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    Hi, Again,

    Just saw the doc and he said no surgery, at least, for now. He said 90 percent of Impingement Syndrome clears up on its own. Well, that's good news. It isn't perfect because I'll still be putting up with pain and inflammation but, if I take good care of it, maybe it'll clear up. I see him again in three weeks.

    Granni, I'm sorry but the forum didn't let me know that you had posted on page 2. Sometimes it lets me know and, sometimes, it doesn't. I love avocado and guacamole. I grew up eating really good Mexican food in CO and it kills me that I haven't been able to find any down here in FL. It isn't that there isn't any Mexican food but it just isn't good. Taco Bell is about the best I've found. We have a whole festival around mangos here. People grow the trees in their yards. I know what you mean about supper. I bought a roasted chicken at Costco yesterday and, when I cut it open, it wasn't done. Now, I'll have to put it in the oven to finish it off. That's better than getting salmonella.

    Julie, it just let me know you posted. I'm sorry Anna is taking time to fit in but if she was living on the street, she has been abused, possibly on many occasions and possibly by a former owner. She is still in shock and will be reticent for a while. We rescued a dog whose family had beat her and she was the same way. It took time for her to figure out that she wasn't going to be mistreated. She turned out to be the best dog I have ever seen but she didn't take to my one DD. Must have reminded her of one of the kids in the family that had abused her. Body language like you describe pretty much reveals past abuse. If you keep her, she will likely turn out to be a loving and wonderful dog but she may never really warm up to the kids as you had hoped. Whatever you can do to reduce the stress during this transition will help a lot. She is overwhelmed and just needs to get her bearings. On the other hand, if having a dog who is immediately comfortable with the kids, is of the highest importance, it might be better to return her for another.

    That's one of the reasons I still have these evil cats. I can't bring myself to put them in a shelter. The Humane Society is always overloaded with cats and these two need to be together. It's reaaaaally difficult to put a cat, let alone two cats, in a no-kill shelter here. I am relieved that I won't be having surgery because trying to deal with Tweety with one arm in a sling would be almost impossible. I'm headed to Wally World to see whether they have some of that spray for my loveseat to keep Sylvester from using it for a scratching post. He used to use the one on their kitty condo but now, neither uses the condo at all. I may move the condo back onto the lanai. Geez, between my shoulder, these cats, and our nonworking gardeners, my life is stressful and I don't need that.

    So, will get going for now. I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning to awl !! Have a fairly quiet morning while DH is at a meeting. Not sure I he will go to lunch with them or not. I threw in a wash and wanted to check in on the boards and my DEAR Porchies. Tis evening we go to the Wake/Viewing for a dear guy and his wife. Both were so sweet and he was so funny. DH used to pay golf wit him years ago when we first moved here. Ten DH got him into the K of C, Hadn't seen him in awhile but he was dealing with his different health problems. Wonder if she will stay here or not in the "HOOD" as people seems to be calling the neighborhoods lately. They had one child and then triplets, all grown of course. Sometimes the surviving spouse move to be closer to family unless they are already close. It will be a long evening for DH with guarding the casket with other Knights and then the Rosary, along with the normal viewing (wake)..

    Julie - So sorry that Anna is taking her sweet time to warm up to everyone. I agree with MIKIE that it sounds like she has been neglected and abused. I might take much longer for her to warm up to everyone. Don't give up on her ! She probably needs you more that you need her. I know you want a loving family dog and it seems to me that she probably can have that when she gets more comfortable. PATIENCE is the key !!!! You are all so loving, it might not take a very long time. I might take awhile for her to go up to Den but he should go up to her and pet her, give her a treat, etc. All the children esp if they are busily running around and making noise it might be scary for her She does not know what to expect. Perhaps she was also abused or misused by other children, too. If Anna comes by you perhaps it was a man or men that have abused her. I forget what the time limit was when you can bring her back but it probably won't be long enough. or may not be, due to her history.

    Sounds like sis is doing the same old things she used to do, with or without a man , just thinking about herself.. I wish dear Grandpa would really talk back to her and tell her how he feels about the situation and how she has been treating him in HIS house. However, he is probably to sweet to say anything. Hope all is well with Lindsey and the pregnancy. Wonder when she will have that baby :)!! Wondering if a boy or girl this time? I forget when in Aug. she is due.

    Mikie - Glad that you do not need any surgery, at least now and hope it stays that way. You are so busy I not know how you can really rest anything :)!! Please try and take it easy at least some. I know what you mean about sometimes the boards do not tell you or let you know that there are more posts after page one. Ten you miss other posts when you are trying to post. Cats, I know have their own minds and it is hard to get them to use the scratching posts rather than the furniture. Maybe DIANE might have a suggestion or two. Maybe it would help to put the post on the Lanai and maybe they will use it then rather than the couch when they get back in to the main house area, who knows :)!!.

