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    OK, HI and WELCOME, one and all, to the new porch volume.

    Join us on the Porch, have a seat, put your feet up, have a glass of ice cold virtual lemonade, or iced tea, or ice water, or? ... and post post post.

    New posters are always welcome! This is the place to chat ... pets, recipes, good news, not-so-good news, etc. ... we're here to listen and to support.

    I'll be back later, probably tomorrow, to post more. Right now, I just wanted to get the new volume up and running.

    Take care, y'all.

    Love and hugs,

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    Diane - Thanks for starting up the new porch volume. It sure is nice to see you back on the Porch when you can or anywhere on PH and/or Chit Chat !!

    Julie - So sorry that you aren't feeling very well. Hope you to feel better soon. That is really tricky when Lindsey lives an hr.away where the hospital is where she hopes to deliver. Glad David is certified and ready to deliver his own child if need be . Sounds like maybe you caught Amy's and Keira's bug. Try and get well , please.

    I love that name ANNA, BTW that is or was my mother's name but after coming to the US most people called her Ann when she grew up. After really looking at that pic or Liora I realized it had to be here. Lorraine is probably much taller. They are such pretty and handsome (Isaiah) sp children. Anna is a very pretty dog. How old is she??

    Yes, you do have a lovely "lawn" and it looks like you mow very well :) !! Glad you only have one lawn to mow. Don't know how you have the time to do that myself. Going out to eat again tonight. DD is on vacation and so we have gone out to eat every evening but one. DH is groaning about the cost with the bills we will have to pay so it is back to the salt mines as they say tomorrow, when we get home. If I don't check back tomorrow I will be really busy after we get home.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting the new thread, Diane. Glad you were feeling up to it. I was
    gonna do it myself, but the board wouldn't let me. First it wouldn't let me sign in.
    Then after that problem was resolved, I couldn't find the place to create a new thread. "Bother" as Pooh used to say.

    Julie, did you take all the pics you posted? The shot of Anna on the sofa w/ Red
    Mittens off to one side is great. I used to have a great aunt Anna. She was a
    thorn in my mother's side. Always criticizing people and talking about so and so
    "breaking wind". (At the time I didn't know what that meant.) We kids weren't
    too thrilled with her either. Her idea of a nice Christmas present was a "wash rag"
    or a tube of toothpaste.

    Granni, sounds like your visit has been a great success. As for dining out, point out
    to DH that your decades of home cooking have kept the family healthy and saved
    roughly half a million dollars in restaurant tabs.

    Reminds me of a secretary in our office whose boyfriend took her to Paris for a thousand
    dollar dinner. Well, that's what she claimed anyhoo. A meal for two: price one thousand
    bucks. "But", she said, "They gave us a loaf of French bread when we left."

    Springwater, congrats to DH for winning a golf prize. Surprised to hear you had
    cheesecake. I always though cheesecake came from France, but Wikipedia says it
    goes back to the days of the Greeks and Romans. But then, it also says it was very
    different from modern cheesecake which goes back about a century and a half to
    New York. But, if it's very different, is it the same thing?

    Personally I find the stuff OK, but usually way overpriced. Something we never heard
    of in the village where I grew up.

    Mikie, glad you got started on "Standing in the Rainbow". I wrote a fan letter and told
    Fannie about my similar experience. I wasn't standing in the rainbow, but I was
    driving by a field and could see that the rainbow ended there, about 10 feet above
    the ground. A once in a lifetime experience. (So far anyway.) Like the old joke:
    Have you lived there all your life? Well, not so far.

    Yes, I agree. Reading Fannie's books brought back many childhood memories. With
    regard to smudging (not quite sure what that is) do you think smudging the curmudgeon
    is feasible? Would it be a painful process? Is it similar to a cartoon when a cigar
    explodes while being smoked?

    Sunflower, we are all thinking of you. Hope you are being kind to yourself and getting
    as much rest as you can.

    Hugs to all our posters
  4. springwater

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    Rock - as usual yr post made me explode with laughter ..smudging the curmudgeon ..as if he wasn't uptight enough.. Smudging means lighting a bunch of herbs and like sage and letting the smoke waft through something usually a place or room to get rid of negative energy..

