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    I'm going to go close 740 and then, I'll be back. OK, #740 is closed.

    Granni, I also won't pay a lot for flip flops and I don't like the tiny straps either. Rocket Dogs have the wider webbing for straps. I have black, brown and bright green, only because I got them on sale or with a coupon or whatever. I did wear myself out yesterday and am just resting today. Barb and I hosted the Balcony today and three friends/neighbors dropped by and a dog. The cats sleep while I'm out there so that makes it nice.:)

    I put my reusable shopping bags on the dining room floor so they can air out before I fold them up. Cold stuff will leave wet condensation inside them and make them smell. I remember an old man who used to bring his bags in and every time I opened them, I gagged. AACK!!!:confused: But, I digress...yesterday, Sylvester kept going inside the bags only to have Tweety jump on the bag and send him screaming like a little girl into the next room. Then, she would sit on the collapsed bag so he couldn't play in it. Did I mention that she's a little pill! Finally, I opened a bag for her to go into and Sylvester didn't waste an opportunity to pounce on her in the bag. Then, the smackdown began in earnest.

    I laugh every time I see that Sears Optical ad where they woman can't see and calls her kitty from the back door and a wild raccoon comes in. She thinks it's her cat because she can't see. At the end, it shows the raccoon sleeping at the bottom of her bed. That raccoon walks just like Sylvester and looks just like the way he sleeps on the bed. His big plumy tail is as big as the raccoon's. Both cats have been out on the lanai enjoying our hot, but beautiful, weather today. At some point, I have to put on my flip flops and go down and water the transplanted stuff in the new garden. I'm in my jammies but they look for all the world like regular Capri pants and a tee shirt.

    Julie came over for me to help her with her splint/sling for her shoulder the other day and she had on the cutest jammies that were perfect to hang out in in the hood. She had another seizure and dislocated her shoulder and broke her clavicle. She has no aura or other warning before she is hit by a gran mal seizure and she had one and fell in the tub. There are now four of us who have had a string of illness, surgeries, injuries, etc. in the hood. If I felt better today, I'd smudge the place. Tomorrow! If anyone has a spare prayer, our Julie could really use it.

    I watched a good Tyler Perry Lifetime movie today and it's just what I needed. Kathy Bates and Alfrie Woodard starred in it and it was excellent. Tyler Perry is one of the most talented people in show biz and he doesn't appear to have an egotistical bone in his body.

    My computer keyboard has stopped being possessed but something else is causing the little circle, which usually signals that something is loading, to be constantly running. I'm going to have to go restore my computer to a date prior to the last Windows update. Sometimes the updates screw things up. Of course, as soon as it realizes that the update is gone, it will update it again. This time, I hope, without problems.

    Well, that's about it. I'm cooking some country BBQ ribs and they need turning. I was going to use my "Set It And Forget It but couldn't find my manual nor remember how to put the ribs on the spit. So, after much swearing, I just cut them up and put them in my little oven. No wonder I couldn't get into the meditation; I was too worked up. Even my usual color show in my brain was muddy. :( Oh well, I've found even a poor meditation attempt is better than nothing.

    Think I'll turn the ribs and go out and water the garden. Oh, come to think of it, it's supposed to rain this afternoon. I'll let God take care of the plants. I did my part yesterday. I hope y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie and Julie and everydobby else that might pop in. Thanks for closing up shop with the old Porch and starting the new one.

    DH is still puny , one minute he feels better and the next minute not. I just gave him some toast and will see if he can keep that down. He ate some soup before, a little bit and felt better and then not again. He might not be making church again tomorrow. Of course he is supposed to help.

    I just love that ad with the raccoon and the 1/2 blind lady who thinks he or she is a kitty. I keep saying, can you imagine waking up with a raccoon in your or her bed :)???? That is one of the cutest ads.

    JULIE - that is how I make the ribs too but I usually start out with them in the broiler and then into the crock pot with bbq sauce and some sliced onions. That is with the country style ribs. The meat gets so very tender almost like a pot roast. The last few times I put some small golden potatoes cut in quarters or depending on the size they are to be fine with. Some in 1/2 that are pretty small. The potatoes and meat tastes soo good. Hope you get to feeling better soon but try not to rush it. DH doesn't have a fever at all in fact it is probably below normal but I don't think he holds in his mouth right under his tongue.

