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    Just thought I'd get us started on another new Porch. I'll be back to post as soon as I close #722.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for getting us started, Mikie. Your friend who refers to herself as a widow reminds
    me of Mama's Family. "I'm just a poor old widow lady..." I loved that show. It had
    what all great shows have. Good writers. The biggest stars in the world are helpless
    without a good script.

    Am currently reading a book on the movies by the gal who produced "Sleepless in
    Seattle" and various other films. She says movies like the ones that we loved in
    the past will not be made in the foreseeable future. Movies are now aimed at the
    international market. Some 80-90% of the money the films make comes from overseas.

    And since comedy doesn't travel well and Westerns are not appreciated in most
    foreign countries, the studios won't be making those. Just lots of sequels, prequels,
    and comic book stuff. Doesn't matter to me I guess. I don't go. I guess you guys
    don't either.

    Granni, I hope that sore throat doesn't hang around. I can't even remember the
    last time I had a sore throat. Hope Sunflower's suggestion helps.

    Was just looking at funny pics on a humor site. It showed Bill Murray in various
    costumes he's worn over the years on the Letterman show: Robin Hood,
    Liberace, jockey, Daniel Boone, Little Boy Blue. That's the kind of subtle humor
    I appreciate. In the future he might want to try Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland, and
    Captain Hook.

    Sunflower, I saw a program on PBS where a body was mummified. Not sure if it
    was the same program you saw. Used to watch documentaries all the time, but
    don't watch TV anymore. For one thing the commercials drive me crazy. The
    advertisers seem to think they are talking to idiots. And the sound is too loud
    except when it's too soft. We have two remotes and neither one works. Gordon
    says it won't do any good to buy a new one 'cause the remote has to be programmed
    to mesh with your cable company, and we don't know how to do that. D'OH!

    I also hate much of the new programming. Even the National Geographic channel
    has taken to sensationalizing its programs. The refer to predators as monsters, and
    have count downs to name the deadliest animals. I've read a couple times that more
    people are killed by cows every year than by sharks. But they don't include
    Bossy in the list.

    Julie, hope you are having a wonderful trip. Gordon got our kangaroo plants
    transplanted. They are a foot or so high. The tops are a mix of red, orange, yellow
    and green. I'm not sure what color they're going to be. Maybe the kangaroo
    paws aren't sure either.

    Springwater, I just put a book on hold at the library. It's a book of short stories.
    One of them takes place in Nepal. (Don't suppose it's about you; is it?)

    Time to go. I'll wish you, as Dar did, a peaceful night and sunny tomorrow. Or,
    since you are probably reading this during the day, maybe it should be a
    peaceful day and a sunny night.

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    I started to edit my post when Julie came with the cats. The nasty lady in the next bldg. is in a fit of horridness and she focuses her anger on the cats. She hates them. Julie has a bad back and seizures as well as a lot of injuries on the job. She doesn't need this woman's inane fury. This one became an angry woman when her boyfriend broke up with her. I'm sensing a pattern here. Perhaps there are women who cannot be alone and become chronically angry when their men aren't around. Not me; I like men but I've done my share of dating before I got sick. Now, I'm set in my ways and likely couldn't adjust to being around someone else. It's going to be an adjustment getting used to having the cats again. Poor Julie. This is so hard on her but I told her if she gets in a position to take them back, that would work out fine too. These beautiful kitties are the most important thing. We are all they have. Both are fully grown and a bit wider but who isn't? :rolleyes: They are two of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. Both are crying to go out but I can't let them out for a couple of days until this get imprinted on them as their new (old/new) home.

    I cleaned the lanai because that's the only place their kitty condo can go. It was soooo filthy with all the dirt on the floor. I had to remove the Aji Dulce pepper plant that I had let die. I put a black bag over it and carried it down to the dumpster, pot and all. I ran into a neighbor who wondered what I was doing. I told her I was sitting Shiva for a dead plant. I found a little bit of the white fungus under the leaves of my corn plant so I had to remove it downstairs where I can spray it. My lanai faces East and it was HOT out there. I was a sweaty mess. It's a small area and I had to stack all my chairs but two of them. To clean the tile floor, I have to keep moving things around until I work my way from the far end to the door. I guess it was worth it because the floor is soooo clean and shiny. I don't need to be doing this with my back but sometimes, we gotta do what we gotta do.

    I lost my whole post when the webpage timed out so will try to remember what I had to say.

    Granni and Sunflower Girl, I hope you both feel better. When I feel something coming on, I take extra gummy vitamin C, Echinacea, zink and gargle with Listerine mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide. It really clears up a sore throat. One caution: if you use a Netti Pot, don't use hot tap water in it. Use only boiled tap water of purified water warmed up. A man died using warm tap water tainted with Legionaires Disease. Tap water is full of pathogens that even filtering doesn't get rid of and if it's hot out of the tap, there are even more pathogens. I don't use it often, but OTC Nasacort clears out my sinuses when I'm in danger of getting sinusitis. I also massage my lymph nodes if they are swollen to get them moving the stuff out. I know I missed something so if I left anything out, let me know.