    Here because everyone is working these days even wives to make ends meet, baked goods are hugely popular since they're so handy and will keep longer the best selling items here are Black Forest cake and fruit cake

    Granni - good to hear u are going out a lot..I am so glad you could post from your DDs place

    Julie - Anna is precious ..just what I imagined what a dream dog would be...Lorraine is precious too..

    Very comforting to know David is capable of delivering a kid just in case

    Diane - thank you for opening the porch..how many fur babies do you hv?

    Sun - thinking of you and your family

    Everyone, any ideas for getting rid of tiny red ants? They're infesting the place, and we never had them indoors before...I need to colour my hair, and have a bath but it's cold...it gets lil cold when it rains incessantly...

    I néed to visit mil and dh's uncles family to give some of the cheesecake...but so much to do at home

    Sitting here drinking herbal tea in my couch and notice one of the dogs has sneaked in and crept under the table and snoozing I try to get up early to let them out to do their business so they don't do it indoors..

    We hv at long last got two mangoes to grow big on our tree..usually they would shrivel up before getting to normal size..my Chinese friend would be thrilled..her avocados came up this year and they had quite a ceremony...clicking photos with the pile of avocados in front and all

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Yesterday was a quiet day. For me anyhoo. Gordon went to the market and visited
    his elderly cousin. Took her more tomatoes. The poor thing has Alzheimer's and
    can't really carry on a conversation anymore. She asks a question, gets an answer, and
    then asks the same question again a few minutes later. Gordon took her to the
    market. She put some melons in her shopping cart. When they got to the checkout
    stand she said, "Who put these melons in here?"


    Springwater, the above URL is for you. All about ants and an ant poison you can make
    at home with boric acid. My mother used to chase the ants away by sprinkling cloves
    where they were spotted. This worked very well in Minnesota, but not in California.
    Someone explained to me that it depends on whether you have sugar ants or grease ants.
    (The grease ants prefer protein to sweets.)

    Congratulations on your mango harvest. We have mangoes here. I always get
    'em confused with papayas. Never buy either.

    Listened to a Jack Benny program from the year I was born yesterday. Like
    Fannie Flagg, I was born when FDR was President. The sponsor
    was Jello which was described as "glamorous". How do you like this recipe for
    a super, new dessert? Make Jello with less water than usual and cut it into cubes.
    Sprinkle cold cereal like Post Toasties on top.

    That's it! Of course Jello and Post were all part of Kraft-General Foods. I think there
    are about 100 companies that own just about everything.

    I hope Mikie is doing OK and will be back with us shortly.

  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Love your new dog. And of course Lieora is precious. Does your doggy have a little chow in her? The reason I ask is her tongue seems dark like a chow. So cute about how she walks close to you. Thinking about Lyndsey......I pray all goes perfect with the birth.

    Rock: Gordon is such a thoughtful person. Please tell him I said so. I can feel his goodness through what you write about him.

    Spring: I love mangoes and also papayas. We have a very large fig tree and it looks like a bumper crop in a few weeks. I can only eat about 2 a day (sugar troubles) but a friend/neighbor down the street picks them then pickles them. He brought us a jar last year to taste. Yummy.....though one is enough for me of that also. I guess you could compare it to anything pickled sweet.....like pickled watermelon rind. He was over yesterday as we inspected his "crop"......I think he's probably already getting out his jars.

    I'm slowly make headways, though I'm getting angry that my Dhs present company hasn't responded to me about pension, insurance. etc. I sent her an email, telling her I EXPECT to hear from her on monday. I think I'm still going to call the big boss where he worked......I met him about 30 years ago so that might help.
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - than you for the ant url ..wil probably try the clove thing first...

    I was hoping Mikie was okay...she hasnt checked in


    God Bless

    I had to log in several times before getting in
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    I'm BAAACK HOME THAT IS :)!!! DH got up earlier than we were gong to and we drove home, getting home abut 10:30 in the morning. He wanted to get home before go to hot. I already unloaded the suitcase and did two washes. It is good to get home but so much to do hen you get there :)!! The visit was very nice but sil had to work every day including Saturdays ( different job but good money) . He has a good distance to drive for both jobs and so gets home late . Last night he didn't even get to at with us since it was 1 1/2 hrs away or so and got done late. We are use to eating early but there wasn't much we could do. Got home from the restaurant close to 10 last night I think or a bit earlier. It was nice to see everyone again. Next time may be Thanksgiving.

