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    Hi, Granni,

    I never heard of plugs until a screen on my computer wanted to know what I wanted to do with them. Since I don't even know what a plug is, I didn't do anything. What is starting it irk me is that now, software is coming up with names for things. In Windows 8, some icons are called, charms. Server storage is the cloud and now, we have plugs. Yikes!!! :confused: What's a non-techie girl to do?

    Yes, I do have naturally curly hair. If I do not blow mine out, it will curl and wave. If I want it a tad curlier, like the moppet look I had as a child, there is a product I put into it and scrunch it with my fingers as I lightly blow it just enough to give it a bit of shape so it's not "Curls Gone Wild." :D I need to give my hair a trim next time I shampoo it. I find it's much easier to cut it wet. When I first started to cut my own hair, I was afraid to cut it wet.

    Well, I don't think my blue SAD light box is working. I'm not sad but after I turned it on last evening, I fell asleep for quite a while. At ten, the alarm woke me and I took my Special K. I fell asleep right away again but was wide awake about 2:00. Yikes!!! :eek: This is even earlier than usual. Instead of making me feel wide awake, that light lulls me into sleep. I get enough hours of sleep but it isn't when I want to be sleeping.

    Simon was here at 3:00 lying across one of the steps. I took his breakfast out and he ate a lot. That always makes me feel good. I hate it when he gets too thin.

    I am praying for one of the women who came to the party yesterday. She didn't stay long. She once had colon cancer but was cancer free there. She is a smoker and had some trouble breathing so she saw the doc. The x-ray showed a dark area on one lung. They did a scan of her brain to see whether the cancer has migrated. She didn't have the results from the scan but even the lung is not good. She has started giving things away already which surprised me. She must have a feeling that this may be it for her. I hope not. It's been more than 25 years since I finally quit smoking and the docs used to tell me my risk for lung cancer is as though I never smoked. We now know that's not true. If one ever smoked, there is a higher risk.

    It's supposed to be nice today so will likely take a little nap and go out to the Balcony for my second cup 'o Joe. I want to try out our new hedge trimmer, even if it's just a trial run. If I can, I will but if it hurts, I won't. This sciatica is unpredictable. Perhaps, I'll wait until after tomorrow's PT and ask the PT tech about it.

    Well, Kids, I'll likely be back today to check for spammers and pop in.

    BTW, please revisit the "New Game" thread. Soul completely changed the game into something so magical and wonderful that I think y'all will want to read it and, hopefully, post. I guarantee it will get you thinking and stir up your creativity. Thanks, Soul!!! :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone! I tried to skim the posts again, but my brain doesn't want to retain anything this morning. Maybe when I get back from our trip I will be "good as new." I'm thinking it will help to stay at Amy's another day when we do return (to watch Keira so she doesn't have to go straight back to daycare.) I can rest too, without thinking I have to get right back into "working mode."

    We did get Gpa settled in at home yesterday. He had started having a light rash last Monday, and by Friday he had a few spots that looked like poison ivy or bug bites...Doc wasn't sure what it was; could even be hives.

    Anyway, yesterday (Saturday) as I was packing up his things, Gpa came up to me and started crying, even before he could speak. He said, "I figured out what I am allergic to" and I asked him what? He said, "All this Tender Loving Care"... meaning that's the only thing different from home that he has been "exposed" to...he has said before that he's never had anyone care about him like Den and I and our family has these past weeks.

    Well, of course, I started crying too...and told him to call us at any time if he needs us. We'll check on him a lot also. Things were so good and peaceful right after Den's mom passed away and we were taking care of Gpa. Then Sis moved up here and started making all these demands from him, while neither taking care of him nor letting me...and the tension, etc. has just taken over and spread everywhere she goes.

    But, I think we have a handle on a lot of things now...at least I hope so.

    Gotta get busy...still hurting and will take some time tomorrow to go to our local chiro...don't know if it was from sleeping on the floor or what...I do know it felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night :)

    Love you guys!
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    Julie - Enjoy your tri and TRY to relax some !!! Almost tome for church so can't stay to chat much. Poor Grandpa, glad at least he know now how to be truly loved. H sounds so sweet . I can't believe that he is being taken advantage so much by sis. Enjoy your trip and let Den take care of any problems, if there is with her.I know you and Red Mittens will miss him and visa versa.

    Mikie - Nice to hear from you. You need to take a break too esp. with all this outside work.!!! More later on hopefully.

    Love to all my dear Porchies !

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Not up to posting. But I can still read. Reminds me of Christopher Reeve's
    biography "Still Me". (Pun alert.)

    Anyway his wife was explaining to their young son that Daddy couldn't get
    out of bed and walk, etc. His son, who was about 3, said, "But he can still

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    How sweet, ROCK !!! Little ones are so honest, sometimes to truthful but that statement about smiling says a lot. There is a real person inside that body even if he or she cannot do much but smile.

    Sorry you are not up to posting much today. I know that it does take NRG !!! Hope you find some soon so you can post a nice long W and P like MIKIE :)!!!!