    MIKIE - Thanks for the tip on the flip flops. Do you ever order them on line.?? I will have to keep an eye out. That story about the kitties and the plastic bags is just like little kids and empty boxes. Unfortunatley they would also love to play with plastic bags but that could be very dangerous as you know.

    BIG NEWS ::: Got a call from DD who have been trying to sell there home in NC. It appears that it has sold today for CASH, can you believe it. They got pretty much what they wanted and it will be almost the same as what they are playing for their new one here. We figure the people that are buying it are coming from either up north or in California where the housing prices are much higher for the size of the house. You can get a pretty good sized house in TX for a pretty reasonable price. My parents home that was so tiny and went for about 1/2 mil. It had one bathroom and 3 small bedrooms, tiny kitchen and dinette area. The people that bought their house almost completely redid it, extending up and out.

    So they will probably get here sooner than originally planned. very early OCT I think. Closing is towards the end of Sept. We will see what happens. They may be lots of changes made very soon.

    Well, I had better go take a shower and see how DH is and if he ate the toast I gave him. Tomorrow is a big question mark for him right now. I may go alone to church like last week. We sing as a choir tomorrow and they had a choir practice without me. Luckily, I know all those songs/hymns.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Yay , he ate the toast I gave him and said he probably could have eaten more. He is feeling somewhat better so we will see how he feels in the morning. I know many times if you don't eat and are afraid to eat anything due to nausea or throwing up it makes you feel worse. If you can eat something filling like toast without a whole lot of stuff on it you are feeling better. He said it was dry and would have liked some jelly on it. Now that sounds great for someone with an upset stomach - loads of jam or jelly on your toast. He probably will put that on his toast tomorrow and hope that doesn't get it upset again.

    Just hope that is a good sign for tomorrow and the weekend. DH seems to do a lot of moaning and groaning when he doesn't feel well - poor thing. I am just the opposite, quiet and don't want to bother anyone . Think I take after my mom. God bless her !!

    Well, I guess I need to get off here and check a few more things before I go to bed. DH is already in there watching the ball game - geez !

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hello all

    Goodness, Granni - not your DH too! Well, my son came home with a runny nose last evening
    and my DH is sneezing a bit. Hope no one gets it too bad. Good to hear DHs appetite wasnt
    that bad and he was upto asking for some jello on his toast. The flu/cold bug is the worse
    appetite killer. Thank you for your sweet words about my writing.

    Julie - get well soon..seems like your little family is handling things and looking after the
    visitors as well as they can. I always used to feel you had more than your share of obstacles
    ever since you and Den took on the project of going and helping out in Belize. negative
    ghoulies just hate that sort of thing. However, I know the Divine beings are with you..
    so many good things have happened too and are happening.

    Mikie - that ad sounds hilarious! lol. you really love working with plants dont you? Im
    sorry to hear about the illnesses going around in your hood. Smudging is a good idea.
    As also sprnkling holy water if you can get some. It may be a good idea to smudge/sprinkle
    especially well, the place where you got your faintness and seeing black spots..some places harbour
    negative elementals. Im wondering whether anyone in your neighbourhood (across the street
    or something tampers with ouija boards or voodoo. Ive heard some instances personally
    where some youngsters played with those stupid oiujia boards and something was actually
    let in. In such cases i guess raising your vibration with prayer, violet light, white light would
    do a lot to protect your spaces. Getting rid of any kind of negative energy at the soonest
    goes a long way to reclaiming ones space.

    We hv been having it rain hard at least once a day. Suits me just fine. Experiencing temps
    of 75 F in August is something to savour. Otherwise it will be a sweltering 90F. argh.

    Ive put on' Louise Hays I can do it' talk ( )
    as i type. Just listening to her talk positive ups my mood. The morning papers which my
    DH just HAS to read are full of floods, crime, robbery nationally and the ebola outbreak
    and gaza israel, Isis crisis internationally....

    not good for the morale early in the morning. so Louise lovely positive strong compassionate
    voice puts some nice thoughts in my head.

    We hv a lot of apples DH brought from his recent trip to Bhutan lying around and im wondering
    if i should get online and see what i can make. Theres two kinds...one a magenta kind of stripey
    skin and the other green. The green one has the insides also a faint light green. You dont get
    those here. We mostly get our apples from the north towards Tibet border side and theyre
    the crimson kind which has a powdery yellow inside..not a fan of those. Ive heard of this
    dessert called apple snow but never ever had it...i just looked it up and think i might give it
    a try.

