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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 16, 2014.

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    hi kids

    can't type so well. my mouse arm no workee. not sure why.
    but it's a little better. am takin' ibupr and applyin' a gel.


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    Julie: Good for you.....I'm glad to read you've made the decision to back away and let Den takeover. From all that you've written,I would say sis want's him "out of the picture", but tries to put up a good front that she wants the best for him. If you guys are OK with him living with you, that would probably be the best. The stress from her has not been good for you or the family, I hope you can come to an amicable arrangement. And certainly not good with you sleeping on the floor!

    It's after midnight and I'm sitting here with my tens machine going. I have so much neck pain from trying to do the windows on saturday. It seems like I can keep the pain under control during the day but I'm having a hard time when I have to "hit the pillow".

    Mikie: So happy to read that your colonoscopy is done......and looks pretty good. I talked to my doctor today about it for me......since we have a PPO still, we have several options. Apparently each doctor is a little different.....the one my DH went to only allows broth and jello from morning to next morning.....24 hrs. So I'm checking on other doctors. Since I have a tendency toward hypoglycemia, just don't know how I'll do.
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    Hi, Granni,

    This hip I recently injured has been injured in the past. I fell off a step stool at Publix and onto the hip on the cement floor. There seemed to be no harm done. Then, more recently, my hand slipped getting into the tub and I landed, not on the side of that hip but, on my right buttox, snack on the bone. That was sore and painful for several weeks. Maybe the bursa said, "I've had enough of this abuse," well, that is, if our body parts could talk. Actually, I guess pain, swelling and bruising are the parts' way of taking to us. That hip has been very chatty this time 'round. :mad:

    I came home and ate soft food yesterday and even that gave my stomach a few growls and grumbles. Now, it's talking to me. They force air up the colon to open it up and what goes in must come out. Until it all does, it can cause a wee bit of discomfort. Like you said, it wasn't fun but it wasn't that bad either. Any of my surgeries made this look like a walk in the park. I'm a wee bit stiff today because I haven't been very active. I need to soak and do some stretches. Think I'll go to Wally World to see whether their tens pads are less expensive. Target usually has the cheapest OTC things but they don't carry the little gummy cranberry chews which help keep my cystitis at bay. PH has the capsules; I need to check to see whether they carry cranberry gummies; it's the new trend in how to take supps. Even my fibre comes in gummy cubes. They are delicious! :p

    I was in a nice deep nap yesterday when our painter called. He's coming out this morning at 8:30 to see where the tree trimmer hit our railing. It's probably nothing to worry about, it's so small but it's down to the metal. Maybe they can just fill it in. So, that means Barb and I can have coffee out there and show him where it is. I hope it's not too hot and humid. Our mornings have been dry and breezy with the rains coming in the afternoons, as God intended during Rainy Season. The last few years, it's been all messed up. :confused:

    The little UFO pepper is now red. I guess that means I can pick it. I wish the other three would fill out and turn. I'd like to see little red peppers all over the pepper plant. A lot of the blooms and little balls, which should grow into the peppers, have dried up and fallen off. It may have been that fungus which coated the underside of the larger leaves. I've removed them and sprayed the plant twice with Dawn Liquid and water. There are still a bunch of the little balls on one branch so, we'll see. The plant itself is very handsome. Does anyone know whether a pepper plant will produce more than one crop? Guess I could leave it and see. I do plan to save seeds from one of the offspring of this first crop.

    My wi-fi is still working but the TV box just stopped, as it does about once a week. This time, though, it doesn't seem to be able to reset itself. Comcast is so profitable partly because they use crappy stuff. Their vans are always out here and not to install anything. It's always for a trouble call. This is really a hardship to someone like me for whom TV is my life. When I'm in dire straits, I watch Netflix streaming. I watched and rewatched the good stuff, though, and want my regular TV back. Whine, whine, whine! :mad:

    It's early so will wish everyone a very nice day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Granni, this hip I recently injured has been injured in the past. I fell off a step stool at Publix and onto the hip on the cement floor. There seemed to be no harm done. Then, more recently, my hand slipped getting into the tub and I landed, not on the side of that hip but, on my right buttox, snack on the bone. That was sore and painful for several weeks. Maybe the bursa said, "I've had enough of this abuse," well, that is, if our body parts could talk. Actually, I guess pain, swelling and bruising are the parts' way of taking to us. That hip has been very chatty this time 'round. :mad:

    I'm editing this because it didn't show me any more than Granni's post. GRRRR!!! I hate it when this happens!

