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    As promised, I am starting a new Porch for us. Check out the end of the Porch Volume 718.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie and all,

    Thanks for starting this up but I just posted ( before you closed the last Porch volume) and so did Julie I think. Anyone able to move mine over and possibly Julies, please do. I forget how close Julie's was to mine. When I started posting (writing) you had not closed it officially as yet!!

    Until then please check the last volume 718 for the last few posts especially.

    Granni :)
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    Would love to hang out with you all, but getting crazy here, as usual...will just leave a pic of me and Mikie, taken a couple years ago :p Just hangin' out...

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    Gotcha covered Granni...;)

    This is Granni's post from the last volume. I will check in later this evening...

    Good morning to everydobby !!

    So glad to see a few posts here this Sat. morning.

    Julie I figured that you had an extremely busy day yesterday . Glad all went as well as good be expected other than the no removal of Gpa's casts which we figured was going to happen. Also happy that Gpa didn't get too upset that he has to stay I them week or longer. Where will you and Lindsey or Amy ( I forget which daughter) be going in a week and 1 1/2 and how long will you be gone? Hope you both get to go on a fun trip that will relax you both. I didn't know you were taking some time off. I hope it all works out and you surely do need a break. I know you will have a wonderful Father's Day celebration. We won't be doing much as DH doesn't feel up to driving into Houston as yet.

    Rock - No the big city wasn't Waco ( which many in TX call it Wacko)and not Waco pronounced Wayco.. Keep on posting dear friend you keep us all awake and laughing even though you may not be feeling so up, atem and jovial.

    Joan - Again so nice to see you again. Do not worry about typos. I have the same problem although some of it is the program which I am on that makes me skip letters. If I type to fast and am not looking at what I'm typing sometimes it is such a mess I cannot figure out what I said to correct . Hope you can find that box that say to save or something like that when you log in..

    Mikie - Glad you seem to be doing OK or nothing to bad, as of this moment. I think you said that you would be having an MRI soon. I wonder how much they cost. Not sure that Medicare pays r that but you are younger and what insurance you have, if another than possible govt. I know that Medicare is paying less for things that they used to. Our problem is that our deductibles are to high and never get them paid off. Good luck to you on it and hope it helps to find your problem so it can HOPEFULLY be resolved. Our supplemental has also been paying less. Not waiting for next year - aack !:eek: Yes, wine usually is a good hostess gift. Is the party today or tomorrow??

    Hope you enjoy your party and take it easy on your shopping that you do not hurt yourself worse by walking to much or carrying, etc. Try and rest some in between too. You are still a busy gal :) !!!!

    Gotta run for now and do a few chores around here and do on more things on the computer. Saw an e-mail from our new church music and liturgy director that I need to print out and go over its contents. I think he said he will be here sometime in July from the Boston area.

    Love to awl including those not mentioned ,
    Granni :)

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    I go to sleep and Poof a new porch, it goes so fast....

    Very true medicare is clamping down and watching charges like huge hawks....guess for too many years too much fraud in the system.....

    I have straight medicare and KNOW I pay for co pays but I go to docs less and less....see my GP only once a year for annual check in and labs....and the rheumy for the mess I deal with since.....surgery...broken record here....So much that Medicare paid my rheumy the last couple yrs has changed....she now has to charge me more if I want her treatments......

    MRI's are behind me and I know what a mess my back and other stuff is, so it's the management I do....exercises/stretches...and lots of supps...and my trusty advil. Back on Anatabloc and HOPING I get relief like I got in early 2013....I shall see. If I hadn't got such great relief back then I wouldn't be trying it again....but maybe it will work again. Take care all. Off to bridge later and thinking about a El Polo Locco salad to take home.....depends on my energy later.......jm

    Oh, got some GOOD NEWS on my grandson's pains in foot that I mentioned before...his mom took him to a sport med ortho for a 2nd check up and the doc said "he will be fine, so much of this pain is from growth spurts he's going thru and all his athletic moves...makes sense, he's so active, never stops moving and he's growing....he'll be 15 and will probably make 6' as his dad was tall and his grandpas.....so that was a relief to hear....
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    Hi Jam, Granni, Mikie and everyone! Yes, these porches go pretty fast sometimes...I like the fact that they have kept going for so long.

    Jam, great news about your grandson! Hope the Anatabloc works for you again.

    Gpa has gone to his house for the day, so I am getting ready to go take a long nap with Den...well, he'll be up way before me, but I am just going to turn my phone off and rest.
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    Julie, music to my ears to hear you are taking good rests....so rare from you.

