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    Jam: I've been clothes cleaning for a couple of years. I just keep culling out things I haven't worn or have no need for. When my mom moved from her mobil home.....OMG......the clothes and STUFF were unbelievable stuffed in there. I worked one month in the summer, tossing things from her linen closets and under the kitchen counters........jelly jars, mayo jars, at least 200 rubberbands, towels with holes. Things that she just couldn't get rid of because she had gone thru the depression. At that time I said I would NEVER put my kids thru that so that's why I sell my collectibles on ETSY. I still have so many boxes I need to put up for sale though. But as to the clothes and personal items, I've cleaned those out.

    I've spent the day at the clinic and then on to the hospital. My DH now shows he has an obstruction so after he spends a night in the hospital on IVs for dehydration (I can't tell you the times I told him to DRINK water) he'll have an upper GI tomorrow so they can learn what's causing this. I was told it was either a kinked bowel (don't know how that's fixed) scar tissue from the surgery, or another mass on the colon. I don't think it's a mass otherwise I think his CEA count would have dramatically gone up.

    I'm tired and hungry so I'll post tomorrow the results.