    So nice to read everyone's posts.

    Diane - So happy to see you back here. Do so when you can and that was nice that you got your new glasses script and ill be getting new glasses. I m similar to you with when you wear glasses although the next time I may go to bifocals, not sur. I tired of fiddling with two pears of glasses, actually three prs if you could the sun glasses I we for driving, I used to wear them for distance mostly (for one eye when I started as a kid). So, I compensated with the good eye and rarely wore glasses except distance. Now I need cheaters for so much stuff, it drives me crazy.

    Rock - Glad you finally got in to post and great to hear fro Sprig Water too..

    Sun - Hope you get all the info from DH business straightened out soon. What a pain that has got to be. Hope thy don't make I all an harder than it already is for you. Thinking about you and your family. This week we will have to go to a viewing and funeral. This guy was so sweet and funny . My DH got him into the K of C sometime ago . His wife is a dear also. She had to go through a lot of hat you ha been going through I suspect, watching him steadily go down hill. He has been in hospice ( at home though). She said he, in the last 3 weeks, there has been a very steady decline. He had been a very tall guy and very steady but lost lts of weight and then got neuropathy and kept falling down, very sad. How sad it always is for the dear caregiver. Yay, I thought somehow I lost this post as it wasn't posted yet but somehow found it again. Thinking of you and your family so much !!

    Hugs to everyone and hope Julie ,Mikie, Jam, Joan, Windy, Dar and so many others are doing well. Tomorrow will be so busy not to sure when I might get back to visit but I might be lucky tomorrow:)!!.

    Julie - also thinking of poor Lindsay with so much going on. Hope things start happening with her contractions at a good time and that she gets to the hospital on time, before the birth.

    Granni :)
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Sorry I couldn't finish my last post but I went back to 730 and took a few notes. I think the pain; doc visit, at which I was there from 11:15 til 2:00; and the steroid injection were all just a bit too much for me. Also, for two mornings, I weeded out front and did a little pruning for 1 1/2 hrs. to 2 hrs. until it got too hot to stay out there. Tomorrow, I have my MRI and the doc right afterward. He seemed pretty sure it was the impingement syndrome which likely will result in surgery. I don't mind; it's better than living with horribly inflamed tendons and muscles, not to mention the pain. My friend/neighbor will take me and pick me up if we schedule surgery while I'm there tomorrow. It's great to have such good friends.

    My back is like a new back (knocking on wood). This is how it's supposed to work if one keeps up with the PT exercises and stretches at home. Sometimes, I really don't feel up to doing them but I make myself do them anyway. The hamstring muscle is healing great. That's two out of three problems on the mend. I think if I have surgery, it will take care of the third.

    Rock, $70 sounds like a lot for parking on the wrong side of the street. Boy, talk about your highway robbery. I smudged in front of the grump's condo when he was gone. For some reason, this smudging feels as though it's taking hold. I hope so. I remember seeing "April Love" when I was a teenager. I remember how young Shirley What's-Her-Name (last name escapes me now) looked compared to when my kids were young tweens and watched "The Partridge Family." I don't know how the lightening sensors work but I suppose that with Dopler Radar, which can find lightening all over the area, it might be used to send signals to these "sensors." Or, it could be that the sensors themselves can sense the electrical activity. We are the lightening capital of the world in FL so I think these sensors are a good idea. Of course, common sense works too; go inside if you hear thunder.

    Granni, glad you got home safe and sound. Used to be you could subscribe to ProHealth's e-newsletter by signing up on the Home Page. You have to enter your e-mail address and PH sends them to the address you provide. I hope DD can sell her house. We were on needles and pins when my DD had hers up for sale. What a stressful situation. Hers sold fine but the one they bought didn't appraise to suit the mortgage co., so it was more stressful on the buying end of things. Good luck to them.

    Springwater, it is semi-monsoon season here. It's been alternating between being dry and drenched. I hope your temps have gotten more comfortable for you.

    Julie, Anna, aka April, is a beauty. I could fall in love with her just looking at her pic. I hope you are feeling better.

    GB, so good to see you stop in to support Sun. It would be nice to see you here more often.