    Jam, I've heard nothing about Publix's buying Whole Foods. Whole Foods has an entirely different culture but that doesn't mean Publix couldn't buy them and own two entirely different chains. Usually these things are in a very small area of the business section of the paper and I usually only read the weekends. I can read it online but usually just don't anymore. Try to Google it and see what comes up. Publix really has no competitors in the same business model and culture here. Winn Dixie, which recently bought out Sweetbay, is no competition pricewise nor servicewise. They also offer far less in the width of their merchandise. We have no Kroger nor Safeway stores here. I loved Kroger in Denver when I lived there. They were called King Soopers and were really big stores. I guess Wally World groceries is about the only real competitor Publix has but WW is not a store many people like to shop in. Myself? I don't mind as long as it's not crowded, especially with out-of-control children running all over. Once, when I worked at Publix, a woman, who did not speak English, was just letting her toddler scream at the top of his lungs near my cashier station. Finally, before my sensory overload started the seizure activity, I yelled, "Silencio, por favor!" Well, evidently the mother couldn't believe such a pale gringa spoke Spanish, and the kid had never been corrected. Both mouths dropped and the mom shuffled the kid and cart out of there post haste. I still smile when I think of it.

    I just edited the original post and the edit feature didn't work even tho it said my post had been updated. So, I'll just continue here, posting to individuals and there may be some redundancy between the two.

    Julie, thank God you and Den are going to do something about this situation. Change is very difficult, especially if we don't know how it will affect everyone and the relationships. Sometimes, we have to be pushed into a corner to act. That is usually when we've exercised every other option, which you have, and then some. In some ways, our parents become our children in later years and we have to make tough decisions to protect them. God bless you all; my prayers are with you. I still think it would make a world of difference if there is a therapist or pastor who could help facilitate this whole situation. I'm thinking Dr. Phil. I can only imagine what he would say to sis. Still, I understand your wish not to demonize her to GPA but a good facilitator would handle things gently with GPA.

    Rock, I hope and pray you are doing better. My kids in CO are both left handed and I've learned to use their mouse with my left hand. Now and then, I move it to the right and I'm sure, to them, it's like leaving the toilet seat up except when I move the mouse, no one's tushie gets wet! :D

    Sunflower Girl, I could have Jello and broth and all the water, coconut water, Gatorade, vitamin water, soda pop, and popcicles I wanted as long as everything was clear, yellow or orange the day of the prep. If one could tolerate Neutrasweet, sugarless Jello is an option. I'm so glad you are going to do this. You'll be glad too when it's done. If they find nothing, you can usually go 6 to 10 yrs. before having another, depending on the doc. I'm sure if you explain your situation, they can work with you to find a way. Prep day is a day to take it easy. Drinking the Miralax in 64 oz. of my 7Up was difficult toward the end because it tasted sooooo sweet. Used to be a salty tasting stuff. The only thing I would do is to start earlier next time. I moved the laxatives up an hour as it was and it didn't have enough time to work completely before I went to the office. I had to use their bathroom. Especially in my case, where there was a polyp hiding in plain sight, it is necessary to have the colon squeaky clean. Your doc may use a completely different prep so all this may be moot. Good luck.

    OK, sorry for this clusterfudge and sorry if it makes my "W&P" posts even worse. I'm afraid to try to fix it because when I just did, it didn't work. Just another little thing in my life which isn't working. Is Mercury retrograde? :eek: I hope not.

    Love you all,
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    Julie - I am so glad that Den is going to take over this situation with sis. I think I mentioned that to you also sometime ago but you have to be at the point to be ready to deal with whatever comes your way after Den puts his foot down. Hoping she will start to behave some after Den steps in but not sure. She knows she can take advantage of you and Grandpa.

