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    Y'all come on in as I close out #720. Be sure to check out the last posts over there.

    OK, I'm back on 721 after checking the posts on 720 that I hadn't read. I'm trying to be really quick at getting the new one up and running and closing out the old one. Geez, it ain't easy!

    Yes, Granni, I can write one heckofa "W&P" Post! Not just one but two because the boards weren't cooperating and allowing me to edit the first one. So there must have been some overlap. I am in edit mode after opening this Porch with only one line so hope this time it works. Thanks for your kind good wishes on my colonoscopy. Yes, I'm glad it's behind me. :rolleyes: I see the PA on July 2 and will get the pathologist's report on the polyp then. Glad DH's eyes are coming along. I know it takes time to heal and having to do those eye drops just makes the healing a real pain. Still, when I think about what that surgery used to be like, this is soooo much better. Before they had any surgery, people had to wear Coke bottle glasses which made them look like owls.

    Oh, Dar, I was so hoping you would have your refund by now. Is there an atty. who would take on the IRS for you pro bono? It might just be worth checking into. Someone where you work may know about a law firm which would help. Most of them do pro-bono work. Good luck. You deserve better than this.

    Julie, I think you handled things perfectly. Knowing sis, it may not work but you have drawn the line in the sand in both her presence and GPA's. Everyone should be on the same page and if she isn't, she can't say she didn't know. Then, Den can lower the boom. If she doesn't live up to what she lamely agreed to, there ought to be swift consequences. Some people have to be wakened up with a fast and hard response to their bad behavior. I'm so glad you are getting some peace. I hope and pray it continues. As I said to Dar, "You deserve better!"

    Yesterday was a whole day on the Balcony. I had almost no pain but that's because I didn't do anything. At lunchtime, Barb and I picked up some delicious Chinese food and we ate out on the Balcony. We will eat it again today and there will likely be some left over. We decided to have a little red wine with our lunch and continued sipping it all afternoon. I took two activated charcoal so it didn't make me tipsy nor gave me a hangover. Love that stuff! ;)

    Another neighbor come over and brought another bottle and we all sat and chatted and had a good ole time. Julie came by and Tweety and Sylvester came with her. It was soooo good to see them. Tweety's little sides are bulging so I know they aren't starving. With Sylvester, it's hard to tell with his long fur. She has always eaten twice as much as he but now that she is more of an adult, she doesn't burn off the calories. Both of them look sooooo good. Julie has had some health issues and said something that made me think the cats may be a bit too much for her at times. I told her that if, for any reason, she didn't feel she could keep them, I'd take them back in a NY minute. I don't really want permanent pets, as I've mentioned here before, but I totally understand how overwhelmed one can get when not feeling well. She seemed to really appreciate that. I could even take them off her hands until she's better. Those cats have two homes where they are loved.

    Another part-time neighbor stopped by on his way to the pool with a tall drink and came up to the Balcony. Well, he drank some more and claimed he was being held hostage by three women. He even called his wife and left that message. Then he called another neighbor, who is up North, and told him the same thing. This other neighbor's daughter is married to the other one's son, so they are in-laws. He put him on speaker and we all laughed and had a good time. The guy who got the call told the one on the Balcony that he was a lucky (expletive deleted :) Geez! We sound like a bunch of alcoholics. I haven't had anything to drink for a while so I really enjoyed myself. Also, this was the first day without much pain, another reason to celebrate.

    Simon's been by every morning and is really putting away the food. He looks a bit skinny again and he probably needs it. After he ate this morning, he got into what I call the "basket position" at the top of the steps. With basket position, cats pull their legs under their bodies when lying on their bellies and wrap their tails tightly around themselves so the tails almost disappear. I guess it could be call "loaf position" as he looks like a loaf of bread. It's one of my favorite things cats do.

