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    Y'all come on in and set a spell. This time, I started the new one before closing the last one. Maybe that will help. I'm on Firefox instead of Explorer and it wouldn't let me color the font red on the closing post on #719. I just got through a horrible hassle trying to change my credit card info on Tracfone and buy new minutes. They have absolutely the worst website in the world. Soooooo user unfriendly! :mad: I had to keep going in and re-entering info even after submitting it. For a communications company, these guys have no communication skills. They must have an idiot webmaster or designer. I've heard soooo many complaints about them but they are cheap for people like me. They have so many complaints that they have a support forum so other Tracfone owners can help each other. There is NO way to contact them by phone or e-mail. If I couldn't change my info, I was going to go to Walmart tomorrow and buy the cheapest plan I could get but get a better smart phone than this dumb one. Rock, this is just another in a series of pains in the you-know-what I've been dealing with. Still waiting for the doc's office to call me to reschedule my MRI.

    I'm so worn out dealing with this crap that I've decided to do some physical work, even if it hurts, and deal with the stressful stuff tomorrow. I have to go to the bank again because they messed up the extra principal payment but that can wait until after the colonoscopy. Even people in peak condition have difficulty dealing with this fast-paced, complex (unnecessarily complex IMHO) world now. Being sick and older makes everything more difficult, especially when I'm in pain. Whine, whine, whine!

    At least, now I've bought myself some time--literally. :D If I don't laugh or make a pun, I'll cry. I'm so stressed out that my mind is in a fog. I can't remember anything. I'm watching "Family Fued" and it's a rerun. I know I've seen it before but am enjoying it as though it were the first time. Of all the things I miss the most, it's my mind! Well, that and lack of pain. Well, that and financial security. Well, that and interesting friends besides all our lovely Porchies (in other words, people in the hood).

    Guess I had better go. I need to sweep up the leaves I cut off the pepper plant and give it another spraying with the Dawn Liquid and water. Then, I think I'll go lie down and rest a wee bit. Maybe before that, I'll take a nice soak in Epsom Salts. This prednisone makes me sweat and it really stinks! AACK!!! :confused: Unlike my peppers, I'm ripe. TADA! I'll be here all week.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow, Mikie you have lots of W and P's gong on, on both volumes. I read quickly and tried to absorb it all :)!! Haven't done anything that exciting except did make it to Line Dancing. So sorry you were having so much trouble with your phone and those guys who are supposed to be helping you with it. HMMM!!! I have enough problems understanding things that are not technical . Not sure about your problem as I just scanned your post but know you weren't having a god time talking to those people who weren't being very helpful. Also sounds like their phone wasn't the best either. However, I understand about sometimes having to go cheaper with these plans they try and sell you, as well as phones. . Everyone also thinks they have to have all the best gadget that that just been upgraded. As it is we may not be staying wit ours as they are not to cheap and I don't use half the stuff on there. I like to text mostly the kids. DH doesn't do it. I only do , as this plan has unlimited texts. Otherwise I wouldn't use that either.

    I do FB only to keep up with family and friends. I have found out more stuff about my kids and g kids through this medium.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon and hope all goes well with your colonoscopy on Wed. I think you said. It goes quickly and I had no problems when I did mine. The worse part is that awful tasting drink but this time the drink wasn't as horrible as he gallon of salt water tasting stuff I took years ago for my Sigmoidoscopy. I didn't mind eating or should I say drinking broth, Jello, stuff like that as long as it is for one day . Keep trying to get DH to have it done but every time I think about it something else comes up like the eye surgery.

    Julie - Your house is busy as ever. I can just imagine those babies crying to be picked up by Keira - to cute. Went back and read your post from the last volume just before Mike posted I think. That was also funny about Lorraine trying to say Keira and how it came out all crazy. She will get lots of babysitting experience for sure hanging around your house :)!!

    How to everydobby else not mentioned. I got into PH through Int Exp. and so I have to keep on going back and redoing half my words. Tomorrow I may do some weeding before it gets to hot and have to get ready for the cleaning lady that helps out some. TTYAL when I can !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Pretty wild around here today...Den is working on both houses, David is working on the kids' bedroom, Lindsey and I are tag-teaming the four kiddos. I'll try to check in later on...

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    Those little ones are getting so big and they are so CUTE !! They sure look like thy are having FUN. We had a pool like that when our kids were small. Have to run now. See you sometime tomorrow I hope=- busy day.

