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    I'll be back in a minute after closing 727. OK, I'm back; we had more than 35 posts on 727. I'm glad to see our Porchies posting, even when they have bad news to report. We can, at least, offer support and prayer to them. I know how much your support and prayers mean to me.

    Granni, this time of year, I go nowhere without my bumbershoot unless the weatherman says no chance of rain. A couple of times, I've been caught in a store when it's raining. I've even bought new umbrellas just to get outta there in a downpour. Otherwise, I've been known to put one of their plastic bags on my head to get out to the car. Since it's an SUV, the back hatch forms a roof over me while I load my groceries or other purchases. I'm sorry your back is sore from shopping; I know exactly how that feels. Hope it's better soon. My hair isn't thin but it's very fine. The hairdresser used a razor on it to get it to have more body. I have a little one I use for the same thing when I cut my own. Your short hair will be perfect for the trip. I hope and pray all goes well for you.

    Sunflower Girl, I am so very sorry DH has a stomach bug. The last thing he needs is to get dehydrated. At this point, it might be very beneficial for an IV if he can't keep water down. I hope he's better. I'm laughing at your cat's huffiness at her "boyfriend" who hasn't been around. I'll bet you could really write a funny book about them. Cats all have individual personalities. Sometimes, I wish Tweety were more mellow, like her brother, but it's her sassy personality which makes her such a character.

    Julie, I'm so glad DH wasn't hurt in that fall. It could have been catastrophic. I hope you, and everyone in the family, start feeling better. Let us know how your labs come out. You are in my prayers.

    In fact, I pray for us all every day. I've always said we are heroes and heroines for what we have to endure. Some of us live our lives most of the time in bed, often with brain fog and pain. Some of us are able to do things but with a great price to pay. Even someone like me, who has no more symptoms of my conditions, seem to struggle with other problems. Most healthy people take their good health for granted. We are grateful for every little blessing and never take anything for granted. Bless us all!

    Per my new "normal" sleep pattern, I fell asleep early in the evening. At 10:00 my alarm went off and I took two clonazepam and went back to sleep. Sylvester got in bed with me and slept by my legs. I had the heating pad on low for my back and right arm/shoulder. Even though everything is better, I still have some achiness at bedtime. I woke at 3:00 and got all the cats' breakfasts ready, including Simon outside, and had my bran buds with a little granola. The bran buds taste like cardboard so I have to add fruit and/or granola to make it more palatable. The extraordinary benefit of this added fibre is worth eating cardboard. :) The gummy fibre helps too and they are sooooo good; it's like eating gummy bears.

    Something has Tweety riled up this morning and she is restless. She's been jumping up on the kitchen windowsill and down again over and over, yowling the whole time. Simon has already eaten and is gone. We have possums, and other wild critters, so it could be something wild. She's out on the lanai, giving me dirty looks. Yesterday, Simon had another animal with him and it looked just like a miniature Sylvester. I couldn't be sure, though, because he was on the landing and all the stair rails were in the way. Both ran when I tried to see what it was. After I put Simons's breakfast out, he came back by himself and ate. A friend in the hood took in a kitten, younger than S&T, and it is identical to Tweety but, instead of solid white, it is solid black. The eyes are the same unusual green as Tweety's and the face looks identical. I am wondering whether this has become a dumping ground for kittens. Most probably don't make it unless someone takes them in. There was originally another kitten with S&T but it disappeared. We have hawks which are perfectly able to carry off a kitten, rabbit, squirrel, mouse, etc. These poor kittens would be so much better off left at a shelter or, better yet, get the mother cat spayed. S&T got lucky.

    I have to shower and go to the bank once again to try to straighten out what the mortgage dept. has done. I got all my paperwork together yesterday. I'll try to go over it once again but it's extremely difficult to make heads or tails of it. Also, my Wells Fargo credit card is charging me fees. The more I charge, the higher the fee. Say What! This is supposed to be a no-fee card. This crap never ends. Whine, whine, whine! :mad:

    Next horrible task is to call my financial guy at ING to find out how much I am required to take out of my IRA before I reach 70 1/2. My local guy retired so all I have is some guy at ING to answer my questions. I hate dealing with this stuff. I guess I should be thankful I have an IRA. Hmmmmm! Perhaps a perception shift. I think I'm just so run down with all these painful events and the cats that I just don't want to deal with anything at all. Poor Julie, the cats' other mother, is even worse off. She can no longer feel her feet due to her back problems. She's exercising them to keep the blood flowing in them but I'm sure the 22nd can't get here fast enough. She has almost completely withdrawn because she can't deal with anything anymore.