    Today, after Barb and I have our breakfast and coffee on the Balcony, we are going to pick up my MRI scrip and go to Wally World for a few things. Tomorrow is our friend's surprise birthday party. Julie and Barb are going to the Legion for dinner but I'm not up to two event in one day. I may barely be up to one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All

    Popping by just fr a wee bit

    Mikie - that was a good you had on the balcony

    Its so hot..humid! Ineed to make dinner so will write longer another time

    ive been t visit DHs cousin monk at his home..wentwith son but didnt meet
    him..his parents are kind of strange in that they dont piclup the phone.. and i
    dont hv his phone

    then i went to nephews college forhis third semester results..he has done
    good came 13th of of 200 students and first among boys but the professors
    and principal made it clear he could have done better and break into the top

    they are going to send him to Dubai or China fr paid internship after this
    (Hotel Management)

    Right see you all later

    God Bless
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    Message to Mikie, Message to Mikie: Check on wiki or goog for tepin. You might just track down your mystery pepper! I've grown them before under the name chile tepin; little round small red chilis, quite hot. Let us know if that is what it is. :)

    Gotta get bavk to my watering.

    Love to All!
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    Have had such a busy day with stuff for my small music group and what we are supposed to be going to do at the ladies group luncheon next week.. Lots of e-mailing going on and phoning. Have to start getting ready to go out to dinner with some friends this evening. It takes awhile for me to get ready, start my makeup and figure out what I am going to wear - something cool !!!

    Thinking of you all. Nice to see or hear from you Spring Water, Mikie, Jam, Barry , Sun, Dar, Diane, et al.

    Jam - Glad you got to see your DD and DGD and had some good food. Sounds like you had a great time..

    Julie - Saw grandpa got his casts off on FB. I know he and you all were glad about that. Hope all works out after this :)!

    Love to awl,
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    Hi, Kids,

    Good to see y'all on the Porch. Barb and I sat out on the Balcony for coffee with the idea we'd go get my scrip for the MRI and get to Wally World this morning. Well, we had so much company on the Balcony again this morning that we didn't get home til about noon. We finished eating our Chinese food and I brought the extra little box of steamed rice home and made rice pudding. It's too dry. When I dumped the rice out, it was in a hard block. I put in extra milk for the pudding but it's still not up to par. It's not so bad I'd throw it out but it's definitely not my shining hour of cooking.

    I lost my drivers license after I showed it to the desk at the doc's office so I could pick up the scrip. Evidently, I put it in my pocket and it dropped out at WW. I went through my purse twice and finally called. Some kind person turned it in so I drove down and picked it up. I had forgotten to buy some produce so it all worked out OK. The battery in my tens unit died in WW so I was in a lot of pain when I got home the first time. I'm now sitting inside in the A/C and resting my leg.

    My SAD blue light box came and I used it for 15 minutes this morning at about 5:00 a.m. or so to let my body know that's when I want to get up. I'll use it again this evening to tell my body I'm not ready for sleep yet. In time, it is supposed to train my pea brain. I fall asleep for a couple of hours about 7:00 p.m. and then, my brain wants to wake me up at 3:30 in the morning. Yikes! :confused: The light isn't UV so it is safe to use on my face, which has been treated with laser and topical chemo. I'll let y'all know whether it works.

    I got my MRI set up for next week at a facility which is in my BC/BS network. Finally! I've managed to get all this straightened out. Things are finally starting to fall into line. I hope this means I'm on a roll and all these little stressful things are coming to an end. Something weird must be going on in my Zodiac chart! Geez! I'm just grateful that, at least so far, things are settling down. It reaffirms my belief that if I keep the faith and just keep on keepin' on, everything will work out for the best. Or, in my Mom's words, "Oh, Honey, it'll all be OK." Mom was always right. I wish she were still here. I miss her every day.

    Springwater, good for your nephew! I hope he gets to go to Dubai. They are so rich that any training would likely be top notch. Sorry about the heat and humidity. Our afternoons are pretty hot and humid but we haven't seen the worst of it yet. Stay cool, my friend.

    Jam, I'm glad the Antabloc seems to be helping you. I'm also glad the kids have seen the light when it comes to gut health and probiotics. Keep us updated on the Antabloc and good luck.

    Barry, I will look the pepper up but this pepper isn't hot; it tastes like a red bell pepper but it is tiny. My friend thinks the man who gave her plant to her came from Honderus. It's definitely something I've never seen before and Publix carries a lot of varieties of peppers and other ethnic foods. Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know what I find. Perhaps if one leaves these peppers on the plant long after they turn red, they get hotter.

