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    I'll be back; just wanted to open a new Porch.

    I came back and lost my entire W&P post. I just don't have the NRG to do it over again.

    Love, Mikie
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    Sorry MIKIE for losing your long post. That can be so terribly frustrating. Please everyone check back on the last volume for those last few posts. I for one posted there at the end . Such a busy day. Hope I will have more time to post tonight or tomorrow. Have to leave soon for our small singing group practice , our first of the year. Somehow it is one of those days I feel like I could take a nap. Plus my feet are really hurting me, especially my rt. one. A friend of mine who has FM and lupus says the sides of her feet often hurt her and sometimes the bottoms of her feet burn too . Geez, now I feel like I am really falling apart ):!! Wonder if I am having more of that since I got off my special K :)!!Hate to have to get back on it, not that it was tat much just 1/4-1/2 pill at night with my Flexeril.

    Hi to Rock, Sun, Diane, Julie and everyone else that might have posted before that I forgot. Have some other things I need to do o the computer so I ad better get off the Porch for now.

    I am going to try and post a little larger font plus perhaps a heavier black color. Hope that will help all. It sure helps me.

    Granni :)
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    Hi all. I hope this font isn't too large but I've got "blurry eye", whatever that is.

    Too large; reduce. plan on colour change any minute. Computers, don't you hate to love them?

    Diane: I hope the kids are okey-dokey. And you and yours also, or course! I've decided that of all the food I've read about on this board, I want to come and eat shellfish with YOU! ;) Diane, have you read the Miss Read novels? I haven't, but they sound like they would be cozy reads, so I'm to try one from the library (after we pick up the eight requests awaiting there. :rolleyes: I just saw that Andrea Camilleri has two new books out that I haven't read. They are good reads, take place in Sicily, interesting. Another Italian author who is a very good read is Donna Leon who has just published a new one in her Inspector Brunetti series, which take place in Venice. A good way to see the place without going there!

    Richard honks. He is home. It is hot. I must help him unpack.....

    Bye for now, HUGS TO ALL o_O

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    Hi Kids

    Barry, is "Blurry Eye" a combination of the following symptoms? Flashing spots
    before the eyes with varying degrees of pain? Cause that's what I've got. I had
    it several years ago. Then it went away for 4-5 years. Now it's back, and it's
    worse. Uff-da! Takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes after waking before it
    goes away.

    I've been reading the Miss Read novels for decades. "Miss Read" is both the author
    and a character in the books. The author's real name was Dora Saint. She turned
    out a book every year for about 40 years. Lived in England. Died a couple years
    ago; was almost 100.

    A newer set of village books was written more recently by Jan Karon who looks
    like a glamor girl in her photos. The books are set in the village of Mitford;
    about ten of them.

    Philip Gulley is a Quaker minister. His books are set in the village of Harmony.
    But it's a fictitious village. I grew up in a real village called Harmony.
    Forty years ago my son and I visited Harmony, CA near San Simeon. It was
    a tiny village that was for sale. A lady working there told me there were 11
    Harmony villages in the country. (I couldn't find that many on the net.)

    Mikie, I'm sorry your post vanished. Since the board made big changes several
    years ago, I have lost fewer posts than earlier. But it's mucho aggravatin' when
    one hasn't got much energy to see any of it wasted.

    Julie, great pic of Josiah. He looks very alert and keen to take in everything about
    the strange new thing called the world. His shirt reminds me of the old joke:
    "Somebody call me a cab." "OK, you're a cab."

    Granni, do you think you have neuropathy in your feet? I do. The doc told me
    to do exercises but I never even think of it. Anyhoo there are some videos
    on Youtube showing what to do. It feels like I have slashes that run the length
    of the foot, but it only shows up now and then.

    Oops! Gordoni just got back from doing errands. He needs the computer to see
    about picking up books at the library. Talk atcha all later as one of our early
    porch posters used to say.

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    Mikie - i think i must hv been more disappointed than you when i opened the porch
    and read you had lost your Warren Post...Id just made my tea and settled down on my
    couch for some quiet time before DH came by for his breakfast.

    It feels like Im living all of it when i read your posts about your neighbours and the
    condo living and plants and cats.

    Granni - the date is getting closer and closer when your DDs family will be nearby..
    just wonderful to look forward to. I hope your feet get well soon.

    Julie - you sound so much better...and as usual you have dived right into the thick
    of things ..hope Den is also back to his normal healthy self. And of course the kiddies.

    Heh heh - Josiah cute as a button and in his Handsome like Daddy tee.

    Rock - what a kawinkydink..when i went for DDs graduation i picked up a book at
    New Yorks Barnes & Noble to read on the flight back home and guess what it was?
    Thats right, Miss Reads - The School at Thrush Green and Friends at Thrush Green.A
    two in one. Due to brothers illness i never got around to finishing it properly and
    used to pick out random chapters to read when i had the time. For me, its not
    exactly the story but the writing, her style...she makes every line interesting no
    matter what it is about.

    Gordon scouting out the area for the next days parking..that sounds like my
    idea of an efficient person. I always try to get to a movie early just so DH
    doesnt hv to hunt for parking space ..i start getting anxious otherwise.

    Barry - I saw on CNN a piece where someones backyard tube well in
    Ca. had dried out. Living out in the country with not too many neighbours
    Im guessing that wouldnt be a problem for you and Richard. I love you
    hvso much flora and fauna all around you.

    I took myself out for a late late evening walk down to the stupa to renergise
    myself yesterday...it was too hot at 5pm...and then my energy lagged a bit
    at 6pm just taking down all the bedclothes from the terrace, like to air them
    out sometimes.

    DH told me i could buy dinner and bring it home so i ordered dumplings
    nonveg for the men, veg for myself...and walked round and round the
    stupa with the other pilgrims while the food was being made.

    Rang son up to come pick me on his way home from his friends.

    God Bless

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  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    What I find ironic is that I had just advised on how not to lose one's posts. I was in edit mode and let my cursor drift up into my alert button which took me to a new page and never let me get back to my post. Won't do that again. Yesterday, I had 8 spammers to get rid of, most of the posts written by individuals for whom English is not their native language and the posts didn't make sense. They all have URL's in them to click on and I live daily with the fear that someone will click on them and get hacked. God bless our vigilant members who click on the Report button cause there are too many for us mods to keep track of.