    Diane, thanks for starting our new Porch. I'm laughing about the cat broth. Sometimes, I think Sylvester is a bit constipated. His stomach was a bit upset yesterday morning and this morning. His poop is like little Tootsie Rolls (sorry, is this TMI?). I might try some broth for the fur kids. I think they might like it and it would be a nice change for them. I fed them a bit of tuna the other day. They are grazers and don't gobble down their food. When I lived in CO, we would fly fish for rainbow trout and eat them. I don't get this whole catch and release thing. Of course, down here, there are so many fish you can't keep that catch and release is common. I got a decal for my car with the skeleton of a fish and it reads, Fillet and Release.

    Well, my Dear Porchies, I've already lost some of this post so better go before I destroy the whole thing. Perhaps my computer needs to be smudged.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Please take care of yourself. You are trying to do so much. Hope your MRI fids the problems and they can take care of it PDQ !

    Also please be careful when you go to PUBLIX !! DH decided to do his charges for the month as e just got our bill with charges. There was one on there for over $300.00. He asked me and I said no and didn't even know where there were Publix's. Do you go there often and do you order stuff online? I had heard it mentioned before, I think you did and maybe a few other people. After checking it out I found that it is no where near me, mostly FL and a few states by you. That is very strange !!! Anyway we called our CC co and they are stopping payment and I am getting an new card. Trying to figure out how that happened it was not while we were gone it was early in the month. Wondering if somehow my number of my many places I get my supps. or something ordered on line. Other than that I have no idea how someone got my number, I guess any number of ways.

    What kind of stuff can you get in Publix ?? On line they mentioned liquor, pharmacy, I think entertainment foods, and something else. What do you usually get there. This person spent over $300 on this stuff. I rarely spend that much on one item and then I would know and remember it.

    Thanks I will try and sign up again for the NL. I used to get it but not sure why it stopped. Take it easy some so you won't be in so much pain. I know actually I do not have to be doing anything to have pain but it sounds good anyway.

    Shouldn't blame Publix as this could happen anywhere if someone gets your cc number.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling at least a little better after all going on in your house and Lindseys. Hope you will take care too :)!!

    Love to you et al,
    Granni :)
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    P.S. Mikie et al,

    When you order supplements, etc, on line do you ask them to save the credit card number for future orders, or do you put it I each time you order??? I have been saving it , as it is hard to do when doing auto ship each time. Just wanted to ask you and everyone what they did. I am glad we caught this one !! However, now I have to make sure everyone I buy from has my new number.

    It is a good thing in a way though since I have a few things I want to get out of and they can't sign me up again IF they don't have my number and if they contact me I can say NO.

    Almost time for dinner. Have to find some stuff besides steak on the grill. Out of salad stuff. Will have to be frozen veggie I guess too.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Publix is just a regional supermarket chain in the SE. I don't believe they sell online. Did your CC bill specify that it was an online sale? You have to actually have a card to slide in the stores to buy anything. There are crooks who get card numbers and make fake cards but it's a lot more difficult to do than just buying online with a stolen number or stolen card. It could be possible that Publix does sell online in other areas of which I'm not aware.

    I shop at Bealls and when I got one CC stmt., there were three charges for online items from them. They do sell online but I only shop in the stores. The charges were for small amts., around $30. I called the CC co. and they determined it was fraud and I didn't have to pay anything. They sent me a new card. I would think it stupid for a theif to shop online because one would have to have an address or PO box for delivery of the things bought. Of course, for such small amts., the CC co's. may not think it worth the effort to find the culprit. The most common place to have one's CC no. stolen is in restaurants. The waiters have the cards long enough to get the numbers off of them and even the security code on the back.

    When I shop online, many of those places keep my CC info, like Amazon. That's what makes it so bad if they get hacked. Places like Target, which have their own CC's can be hacked too and the crooks use that info to open new accts. in one's name. I have LifeLock and if someone tries to open a new acct., LifeLock will actually call me to see if it's legit. They called me when I opened my CC with Amazon. It was legit but I was grateful that they are looking out for fraud.

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I have to go on Publix's website so will look to see whether one can order online there. Of the $300 on your card, was it all at once or in smaller increments?

