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    Hi, Kids, I'll be back as soon as I go read the posts on #841.

    Love, Mikie


    OK, Dear Porchies, I'm back.

    Still getting about seven hours of sleep, one more hour than I had been getting. Don't know whether the diet has anything to do with it or not. Sir Vester still tries to get to my glass of water early in the morning and Tweety starts demanding treats early on, so my sleep isn't uninterrupted. I am hoping this healthier lifestyle will lead to better sleep overall and feeling better. Think I'll only take my BS a couple of times a day unless I eat something suspect and I want to know how it affects my sugar. At this rate, it'll cost me $60 a month in test strips. Yikes!!!

    Yesterday, I got the cushion covers on the sofa washed. When I put them back on, I realized how yellow the slipcover had become. It's a bear to remove, wash and put back on. I'm going to watch the covers I just washed to see how long it takes them to yellow. The fabric is a natural white, very dense denim. It wears like iron but I know that one of these days, it'll likely fall apart like my sheet did. I'm going to try to clean up the lanai. I'll run the floor scrubber if necessary but will, at least, vacuum it. I can't use the Roomba because things are too close together out there and I don't want kitty litter in it. I use my shop vac. I did let Roomba clean the living and dining areas in the afternoon. I've found that it works better to clean smaller areas, using the little virtual walls to confine the path. When it runs out of power and has to go dock itself, it seems to forget where it was and just keeps cleaning the same area over and over. It's also better to clean often, especially if it has to pick up cat hair. It doesn't have much capacity. Also, the filter needs to be brushed off almost every time I empty it. Still, I'm thrilled with it. It makes the difference in whether my condo is clean.

    Sun, yes, I do remember Acesnanna. I'm so glad she has taken control and is better. I don't know whether Barb is correct or not in that, if we live long enough, we will get insulin resistance or Type II Diabetes. She never researches nor reads but just expresses her opinion as though it were universal law. For as long as I've known her, she has never done any kind of exercise, except a slow walk for a couple of blocks. Even with that, it hasn't been regular. She eats all the wrong foods and sits on the balcony in a chair for hours on end. I don't know that her sedentary lifestyle led to her blood clot which blinded her in one eye, her stroke and/or her heart attack but I'm sure it hasn't helped. People who don't want to do the right thing often say that it doesn't do any good anyway so why do it.

    From what I understand, the AC1 is a measure of the average blood glucose level. I don't know how that works but, if a person is suspected of having a problem, it is one of the tests the doc orders. The other is the fasting test where you have to drink a very sugary drink and than have the BS done every hour or so. I knew one person who said drinking that almost put her in shock and made her very sick for days. I don't think I'll ever agree to it. Good luck on the lab results and thanks again for getting us started on a healthier path. BTW, what is the title of the book on diabetes you like?

    Granni, those BS readings are wonderful. Your hard work is paying off. Don't know whether or not you read about the dark chocolate bark with roasted pumpkin seeds I got at Costco. It is delicious and OK to have a small square of it if it doesn't raise the BS. I had some after a bowl of chili and my 2-hr. BS was 98. Of course, with your fungal systemic infection, it may not be a good idea. I think we can reverse insulin resistance (prediabetes); what I have read on the subject says we can. Changing our diets certainly makes us more aware of what's in the stores.

    The Publix BOGO's are almost always on things which aren't good for us but are almost irresistible--frozen desserts, frozen breakfast pastries, sweets from the bakery, etc. That's how they get people in the door; they prey on people's addiction to sugar. I watch other shoppers and soooo many obese people are queueing up for the deals. It isn't their fault that the sugar monkey on their backs drives them to eat that stuff; however, at some point, people need to take control of their own health. Obesity costs us billions in medical expenses. How much better to live a healthier lifestyle in the first place. Glad I got my wake-up call before things got worse. Our wonderful and caring members have literally saved my life several times over.

