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    Hi Julie

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip. My grandma used to say, "Good to go; good to get back home."

    Now remember, no wheelies on that mower. :rolleyes:

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    I originally wrote this yesterday before Granni, Jam, and Rock chimed in. It went away and I thought it was lost. So will leave what survived and finish it up:

    Geez, where are our Porchies? I've been to PT, Lowe's, Home Depot and Burger King and no new posts Yikes! That's rare. Despite carrying a 38# box of kitty litter upstairs, it didn't seem to hurt my back and everything is still in alignment. So, my Tech did a motion eval on me. My range of motion in turning my neck and torso are a bit limited but not severely so. The worst was the core exercises to increase balance, my worst problem. I had to stand on a BOSU ball and try to hold onto a round stick which had resistance and make sweeping motions like rowing a boat without losing my balance. Soooooo hard! You can bet I'll be practicing that one at home. I had to stand on one foot with the other raised with the thigh parallel to the floor. I raised my arms and posed like Ralph Machio in "The Karate Kid." That was fun but, again, my balance stinks. Actually, overall, I did OK for someone my age. They use the same scoring for everyone. I scored "dysfunctional" on a couple of the motion and balance moves. I said to the Tech, "So, you're saying I'm unbalanced and dysfunctional? Tell me something I don't know." Well, he roared; he's a good egg as we used to say.

    I'm sorry I went to the mailbox because my mortgage co. screwed up my payments again, or should I say, "Still!!!" Not only that, but my Amazon credit card payment came and the knife sanitizier I returned hadn't been credited on my bill despite the fact that I received an e-mail a week ago that it was being credited. Grrrr!!! :mad: Finally, the gardeners made a holy mess out of our hedges. They let them go so long that there is nothing left but sticks. They didn't even cut the sticks even. Evidently, the boss had come to my door to discuss my displeasure while I was gone. He left his e-mail so I can contact him or call him. I'll e-mail him but not today. My back hurts; I'm icing it as I sit here. I just can't deal with any more incompetence today. Like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll do it tomorrow because, "Tomorrow is another day." Why do we all have to endure this level of horrible service everywhere we turn? No wonder people are getting sicker. If one adds up all these stressful ordeals, it's a bit stressor on our bodies, minds and spirits! A neighbor had left a voicemail on my phone while it was in airplane mode at PT. I know he wanted help with his computer but I just wasn't up to doing anything. I'll have to call him back. Everyone wanted a piece of me yesterday and there was none left to go around.

    I spent the remainder of the day on 800 mgs. of ibuprophen, icing and then heating my back, and resting with my feet elevated. Julie and another neighbor brought the kitties' condo over and Julie had cleaned it up. It looks so nice now and we put it in front of the window I had mentioned in my last post. When they saw their condo, the cats got sooooo excited and vied for top spot. Sylvester, who used to be so shy, pushed his way to the top. It irritates Tweety so much when he does that that there is usually an ensuing smackdown. Julie and our neighbor invited me to a BBQ over at the pool on the 4th. That will be nice. I'm so glad we have peace in the hood (with the exception of the nasty lady). I keep praying a knight on a white horse will scoop her up and take her outta here.

    Granni, that hurricane stayed offshore on the East Coast in the Atlantic. I live on the Gulf side. The effect is that the low pressure of the storm is pulling dry air from the NW so we will likely get no rain from that storm. We may get a few passing rainstorms from the Gulf but the chances aren't high. If Climate Change causes rising waters in some areas, some of us may be living on the beach whether we want to or not. My kids have an historical home in Galveston which survived the big hurricane. They rent out the house and keep the lower story for themselves as a vacation home. One of the hurricanes badly damaged that part of the house but my daughter took a week off and went down there and rebuilt it herself. We women in our family are a handy bunch of ladies. Even our men are impressed!

    Jam, it's really difficult to say which of the symptoms of Climate Change are normal weather cycles and which are from manmade causes but one thing is certain--some are from manmade negligence of our planet. Barb has two GGDs and she refuses to recycle except for the largest plastic containers, like the ones detergent are in. I keep asking her to give me her water bottles and wine bottles but she doesn't want to. I can't even guilt her into it by mentioning leaving a better world for her GGDs to inherit. I've finally gotten the word out not to put electronics into the dumpster. There are scavengers who drive their trucks from one condo hood to another and pick up that stuff to be sold for recycling. It's a very efficient, yet casual, system.

    Julie, so glad you are home safe and sound. That was nice of you to drive your neighbors home. You are always doing something for someone. Welcome back.

    Rock, come back when you can.