    Guess so many are busy today and JULIE getting ready to go on her trip. After she get some peace and quiet hopefully she can get ready for her trip. Wow, cooking meals for Den will take some time to. I forget how many days she (they)will be gone.

    Nothing new here. No rain this afternoon thank goodness so we got to do the steaks outside again. They tasted so good. Also with asparagus that we got from Sams. They were nice and thin so no problem with DH who likes all his veggies overcooked but he is doing better. DH used to like steak almost well done but then it is dry and has no taste, , in my opinion but we are all different, aren't we?? He didn't even complain today that the steaks were just right, nice and juicy in the middle.

    Guess I will run for now and check in tomorrow sometime. I hope I make Line Dancing tomorrow. It is truly my exercise and I love it a lot more than the treadmill or other stuff. Some of the dances are truly aerobics . I hurt but I don't mind as much hurting when I dance. I wish I could go back and do the tap dancing but the gals I used to dance with are no longer in our community due to health of husband or themselves. I will have to make up on the weeding this week. When DH had had his surgery and he couldn't do much I didn't either . Plus if it rained forget it too..

    Hope this finds everyone do as well as can be expected, or BETTER !! Thinking of you AWL !!!

    Granni :)
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    Good morning! Oh boy...I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep...too much on my mind, I guess. If I lived alone, I would just turn on lights and start cleaning or something, but Den works so hard I don't want to disturb him.

    I go to Amy's tomorrow, after picking up Keira from her dad's...we will leave when Amy gets off work tomorrow evening. I will be back to my house late next Tuesday night...

    Granni, I'm glad you have your Line Dancing :) I feel the same way about exercise...can't just "exercise"...need to have a "reason" for doing something. I had started going for walks again, but then needed to be here first thing in the mornings when Gpa got up. And if I wait till later in the day...well, it just doesn't happen, lol!

    Rock, I hope your energy returns soon...have missed hearing from you. Glad you can check in, though...

    Oh Mikie...yep, you want to sleep at the right times...I have thought about getting one of those light boxes for our long, sometimes dreary winters.

    Sun, I've been keeping you and your hubby in my prayers...I hope he, and in turn, you, feel better.

    Spring...you've got so many things going on...my life seems "crazy and hectic" but nothing compare to the stuff you deal with. Just the electrical outages would be enough...

    Dar, I keep you in prayer also...hope your money comes soon and you can get back on your regular supps and meds.

    Not trying to leave anyone out...just can't think straight..."Hello" to everyone I haven't mentioned...all of you do pop into my mind at different times during the day...would love to meet in person sometime :)

    Den and I are gradually getting used to our "old" routine...sleeping in our own bed, having the TV at a lower volume, lol! Sis is bringing Gpa here sometime after lunch today...he didn't want to stay home alone or run around with her in town.

    Den starts a week of vacation today, so the guys can hang out together while I go to the local chiro. I also need to get food to fix for Den to eat while I'm gone, pick up anything I need for the trip, try to pick up the house, etc., etc.

    The pain in my left shoulder/arm/hand (starting from the neck) is pretty bad...hoping I just slept on something wrong after going to the other chiro. It usually takes a few days for his treatments to "kick in" but this time it never got better.

    Uncle Harvey's daughter called and wanted to know if the end of July or first of August would work for the reunion. At first I thought it would be better to go ahead before Lindsey's baby comes (mid-August) but as she and I talked, we decided to see if we could wait till afterwards...maybe late September or early October.

    Our weather will be much more comfortable and Lindsey will be busy with Babe, but should feel lots better herself. If the family can't wait till fall, my cousin said they could just meet at the motel. Personally, I would just forget it for this year, but we all know how much Uncle Harvey looks forward to visiting everyone.

    David's folks left early yesterday morning...they had originally said they could stay as long as Lindsey needed help, so I was hoping they would be here awhile when I was gone. They only stayed really for 4 days...but they are ages 70 and 74, and I think they got pretty overwhelmed with all the kids running around...and just the chaos of the remodeling, etc.

    I am really hoping to just "recharge" on this trip...feel like I live my life in "confusing fragments" lately...not getting anything done, really...just getting by the best I can. Am going to try to forget any cares at home and focus on having a great time with Amy and Keira.

    When we get back, I will need to make Lindsey a priority, at least to help her get the kids' bedroom put together and clothes sorted, etc. David has been working on the bedroom (painted this past week) and an Amish factory has made new windows and will get them installed, hopefully this week or next. The kids are just going to sand and seal the hardwood floor...this is the room that had the moldy carpet, but we are hoping the mold is history.

    So, if that stuff is done by the time I get back, I can help her get things situated, and she can breathe a sigh of relief...then we just "wait". I know her priority has been to get ready for a new baby (she's really been "nesting") but the rest of us have had lots on our plates too...

    Anyway, here's my version of "W" and "P", lol! Love you guys...take care!