    Gonna go read the paper online. Hope all our MIA Porchies are doing well. We don't forget about y'all and wonder how you are doing if we don't hear from you. Stop in for a visit.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys and gals. I have been so busy today and running around like a chicken without a head, so to speak. Got up late about 8:15 or later, maybe 8:30. This darkness in the morning has been very condusive to sleeping. I was up earlier to go to the bathroom but went right back to sleep. It was so dark I didn't realize what time it was when I got up. DH was already up and in the bathroom when I got up to go to the restroom. I just went back to bed. It was late for DH who got up about a little before 7 I think he said.

    JULIE - Glad you are having a great time with all the kiddos, young and old. I think you said they leave on Sunday or Saturday not sure. I know you will miss them so much again but you care so lucky they can come and visit you fairly often and they are willing to drive. Flying would be so expensive although a lot easier on the family. Keep on enjoying yourself and glad Keira and Amy could be there to some of the time to see the Tenn. gang.

    MIKIE - Hope you are doing better today. I just glanced at your post. Now I have to go fix lunch for DH and myself. Have an appointment to check ou what I should and shouldn;t eat for sure althought I won't be able to do everything they want me to do like all organic stuff. More later.

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    Hi, Julie, Granni, And All Our Porchies,

    Julie, so good to hear from you. Wow! You guys are busy. Hope you enjoy tomorrow just hanging out. I know, though, that it is good to get all those appts. done and over with. Eleven percent off is a good deal. Good for you guys. How is Den doing? Has his NRG returned? It'll probably take time. It melted my heart just to hear about Josiah's saying, "Grandma" and lifting his little arms to be picked up. Sooooo cute! I know you are busy but more pix would be much appreciated. We all feel like their grandmas and grandpas. Well, we are family by now. Enjoy!

    Granni, glad you got to sleep in. I do that every now and then. It would be nice to have some kind of list of foods to stick to. I'm still working on what I can and can't eat. So far, cutting what I've been cutting seems to be working but my BS is still all over the place. I had breakfast and two hours later, the BS was 103. Five hours after breakfast, it was 126. Makes no sense to me. I know I shouldn't let that much time elapse between meals but I figured the BS would be lower. I even retested it and it came back 123. Yikes!!! I don't bother with organic food. At this point in my life, it probably doesn't matter. Now, I sound like Barb. Let us know what you learn about what you can eat.

    I do have more NRG and I think eating better is probably helping me. I took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster and looked for my supps from PH. They haven't arrived yet. Then, I came home and cleaned the lanai. It didn't seem to be the insurmountable chore it usually seems to be. I just can't take it when it gets dirty; it's depressing. It looks soooo nice now with the tile all shiny.

    Speaking of NRG, I think I'll do less for the rest of the day. I am binge watching "Blacklist" because I can't remember what happened last year so that the first episode this year didn't make sense. Either I missed a lot last year or I just can't remember what happened. It's all new to me. That's the good thing about cognitive problems and memory issues--everything is new.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon is planning what errands he will do today. I'm planning what books I will
    read. I'm alternating between a biography of John Garfield (a Warner Bros. star in
    the 40s), a thriller, and a book about a recent trip on the old Oregon Trail.

    Springwater, your last post reminded me of Betty White on the Golden Girls
    when she said, "I'm a rebel."

    Sun, I read about the Heifer project decades ago. Hadn't heard anything about
    it for decades till now.

    Julie, looks like Josiah already knows where to find a pair of welcoming arms.
    I wonder who decided 11% was a good number for a discount.

    Mikie, you and the Golden Girls are the only people I know with a lanai. Have you
    thought of applying Scotch Guard? SOL (Smiling Out Loud.)

    Granni, does that organic stuff taste any different? I wouldn't think so. On one of
    my visits to Minnesota my brother explained that the farmers have to let a field
    lie fallow for 3 years. That would explain part of the higher cost for organic crops.