    Granni, I hope you have a nice dinner. It takes me time to dress too if it's anything other than my tees, Capris and flip flops. I'm not sure what to wear to the birthday party tomorrow, maybe a summery maxi dress. My friend found out from another friend who let the cat out of the bag because she had surgery and was out of it on morphine. The birthday girl is furious because she hates attention and had already told her daughter and friend that she didn't want any party or gifts. Of course, once we all get there, she will enjoy herself. I think it's better she found out ahead of time. She'll have time to fume and get over it by the time the party gets here. I'd like to wear one of my new jewelry pieces but don't want to be too flashy.

    It's getting ready to rain again. It's sprinkled off and on all day. Lots of lightening and thunder. Good for sleeping tonight. I'll be anxious to see whether the light keeps me awake this evening. It is a light for those who suffer from SAD too. I did when I lived in CO but used the tanning beds in the winter, even though the sun shines quite a fit in the wintertime there. It might not have been healthy but I had a lovely year round tan. I always told the kids that I'd look tan and lovely in the coffin. Ooh, ooh, I shouldn't joke; I'm ready for a full-body scan at the dermatologist's office. I don't even want to look at this old body let alone have a stranger look at it. After looking at us saggy, baggy old people down here all day, they must not be able to get the pictures out of their minds' eyes. AACK!!! :eek:

    I'll leave y'all with that lovely thought in mind.

    Love, Mikie
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    I may have found the pepper. There are several which could be it but this pic more resembles the peppers and the plant, with its blooms, looks identical. It's called the Aji Dulce.

    Aji_dulce.jpg aji_dulce_plant.jpg
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    Jam, the ignorance regarding probiotics and gut health are astounding! Especially, when one considers that docs are among the most ignorant. Thanks for your good thoughts about my DL. I have sooooo many medical appts. and waiting for hours at the DMV is the last thing I need. The only other picture ID I have is my permit to carry. I don't ever like to use that for ID purposes. Don't know whether you remember that I had so many skin cancer lesions on my face that I had to have topical chemo because there were too many to freeze off. They weren't the dangerous kind but still, it's scary. As a child of the 50's, I grew up believing you had to have a tan and smoke to look sophisticated.

    DD in CO said a new anti-smoking ad shows a kid in a convenience store buying sigs. He puts down his ID and money. The clerk says, "Sorry, Son, that's not enough." Then, the kid takes a pliers from the clerk and pulls two teeth and lays them on the counter too. AACK!!! :eek: We have some pretty gruesome ones here in FL too. I think when big tobacco had to pay millions in damages, each state got its share and can run its own PSAs. If only they were more effective. But, I digress...

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I'm lost......what would be the purpose of the two pulled teeth? I wonder how many are thinking like I am.......if so......then it's a totally failed ad.

    Yes, by all means, wear your new bling! That's what a party is for. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time at her party once it gets started. And aren't you the lucky one.....having someone find and turn in your DL. Whew! Look at all you could have gone thru getting a new one.

    OK.....call me crazy, but I don't take probiotics. I don't have stomach issues and I spend enough on lots of supplements. I bought one bottle from sprouts, kept it in the frig. and took 2 pills got really sick so didn't bother anymore.

    I called DHs primary dr. and asked for PT for his knee. So now that will be a new place for him to visit, probably several times a week so he can learn the correct exercises for his knee. His gait has changed because of his knee. I told him he needs to take care of this otherwise the next thing will be arthritis in his back and neck and then a walker. Do you think I've "scared" him sufficiently. LOL