    In Bhutan there is this wonderful monastery called crows nest


    the pic isnt coming - can anyone copy it and print here?

    My DH didnt go because it takes three hours walk uphill but two of his golf team mates
    did go.

    Well, take care all, stay well and happy!

    God Bless
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    Indeed it is! Julie..

    I pray u get better soon thanks a ton! Its Tigers nest and not Crows nest ..i made a mistake..

    Reminds me of a book we had in our english course...Shangrila by James Hilton..a monastery hidden away in Tibet where two englishmen pilots crash and are taken to..the women looking 20 when they were actually 100..

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Springwater, another amazing kawinkydink. Only last week I was listening to a radio
    broadcast about Shangri La. Author James Hilton was English, but spent the last years of
    his life in California. He was the host of the Lux (as in soap) Radio Theater. I listened to
    the 1948 broadcast of Lost Horizon aka Shangri La. The star was Ronald Coleman,
    another Brit.

    Coleman starred in another movie based on Hilton's novels: Random Harvest.

    Hilton died in Long Beach, CA. Like Coleman he won an Oscar. Hilton's was for
    writing the screenplay of Mrs. Minivar.

    I am keeping this short, folks. Last night I spent about 40 minutes on a post.
    But when I hit "Post Reply" I was told I had to sign in. You know that makes
    no sense. You can't write a post unless you've signed in. There's no message box
    to write it in. And my "cut and paste" back up to save lost posts didn't work
    either. As they used to say on another radio program from my childhood, "I is

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Good Early Morning Porchies,

    Julie, this crud has had a hold on you for too long. I am sending up a prayer that it up and leaves you. We have possums here too. They are the furry brown ones with white faces. Evidently they don't see well. One started up the stairs one morning when Barb and I were having our coffee. When it hit the landing, I started hissing at it to get it to leave. When it looked at us with its comical face, it had such an expression of surprise. I'll never forget that funny little face. When the cats lived outside, my friend was walking her dog on cold morning and there was Tweety curled up on the step spooning with the possum. Thanks for posting Springwater's pic. It's magnificent!

    Granni, I got my Rocket Dogs at Bealls but if you look online, you might see where they are sold or even be able to order them. The bags the cats play in are not plastic but rather the cloth reusable ones. I just air them out between shopping trips. One collapsed and Tweety has decided it's her favorite place to sleep. I can't bring myself to pick it up. She thinks anything I put on the floor is especially for her. I made little animal print quilt squares for them when I had them before. Sylvester sleeps on one in my little sitting room sofa but they seldom use the other one or the two which hold catnip in a little pocket. I think the last catnip I got isn't really catnip or it has lost it's fragrance. I pray your DH feels better. If my virus hadn't backed down, I would have brought out the big guns: Transfer Factors.

    Springwater. if the apples are tart, you can make applesauce or pies. I can keep apples fresh forever in my crisper. I eat them with smoked Gouda cheese. Mmmmm! Speaking of which, I need to go to Costco for more cheese and hemp seeds. That monastery is amazing! It takes the breath away just looking at it. If I hiked all that way, I'd have to stay the night before trekking back down in the morning. Having hiked in the rugged Rocky Mountains, which are nothing compared to yours, I know hiking down is worse than climbing up. I hiked miles and miles up a trail once and when my boyfriend and I got to the top, there was a lake with lily pads and flowers in it. Who knew they could live at that altitude. I took my younger DD with me and we hiked it, just the two of us. She loved it. There were aggressive ducks who drove us crazy for our lunch. But, I digress...you certainly live in a beautiful place. The biggest negativity I see comes from some of the people who live here. Most are nice but there is some really hurtful gossiping. Also, the woman who threatened the cats. I hope she moves. I'll just smudge, meditate and pray for the best. Hope your son isn't sick.

    Rock, I saw the old B&W move, "Shangri La," on TV when I was young. I was so impressed by it. Sorry you lost your post. It is sooooo frustrating when that happens.