    Love to all,'
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    Well, how 'bout that. Granni, Mikie and I were all opening the new porch simultaneously.
    Mikie is the last man standing. You guys see that movie? "Last Man Standing" was itself
    a remake. Based on some Japanese film. Don't know about the original but the
    Hollywood version was wretched.

    Great picture, Julie. Looks very like the pictures from my yute except we had a galvanized
    wash tub. I looked on the net. You can still buy them today. Isaiah looks like his
    hair was styled with the ever popular kewpie doll look.

    And speaking of hairdos and celebrity looniness, there's a story about Jessica Simpson
    in the news. She wanted the Tonight Show to pay for her makeup and hairdo when she
    was asked to appear on the show. How much would that be? $18,000.

    50 some years ago my folks bought a house. It didn't cost half that much. The house,
    BTW, still looks good. Possibly better than Ms. Simpson. Don't really know. I don't
    even know if she's a singer, actor, or one of those people who is famous for no
    good reason whatsoever.

    Glad you got to do some dancing, Granni. I sure wish I could dance again. We went
    to the library in Eagle Rock yesterday (It's near Glendale and Pasadena.) After
    walking around for ten minutes I had to sit down. Hard to find books. I can't look
    up at the top shelves or bend to explore the bottom ones. My taste is now forced to
    be middle of the shelf.

    Mikie, I can't believe you are still having trouble with the mortgage payments. It
    seems the standard of everything and everybody seldom gets above mediocre. Couple
    days ago I started a novel by a middle aged author who teaches writing. She won a Hemingway award for her first book. On page 3 there is a glaring grammatical error.
    I read a few chapters. Uff-da! Had no desire to read further.

    We are seeing the chiro this morning. I don't know if there's anything else on the
    calendar or not. Hope not. I am easily exhaustenized these days. (That reminds
    me. Leonard Bernstein wrote a song titled "I am easily assimilated." There are
    several renditions on Youtube including one by Patti Lupone.)

    Hugs everydobby
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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, glad you got to do some line dancing. Line dancing isn't my thing because I can no longer see and then do. I think it's part of the cognitive issues which damaged my brain before I got Klonopin and the peptide injections. I took ballet, tap and jazz classes as a kid and we had a professional dancer/teacher. Our programs were amazing. I don't know how my Mom afforded it, working and a single Mom. I'll probably never know the sacrifices she made for me. Also engaged as a pretty good athlete but I think those days are behind me. Ha! Literally behind me with this pain in my butt. :D Just call me Shecky Green. It goes with the emoticon. I'll be happy to be able to do anything physical if I can get this pain fixed. BTW, just because I'm so verbose and write "W&P" posts, doesn't mean y'all have to try to wade through them. I love the exchange of info in each other's lives but mine isn't that interesting. Perhaps if I do get healthy again, I can go out and do something wild and fun to read about.

    Julie, speaking of fun, those kids must be having a ball. I have an almost identical pic with my girls and their friends in the kiddie pool in our backyard. Your kids really have a great place to hang out. Great Grandma too (not that you're a greatgrandma but a really wonderful Grandma!)

    I actually never got to talk to anyone at Tracfone. Evidently there is a way to send an e-mail to get help but the website is sooooo convoluted that I didn't find it. I hate to text cause the touchscreen on my phone is so small that I keep hitting the wrong key and get frustrated and swear. That phone will send me right to hell! :( I really don't text, talk very little and don't want to use my phone for e-mails or other internet functions. I do have the ability to do that but it uses up my minutes as this phone won't work on wi-fi. I was about to go to Walmart yesterday and get the cheapest plan I could find but a decent phone. Oh well, now I have 1,350 minutes to talk and a bunch to e-mail and use the 4G and they are good til 2017 so I'll stick with it.

    I thinkI'll go have coffee on the balcony so will come back to add more later.
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    Soooo cute.......love that pic. Brings back memories of when my 3 were little and we had a little wading pool for them.

    Mikie: I have to admire you for your attitude on the prep for colonoscopy. I go tomorrow to my PCP and I'm going to blow his mind when I ASK for one. He's been after me for so long, and he promises the prep won't be much......not like the almost 3 days of liquids my DH had to endure. Hope it all is perfect when you get the results.