    It's HOT here.......but I guess so long as it's not humid we can take it.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Did y'all see the peppers? Mine are a little flatter than these, more like discs but, otherwise, they look just like these. I call mine UFO peppers. I'm so glad I found out what they are. Aji dulce means sweet red pepper in Spanish. These peppers are grown in Latin countries. I was right; the article said if the red peppers are left on the plant, they will become more picante (hot). However, it is wise to remove them, unless you want them hot, as soon as they turn red because that encourages the plant to produce more. I also learned that, after the harvest, I can cut the plant down, let it rest, and it will produce another batch of peppers.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm glad you got DH into PT. I go on Mon. for mine. You are sooooo right about having back problems if his gait isn't corrected. My ex had a bad knee before knee replacement was an option. They did surgery on it but botched it. Then, when replacement was possible, he had both knees done. One failed and it had to be done over. His knees no longer hurt but his back is all messed up. Yes, I was very lucky to get that DL back. I said to the C/S clerk, "God bless you and the person who turned it in." Sweetie, probiotics aren't just for when you have stomach problems; they are to take all the time to prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome (a serious problem) and keep your immune system healthy by balancing the "good" bacteria with the bad. Our bodies start slowing the production of the good bacteria at about age 35. Every year that goes by, the gut can get more unhealthy. That is why so many people start having gut problems as they age. Immunity begins in the gut and I have to wonder whether this is why so many get cancer when they get older. Perhaps their immune systems can no longer kill the cancer cells. I read that we have about 200 new cancer cells appear every day. The immune system recognizes them as defective and kills them. Cancer is a failure of our immune systems. When we take antibiotics, it kills all the bacteria, good and bad. The good ones may not fully recover. This is why it's extra important to take probiotics when taking antibiotics. I've only ever heard of one doc who told his patient to take them along with the ABX; it was a woman doc in WVA. They don't guarantee that one won't get cancer but I figure why not do everything to prevent it if I can. Leaky Gut Syndrome is where the bowel gets thin and putrid food can pass into the body. It's a lot like when a doc nicks the bowel during surgery. It can lead to fatal systemic infection. Geez! I'm doing my own scary PSA right here. It's not as graphic as the cig ads but just as important.

    Jam, you are right; it is inflammation which causes so much pain. In my case, something is pinching the sciatic nerve and I'm hoping the MRI will tell us what is doing this. It is possible that massage/manipulation will take the pressure off that nerve. Stretching certainly helps. I will likely buy another tilt table and just put it somewhere in here. It's very for good blood circulation to tilt up and down a bit too. I'm going to get PH's tart cherry extract as the article I read said it was about the best anti-inflammatory. There is also an anti-inflammatory Nutriblast I can make in the bullet. You are right about the ads. The message is that cigs don't just cost money; they cost you parts of your body. The PSAs here show people who have had amputations, including one woman who had to have her vocal chords removed. She is in her 50's and speaking through one of those voice simulators. She has almost no hair, is very wrinkled and is speaking from her death bed. Another is a young man who lost both legs. Finally, there is an American Indian who used to love to do the native dances. He never smoked but died of lung cancer from secondhand smoke. He was only in his 50's.

    I used the blue SAD lightbox last evening at 7:00. It actually made me feel very sleepy but when it shut off, that sleepiness went away. I did fall asleep from 8:30 to 9:30 but woke, watched TV until 11:00 and slept until 4:00 this morning instead of 3:30 so I'm hoping that is progress. My sleep ever since the colonoscopy has been deeper and more restful. I have to wonder whether the anesthesia "reset" my brain a little.

    Between my doc's appts., my MRI, and my PT, I'm gonna be busy for the next few weeks. Barb, ever the optimist--NOT!!!-told me my sciatica will never go away. From what I've read, the PT, deep ultra red treatment, ultra sound, tens units, and anti-infammatories all just treat the symptoms. However, if one can get the pressure off the nerve, it will stop the pain. Massage, spinal adjustment, stretching and tilting may be enough to take care of it, depending on what is pinching the nerve. Since my x-rays showed no spinal problems, I'm assuming it's coming from the pelvic area and muscle imbalance. My hip injuries just made things worse. At least, the injury spurred me to finally see the doc for my back. I believe I will eventally get rid of the pain but I'm sure I'll have to do the stretches for the rest of my life. That's OK because they keep me agile. I may be vain but I have to be able to paint my toenails. I refuse to go to a salon for a pedicure as I've seen the infections one can get from even the cleanest looking salons. We now have a bad bacteria in the Gulf and I won't go into that sewer water for nuttin' People worry about farm raised fish but will eat fish caught in the Gulf. AACK!!! :confused:

    OK, not here to write "W&P" so will bid y'all adieu. I hope and pray for everyone here and MIA, my Online Family. I pray for lots of NRG and a pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie
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    A VERY quick HI to awl. Need to get dressed and do some weeding before the heat.