    Barry, Quinn; drop by when you can.
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    JULIE - Sorry for all the illnesses going on. Hope you don't catch anything but with all those little ones around that is really no surprise. Anything and everything is passed on so quickly and easily with those young ones. Hope things get better for them all and no one else gets sick. They also don't need sick ones going home and feeling bad plus poor Lindsey too. Is she having to drive home by herself soon? I know the time has past by so quickly for them all and is very sad. How cute about JOSIAH reaching out for you. How old is he now?? He is getting so big already. I know he is some over one or 12 months old PLUS. Stay WELL and Den too !!!! Neither one of you need to get ill .

    ROCK- How many books do you read in one day since that is your main occupation :)!! It is good that you love to read. I do too if I have the time and the right books. I do not know if he organic stuff tastes any better but I am sure it is healthier. I may buy some organic veggies but the meats are pretty expensive. The place I go to sent out the list for organic turkeys this year. Esp. if you order a big turkey you can spend a fortune. A 16 lb turkey would cost about $78.40. If we have a mob here and have to get a 20 pounder or so it would be close to $100. Forget it, we can't afford that.

    MIKIE - That dark chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds sounds wonderful. I have a little very dark chocolate that I have eaten a little bit off of every now and then. I am so afraid to eat anything but my b-day is coming up next week and we are going to eat with a couple of other couples inc. a gal whose b-day is Halloween . I will have to decide whether to have a glass of wine or not. I have been pretty good lately with the wine. I will know more when I go for this conference with another gal who works there at the Health Food Place. She is also going to do a biofeedback which should be interesting. Money is just flying out the door with me - aaack !! I should have more of an idea of what to eat later. I see almost everything I like is out the window, olives, pickles and all kinds of condiments. On my sandwich on sour dough bread ( 1 slice) I put one slice of deli turkey ( sorry not organic) I put a little bit of olive oil and garlic and herb Mr. Dash with some spinach leaves. DH got to have mayo, mustard, pickles and spinach on his ham and cheese. Then I had some pistachio nuts. It is weird that some lists say no Pistachio nuts and some other nuts and my Nat. doc says they are good for me. So I am taking her word for it.

    I also for breakfast made my shake of almond milk, coconut oil (cold pressed), whey protein, black strap molasses, flaxseed powder, and Vitamineral Greens powder. I think I may have also added a little yogurt. Not to bad tasting. Yesterday I also added some walnuts, too. Looks really green - very strange for a shake or smoothie :)!!!and I only have been starting with 1 t and go up to a couple of T they said.

    SUN - Hope you and MIKIE get your BS down. MIKIE's seemed pretty good if she doesn't eat the fried sandwiches or whatever she had that day or was it you. I forget??? Keep working at it. I know you will and I think you will get it the way you want eventually. You both try hard working on your health but I know it sometimes can be frustrating. I never had to worry about BS just those stupid fungus causing problems.

    DIANE - Hope all is well with you, Kevin and Kitties. Drop in when you can. Miss you and our other MIA's !!

    DH is supposed to go to a meeting tonight and probably won't eat right there, so we will see what it is when he gets home, if he isn't to tired. That would be a good test too.

    Thinking of everyone. Have more checking out of the web to see what they can tell me to how to feed myself. No condiments stinks and I have to learn how to make the home made kind or just don't have it. DH used to pile on the catsup on all kinds of meats and stuff. Now he has gotten much better.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: the name of the book is: Diabetes without drugs by Suzy Cohen. I bought a used book on line......that's where I usually get mine. This one happened to be a hardbound from a Goodwill store and a really good price.

    Granni: GREAT news on your DHs sugar reading. Tell him to keep it up. And.....be sure to check your almond milk. I've read recently most aren't good....lots of sugar added and not much almonds.

    And Mikie, as I read in this book there are different reactions on BS depending on the type of diabetes. Keep eating right. Oh yes, I've lost another 2 lbs.....that makes 9 since coming home from the trip in June. Of course, at this point I don't want to lose....I start to look haggard in the face. So....I eat a whole avocado a day. I figure it's healthy and it's good fat.

    Julie: Maybe it's the water that they've gotten used to being without?