    Granni: I've only tried the line dancing twice, when on a cruise ship. My brain couldn't coordinate between what we were being taught and what my feet wanted to do, and that was years ago. It all looks so easy, but terribly hard when learning.

    Rock: On that novel written by a teacher/professional, I guess the big fault would lie with the proof reader and the publisher. I've tried to sit down and actually hold a book and read it, but I just seem to have soooooo many other things that need to be done, so I find it's easier to just listen to a book on CD.

    I've been dealing with neck/back pain and a roaring headache for days, and that session of spraying off all the white flies then cleaning almost 35' of glass sliding doors has really done as # on me. I'm alternating ice and heat on my neck and back, and having to resort to tramadol at night to get a little sleep. Even with that I've been up in the middle of the night trying to loosen up the muscles. I've still got a lot of the white flies, but can't go thru that hosing them off anymore.......it really made a mess, so several times a day I'm shaking the trees and spraying with white vinegar and dawn, hoping it will kill them. And this morning I gave each tree a dose of epson salts in water, hoping it will make them healthy again. There's a neighbor's bushes down the street and it gets it soooooo bad that it looks like those cobwebs that you stretch on things at halloween.
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    Hi there y'all.

    I finally got in the back way so I will see if I can type a few words without having to stop again. It looks like it might be worth it. I probably won't be on very long before the cleaning lady gets in here. I have been so busy getting ready for her. Then I have to go and put everything back in order after she dusts,vacuums and does the bathrooms

    I had hoped that her daughter would come today so she could do the upstairs. Not sure when DD and SIL will be coming to house hunt. It looks like their house will be up for sale VERY soon. They are working on the patio now and putting in the kitchen counter tops that took forever for them to get installed. Sounds like lots of people are either getting ready to sell or just update their homes. Have to send a not to my DD to see how everything is going today. Hope it doesn't take to long for their house to sell. Where we are living the houses go up and then are gone very quickly. Now that it is summer it is worse as people with children want their children in the houses and all settled in before school starts again.

    Quiet right now as DH is out to lunch with a friend and should be home soon.

    Julie - I love those pics of the g kids, so cute !! My youngest grandchild is now 10. They grow much to fast. I wish I had the NRG and kids lived close enough to do more stuff with them but my body won't cooperate. Have been playing e-mail tag this morning with business and calling people on my list Ladies Association who don't have e-mail or don't want to bother with it. How is your uncle that had pneumonia? Hope he is doing better??

    Jam - I know what you mean. I do more than some with the e-mail and computer thing but don't ask me to learn much more, my brain and body won't cooperate. Haven't done much with pics either as usually someone else take the pics and puts them on FB and then I can share if I want to but I don't do to much with avatars and changing pics around.

    The cleaning lady is about to come into this room so I had better take off from here. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Thinking of everydobby inc all the dear MIA's and those not mentioned. I do love you all !!

    Mike - Having your procedure tomorrow ?? Hope all goes well !!

    Hugz also to Dar, Sun, Mikie, Spring Water , Rock , Joan , Diane , et al !

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    Hi, Porchies, as promised, I'm baaa-aack! We sat out there for longer than I had thought. It wasn't that hot out so we enjoyed ourselves. Another neighbor, who is a teacher and out of school, came over from the other side of Barb's condo and she sat with us too. She was funny and it was good to laugh.

    Rock, one of my pet peeves is bad grammar and other mistakes in printed material. I make them all the time here but this is a casual format. Once someone is writing professional material, he or she should know something about the English language. They shouldn't depend on editors or copywriters who, nowadays, may know even less than the authors. Our newspaper is a disaster. They even get letters to the editor complaining. Us old folks were raised to expect better. I heard that because of texting, kids today will be even worse.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes for the colonoscopy tomorrow. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

    Sunflower Girl, good for you. Honestly, the new prep procedures aren't bad at all. Of course, different docs have different requirements. I ate soft food yesterday and have had only liquids today. My low-salt chicken broth and mango Jello tasted better than a steak for lunch! I drank a little coconut water and am now drinking Smart Water to keep my electrolytes up. I think the secret of the prep day is to have a variety of things to ingest. I never have Jello, even though I love it, because the sugar-free kind has Neutrasweet. I don't want the sugar in the regular but I'm having the sugared kind today. I put some honey in my tea and coffee. I think I need it for strength as the day goes on. I've done a little cleaning, took the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster, picked up my mail and paid some bills. Earlier, I had cleaned the kitchen. I didn't get to the bathrooms or floors but they're not horrible. It's better to rest a little, especially with my back. I'll have broth and Jello for dinner too but for my mid-afternoon snack, I'll have a banana popsicle. Mmmmmm! Then, after dinner, I'll drink the Mirilax in 7Up. Finally, I take two ducolax and y'all can guess the rest of how I'll spend the evening. :confused:

    I called BC/BS because I had forgot to check to see whether the surgery center where my procedure will be performed is in network. I got a nice service rep and he said it is. Yea! :) Lower co-pays. He said he should be getting a colonoscopy and I urged him to do it. He didn't know you can be put under anesthesia for it. That took a lot of the fear out of it. I hope I convinced him.

    Not all my problems are solved but I'm getting there. It's all small stuff not worth mentioning. It makes me feel so much better to get some of the stress out of the way. It's always the small stuff piling up at once which breaks our backs. Oh, sorry! It's too late. I think my back is already broken. It feels like it. Whine, whine, whine! :mad:

    Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey, where is Joan (loveslilacs)? I just see Mikie's post??? I already posted before, nothing new. Need to go give DH his many eye drops. I came on to read Joan's post but I do not see it. Hope to find it later.

    I know where Mikie is this evening ):!!! Getting ready for her test.

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    Hi everyone! I am exhausted, but just wanted to say hello and that I am thinking of you all. Lindsey and David took Keira along on their family trip to a children's museum today...Sis picked up Gpa this morning for a dentist appt. and to stay all night at his house...so Den and I went out for brunch and to get some house building supplies.

    I still had to go to Gpa's to take the things he needs for overnight (Lindsey and I are going to the far away chiro tomorrow)...oxygen concentrater, meds, clothes, etc., etc. Very upsetting trip and when I told Den what happened, he was fuming too...

    We have been so careful to keep Gpa's little portable oxygen bottles filled, so he would NOT be using the long 25' or 50' tubing to walk through the house or shop...that is why he fell at home, he tripped over the tubing. The concentrater fills the bottles as soon as they are empty...it just takes some observance to remind Gpa that it's time to change them.

    I mentioned to Sis this evening that Gpa keeps thinking he is going to go back to using the long tubing when he goes home...to walk through the house and out on the deck. She said, "Well, we haven't discussed that...but he wasn't supposed to be going downstairs (where he fell) with that tubing anyway." But she indicated that she thought it would be okay to use the long tubing on the main floor...

    I reminded her that he also fell right upstairs in the kitchen a few weeks before (but didn't tell any of us until the night he broke his wrists.) She said she didn't know if that had anything to do with him tripping on the tubing....but agreed, when I told her that he "shuffles" and doesn't pick up his feet when he walks.

    Oh my word! For seven weeks, we have been so careful with him...to make sure he doesn't fall again...just to send him home and have her let him do the very same thing that made him fall in the first place :(

    I am so angry, I am shaking as I type this...

    I will try to get back later on and actually visit...sorry
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    Julie - So sorry you all have to deal with this. GRRRRRR
    Sorry I need to run.

    Love to all,
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    hello all

    im swamped in work and not much to tell, outside of sorry tales of chores piling up
    here , there and in the middle...lol! but ive firmly resolved NOT to berate myself,
    this body and mind is doing all it can possibly do in its present state...

    i let the dogs out and took some stuff out to the terrace to be washed later, then
    sat and did some meditation, and prayers...after sending DH and son off ...
    grabbed a slice of bread and cheese for my own breakfast, was settling down
    to open the computer when help brought up the milk for the dogs to be boiled
    an a soggy paper, hope its dried before DH comes back from golf, so i put the
    milk on to boil and skimmed thru the posts and you 's doings while watching
    it...and now that its boiled, made myself another cuppa tea, came here to my
    comfy couch by the window, put me feet up and writing this...:)

    will feed the doggies their milk when its cooled down after this and then dive
    into the tasks ahead...hv to make DHs lentils, veggies so he can take them
    in his little tin pail with left over rice...for his lunch..