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, your post about GPA brought tears to my eyes. I also hope this trip is restful for you. Have a good time.

    Granni, I'm glad you enjoy the line dancing. I love exercising when I can but it's a real pain, no pun intended, when everything hurts.

    Rock, yes from the mouths of babes!

    Had my PT eval. and first treatment this morning. Really good news--the sciatica is from muscle imbalance in the pelvic area. More good news is that, through exercises, stretches and manipulation, it can be fixed. If one has to have sciatica, this is the type to have. I'll have three sessions a week for the first two weeks. Then, perhaps, down to twice a week. I called and cancelled the MRI of my spine since we now know it's not the spine but the pelvis which is pinching the nerve. I came home and iced my sore area and then, went to the store and UPS to send back the defective knife sanifizer. The old sanitizer is working like a charm. I tapped it on the stone countertop cause I figured I had nothing to lose. There must have been something loose in there cause whatever I did caused it to start working again.

    The PT made everything hurt worse but I suppose it will get worse before it gets better. The woman who did the eval. and treatment is really good. I am resting but will do the one exercise I'm supposed to do at home later. Maybe I'll try the blue light. Since I'm having a paradoxical reaction to the light, maybe it'll make me sleep better. I slept well last night. Simon wasn't out when I put his bowls outside but when I went out to get them, he had eaten a good amt.

    DD in Atlanta called and my DGS is going to Hogwart's Camp for a week and then, they move to the Dallas area. Andy took a twig and made his own wand. He and DSIL rigged it with an LED on one end so that it lights up. Of course, Andy chants the spell just as he turns on the light. Geez! I'd like to go to Hogwart's Camp myself. Maybe I am a Witch and not a Muggle.

    One of my DD's friends from her hood slipped and shattered her elbow. This just after losing her husband about six months ago. I'm going to put a prayer in our prayer box for her. I already put one in for my neighbor in our hood who has lung cancer. They did a brain scan but didn't have the results back yet. If it has metasticized, evidently, it would head for the brain. We just lost another neighbor to cancer. Our neighborhood is changing. I miss those we've lost but we have some nice new ones. This is the nature of life, I guess. I realized that I had put prayers in the box for everyone but me so I put one in the other day. I feel the good news I got today is the answer to my prayers. I've been able to straighten out the snags in my everyday life too so my stress level is down.

    DD and DGS are planning to come down at the end of July. I can't wait to see them. Hopefully, my back will be better by then.

    Hope everyone is doing well. If not, just hang in there til things turn around. Keep the faith and keep on keepin' on.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - Have WONDERFUL, SAFE, an RELAXING trip !!!!!Hope you get to feeling much better soon for your trip !

    Hi to Mikie, Jam, SW, Rock, Dar, Sun, and all our MIAs.

    Hugz to everyone !! Need to go take a shower.

    Love you all,
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    hello all

    popping in to say hi

    Mikie - heh heh, i was reading an angel book and it said to write down prayers and
    put in a 'God Box'..

    sorry to hear of the people who left for their long home..takes some getting used
    to at first...im still shedding tears for brother, and Hobbes...guess i never had time
    to grieve properly...brothers passing has kind of left a void, made an impact on
    my daily life..so its gonna be tougher to get over

    Julie - i pray your arm and left side heals and you can enjoy your well deserved break
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    Hi Kids

    Springwater, did you see the prize winning National Geographic photos in the news the
    other day? One was from the area of Dole village in Nepal. A time exposure shot of
    the Milky Way and the Himalays. Very dramatic.

    Granni, I'm with your DH. I want my meat well done. Remember when Lucy was
    crying and said she liked hers "nice and juicy"? I can't remember why she was crying
    though. Was it when her wedding ring got lost? I'm kinda rusty on my Lucy
    lore. Haven't seen the show since last fall.

    Julie, glad to hear that Gpa appreciates all the TLC. Shows he still got his sense of
    humor too. Sorry to hear the chiro couldn't do much with your left shoulder, arm. I
    felt great after my session last week, but nowadays it doesn't last. The back acts up
    again in a day or two.

    Mikie, I never heard of knife sanitizer before. Is it some kinda light? I'd look it
    up, but I'd probably lose my post. Doncha just hate it when ya buy some new
    gadget and it don't cut the mustard? Hope the physical therapy et. al works

    Good for Andy; he made a wand. I seem to recall that Harry Potter's used rowan
    wood. (It's supposed to have magical properties.) I used to have a recording of
    a Scottish song called, "Oh, Rowan Tree." Reminds me when Star Wars was new.
    My son was 7. We made a light saber with a tube from wrapping paper and a

    Gordon was gardening today. He repotted some orchids, and planted some
    kangaroo paws. Can't remember if I first heard of that plant here or on some
    nature program. Anyhoo the seeds don't come in typical package. It's more
    of a pouch.

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Well, I tried to post a pic of the kangaroo plant aka anigozanthos. None of the pics
    will submit to copying.

    Gonna open a new porch thread.

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