    Rock, enjoyed reading your post. I do like some of the new movies. A lot of the good ones are now being made for TV. HBO made one called, "Enough Said," with Julie Louie/Dryfuss and James Gandolfini; it was his last work before he died. I also watched an older movie, "Return To Me" with David Ducovney and Minnie Driver. Both were romatic comidies and the second had some drama. I had my fill of Westerns as a kid and I don't like zombies nor vampires so the pickens are slim (no insult to Slim Pickens :) I enjoy thrillers, comedy, romance and some of the comic book character movies like Spiderman. I don't go to movie theaters--too stressful. I can get new ones on On Demand but I usually wait until they are free. My cable/internet bill is high enough as it is.

    The cats keep wanting to go out on the lanai and back in again. It'll take a while for them to get settled. I just hope they don't keep me up tonight. Guess I had better do some of my PT. AACK!!! :confused: I felt really sick after Thursday's session and again yesterday. Every time I tried to do the stretches, I cramped up badly and got nauseated. I think I was dehydrated and filled with the toxins released by the myofacial massage.

    Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks to Sun, Mikie and Jam, You all reminded me that I have some stuff that is generic for Airborne. It has healing herbs and vits. in it, like Vit. C, zinc and Euchinea (sp), etc. I am sipping it as I speak. Hope it helps some, at least with the duration of all this..

    Mikie - Did I miss something that now you have the 2 cats back? I gather that it was Julie's health. Hope that they will let u sleep OK. Sorry that the last PT got your tummy all out of wack with nausea, etc. Hope you feel better soon and that you are not starting something bad.

    Thanks for closing up the last post and starting this one.

    Sun - I tried the salt water and peroxide gargle this morning and I will do it again later. I think it has been helpful, even the salt water gargle is better than nothing for sure, and a lot cheaper than some.

    Jam - Hoping this extra stuff I am taking with the Euchinea (sp) will be helpful. forgot that I had it but may need to get some more soon. Not to many tablets left.

    Rock - Glad you got to send a nice post today. Sounds like you are feeling pretty well today and that you have been busily running abut with Gordon..

    Julie - Hope you sees this and that you are having a great time.

    This keyboard is driving me crazy so I will sign off for now. Can't get into Firefox to try the other way.
    Will try take a nap after lunch.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Rock: yes, Mama's Family and all those Carol Burnett people and especially their writers were super. Nothing like that now. I don't like smutty humor but of course everything is just out in the open and talked about. Yesterday while waiting for my DH to get his pet scan, they had a TV playing, some talk show with two young women blathering on and laughing continually. I sat there and wondered how these women are chosen.....do they have to act like mindless bimbos and laugh at all the things the producers say? They were discussing the Kardashians.........please explain how a family of women with NO talent to do anything aside for getting married and wearing expensive clothes and jewelry get where they did????????? I guess I'm from a different age.

    Yes on the mummy program. Apparently he and his collegues made a mummy back in 1994. I'll have to do a search on youtube. And apparently the secret they discovered is to cover the body with a combination of salt and baking soda (there's scientific terms for this) after the internal organs have been removed.....except the heart which is left intact. It removes all the water in the body after 35 days. It reminded me of when I used to dry flowers in silica gel!

    Mikie: thanks for that "sitting shiva" remark........best laugh I've hadin days. Who needs humor? Not me!

    I hope the cats acclimate to their new/old surroundings quickly. It's good that you are able to take them back, however I know all the troubles in the past. Maybe all the cat lovers in your buildings can contribute $ toward their upkeep. Pets get to be expensive and a lot of work.

    Speaking of cats.......and their owners...........I'm so angry with the neighbor that moved in across the street about 8 months ago. She has a young male cat, but has NOT had him neutered so obviously his hormones are starting to rage big time and he comes here to pester my older females who ARE fixed. All my sliding doors have been sprayed,including the screens, and he's yowling around here all the time. I've told this blond twit she HAS to get him neutered but keeps giving excuses. Yesterday he was staring lovingly into Abby's eyes......the hussie......so I chased him off, she ran into the garage rather than the house and refused to come out so I put in water in the garage and locked her in all night. She weighs over 25 lbs. so certainly won't starve. I let her out this morning and she's acting very contrite. HA.....that willprobably last as long as he stays away.

    Granni: I think we were both posting at the same time. Glad to read your throat is a little improved. I think being sick in the summer is the worst!
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    Sun - That is to funny about your neighbor's cat and your older female fixed kitties. Good for you about locking her in the garage for the night. Maybe you should have done that to the male cat as maybe he would get the idea and not come around your kitties so much. . Maybe he'd get the idea eventually.. When I first read what you posted I thought you said you locked male cat in the garage. That would have been a great idea if he had gone in there, unless your garage is connected to the house.

    I agree with you on the young people today fixated on these star and starlets, many without talent and possibly just looks. It is absolutely ridiculous too how much emphasis everyone nowadays are putting on looks, and things that cost lots of $. It is just awfuI I think. I also agree wit you on the new shows out and smutty humor, as you called it.
    I also loved Carol Burnett, her crew, Johnny Carson and his bunch too. I don't think the TV people are giving the young people of today any kind of good examples, to live by. I think it s so sad !! Oh well that is enough of my whining about lack of good TV programs, with a few exceptions. That is enough of my rant for the day .