    I'm on Transfer Factors and not feeling well. TF's make on sick before it gets better. My TF's are old and, even though I've kept them in the fridge, they are not as potent as when new. That may be a good thing as I don't think I'm up for severe Herxing. I finally decided to bring in the big guns (TF's) when the AV's didn't work that well. The virus hit big time this time and I might have to take the AV's for a long time to get rid of it if this doesn't work. Whine, whine, whine! :(

    In my lost post, I mentioned that the easiest way to control color, size and font is to just go with the default settings and when you're done, highlight everything and then go choose for the whole post. As it is, every time you put in a new paragraph, you lose your settings. PH tells me there is nothing that can be done about it. OK...I happen to have a nice bridge in NYC which I'd be willing to sell...

    Granni, I also have problems with my feet. Mom did too. I have faciitis in my heels when I get up and some numbness in my toes when I go to bed. If such a tiny dose of Special K helps, I'd take it but, of course, it's up to you. Special K does cause physical dependence but usually not tolerance and one usually needn't keep increasing the dose to get the same results. I've been on my dose for about 12 years. I did have to increase it initially not because of tolerance but because I hadn't established the dose I needed.

    Diane, I'm glad the kitties are better. Praying for Beety's success in surgery. If you have a buyers club you belong to, the Smart Water is cheaper. I buy the largest bottles but usually don't drink it all at once. About 1/3 of a large bottle will keep my electrolytes in check and keep me from getting dehydrated.

    Sunflower Girl, I think that, after I finish my acrylics, I'll water some of the paint down and just doodle with different brushes, brush strokes and color mixing. No pressure. We have lessons but I'm too embarrassed to try them since I lack talent. You should see some of the gorgeous tropical sunsets, birds and plants people paint.

    Julie, glad you saw the doc. You virus is likely long gone but it morphed into a bacterial infection; the ABX should be helping by now. Untreated sinusitis is dangerous due to the proximity to the brain. I had one when I was a Sr. in college and taking the math/computer class from hell. I couldn't think until I got my ABX. I got a mtg. with my prof, who taught my statistics class, so I knew him, and told him what was going on. He was such a nice guy and offered extra help. I ended up getting a B which I didn't deserve. That class involved maximizing production of things like different fuels from raw products. We had to use the mainframe computer which produced matricies from which we drew our answers. It made problems like, "one train leaves NY going 60 mph and another leaves LA going 80 mph..." look like child's play. Today, with all the brain damage these illnesses have caused, I doubt I could even do algebra. I'm more right brained and math is not my forte. But, I digress... The pic of Josiah is adorable and I love his little shirt. When Andy was born, I made one with an iron-on decal I made on my computer. It read, "Team Weaver." The kids loved it.

    Barry, good to see you posting. My blurry eye depends on how tired I am. We see with our brains and, some days, I feel as though my brain done up and left me. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

    Rock, I'm glad you enjoy reading so much. I haven't been reading books on my Kindle or even my favorite mags. Just too tired and other things need addressed. I've been wasting my time watching mindless TV. Hmmmmm! Is that redundant redundant? Do you do crossword puzzles or Sudoku? As I mentioned, my left brain is even more lame than my right so Sudoku just frustrates me. The NY Times crossword puzzles have gotten much more difficult. I can usually do Wed. OK and, maybe Thurs., but if I can do Fri. and Sat., I feel like a genius. Sun. is not the most difficult puzzle of the week but even the Sun. puzzle can be beyond my meager skills.

    Springwater. I'm sorry you missed my Warren Peace post. You had mentioned the feather and I found it exciting as, you know, I've had my own experiences with sacred feathers. I use them when I smudge to defuse the smoke. It was the water that I got really excited about. A Japanese scientist did an experiment with water. He filled several jugs and asked volunteers to project specific emotions, from love to hate, on the water just using their minds. Later, he put the water under a microscope. The water which received loving thoughts had beautiful structural patterns. The water which received hate was in total chaos. This was in the movie, "The Secret." Can we use our minds and prayers to change the physical world? I believe we can. Another experiment in a large city produced amazing results. Like many large cities, violent crime was a big problem. A large group spent one day meditating on peace. Violent crimes on that day dropped significantly.

    I dragged myself to the condo mtg. yesterday. Not much of significance ever takes place but, every now and then, something interesting happens. Yesterday was not one of those days. One of our board members has late-stage lung cancer. If she doesn't get her chemo, her lungs fill with fluid. She is terminal. She told me that she is selling all her orchids she hangs in her tree because there will be no one to take care of them. The sadness stayed with me all day. We sit and talk about practical matters while this huge event is taking place in her life. Death is part of life and I know life has to go on and, in the big picture, it's a good thing that it does but, at the time of death, one wishes the world would just stop for a while. We've lost four friends/neighbors recently and now, it will be five. One of my friends jokes, darkly, that she is moving!

    Wally World had their wonderful lightweight vee-neck tees on sale for $3 so I stocked up, and I mean really stocked up, on black and white. I need to go through my closet and get rid of my old tees. When my shoulders hurt too much, I can't wear a bra and even a cami is not comfortable. I can go without if I wear black. I wear black a lot. As long as I don't bounce along when I walk, I'm OK. With our illnesses, none of us likely bounce when we walk. After my falls, I started moving more slowly and more calculatedly. Now with two cats who are always underfoot, I move even more cautiously. As I type, Tweety is in time out on the lanai for getting on the dining table. I'll tolerate a lot but not a cat's butt on the surface where I put food. AACK!!! :confused:

    OK, if this isn't Warren Peacy enough, I'll eat my hat! Gotta go and try to change the size to make this easier to read. I usually forget to do this. God bless all y'all today.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. Granniluvsu

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    Dear Porchies,

    So much to day and will be gone tomorrow morning and tonight. So sorry I can't stay. Things about the same here and my feet still bugging me.

    Read everyone's posts but can't take the time to answer them right now.

    Mikie and Julie - I hope you feel better soon. PLEASE REST BOTH OF YOU.

    Will be back when I can, maybe this afternoon if I get my hair done on time. Should have done it last night but to tired and this arm is still painful enough that it drives me crazy to wash and or set my hair.