    Regarding the CC situation. I know that could happen with any store if someone has somehow gotten your number some way . It just hit me when DH told me it was Publix, and I looked it up and found out where it is used it threw me. I remembered you had use it and we have not been to FL in many yrs.

    Sun - Hope you are doing better today and getting help from your kids and others. Thinking about you and your dear family .

    Thinking of everydobby here on the Porch even if you are not named. May try and pop in again later but it won't be tonight. Tomorrow morning will be the funeral .

    Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
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    Diane: I'm so happy to see you posting on this board. I was lying in bed the other "early morning" and got to thinking about your cats flying around the house, trying to get the FLY that got in. They're determined! My two cats do funny things, at least they are to me, and when I tell others about what I'm sure they're saying to each other, everyone gets to laughing. My neighbor told me I should write them down. Actually I'm going to give it a shot and turn Abby and Clair into a childrens book. I haven't actually tried drawing cats but in my mind I can see the illustrations.

    Last week my little 6 years old DGD was telling Abby, my 25 lb. plus cat, not to feel bad because her "boyfriend" from across the street hadn't been to see her in a couple of weeks. I really got a chuckle out of that.

    Mikie: I'm happy to read you won't be needing surgery. Keep doing what you need to and hopefully it will heal on it's own.

    Julie: I adopted our last dog from the shelter years ago. Katie was picked up running on the street.....she was about 6 mos. old. I tried taking her out for walks but for almost a year every time she saw a young boy.....about an age 10 size, she would get either fearful or very aggressive. She was a great watchdog for me, very protective, but I never could trust her around children and we always had to put her in a bedroom with the door closed. My opinion is take her back now and try another dog, since you've always got little ones running around your house. It was just my DH and I usually around here. And the kids aren't attached to her yet, nor are you. The most important thing is finding a good family dog, so don't allow your "rescue mode" to kick in.
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    Back from Wally World. Glad I went when I did. It looked as though it might pour earlier and then, it cleared up. Now, it looks bad again. Two employees were chasing a shoplifter out of the store when I was going in. The guy grabbed the purse she had been using to steal. I hope it had ID in it. The shoplifter ran and jumped into her car, almost running into the post in front of her. She had put it in drive instead of reverse to back out. When she did back out, she burned rubber getting out of there. It might have been a very dangerous situation the way she was driving. I think they got her license no.

    I found the spray to keep the cats from scratching the furniture. Tweety uses a mat at the door which is what I want if she's not going to use the posts. Sylvester just prefers the loveseat. I'm hoping the spray will deter him. I think I will move the condo to the lanai where they will likely use it. It was out there that Sylvester used to use the scratching post built into the condo itself. I also got their flea and tic med and dosed them. They stay inside except for the screened-in lanai but those fleas are sooooo small and I don't know whether they can get up here or not. I do know I can bring them in on my shoes or clothing when I come in from outside. Before we dosed them, when they lived outside, they got infested with fleas and it was awful getting rid of them. I can't have that in here. Also, the med worked and they had no side effects.

    I'm so excited--a while ago my phone made the strangest sound and started to act weird. I finally took the battery out and put it back in. Prior to that, the phone would not connect to any wi-fi. It does now but my phone is small and it's difficult to use it to see online. At least, though, if I do want to go online with it and wi-fi is available, it won't use up my data minutes (TracFone converts bytes to minutes using some formula). My data minutes roll over so I have a lot of them if I ever get stuck and need to go online without wi-fi.

    Good news is starting to come my way. Could it be the smudging? No co-pays for my colonoscopy; no surgery; and, finally, my phone is working as it's spose ta. I'll take all the good news I can get these days. My doc wanted to know whether I wanted to go to PT for my shoulder. I told him, "Nooooo! They are the ones who tore my muscle." Thank God for You Tube; they have all the PT for Impingement Syndrome one could want. Many are the same exercises I used to rehab my other shoulder after surgery.

    Granni, yes, Diane is an encyclopedia when it comes to cats. She's a big help. I sat down and did an analysis and decided that if I don't make this work, these cats will end up at the local Humane Society and could be put down. I've loved Tweety all her life but a stranger likely wouldn't put up with her stubbornness and acting out. I also take into account that she loved living outside with the whole world as her play yard. It can't be easy for her to be pent up in here. Her only way to get my attention to try to tell me she wants to go out is to act out. As she gets older, it will probably matter less but she's still relatively young. Both cats are very affectionate. Yes, it will be a loooong evening for your DH with the wake, rosary and viewing. When I sold ins., I would go to widows who had moved to FL to please their late husbands but who didn't like it here. I always felt so sorry for them--stuck in a place they hated and all alone. At least with Barb, she loves living down here.

