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    Awwww! A minute of peace, to catch my breath :p

    I did get lunch made, went and picked up my dad, visited till almost 4:00 pm (when the great-grandpas weren't napping in their lift chairs, lol...and Den laid back in his recliner with Lorraine sitting on one of the arm rests "reading" to him while he also took a nap.)

    Then Lorraine and I took my dad back to the care center and headed another hour to meet Amy and Keira. We had supper together, then the girls and I headed home...was after 8:00 pm when we arrived. Oh, I have to tell this...at supper, Keira was climbing back into her seat in the booth and accidentally stepped on Lorraine. Lorraine was trying to scold her and say "Keirianna!" but it kept coming out "Keira-ornery!" So funny, and so appropriate :)

    The twins were still up so we had to pop in and say "Hi"...oh my, were they excited to see Keira. Isaiah wanted nothing to do with Grandma, because he wanted Keira to hold him...he started sobbing when Keira put him down and picked up Liora.

    Got Keira a bed made up in her "office", not too far from where Den and I are sleeping...didn't take long for her to nod off. I am beat, so just going to say "hi" to everyone...and good night :)
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    Morning, Porchies,

    Granni, thanks so much for letting us know how Diane is doing. She is another fan of HSN and every time I watch it, I think of her. Wow! When we have troubles, they come in multiples. I guess our conditions have made us strong so we can deal with them--as in, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." Don't know about all y'all, but I'm about as strong as I want to be. Yes, every year, one of our sayings down here is, "Thank God for the rain but NO hurricanes. They've already had three TS's or Hurricanes on the Pacific Coast. They may get more but we are supposed to get fewer. The people I really feel for are the poor living in the Caribbean Islands, like Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. They get hit by almost every storm which comes across the Atlantic. Their shacks get blown apart even if it's just a TS with high winds, even if it's not a direct hit for them.

    When a storm comes across, I pray it doesn't hit us but I also pray for those in harm's way. When Charley hit, it had, for a very short period of time gone from a Cat 2 to a Cat 5 and then dropped to a 3. When it glanced off of Sanibel Island, which is very close to me, it was a 2; it was strong enough to take the gym roof off the high school which is about two blocks away, as the crow flies. It mangled the bleachers in the athletic field as though a giant had scrunched them up, much as we would a piece of paper. After it glanced off Sanibel, it went up the coast and followed the Peace River in Punta Gorda. It destroyed a beautiful neighborhood right on the river where I had clients with beautiful homes. As I was listening to my little radio, I heard about it and was praying for everyone there. I had a neighbor across the street who was sooooo religious that she couldn't carry on a conversation without witnessing for her faith. When I told her I had been praying for those in harm's way, she told me I shouldn't do that. God only wants us watching out for our own selves. What! :eek: Isn't the message of all religions to take care of one another? She and her daughter took lunch every week to the homeless with her church so I don't get it. Is her message, "Do good deeds but don't pray for anyone else?" I'll never know but I'll never forget what she said. Heck, in the hood, we all pray for each other. We even have a prayer box, which is really a bird house, into which we can put our prayers, written on tiny pieces of paper. We've had some amazing prayers answered. Well, Granni, I've written you your own "W&P." :)

    Julie, I hope your Fathers Day was good. Heck, they should be honoring you on Fathers Day! Like you, when I'm alone, which is all the time, I eat whatever, whenever. I got an e-mail and, even though the official liquid diet prep doesn't start until tomorrow, the e-mail instructed me to eat soft foods today. I'm supposed to stay away from fibre but I'm having a Nutri Bullet drink for lunch with greens, strawberries and blueberries. According to the Nutri Bullet info, the produce is reduced to a "predigested state." I can't help but think of how the bird parents chew the worms for their little nestlings and then spit it into the babies' mouths. Guess my Nutri Bullet is my electronic mother bird :confused: I had cereal for breakfast. I did put milk in my coffee but no more milk products the rest of the day (tomorrow, I'll drink tea). I have some processed sweet potatoes which are like baby food and, if I do want dinner today, I'll have that. Tomorrow is strictly liquid but I have all kinds of things I like so it won't be too bad. I saw pics of my last colonoscopy and my colon was squeaky clean so I must be doing the prep right. I told them I wanted to order a dozen wallet size pics. :D They probably hear that from every smart ass who passes through (no pun intended).