    Thinking of everydobby !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    So many posts from our members that I want to add my 2 cents but just don't have the time right now.

    Josiah! What a cutie, and FAT. Obviously he's thriving. Julie, so happy to read the ABX have dramatically helped you, but I'm with Den.......let Lyndsey handle everything she can. Yep...you caught him, the old softie.

    Spring: Glad to read you got out a bit, and lucky you could call your DS to come pick you up. Mmmmmm...dumplings sound really good to me. I'll have to do a search around here where I could find some good ones. I'm getting sick of my cooking. Basically, chicken, chicken, chicken with onions, peppers, whatever added to the stir fry. I hate to admit this, but some nights I just don't want to even eat much so I grab my reliable almond butter on some flat bread or some cheese.

    Rock: The Mitford series with Father Tim are my favorites. I've got most of the books on tape or CD and Father Tim's voice is so comforting. I just don't have time lately to even listen to any books, forget it with me sitting down and actually HOLDING one. I'm with Gordon on scoping out a new area ahead of time. I ALWAYS go early to any activity.......can't stand the anxiety of arriving late.

    Mikie: I think you and I would be good friends if we lived near each other. Even our wardrobes match!!!!
    I'm so sorry to read about another "hood" member. I've always had compassion for those in distress, but now I REALLY understand what it feels like to see someone "dwindling" away and there's nothing to be done for them. The last few weeks I seem to be "working thru" my marriage relationship in my dreams. I'm doing OK, just very sad that things weren't the way they should have been......46 years of "hanging in there" so to speak. I hope people are really "talking" to your dying friend and not just pretending it's not going to happen.

    Yea.......you're going to get back into painting! And forget that rubbish about not having talent. I've read more than once that it's just a matter of observing closely what you're wanting to paint. I'm needing desperately better drawing skills. Yesterday I bought a water solulable (can't think how to spell that) ink pen. One of the artists in my class yesterday used it to make good sketches, and with this you can take water on a brush and make shaded areas.
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  9. ConfusedInPA

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    Thank you all! for using the larger fonts. Those are so much better for my eyes! Y'all are great. :)

    I can't stay and visit for long, that "crud" is working on me. I keep thinking of what Julie wrote, three blankets to use as needed: one for sleeping, one for chills, one for severe chills and fever. But with the fever, kick off all the blankets and start over!

    I have about a good 6 hours in the morning, then I fade. And it's not one particular symptom: fever, or nausea, or weakness, or other tummy troubles, or ...... some light coughing (doesn't feel like upper respiratory infection). I just treat the symptoms as they bother me most.

    Granni, how is DH feeling?? And how are you doing?

    Barry, and all, thanks for the comments and references to the authors and books. I will certainly check my library!

    I believe that I would enjoy a shellfish meal with you, Barry! If I had my druthers ... we'd go to Maine for the lobster, then Alaska for the king crab, then maybe Louisiana coast, for the shrimp po'boys. I don't know the best place to get fresh mussels and clams -- that's why we buy them frozen. Oh, and oysters! Is there any "shellfish" you don't enjoy? Just curious. In my 20's, I used to eat escargot -- but that's not a fish! LOL

    Mikie, I need to get some v-neck tshirts from walmart. I guess now's the time for the summer clearance. One thing I've found over the years, I shop the men's department. I buy a size L or XL (for more roomy) in a men's T. They are less expensive and more sturdy. You ever done that?

    Oh, Kevin screwed up on the Smart Water. He bought orange flavored Glaceau no-calorie Vitamin Water. So we'll try again next week. LOL I'm gonna try to get out of the house again next weekend, for a while. It's difficult with my "anxiety", but a klon and a pat on the back from Kevin, and out I can go ...... maybe. :)

    Julie, what an adorable pic of Josiah. One month already!! He's a cutie, as are all the "kids" and grandkids you post. Glad you're a bit better on the med. I was going to mention a "clinic" type place, but I didn't know if you have them in your rural area. Around here, they are everywhere.

    Spring, Rock, Sun ... everyone I forgot to mention, good to read your posts. Spring, how are the doggies doing -- I think you mentioned ear infections? I sure hope they are feeling better.

    Kevin's back at work this afternoon. Labor Day Vacation is over.

    Beety -- and Faithy -- went to the vet this morning. Beety had an exam and a chest xray. Her xray was not "clear" but it may be scar tissue. If the radiologist agrees with Dr. Carr's assessment (about scar tissue) Beety can have her dental surgery as soon as next week (Tuesday). She's off the ABX, but still on the pain med, so she can eat comfortably

    Faithy went to the vet because she had a setback with her pinkeye. It was getting worse! So now she has a pain drop to be administered twice a day, followed by a cream/gel to be placed into the eye (instead of a drop). The cream/gel worked very well in the past. Hoping it works just as well now.

    Well, friends, I'm out of steam. So I'll sign off for now. I'll be back later this week. Y'all take care.

    Love and hugs,

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there again everydobby ! I washed my hair among some other things today but had to wait for our handyman to come and talk to him about some bids an putting in a shower enclosure and the possible putting in another light in the master bath over the large mirror and sinks. It is gold which we are trying to replace and it was also getting chipped. Hope the painting we had done a few years ago painted under the light fixtures. I couldn't go take a shower again and wash my hair that I should have done last night. I will come home late tonight from choir ( am getting picked up tonight) so wouldn't want to do it then. I had to either wait for him to come or DH to come back from his errands.

    MIKIE - Can you believe that Home Depot called us yesterday to tell us they had no one to come and install a shower enclosure. So that put us in a tizzy and we had to ask our handyman if he did that and he said yes so we will try him. I can't believe that HD didn't have someone lined up to that. Not everyone know how to put in one of those. They did a good job on our kitchen counters though. Hope you get to feeling better soon !!

    DIANE - We are doing OK. DH is much better and my pain is about the same plus my feet and my shoulder and arm where I fell every now and then when I move it wrong. I had to be organized today for tomorrow and tonight

    Sorry that Faithy had a little setback on her pinkeye but I am sure she will be fine soon on the new meds. Hope the doctors concur that Beety is clear of the infection so she can have her surgery. I know you will be very happy when that is over with. Sorry you are fighting the bug too. Hope you can scare it away so everyone can start feeling better REAL SOON !! You didn't mention Kevin, didn't he have some of the bug also. I know that stuff tends to spread really easy especially if you have allergies. So nice to get your nice newsy posts .