    I saw this new doctor today to get the lab results. As I figured.....I have very high cortisol which causes a ton of problems. She's put me on a special supplement to be taken at night along with the gabapentin......it's supposedto help me sleep and calm the cortisol. She's also put me on a protein shake stuff....twice a day. Didn't know what to mix it with so when I came home I dumped it in my nutrabullet with left over coffee.....OMG yummy! I'll use this as a dessert twice a day. She's also ordered more labs in dec. along with the A1C I didn't know one was ordered this time.....it came back pre diabetic.......so......I KNEW and what would have happened if I had listened to my other doctor????? I think we have to learn to listen to our own bodies!!!! She's also out of magnesium gel......swallowing too much causes as laxative effect and don't want that.......so they will order and I'll go pick up next week.

    On the way home I stopped at Goodwill store and did a little shopping to clear my head. I had a stressful morning.....my Ipad keyboard is giving me fits.......so I had to call in to talk to a "genius" and made an appt. for next thursday to meet one on one so they can transfer some knowledge to me. Only problem now is I have made it for the morning of my next dr. appt. next thursday, and I can't cancel it because I don't know the apple ID my DH set up. (more tearing of hair at this point) so will just have to hussle with both appts. next thursday.

    I also stopped at a garden nursery.....that always makes me smile......and bought a few plants. I'll wait about putting them in because it's HOT again.

    Then I stopped at Kohls to look at their luggage. They were having a sale on a few, so I decided to buy a new type hard one......my other suitcase broke coming home from the trip in June. That way, when I get super healthy again I'll be traveling. Thankfully it wasn't until it was thrown a last time in my SUV coming home......the wheel broke off and I threw it into the trash. Was I lucky or what!!!!
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'm a mess! No meds for three days now and my head is throbbing, my heart feels as though it's going to hammer out of my chest, my mind is foggy and I'm exhausted. Whine, whine, whine! By the day of the peptide injection, I'm just sick. I hope it's worth it. I can't take my meds til Mon. Yikes!!! The cats were horrible last night. They do all kinds of things between 2:00 and 4:00 to try to get me up. I may have to go back to putting them out on the lanai at night. It's not the perfect solution but it may be better than this. I love them but, at some point, if I continue to be so sleep deprived, I may have to try to find a home for them or turn them in to the Humane Society. I've tried everything to avoid this but I just can't let them make me sick. I need prayers for a solution.

    Yesterday, I watched a film titled, "Vitality," on Netflix. It wasn't really anything new but a bunch of docs explained that there is a new movement toward holistic health. For vitality, one needs a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and a good mindset. I'm missing two of those factors due to lack of sleep. My mindset can't be good if I'm so sleep deprived all the time. Sorry to be complaining but I know I can vent here without judgement. I've always felt as though, when we take a pet, we make a commitment for the life of the pet. I only took the cats because Jeff was in danger of a heart attack due to the horrible woman who was attacking him over the issue of the cats' roaming free. I thought when Julie took them that it would work out. Due to her health issues, she can't keep them. I don't know what to do. I love them and if I had to give them up, it would break my heart.

    Rock, for some unknown reason, in FL, everydobby calls the balconies, decks and patios, lanais. Perhaps it's the tropical feel here or that people here relate to Hawaii. Or, perhaps it started by someone's trying to be pretentious. It's just part of our lexicon now so it seems normal to call them lanais. I think I'm past qualifying for a Golden Girl. I'm more of a rusty old broad.
    :) I'm glad you enjoy reading. I've always wondered what people do who don't read. My ex never read and he was always restless. I love TV but it can't compare with reading.

    Julie, I'm so sorry the kids are sick and you aren't feeling well. With little ones, it seems it's always something. The fall and spring seem to bring on the bugs. Winter has its own issues with the little ones inside, passing their bugs back and forth. I hope everyone is feeling better. Hope you and Den got what you need for completing the rafters. I agree with Rock; 11 percent is kinda odd. Love the pic. Your pix always come out so great.