    I cooked the ribs in my little oven and put them in the fridge. I'll put them in the crockpot today with the BBQ sauce. If I recall, the instructions for the "Set It And Forget It" was on a VCR tape. Oy! I'll have to dig it out and watch it. Tweety pulled my speaker wires out and I thought that was why my CD's wouldn't play but I fixed the wires and the radio works. I need to take the CD's down to the car to see whether they play on that. My car is soon to turn 13 and that was waaaaaay before sreaming music was the thing; however, I just heard that instead of downloading individual tunes, more music is being bought on CD albums again. Everything old is new again. Remember when ear buds came out and people would make fun of you for wearing big earmuff speakers? Now, they are the "coolest" and the company was just sold for more than a billion bucks. Pretty soon, they will be out and earbuds will likely be back in. Anything to keep the American public buying, buying, buying more Chinese-made junk.

    That happened when Japan was buying our debt and we were buying their junk. Then, the Japanese bubble burst and they were left with debt and not enough young workers to support their cradle-to-grave elderly. Sound familiar? Now, China has been buying our debt and we've been buying their worse, toxic junk. Their bubble is bursting and they have half-built concrete high rises which will never be finished. I think South Korea will be next. In the meantime, we have brought some manufacturing back home. What will be next. Probably Africa if they can stop killing one another. What a revoltin' development this is, as William Bendix used to say.

    Gonna read the Sunday Morning newspaper. Seems that there is less and less that I find worth reading in it. Another sign that I've turned into an Old Fart!

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring: what an amazing pic! I'm going to go back and read all about it AND maybe learn HOW it was built! I tried picturing myself climbing steps or stairs to get up there. Forget it, not even in my mind could I do it. I was over yesterday to my DDs house, with stairs, and the asthma just kills me along with my broken body. I thank God every time that he didn't allow us to buy a two story home.

    I hope your family stays well and healthy. Those green ones sound like a Granny Smith type, especially if they are slightly tart. Like Mikie says, most apples stay for months in a crisper, and when they do start to look pitiful I just peel and cook them with a little water, sugar, and cinnamon in a pan with a lid. Great hot or cold.

    Mikie: I can just picture you meeting that possum and hissing at it. Surprise on both sides! I'm a big lover of flip flops so will have to look into Rocket Dogs. I have a great pair from Volatile, it has a very firm thick sole with just a little bit of height at the heel, but I did a ton of searching online and almost everyone had a higher heel. I can't wear most heels anymore since it throws my back out of alignment. Never thought I would have this trouble in later years when I used to buy the cheapest cheap shoe at Target or Kmart.

    Granni: sorry your DH is under the weather. I guess there's always something going around. When my stomach feels upset I usually take a very small bit of apple cider vinegar and follow with water. That usually does it for me.

    Julie: You sure seem to catch whatever is going around. Sounds for sure like a flu bug. Just hoping the little ones stay healthy. That's good your brother and SIL are taking up the entertaining. I know you worried about it.

    Rock: I remember that movie......such a thought provoking idea of finding Shangrilaa, just over a mountain range. Like the movie, Brigadoon. But, would we want to stay there forever?

    Yesterday, my DS and DIL had a wedding to attend so my DD, and I and my two grandkids met them at a restaurant, half way, and we took home my little DGD. Well, she was fussy and started to cry. Nothing we could do since we were on the freeway. The kids HAD to entertain her in her car seat. My 6 year old DGD tried soothing her with "it's OK, it's OK, it's OK" with a kind of sing song voice. Well, I was VERY soothed myself. Then my 11 year old DGS managed to reach the diaper bag in the back and come up with her pacifier and a pic. book. At first he said she's not taking it, then OK, I shoved it back into her mouth. Then they started giggling.....baby Nika was bubbling, the more she blew bubbles the more they laughed and the more I laughed in the front. Then my DGS started reading a book to her all about the cows, and the pigs, and the horses and the noises they made. I laughed even harder, wishing I could SEE it.

    I'm going to spend today just working on my WCs........It's been 3 years since I painted with them.......Tuesday I'll take it to my group and see what the teacher has to say.
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    Hi there everyone. It has been a busy day so far. DH got dressed to go to church and then said he was sweating and still not feeling well. His head was hurting too. His tummy seems to be doing pretty well. He is eating some toast, soup and 1/2 sandwich so far today. Doing much better but still not feeling up to par. Luckily, he has no fever. He is already starting to complain about "when am I going to feel better?" That is only 2 days . He surely could be feeling worse but is impatient. No one likes to be sick at all for sure but 2 days isn;t to bad. He hates to miss church and he missed last week too due to those wasp stings.