    Lately however, I have been surprised to come onto the site and find posts and I didn't get any advanced "warning" in my e-mails. I have checked to have them sent to me but they are not always coming. I did get Julie's but no one elses posts today (in my email).

    Big hugs also sent out to Spring Water, Rock, Barry, Sun, Dar , Joan and everydobby else I can't think about right now.

    P.S JULIE - You really wear me out. So it was you that was posting as I was. I am pooped out just reading what you have been doing. I thought you were going to REST. -- HA that's a good one. I don't think you ever do unless of course you are sleeping at night, whenever you get to do that. TRY not to give yourself a relapse please :)!! LOL Glad David is there to help some with the little ones.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - a lot of things falling apart in this house of mine, curtain rods, drawer handles
    etc but i hv not had the chutzpah to do anything but try to get thru the necessary chores
    cooking cleaning..well, i wil keep hoping and being optimistic about getting things done

    can you try soaking your hurting foot in lukewarm salt water? someone i knew had
    this problem and her foot recovered after doing that. you have to soak for at least
    10 minutes. if nothing im sure there will be temporary relief.

    I missed yr post so where are you going for two days? Hv a good trip, tho.

    Julie - what can keep you down for long? you are back in the game ..with a bang..
    like Granni said, take care not to overdo..i understand how exciting it is to suddenly
    feel okay after a couple of days of feeling weak and ill, you want to just jump up and
    go! you feel invincible and strong but the body needs to gradually adapt back to its
    normal routine.

    The computer gremlin is trying oh so hard, poor thing, to mess up my post, lol.
    but luckily, its not succeeding. i lost this page and then tried to refresh and it
    came back, typing untouched, so i just had to continue.

    then it is changing the font but a click and that got set right.

    Sun - i do that sometimes..just eating something out of the fridge coz im
    out of energy to cook. like last night, i got busy doing other things and then
    got late to start cooking dinner..DH brought home some wild boar a friend
    had presented him and told me i could make it with gravy so i dont need to
    make curry or lentils and throw in the spinach he also brought so i dont hv
    to cook veggies separately. well, that was all right for him, son and he ate
    that with the rice n tortilla bread i cooked but i, being vegetarian had nothing to eat.
    so sandwich it was, with mash banana spread liberally and a cuppa viva for
    protein. we had some mangoes around (from our garden) so that served for

    Diane - good to see you upto posting..tho sorry to hear Beetys pinkeye acted
    up again...thats a lot of sea food you have had! ive never had an oyster
    nor a mussel, we're a landlocked country so those things are hard to come
    by..(i mean pre 2011 when i turned veg) but i used to enjoy fried mackerel.

    Mikie - we were told about Dr Emotos work with water in our Pranic Healing
    class. fascinating. i even saw his book when i last went about a month back
    to my favourite bookstore but it was in hard cover and i didnt want to spend
    that much money. I did take a leaf out of his work and tape love/god heals
    onto a glass jar with transparent tape with the words facing inwards towards
    the water and put in a money plant my SIL gave me..well, i dont hv to touch
    the water for weeks, the plant just keeps growing and hardly shrivels...
    i wanted to do it for our filter jar but havent got around to doing it..so many
    things to do.

    well, it seems like a really hot day. :( DH got up early and went for his
    golf, and has come back so i shall get up and go make his tea. if i lethim
    make his breakfast himself he hurriedly put in two egg yolks too into
    his omelette whereas he is supposed to avoid those.

    this has been a nice peaceful morning reading and posting.

    take care, you all

    God Bless

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    WOW! Lots of great posts.

    Julie, I am sooooo glad you are better; just don't overdo it. I always do that the minute I feel a bit better. Did it yesterday and I wasn't feeling all that well but had to transplant those free plants from my neighbor's bldg. before the gardeners got to them. They are removing plants to put in grass to help accommodate an elderly woman who has trouble staying on the narrow sidewalk where it makes a 90 degree turn. My face was already covered with dirt, sweat and snot so decided I would tackle the lanai before I cleaned myself up. Oy! Too much! Everyone is welcome to post from their Bibles, other religious books and inspirational materal. The only no-nos are violating copyright rules and posting anything which indicates that one religion is the only way or better than other religions. One of my favorite meditation thoughts comes from Psalms: "Be still and know that I am God." To me, this means God has our sixes and we should stop fussing about everything.

    Granni, I joined Angie's List before hiring my Sliderman to fix my lanai doors. It's $9.99 a year. I figure it's well worth it even if one only uses it for one repair. Choosing the wrong repair service can cost thousands, especially down here in FL. It isn't the "Sunshine State;" it's the "Screw the Senior Citizens With Unneeded or Shoddy Repairs State." Good luck with the shower doors. Used to be I'd take on a project like that but not anymore. My days as a handywoman are done.

    Sunflower Girl, I already feel we are good friends but wouldn't it be nice if we really had a Porch to sit on and talk or, I could pick up some tips from you on painting? I wish we all could meet for coffee in the mornings and that everyone felt well enough to join us. Still, this group of friends has been a God send for me. My own marriage was little more than hanging in there for 26 years at the end when my younger DD graduated from college and I filed for divorce. We had already been separated for 3 yrs. by then. The kids tell me that he is eating himself into an early grave. He has insulin resistance which, I'm sure by now, is full-blown Type II Diabetes. I've often wondered how it will impact me if I outlive him. I won't be able to go to his services to comfort my kids due to his hideous wife. Unless he dies suddenly, I would be able to have some private time to talk to him although, I don't think there is anything left to say. He would want to tell me once again how sorry he is but I forgave him, and even his wife, who broke up our marriage and our family, a long time ago. She has never apologized to me or the kids and tries to tell them it was God's will. Give me a break! There is no rancor left between my ex and me and we are very civil; he always wants to see me when I'm in CO. Still, no one can know the impact until it happens. I pray for your healing.

    Springwater, what a great idea! I'm going to tape a love message on my watering jug. Of course, I'll only be able to put a little of it in each plant and will have to just refill it to finish watering but, I'll bet, even a little "love water" would help.