    Feeling a little better and took a little bit of a nap but we had thunder and rain going on for awhile.. My fever was a little lower today maybe it will be gone soon. Got a call from our DD in NC who will be moving back here to TX and possibly our neighborhood, if it works out that way. Their realtor said they will put it up this week even if they aren't quite finished with all the incidentals . The main things were done , not sure if all the painting trim was done or not. Nowadays to they have to stage the while thing, all the rooms and fix it so it almost doesn't look like no one lives there. Of course there is the usual pain of trying to keep everything looking lovely at all times. I told her she is lucky as they e child who is now away at work and no little ones, that was a fun project when kids were small. Of course when we were trying to sell our homes there was no staging at all - just keep it clean and get rid of clutter and it wasn't on line like it is now. The realtor must have gotten some calls on the house, as tis is the time good for people who have children and need to move. They have a sign up right now saying COMING SOON.... I think they are excited, tired and anxious about what is going to happen.
    Now the hustling starts.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling better and that those kitties do well tonight and don't keep you awake.

    Hugz to everyone !!

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    Jam - my dad used to swear by Echinacea too..said it was like a little miracle pill!

    Granni - i hope your daughters business with her house and moving to Tx is smooth
    how nice to hv a child move nearby..

    Sun - uff..you can do without love sick tomcats yowling in yr yard right now!! tk
    goodness this country doesnt encourage cats...theres a stigma attached them..
    altho a few households do hv them..they dont neuter cats here...our neighbours
    cat surprised me once by jumping straight into my arms once when i went to
    call to her since she was mewing from our tree...this, inspite of so many dogs
    around...i guess she was really loved...and i hope she remained safe..

    Rock - what is the books name? the one set in nepal? i guess it would sound
    very exotic n all that...heh heh..the way of life..etc

    Mikie - sorry to hear Julie is sick, you need to be careful tho about offering
    the cats a home...while you cope with yr own health issues...also make sure
    you smudge the cats up a bit..since theyve been staying with Julie who was
    ill abit and probaby angry n depressed too, visualuse them in white light
    or white lightish violet with the windows open...so any absorbed dirty
    energy can waft away...

    Julie - if youre reading, enjoy yourself..!!!

    it looks like rain from my couch...Tinku the badass girl doggy has slunk
    into the room dunno when...and has curled herself up ...and is just
    'being' ....there on the floor at my feet..her ears are alert, her eyes
    moving here and there although her head is resting on her hind
    leg...a neighbour is doing morning prayers and ringing bells and
    cymbals..i guess thats what Tinku is trying to figure out...

    i hv a relatives function to attend in evening..and SO not in the mood,
    life would be indeed beautiful if we liked everything we HAD to do..

    the thought of mingling and making small talk like i cared, when im
    soaking up vibes n energies like a sponge..ooooff..i know to shield
    myself..but still.

    last evening was nice, got to stay in, not do cooking, dh brought veg
    dumplings on way bk from golf, put me feet up and watch Americas
    Funniest Videos.,and later Americas Got Talent which i didnt like
    quite as much.

    take care, one n all

    God bless
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  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies/Dobbies,

    Granni, glad you are a bit better. Let's hope this trend continues. It's partly Julie's health, which is far worse than mine, but it's mostly the hideous woman in her bldg., next door to ours, who keeps riding her about the cats until the stress is unbearable for her This woman did the same thing to Jeff when he was caring for them and he started to have heart attack symptoms (he had a heart attack at 31). That's how I originally got the cats to begin with. Julie was so distraught when they came to live inside with me that I offered them to her. All was well until this week. I was afraid the stress might trigger another seizure. She can come and visit them whenever she wants or take them outside for a bit. I'll let them out in a day or so.

    So far, last night, the cats were good. Just as they used to do, they started getting active about 2:00 a.m. but I woke and went back to sleep. I left my slider open just a wee bit so they could go in and out. If I thought I'd have them for the duration, I'd get one of those cat doors which fits in the slider doorframe. I really don't think leaving it open makes my electric bill much higher but I close it during the hottest times of the day. Even the cats aren't that anxious to go out there when it's so hot. The cat condo will arrive soon; it's too big for Julie to be lifting. It will go out on the lanai. In the meantime, there are chairs where they can get up higher if they want to. I'm a bit concerned that they don't seem to want to eat. Tweety is drinking milk but they have barely touched their dry food. Tweety ate a little bit of shaved ham yesterday. Both used the box so they must have something going through them. If they don't eat today, I'm afraid they may get terribly constipated. I may have to mix some wet food in with their dry until they start eating again. Feel better. :)