    Julie - So glad you will be going on a little trip with Amy and Keira. Just the change will do you goo. Hope all goes well with Gpa and his move back home. Tis computer is driving me crazy having to keep going back and redoing words - aack !! DH is already outside power washing and I haven't even given him his drops yet. Wasn't sure if you were leaving Mon or Tues. Please have fun if I do not talk to you before and try and relax :)!! Can't believe those twins are two years old already. Hope Lindsay is doing well. Your place really will be hopping when that new one is a born :) !!
    Hi to Mikie and everydobby. Have to run a get dressed and go do some weeding ( not my favorite thing to do). Will try and check I later. Haven't had the chance to read everyone's posts yet or very well.

    Love you all,
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    Wow! Just came by to get rid of a spammer and saw your posts.

    Julie, I am tired just reading about everything you've been doing. Can't believe the twins are two either. Glad to hear about GPA's checkup. I hope you have a good time but don't do too much so that you will be too tired to enjoy yourself. Good luck with the car.

    Granni, we need our weeds pulled or sprayed but our gardeners have been putting off getting a precise nozzle for their Roundup and most of us have told them we don't want them spraying it all over our plants. As soon as I can, maybe tomorrow, I'll try to pull or spray them with my own weed killer. I had to pull up a tree which volunteered to come up right in front of our electrical boxes. Before the sciatica, I would have moved and replanted it. I don't even know the name of these little trees but they constantly put out balls of orange flowers and volunteers sprout up everywhere. I've been trying to get a garden going on one side of our bldg. but haven't even been able to keep up with the rest.

    I'm trying to rest before the birthday party, which is at 1:00. It's supposed to be catered but I'm not sure whether that means lunch or little finger foods. Since I wake at 4:00, I've had a sandwich to get me through. If I'm not hungry at 1:00, it won't matter; it'll likely be a buffet.

    I just noticed that the other peppers on my plant do have a little point down underneath, like the ones in the pic. The one I already picked is flat, like a UFO. These plants are supposed to be 18 inches tall. Mine is about 4 feet. It must be the Miracle Gro.

    See y'all later. If you want, go play My Favorite Things Game, which really isn't a game. No one has posted. Maybe it's already been done or maybe it's just not exciting enough. Favorite things engenders gratitude which makes good chemicals in our brains. Just sayin'....

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Jam, I think the success of treating sciatica depends on what is pinching the nerve. In my case, if the MRI confirms no problems with the spine, it is likely coming from the hips/pelvis. That is muscular imbalance and the stretches and PT seem to be more effective. I hope so. At least, I'm going to do my best to, at least, get the pain level down. It's fine until I have to stand or walk, putting weight on that side. Even if it never goes away completely, I hope there is something which can help. From what I've heard, it can go away and flare up again.

    Just got home from the birthday party. It was fun and everyone was so nice. These are people I've known or met in the hood. It was a catered buffet so I was able to eat light. We drank champagne mixed with peach nectar. I didn't drink much and with the champagne watered down with the nectar, I didn't get tipsy. Decided to wear a navy sleeveless slinky top with a deep gathered neckline and gold metal rods on the straps. It went beautifully with the gold bracelet and earrings I got from Adrienne Arpel. I'm so glad I had a chance to wear them. I just wore white jeans and navy sandals. So, it was kinda casual glam. Just right!

    I've got my legs up on the coffee table and the tens unit turned on. I was in agony before we left but I took some ibuprophen and, when it kicked in, I felt better. I'm in a nice soft nightie with the A/C on. Aah, heaven! I hope all y'all are as comfortable.

    Love, Mikie
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    :)Mikie - so glad that you had a fun tie at the party and that now you can come home to really relax ! Your outfit sounds really nice to me pretty but casual. Have a nice and peaceful night. Just ate a lite dinner and now to wash the hair with a shower. That is such a production for me to wash my hair It is the curling and you don't want to see without doing that. Wish I had nat. curly hair :)!! I think you said that you did, at least some curls , am I right?

    Guess what with my puter - this afternoon I clicked on my Google/Firefox icon ( I guess windows, and up cam a screen telling me that they cold open this item. Also it may have been moved or deleted. How do you figure that? Have you ever heard of or seen such a thing??? I rebooted,took out all the plugs etc, and nothing happened, and now what?????

