    Rock, yes, those were the good old days! Money seemed to go much farther, true? I hear ya, about tripping over the laundry. Yesterday, I "gated" myself in the bedroom downstairs...I could still help Lindsey keep an eye on the kids while they played, without having the extra "help" ;)

    I spent most of the day yesterday at Lindsey's, but didn't get carried away with doing anything...did fold and put away several loads of clothes and ran the dishwasher. Stayed and kept Lorraine company at naptime while Lindsey and the twins rested. They all are still fighting this crud too, and Lindsey was having some cramping...

    She was craving pizza so had David bring one home on his way. Then I made a "special" one for the twins...both have problems with eczema (Isaiah's is awful) so they are experimenting with diets that are dairy-free, wheat-free, and egg free.

    It's not so hard to replace dairy and wheat, but I had to do some research to find egg replacements. Found a wonderful chart that lists lots of different ingredients (depending on what the recipe is for...breads, pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc.) from banana to oil to ground flaxseeds with water, etc. I have been limiting dairy, eggs and wheat in my diet too, so I ate the "special" pizza along with the twins and Den ate the regular one...

    I will meet Amy part way on Thursday to pick up Keira and bring her home with me...she doesn't have school on Friday so we get to hang out together. Amy and Clinton will come Sat. or Sun. to visit and to pick her up.

    We are to reach 62 degrees today! Lots of sunshine and almost no wind. Rain tomorrow and snow on Wednesday. I absolutely have to rein myself in, no matter how good I "think" I feel today...still have head congestion and sore throat...have to be well before I am around my sis-in-law that is taking chemo. We will drive down on the 21st and come back the 26th or 27th.

    Guess I'd better work on a game plan for today...can at least do some list-making...of the food I want to take to Texas; I plan to cook for everyone and let my SIL take it easy. She has chemo the 21st (Friday) and it usually takes her till later in the day on Tuesday to somewhat recover.

    Hope everyone has a good enough day...hello to everyone!
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    Jam and Rock......did you see that spectacular sunrize yesterday morning? The sky was a complete bright red, then some yellow crept in then some blue and then it was all over. I had gotten out of bed and I always peek thru the drapes to see what the day looks like. My eyes were flooded with red and at first I thought something had happened to them. Went into the LR which has a wall of glass facing the east. The whole LR was red! OMG. Even the pastor at church asked how many saw the sunrize in the morning.

    Mikie: I watched Celtic Woman Emerald.......is that the show you saw? They're down to only 3 women with two backup women and men. I see Chloe has really matured. She's the heavy set one who I think started when she was about l8 or even younger. I really enjoyed the program.

    Rock: I had to laugh over your comment about laundry on the floor. I think we've all done that without thinking......while we're watching TV at the same time.
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    Wow, Sun! That sunrise sounded magnificent! I missed the sunrise this morning by just a couple minutes...have to go outside and walk out past the barn, and I forgot until it was too late and I saw it getting lighter out the north window.

    Have been thinking of you and hubby...

    I tried a recipe for tortillas that uses no milk, eggs, or wheat flour. It called for brown rice flour, tapioca flour, salt and boiling water. After you cook them, you put them on a plate and invert another plate over that one...supposed to be that the steam then makes them more soft and pliable.

    I kept one and took the rest over to the kids to try for lunch. Isaiah loves his breads, etc. so hope it worked. I think they will be okay while fresh and warm, but don't know how they will keep for later. Most of the "alternative" ones that I buy will crack when you try to roll them up.

    David is home today, so they had all three kids outside to play. All three were a delightful, muddy mess, lol! Lindsey was going to throw them in the tub before they even sat at the table...

    I have been pacing myself today...rearranging a few things upstairs where we live (tidying up Keira's "office", where she likes to go and pretend she is "at work".) Nothing too strenuous, but didn't want to just sleep the day away since it is so nice out...

    Just had a tortilla with some thinly sliced sirloin and a couple pieces of cheese...enough for now, so will get at it again upstairs.

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    Saw this and just thought it was cute...for everyone who thinks DST is a pain :rolleyes:

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    My last trip to FL, and I remember it like yesterday and it was probably 30 yrs ago, came out of Miami airport and walked into a steam bath....and came home with 1000's of mosquito bites.....

    As a very young person, went to the beaches and burned to a crisp....

    The huge diff in CA and FL, no humidity here and no mosquito bites.....and general housing prices, CA is so high priced with housing.....even the simple houses....when I got here I was in major SHOCK from Pa. living.