    Sunflower Girl, I'm glad you got a good laugh over sitting Shiva. A lot of people might not have gotten it. Actually I didn't really sit Shiva as I didn't tear my shirt. I got a really big laugh at your calling Abby a hussie. I am convinced that female cats still exude a bit of pheromones even after being spayed. Every now and then, Sylvester will try to mount Tweety. She just looks at him as if to say, "What's the matter with you?" I also believe that, even after being neutered, male cats still have the desire if they get a whiff of those pheromones. Every now and then, I can smell that odor on Tweety. Simon still has his original equipment and Tweety has never liked him. I think it's more because Simon is his own Alpha cat and Tweety is the Alpha cat in her relationship with Sylvester. Abby might have looked contrite when she came out of the garage but, at least, she isn't doing the "Walk of Shame." ;) Some places, it is illegal to have unneutered pets on the loose. If this woman won't get her little man fixed, perhaps a call to animal control will get her moving in the right direction. Of course, then, you risk her wrath. If she's already full of wrath, you got nuttin' to lose. Feel better soon.

    Jam, I agree that the sooner one starts the vitamin and herbal treatment for an oncoming virus, the better they work. My zapper used to help get rid of viruses in a day or two but it's broken and I don't have $400 for a new one. I know there are cheaper ones out there but I'm skeptical of them. If I were still married to my ex, he could fix it as he's an electronic wizard. Hmmmmm! Still wouldn't be worth it! :)

    Springwater, I had already decided to smudge inside my condo to rid it of any neg. NRG I brought away from being with Barb and all her anger. Julie is sick and stressed but just knowing someone else has the cats who loves them has taken a huge burden off her shoulders. She is becoming a lot more friendly and kind with everyone except the angry one in her bldg. I may smudge her bldg. outside and offer to do it in her condo when she returns from her Mom's place. I always do visualize a white/violet light like a dome over my condo and our bldg. into which no neg. NRG can enter nor survive.

    The angry woman is just using the cats as the focus for her wrath. The wild possums and raccoons are around here because we have dumpsters in which they can feed. Also, we have a pond and there is a wildlife refuge across the street. We encroached on the wild animals' territory when our condos were built. We will always have them. Animal Services will no longer set traps as it's a waste of money. With all the growth in SW FL, the animals are losing their homes every day. Many neighborhoods have black bears who come to visit. One even got in someone's hammock and had a nice nap. They took a video and I saw it on the news. It likely made You Tube. People here love the wildness and beaches. Many don't want the black bears removed and are learning how to keep any food, which might attract them, out of their smell and reach. Of course, one has to learn to stay out of their way, just as we've learned to keep away from the gators. Feeding them is the worst thing anyone can do. It guarantees their destruction.

    I hope your evening went well. I'm a bit of an intuitive myself and hate making small talk, especially with these people around here who, mostly don't listen because they are already figuring out what they are going to say. No wonder they never remember what someone has told them. We can learn a lot from the animals. They know how to "just be." I think I've mentioned one of my favorite things in the Bible is, I believe, from Psalms: "Be still and know that I am God." I don't think I am still enough. It's hard to calm down a brain with slight seizure activity. I do try, though, when I meditate. It's very hard to meditate when I'm in pain. This back of mine has really slowed me down. Whine, whine, whine! :(

    OK, Everyone, time for me to go read the morning paper. The cats are starting to settle down from their night of activities and caterwalling, which they mostly do out on the lanai. The neighbors don't complain because we have huge bullfrogs who sing their lusty songs all night. No wonder we are inundated with tiny frogs. It's mating season. As though that weren't enough, we have a visiting woodpecker who likes to peck for long periods into the night. One community over in the Cape had a drumming vibration at night which kept them awake. Come to find out, their pond was full of Drum Fish which make the drumming sound to attract mates. It shook the homes. I'll take our woodpecker and bullfrogs anytime over Drum Fish. Yikes! :eek:

    Love to all y'all,
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    Hi Kids

    I have nothing to report as I did nothing yesterday. Mostly just napped and reread a
    Maeve Binchy book. It's a very fat book that came out some decades ago. I only
    remember one thing. The character who runs a bar in an Irish village is also a poet.
    When the area newspaper prints one of his poems the whole village is excited.

    Mikie, what is a virus zapper? Never heard of such. It sounds dangerous. Possibly
    laser beams are involved? I never heard of a drum fish either. How do you catch one?
    Set a snare?

    Springwater, the book I put on hold is Problems with People. Ten short stories set
    in numerous places including Kathmandu. Author is David Guterson. Not a very
    euphonious name. It's Norskie. In my village we had folks named Gunderson
    which is much to be preferred. And Andersons, Petersons, Olesons, Swansons;
    well, you get the idea.

    Granni, hope you are markedly improved. I agree with you on current TV. Mostly
    trash. And a lot of multi-millonaire celebrities seem to be pretty trashy. But I suppose
    we might have a different opinion if we were several decades younger. Ha Ha!

    Sunflower, I finally saw the Carol Burnett skit where she is imitating Bette
    Davis (Hi Patsy). Folks were talking about it on the Homebound board.
    Bette was one of Hollywood's greatest stars, but I thought she was very limited
    in the roles she could play successfully. Gotta give her credit though. She became
    a big success without too much in the looks dept. Kinda like Dustin Hoffman or
    Bruce Willis, Barbra Streisand, etc.