    Barb is in a horrible fit of anger, meanness and vitriol. Yesterday, she said our friend Julie is a hypochondriac. I told her I thought that was a horrible thing to say. She started talking about all her own illnesses and how much she has suffered. I told her that's true but no one was calling her a hypochondriac when she was sick and down and out. She stormed inside. I realize that she sees the world only from her own selfish perspective. This is a new record; it only took her one week to become so mean since arriving from up North. She is desperately lonely but when she does have a friend or two in her life, she throws everyone else under the bus. We all try to make excuses for her but I'm out of sympathy for her and just cannot spend time with her. At least, not right now. I've been doing my meditations and trying to become a better person and have a happier and more peaceful and purposeful life. She is too toxic.

    Our friend, Julie, called me from her Mom's last evening. They think her fall from her latest seizure may have broken her shoulder instead of just dislocating it. She gets her MRI today and will let me or another friend know whether she needs surgery. Here's the sad part--she thinks Barb is her friend and asked me to tell Barb she is glad she is back down. I truly don't know how to handle it. There is no shaming Barb or making her feel guilty. If I give her the message, it will only give her a chance to further upset me by being mean about Julie. I think I'll just let it go and if Julie asks, I'll be honest and tell her Barb has been too unpleasant for me to be around her. It would break her heart if she know what Barb said about her. She is very fragile. She cried on the phone with me.

    Thing is that she gets no warning that a gran mal seizure is coming on. She doesn't even have a chance to put her hands out to stem her fall. Every time, she gets a head injury. The docs cannot explain any of this down here or at the Mayo or Cleveland Clinics. My other friend and I broached the subject of a service dog that can sense when a seizure is imminent so she has a few seconds to get down on the floor. She also needs one of those buttons which calls 911 when a person is down. She is only 50 and worked as an ICU nurse. She is in denial and thinks she'll be able to return to work. If she has a service dog or they can find out how to prevent the seizures, maybe, but it's all she has to hang onto right now. I don't think she'll ever be able to do ICU again but there are other nursing jobs. She is in denial. I was too but it was in that mode that I made the most progress because I wanted to get well so I could return to work. She has filed for SSD but I don't think she has a good atty and has not clue as to how to play SS's "games." I can help with that as time goes on.

    Sorry for venting, Guys, but outright cruelty really hurts me, even when it's aimed at a friend and not me. Believe me, though, there's been plenty aimed at me over the years. It's like staring into the face of Evil. Please forgive me for going on, Warren Peace style, about this but I only have my friends here and one friend in the hood (so it doesn't get back to Julie) to talk about this with. Many of us have suffered from emotional abuse about our own illnesses so I figure y'all understand what Julie is going through. Also, it's breaking my heart. Thank you all and God bless you.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning dear Porchies,

    The guys are putting in the shower enclosure and the sprinkler guy already left and I have been trying to get ready to go to a luncheon with a group I hadn't been to sin some time. Every time I make a reservation something happens. I am determined to get to this meeting :)!! I will be home tonight so should be able to check in then or at least add on a line or two. We will see !!

    Julie - That picture of the little ones is so cute. Glad they can get outside and play while the weather is good even if somewhat hot. Soon you will have fall and winter to contend with so enjoy it all now while you can or the little ones anyway. I was giggling about your little monkey who loves to climb. That is funny. I would have thought it would have been Isaiah. Usually boys love to climb like my brother did. They usually also love explore , even more not that girls don't :)!!

    I may have to get one of those foot soaker things that I had given to my FIL years ago and then got rid of it when he was gone and I didn't need it. My foot pain comes and goes, mostly in the rt. foot. I will try Epson salts as Mikie does with her baths and Spring Water mention soaking with salt. I had heard of Epson salts but not salt.

    Spring Water - I know what you mean about no NRG to do any upgrades in your house. You also need NRG and money. Right now DH and I figured we are not taking any big trips other than Las Vegas in Oct with my reunion. Luckily, we got our tickets on points. So we will use the money we would have used for big trips in doing what needs to be done in the house. We will see how far we get until he says we can't do any more. We are hoping also to do some wooden floors in a few rooms. We will try and LR first and see how that looks.

    Mikie - I am so sorry to hear that Barb is still acting the way she was before her eastern trip. I agree with Julie that it sounds like some other underlying causes other than just loss of her husband. It is so hard to know what to do or say in such an instance but that can also drag you down too. Not good when you are suffering from these DD's, or any time either,

    Need to keep an eye out for my ride so I need to run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2014
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I had trouble signing in too, Julie. Today it took two visits and four tries to get
    all the electronic ducks in order. Uff-da! Gordon and I watched the news this
    morning. We used to do it every work day. Not so much anymore. Anyhoo as
    you may have read on the computer news, there is an albino cobra loose in
    Thousand Oaks, CA. That's about 40 mile N. of here. I used to live there.
    Commuted to law school in LA.

    Anyhoo, Thousand Oaks was a strange town. It had no downtown. Just a
    thin line of building that ran parallel to the freeway with a mall at one
    end. Moved away about 40 years ago. From what I've seen driving by, the
    place has gotten a little bigger but still has no downtown.

    Gordon went to the viewing last night. And today is the funeral. I thought it was
    very nice of him to do that. He doesn't even know the deceased. He's going
    because of his sister who is married to the son of the deceased. Only it turns out
    that's not quite right. Last night he found out the deceased is the stepfather.
    Well, I couldn't go to anybody's funeral anymore. Can't sit that long.

    Oh yeah, I told you about our drive around East L A on Sunday. Came home
    and read on the computer news: Woman attacked! Face Slashed While
    Riding in E. L A. And Gordon didn't even have his door locked till I
    yelled at him!

    Mikie, I think you're right. "Get the toxic people out of your life." I wish I'd
    been encouraged to do that decades earlier. Would have improved my
    mental health immeasurably.

    Springwater, where did the wild boar come from? Hope it wasn't Germany. You
    see the news a few days ago? Something like 30% of the wild boars are radioactive.
    Apparently related to the Chernobyl disaster.

    Oops! Gordon again. That's two posts in a row. Have ta come back later.

    Kugs and Hisses
  15. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you all know: Beety goes to the vet Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. to be boarded overnight. Her dental surgery is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Tuesday. (Oh I can't wait until all this is done; I'm so nervous. I've never had a cat with NO teeth!) The vet said it will be OK, her cat had the same problem, and had her teeth removed, and lives a nice happy comfortable life.