    I just got a nice e-mail from Barb so guess we are good. She is enjoying her kids' vacation home and boat. I'm glad; she needed a change of scenery. It's as hot up North as it is here--low 90's. Even working out inside got me into a sweat yesterday at PT. I went to Lowe's to get a foam filter sleeve for my wet 'n dry vac and they didn't have any. I've noticed that they are really keeping their inventory slim--too slim. They run out of things a lot. I'll try again tomorrow as their truck comes in today. If they don't have them, I'll ask them to order them for me. The have some blood red mandavillas on sale for $10. I want to get one for our side of the stairwell and I'll put my pink one on the other side. I'll use fish line from the plant to the stair railing for the tendrils to climb. When we paint, we can pull it away and retie it after it's done. It'll likely be three years before we paint the bldg. again. I tried Home Depot but they carry a different brand of vacs and the foam filter doesn't fit mine. I got a nice diffenbachia for the lanai to take the place of the corn plant which got the fungus from my pepper plant. The clean lanai looks so nice and the cats are really enjoying it and looking at all the wildlife out on the pond.

    On the way home, I stopped at my mechanic to get a referral to a body shop just in case I get in an accident. My neighbor had one and it got me to thinking--where would I have my car towed if I had one? Well, there is one which has a reputation for doing excellent work and it's just down the street from his place. I looked on State Farm's website and that shop is a preferred shop on my ins. That means they guarantee the work. So, at least, I did get a couple of things done despite my pain. The PT Tech also broke down a lot of bumpy facia and the toxins released made me sick for the remainder of the day. Every time I turned my head too fast, I felt dizzy. Yikes!!!

    I just took 800 mgs. of ibuprophen and am sitting on two ice bags so I can face the day and my stretches and exercises. I hope when I get home from gastero's office, I can take garbage and recyclables down and run my vacuum. The cats have spread catnip all over the place.

    I've written "W&P" on steroids here. Sorry. This is two days' messages. Love, peace, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Greetings to everydobby,

    Julie - So glad that you had a great trip with Keira and Amy to see some sites plus some of your relatives. Yes, it is always good to sleep in you own bed :)!!! Sorry to hear about Kathryn hurting her ankle. Hope it isn't to bad. Well, you will be at least as busy as you were before leaving it sure looks like. That was so cute about Keira's Baby Alive. She sure is getting brave going under the water too. Yes, some of my grandsons ( now 16) and THE GD (now 20)when thy used to come here and swim, had goggles and they got very brave swimming under water. They are all great swimmers, the used to swim up at their other grandparents lake house too.

    Not sure if I mentioned that one of our twin grandsons is now I Germany for an exchange program through their school. They already had the German young man to their home in the US. Now he is at their home. I am sure he and they all are having a blast an learning so much from each other.

    Mikie - That sure was a double W and P you wrote :)!! DH is at a meeting so I have a little bit of quiet. Already have a wash in the drier , no clotheslines around here . Sorry you have to be sitting on the ice packs but hope it helps. Glad the storm seems to be passing you by and I hope it just goes out to sea not to be causing any problems for anyone.

    The real estate agent got our DD's . home up for sale even though they weren't quite finished cleaning and some little things. They were going to come today and take pics to put on their website. They got a call this morning that someone was coming to look at their home. Rush , rush around to get ready and then they have to leave while they look at it. I remember what fun that was for us. .Hope they don't have to wait to long to get it sold so they can look here.

    Rock - Glad you popped in for a bit but that was awfully early, and hope you can be back again soon. Did you have trouble sleeping??? That surely isn't fun when you can't sleep or sleep for very long.

    A shout out also to Spring Water, Jam, Dar, Sun, Diane, Joan, Elaine and all the names and MIA's that I cannot think about at the moment.

    Bye for now. See you later alligators :)!!

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    Hi, Granni and Everydobby,

    Granni, Glad you had a chance to post. Yes, I felt even worse about my double "W&P" post but I figure people are free to read or not. It's certainly not that I have such exciting things to write about; it's that I'm so verbose! I hope your DD gets her house sold. My DD and SIL just went through the same thing. St. Joseph is the patron saint of selling houses. Some people swear by burying his statue upside down in the yard but I find it disrespectful. I think just praying for help works best. My DD finally just said she put it in God's hands and trusted Him enough to make it all work out as it was supposed to. Shortly after that prayer, the house sold. Prayer works. The kids' new house in Dallas looks just like the one they sold in Atlanta but larger. The old one was just big enough but having more room will be great for them.

    Dobbies, I went to the gastero PA this morning for a followup visit after the colonoscopy. The flat polyp was still benign but those kind are aggressive and would have turned pre-cancerous/cancerous if left alone. I'm glad I went in when I did. The constipation (sorry, TMI :) is gone because I'm back on the bran buds and I take two of those gummy fibre cubes each day. Also, the Nutri Bullet helps. The PA said she's had one for two years and still loves it. They are so versatile and healthy. I can make green drinks and fruit smoothies. We both love to mix greens with fruit. I just wash my strawberries and throw them in, leaves and all.