    Hugs to everydobby including absent friends
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning Everydobby,

    Got up about 6 a.m. this morning to help get him dressed in his regalia for Corp. Communion Mass but he will miss the breakfast and speaker and come straight home. He wanted me to back to go back to sleep but at that point it would be to hard to go back to sleep.

    The sore throat is a lot better but still there a bit. My fever seemed to be gone last night but will see today. The highest it got to yesterday was 99.2. The day before was 1o0.2. So, I guess I am making some progress.

    Mikie - Glad the kitties were pretty good for you last night. I agree with you about movies too as well as TV. My DH refuses to go and pay the prices for movies and it in a movie theater. Guess when my DD comes to TX, hopefully close by we will have to go together, maybe with DGS if he is not working. A few years go when we were visiting them we went to see "Despicable Me", the original one - so cute and funny.

    Yay, I thought I lost what had typed. The keys locked and nothing would happen. So I had to reboot. As it was it took me forever to write this.

    Better submit before this disappears too. Hugz to awl. Better not try to address everyone but good to hear from you who had been visiting here this morning.

    Love to awl,
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, love the snare drum pun. Your puns lately have gone over swimmingly. I had never heard of Drum Fish either and neither had anyone else. A lot of experts were called in before they found out what was causing all the noise and vibrations in the homes. Yikes! Listening to that every night? No thanks! I wrote a lot about zappers when I got my first one years ago. They use low-voltage electricity from batteries to send a certain wave frequency through the body. I never felt the charge like I do with the TENS unit. Zappers kill pathogens in the bloodstream. I thought it was hokum until I researched them. There is a basis in physics for why they work. Everything has its own discrete destructive wave frequency, including humans. The DOD has a weapon which will disable the enemy without actually killing them, unless they want to kill them. At one frequency, the enemy will simply not be able to move and it appears to be painful. At another frequency, the weapon can kill them, almost like the death rays from the old sci-fy movies except that, instead of a ray, it's an invisible wave of NRG. For some reason, the DOD prefers their guns, rockets, drones, tanks, Humvees, destroyers, etc. I guess these "little boys at heart" prefer blowing things up instead of using better means. Wave frequencies could be beamed all around our embassies to keep any terrorists from physically being able to overrun them. Of course, the enemy likes to blow things up too so the beams wouldn't necessarily fully protect us. Interesting stuff, though.

    Granni, really sounds as though you are on the mend. I hope so. I also love the Disney/Pixar movies for kids. They have things on multi levels so that both the kids and the adults have something interesting or something funny to laugh at.

    I moved a magazine basket from in front of the window in my middle sitting room/guest room. It's perfect for the cat condo. The kitties can sit in it and watch everyone in the pool. Now, the lanai won't be so crowded and the cats will have more to entertain them inside. They don't seem to like their toys much anymore. I got a couple of cans of wet food to entice them to eat. They licked the gravy off and left the flecks of beef. Well, Simon will have a nice treat in the morning.

    Best news is that I was able, with the help of the TENS unit, to walk all the way through Publix with very little pain and none of the level ten pain I had been having. I'm much better able to do my stretches and exercises today too. I'm beginning to believe that this will eventually work to get rid of this horrible pain I had had. I ended up spending more than I had planned but they had the deal where you can buy the $50 gas card for $40 if you buy $50 in groceries. I just filled my Highlander and it took the whole card so it's nice to replace it. One never knows how long these deals will last. I don't drive much but always try to keep my vehicle full of gas during hurricane season. It would have to be a Cat 4 or 5 for me to evacuate, like Hurricane Katrina.

    Where I live, the storms move rapidly and don't usually sit offshore grinding away to Cat 5 strength. During Charley, the people in Tampa, where it was supposed to hit, evacuated inland and were hit when Charley changed direction. Once one evacuates, it may take days before one can return home. There can be looters or damage one could have mitigated had one stayed home. If Charley didn't take down our bldg., I doubt one will but every storm is different. I need to withdraw some cash just in case because it may be the only thing one can use to buy things with. Unless gas stations have generators, it can be impossible to gas up. I also keep a case of bottled water in the car because that's what usually does people in when they evacuate. They get stuck in long lines of other evacuees and get dehydrated. All in all, I think it's better to stay home and take my chances. Publix stores all have generators and, as soon as the roads are passable, they bring in truckloads of ice. During Charley, we were without electricity for only 36 hrs. Don't know why I got off on this tangent. Guess I should sign off.

    Love to everyone here and not here. Diane posted to me about the cats. It's so good to see her; she must keep up with our posts. I hope Julie can too but, on the other hand, I hope she's just having fun and getting to rest up.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, et al,

    I know what you mean about Hurricanes. Here on the Gulf coast or their abouts Hurricanes are also a big deal . You have to be ready or you hope you are and those dopey Hurricanes surely have a mind of their own. We do not live anywhere near the coast but close enough if a big one heads our way we have to decide whether to leave or stay and need to head some place north or away from its path. DH hates to travel anywhere ( of major distance) during the hurricane season. We finally went out sometime after IKE and bough a generator but it is not a huge one and will only be good for a few plugs, our refrig., freezer and maybe a fan or light two. We can't afford the big jobs, wish we could. So far I would say hurricane season has been slow but we have a lot of time left. ):!! I think we were out of electricity about 5 days or so and we were very lucky. Some were out a lot longer than that, and some the same neighborhoods.