    Hi to Jam also Dar, Sun, Julie, prig Water, Jan, Dane, Rock, et al !! Just wanted to pop in to see if I was missing anything but my hair calleth me ---- eeek:eek:!! The curling seems to take forever.

    Good night for now. Hope Julie will have a nice & restful trip with Amy and Keira.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    I never heard of plugs until a screen on my computer wanted to know what I wanted to do with them. Since I don't even know what a plug is, I didn't do anything. What is starting it irk me is that now, software is coming up with names for things. In Windows 8, some icons are called, charms. Server storage is the cloud and now, we have plugs. Yikes!!! :confused: What's a non-techie girl to do?

    Yes, I do have naturally curly hair. If I do not blow mine out, it will curl and wave. If I want it a tad curlier, like the moppet look I had as a child, there is a product I put into it and scrunch it with my fingers as I lightly blow it just enough to give it a bit of shape so it's not "Curls Gone Wild." :D I need to give my hair a trim next time I shampoo it. I find it's much easier to cut it wet. When I first started to cut my own hair, I was afraid to cut it wet.

    Well, I don't think my blue SAD light box is working. I'm not sad but after I turned it on last evening, I fell asleep for quite a while. At ten, the alarm woke me and I took my Special K. I fell asleep right away again but was wide awake about 2:00. Yikes!!! :eek: This is even earlier than usual. Instead of making me feel wide awake, that light lulls me into sleep. I get enough hours of sleep but it isn't when I want to be sleeping.

    Simon was here at 3:00 lying across one of the steps. I took his breakfast out and he ate a lot. That always makes me feel good. I hate it when he gets too thin.

    I am praying for one of the women who came to the party yesterday. She didn't stay long. She once had colon cancer but was cancer free there. She is a smoker and had some trouble breathing so she saw the doc. The x-ray showed a dark area on one lung. They did a scan of her brain to see whether the cancer has migrated. She didn't have the results from the scan but even the lung is not good. She has started giving things away already which surprised me. She must have a feeling that this may be it for her. I hope not. It's been more than 25 years since I finally quit smoking and the docs used to tell me my risk for lung cancer is as though I never smoked. We now know that's not true. If one ever smoked, there is a higher risk.

    It's supposed to be nice today so will likely take a little nap and go out to the Balcony for my second cup 'o Joe. I want to try out our new hedge trimmer, even if it's just a trial run. If I can, I will but if it hurts, I won't. This sciatica is unpredictable. Perhaps, I'll wait until after tomorrow's PT and ask the PT tech about it.

    Well, Kids, I'll likely be back today to check for spammers and pop in.

    BTW, please revisit the "New Game" thread. Soul completely changed the game into something so magical and wonderful that I think y'all will want to read it and, hopefully, post. I guarantee it will get you thinking and stir up your creativity. Thanks, Soul!!! :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - Enjoy your tri and TRY to relax some !!! Almost tome for church so can't stay to chat much. Poor Grandpa, glad at least he know now how to be truly loved. H sounds so sweet . I can't believe that he is being taken advantage so much by sis. Enjoy your trip and let Den take care of any problems, if there is with her.I know you and Red Mittens will miss him and visa versa.

    Mikie - Nice to hear from you. You need to take a break too esp. with all this outside work.!!! More later on hopefully.

    Love to all my dear Porchies !

    Granni :)
  16. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Not up to posting. But I can still read. Reminds me of Christopher Reeve's
    biography "Still Me". (Pun alert.)

    Anyway his wife was explaining to their young son that Daddy couldn't get
    out of bed and walk, etc. His son, who was about 3, said, "But he can still

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How sweet, ROCK !!! Little ones are so honest, sometimes to truthful but that statement about smiling says a lot. There is a real person inside that body even if he or she cannot do much but smile.

    Sorry you are not up to posting much today. I know that it does take NRG !!! Hope you find some soon so you can post a nice long W and P like MIKIE :)!!!!

    Guess so many are busy today and JULIE getting ready to go on her trip. After she get some peace and quiet hopefully she can get ready for her trip. Wow, cooking meals for Den will take some time to. I forget how many days she (they)will be gone.