    One neighbor's aunt just died (not unexpectedly) at an advanced age and another's brother just passed away (again, not unexpectedly) but he was young and had cancer. We've lost four people in the hood in recent months. I guess it's right that, "To everything there is a season...A time to die..." I'm ready for a new season.

    Wishing everyone a very, very good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    HI Mikie, et al,

    Gotta bump up this new Porch volume. May not be on to long. Waiting for the cleaning lady to come. She is supposed to come at 2:30 she said which was a very different time for me and her too.. Who knows how long she wil be and if her college age daughter comes with her. I have not been idle myself. The painter are doe, at least for what we have paid them for. Trying to put things in their proper laces, like the bookcase in our bedroom. Trying to make or and get rid of clutter. So hard to do that. There was so much dust all around. Gotta leave nw.

    Love,m Granni
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    Hi, Granni, I'll bet you're glad the painters are gone. Hope you and the cleaning lady can get things back to your liking. Yes, it's so hard to get rid of things. I really need to do that myself. It's an ongoing thing.

    I showered and went to the bank and my banker and I got my mortgage straightened out (for now). Wells Fargo took over Wachovia, which had taken over World Savings so the mortgage dept. is a step-child with a non user-friendly system. We keep trying new things only to have it backfire again and again. It's sooooo frustrating. I'm trying to make extra principle payments and they keep just applying them as regular payments instead of drafting my payments automatically as they are supposed to do. Well, one less thing to stress me out (again, for now). I also stopped at our mgmt. co. to wish a departing mgr. good luck as she's moving to CO and getting married. I had a couple of bills owed to me by the assn. Finally, I stopped at Publix and got some chicken tenders, potato salad and beans with cut up watermelon for dessert. For the first time in a long time, I was hungry.

    I think something is wrong with my A/C. The tech is coming out on Mon. I have it set at 77 but it's 79 in here and it just keeps running. I hope it's just low on coolant. I don't need a big bill right now. It's in the low 90's outside and I hope it's just too hot but, even so, the A/C should be able to cool it down better in here. Our electricity went out twice for just a minute. So, here I am, running around resetting clocks. Why doesn't everything have a battery backup for the clock?

    It was too hot to smudge the condo and bldg. so will do it in the a.m. when it's cooler. I did get my little brass latches installed on all my closet doors so Tweety can't open them. It's like having to baby proof a house only I'm trying to cat proof mine. She's just too smart. I had one cat who learned to open and shut the kitchen cabinet doors. He would open them and close them to get my attention. I also put some little hooks under a shelf in my closet to hold some of my necklaces to free up some space in my jewelry armoire. When I worked, I wore different jewelry all the time but, now that I'm retired, I just don't wear it much anymore. Still, I don't want to get rid of it. At least, it's organized.

    OK, I'm gonna go read the newspaper. I didn't feel like reading it this morning. I had to take a nap after I had my breakfast. Then, I thought I had better go to the bank before I chickened out cause I didn't want to do it.

    Hope everydobby has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Folks

    Haven't been posting 'cause I'm not up to it. I have a vague notion of reading a
    play where people are waiting at the depot for the final train. Some people think
    that is the theme of the play "Waiting for Godot". But then "Godot" is a boring
    and meaningless play for many people. Others find it highly significant.

    About the only thing we can say with any certainty is that the star of the play was
    Bert Lahr, (the cowardly lion). He always said he never understood the play either.

    And then there's the other side of the coin. In the 40s Shirley Temple starred in
    "The Bluebird", a movie where children wait on a ship to be born.

    Well, life and death are themes in Fannie Flagg's book "Standing in the Rainbow". I
    just reread it. It's set in village in Missouri. I would put in on a list of great
    American books like To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Huckleberry Finn,
    Gone With the Wind, etc. But it has something even those great books don't
    have: a sequel.

    Julie, I'm glad to hear that Den is OK. Is he gonna have a check up just to make
    sure? No cracked bones, etc. My brother and I used to climb on our roof when
    we were kids. Sure wouldn't do it now. Don't even like stepladders these days.
    And I'm afraid to get in an elevator. If it got stuck I'd be panic stricken.

    Granni, I'm pretty much the same as always. Just depressed and low on energy.
    Thanks for asking. I bet you'll be so happy when the painters and the dust are gone.