    Granni, wow! You certainly have to watch what y'all eat. That fungal infection just throws an extra monkey wrench into the diet. I am impressed at your and DH's blood glucose. Can't wait to hear how your biofeedback goes. Happy early Birthday. I hope you Birthday dinner is fun. How nice you have friends you can share the celebration with.

    Sun, thanks for the info on the book. I'll check Amazon for it. Sorry your test came back prediabetic. At 105, my simple blood glucose level, last time I had my labwork done, is, by definition, prediabetic. It was negligent that the doc said that was OK. That "Vitality" film emphasized prevention. Soooo many docs in Western Medicine are trained only to react to disease and illness, not to try to prevent them through healthier lifestyle choices. They will let a patient get sick before doing anything. We really need more education of everyone in this country. The docs on the video were in Santa Monica at the farmers' market showing all the good organic fruit and veggies, as well as free-range eggs. All around them were huge, obese people chowing down. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles are an epidemic. BTW, they said just being free range isn't good enough for eggs. One needs to find out what the chickens are eating. There is a big push now for people to keep their own chickens. We won't be doing that here in our hood but the cities around us are changing zoning laws so people can keep them.

    I wonder too whether the ground lies fallow for three years at farms and orchards. That's why I won't spend the money for organic fruit and veggies. If I had a family, I might have my own garden or buy at farmers' markets. Still, I wonder how many people and corporations lie about their produce's being organic. Same with chickens. I love chickens so, again, if I had a family, I might be one of those with my own coop. There is no comparison for eggs laid fresh by one's own hens. BTW, in big cities, roofs on big bldgs. are being used to grow food, house chickens and even have bee hives. A lot of trendy restaurants will serve only the freshest, organic food bought from locals. I think it's great but I doubt we will be able to reverse the trend toward fast food, sugar and obesity. If things don't change, we will be a nation of sick people with healthcare costs skyrocketing.

    Geez, sorry, everydobby. Don't mean to be such a downer today. I'm glad we here are trying to take care of ourselves the best we can. Perhaps it's because we are sick and know the importance of taking control of what we can control. I'll come back later, when I, hopefully, feel better and am in a less negative frame of mind.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: hang in there!!! You're feeling rotten and the two furry ones are just getting to you. I'm positive once you get the shot you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. You sound like me when I had to give up coffee for 3 days before a test. OMG.....misery. I use an ice pack for my headaches. I keep a lot of those gel packs in the freezer and drop one into a knee hi that I sewed velcroe to, so I can still do things around the house. And quite often I put a heated rice sock around my neck. Try something with heat and ice.

    My fasting rate was 111 this morning. I ate the last of the pasta (maybe l/3 cup) but I think that along with the sugar that's in the protein power that I had at night threw me over. Soooooo......no more pasta. Next time my son comes over he's getting it. The doctor actually asked me if I gave up pasta when I was telling her what I ate. Now......do Italians have diabetes? They eat it at every meal.

    And I don't think I like this protein powder. Hate the super sweet taste. I tried it this morning with l/2 scoop mixed in with oatmeal. Not very good still. And this powder was VERY expensive as was the other supplement which didn't make me sleep very good last night.

    It's HOT already and my kitchen and dining tables are such a mess. I'm in the middle of a sewing project, then a lot of paperwork came in that I need to get to, and my Ipad has been giving me fits. So I need to get cracking on cleanup.
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    No time to really write now but wanted to check in to see how all were doing. I have been running on and off all day and getting not much don, other than getting a few things at WM. Was going to check out Sams this afternoon to see if they had a book on antifungal or candida diets, etc. We got there and DH forgot his wallet so we went home empty handed. Need to check on food stuff first but need to know what I can eat for sure. I did find few things in WM - some organic avocados and radishes which are good for candida or fungus. I also got some cabbage to make coleslaw and Stevia for the "sugars". Need to get started chopping the cabbage so it can cool in the refrig. Also waiting for the eye doc to call so I can make an appt. Need to reall y find out what I can eat and can't. I know the very basis but need to know a lot more. I also saw some books on line from Amazon that might be good if I cannot find anything at Sams.