    Love, Mikie
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Things am quiet here at the moment. Gordon and the feral cat are asleep. One is on an
    old towel in the backyard, and one isn't.

    Granni, good thing you and DH are alert and caught the Publix charge. There was an
    article in the news a short while back. Lotsa folks were getting a phoney charge on
    their credit card bill for some relatively small amount. $29.14 or something. The
    writer of the article speculated that the thieves thought people wouldn't bother to
    check a small amount. If possible, I don't charge on the net. I use the phone or
    send a check by mail. But no matter what you do, we are always in peril.
    "Media vita in morte sumus."

    Diane, thank you for your kind words. If I get a response to my fan letter from Fannie, I
    will let you know. Back in the 60s when I had energy I used to write to authors, actors,
    politicians, opera singers, etc. Roughly half of them replied. Some sent 8 X 10
    autographed photos. Hope your new glasses will be spectacular.

    Sunflower, you're right. Gordon is thoughtful. Essential too. I have grown so
    feeble I can't get along without him. He keeps track of meds, refills, appointments, etc.
    Does all the driving. Makes sure we pick up and return our library books. Checks
    to see what we need to buy at the market.

    I told him about the trouble you were having with your DHs employer. He said, it's a
    shame that people and business won't do the right thing without being prodded by
    a letter from a lawyer. When I was in the accident business, we had cases where
    people were terminated. It was amazing to me that much of the time the employer
    did not comply with its own rule book/guidelines. And many of these companies
    were Fortune 500 companies; nationwide; in business for a century. Very sad.

    Mikie, never did see "April Love", but the ingenue was Shirley Jones who was in
    Carousel and The Music Man. Used to have several of her records. Despite her
    wholesome image, she won an Oscar for playing a lady of the night in "Elmer Gantry".

    BTW, my $70 ticket wasn't highway robbery. It was just a city street. How many
    miles of streets do we have in LA? I read it was 5,000 miles. Another site said
    7,000 miles. The city is so deep in debt that the city council debated posting all
    streets with street sweeping signs. They weren't really going to sweep the streets. It's
    just that they could then fine people for parking violations.

    Saw a T-shirt for seniors yesterday. "Do old fish join CAARP?"

  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Wow......such a bunch of chatty members here. I LOVE it.

    About Shirley Jones, I've heard her interviewed a few times......she's a totally different person that the sweet parts she played. She laughed about that. She's got a book out about her life, so I might order it from the library. You may remember that her x......Jack Cassidy burnt up in a bed. What an AWFUL way to die.

    Rock: Gordon's gift from God is compassion for others, and also the gift of organization. I was at church yesterday with my DD and SIL and the pastor was talking about gifts we are all given to serve others. I've always known my gifts are compassion, teaching, organization and perhaps prophecy at times. I've KNOWN things since I was about 10. I've had dreams that come true, very strong feelings about what's going to happen(this is why I've been prepared about my DH passing).

    And you may remember, or may not, when I said I had run into Fanny Flagg years ago in an antique shop in Santa Barbara. She had run into the store to check on a table she had put away.......dressed like she had just stopped working in her garage......ratty clothes.....kinda like what I'm most comfortable in myself for cleaning! Anyway, she stopped to look at me as she was leaving, and said I had a lot of energy coming from me and she liked my face or my eyes or something along those lines. She generated a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm.

    Living in so. calif. over the years I've run into a lot of actors. Ben Gazarra and his wife on a street in Santa Monica, Herb Alpert, that was when I was young and IMPRESSED with actors. Got to stand next to a red carpet once as they all poured out of their limos. Oprah is very tall and overpowering.....not friendly though...I remember she kept her distance from all the fans. My youngest son was an extra in the movie, Forever Young, starring Mel Gibson. Since he was under age, they allowed me to hang out on the set.

    Granni: so glad you checked your credit card info. I hope you NEVER have that happen again....and that's a lot of $ Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Spring: Tell your DH congratulations. Is that a normal prize? I LOVE cheesecake. I did once also try a savory type one.....basically the same ingredients only leave out the sweet part, and add cheddar and chili peppers. And I want to say even some cooked bacon.

    Mikie: You've been hit with so many health/structural issues. Is this a normal occurrence for the shoulder to rear up like this? Has it been a year since you had that scraping done?