    Mikie, glad to hear that some of your several problems are improving. The kitties are
    lucky to have you as their in loco parentis.

    SF girl, never heard of celtic salt before.Thought maybe it had something to do with
    the Irish, but apparently it refers to sea salt. Well, glad you found something that

    Springwater, your reference to a roadside restaurant made me think of Windy Acres,
    a cafe at the edge of a small town in Minnesota. It had a huge parking lot so trucks
    could park there. Our High School band often stopped there when we were marching
    in a parade in some neighboring town. Good grub. Prices so low the young
    people of today would find it astonishing. Fifty cents for a hamburger.

    Can't remember which town the cafe was in, but I checked the internet. It's gone
    now. Was popular with truckers, travelers and teenagers.

    Gotta go lie down, Kids.

    As they used to say in the commercials on the Amos and Andy Show, "Good Health to
    All from Rexall". Just checked with Wikipedia. Another piece of Americana that is
    gone. Once there were 12,000 Rexall stores. Now all gone with the windy acres.

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    Greetings again to awl. computer most of the time the cleaning lady and her daughter was here. I may not be perfect but it is a lot better. So much dirt and dust. I feel good too that I have made a little bit of order at least. Not always easy to throw things away. DH is good at that, throwing things out. Sometimes he throws things out that I know I may be using or needing later on. Now I can concentrate, at least try to, start packing. Just getting my supps together and meds is a chore.

    Mikie - I know what you mean. All that financial and bank stuff get s me crazy too. My acct is no problem and has not much money but the one for both of us is a little tricky. DH knows all about that stuff . However, if he is gone that is another story, That is funny about those kid proof latches for the kitties. When my kids were young they didn't have any kid proof latches. Nowadays, they have so many different safety features. Somehow we did without them.

    Rock - Glad to see you here but sorry you are or were feeling puny with little NRG again or still. Seems like I always feel that way but somehow don't have the luxury to lie down or sit still , unless I am on the computer and perhaps n one I home, but me.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling a little better and that they have been able to figure out your problem. Perhaps they took blood and will need the results to come back first before knowing anything. You need some answers before you have any more company, including Lindsay and David's new little baby whenever it shows its little head. Lord knows you have enough people who depend on you. You NEED to get well soon. Hope Den is stil feeling OK after hs fall. Boy was he lucky.

    Sun - Hope you are feeling better and your DH to. Thinking of you all inc those not mentioned. I need to get off her for now . I am worn out after trying to get this house cleaned up some and now I have to start thinking about packing for our trip. DH wants to get outside and weed, etc. Pray for rain tonight :)?? Then weeding will be called off unless we want to be carried off by the mosquitoes and other bugs.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Yowza! It's hot here! I know, I know, it's the middle of July in the sub-tropics; what do I expect, right? Yesterday afternoon, I had the thermostat set at 77 and it just kept running and running and it stayed 79 in the condo. I had left the slider open about 6" so the little ones could go in and out. I closed the doors and the blinds on the sliders and the kitchen window. Finally, the temp dropped to 78. I think my A/C must be low on coolant. I called the A/C guy and he will be out Mon. I left the thermostat at 79 so the A/C wasn't running all the time. It finally shut off when the temp dropped last night but it stays hot until the middle of the night. When I got up, I set it at 77 and it worked just fine so I dropped it to 76. It seems to be working normally. Still, I think it should have worked better yesterday afternoon. I'm going to get it cooler in here and keep the windows and blinds shut today and tomorrow so the hot afternoons are not taxing the A/C unit. If I get it cooler before the afternoon, perhaps it won't get so hot in here. I hope it's nothing serious. I doubt it is because it's working normally now.

    The cats went in and out of the lanai a couple of times this morning and I opened and shut the door. They are peacefully co-existing on top of the back of the loveseat. I have a cheap animal print throw over that end of the loveseat so their shedding isn't on the loveseat itself. Tweety did an admirable job of cleaning Sylvester's neck for him in places he can't reach. With his long hair, it needs constant grooming. The worst problem is his belly where the hair is curly and tends to get knots in it. He lets me brush it but it doesn't stay neat very long. The rest of him is very sleek and he has a magnificent plume of a tail. If he starts to groom her neck, he grabs her by the nape and tries to mount her. Both are neutered and she just gives him a look like, "What's wrong with you?" I'm glad they are inside cats all the time now. I don't want to worry about tics and fleas nor the medicine to repel them. It's not necessary for inside cats and some animals have horrible reactions to them.