    Julie - Do you still have fever ? Or did it come back after it left that one time?? I know you are missing your family get together and are really missing seeing everyone. However, I know you realize that the best place for you right now is away from most people and in bed most of the time. Are you coughing at all.

    Spring Water - What a beautiful picture of that Monestary up on the hill. How on earth could they build such a lovely thing up there? Never in a million years could I climb up there. Maybe when I was young and healthy but not now for sure.

    Sun - What a cute story about your gkids and your DGD who did not want to stop fussing and how they tried everything and finally when she decided to take that pacifier, it worked. She as well as everyone were probably exhausted by that time. How old is your littlest granddaughter?? Glad everyone ended up having a good laugh. It can be a hard time in the car with fussy children. Enjoy playing with your water colors. I know that is very therapeutic for you.

    Rock - So sorry that you lost such a long post yesterday and then couldn't save it and supposedly had to sign in. That was very strange. That really gets me mad when I spend a long time writing and then it disappears ----aaack ):!! Sometimes parts of a post will just disappear and that is really ultra annoying too. Then you have to figure out what to fill in where.

    Mikie - Hi there kiddo. I will try and keep an eye out for proper flip flops. I cannot drive in them. I know some that do but I am always feeling like they will fall off. I can wear regular sandals while driving but FF feel like they are always coming off, even if not. It is annoying to me anyway. Hope those kitties are behaving for you and that you are feeling better than you were. Hope your friend Barb is being nicer now too. I imagine in a close community like yours there would be some gossiping and some people just aren't happy unless they are talking about someone else.

    Diane - I hope all the kitties are feeling well and you too. Will Beety be having her teeth extractions soon? Hope she is better from the bronchitis so she can get the surgery all done and over with. I know how you worry about your fur babies :)!! I know she will be fine as you give them all such great care.

    I had better finish this and submit before something happens and some of this disappears :)!! Everyone have a great holiday. Ours will be very quiet !!! Nothing tomorrow and we even have chorale practice tomorrow night for our show the end of Sept.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Oh JULIE, you sound terrible. Sounds to me like you might need to go to the doc to get some real meds if nothing changes soon and the natural stuff doesn't help you. You are coughing with sore throat and fever. You also sound like you need to stay in bed or the cough . I know you get sick of staying in one place sometimes, even if you are really SICK !!. How high is your fever been? You sound somewhat congested, so that is not good. The last time I had a fever it was extremely low grade but you still feel awful with that. If it is over 101 I think you need go to the doc, even though a low grade fever and everything else can make you feel horrible. You also don't want to give this stuff to the little ones or Lindsey. Hope poor Den doesn't get it either with all his responsibilities ):!!

    DH is better as far as his tummy is concerned. However, his head was really hurting him today. Was even lying on the couch some - sound familiar?? Right now he is talking about chores outside tomorrow so we will see how he feels at that time,

    DH is watching more stuff I do not watch so I am on the computer :)!!! I will go in soon and hope he doesn't give it to me :)!!

    DD and DSIL signed the agreement this morning I guess for their house in NC. Next we find out when they close on that house and they have to be out for sure. They already did an inspection on their house and fixed what was needed so we will see when their inspector says when he comes in. The shouldn't be a problem .

    Hope to see you sometime tomorrow. Hope both JULIE and DH are feeling even a little better. BIG HUGZ to everyone !!!

    Love to awl,
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Quiet day yesterday. That's fine with me. I'm all for peace and quiet. All my
    adventures are now between the covers of a book or on a screen.

    Julie, yes, those elusive posts are aggravatin' to the max. Almost as bad as
    Tammy Wynette's "My Elusive Dreams". (A beautiful c-w song BTW.) I dunno
    about those alternating temperatures you're struggling with. Aren't those
    symptoms of malaria? "Malaria" comes from "mal aria" or bad air BTW.
    We learned that in 10th grade Social Studies. It's the opposite of Buenos
    Aires (Good airs). Ya think a trip to Argentina would be beneficial?

    Great pics you posted. And here's another amazing kawinkydink. I am
    reading some old comic books from my yute that were reprinted several
    years ago. In one of the stories Donald Duck, his nephews and Uncle
    Scrooge seek out a beautiful, peaceful land in the Himalayas. It's
    not Shangri La, it's "Tra La La".