    Diane: You're making such progress since seeing the counselor. Super.....see what you can accomplish!!!!!!

    And that's great that you now have new glasses. They sound very pretty and the best part.....you can see better. I understand....I've got 3 pair. A trifocal to wear all the time, one for the computer since I have to sit a distance away from the big one and reading glasses which I have to use with the Ipad. And I can't tell you it's a pain! I forget which one I've got on and will stumble around until I take them off and put on another one.
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm getting a better handle on my finances. I sent an email to the person who handles all the cases when someone dies at my DHs company. Said I EXPECTED to receive a reply on monday. She replied yesterday, attaching some PDF files for me to read. Apparently for almost everything I have to wait to receive the death certificates.....$21 for each one, and I was told to order at least 4. Today I have to go to safe deposit box and see if the marriage license is there. I hope it is, since I haven't run across it at home. My DH worked for a large international company, so this person is up in Canada.

    Yesterday my family was over after church. I bought a rack of barbequed ribs, and added cooked chicken, peppers and onions for soft tacos, at home. Everyone then headed for the pool since it was hot and humid. After lunch my DD started sobbing.....seems she had lost DHs wedding band that I had given her to keep. It had slipped off her finger unbeknownst so we search in the kitchen, the garbage disposal area in the sink,so then I headed for the garbage bag and sifted one piece after another to another bag. Sorting thru the avocado peels, egg shells, dirty paper plates, etc. and FOUND it. Told her not to wear it again until she has a guard put on by a jeweler.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good job, Sunflower. Better than winning the Easter Egg hunt. I guess you were
    wearing the right glasses for the job.

    Used to have an album of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy singing duets. I
    think she said that Jack was jealous of his son David's success. (Well, I know
    I read it someplace.) Jack was a troubled man fighting alcoholism and mental

    Very cool that you ran into Fannie. I was standing in line to buy tickets for
    the LA Music Center some decades back. Noticed the lady in front of me
    looked a lot like Kaye Ballard. And it was. We had a nice chat for about
    15 minutes.

    I asked her what she was doing now that she was no longer appearing in
    "Carnival" on Broadway. She said she was between engagements. I quoted
    Groucho Marx who said that was the best part of being in show business. Kaye
    said, "Well, Groucho has a lot more money than I do."

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone,

    Not to much going on right now, as DH is out to try and see if the tire place has the new tires that were ordered. Talk about everything happening, and needing to spending more $, all at once.

    Have so much today so will not go to Line Dancing. Have missed the last 3 or 4 times. EVERYONE thanks for addressing my CC problem. However, now I have to change the information on all the things I buy regularly. Also, LUCKILY I do not have to pay that $300.00 + bill.

    Mikie - I also have Life Lock and glad we don't have to pay that bill as it really came at a bad time this month, but they did not catch this one. However, I very rarely charge large amounts but if I did I would remember it. So glad DH decided to check his statement right away. When I went on line to Google Publix it mentioned online buying also but I did not have the time to check on it. A far as I know it said that price so I guess it was all one purchase but I surely do not know for sure. They just put the total on the statement. That is weird since most of the stores are in FL but not in TX for sure.

    I know that there are lots of scammers and that there are man ways to get peoples CC numbers. Hope you are feeling better. You surely are busy !!!!

    Diane - So glad to see you posting and glad that you are doing better and that you are getting new glasses. That is another thing on my agenda, to get my eyes checked. Your new glasses sound awfully pretty. You surely are missed when you are not visiting on the boards.

    Sun - Glad that things are getting a little simpler for you. Hope things get much better soon and all the mess is cleared up . There is enough stress going on when you miss a loved one, as it is.

    Julie - Hope all is well at your house with so much happening all the time.

    Hi Rock, Sprig Water, Jam and other not mentioned right now. I have to go get dressed before DH gets home and he needs to go in the crawl space to put some bleach for the a/c overflow before it get to hot.

    Love to everydobby,
  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody!

    Glad to read, and re-read, all the posts on this thread.

    Sun, sounds like you're making some progress, with the financial stuff. I hope you find what you need in the safe deposit box. I'm glad that you have family around, that helps a lot.