    Rock, mi amigo, are you calling me loco? You may be right. Sometimes, I think I should have my head examined to put up with these little fur kids. I've never seen "Waiting for Godot." I find it amazing that it endures after all this time, though. I've not heard of the Shirley Temple movie. I do love Fanny Flagg so may look for that book. In my home town, we had a Rexall, of course, but it was a bit off the beaten path. I loved it when Mom took me there because they had an antique soda bar and the part against the wall had a huge mirror set in dark oak. It had a lot of Tiffany type stained glass all over it with some of it in the 3-D shape of purple grapes. I think the guy in there liked Mom because he would always light up the back bar, asking me if I wanted him to "light up the grapes." It thrilled me every time they lit up and I still have fond memories of it. I'm sure the Rexall guy had fond memories of my Mom. She was stunning! That bar must have been worth a fortune as an antique.

    Granni, instead of buying kid proof latches, I just bought some little inexpensive brass latches. I installed them a couple of inches above the middle board, which contains the knobs to pull the doors open on the slider track. I put them on the frame in the middle; inside the frame are louvers. With all the humidity down here, we need closets that can "breathe." In any case, they are small and unobtrusive but look like a nice piece of hardware. The doors won't open when they are latched. It only took a couple of minutes to install. The most frustrating thing is that my drill/driver batteries are always dead. It doesn't take long to charge them but they are getting old and a charge doesn't last long. A plumber who came had the same thing. He just plugged the charger in and, while he was using one battery, the other was charging and he just swapped them as each one would die. This is a really nice construction type drill and was expensive. I don't want to have to buy a new one so I'll just do the swap out thing as long as I can. I don't do much drilling anymore since I've given up doing big projects. I hope everything suits you with all the paint, cleaning and clearing out. If you are like me, you have to position and reposition small things until, like with Goldilocks, everything is just right.

    Even though it's already hot out, I plan to go out and smudge the bldg. this morning. Too many things going wrong; there must be some neg. NRG around here. In any case, it can't hurt and may help. It's always a good thing to pray and do rituals to ask for protection. Found out yesterday that my banker is into something similar but he uses incense. I did that before I found a source for the sage smudge packets. His mother has a bad spine and is suffering horribly with sciatica so I asked him if I could put a prayer in our little bird house prayer box. He said they do that and call it a "God box." Springwater, remember your telling us about the angels saying we should write our prayers down and put them in a God box? He's the only other person I've heard call it that.

    Well, A/C is working perfectly (knocking on wood), set at 76. So, we'll see. Maybe I'll put a prayer in the box for my A/C. Hope everyone else has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning MIKIE et al,

    Waiting for DH to come home, which will be soon. Have a busy day ahead of me. Need to get dressed to go outside and weed, etc. Also need to start packing and washing. Haven't been able to do any packing yet as there have been so much going on here. First things first as they say.

    Mikie you are so handy. I could use you around the house :)!! Gotta keep your heads up on your fur babies :)!!!

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK. Please fill us in when you can.

    Need to get dressed before DH gets home and outside before it get HOT. Right now it should be nice out but humid I am sure.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Rock: I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. That talk about the old Rexalls does bring to mind the one in our little town I grew up in. It was kinda dark and stuffed full but they had a wonderful soda fountain like Mikie talked about. About 12 bar stools with a mirror behind the bar. First time ever I tasted an ice cream soda and also a root beer float. There was also a "soda fountain shop" in the town where all the HS kids would gather after school. I remember pics. of Archie characters painted all over the walls. I had been told this is where it originated and it stayed with me forever until a few years ago I researched it and found it was created back east someplace. Bummer.....and I thought this place was famous! HA

    Mikie: Awwww.....you took away their fun by putting the latches on. Sometimes when I'm sorting clothes and towels for washing the cats go crazy when they find a slightly damp washcloth or towel on the floor and roll all over it, grabbing it with their paws. It must be the scent. I do know I have to be careful where I put my shoes or flip flops because they do the same thing, wiping their face across my shoes. Once when my son was visiting he had taken off his size 12 shoes and one of them went crazy.....sticking her face in his shoe! LOL He must have a very appealing scent to them.

    Granni: Its amazing how dirty the house can get after workmen have been busy. It's a good thing you had help. What is it with women that we have to CLEAN the house thoroughly before leaving on a trip. When I was younger my boss told me his wife had to do that......annoyed the heck out of him. Personally I'm that way too. I think it's a woman thing.......that we don't want someone coming into our home and remarking "my, this woman was a terrible housekeeper".