    I'm going to clean things up a bit today just in case something goes wrong during the procedure. It's walking that is the most difficult thing for me. I can move around the condo and pick up the clutter without too much damage. Just read a PH article in my e-mail about the anti-inflammatory effects of tart cherries. I'm sick of taking NSAIDS and looking for foods which naturally reduce inflammation. PH sells the extract so I'm going to order some. It's inflammation which is causing all my pain. Two years ago, before I started the peptide injections, my CRP was very high. When I get my labs done, I have to remember to have the doc run another one.

    I voided his Rx for the Clonazepam because he wrote, "for anxiety," on the Rx itself. As he was writing it, he asked if that is what I take it for and I told him that I'm not an anxious person. I didn't look at it at the time because I told him I didn't take it for anxiety. I put the Rx in a letter which explained (as I have before) that I had a sleep study done 14 yrs. ago and it showed slight seizure activity which was keeping me from sleeping. The Klonopin (Clonazepam) was prescribed so I can sleep. He should write, "for sleep," on the Rx. I said I didn't want it on my record that I take it for anxiety because it's simply inaccurate and my records should reflect the truth. This doc's IQ is probably in the genius level but, like many really intelligent people, they listen more to themselves than to the patients. He's the one who had his nurse call me to say I should do aerobics to increase my HDL cholesterol. He seemed not to understand why I told him about my weight loss, getting off carbs and doing my aerobics in the pool. Also, he seemed not to care. Wasn't it in his notes?

    This is the exact reason that we have to be soooo involved in our treatment. Every time he writes a scrip for labwork, he asks for urinalysis and occult fecal blood from a stool sample. I refuse it at the lab. I've told him over and over that I have a urologist and an OB/GYN who check for those things. Also, they check for fecal blood before my colonoscopies. I don't know whether it's his own arrogance, even though he is a nice man, or that his mind is always two jumps ahead and he's not looking at the rock on which he's about to stub his toe. I think it's the latter. He has ADD so that may be the problem too. I have ADD too but I'm surrounded by so many people here who have it so bad that they just blurt out every thought, interrupting anyone and everyone. Almost makes me look normal.

    I love my friends in the hood but I need to get out, after I take care of my latest health issues, and find some new friends and activities. I was hoping to get back into tennis, my favorite sport, but unless I can get my hip/back fixed, it may be just another thing I have to give up. Maybe a book club. I am so very grateful for my Online Family here. Y'all are good listeners! :) Speaking of which, I had better get going as this is making "W&P" look like a short story! Yikes!!! :eek:

    Mucho love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie, your last post and Granni's didn't show up when I started my "W&P." I have to start refreshing the page before I post. I love the "Keira-ornery" story. It's one of those things which will become part of the family's private lexicon. Rest up, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Tried to sign in a few hours ago, but the board's computer wouldn't let me. Life is just
    one dam thing after another. And speaking of dams, I was reading about Boulder Dam.
    When construction was finished in the mid 1930s, the project was ahead of schedule and
    under budget. The Chief Engineer was given a bonus of $350,000. Looked it up on an
    inflation chart. The buying power of about 6 million today.

    Boulder Dam is near Las Vegas. Between the two is a tiny town named Henderson. When
    I was there in 1968 I ran into a guy from my home town. What are the odds of that?

    Mikie, this year when you ask for your colonoscopy pics, ask for 8 x 10 glossies. Maybe
    the med staff hasn't heard that one.