    Nothing new here. No rain this afternoon thank goodness so we got to do the steaks outside again. They tasted so good. Also with asparagus that we got from Sams. They were nice and thin so no problem with DH who likes all his veggies overcooked but he is doing better. DH used to like steak almost well done but then it is dry and has no taste, , in my opinion but we are all different, aren't we?? He didn't even complain today that the steaks were just right, nice and juicy in the middle.

    Guess I will run for now and check in tomorrow sometime. I hope I make Line Dancing tomorrow. It is truly my exercise and I love it a lot more than the treadmill or other stuff. Some of the dances are truly aerobics . I hurt but I don't mind as much hurting when I dance. I wish I could go back and do the tap dancing but the gals I used to dance with are no longer in our community due to health of husband or themselves. I will have to make up on the weeding this week. When DH had had his surgery and he couldn't do much I didn't either . Plus if it rained forget it too..

    Hope this finds everyone do as well as can be expected, or BETTER !! Thinking of you AWL !!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, your post about GPA brought tears to my eyes. I also hope this trip is restful for you. Have a good time.

    Granni, I'm glad you enjoy the line dancing. I love exercising when I can but it's a real pain, no pun intended, when everything hurts.

    Rock, yes from the mouths of babes!

    Had my PT eval. and first treatment this morning. Really good news--the sciatica is from muscle imbalance in the pelvic area. More good news is that, through exercises, stretches and manipulation, it can be fixed. If one has to have sciatica, this is the type to have. I'll have three sessions a week for the first two weeks. Then, perhaps, down to twice a week. I called and cancelled the MRI of my spine since we now know it's not the spine but the pelvis which is pinching the nerve. I came home and iced my sore area and then, went to the store and UPS to send back the defective knife sanifizer. The old sanitizer is working like a charm. I tapped it on the stone countertop cause I figured I had nothing to lose. There must have been something loose in there cause whatever I did caused it to start working again.

    The PT made everything hurt worse but I suppose it will get worse before it gets better. The woman who did the eval. and treatment is really good. I am resting but will do the one exercise I'm supposed to do at home later. Maybe I'll try the blue light. Since I'm having a paradoxical reaction to the light, maybe it'll make me sleep better. I slept well last night. Simon wasn't out when I put his bowls outside but when I went out to get them, he had eaten a good amt.

    DD in Atlanta called and my DGS is going to Hogwart's Camp for a week and then, they move to the Dallas area. Andy took a twig and made his own wand. He and DSIL rigged it with an LED on one end so that it lights up. Of course, Andy chants the spell just as he turns on the light. Geez! I'd like to go to Hogwart's Camp myself. Maybe I am a Witch and not a Muggle.

    One of my DD's friends from her hood slipped and shattered her elbow. This just after losing her husband about six months ago. I'm going to put a prayer in our prayer box for her. I already put one in for my neighbor in our hood who has lung cancer. They did a brain scan but didn't have the results back yet. If it has metasticized, evidently, it would head for the brain. We just lost another neighbor to cancer. Our neighborhood is changing. I miss those we've lost but we have some nice new ones. This is the nature of life, I guess. I realized that I had put prayers in the box for everyone but me so I put one in the other day. I feel the good news I got today is the answer to my prayers. I've been able to straighten out the snags in my everyday life too so my stress level is down.

    DD and DGS are planning to come down at the end of July. I can't wait to see them. Hopefully, my back will be better by then.

    Hope everyone is doing well. If not, just hang in there til things turn around. Keep the faith and keep on keepin' on.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Have WONDERFUL, SAFE, an RELAXING trip !!!!!Hope you get to feeling much better soon for your trip !

    Hi to Mikie, Jam, SW, Rock, Dar, Sun, and all our MIAs.

    Hugz to everyone !! Need to go take a shower.

    Love you all,
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    popping in to say hi

    Mikie - heh heh, i was reading an angel book and it said to write down prayers and
    put in a 'God Box'..

    sorry to hear of the people who left for their long home..takes some getting used
    to at first...im still shedding tears for brother, and Hobbes...guess i never had time
    to grieve properly...brothers passing has kind of left a void, made an impact on
    my daily life..so its gonna be tougher to get over

    Julie - i pray your arm and left side heals and you can enjoy your well deserved break
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