    Barry, I lived briefly in Goleta, CA, right next to Isla Vista. Couldn't find a
    job there, so I moved 70 miles south to Ventura on the coast. It was 1967.
    Rented a furnished duplex half a block from the beach. Can't remember the
    exact amount of the rent. About 50 or 60 bucks, I guess. I shoulda stayed
    there. In the same place; same year!

    Keeping this short, folks. Can't go through the trauma of another post
    going South.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, what you are dealing with sounds like my own Herpes-Family Whatever Virus. I wonder whether an old latent virus has tried to reactivate in your system. Instead of the ER, why not see a doc and ask for an AV. Also, it could have gone into a secondary bacterial infection which might require an ABX. My own virus is better but I decided to go for the big guns and took a Transfer Factor. I'll take them for three days and then stop. I am keeping you in my prayers. (We need a praying emoticon)

    Granni, I missed your posts because I cannot read red nor pink. Julie's purple is OK because it's darker. BTW, you can order online from Publix. It's for the deli. Just saw a sign which said you can order anything from a sandwich to party trays online and the food will be ready when you want to pick it up. So, guess the fraud on your card could have been used at Publix. Who knew? Learn something every day. :eek:

    Sunflower Girl, I will definitely have to try WC's. The Sunday paper had some gorgeous WC's; many were our beautiful sunsets. With WC's, you can get a lot better looking clouds at sunset, turning all colors. As soon as I finish my work outside, clean the condo, go to the store, blah, blah, blah. Painting is always last on my list and I never get to it. I still have paintings I need to put the finishing touches on. I am also a big fan of the cheap shoes. I usually get mine at Penney's or Bealls. I never used to go into Penney's but they have some really cute things now. We have a HUGE outlet mall but it is made up of high end stores. Their outlet prices are too high. I can do much better with my coupons at Bealls or Penney's. Penney's has one of the greatest selections of stylish handbags. Taste is more important than price. When I hear of people, like Oprah, spending $30,000 for a leather bag, all I can thing of is what is missing in their lives that they have to show off their wealth in such ostentacious ways. I think those people all compete to see who is more frivolous. I know most give away a lot of money but, if they lived less opulently, they could effect even more change in a world which desperately needs it. BTW, Oprah also brags about how rich she is on her shows and how many homes she owns. She does some great shows on spiritual growth but why would a spiritually fulfilled person have to do that? Oh well, now I'm being judgmental so how spiritually fulfilled am I? I don't envy the wealth or fame. As long as I can pay my bills for necessities, I'm happy. I'm also happy to be anonymous when I go out. No fighting with the paparazzi. :)

    Rock, you can post your reply and then go in and edit it to add more. You never lose the original post and I have never lost my edits either. Give it a try. ;)

    I'm glad Barb is back but she hasn't changed (and I really didn't expect her to but one can always hope). On the phone, she admitted that she has done nothing in our yard but would help when she comes back down. Well, every time I go out to work in the yard, she heads inside. I have never asked her for help. Once when she asked if there were something she could do, because she could see I was in pain with my back and about to drop, I said it would be a big help if she would take her watering jug down to the other end of our bldg. and water the flower box. She said arrogantly, "No is my job." I never ask anyone to help me but when someone offers, I don't expect such a slap in the face. She's back to gossiping horribly and throwing one friend under the bus when she talks to another. I am trying to spend a little time with her but not too much. I have an excuse: sitting too long out on the Balcony is bad for my sciatica. There are a whole lot of nice people who live here so will focus on them.

    Tweety is very needy and I should go give her some love. Hope y'all have a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, good morning to everdobby !! This will also be a very short one. I am eating my cereal and will get my bee keeper outfit again. DH wen outside to blow the driveway of leaves, etc. Now he will stay and REST. Hasn't complained yet about his head hurting, so I do not know if it is bothering him.

    Julie - Sorry you are still feeling terrible. Why does that happen esp. on weekends where the docs are off. Around here they have lots of small Emergency clinics for lack of a better word where you can go rather than the ER in the hospitals. We have them, quite a few just up and down the main street when we get out of or subdivision. They do a great job if you can get to them . I don't think they are t cheap but they sure can be helpful. That is hard when you are in the country where everywhere you go is a trip.