    Yss I saw and read Diane's post. It was so nice to see her on chit chat posting also on the Home and BB board. She has lots of kitty experience and can be very helpful to you, I know getting those kitties back.. I surely have missed her to.

    Gotta run. This typing is driving me crazy !

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Yes, Texas, as well as all the Gulf States, are in prime hurricane territory. Most of the storms either come our way from the East Coast, and are weakened by traveling over land, or are in transit, heading north in the Gulf. If they spend too much time on the way up there, like Katrina did, they just gain strength. Charley was an anomaly but there is rarely a 100 percent forecast on just when or where they will hit. Katrina was an anomaly as well. It just sat off the coastline grinding away, moving very, very slowly. By the time it made landfall, it was huge and mighty. If we have El Nino in the Pacific, the West Coast will likely have stronger storms and we will have weaker ones but even a weak one can cause carnage.

    I got two sets of exercises done yesterday. My back felt so much better. If I take 800 mgs. of ibuprophen in the morning, I may not have to even take any more at all or just 400 mgs. later. The biggest change has been my sitting and standing postures. I have crossed my legs when I sit all my life. No more. I have to keep both feet on the ground with equal weight on both feet. Same with standing. But, if it helps, I'll do it!

    I know soccer, or football as it's called in the rest of the world, is so popular but I can't stand to watch it. It's like hockey on grass. Boooooring! I just watch the highlights. If the whole game were as action packed as the highlights, I might be sold on it. DSIL used to play in a league and I enjoyed his games. The amateur games are a lot more active and fun, especially when played on a smaller field. I'll take American football any day and I don't watch much of that anymore either. JMHO and, I'm sure, there are others here who disagree with me. That's OK. At least, soccer is far less violent.

    It's almost six so guess I'll get into the shower as I have a PT appt. this morning at 8:00. It's been soooooo humid that I have a hard time just drying my short hair, even though I'm inside with the A/C on. If I do anything outside, I sweat like crazy and have to shower all over again. I'm getting more acclimated to it because, this year, the weather eased into the heat. Some years, we just go straight for the 90's overnight.

    Stay cool and pain free, y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl !!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JULIE, EVEN THOUGH SHE MAY NOT SEE THIS TODAY. Nice to hear from her and glad she is having a good time. Traveling and on the go a lot of the time is not always relaxing but it is different and it was great she could go see family. Glad also that everyone is surviving without her but I know she is missed:)!! It will also be nice to have her back on the PORCH when she gets back.

    Mikie - Yes, we live in states that have to be very watchful for those hurricanes during the season ( like NOW). Lately, we have had a bunch or rain, or at least some areas around us has, but no hurricanes which we all can do without. We are planning on going to see our youngest daughter close to Ft. Worth to say for most of the week. Hope that no hurricanes decide to come by or even think of it, then. Then DH will be worried and will be trying to decide whether to go or not.

    Hope you have a good PT session and down come back even more sore. Do you have to pay upfront for your PT, like a co pay or what? When I did PT years ago everything was so different then. The chiro didn't want to be bothered with Medicare who didn't apparently want to pay for much. Couldn't afford to keep going an more anyway.

    TTYAL ! Need to go check my wash that I finally put I the drier from yesterday :)!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I am apparently not in good enough shape to post. Just clicked on "Post Reply". Since
    I hadn't typed any message, the computer was somewhat annoyed. Fussy, fussy.

    Julie, good to hear from you. Glad to hear you had a great time; got to see some
    of your kin. Many Happy Returns.

    I looked up Batesville. A small town, but still ten times larger than the one where I
    grew up. An old town too. Founded in the 1820s, and named after Jim Bates who was
    a delegate to Congress when Arkansas was a territory. He came from a political family.
    One brother was a governor. One was Attorney General when Lincoln was President.

    We did laundry yesterday too, Granni. We finished the job yesterday. That's because
    as we all know, many hands make light work. On the other hand, too many cooks
    spoil the broth.

    Our folks wisdom is sometimes contradictory. Consider: he who hesitates is lost.
    On the other hand, strike while the iron is hot.

    Glad to hear your back is better, Mikie. You are so diligent about doing your exercises
    and working to get better, it seems only fair that you should have some success. I
    wonder if a zapper would give me more zip. I'll have to see if I can find it on the

    Hugs to everydobby
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock, et al,

    Sorry the computer was driving you crazy this morning. It is quiet here since DH is at the dentist. However, who knows he might come back soon upset that the dentist appointments were running late. They called after he had left to say they were running late but he had already left. He just LOVES to wait anywhere (NOT). I drives me crazy that t bother him so much. I 'm much more patient about such things but it just depends how bad I feel.

