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    Hi guys! I made it through yesterday..."crashed" right after I ate breakfast/lunch, but decided to try to mow anyway. I figured that was the least strenuous thing on my chore list and if I could get around the yard without falling off the mower, that would be great ;) Ended up getting all the riding mower part done...good thing, it has rained a lot since very early this morning.

    I had cancelled my out of town chiro appt. for today...didn't know when Sis and ? would bring Gpa here. Glad I did...they must have had him all packed up already...the wedding was at 10:00 am (30 minutes away) and they dropped him off at 10:40.

    Poor Gpa was exhausted...he wouldn't have had any lunch, etc. till someone got home to my house. Lindsey has a doctor appt., so would have been gone too. He said he hated for me to change my plans because of him...but I think it was the right thing to do.

    As soon as he wakes up from his nap, we are going to the animal shelter. I decided to go ahead and get the older dog that Keira fell in love with. I figure if a kid likes a dog, that must be the one. :)

    I could tell Den was disappointed that I didn't go get her yesterday...when he got home last night he actually parked by the house and walked clear across the yard where I was mowing...to ask if I had "surprised" him with a dog. So, tonight he will really be surprised!

    Hope everyone is doing okay today. Lindsey has an OB appt. and one of her best friends was going to drive her there...an hour from us. David is home with the kids. The kids room was done enough that they spent last night in there...Lorraine loves it and the twins slept all night too!

    Today, Lindsey got her and David's bedroom all organized again and they now have room for the baby. So things are kind of falling in place. She is almost 37 weeks, so could go just about any time.

    I really haven't been much help to them this time...but they are seeing how well they can do on their own ;)

    Better go get ready for our new family member...the dog's name is April, I will try to post a pic later.
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    Hi, Sun, yes, I remember. I was married to the King of PA Ville. It is sooooo stressful and over time, it can tie one's muscles up in knots--literally. I know everything is going warp speed right now while you and the kids are trying to straighten things out but I hope when it's quieter, you can take some time just for yourself. Maybe meditate in your lovely little garden.

    I can't remember when I had my other shoulder done but I think it's been about a year. It had a bone spur. I saw the doc today. It was one of those days at the office. My appt. was at 11:15 and I left at 2:00. Something told me to take my pillow as there is nowhere comfy to sit in the little rooms. The exam table has a pillow but if I lie down, I need it for my knees. So, I took one of my bed pillows and had a nice little nap. I came home and took off the pillow case and put a clean one on it.

    I am having an MRI on Mon. and am seeing the doc right afterward. He suspects impingement in which the opening in the shoulder for all the muscles and tendons in the rotator cuff area. If it closes up, as it tends to do in older people, it can rub on tendons and muscles and cause all kinds of inflammation. The remedy is a simple laproscopic surgery in which they go in through tiny incisions and just clip off the end of the shoulder bone to make more room for everything. Pretty much like my last surgery. Barb isn't here so I may have to put off surgery, if I need it, til the end of Aug. The doc injected it for now to give me some relief from the inflammation.

    I haven't talked to the curmudgeon downstairs since he came up to apologize for being such an ass. I plan to see if someone can rebuild the wheel mechanism on the doors once it gets cooler. I stopped at Lowe's on the way home and got some silicone spray for the tracks for now.

    I'm glad you are surrounded by family and, especially, kids. They can really keep things moving along and they are so funny and fun even during a sad time. I am so glad to see you coming here to be with your Online Family too. We are all with you in Spirit.

    Rock, I downloaded "Standing In The Rainbow" and started reading it at the doc's office. I got so sleepy I had to stop and take a nap while I waited. I love her writing and just what little I read was sooooo good. Geez, it was like going back to my own early childhood. I remember people taking in boarders. I also remember all the women listening to the radio shows all day while they did their housework. Women had to work so hard, as did many men, but Moms weren't driving their kids to play dates and activities all day. If someone told me as a kid that a Mom had made a date with another Mom for the kids to play, I would have thought it very insane. Why not just go out and play with the kids in the hood? Just be home when the street lights come on. In some ways, life was better but in some ways, it wasn't. No tolerance and lots of judgment back then. You pretty much had to conform to the community stds. or your were a pariah. On the other hand, people had better manners back then. Fanny Flagg's books are a bit more expensive than some others so I only downloaded that one for now. Thanks for the suggestion.

    As always, I send my love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies.