    I'm waiting for my live online art class to start in another hr. I'm so thankful I can watch it on my Ipad in the kitchen rather than in our computer room that's dark.

    My DH has had a stomach bug since sunday......lots of gas that absolutely won't pass. I've been fighting it too but taking the oil of oregano and a charcoal tablet has helped me.........he's stubborn and won't listen to me.
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    WHEW !! Just got in from weeding and it is getting warm. Those little tiny bugs were bugging me to death out there - in my face everywhere ):!!

    Sun - What is it with these guys who like to complain but you give them things to take and they won't take them. DH is getting somewhat better about taking supplements but he hates to take meds. However, it depends on his mood and the lucky guy only takes two pills for hi b/p (one is a slight diuretic). His b/p is nowhere close to mine when it spikes.

    I don't always clean my house thoroughly before going somewhere. There are lots of things I need to do in here but wit the guys tracking I everything and dust everywhere I HAD TO. Luckily, it just so happened to be after those guys finished their painting. Great timing !! Also found things the guys had taken off the book cases I didn't know I had or had been looking for, for some time :)!!!

    Mikie - Glad you are doing better. So you have decided to keep the cats i doors. It probably is best for them and it is great you have that enclosed lanai for them at night. Sounds like you have a couple of furry toddlers or especially one :)!!

    Rock - Hope you are feeling better, and you too SPRINGWATER..

    Julie - Check in when you can. Hope you are doing better.

    I need to go and fix lunch. Hope to check back late. DH also needs the computer.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Julie - That is right. You are where you need to be right now. I think perhaps so many of your symptoms may be stress related. For years I had crazy IBS symptoms with diarrhea spurts coming on whenever it felt like it. That was I between the constipation I have had all my life. That was including all the pain I have had and just feeling like no NRG at all. O course when they did the Sigmoidoscopy years ago it was fine and dandy. Never could find anything wrong with me. Thyroid was supposedly normal at that time - my TSH was 5 or above which we know now is not really normal but hypo.

    However, good idea to go to the cardio doc and make sure you are OK. Don't want to take any chances. Are you still crashing after you eat anything ?? That is very weird. All I can think of is perhaps with all the running around you do you are not digesting your food properly. Do you have loose bowels or what? Don't think you ever take the time to relax and do things for yourself and or Den. I know you love your family but you do to much . You are being pulled in to many directions at once. If it continues you might need to go to a gastroenterologist to check out your digestion? I am sure talking to your SIL really made you feel great, after that ):!! NOT

    Sorry to hear about all the kiddo young and not so young being ill with that virus and hope Amy is better soon too.

    Gotta run and glad to hear from you but wish you felt better. I know with your family it is very hard to do but please SLOW DOWN. Can Grandpa afford to have his yard mowed. ?? I might be god if he can't that you all take up a collection to have someone else mow it. Yu can't keep going on like that even if you enjoy mowning. Your own is big enough for you plus all the stuff you do for the kiddos !!!

    Thinking of everyone. Ned to go for now.

    Granni :)
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    I agree with you on the stressors NOW but if Grandpa has the money and Sis and BF or whatever isn't going to mow - you don't need to do it. It seems to me that now is the time to drop Gpa's mowing, with new baby on the way and all those little ones you need to help with , plus Den's needing you to help sometimes too, not to mention you mowing your place which I guess is not to small a lot. You need to watch your health my dear before you collapse. Sis and her fiancé or whatever will probably never get on the mower, so forget them.

    Gotta run for now to keep DH company and fix diner, hamburgers on the grill. Please ,take it easy so you can enjoy that new baby that due soon.

    Love you and all,
  12. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - Forgot to say I am glad that Amy is now home and hope she will be well soon. Even after Lindsey has baby I think it is a good thing for you just not to be bothered to do their lawn. You need to make sure that Sis knows grandpa shouldn't probably be doing that sort of thing now and either she, or fiancé or whoever they pay to do it is in charge - not you. You have way to much on your plate to worry about someone elses lawn that is not on your property , close by.. Even if it is Grandpa's, either they do it or pay someone to do it and that you will no longer be doing it.

    Sorry, if I am sounding to BOSSY right now but you are having physical problems and you need to start really taking care of yourself for a change. Lindsey having her new little one soon should be a good excuse for you bowing out. However, you need to make it clear that you will no longer be doing it. Maybe you can help Grandpa find someone else to do it. He doesn't need to be mowing either. Neither Sis or fiancé will probably be on the mower either , if I have my guess.