    i am not going to say i will tackle the clothes needing to be folded in the spare
    room because that seems to put a jinx on it and i dont even get to TOUCH them..
    so shhhhhhhh...im going to fold clothes in spare room, but dont tell anyone..
    (wink, wink). seriously, a herd of sheep can get lost underneath the piles of
    bedsheets, towels, pajamas, shirts, pants, dresses....the socks are already lost
    :( and a lot of undergarments, dreadingnhving to wade in thatpile and feel
    for the smaller stuff...i hv to face the fact that i am a slob, but not willingly

    Sun - i laughed out loud imagining your dear doccys face when you tell him you
    WANT to do the colonoscopy...hahahahaha

    Granni - you went line dancing? great to hear that...i think some sorry bugger is
    tampering with IMDB boards...since a lot of us hv problems...sorry sorry bugger,
    i dont hv problems typing on other sites, its just this PH one...i hope you are
    able to fix it and get i to PH smoothly...

    Julie - what a great pic! what a lovey place for kids to just run free...those
    kiddies are adorable and i understand why ou go out of your way to ensure
    they are always well taken care of, and get all the TLC you can give them

    i can also understand why you are a lot on the mower, all that lawn to
    keep in the impeccable condition in the pic! but its looks like a labour of
    love and it shows...beautiful

    Julie - u sure are having to deal with a lot of anger created by SiLs antics
    more than is healthy for you, pls do try and let some of that anger out
    otherwise it sits in the liver and can cause problems later on...you could
    just sit in yr beautiful yard area in the fresh air and breathe out saying
    i let go of this anger at what SIL just did, several times and imagine the anger
    getting devoured by the sun....unresolved emotional issues hv played havoc
    with my own health especially around the navel area, digestion, liver,
    kidneys too maybe...pls take care, this is NOT good for you

    Rock - that thought about middle shelves occured to me last month,
    both DH and myself dont like getting things out of the lower shelves
    DHs pot belly and my achy leg muscles come in the way...i love
    that you discovered that library...i hope they hv libraries in heaven
    coz if there aint....this earth is going to hv a springwater ghost haunting
    the earths libraries, i wont scare anyone, just sit and take my fill of
    whats out there...

    Mikie - i know you are upset with the health issues and pain, but i admire
    your resilience as you go about dealing with what you need to do..
    praying all of what needs tobe healed is touched by God and made better.
    And that life starts sailing a little more smoothly than it has past coupla

    Jamin - never say never...who knows but you will start using the apps
    and start posting pictures...i keep meaning to but no time...i mean, something
    keeps coming up

    well this took longer than i had meant to...and the doggies are looking impatient
    for their breakfast

    take care, you beautiful people

    God Bless
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  16. lydia1

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    Hi again...going to bed real soon! Mikie, hope things go just fine for you tomorrow. Granni...glad you got to go line dancing.

    Springwater, thank you for the pep talk...I know you're right. I didn't mention earlier how Sis had kept Gpa out and about almost all day. He called me once in the afternoon and was waiting out in the hot car while she had ran into a store. I think they got home just before I got there with his stuff...no reason they couldn't have been home hours before.

    She waited and did all her errands today because she knows he will pay for things if he is along. She even waited to get groceries...and Gpa pays for it all. It was such a hot, humid day, though...and with breathing problems, not good for him to be out.

    I will take your advice about the anger...and the chiro we see tomorrow will deal with it as well.

    Gotta go...eyes won't stay open.
  17. lydia1

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    Good morning, friends! Gotta leave in a few minutes, but wanted to check in again. Glad to be going to this chiro today...not only for numbness and pain in my left hand/arm/shoulder, but also for the emotional stuff. Through muscle testing, he can help me figure out why my mind and body are reacting so severely to the things that sis does or doesn't do. I believe things will work out as they are supposed to, but maybe my "need to be in control so I can save the world" :rolleyes: is turned up a tad...ya think?

    Hope everyone has a good enough day...at least an okay one :)
  18. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids, first, thank you everyone for all you good wishes, prayers and support as I've gone through my sciatica and colonoscopy. I just got home and had to have a cup of coffee and a coupla plain donuts. I'm basically off sweets but, sometimes, nothing beats a donut, for medicinal purposes, of course. Barb stopped on the way home at Publix so I could buy the donuts and, more importantly, some new batteries for my tens unit. The unit isn't expensive but the batteries and pads can add up fast, depending on how often I need to use it.