    Faithy's pinkeye is doing better with the gel/cream. Plus she gets one anti-inflammatory eye drop for any pain. She is looking much much better with these new meds.

    Rosie decided to scare us this morning, by limping, and not bearing weight on her left front foot! What! Then she would run and play and wrestle. Then she would limp a bit. Last we experimented: Rosie was chasing toys (not hurting herself), and running through the house like a stampede. I guess we'll watch her, see if any problems develop. Oh my ...... I want three healthy cats!!!!!!!

    So I'm a bit cat distracted at the moment.

    And have I mentioned that I HATE Kevin's new company-provided health insurance!!!!! He, or I, goes to the doc. Present our insurance card. No co-pay due at the time. OK, fine. Then in about three weeks we start getting bills, for the doc visits and labs. Blue Cross has paid their (minimal) share, now we owe $LOTS$. In the meantime, the Healthcare Reimbursement kicks in, and pays the providers. So in fact, we owe nothing. (Until we use up the $1,500 reimbursement -- which we're going through FAST.)

    So we have to call the Blue Cross insurance, and/or the health care providers to verify that they have, in fact, been paid.

    Simple, no. Two, three extra steps. But this is the new improved streamlined insurance.

    I'm glad we have health insurance through Kevin's employment, but they've given us the worst benefits they could. And higher premiums paid by us.

    Mikie, I send you a big (hug). You sure are going through some stuff down there in your neighborhood! I can't figure out what happened to Barb. I used to think that y'all were good friends. I'm sorry that's not working out. And I sure hope that Julie can get help for the seizures -- maybe a dog. It's so good that you took Tweety and Sylvester when you did. I can tell that they are a handful at times, but you're a loving "mommy" to them.

    Julie, love the pics!!!! Are you feeling better, or is it the prednisone giving you a lift? I was on pred for years when it was thought that I had rheumatoid arthritis, and it gave me much help with energy and pain relief. I wish you well, for a full recovery.

    Kevin and I are still under the weather. Still feeling more "icky" than "well" though. I guess it will take time.

    Spring, you got me thinking about the shellfish. I've eaten it all my life. I guess it was trucked in to our landlocked area in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Especially during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. I can't remember a time when we didn't have shrimp or oysters. You get me hungry when you talk about "dumplings." I get steamed dumplings (meat) from a Cantonese restaurant, and enjoy them for a treat, now and again. I also enjoy the won-ton soup (with the dumplings).

    Granni, are you going away on a trip? I don't think I remember reading that. Or are you just going to be busy with chorale practice?

    Sun, I've thought about getting a drawing pad and maybe some charcoals. Maybe try to be artistic, a bit. Maybe just doodle away my troubles. (I can't draw a straight line, even with a ruler, or even fill in a paint by numbers painting -- do they still make those??) One thing that is tempting to try again is CROCHET. I recently made a small 5 inches long, 3 rows wide cat toy, and tied it to the end of the string of a broken toy. The cats all think that homemade toy is the cat's meow! They love it. LOL Maybe that's my strength! I should try to make a longer, wider yarn strand for the kitties to play with. :)

    Rock, I'm gonna look for some of those books recommended by Barry and you. You got any more interesting books from the library? Gordon been doing any cooking lately?

    Everybody, whom I've forgotten to mention -- It wasn't intentional. I enjoy posting with y'all, and reading all your posts.

    I'll be around. Mostly I'll probably be preoccupied thinking of Beety's surgery on Tuesday. And now I must go check on Rosie's "limping" leg.

    Y'all take care.

    Love and hugs and prayers,

  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OK......never done this before but I'm experimenting on what all those things up there mean. How's this size or should it be larger? And don't know what I touched to change the font and the darkness.

    Mikie: I'm so very, very sad for your friend Julie. I'm definitely going to pray for her. My son used to have a roommate who would have grand mal seizures.....she told him up front that if he heard her thrashing around to come in and "hold her down". Get this......she was down in mexico for a vacation, ate a popsicle from a street vendor and apparently picked up a parasite that went to her brain. She was on big time meds for about 4 years, but last I heard she was OK. And as to Barb.......can you call her family back home and "chat"? They may be interested, either that or they were happy to wave bye bye to her to send her back to you. You or others definitely don't need negative people like that around. Do you have some friend away from the hood to get you out of that environment

    Granni: the people working for Home Depot or Lowes are actually independent contractors, that's why work can be more expensive because they have to add their cut on top of what a contractor would charge. Why not look thru your advertising papers and see if you can contact a few on your own. If it's like around here there are tons of guy, just make sure whoever you find has a business license with the city you live in.

    Diane Even if you do start to crochet, it's nice to have a drawing pad and some pencils or charcoal. I've done that with my knitting/crochet stuff......I finally gave up since the last go around with crocheting (made a wide, long scarf for my trip to Oregon) because I know have permanent aching in my thumb so its either arthritis or a form of bursitis Found out yesterday that bursitis can hit wherever there are the bursas. That explains the awful pain in my shoulder for the last 3 weeks.

    Rock: thanks for letting me know about the cobra. I NEVER listen to the news anymore so I was able to tell my DD this morning that yes, I did know about it. Tell Gordon that he's an incredibly giving person, and I know God will bless him for it.

    Spring: I MUST go find a place for good dumplings! By the way, my son and DIL were vegetarians for at least 8 yeasrs but recently are now eating meat and fish. I was soooo surprised the last time they were over and I told him what I had for them to eat. What did it was #1 a trip to Peru where there was nothing but potatoes they could eat so they HAD to eat meat, and #2 a trip to Turkey......same thing, so now I don't have to fix something different for them. I can get along fine with no meat or chicken, so long as I have CHEESE! And lots of veggies. I've always loved a variety of vegetables.

    Julie: That would be so convenient to just go to the game on saturdays. So important for them to have their family watching and cheering them on.