    Speaking of feeling bad , I guess I am doing better but still achy but is not unusual. Coughing a little more but I am taking Mucinex. The sore throat is gone and fever pretty much too but I will see towards the late afternoon. I plan also o trying to take a nap again. I slept pretty well yesterday afternoon too.

    Mikie - Yes, you are so diligent with your exercises. I wish I was. I should probably go and fix something for lunch and I know that DH will be hungry when he gets home too.. Hope you had a successful PT session today without to much pain and discomfort.

    Hi To SW, Sun, Dar, Jam, Diane and all our dear Porches.

    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Guys,

    Julie, happy birthday! I'm glad to hear your DSIL is doing OK on the chemo. Glad she looks better too. I'm sending up a prayer for her and one for a safe return for you. Some of my happiest memories are of staying at motels with the girls when they were kids. It was the time for them to get their restlessness out of their systems so they would sleep and for my ex and me to kick back poolside for a drink. Aaah!

    Granni, I'm so glad you are doing better. Seems the cough is always the last to go. Thanks for the kudos on my diligence but I feel as though I've been a slacker. I just couldn't do anything on Thurs. or Fri. because of all the toxins in my body from the myofacial pain release. I tried to make up for it on Sat. and Sun. PT Tech was actually pleased because there are very few myofacial trigger points left in the area of injury and sciatica. He said only one week usually doesn't produce such good results. My pelvis muscles are in alignment too and that's another good thing. He did an ultrasound on the remaining sore area and that made it feel better. I'm encouraged. I did bring the 38 pound box of kitty litter from the car and that probably wasn't a good idea. I looked and found out that inside the box are two 19 pound boxes that I could have brought up one at a time or one in each hand. The kitties are eating now and what goes in eventually comes out. I actually don't mind cleaning the litter box because it's satisfying to make it all nice again for them. I have a Medicare Replacement Advantage plan for which I pay no premium; I only pay when I use it. The PT is a $50 co-pay each time. I'll spend $400 by the time I'm through. Sounds like a lot but when one considers I pay no premiums, it is more reasonable. I pray you feel better.

    Rock, thank you too for the kudos. You can read my reply to Granni if you want to know how the PT is going--it's going well. I think my Tech gets a bit frustrated when we do some of my exercises because I had already found some online and some of them give me a better stretch than the ones they use at the PT clinic, especially the Yoga stretches. If I wasn't in good shape before the PT, I will be when I'm through. I still do the PT exercises/stretches I learned for FMS 14 yrs. ago. The ortho doc's asst. said I'm really in good shape ("for a woman your age," is tacitly implied :) I have some laundry in too. I try to wear my lighter weight knee length Capri pants for PT, which I have again tomorrow morning. I was running out of them. I should change the bed but don't know whether or not I'm up to turning the mattress 1/4 turn. It's a pillow top so can't flip it. It's a king size so just turning it is a big deal for me. If you are looking for more zip, perhaps a zipper, rather than a zapper, is what you need. Sorry, couldn't resist.

    My condo has cat stuff all over it, including catnip all over the carpet. The cats don't seem to enjoy the catnip as much as they used to. Simon still seems to enjoy it mixed in his food. He had a feast this morning with the beef the cats inside wouldn't eat, except for sucking all the gravy off of it. I don't like giving them wet food as I think the kibbles are healthier but I had to do something to whet Sylvester's appetite after the trauma of the move. Tweety is more adaptable but he seems to be doing fine. He walks with his beautiful plume of a tail in the air and comes to me to be petted and have his ample belly rubbed. Because of his one webbed front paw, which seems to bother him, he will sometimes hold it up but, often, he will sit up on his back haunches like a rabbit. Vet said the paw isn't painful but how does he know? If it weren't, I doubt Sylvester would hold it up. When he does that, my friend, and the kitties other guardian, calls him, Hop-along. I wanted to let them out a bit today but I forgot that the so called gardeners are cutting the lawn and the nasty lady next door stuck close to home today. She'll have to go out sometime.

    Well, that's my "W&P" post for today. Love to everyone.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I can imagine your condo all full of kitty stuff :)!! Sore that grumpy lady lives so close to you and didn't go out today, so they couldn't go for an outside jaunt. It is so funny how different the kitties are in temperaments, just like kids and people in general. I am surprised that that lady didn't go someplace to get away from the gardener's noise. I am also surprised that she didn't go outside to make sure they were dong it all "correctly." There is a guy in our subdivision who is soooo picky about his place that one tie when he was ill and told he couldn't mow that he just followed the guys mowing every move they made and probably told them if they missed a spot or two. After the job was done, they literally didn't want to come back. We were told about this through other friends who live close by this man. They keep an impeccable place and I would hate to go I their home and were afraid to sit down anyplace.

    Life is to short and why be so grumpy??? Poor Sylvester, if he hops along it must hurt him someplace. Well, I got an unexpected bill in the mail and it was bugging me so I worked it all out and will send in a payment, that was driving me crazy. So, I didn't get to take a nap that I was going to take. Oh well !! I usually don't take one but this bug has made me feel more tired than normal and I always feel tired:confused: !!

    Well, I had better run for now. Hope everyone is feeling as pain free as possible. Missing so many of you Porchies !!