    The doc removed a new polyp but we won't know about it until it goes through pathology. He didn't seem concerned. It's amazing because this type of polyp is very difficult to see with the scope but they have a light which makes it show up. Fatty tumor hasn't grown and is benign; diverticula have no inflammation (diverticulitis); colon muscles are strong and working well and internal hemorrhoids (the price of motherhood) are non-bleeding. Probably TMI, but we're all adults here. My point is that at this age, most of us have things going on inside of us, especially in our colons. The trick is to manage them. I feel so much better knowing what is going on than hoping nothing is. Of course, with my family history, it's really important in my case.

    Prep went well but, next time, I'm going to start earlier in the day. By evening, I was feeling tired and a wee bit lightheaded. I was afraid I would drop off and forget to take the Ducolax. I guess I could set my alarm. The prep didn't kick in until 9:30 and it was quick. Yikes! :eek: I was up a couple of times during the night and finished this morning. There is no cramping with this prep and no discomfort. They are getting better and better with this prep business. But, enough about my colon--I digress...

    Julie, I honestly don't see this situation with sis as sustainable. It is affecting you emotionally and physically. It's time for Den to stand up and not back down with her. GPA's health, and yours, is in danger now. At his age, if he trips on that oxy line and breaks his hip, it could be the end of him. I'm a lot like you in that if I see a problem and a solution, I want to fix it. But, Sweetie, this has grown beyond your ability to do everything by yourself. You may have to choose between GPA's anger and his well-being before sis continues her destruction. Do you have a pastor, or someone GPA trusts, to counsel all of you on this? Everyone's been walking on egg shells not to upset the apple cart but IMHO, the cart's upset and the apples are rolling down the hill. Enough is enough. Sis is sick and it's not GPA's fault; it may not even be her fault. Blame doesn't matter but your health and GPA's do. Actually sis' matters too and she need professional help. She will not change as long as GPA enables her. I'm so sorry to be so blunt but I'm worried about you and GPA too. It's time for action and to call it like it is. My prayers are with you and I apologize if I've stepped over the line with what I've said here. It's said in love and concern.

    Springwater, I sent you a private message about your computer. Explorer doesn't work well on certain sites. I suggest downloading Firefox, it's free, and using it may fix your problems. It's similar enough to E that it's not a difficult transition. The only way I can read our newspaper online is with FF. E doesn't work. Thank you so very much for you kind words. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed but I just keep plugging along and taking things one at a time. Also, I have faith. God won't fix all our problems but why should He fix any if we don't believe He will. If He doesn't fix something, I believe it's either Karma, in which case, I'm happy to work off my bad Karma here, or it's because there is a bigger picture I can't see. Mostly, it's the small stuff, which seems to all hit at once, that gets to me.

    Granni, thank you too for being so supportive. You are my heroine, line dancing and carrying on. I hope to be able to heal enough to be half as active as you. You hit the nail on the head about where I was last night. Thank God for my master bath--not far to go to go. :) I actually watched the final episode of "Fargo," but will have to watch it again as I was pretty busy at the time. No wonder I'm so pooped today. Rock, did you catch the pun? It was just too easy not to use it. I am supposed to rest today--doc's orders, so I'll do it, again, for medicinal purposes. It's important, especially if anything is removed. Geez, I said I was going to stop talking about it. I lied! :rolleyes:

    The largest pepper on my tree on the lanai is turning orange. I'll wait until it is red, probably tomorrow. I can't wait for all the rest to form and turn red. It should be really pretty if all the little baby balls grow into these strange "UFO" peppers. I still need to go online to see whether or not I can find out what they are. If not, perhaps I'll take one to Lowe's or Home Depot to see whether my favorite gardeners know what they are. Next time, the seedlings will go outside as soon as the are strong enough to stand on their own and be staked. This plant is 4' tall. I've never seen anything like it.

    BTW, have any of y'all heard of Sacred Dirt? It's from a little church in NM where there have been some alleged miracles. My CO kids are going to a wedding in Taos and the church isn't far. They are bringing back some of the dirt, which is free. There are claims of healing when people rub the dirt on themselves. I told her about the other church where they have a 360 degree spiral staircase up to the choir loft. Granni, if y'all had to climb those stairs, the loft sits very high up, you probably wouldn't have the breath left to sing. Anyway, I've seen specials on this church on TV and no one has been able to figure out what holds up the staircase. No nails, no screws. In the 1800's, the nuns put out the word that they wanted someone to build stairs. No one came forth. Finally, a carpenter, with his tools on a donkey, came by. He built the stairs and left and no one ever knew who he was. Some believe it was St. Joseph himself. In any case (again, no pun intended--case--staircase--get it?) no one, to this day, can explain how the stairs were so precisely engineered and stay up. They are beautiful. I believe the church is called, Loretto. I love the beauty of some historical churches in Europe and in our own SW.