    Afterward, I stopped in the Dollar Tree store for a few things. I got some little balls for the kitties but they just don't play much anymore. I also stopped at Target to check out batteries for my TENS unit but they are cheaper at Publix--big surprise! I got the woven tray for my coffee table which matches the woven little ottoman which sits at the end of my loveseat. Thank God for it. I can stow a lot of stuff I don't want to leave out but like to have nearby, like my blood pressure cuff/machine. My living room sofa has become my command center when it's not my bed.

    By the time I got out of Target, I was in a lot of pain and still feeling like I've been poisoned from the myofacial toxins. I still had to go help my 87 year old friend respond to an e-mail. It's sooooo hard to be patient when in so much pain as he tried over and over and over just to sign in to his e-mail. I showed him where to check so he can stay signed in for two weeks before he has to sign in again. I also put his e-mail page in his favorites so he can hop to his e-mail more easily when he's somewhere else online. He's got one of the tiniest notebook computers with a screen so small that it's only good for a 20 year old with 20/20 vision. Poor guy can't even see what he's doing. I told him I hated to be rude and hurry through things but I was in real pain. He's a nice guy and understood. Under normal circumstances, I would have stayed to help him get more comfortable with the web.

    I will try to do some PT today. As awful as I feel, the stretching does help. I'm icing my behind but will switch off to heat later. I made my bed but will likely get into it before too long. I may take a nice Epsom Salt soak first. I had gotten out of the habit of making my bed a long time ago because I had to spend so much time in it that it seemed like an exercise in futility. I put the sign on the front door and will probably ignore my phone. I copied Julie's little rolly-polly bug pic and asked not to be disturbed. Most people in the hood understand. I know all y'all understand better than anydobby.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - So sorry you are I so much pain. Hope you will better after you get so rest and heat/cold, etc.on your body. Don't overdue on the PT at home. Was walking around wit DH trying to get rid of cobwebs around the ceilings, etc. As we did we found some leaks and cracks and places hat will need work as well as repainting. So much work to be done, and not by us. We just shell out the $ to get everything done. DH didn't realize how much stuff needed to be done. I told him not to long ago and he thought all was fine. However, now he sees what will need to be done. H already had lots of little things to be done by our jack of all trades that we hire. Well, not sure if my shower enclosure will have to wait or what. My stuff usually does :)!!

    Gotta run for now and start thinking about dinner. DH is talking to DD the phone now. He handed me the phone and then came back took the phone away and I am trying to write in between.

    Don't feel bad about your W and P's Mikie. I have the and no one to bother me I can write a pretty long .

    Hope all are feeling well today. Thinking of all you DOBBIES !!

    Julie - Take it easy girl now that you are home from vacation.

    Bye for now.

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    Hello Kids

    I am too depressed to post, but I will anyway. Ha Ha! Gordon and I went to an H.
    Salt and Fish shop today. It's located at the East end of Hollywood, right where
    Sunset and Hollywood Blvds intersect. Ten year ago they had wonderful food. Then
    it got a new owner or cook or something.

    Still, the food was OK. We used to drop in a couple times a year. Now the food
    is tasteless, but I think it's at least partly due to my ageusia, i.e. loss of sense of taste.
    The only good aspect to this revoltin' development (as William Bendix used to say on
    "The Life of Riley") is that I have lost over 30 pounds. I now weigh the same
    as I did in my 20s and 30s. (When CFS hit I gained 30 pounds. I was so
    depressed and out of touch with reality I don't realized I had gained anything.)

    I hardly eat any solid food yet still have chronic constipation. I am really fed up with
    being disabled and with the state of the nation and with pretty much anything. If
    I thought burying a statute of a bishop or a rook upside down would help, I would
    take up my shovel post haste.

    Haven't heard from my brother the forest ranger for over a month. He is not
    responding to e mails. He could be on trip or dead. I met some of his neighbors
    the last time we were in Oregon, but I don't know any of their names. I could
    call, but our land line doesn't do long distance. Gordon doesn't want me to use
    his cellphone since he found he has to pay for both making and receiving calls.
    I think I will call tonight anyway.

    Mikie, you just keep chugging away like the little engine that could despite all
    your ailments. I am in total agreement with you about the sad state of
    almost every thing in this country. Incompetence is apparently today's motto.
    I posted something to that effect when commenting on a news story. Despite the
    fact that people who comment on the news now get penalized by Yahoo or AOL
    or whoever runs the thing, my post got over 90 thumbs up. I don't see any
    pundit saying things are going to get better either.

    The little cat I was feeding and I have come to the end of the trail. I put down a
    plate of feline pate for her last night. She rushed over instead of waiting till I
    left. I thought she was getting a bit tamer. Then she unleashed her claws. Ouch!
    I could have got cat fever. Or become catatonic.