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2014
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Taking naps is a good way to help you recover. Your body needs rest to get well. I seldom take naps anymore since I've been so vigilant about taking my vitamins every day but I still sometimes fall asleep at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. Then, I usually wake an hour or two later and watch TV til 11:00 or 12:00. That SAD blue light I got, which is supposed to keep me awake, puts me to sleep. ARG!!! The paradox effect. I hope and pray you continue to improve. These bugs usually take a couple of weeks to really get better.

    Yes, the kitties definitely have their own individual personalities. One thing they both have in common is that they are so very sweet and loving. When they lived outside, everyone stopped to pet them and rub their bellies except the nasty lady. She wouldn't get near them although she did threaten to take them for a ride and dump them out in the boonies. I don't know how she lives with herself. I have to think she is mental. But, as you say, life is too short and we have so many really nice people here. One, an 87 year old man stopped to have coffee with me yesterday after I got home from PT. He is so intelligent and interesting.

    We are not allowed to talk to the gardeners. We have to complain to the president or our mgr. I think that's a good idea because we have some micro managers who live here too. They started to trim our variegated shefflera , or arbicola, plants yesterday. I don't know whether they finished before it started to rain but those hedges were out of control. I can't wait until I have enough NRG to do just a wee bit of work in our yard.

    I have PT again this morning and Thurs. Tomorrow, I see the gastro's PA for followup for my colonoscopy. They removed a flat polyp and I'm wanting to know whether it's pre-cancerous. Those flat ones are very aggressive. They removed two of those last time and they were benign but wouldn't have stayed that way long. Any polyp in the colon will turn cancerous if given enough time. That's why we did this test after only 3 years instead of 6 or 10. I have a much bigger risk because my biological father died of colon cancer. Even though he abandoned Mom and me when I was an infant, I can't say he never gave me anything; he gave me a genetic predisposition to colon cancer. Oh well, Mom ended up marrying his brother late in life and he was a much nicer Dad to me even though I was grown with kids of my own. That makes me my own cousin. Oh well, I do live in the South but I don't sit on the Balcony playing "Dueling Banjos." :confused:

    There is so much needing to be done around here but I don't want to undo all the good the PT has done for me. My car is filthy inside and out. I need to clean the condo but that isn't too difficult. What is difficult is that the carpet needs to be shampooed in the high-traffic areas. My shampooer comes with an attachment for furniture but I'm not sure I remember how to use it or even where the attachments are. The kitty condo is dirty and I want to clean it before it goes into my cleanest room (because I don't use I often :)

    I got my laundry done and I changed the bed and turned it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. My back was sore last night but I think it was more from hauling that heavy box of kitty litter up the stairs than anything else. I soaked in hot water and Epsom Salts, put some Ben Gay on my back and climbed into my clean bed. Aaaah, Heaven!!! :) I also put the heating pad on my back and it helped with the pain.

    Simon showed for his breakfast this morning but, when I went out to retrieve the bowl, it looked suspiciously almost empty. I think the possum must have filled up too, although the possum usually eats everything. The biggest clue is that the bowl smelled a bit musty. I threw what was left into the trash and washed the bowl.

    At 5:00 this morning, it was already 80 degrees out. It will get into the 90's today with a fair chance of rain. Same all week. What bothers me is that the night temps have risen markedly. For years and years, it was 74 degrees every nigh. Now, it's 76 or 77. Climate change is no joke. I don't like to have the A/C running at night when I'm trying to sleep but when night temps get this high, it usually does. I have a ceiling fan and that helps so that I don't have to set the A/C too low.

    Today is the 17th anniversary of moving to FL. Yea!!! :) I went down yesterday and replaced the decal on my license plate. For years, I've been just sticking the new one over the old one but this time, I had to scrape off the old ones and start over. Stacking them up makes it easy for thieves to steal the decals. I can't believe people actualy do this.

    Well, better get going. I'll check in later today. Love to everyone,

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    What's this I hear about a hurricane heading towards FL and then up the east coast? Haven't really listened to all the info but just heard FL and East coast. Any chance of it coming your way???? I forget exactly where in FL you are located. Wow, you have been there for 17 years, so you should be used to this stuff !! We have listen in TX for about over 40 years, I think. S we have been through a few hurricanes too but luckily we don't live on the Gulf like Galveston. Some people don't care and will live right on the beach very close to the water. I never could do so. I know someone who lost a gorgeous home on one of the beaches there that were totally demolished during IKE but she will rebuild in the same place. They must have lots of $ and plenty of guts to do that. Sorry , not me !!!!

    Enough about hurricanes but hope it doesn't come your way at all. It may pass the NC coast but or daughter and family do not live anywhere near the coast and are inland . So, they should be OK. Hope they have nice weather though so they can haye can get their house up for sale and people looking.

    Haven't done anything to exciting today except got some country style ribs in the crock pot early this morning and then went to work out on the treadmill . So DH was happy. I probably need to get some clothes in the washer this afternoon. I keep thinking about it but haven't acted on that impulse yet:)!!!

    DH needs theputer. So will be back later.