    DH is going to come in soon to do his financial work and of course needs the computer. So, I will leave and try and get back later. PLEASE REST JULIE AND DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS. How high has your fever been???

    A big HI to MIKIE too. Will try and use a darker color for you. I changed it a few times yesterday, to lite for me too. Gotta run !

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
  14. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody!

    Mikie, I'm glad you mentioned the colored text. I have so much trouble reading the colors, even Julie's "darker" purple color.

    I also have trouble with the smaller fonts. That is, the normal "font" for ProHealth. I enjoy reading Rock's posts, because he uses a larger font. But the rest of the posts I find that I just skim, and don't get the full effect of what was posted.

    That's just me. If I use my reading glasses, I have to have my face right up to my computer screen, or thereabouts, to read the smaller fonts. Then I have to back away from the screen and change to my distance glasses to read the larger fonts.

    So I just muddle along. I was told by my eye doc that focusing is a problem with aging.

    That's why I haven't been posting much, since I got my glasses. I know how to use them best, for everyday life, like writing checks or reading a book, or watching subtitles on a movie. But not for when the "size of the type" changes a lot, like in a PH thread.

    By the way, Kevin's on vacation. He's at the grocery store right now. Beety goes to the vet on Wednesday morning, to see if she's clear of bronchitis. Then Kevin goes back to work on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully we'll have a dental surgery date scheduled for Beety, soon.

    All the kitties are doing well. Beety is active and eating and staying hydrated. Rosie recovered from her front paw injury (the vet said that 3 days of anti-inflammatories can do wonders!). Faithy is still getting drops for her pinkeye, plus a supplement from the vet: Lysine Treats -- and she loves them! They are soft chewy kibble bits, she gets 12 bits a day.

    I have to get off the computer now. I'll be back again, soon. Y'all take care.

    Oh, Kevin has that icky virus that Julie has, it's been spreading through his office. And I'm getting it too, feeling feverish and achy and coughing and and and..... I hope it goes away soon. Julie (and all under the weather) -- feel better soon. Y'all are in my prayers.

    Love and hugs,

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I also have trouble reading posts with colors. And I usually post on my Ipad, but like Spring, it has a mind of it's own and I have to type really quick before it does it's own thing. When the font changes I know I had better get off PH. I've complained but none of their suggestions worked.

    Julie: I'm assuming all med clinics are closed around you today? I'm with everyone else, I believe you now need some strong antibiotics to knock out whatever you've got. We've gone forever to a clinic 18 miles away, so I usually try to doctor myself first. Yesterday I felt like something coming on......bad headache included....so I took a dose of oregano oil about 4 a.m. and hopefully it knocked it out.

    By the way, when my DS was visiting from Portland, he told me he was going to see a dentist when he got back home........an abcess on his gum and several teeth really hurting. I gave him OoO which he started downing and also some to put with a Qtip on his bad area. He emailed me about 2 weeks later and said that the OoO and some peroxide rinse cleared it all up. I've made him a believer in this miracle product from nature.

    Diane: Oh gee whiz........so it is a bad bug going around the country. Drink lots of water to flush it out and try to stay healthy.

    Granni: super! They sold their house!!!! I know all of you felt like celebrating. Glad to read your DH is improving. Sounds like he's a pretty healthy person as a whole to have gotten rid of the bug slow quickly. NOW you have to stay healthy.

    Mikie: I'm sorry Barb is still the same. Hard to be around a negative person. Anyway to nicely give her hints? Yes, good idea to seek out the nicer people. I think all of us who are sick in one way or another just seem to pick up the vibes of those around us.

    About using the WC, since I have a bad neck/back I've started using an easel, putting the paper at an angle. Most people paint with it flat, but I've seen teachers work this way and surprise.......I love it. I bought a good tripod a few years ago It has a velcro pad and I was able to get a piece of foam core, place a piece of velcro on the back and voila! Have you ever worked in WC? And about your acrylic unfinished paintings.....go to it. The nice thing about acrylic is you can just walk away. With WC, I have to be "ready" to spend at least 30 min. undisturbed.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, not Kevin too with this virus or whatever it is. The problem with viruses are that antibiotics won't touch them and it is just treat he awful symptoms. Of course then you also have to watch out for bronchitis, pneumonia and that awful respiratory stuff. SO HOPE JULIE AND KEVIN WILL BE VERY CAREFUL !!!!!