    Granni, a house is a wonderful thing. Also a money pit. Right? Whenever they
    show mansions for sale on the news, lots of folks comment; I couldn't even pay
    the taxes; or the upkeep; or the repairs.

    Saw a documentary about the 3 mansions built by Marjorie Merriweather Post.
    She was the Post cereal heiress; once the richest woman in America.
    The house in Florida was the biggest house in the country (over 100 rooms). Donald
    Trump, the shy and modest gazillionaire bought it 30 years ago. He claims the
    upkeep is a million a year. The gardeners must use weed eaters made of gold.

    I am reading a book for young adults about playing bridge. I can't imagine how
    this got published. Everyone knows young people don't do anything in their free
    time except play video games, twitter, and listen to spawn of the devil music.
    Oh well, not my problem.

    There. Now that I posted I feel much better. I certainly don't feel better after
    taking my antidepressant pills. I gave them up years ago. M & Ms are
    more effective. I hope we all feel better when next we assemble on the
    set of the Scottish Play. (I've read that superstitious theater people never
    say the title of "MacBeth". Unlucky, you know.)

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    1. Julie: How cute about Keira's baby doll. We older folks LOVE to see how little girls treat their babies. I think that's a generation thing.......meaning it skips a generation of Amy's age. Something that us grandmas treasure and stick away in our memory bank to bring us happiness when those days are long gonE...........RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E AC ATER
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    Hi Rock, et al,

    I am sure that eating M and M's make you feel better than taking AD pills :)!! Yes, it I easy nowadays to get depressed but especially if you don't feel well. Then, if you turn on the news that will get you feeling worse quickly. Sorry you got clawed by that kitty that you feed all the time. Maybe he or she is getting dementia or maybe he got scared or something. Hope you didn't get to hurt by the claws. Hope you cleaned it real well since he is an outdoor cat. I love cats and most animals but I got bitten really hard one day years ago by my daughters silly cats. He was a real crazy cat and you never knew what he was going to do. I was petting him and he turned and nipped me a bit. I chastised him, not in a really harsh way and didn't yell at him but he knew I was upset and he sank his teeth deep into my arm. I felt it and all my nerve in my finger tips were tingling. Luckily he was an indoor cat and had had his shots. It hurt for a long time and I took some antibiotic that I happened to have on hand. I really was worried about it for awhile. I never went near that crazy cat again or didn't pet him.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow !!

    Mikie and all those close to the NEast coast - I heard that that storm may becoming a hurricane soon and they expect it go up north east for the holiday. Hope all the people by the seashore take the proper precautions.

    Spring Water - Haven't heard from you in awhile and hope you are doing OK and have a little bit of NRG. I know it must be very HOT for you and that is not good. . It is very HOT here too. It has been in the 90's today. We went to do some shopping this afternoon and it was quite HOT. We only ended up going to one store instead of 2. If we shop it is usually in the morning, or we try to anyway.

    Well, it is getting late and time to get ready for bed I guess.

    Nitey nite to everydobby !!

    Granni :)
  9. Granniluvsu

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    Sun - You are right about the baby doll thing. That is so sweet. We only have one granddaughter and e didn't play with baby dolls that long. It was Barbies for awhile then too. My girls (4) had baby dolls for awhile too but we had so many real baby dolls at that time, they didn't need the fake babies for very long:)!! Every two years there was another baby sister. After the last one it was almost 5 years before a baby brother as born.

    Nitey nite again.

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    I'm going to try this again. The program for PH hates ipads.....just ask Spring.

    Rock: I do hope you cleaned up the scratches from the kitty REALLY good. Some cats are possessed! We used to have one living here. When the 4th cat arrived, via my DH finding him at the park, Mandy decided it was time to move on. Fine with me though. She actually moved nextdoor because my neighbor liked to pet her, then there was a period when neither one of us were feeding her until I told my neighbor I WASN'T. Everything was fine with her hanging out there until one day she turned REALLY bad, attacked him something. Poor man was totally shocked that Mandy could do that to him. She eventually disappeared....probably a coyote. That was a very possessed cat.

    And another neighbor was telling me about how her cat attacked her, bit her, hanging on for dear life to her hand. She ended up having surgery then a pic put in and a daily nurse to change it for over a month. When she told me I asked if she had put the cat down.....well no, was her answer because she knew sometimes the cat had "fits'. No way would I have that cat in my house.

    My DH got the scan results today. The cancer is gone from liver but new ones on his lungs. So after much discussion he'll continue the chemo pills for 2 more months, then another scan, then he'll determine what happens after that. The IV chemo made him very ill.

    Mikie: when you said 30 plus pounds on the litter, I really had to groan. May I suggest next time that you break open the box, and bring it up in stages in small containers. No way can I lift more than 10 lbs......even that causes me problems with my neck and back. I hope you feel better when you read this.
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