    Sis sounds like one of those people who do surgery after surgery after surgery.....all those replacements, yikes....I have a friend of a friend, who is into surgeries...she's had 2 back surgeries since I had the hip done in late 2010....she was doing a back surgery shortly after my hip and she's already done another one....grrrrrrrr It's a mindset that keeps the surgeons in business. I do ALL i can to stay from those surgeon's knives....I HOPE never again.... jam
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    Jam - Glad that your grandson's foot is OK with no major problem right now. I know it is hard when the kids are super busy and involved in all kinds of sports. Or so was in all kinds of sports from the time he was 6 till H.S. He only got hurt once, thank God, when he stepped in a hole at practice and twisted his ankle. He had to under go whirlpool treatments, etc. for some time. However that was it and I hope your GS is as lucky.

    Hope that the Anatabloc will help you again as it did in the past.

    Julie - Sorry to say that woman is just thinking about herself and your poor Grandpa puts himself into a tizzy, and gasping for air, he is so worried about her. Not so sure how worried she is about him though. She definately has problems but hope it is not at the expense of Grandpa's health. He has enough problems at his age. Sounds like she doesn't have a lot of common sense trying to put her sandal while standing on one foot with all her problems.

    Hope everyone has a nice Father's Day if they still have fathers or grandpa's still around. Ours will be quiet. Not going anywhere tomorrow after church.

    Thinking of everyone inc. Dar, Spring Water, Sun, Rock and all our MIA's.

    Love to all,
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    Julie - I am giggling thinking about Kiera trying to carry Isaiah around. Can't believe they are almost 2 years old. Keira also probably feels good around them, That way she can be the big boss :)!! I don't mean she's mean to them at all but she is the little mother. My eldest was that way with her other sibs. Pretty soon he may be carrying her :)!!

    Have a wonderful Father's Day Julie and everyone else celebrating.

    Blessings and hugz,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Sorry about closing the last Porch while y'all were posting. It usually works out that way and that's why I decided to close it at 29.

    Julie, thanks for posting Granni's post from the last Porch. I'm laughing at the pic of us hanging upside down. I don't have my long locks anymore but even my short hair would likely stick up like I've been shocked. All this new info on sis's multiple surgeries and injuries shed more light on her dysfunction. Of course, I'm not one to talk, with all my injuries of late :confused: but, believe me, I hate it and definitely don't want another surgery. Yikes! :eek: I hope you and yours have a happy Fathers Day.

    Granni, I'll be 70 next month. I've been on M/C ever since I got my SSD (it took 3 yrs. but I got it in 2003) :mad: I have a Medicare replacement advantage plan. I pay no premium but have co-pays which continue to go up each year and they have stopped covering preventive dental cleanings and x-rays. They will cover my MRI but I will have to pay part of it. I hope it won't be too steep. When it's a percentage of a procedure, it is called, co-insurance. Regardless, I want to get it done because it may shed light on what is causing this pain. I'm OK as long as I don't have to walk. Putting weight on the leg is agonizing.

    Jam, I hope you get help with your new med. You've been through sooooo much. I'm sure that, like me, you want none of it but have to deal with it anyway. Most of us are like that.

    I've just been binge watching "House of Cards," Season 2. I've already seen both seasons but I forget what I've seen and want to watch it again. Netflix puts all the episodes on at once and you can choose to binge or not. I'm bored and the condo is a mess but I have to stay off the leg, at least, for today. I wouldn't have gone out shopping this morning if I didn't have to get that gift and had a coupon. Good news is that after coming home, I put the tens unit on and propped my leg up and rested. I came to bed and fell asleep. The leg feels really good and I can walk a little without pain now. The steroids are kicking in. After my colonoscopy, I can get off the acetaminophen and take ibuprophen, which is better for inflammation.

    Happy Fathers Day to everyone. We are all fathers or had fathers or married fathers... To honor Fathers Day is to honor life. My biological father left me and my Mom when I was just an infant. He was never in my life and died of colon cancer. He had another family after he and Mom divorced but he never told his sons they had a half-sister. I have forgiven him and pray for him. If nothing else, he gave me life. I wouldn't be here without him. He's where my colon cancer risk came from. That is why I always get my colonoscopies. Without my ex, I wouldn't have my wonderful kids. So, I honor Fathers Day and wish a good one to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    :(:(After one hour, I made it! I thionk that I finally have it down,

    OK, excuse no. 2. 4 1/2 week ago, I woke with numbness on my right side. I can use my hands and feet, etc. bur the numbness continued. My Dr. said light stroke, and get an MRI. That reported no, I did not have one. Go to a neurologist and they made me an appt. She said that she was certain that it is in my nexk (I have scoliosis ad spinal stenosis in my neck) Go gety an MRI of my neck! Well Medicare had a different thought ----No, you cant have one! I was flabbergasted! Never have I had that happen. I spent the next day on the phone trying to talk to Medicare. I just got the runaround. Now what>?