    Well, I am off my soapbox for now :)!!!! Hang in their Julie and stand your ground. They will most likely be a thorn in your side for some time but you don't need to make it worse for yourself physically and mentally by having to go mow his lawn all the time. You have enough to keep you for sure.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Missed you all today. I will try and get back tomorrow in between church and everything else happening here.

    Love to everyone,
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Amen, Jam !! Time to give someone else this job !! Then let Sis and you know who make the decision. If they don't do it then you may have to do the hiring, JULIE. Not sure Sis an ? will much of anything. Sorry to sound so bad.

    Hope you are doing well Jam. Missing so many this weekend.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - If there aren't any young people around to ask the ask the neighbor and give them some $ even if they don't want any. It must take some time to do it. However, if you look around or advertise for someone there should be someone willing to earn some $. If the neighbor doesn't want to do it all the time ask if she would do it until you find someone. Advertise ! There must be someone in the area wiling to do it ad make me $. Yes, going over there just gets you upset and maybe one of them living with grandpa will be shammed into doing it - think so? Probably not but one never knows, miracles sometimes do happen:)! LOL

    Gotta go , almost time for beddy bye or to watch something on TV with DH not that there is much.. Hang in there Julie !!! Now's the time with that new baby coming and you need to try and stay well..
    Night tall !!

  15. springwater

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    jam - my own house is getting too much took handle..living on top floor is not convenient anymore

    Want smaller place but with space for five dogs..where do I dump them...

    Julie -looks like stress overload a and sis pushing yr buttons too far I don't understand why you are mowing grandpas lawn if he has the money to pay someone to do it..I'm sorry but doesn't Grandpa SEE how overloaded you are? You've been sick plenty too, doesn't HE ever tell you to not bother coz you hv enough to cope with with two daughters and their families to help out? Three toddlers at that with another on the way...and his own grownup daughter no responsibilities and up to her hijinks with men of all sorts....what the heck!!! Talk about blind!!!

    Im sorry about the outburst ..had to say it

    mikie - I think the smudging is a good idea what with batteries dying n what not
    And maybe something more if negative ity continues I wish you and Julie and sun speedy recovery

    Rock - nice to see you drop in. Never found out what Godot was about and too swamped to google maybe later I love windy Acres the name I would've thought a lovely quiet windswept rambling huge place!! Gone with the Windy Acres, lol!

    Sun - prayers ongoing for dh and you...did u hv a nice online painting lesson?

    Granni - my friend was asking about what to take for constipation I think you mentioned you hv it wondering what foods are best for that

    Oops chores beckon gotta make lentils so Dh can fill his lunch pail rice cabbage n lentil soup

    God bless
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, I have to say I agree with Granni and Jam. Sis, and whomever she is hanging with, is never going to change. It is too stressful for you to constantly have her do this in your face; it only stresses you out further. I agree that, regardless of how shameful it looks to anyone else, paying someone to mow GPA's yard is the way to go. Those two lazy people will never do it so it's up to you to find a practical way to get it done without doing it yourself. You have too much on your plate as it is. We all know you mow his lawn for him out of love but you are also doing so many other things out of love for your family. Something's gotta give! That something may be your health. It's not too late to pare things down to only what is absolutely necessary. I'm sorry the kids are sick again. I hope they feel better. I also hope you feel better.

    I am reading a book on healthier backs and this guy seems to really know his stuff. He talks about stress and how it affects every aspect of our health, including digestion, back pain, muscles, etc. He talks about how people go to doctors who only put band aids on their problems instead of getting at the real problems. He understands that medical school doesn't prepare orthopedic docs to get at a patient's stressors or give them nutritional advice but those things affect our health. He covers not only the mechanics of back pain but all the other contributing factors. He mentions fibromyalgia quite a bit. I believe that we absolutely cannot be healthy unless we find a way to get rid of stressors or to deal with them in a healthy way. That sometimes means disassociating ourselves from family members and just dealing with the practical things. It isn't easy. I highly recommend Tai Chi, Yoga and/or meditation.

    Granni, I understand first things first. Sometimes, I have to do an unpleasant chore just to get at the next thing I need to do. Today, I paid bills or, at least, two of them. I've had about $1,000 more in new glasses and co-pays for docs and PT this last month. I have to call my IRA advisor to find out how much I have to take out before I turn 70 1/2. I hope it's not much because I'd rather not take anything out. I think it's an intrusion for the govt. to tell us when we HAVE to withdraw money from our own retirement accts. The age used to be 72 1/2, so they've moved it up. To make things worse, my local financial guy retired so I have to call someone at ING who is a perfect stranger. I hate dealing with this.