    Well, another morning of paperwork, this time at Auto Club to change the DMV. My fault, when we bought the two vehicles I didn't want to go to the dealership so I just told him to put them both in his name. So in a few weeks when I receive the new pink slip, I'm going to take his car to Carmax and selll it to them.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2014
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A really quick good evening to everydobby,

    Our new shower enclosure looks pretty nice. It is nickel but not sure it is brushed nickel like my faucets and stuff . It is replacing most of the gold we had in the bathroom. Can't use that shower at least for a day so will probably take a hot bath ass my feel at hurting me, especially on foot. I just notices on my right one that it is also a little swollen on the right side. It is hard to see really but I can tell. Not sure how that happened. Of course today I stood for quite some time until it was time to eat and listen to the program at the luncheon. I will watch it and try and keep it from getting worse. I don't think I sprained it but who knows.

    After coming home DH and I went to HD to look at lights above the mirror in our Master Bathroom. We have little choices but was lucky to find one similar to what we have there now except the one we hope to remove is gold. The ends are more rounded and might show what might not have been painted. The paint is faux finish and very hard to match so hope it will look alright. It is just two long strips with 6 round bulbs on each strip. I would have loved something different but it is hard to replace old things that have changed.

    Diane - Glad Beety is getting her surgery soon. I know you are relieved but will be even happier when she is all done and home with you again. I know she will be fine . She can have liquids and lots of soft foods.

    No we aren't going anywhere except in October when we will go to my nursing class reunion for 4 days. That is around the middle of October.

    Sun - I hope you don't have any more problems trying to sell the cars under your DH's name. Sometimes they can be hard nosed about that kid of stuff. Hope all goes well for you. You wouldn't want me draw anything believe me. I used to be able to knit a little as well as do some crocheting. I crocheted the girls ponchos when they were in style.

    Mikie - Hope you are doing well. That must be such a worry about what to do when Barb gets into one of her streaks. Do you have Barb's family's phone numbers or addresses. Wonder if an e-mail, call, or letter might be helpful to see if she showed that side of herself there while visiting. If it is happening frequently it might not be safe for her to be alone away from her family, even though they might not want to be around her either if she has showed this side of herself to them too.

    Julie - Hope you got a chance to rest, even on your Prednisone high !! I know it is hard for you but try and rest a little bit with all you have to do. Those babies are just to cute in that picture you shared. They are getting so big. I am sure Miss Lorraine loves being the big cheese to her younger siblings :)!!!! Hope Lorraine is feeling better than she was the other day. Can't keep track of the days around here.

    Hi also to Rock, Spring, Joan and everyone else not mentioned before. Hope I can get my swollen foot to feel better . It is not really very swollen but if you look hard you can tell.

    Love to you awl,

    Granni :)
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2014
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies, thank you all for your concern for Julie and my ordeal with Barb. Barb has always been a gossip and could be mean but it was tolerable. She is 83, I think, and as she gets older, she just gets worse. It's been four years since her husband died, way too long to be stuck in the anger phase of grieving. Yes, everyone has his or her timetable but if it goes on that long, one needs to get help. I think when we get older, we are what we've always been but moreso. I've tried to be a loving friend but cannot tolerate being around this heavy toxicity. I pray and meditate to be a better person and live in peace. There comes a time when there is nothing more I can do for Barb and must remove myself, as much as possible, from her. I think she has convinced her kids that I am the problem from the way they act when they visit. They would be defensive and probably never believe me if I brought it up; however, I think that down deep, they know she has a problem. They are selling the house up North where Barb's husband built an in-law apt. over the garage. In other words, she is out of a home up there. They have told her that she will always be able to sleep in one of the bedrooms in the new house. Well, that's not the same thing. She says now that she will cut her visits to that daughter's to only two weeks instead of two months. Her SIL is really a piece of work, just like her. Yikes! What it must be like to live in that family. :eek:

    BTW, just read an article in the Phoenix Rising newsletter that new research in PWCF have found polymorphisms, basically, messed up genes, which allows us to suffer from chronic infections and they specifically mentioned Herpes-Family viruses. Here I am, the poster girl for chronic Herpes-Family Virus(es).

    Julie, another great pic of the kids. I'm laughing because I had my own little monkey escape artist. Looks as though they have a great time, thanks to you. I hope you continue to feel better and better. I have no idea what is going on with me. Don't know whether I'm still sick with the virus or having a reaction to the TF's. Time will tell. Thinking of going in for another peptide "booster." They are expensive but living like this sucks, as you know. :confused:

    Granni, hope you get to your group mtg. I hope too that your feet feel better. It's the magnesium in the Epsom Salts which help. You can also take magnesium supps. Researchers have found many with our illnesses are deficient in mag. I laughed when I read that you haven't been to "sin" in a long time. Sometimes, our typos are so funny. Go forth and sin and have a good time. :)

    Rock, you would find FL really strange. Well, actually, it is. The Calusa Indians had a trail from Tampa to Miami, now known as the Tamiami Trail. It runs on the West Coast from Tampa south to Naples. Then, it turns east on a turnpike called, Alligator Alley. In the early days, settlers were cattlemen and drove their herds on these trails. They used barges and ferries to get them over water. Many smaller towns along the West Coast of FL only have one main street, Tamiami Trail (also known as 41). There will be strip malls along this street in these small towns but no other commercial development. As our state becomes more populated, some of these areas are developing inland and have shopping malls and outlet stores. Just south of where I live, a former one-horse town called, Estero, has become the "in" place to live. Now, it's awash in malls and a HUGE outlet mall with all the traffic jams in Snowbird Season that we have here and in Naples. Oh well, because of all those Snowbirds and tourists, I pay no state income taxes. Actually, I live below the poverty level so I pay no income taxes at all. Not being rich has its silver linings. I also get a big break on my condo taxes. I'm gonna be living here for the duration.

    Diane, I've already been praying for the cats and you both. Hope all goes well with the surgery. Too bad they don't make little kitty dentures or implants. They'd likely be even more expensive than for humans. I laughed at being cat distracted and came up with a new term, catstracted. It certainly fits my situation at times. I am convinced that Tweety has allergies and that is what causes her eye to water and be half closed sometimes after she comes in from the lanai. Sylvester has one front paw with webs between his toes. He sometimes favors that paw and will hop on three paws or hold that paw up. Julie and I call him, Hoppy. At a moment's notice, he will launch himself in the air and streak through the condo. The vet says the paw doesn't hurt him; it just doesn't feel right when he walks on it. Hmmmmm! How does the vet know it doesn't hurt? My friend/neighbor got a free sample of that broth cat food. The cats love it except that they don't eat much salmon. They drink the broth and I was surprised that they eat the carrot strips in it. I had a coupon but can only afford to give it to them once a week. Think I'll brew up my own fish broth. Keep us updated on your kitties.