    I finally called my Dr. find out what I was to do. Another answer-----get n MRI. I called Imaging and was told they were checking my insurance. I could have cried---my fingers are numb on the first joint, my feet burn and I keep that shoe off and up when at home, my "bottom" cheek is numb as far as it goes and just plain don't feel good.

    Last Mon my Dr. called and said I was approv4ed for an MRI!!!Today when I got up, my right side of my neck aches and is numb. Tha nk goodness. the MRI is Mon. I had to make arrangement for our van to take me. The neurologist had said early on, if the MRI shows thart it is my neck, she will send me to a surgeon.

    That is excuse NO. 2! :( It has been a long time putting up with this and of course, no on here at assisted living just say------that is just part of growing old!!!!!! I will keep you infoprmed and try to get all of there comings and goings of my porch friends

    Happy Fathers Day to an and all!

    Gentle hugs to my porch friends,


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    Hidey ho, good neighbors! I just finished tucking outdoor things away safe and sound...we are to have some more storms tonight and tomorrow.

    Joan, so good to hear from you...I hope the MRI gives some answers and the doctors can help with your pain, numbness, etc. I'm glad you can get on here from time to time...hope it gets easier on your new system.

    Granni, Keira is definitely a little mommy with Lorraine and the twins :) Lorraine looks up to her Cousin Keira...it is cute to hear her say, "Well, my Cousin Keira likes to do this or that." Even funnier when she goes around introducing her Cousin Keira to the other family members...I guess because Keira isn't here very much, Lorraine assumes other people don't know who she is :oops:

    Granni, I think you asked about our trip? This is the Mom-Daughter trip that Amy never got to take when she was a senior in high school...Lindsey and I went the summer before her senior year, but when Amy got old enough we were in the process of getting rid of the hardware store and just didn't have the money, time, etc.

    So, now it is a Mom-Daughter-Granddaughter trip...Keira is going too! We will be gone the 24th (driving to Tennessee all that night, after Amy gets off work) and will be back to her house on the 30th (which happens to be my birthday, lol!) I will stay at their house with Keira on July 1st, so she can transition back into daycare the following day.

    I am very anxious to get away...and am determined not to worry about anything or anyone while we are gone. Gpa will be home, but I guess it will be a good "trial run" to see if he is going to stay there or move back in with us. Lindsey should be okay, and my dad is well taken care of.
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    Julie: What does Den say about all his sister does? She's got a real problem.......and I ask you......who was the most absent parent when she/Den were growing up? We're sitting on the sidelines, reading all that you write about her and see things more clearly. A very disfunctional family situation. Of course......I have my own disfuntional situation here, and I've been told MOST families are disfunctional. But it's overlapping into your own family and that's not fair.

    And I don't think you've mentioned where you and Amy are taking off for? Good that you two will be able to spend some quality one on one together. I hope you have a wonderful worrifree time.

    Mikie: You're just 5 months older than me. When exactly is your July BD?

    Joan: I wouldn't be surprised if you've got some spinal stenosis. Hope you're able to finally get an MRI. I've got it along with other "stuff" in my spine, and have learned over the years what I can and cannot do. Exercise is the key for most everything.

    I watched my 3 l/2 hr. painting instruction class today. It's been a few years since I paid for these lessons....OMG.......this teacher is sooooo good. I believe at one point there were over 350 students around the world watching him.

    I hope everyone has a good Father's Day tomorrow.......those who have someone to celebrate with. My son and DIL will be at my DDs tomorrow......he's been a father for exactly 8 days........so it will be fun to see what he's learned in a week. Don't think I've told everyone the baby's name......Nika.......yes........a little different, and it's been hard for my brain to wrap itself around it. I had to write it down for 3 weeks to look at it all the time!!!!!!!
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    It's a beautiful evening...cool, but not too chilly. The weather lady says we are having May weather in June. But this next week will look more like June, according to the forecast.

    Sun, Amy and I are going to drive to Tennessee next Tuesday night...nine hour drive and we figure Keira will sleep most of the way. Will hang out with our young friend, Susan (have watched her grow up from age 15 to now age 23...first a friend of Lindsey and David's, then became like a family member to all of us.)