    Sun, thanks for your sweet good wishes on my shoulder. I got some elastic bands at WW to help with my home PT. I think your advice on Anna was good; it's better to get the kind of dog one wants instead of trying to make it work with one who isn't one's ideal pet. My DD and I are always in "Rescue Mode." She brings home all the stray dogs and finds homes for them or keeps them. She and DSIL spend a fortune on these dogs. She's down to only one now and I think that's good considering their having to relocate and all the chaos that brings with it. I guess it's my rescue mode which keeps my being owned by these two cats.

    When one neighbor fed them and they were able to live outside, it was ideal. Everyone in the hood enjoyed them like the sweet little ambassadors they were. It wasn't until one horrid woman ranted and raved against them that Julie had to take them to live with her as Jeff, the one who originally fed them, was allergic to Tweety. Julie is in poor health and just had back surgery. She had been letting them out now and then which further enraged the horrid woman. So, Julie asked me to take them again. I had taken them before when the woman harassed Jeff so bad that he started having heart attack symptoms (he had had a heart attack at 31). So, here I am, determined to make it work.

    Well, another "W&P." Guess I had better go and get some resting done. I also need to get that chicken in the oven. That means taking a bunch of pots and pans out of the oven because I have nowhere else to store them. Oh, condo living!!! Take care, y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - Yes, baby steps with ANNA.!!!!! Glad she was playing with you. Maybe more like one on one for a while, if that is at all possible :)!! There also might be just to much with so many people at once including kids. Hope it works out for you all. Hope she gets used to you all soon !!

    Well, I hope that Lindsay has that baby soon. I am sure she is very uncomfortable for sure but she's a pro at having these babies :)!! I know that all will go well . Let us know when anything happens. We'll be watching and waiting . It is so exciting when someone has a new baby. Looks like no more babies for us unless or until the grandchildren start having them.

    Not sure what was planned with Keira but you might want to think about canceling her or postponing till you know what is what with Lindsay. Sounds like a lot of stuff possibly happening all at once, including ANNA, and possible new baby on the way VERY soon. I know about false labor and all that but also remember that she has already had 2 pregnancies and 3 births. That baby might just pop out at any moment. Good luck JULIE to you, LINDSEY, and all those babies, including Anna. Keep us informed :)!!

    Mikie - Hope that spray will keep that scampy Sylvester from scratching on the loveseat. Gee, what escapades happening at WW before you were shopping, chasing a shoplifter yet - YIKES !! . That would be the kind of excitement I can do without.

    Hugz to everydobby !:)
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    Hello all

    Mikie - happy you don't need surgery, hope the pain subsides soon, poor cats ...all their caretakers facing health issues..I understand about not wanting them to go back to a cage at the shelter or worse, being put down...angels- pls help!

    Sun - I wish I had lots of energy and enthusiasm..I'm guessing a lot of creative peoples psychic abilities are honed more..maybe coz you express thru yr art? And tune in deeper into yrself? Lol! just saying whatever came to mind, lol..my dh's golf prize was a normal prize for the lesser categories, dinner for two at a restaurant. Like for closest to the pin..etc the first prize is usually an airline ticket
    If the sponsor is a big co.

    Rock - Gordon seems to be having a lot of relatives, around ..how is he enjoying not having to go to work? Does he miss it? I didn't miss work when I first married.. I'd worked since 18 and married around 26...I was tired and happy to stay home..later I did miss it because all my friends were working and busy...

    Granni - good to hv u home again..we hvnt had to use our a/c these past few weeks coz of the rains
    We do use the fan ...do u also hv to use a mower on yr lawn like Julie or something smaller suffices? Our grass and everything keeps growing soon as u cut it

    Julie - Anna seemed so suitable, poor baby..maybe some TLC for a while will show results? I just hope she doesn't bite, she didn't seem like that,,can you ask the shelter for a longer return period explaining the facts...maybe nine days is kind of not enough to reverse her long period of abuse maybe she could spend more time with Den and learn she is loved

    Diane - glad you were able to get to root of your kitties problems and treat her,,,I too hate going to doctors...stepping into a hospital is anxiety inducing for me too..tho the last one I went into, was a new state of the art (for our country) one whose director is into vipassana meditation and I think they feng Shuied it, the energy inside was just one of calm !!! In a hospital! None of those aches n pains hit me no energy of fear, nothing...strange... I did get hit by a sharp pain once I came outside, tho.

    Last evening, I made potato stuffed paratha, cabbage curry and lentil soup...DH had already eaten so I could indulge in a little ghee, vegetable fat for the bread (paratha)

    God Bless
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