    Real estate is a huge "industry" here.,...people forever flipping houses.....making huge profits and re-investing, something I never did....just don't have that mentality for one thing......

    There was a 6.9 EQ in No Cal near Oregon border....no damage I'm hearing....Just hearing Nancy Pelosi's daughter is blaming it on fracking....

    Mikie, Allergies, I knew them prior to 1995 and Pycnogenol and then grape seed ex....did I ever mention this to you? an old allergy queen...jam
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    Hi Kids

    Love the line "survived the time change,"Julie. Did you get up to 62 degrees? Supposed
    to be 20 degrees warmer than that here. Thanks for the analysis of Daylight Saving time.
    (I kinda doubt it was written by an Old Indian. Whaddya think?)

    Didn't see the sunrise, SG. Used to see wonderful sunsets in Minnesota. And when I lived
    on the beach in Ventura, CA, the sunsets were even more spectacular. Was listening to
    some Irish music yesterday. Found a cassette tape I made 26 years ago. Still sounds good.
    Had lots of Irish performers like Frank Patterson and Ruby Murray and Johnny Cash.

    Yes, Johnny is not generally regarded as an Irish singer, but he did write "Forty Shades of
    Green" half a century ago when he was in Ireland. Typical Irish song. Full of Irish place
    names. Nobody puts the names of towns, counties, rivers, etc. into their songs like the Irish.

    Jam, my allergies (pollen, mold) bother me very little nowadays. Probably due in large
    part to grape seed extract which I've been taking for several years now. There's some poster
    on this board who is always talking about its benefits. I'm in a jam here; can't think
    of her name.

    Here's a relatively new song I like. It's sung by 3 queens of Country music, but I think
    the song sounds more like an old fashioned tune from a century ago. The song writer
    may be Morris (Buddy) Sheffield. Hard to tell. When you look up a song you get who
    who sang it, but it's hard to find who wrote it.


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    Yea, Rock, wonder who it is? My So. Cal. buddy, just hearing on my radio this morning the upsets by people regarding the closing of so many main arteries for the LA Marathon....today I think I heard it's Boston Marathon....I can't get into those running frenzies..... My joints are bad enough and I was not a runner, but a major exercise queen for many years and a dedicated long walker.....now look at me.....

    The news reported about 1000 people treated for heat and some even hospitalized.....in my mind, they are nutzzzz.... jam
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    Rock, I know you've mentioned Alz and you enough here, but thinking you come across pretty darn smart and lucid to me....when I first started on grape seed ex in 1995 I had a listing of all the issues grape seed ex addressed and Alz was on the list......so besides your allergy issues I'm pretty SURE this antioxidant is helping with your other issue:


    Apr 3, 2013 ... When Pasinetti and his groupdecided to test for Alzheimer's, they found that a
    monophenol in grape seed extract, **epicatechin***, dramatically ...
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    Those long distant runners have their own way of thinking.......if they can do it without too much pain then more power to them. I used to jog years ago but I wasn't a runner and the most I could go was 5 miles RT. I really loved the exhilerating feeling I got after about a mile and sometimes when I see a jogger out I soooooo wish I could still do it.

    Years ago we went to L.A., forgetting that the marathon was on. OMG.....we were stuck and had to sit there forever until all the straggling runners went by. As I recall we just went into a nearby Greek Orthodox Church and became a sightseer until it was OK to drive again.

    My DH went to see his boss today in that his disability is up at the end of march. They're going to give him a computer so he can work from home and he was telling me he needed to figure out WHERE he could work. I went to the local Goodwill store, and as luck would have it they just put out an antique mahogny desk, with cubbyholes, a bottom drawer and a pull out shelf, perfect for his needs. Can't believe I got it for only $35.99 which was using a senior discount. We've brought it home and now I need to move some things around to make room for the desk.
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    Almost time for bed, but thought I would check in. Rock, I also doubt an "Old Indian" said that, lol! Yes, we actually did get up to 62 degrees! I wasn't out much, because I knew I would "overdo it", but I did hang a load of clothes on the line.

    Sun, what a great deal on the desk for your hubby...I like to stop at all the Goodwills between our local town and Amy's. A great place to find things for the kids...just have to be in the right place at the right time. So nice your DH's boss will let him work from home.

    Maybe since it is late at night, I should open a new porch and be ready for Mikie in the morning (or later this evening, if Springwater or Rock happen to stop by....or anyone else who happens to be up...)

    Okay, give me just a few minutes and I will start a new volume...don't post anymore on here :)
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