    Glad the kitties are fine DIANE and hope Beety can have her surgery soon.

    DH must be feeling better. H wants to get out of the house and get a sandwich at MacKensies that has great BBQ pulled pork or beef. H wants to leave early as usual.

    Gotta run !

    Love to all,
  17. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Just popping back in for a minute--

    I forgot to say, that's great news about the house Granni. Oh, I can't imagine a very long distance move though! I thought Virginia to Pittsburgh was a long way, but yours have a longer way to go! I wish them luck in their move.

    Sun, I too am a fan of oil of oregano! I take the capsules. Oreganol brand. I also take olive leaf extract, coconut oil capsules, garlic capsules (among others, but these are my favorites) -- these all help me. They don't "cure" but they help a lot! I like that the OofO keeps my gums healthy.

    Enjoy the BBQ, Granni!

    We just finished eating our homemade beef broth. Today we're making chicken broth. Kevin will share it with the cats. :) The kitties are getting a lot of hydration from the canned food, plus the water we put out for them, that they are not wanting a lot of broth right now. And they are getting "treats" like low-sodium canned salmon.

    So, I guess Kevin can share the chicky broth! LOL I'm gonna have some more of my ground beef mac n cheese (gluten free). I'm craving comfort food. Kevin can have chicky broth and ramen noodles!

    And Mikie, I remembered to put SMART Water on the grocery list! :)

    OK, I better get some more chores done, before Kevin gets home from the store.

    Talk to y'all later...................

    Love, Diane
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Man, that pulled pork sandwich surely was yummy plus their cole slaw. We will have hamburgers tonight but under the broiler since DH still doesn't feel up to standing in the het at the grill. Will eat early due to choral practice.

    I still have to try that Smart Water DIANE, do so not feel bad. DH doesn't even want to by bottled water. We do have the filter in our frig but have to remember to change the filter.

    I'll bet that Chicky broth and Ramen Noodles will taste really good. I remember when they first came out. I love those things but haven't had them for some time. I LOVE pasta of almost any type. Still have some of them in my cupboard but it is a little warm for them right now .

    Speaking of long moves. In the late 60's we moved from LI, NY to LA. We lived in Gretna, LA across the bridge from New Orleans. Now that was a trip and a culture shock as they say but it was fun ( not the move itself) but the people and experiences, and yummy food were. Then two years later we moved from there to Houston where we lived for about 30 years. Now we are north of there.

    DSIL didn't want to move to the small town where he grew up and his parent live now so am glad they like it here. He is a real TX boy as they say and my DD came here as a young child so she is pretty much TX anized other than the NC where they lived for almost 20 years. Some other siblings also live in Houston so it won't be to bad if we need to travel there, maybe take turns or something.

    Diane and Julie - Is the Oreganol any better than the Oregano Oil? I know the actual oil is strong and not to easy to take. I have never taken either. Do you get them at the Health Food shop?

    If the colored lettering is a problem I won't use them. I know this morning I tried the light green and it came out so lite I couldn't read it myself. Then, I changed the color again. I can read the hot pink or purple if it is in a large enough font.

    Julie - Hope you start to feel better soon. Not good if you are getting worse. Thinking about you feeling so badly.

    Diane and Kevin please try and stay well ! You guys don't need to get sick either. DH is doing better, knock on wood and even wants to eat now.

    Mikie - Hoping you are doing OK too.

    Love to all my dear Porch friends ! Have a nice end of the holiday weekend !!!

    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I've always used the oregano oil. I know Julie tried it but got some sores at the corner of her mouth. It does burn, and you're not supposed to use it full strength. I take the oil, about 6 drops, in defrosted apple juice.....about 1 tablespoon of the juice. I throw it down quickly and follow with water. I've also gargled this mixture first when I have a sore throat then swallowed it. I've been using oregano oil for about 4 years. Previous to using it, I constantly got bronchitis, and twice had pneumonia. My doctor said I had a low immune system. I start the oregano oil around october and take it every day for about 4 months. You're not supposed to take it longer than that. It's really kept me away from most colds and flu bugs.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - Thanks for the info. I need to go get some. Do you get it at the health food store? Did you say to put the drips in the concentrated frozen apple juice (1 T). The GSE has also ben helpful to me but things always seems to start in my throat.

    Gotta run for now.


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