    OK, gotta close this tome of "W&P." I send my love to everyone, those I missed here and our MIA. I also want to thank all of you who report the spammers. They are a very determined group--new ones almost every day. I'm gratified that a lot of people have read my warnings, both here and on the CFIDS/ME and FMS boards. Again, you guys are the best!!! :)

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Mikie - Glad you are doing OK after your fun Colonoscopy ):! NOT . Have to go fix dinner but did want to check in and see how my dear ones are doing today.

    Julie - I totally agree with Mikie and my mom at 93 fell 2x a broke two hips and the last one was the end of her. Long story but MIKIE is very right about this situation.

    Gotta run fix dinner. Hpe to check back later.

  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone...Lindsey and I had a great trip today. The chiro did some adjustments and I was pretty sore afterwards...still am, but hope to be better tomorrow. David kept all four kids, but his parents got here late morning, so he had help.

    I checked with Gpa when we got back and told him I needed to rest a bit before I went to get him. I also offered to wait and pick him up in the morning, instead of later this evening...he said that would be fine. So, David's dad is going to ride over with me tomorrow...he wants to see where Gpa lives anyway.

    After lunch, I will take Keira home...I'll stay for her ballgame, then head home myself. Den will be in charge of his dad till I get back...Gpa will hang out with David's parents until Den gets off work.

    I told Den this evening that I am through...I can't deal with the dysfunction between his dad and sister any longer. Sis does need help, and Gpa knows that, but he will not put his foot down or ask for help, etc. I can't take care of him while he is letting her call the shots.

    If he does move here permanently, that is fine. But we have to make some different arrangements as far as our house goes...I have been sleeping on the floor for 7 weeks because the bed upstairs is too small for both me and Den. The mattress I sleep on is too small for Den and the bed is barely big enough for him...he has to sleep at an angle to fit on it.

    And if Gpa comes here, we will not put up with this crap from Sis...getting mad and hanging up on her dad, then not answering when he tries to call back. Deciding on a time she is going to pick him up for an appt. or an outing, then calling an hour early to tell him she is already on the way...that stresses him to the point of panic attacks.

    If Gpa stays home, there will be regular checks to see how things are going, b
    ut I am not going to lay down these ground rules...I am stepping back and letting Den take over. He has wanted to, but I keep reining him in because I'm afraid he will "go overboard".

    Gpa is still "with it" enough to insist on some things, but if he won't...I am not going to stress about it any longer. I have had to, for nearly two months, because of his injury...but now, if he wants to continue in this sick relationship, so be it.

    I'm not even going to be the one taking him home...I'll let Den and whoever helps move the lift chair. I'm not real sure I will even keep mowing the yard for them...Gpa said Sis has mowed some with her riding mower...I figure she can go slow, do a little bit each day as she is able, and keep it caught up the same as I can.

    Oh Jam...I put Gpa back on his supplements when he first came here. The doc had them on his med list, but Gpa couldn't find the right doses, so just wasn't taking them...and Sis never bothered to check. Or maybe she did and just didn't care...because she told me the list Gpa carries in his wallet was not "up to date."

    That's the crazy thing...she knows he doesn't realize when the electricity goes off and he's not getting oxygen, but she still was leaving him overnight and not letting us know. She knows he shuffles his feet and stumbles, but doesn't worry that he will trip again. She knew he wasn't taking his meds and supps properly, but didn't do anything about that either.

    She is the one who made him quite driving, which we agreed with. But then she won't take him shopping or make sure she gets what he needs when she is out.

    But, for some reason, none of his problems are her fault. And she still continues to have him do hard physical work for her...

    Anyway, as I said, I am finished...I'm going to just make sure Den is aware of things, and let him deal with them.

    Mikie, you didn't go overboard at all...none of you guys ever do...you can see things better than I do, because I am too emotionally connected. Glad your test went okay...