    Jam, if you read the first part of my post, you see that I agree with you. It sounds as though you've had to simplify your life and it seems to suit you well. I'm trying to do the same thing. It isn't easy. Guess I'm too attached to some of my things. I'll likely never play golf again, ski or ride my bike but I hate to sell them; they are too good to donate. I think a lot of the problem is emotional attachment. Since my hip accident, sciatica and, now, this torn hamstring muscle, the reality that I can no longer do things is hitting me. I had accepted growing older in looks but not in abilities. I guess I have more adjusting to do. So, now I'm through the denial stage, and I have no anger about it, it's time for acceptance. The silver lining will be more space that these things used to take up.

    Sunflower Girl, isn't it funny what a cat will turn into a plaything? I really had to lock the closets because some of them contain things which the cats could really wreak havoc with. The builder didn't leave enough of a flange in the laundry closet to hold the dryer vent accordion hose. I put the clamp on it but it comes off easily so I duct taped it in place. If the cats attacked that hose, it would leak tiny amts. of lint and could catch fire. By now, I can imagine what might attract them. In another closet, I have fertilizer and weed killer which would be poison if one of them licked the container. So, as I said, it's like baby proofing my house. Sylvester has a foot fetish. He has to sniff the feet of everyone who comes in. He also sits up like a little ground hog to look in the tub when I'm soaking. On top of everything else, I think I've mentioned that he tries to mount Tweety (both have been neutered). I call him affectionately, my little perv. Both are passed out right now, Tweety on top of the back of the loveseat and Sylvester in their little animal print cat bed. They switch off and on and look for new places to curl up. Funny little characters.

    I want to get a slat for my sliders with a pet door built in. That way, they could come and go and, at night, I could put the solid piece in so they couldn't come back in the condo. They cost about $150 at Lowe's but I hate to buy one if Julie decides to take them back. Nothing would make me happier than if her health would allow her to have them. I love them and would miss them but she loves them too. As much as I do love them, I just never really wanted pets at this stage in my life. I enjoy them every day. I let them in about 4:00 in the morning and the people downstairs said they can hear my sliders opening and shutting. I oiled the track and try to do it slowly and quietly but, because of the way our bldg. is built, we can all hear each other's sliders. Until it got so hot out, I was leaving just enough space for them to come in and go out. The A/C won't keep it cool in here unless the doors are shut. In fact, I close the blinds wherever the sun shines in. We only have single-pane windows so they aren't very NRG efficient.

    Yesterday, I did smudge our bldg. and the one next door. I had bought little packs of sage for smudging at a New Age store. Well, I lit it and it smudged for a bit but wouldn't keep smoking. I had to keep relighting it. It's hard to pray and walk all around the bldg., stopping every little bit to relight the sage. Think I may go back to using incense. In any case, I hope the smudging keeps us in the light of Spirit and keeps all neg. NRG away.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oops, more posts after I posted mine. This always happens when the posts run over to page 2.

    Springwater, I missed you in the process. I'm sorry. It's good to hear from you. I wish you could find a home more to your liking and your needs. Maybe there has been some neg. NRG in here because, in addition to dying batteries, I keep losing, or breaking, my earrings. They just disappear. I pray every day for protection from negativity but I do think smudging will help. I pray only to work in the light of Spirit when I use my pendulum but, perhaps it has been a doorway for neg. influences. I don't know. All the accidents in the last year, including my head injuries, my hip injury, the sciatica, and now, the torn hamstring muscle might just be accidents but there could be something dark at work. I do feel lighter since the smudging. Instead of the shaman feather I bought, I used a big one Mom sent to me. It's like it was just asking me to use it.

    My best to you and yours.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to go to church very soon but have been reading the posts. Hi to everyone!

    Julie - I can see where Grandpa most likely spoiled his little darling, Sis all her life and that is why she is the way she is. Most likely she will never change nor will her current BF, or whatever you call him. She probably feels she is entitled and can do whatever she wants and no one will question her. Don't know if she was sickly too as a child but sometimes that comes into play too. You may also have to be the one to find someone to mow. Talk about lazy !