    And yes, I'm making progress. Braden and I call it "baby steps" -- she did give me a diagnosis of PTSD, so baby steps are what I need, to move forward. We're taking it slow and steady. My next step is the dentist. Yes, stress there too. But Kevin's going to find a VERY GOOD sedation dentist for me. I need some work on my front teeth (bonding?), I'm not sure. Stress has taken a toll on my mouth. But, that's next.

    Mikie, you got me chuckling about the Kitty Cat Broth. I don't know if I was posting here regularly at the time, but Rosie had medical problems. She stopped eating, she stopped drinking. She lost her love for life and playing. Severe constipation was the issue. She had to go to the vet's office for subcutaneous fluids, and enemas. And then we figured out the problem. The Miralax (a stool softener) helps keeps her regular. The hair ball stuff helps keep things moving too. And the fat from the chicken broth and the trout broth keep her regular, plus give her a shiny coat! :) As well as hydrated! :)

    Y'all talking about fruit -- oh my, I love papayas and mangoes. And figs! We used to have a very decadent treat for Christmas time -- figs, rolled in granulated sugar. How's that for a sugary treat! LOL I also like kiwi. I've never had a pomegranate.

    And I've never had an avocado, with a meal. I don't know what to do with an avocado! I tasted one, once, and it really had no taste. I guess it needed some lime juice, maybe?

    Julie, how is Anna doing? And the grandbabies? And Lindsey and David? Etc? BTW, I don't think I expressed my condolences for Sheba -- I loved that picture you posted with Sheba and the family.

    Rock, you almost made me choke on my coffee when I read your post. "one is sleeping on the towel, the other isn't." LOL LOL LOL I love your sense of humor!

    Granni, What a ***** about the credit card charges! I remember when people trusted each other. You gladly gave your credit card to a store clerk or a waiter. Now you wonder, will I be scammed?? I don't like using credit cards on the internet. But if you use a credit card in a store, like Kohl's, that info is in their database, just waiting to be hacked. I always check my bank statements.

    I don't know if you all remember -- but Kevin and I had $5.99 charges showing up on our landline telephone bill. I looked at the bill, why is it higher than last month??? Next month, same thing. Higher. We called the phone company. THIRD PARTIES were authorized to place charges on our PHONE BILL!!! NOPE, we discontinued that.

    Well, I better go for now. I've written a "NOVEL". And my eyes are tired. We have autumn like weather today, highs in the 60's. Strange summer weather. Yesterday we had tornado watches.

    Anyways, HI to all I have not addressed personally -- Barry, Jam, Dar, etc. etc. etc. Thinking about y'all.

    Y'all take care. I'll be back later in the week.

    Luv ya,

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - That sure is a long post and I am so glad to see you posting. It makes me feel so such better :)!!! I was giggling to myself when you mentioned avocados. When we lived I the east when I as growing up I had a friend from Columbia who kept talking about how wonderful avocados were. Well, I got one that was not ripe at all and it was hard and tasteless. It is not used that much in that part of the country or at least it wasn't at that time. It is used a lot in Mexican food for one with guacamole and other dips. They have to be quite soft and you mash them with some lemon juice to try and keep them from turning black. You can add chopped tomatoes, onions cilantro if desired and other things and makes a wonderful dip or on a salad. However they have to be SOFT. They taste mighty good now but at that time it was not since I knew nothing about this veg/fruit or whatever it is. I think my friend called it an avocado pear but it is not juicy like a pear or other fruits. I think it has some good fats I it. It is good in salads too. Glad to hear also that all your fur babies are doing well Diane.

    Gotta go for now but wanted to pop in to answer Diane's post. Need to start thinking of dinner. I am spoiled after all that eating out on vacation so often. I don't really want to go cook - WAHHH ! However, if we want to eat I have no choice. When I think about all the cooking I used to do years ago I can't believe it. Just to put anything on the table and make the decision of what to make, wears me out ):!!

    Mikie - Hope you are doing OK and haven't completely pooped out.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)!!
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby, hope y'all are doing well.