    Love, Mikie

    Well, did it again. After I posted, it said there were more unread posts. I am in major pain right now so will come back later to read and respond to everyone else.
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    Sun - good to know your family is there and things getting handled..yr sons friend seems swamped by admirers..lucky guy..

    Sometimes I can sense spirit attachments around people so I guess yr sons friends friend was smudging him just in case, it is said more entities , souls who don't move on hang around in bars pubs etched esp if they were alcoholics

    Rock - those fines are heavy!! Wish there was some respite for those with genuine memory lapses ..I hv managed to hang on to my groceries when shopping ..and umbrella..I was always leaving things behind..

    Mikie - hope the shoulder is better..maybe yr astrological chart shows a bit of rough weather in this phase...one would think ..we would get a break if we lived a good blameless life as I'm sure most here hv ... The whole of life is a mystery..I'm finding out now..not like they taught us when we were little

    Those fur babies of yrs sure keep u on yr toes..I love watching animals ..except when they are destructive..one of my doggies is always fighting with the rest..but I try to treat him same as the others

    Julie - good to hear you got the yard done ..even feeling groggy..that's how I'm going about my cooking here..bumbling around in a haze..is Amy bit better and Keira? Pls take care of yrself..I'm excited to see yr new doggie! Can understand Dens anticipation n how wonderful a doggie is getting a loving new home

    Granni ..I hope yr daughter finds just the right home..how nice to be having a child move closer to you
    Are you having a good visit..around the area going places? Thank you for the info re constipation..

    Jamin - I'm glad it worked out alright with yr DD and DGKs..I remember you used to stress over them some years ago..nice to see some good things happening

    Its it's truly monsoon season here..lots of rain..cooler at least

    Yesterday I didn't hv to cook coz DH had won this golf prize dinner fr two but the hotel agreed to send the meal over in plastic containers and we had a nice varied indianmeal ..curries, prawn, rice and sweet dishes ..and a heavenly cheesecake

    Ui am being careful though on account of my stomach..learnt it pays to be cautious

    Well the dawn has turned into morning and chores beckon take care u all
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    Just have a few minutes, but wanted to introduce you to our new dog, April. Not sure if we are keeping the name...she doesn't come when we call her and Den would like to have a different one.

    Keira was so excited when I "snap-chatted" her a video. We let the other kids meet her this evening as we all played outside. When she let Liora take her for a walk, that pretty much sealed the deal :)

    I think Red Mittens will eventually like her...even if she did jump up on Red Mittens' couch, lol!




    Gotta go get Gpa Denzyl settled in. Will check in when I can.
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    Sun, I just read here about your husband and I'm so sorry to hear this. I want you to know that I'm praying for you and your family. Take care of yourself and be sure to get lots of rest. You have a wonderful family. Thinking of you, GB
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    Julie, Great Pics! Best mowed lawn I ever did see.

    And isn't April a pretty dog. I'm sure she'll turn out to be April Love, a boone to the

    Hugs everydobby
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    Julie - I love that pic of your new doggie, April aka whatever else you change her name too:)!! Is that little Liora with April or Lorraine? Such a beautiful child and pic of the new doggie. Hope things settle down some for you all and that Lindsey and David have their new baby soon. Are they getting antsy to have her/him. Guessing that they do not know the sex yet. Have they picked out names for both a boy and girl so they are ready when he/she is born? Hope you are starting to feel somewhat better than the way you had been feeling. Thanks for posting those cute pics.

    Mikie - Sorry to hear that you might have some surgery even if it laporoscopic. Maybe it will be gone or almost better when Barb gets back. When does she get home??

    Sun - Still thinking about and praying for you, DH and family. The man I was speaking of that we know just passed on the other day. I just found that out on my phone. So many people to pray for nowadays. God bless you all It is so hard to now what to say other that I /WE love you sweetie !!

    Rock - So glad to see you posting. At least you found enough NRG to post.

    Spring Water - Your welcome I hope that you can find Benefiber or its equivalent/generic where you live.

    Jam - Hope you are feeling OK or not feeling any more pain and discomfort.

    I need to go and check our mail so I can get on to the server. Yesterday time I had a lot of problems but finally got on .

    Went shopping with DD today to the grocery store so she doesn't have to go tomorrow. We leave tomorrow bright and early and will be home probably early afternoon or lunchtime, if all goes well.

    Love to you ALL,

    Granni :)
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