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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Hope everyone is feeling and doing pretty well today. DH's eye check went well and he goes back in about a month. Today is the last of the rt eye drops along with the left and so for the next month I can concentrate on the left :)!! Haven't done that much today other than running around with DH and then I took him out to eat at Subways sandwiches. We brought it home and ate it. It was so good. I am still full and told DH I didn't feel like cooking and was still full and it is to hot to eat. So, DH is eating some leftover chicken wings I had in the refrig and then we will have some leftover beans and sausage I had fixed yesterday. We already also made a salad to eat. That is probably what we both need to just eat but these men seems t crave MEAT !!!

    Hi Sun - Hope you find the right doc and regime to get a Colonoscopy done. Hope your DH is doing better on his new meds. Is he taking chemo now? Hope his depression has eased.. If so I know you will feel better too !!

    Rock - Hope your mouse arm is now working and it isn't so sore for you. Heat and gel should be some what helpful to you. We can't have you shirking your duties here on the porch keeping us all happy and content ( and laughing) !!

    Julie - Hope things settle down to a dull roar for you can go soon on a nice trip with Amy and Keira. You need it girl even though we will miss you a lot. Guess that will have to be settled somewhat before you go (the saga with Grandpa and sis).. I have forgotten when you will be leaving and how long you will be gone.

    Jam - Hope you are feeling fairly well or as well or having less pain than usual, if that is possible..

    SW - How are you doing sweetie??? Missing hearing from you as well as Diane and others.

    Love to everydobby, inc those not mentioned or still lurking about !!

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    Hi all,

    Sorry I've been incommunicado. Just dealing with lack of supplementation. Flares coming and going due to lack of the things I need to be semi-better. Still waiting for Tax Return. Called Tues.. Now they say 2 to 4 more weeks! :( Will be so glad when I can get my meds and supps back in order. I'm a physical basket case without them.

    Identity theft sucks! :mad: Working has been major torture. Mikie I hope things get better for you. Sounds like a bad time you've been having. I'd respond to all, but haven't the energy now. Still in a flare. Love to all and thanks for well wishes.

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