    I was in so much pain after lying under a hard shoulder holder device in the MRI machine for half an hour that I just came home and crashed. We had a fierce thunder storm just when the doc was reading my MRI and it took out their computer system so he couldn't continue reading it. My guess is that he saw enough, though. I'm going in at 8:30 this morning and he'll see me before he heads upstairs to surgery. It doesn't help that my chronic Whatever-Herpes-Virus reactivated a while back and I didn't stay on the Acyclovir long enough; it's baaaack. :(

    Got my Explanation of Benefits (EoB) from BC/BS yesterday for my colonoscopy. I was pleasantly surprised. I know there is no charge for colon screenings on any Medicare plans but I didn't expect that to extend to the pathologist who examined the polyp which was removed. I didn't have to pay a dime except for office visit co-pays. Also, on BC/BS, they capitate Quest Labs so that I have no co-pays when I have lab work done. On my old AARP/United HealthCare plan, I always ended up with a lab co-pay. So far this year, I've spent about $525 out of pocket, including meds. I'm still ahead of the game, even with all the medical problems I've had, because I couldn't get a supplement and Plan D for that amt. for six months. For once, I have nothing to whine about except the above. :)

    Granni, I went to the Publix website and they talk about online but they are referring to their online website. I didn't see anywhere where one could order online. As I said, though, they may offer that in other areas. $300 in one fell swoop is a lot and should have raised some flags for someone. I hope they catch the culprit. One of our newscasters here had his SSN stolen and the theif tried to file unemployment using his number. He also used it to apply for several loans. The HR lady at the station caught it when she saw the unemployment claim and knew the newscaster was still working there. LifeLock will not catch everything, like unauthorized charges on an existing CC. They will monitor for anyone using your personal info to try to open new accts. or take out loans. Good luck in getting this straightened out. It's a good thing they used a CC as it's soooooo much easier than when they use a debit card or stolen, or confederate, check. I try never to write checks anymore and I don't have a debit card. A thief can wipe out one's bank acct. which causes the bank to freeze the acct. until it is straightened out--a nightmare.

    Rock, Gordon shouldn't have to sleep out back on an old towel. Highway robbery by any other name... picky, picky, picky. I saw on TV that there is a movement afoot to split CA into six states--really? Why not just legalize weed and rake in all those taxes? In such a large state, though, I suppose it would be a nightmare. I thought Fanny Flagg had died. Maybe it's just my pea brain playing tricks on me. Like your AARP joke. I always say, "A A R P," or, otherwise, it sounds like a baby harp seal barking. Ah, yes, Shirley Jones! My DD had a tweenage crush on David Cassidy. I just hate it when my mind won't remember names. Words are bad enough but I have such a problem with remembering names

    Diane, you are a great kitty mommy. Those cats are lucky. I don't know what I'm going to do about Tweety when I have my shoulder surgery (if I have shoulder surgery). I decided to just leave her in when I went to bed last night. At 1:00 this morning, she came crying into my bedroom. She always runs to the front door, wanting to be let out. I picked her up and put her out on the lanai, which was OK until about 4:00. I won't be able to do that with one arm in a sling. I'm half inclined to just let her out the front; she'll come back for her breakfast. On the other hand, I don't want to get that started either. I wish Julie and I could find a home for these two. We both love them but neither of us is in good enough health right now to care for them and Tweety is a stubborn handful. If I put her out earlier on the lanai, she butts the glass with her head; I've seen her do it. That must sound like an explosion downstairs where the grump lives. Guess I'll call Julie to see what we're gonna do.

    Sun, I remember your telling about some psychic abilities. I'll bet they played into your finding the ring. I've found many things that way, well, that and asking St. Anthony for help. :) Very interesting about Fanny Flagg sensing your energy. I think most people have, at least, a smidgeon of intuitiveness but too many repress it or have it repressed by parents or society. I think it's a wonderful gift and should be encouraged if used for good. This shoulder is not the same one I had surgery on before. That one had a bone spur rubbing on the muscles and tendons. This one appears to have too small an opening in the bones for the muscles and tendons to pass through without rubbing and getting inflamed. It's a common condition called, impingement. I was working out my shoulders and arms in PT and, I believe, that started things hurting. It happened before when I overused that shoulder while the other one was in a sling. One good thing about these shoulder and knee surgeries is that the doc cleans out all OA debris and smooths out the joint. All I know is that I can't keep going with this level of pain and inflammation.

    Well, better get going. I'll come back after I see the doc. Til then, stay well.

    Love, Mikie