    Will be in that area (where David is from...will see his parents, unless they are still up here) till Friday around noon. Then head over to Texas (map says six hours) to see my brother and his wife. Will head home Sunday morning (30th) and stop overnight at a motel with a pool, then finish the trip home on Monday.

    Then I will stay close to home...in case our baby decides to come early. Lindsey is so miserable, but has two months to go. She is due the middle of August...if we have our reunion the end of July now...it may get a little crazier than usual if she does go early :eek:

    Hope your new baby is doing fine...what a neat Father's Day gift :) I think Nika is a fine name...I looked it up and the name means "Victory", "Good" and "Belongs to God".

    How cool to have your painting classes...boy, that's a lot of people at one time!

    I'd better get to bed...went upstairs once, but couldn't get to sleep...too much on my mind, I guess. Will try it again...need to get up early and get things ready for our small dinner.

    Happy Father's Day again, to our dads!

  16. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: sounds like you've got a really nice trip planned. I hope everything works out perfectly for you three....you deserve some well deserved R & R. And I do hope Lyndsey holds off (or should I say the baby) until at least a time in August when everyone is ready.

    Yes, I did look up the name and read that it means "belongs to God".......that made me feel better, although my tongue just won't work right yet! My DIL is Vietnamese, so the middle name is way beyond what I'll remember. I'm saving all the photos my DS has sent me and putting them in an album for her.....wrote her full name and the date of birth on the front......I'm terrible about remembering dates. I do remember the date my Mom went home to Heaven, though. July 3......as my aunt said at the time......at least it wasn't July 4 when everyone would be celebrating.

    I'm up here at l:30 a.m. We had a terrible infestation of white flies on my large ficus trees outdoors.......5 of them to be exact which help cut the sun coming in the windows, so they're very important not to lose them. I had to spray all of them really hard with water. So of course the sliding doors were all wet and a mess, so of course MOI had to squeege all of them, which has done a terrible # on my neck and back. I don't know what I'll do if the flies come back, I guess spray again and perhaps ask my DH to do the windows and doors. We've used a special insecticide before on our bay tree but I can't do that......the stuff makes me ill.
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    Julie, thanks for the lovely Fathers Day card. I hope you have a great trip. You need to get away. Yes, GPA my just get fed up finally with sis' antics and decide he likes it better with you. He may be afraid to leave his home, though; God only knows what she does when she's there alone. :eek:

    Sunflower Girl, My birthday is July 7th. When is yours? I am the epitome of a Cancer except that my rising sign, Leo, makes me a bit more outgoing than the traditional Cancer. Also my moon sign is Aquarius and that gives me a zany twist. Or, quirky, as I told Barb. She gave me a stinky eye and said, "You said it, not me." Well, I wouldn't trade being myself for whatever normal is for anything. I have a rich internal life which is spiritual, humorous, and magical. I'm almost never bored except in times like now when I'm a bit down and out with this sciatic pain. Too much TV and not up to reading. Whine, whine, whine! :(

    Joan, I'm so very sorry for all your pain and numbness and difficulties with M/C. Geez, no one should go through that. I am praying that you find answers and remedies. Please keep us informed. We all care. :)

    I have to call my doc's office and cancel my MRI and PT. Both are located right in his bldg. but neither are in network for my FL BC/BS. He is in network but not his ancillary services. I don't have a script for the MRI so they will have to make the appt. at an in-network facility. There is one just down the road. I do have a script for PT so can go to about the only facility south of town where I live. Mom went there and they seem OK. I may put the PT off for just a bit as this is all getting to be too much. Why not wait until the MRI is done to see what is actually wrong. :(

    I downloaded the UPS label for my knife sanitizer so I can return it to Amazon. They sent me an e-mail to rate the product. Boy did I! The box appeared to have been opened before I got it. Did they send me something they knew was defective? I'm going to take my old one apart to see whether I can fix it. I remember the "good ole days" when there were appliance stores. No one ever threw out a toaster; they took it in to be fixed. Now, we're a disposable society because nothing lasts and there is no one to fix things. Even if there were, it's cheaper to just replace it. On top of that, every company has plans to release their "new and improved" products lined up to release about every six months. Vent, vent, vent!!! :mad:

    I woke up at 4:00ish and fed Simon. He was waiting for me. My paper had been delivered so I'll be reading it as soon as I finish this. Think today I'll do some laundry and just pick up some clutter that accumulates when I'm too tired or in pain to care. After my Epsom Salt soak last night, I put on a nightgown of the softest cotton knit. Only problem is that I bought it before I lost the weight. It kinda hangs on me. It's usually nice to have something roomy to sleep in but it's low cut and I'm always about to have a neckline malfunction. Same has happened to my bathing suits when I exercise in the pool. At my age, nobody wants to see that! :cool:

    OMG! They are having a whole morning of Vicenza jewelry on QVC. Used to all be gold but now, they use sterling silver electroplated with gold, platinum, rhodium, white gold, and pink gold. There are some gorgeous pieces but I don't need, nor can afford, more jewelry. There was an incredible piece of HSN the other day which is costume jewelry but made in the same mold as the designer's couture pieces. I would love to have it but at my age, and in my current state of health, I go nowhere to wear it. Again--whine, whine, whine. :( Ooh, ooh, one of the models just about had a malfunction while modeling the jewelry. Her dress is beautiful but she needs to pull it up; it's strapless. That's what she gets for being so skinny!

    We had a HUGE thunderstorm during the night. In my sleep, I could hear the thunder and, even through my closed eyelids, I could see the lightening. I wish these storms would hit earlier in the evening. I love to watch them through my sliding glass doors. We really need to make up for a dry winter which made for good days but dry conditions. Our little pond out back is now up to the water line and is full. I expect the next thunderbluster will fill it past the waterline. It eventually drains into the little creek which runs along the main road. It is so rainy in the summertime that we have to have these retention ponds and creeks in FL to handle runoff. Whenever it rains like that, the bullfrogs croak all night. We must have some on steroids because they sound HUGE. We do have a few poisonous toads with the spots on them. A neighbor's dog got ahold of one and it cost $700 at the vet because the skin of the toad escretes venom. AACK!!! :eek: They are gross. When they jump, their big gelatinous bellies smack on the ground. I'm always careful around the dumpsters because that's where they hang out. They seem more afraid of me than I of them but I wouldn't try to come between a HUGE venomous toad and his dinner.

    OK, Dear Ones, enjoy this Fathers Day and may you all have a lovely, pain-free day, filled with NRG!

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! I left everything and went to bed earlier last night, so set my (first) alarm for 6:00 am. Got up in time to turn the others off before they woke up Den and Gpa. Just gonna get lunch cooked, then run and get my dad, then heat things up when we get back...easiest way to do it and still have a meal on time (the care center serves at noon and we usually eat here somewhere around noon....at least when the men are here to cook for...I eat whenever the heck I feel like it, when I'm by myself, lol!)

    Oh, I'll have to edit and add more later, I guess...I hear Gpa getting up.
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    Good afternoon everyone, just ate lunch and DH went to the store to look for a magazine that he might want too start getting a subscription to . I will be a very lazy day for us which is a good thing too, at our age.

    Julie -Hope you have wonderful day with the Dad's and Grandpas on their special day. drop by if you get the chance to . I know today will be extremely busy for you.

    Mikie - Sorry your sciatica is still bothering you. Glad you are finally catching up on your rain. Those venomous toads sound rather gross. Don't now if I have ever seen one, just the usual frogs I guess. W still need some rain although we have been quite low not to long ago. This is our dry season. Hope for rain but NO hurricanes. The last few years have been so dry and we had to watch for brush fires and we did have one not to far from us to. That is very scary!!!

    I know what you mean abut jewelry . So many pieces are so pretty but it is silly to go overboard and keep buying more. Usually don't go that many places we have to dress way up for unless a trip or something,

    Hope you start feeling better SOON !! Thinking of all our Porchies, Dads and Grandpas day.

    Love to all,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    BTW, wanted to mention that I have spoken to DIANE, via e-mail. I keep forgetting to tell you all. She is doing fairly well but trying to get past sickness, virus for her 2 weeks work or so, maybe more. Then Rosie kitty got sick and got over eating something she shouldn't have eaten. Then she got a scratched cornea and Kevin is sick with a bad cold or something. I think she is trying to play catch up and rest. She is trying to give Rosie all her drops. I cannot imagine trying to give the drops to a kitten. I have enough problems trying to give them to DH who loves to blink, instead of a kitty. :oops: She has done a little bit of posting she said on the Homebound board and doing some games. Hope she will feel well enough and has the time soon, to come say hi to us on the Porch, when she feels up to it . Sure miss seeing her around on the Porch but I am happy to know she is doing OK or better than she was. Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers . I know she will appreciate that.

    Not to much else is really new. I have to start thinking of dinner. Steak on the grill is al I know for sure.

    Hope everyone is having a nice Father's Day celebration who can do so.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)

    Love to everydoby