    If there are any changes to be made it is now or when grandpa's casts come off. MIKIE said it all right and I am glad that Den is going to have a little talk shall we say with his sister. She is clearly taking advantage of gpa's sweet and giving nature. Yes, at that age it doesn't always take much for them to slip and fall and yes a break at his age (hip) very often leads to the end for them. I know from my mom. You do not need to stress out on this any longer and if Grandpa decides to stay there you need to step out of it and Den step in. Either way let Den take care of it.

    Mikie - So glad that your colonoscopy is over and that everything was fine. Boy, you really can write one heck of a W and P (LOL)!!! If I go to the other program (Firefox) I cn type like crazy without a mistake like now but I have to sign in ever time and I think it confuses the computer cause then when I try and log in the reg. way it wants me to sign in there too- weird. Takes to long to get on this way. However, the other way I have to keep editing every other work. Drives me nuts !! Hope your sciatica is feeling better. Sorry if I missed what you said about it.

    I need to get off now as DH will be calling me to go to the doc for his one wk checkup for his eyes. Think all is well and today is the last day for his rt eye drops. So now I just need to keep giving him his Lt. eye drops till sometime the beginning of July - geez already.

    Gotta run now to get ready and I can't think of anything else to say right now. I have not been able to check the forums to much lately. DH has been on the computer and it doesn't always come up on my phone. Have to make sure I check the boxes to say I am interested in getting replies to that forum (post). Have to edit to do that. If I remember to do all those things your posts will come up on my phone.

    Bye for now. Hope to check back later on.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hope everyone is feeling and doing pretty well today. DH's eye check went well and he goes back in about a month. Today is the last of the rt eye drops along with the left and so for the next month I can concentrate on the left :)!! Haven't done that much today other than running around with DH and then I took him out to eat at Subways sandwiches. We brought it home and ate it. It was so good. I am still full and told DH I didn't feel like cooking and was still full and it is to hot to eat. So, DH is eating some leftover chicken wings I had in the refrig and then we will have some leftover beans and sausage I had fixed yesterday. We already also made a salad to eat. That is probably what we both need to just eat but these men seems t crave MEAT !!!

    Hi Sun - Hope you find the right doc and regime to get a Colonoscopy done. Hope your DH is doing better on his new meds. Is he taking chemo now? Hope his depression has eased.. If so I know you will feel better too !!

    Rock - Hope your mouse arm is now working and it isn't so sore for you. Heat and gel should be some what helpful to you. We can't have you shirking your duties here on the porch keeping us all happy and content ( and laughing) !!

    Julie - Hope things settle down to a dull roar for you can go soon on a nice trip with Amy and Keira. You need it girl even though we will miss you a lot. Guess that will have to be settled somewhat before you go (the saga with Grandpa and sis).. I have forgotten when you will be leaving and how long you will be gone.

    Jam - Hope you are feeling fairly well or as well or having less pain than usual, if that is possible..

    SW - How are you doing sweetie??? Missing hearing from you as well as Diane and others.

    Love to everydobby, inc those not mentioned or still lurking about !!

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    Hi all,

    Sorry I've been incommunicado. Just dealing with lack of supplementation. Flares coming and going due to lack of the things I need to be semi-better. Still waiting for Tax Return. Called Tues.. Now they say 2 to 4 more weeks! :( Will be so glad when I can get my meds and supps back in order. I'm a physical basket case without them.

    Identity theft sucks! :mad: Working has been major torture. Mikie I hope things get better for you. Sounds like a bad time you've been having. I'd respond to all, but haven't the energy now. Still in a flare. Love to all and thanks for well wishes.

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    Hi guys...I just put in an 18 hour day, so will just pop in then head to bed. Just got back from taking Keira home, eating supper with her and Amy, shopping for some clothes for our trip...

    Went over and got Gpa this morning and brought him to our house till probably Saturday. While he, I and Sis were in the same room I had a talk with them both about the importance of him not using the long tubing. When I was finished, I looked at Sis and said, "Are we in agreement on this...on keeping your dad safe?" She said, "oh...okay...sure."

    I think she has multiple personalities or something. She acted like that was her idea all along...whatever...

    Anyway...no more stress for me! And I can sleep in my own bed again in a couple days :p

    Good night one and all!
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