    "Keira-ornery!" reminds me of an old movie from the 1930s. "Dixiana". It was notable
    because about a third of it was in color; the rest B & W. All the stars are forgotten now
    except for two. Bojangles who danced with Shirley Temple and Max Steiner. It was his
    first credit as a film composer. He went on to write hundreds of other scores and won 3
    Oscars. Perhaps the most astonishing thing in his career is that he did not win for
    Gone With the Wind!

    Springwater and Granni. We are all part of history. Two pop songs tell us so. "Class of
    57" by the Statler Brothers and "Years May Come, Years May Go" by the Irish Rovers.
    Two nostalgic songs you can hear on Youtube.

    Spring, I hadn't thought of it before, but yes, I've known my goofy friend since I was a
    teen. But we do not correspond regularly. He sends out an Xmas letter every year, and I
    respond. Lately, in addition to the pics of his kids and grandkids, he's been including a pic
    of his mother who is almost 100.

    Did a little work around the place yesterday. Watered some plants. Helped with the
    laundry. I can't carry a basket full of clothes anymore, but I can drag one down the
    stairs and then push it with my foot to the laundry room aka the back porch. Probably
    a good exercise for soccer players.

    Goin' back to bed.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Jam, thanks for the advice. If the tart cherries don't work, I'll try it. Yes, none of us likely get off Scott free as we age and I'm no exception but this was an injury and I'm walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. That is not acceptable. There has to be a cause and, at least, something I can do to help. I just posted about the spammers. They are likely in some little internet café in some third-world country spinning their webs just hoping for someone to get caught. It's not the selling I worry about; it's the hacking into members' computers as I doubt these are bona-fide sellers of anything. Their posts are often in another language or in English which makes no sense. That, alone, should send up a red flag.

    Rock, I saw a special on the building of Boulder Dam, same for the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Twin Towers in NYC. The History Channel has some really interesting episodes for our inquiring minds. If you like old music, PBS is in their fundraising mode again and are running specials on old music and folk music. I went out to water my UFO pepper plant and it has peppers on it. Unfortunately, it also has a white fungus under some of the larger leaves. I cut them all off and sprayed the whole plant with Dawn dishwashing liquid and water. If all the little "balls" evolve into peppers, it should be a good crop.

    Talked to DD in CO for about an hour. She will finally get her BS in Nursing in Dec. Whew! It's been a long haul. She has been an RN for quite a while but wants to get her MS. She originally graduated from a good nursing school but needs the official BS to get to the MS. This is not a good summer for me with this injury and my other DD will be coming down with my DGS. Also, they are moving from Atlanta to Dallas. So, I think next summer, DD in Dallas and I will fly to CO and we will all drive to NE to see whether we can find the pic of my Mom at the WWII Cantine which was made famous in Bob Green's book, "Once Upon A Town." There is a museum where all his pics are located and, I think, one can get copies. He didn't put the one with Mom in it in his book but he showed it on PBS when his book came out. Plus, we girls miss seeing each other.

    As I mentioned, today is "soft food" day and I just had a Nutriblast for lunch. I actually look forward to tomorrow and my liquid diet. Heck, celebs pay thousands at spas for cleanses. Mine won't be free by the time I pay my co-pay but I look at it as a cleanse with a free colonoscopy thrown in. Not to mention that whatever they use to sedate me is like the best power nap ever. I cleaned my front window and the glass in my storm door. The painter got schmutz on them when he power washed our railings. Geez, it took everything I had to get it off. My steamer won't puff out any of the steam so I guess it's time to run some vinegar through it. We have hard water. Like you said, Rock, I'm sick of stuff which doesn't work. I'm in pain and in no mood for it. I do a little work and then have to turn on the tens unit and ice my butt. I did clean up the kitchen too and all I have to do is remove the clean dishes from the dishwasher. I'll get to the rest tomorrow. "It's only a day away," as the ever optimistic Annie sang.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've started a new Porch 720. This Porch is closed.


    Love, Mikie
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