    Spring Water - I would like to downsize myself as there is also to much for me to clean. However that costs money and we will have to get rid a lot of fairly big furniture. That will have to wait. Maybe we will be ready in a few years. More hopefully later. I need to start packing some later even if we leave o Tuesday.

    Need to run, love you ALL.
    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I know you've mentioned before that you live in a 3 story building. Part of your husband's business. Perhaps you could talk to your DH about a different place to live in. At my age (almost 70) I realize life is too short to put off situations, etc. Maybe he doesn't know that you would like a different home. Couldn't hurt to talk about it.

    Yes, the class was super! What a deal at $6.50 for an online LIVE class, where I can also paint along if I want to or ask questions. I'm learning so much from this artist. By the way, his name is Johannes Vloothies if you want to do a search to see his work. I'm incapable of going to a workshop for painting.....even with watching this I have to constantly get up and walk around.

    Mikie: I've never seen those slider door blocks with a cat door in them. Great idea for you since you're up on a second floor. We have disappearing sliding doors that roll into a side that gets hidden. The problem is it's just the screen stretched taut and my one cat learned right away she can just walk thru it so she's done a heck of a lot of damage to them. I had bought heavy wood baby gates when my grandkids were small since we have the pool right outside. I put up the baby gate with the door open and the screen stretched across and this bars them from going outdoors. We do what we have to do.

    Julie: God works in mysterious ways to accomplish something. My thinking is he allowed Den to fall off the roof with no injuries so you BOTH would have your eyes opened. You HAVE to tell yourself your immediate family comes first. I'm sorry to say this, but I believe Gpa knows everything that you do and what his DD does, and he still seems able to open his mouth and put his foot down. HIRE a local boy who needs work. Go to the Amish community for some help in locating the right person. And...........rid yourself of all the stress.

    I realized yesterday that the antidepressant pills my DH had been put on are really doing a # on his brain. I made him call the doc. yesterday who agreed, told him to drop it back to what he had been taking and then in another week he would start to wean him off them. Too many chemical in his system with overload. And I think he's decided he'll stop the chemo since it's not working anymore. I told him to try to get healthier and leave it up to God to do the healing. This whole stress is really doing a # on me too. I'm so thankful I can get outside and work around my garden....it needs so much TLC. And I'm thankful I can also get into my studio and push around the paint a bit.
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi AWL finally got to sit down today after church. Did some washing, packing, etc. as I have a meeting to go to tomorrow. So not to much time to pack tomorrow morning anyway.

    Spring Water - You asked about constipation . Now I don't know if they have stuff at your grocery or drug stores or where you buy things to help you to hopefully feel better. I take some Benefiber which is a very fine white powder that you put in water or any drink or food you want. I put it in my tea in the morning. You can use it 1 - 3x a day I think depending on you or your friends problem. However, I would start very slowly and work up if needed .

    Magnesium is also very helpful. I think you or she can take up to about 500 mg 2x a day but then again work up on that too. If you have very loose stools, cut back. Of course, fruits and veggies and juices are good too and water. As you probably already know cheese ,rice and bananas are binding - If you cannot find Benefiber it also comes in the generic form made or bought by grocery chains. Here they have HEB, Kroger, and Equate (Wal Mart) brands and probably many others. These are the ones close to me. I have been dealing with chronic constipation since I was a little child and I still remember that menacing enema bag. Now they have those throwaways which are a lot neater and probably not so awful. I haven't had to take one of those.

    I also take Activa yogurt which has been helpful to me. I take it in the morning with breakfast. Oh, I also take a stool softener every now and then as needed. Yes, I have to work at it. Actually I take all the mag. mostly for hi b/p but now also for constipation.

    Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. Hope JULIE is feeling a little better and has calmed down some from the doc visit, feeling bad, and all that turmoil happening in the family. Yes, we all have to learn to let go and get rid of stuff that is causing us physical and or psychological pain/ problems. I also know I is not always easy.

    You are right JAM, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and just do what you can do to eliminate the person or problem from your life. I know you will never completely be rid of sis as she is your SIL, JULIE. However, she (Julie) can see her as little as possible and no more lawn mowing over there. God only knows she has enough to keep her busy every day !!

    Sun - Hope your DH after he gets off or cuts back on the AD pills, it will help his brain function . The chemo. I am sure does enough bad stuff to his body. Praying to God for both DH and yourself. There is to much going on lately with people I know on and off line with cancer and other awful things.

    Hi to MIKIE, ROCK, SUN, and whoever else I have missed. To busy today !!

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
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