    Sunflower Girl, check out my first paragraph. Everyone has been so sweet and concerned that I decided to just post about Barb up front. Thanks for your prayers. When my Mom died, she left me her car in her will. I tried to get a new title and they said I had to insure it first. My insurance co. said I had to have the title to get insurance. Finally, after going back and forth, my ins. co. issued me temporary ins. so I could get a new title. Then, I ended up with two cars I didn't need, paying ins. on both. Both were compact cars and Mom and I had been planning on selling them both to get an SUV which was easier for both of us to get in and out of. The smaller crossover SUV's as easy to enter and exit. I traded them both on my Toyota Highlander which is now 12 years old.

    OK, Guys, this is turning into another Warren Peace and Tweety is tapping me with her paw gently to come out on the lanai and listen to the bullfrogs and ducks. It's still dark out. I hope I didn't miss anyone but Tweety needs some love.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi kids

    The bullfrogs say "Oomp! Oomp! The ducks say, "Quack! Quack!" Spot says,
    "Arf! Arf! What does Puff say? Was that the name of the cat in "Dick and Jane"?
    Puff? I'd look it up, but it takes me forever to post 'cause I'm always looking up dates
    and facts to be sure I've got stuff right. And I can't spell anymore. And my fingers don't
    work. I wonder if I have that neuropathy business in my hands as well as my feet.

    Tweety needs love. Yes, and doesn't everybody? Well, maybe not pyschopaths.
    Anyhoo I got a book of cartoons at the library yesterday. Guy walking down the street
    is thinking, "Why me, Lord? So is the dog. And the telephone pole. And the
    mailbox. Ya think it's universal?

    Gordon went to the funeral yesterday. He said the church was too hot. Well, most
    places are too hot for Gordon. But other people thought so too. Doesn't sound to
    me like the funeral was planed too well. The coffin wasn't brought into the church
    until after the people came in and sat down. And then they had a quick poll to
    figure out who would be the pallbearers. (If you're curious about the origin of
    the term "Pallbearer", you can look it up. Ha Ha!)

    Diane, I made a list of books you might want to consider. Of course I can't find
    the list. My life is non stop confusiation with this Alzy business. "My Life and
    Hard Times" is an old book of short stories by James Thurber. The first story is
    "The Night the Bed Fell". I read it when I was a teen. Didn't know it was fiction.
    Anyway Thurber's early books are funny. He lost his sight later, and the books
    he wrote after that really aren't very funny. He was also a great cartoonist.

    P.G.Wodehouse was English, but lived much of his life in America. He wrote lyrics
    for Broadway shows and great comic novels. My favorites are the ones set at
    Blandings Castle and the ones that feature Uncle Fred. He was a writing machine.
    Wrote about 90 books. They're kinda hard to keep track of. Many have one title
    in England and a different title here.

    Dave Barry is always good. In addition to his humor columns, he wrote some
    novels in recent years. Possibly he got some tips from friend and co worker
    Carl Hiaasen.

    Great pics again, Julie. Both the kids and the grass look lush. Is that some of
    the prairie that you mow?

    Your re-done bath sounds perfectly swell, Granni. As soon as I can make
    arrangements, I'll drop in for a bath. I don't take showers anymore. My balance
    is defective. And it's getting harder and harder to get in and outta the tub.
    Maybe I'll have to get Gordon to hose me down in the backyard.

    Springwater, Glad to hear you are a Miss Read Reader too. Wouldn't wanna
    miss that. She also has a cookbook and a couple of books where she

    Sunflower, you quote by Picasso reminds me that I took a class about him
    at the U. of Wisconsin over half a century ago. The Prof. showed up
    some of the work he had done when he was an art student. He could
    draw like a camera if he wanted to. Maybe I posted that before. Seems
    like I've posted a lotta stuff multiple times.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there dear Porchies !!

    Can you actually believe that now I seem to have a sprained foot, not ankle area or the whole ankle. It is more on the top of the foot and then going down on one side. Maybe that is part of my problem although I also think I might have some problems with the FM in that area too. It did not help yesterday as I did a lot of standing at the meeting I went to. Last night I actually looked at my foot after taking a hot bath and I could see the swelling after comparing it to the other foot. So, after my hot bath I put ice on it as I had my foot up in bed. Very weird !! I am sitting her with ice on the top of my foot. I need to look to see if I still have an ace bandage to put on it some.

    Mikie - I take magnesium supps and quite a bit due to my hi blood pressure mostly, and also for the pain . I will have to get some Epson salts one of these days again when I get out. I am so sorry you are not feeling that great and that you are having such problems with Barb. Do you try and avoid her or what? I know a person like that can be very toxic, when they are with you they talk about others and when they aren't around you they probably talk about you. That has got to be very unsettling. Glad you have those kitties to keep you company. They won't talk badly about you for sure - Meow :)!! Maybe her relatives up north are seeing how she is becoming and no one wants to particularly be around her for very long. That is a terribly sad situation.

    Julie - Those pics are so cute. Keira is really growing up. When my eldest girls were little there was little you could put the little girls in other than music or dance class. They did that for a few years then it became also to expensive with 4 girls before the birth of the little boy years later. Two of the girls played softball for a few years at age 9 and11 or thereabouts when they started. The youngest girl was a great pitcher and if they had had HS softball she would have done well and perhaps at least a partial scholarship. However, they didn't have it then and she had to settle for music which she did enjoy. A scholarship however would have been helpful.

    Rock - I do remember "Dick and Jane" and I think Puff was the name of the dog . It is so great that you still enjoy reading and I know that has been very helpful to you as well as being very enjoyable. Keep it up my friend !!! Glad you and Gordon make use of those libraries.

    I need to start a wash while DH is gone. He and some friends are out at car dealerships looking around. For the most part, I do not think that we will by anything for at least a year or so but he wants to see what is out there for when we are ready to downsize and get something more gas efficient However, the Toyota Highlander is pretty good gas wise for the size of the car.

    Hugz and love to all my dear Porchies. Will check back later or will try too !

    Granni :)

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