    JULIE - Hope you and all get to feeling better soon. Cute picture you posted of everyone. Come back son when you can.

    MIKIE - Hope yo feel better soon too. When do you get the injection??

    Gotta run. DH needs the computer and the coles slaw awaits me.

    Love to everyone,
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  11. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Sun,

    Thanks, I do have that information but I am also finding that some of the stuff on the internet is not exactly the same or is conflicting with what my nat doc said. It is at least a guide and my problem also is I would like some recipes. I know there are recipes on line and I just made one of them - coleslaw. I am so used to cooking a certain way , the quick way and a lot of these are not that quick but I guess I have to do them. Still not sure I am eating right for lunch.

    I made a 1/2 sandwich with sour dough bread ( she told me I could use sd bread but I probably shouldn't have it all the time. I used deli turkey (not the pre packaged) but they will have some preservatives in there but no nitrates. They want a lot of these meats to be organic or grass fed. We will go to Sams and see what they have , probably tomorrow and what I can have for snacks. The veggies aren't to bad but some of the meats are expensive, if you can find them.

    Copying recipes on line is also a pain and now you can't always just print them. You have to save and then find the file and then print it out. I know that you can also delete the file but somehow hat always doesn't get done. There ends up being so many files on the computer. That drives my DH crazy plus the extra steps you need to do to print them out, drives me crazy :)!!.

    I am not sure if these loose bowels I have been having off and on is from eating the wrong foods or the buggers are getting mad at me for trying to kill them off :)!!

    Thanks again for helping. There is a lot of info there and is a help. However, also trying to cook for two people sometimes might be a problem. Seems like my DH is always hungry. Hope his lower blood sugars stay that way.

    MIKIE - I hope you start to feel better soon. You sound like you feel awful and hope you get to have your peptide shot quickly and that it works for you. Also hope those kitties start to behave themselves at night so you can get your proper rest. If they don't it will not hurt them to go onto the Lanai (sp).

    Thinking of everyone.

    Love to all,
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Thanks for your sweet good wishes and for putting up with my bad humor this morning. Being off all my meds and fasting makes me feel soooo sick. By the time I left for the doc's office, I wasn't sure I could drive. Barb offered to jump into her clothes and drive me; she can be soooo nice and thoughtful. I thanked her and told her how much I appreciated it but thought I'd be OK. Once I started to drive, I felt better. I got the shot, came home, ate my breakfast after waiting the required hour, and went to bed. I fell asleep and it felt soooo good to sleep. When I woke up, I had a bit of roast beef and a little whole-berry cranberry sauce. I didn't even check to see whether the sauce was verboten or not. I didn't care. I've felt a bit of nausea and don't feel like eating now. I know it's not good to go without eating.

    "TED Talks" was on Netflix so I watched some really interesting stuff. Some of the talks were about dying with dignity, which sounds really gruesome, but the idea of examining death and dying is to learn how to live. If one can go to one's death with few regrets, it's been a good life. I don't mean the kind of regrets we have when we didn't handle something well, hurt someone's feelings or had a fight; the worst kinds of regrets are the roads not taken when we still could have. Of course, we can't take every road but if we can take some that really matter to us, it is, again, a life will lived.

    Sun, I downloaded the book to my Kindle and have started reading. My napping and TV have taken up most of the day but I am impressed with what I've read so far. As always, thanks to you for helping so much. I'm sorry you are having trouble with the Ipad. The undenatured whey I drink comes from the store here; it's ImmunPlex. It doesn't taste great but one is not supposed to mix it with anything but water or milk. I drink it fairly concentrated and just drink it down. I know it's so good for me so I really don't care how it tastes. I'm getting ready to do my sewing project--the valance. I just want to get a few things cleaned up before I start. Hope it's not too hot there.

    Granni, I'm so sorry you are having to go to so much trouble to find recipes and things to eat. I need to go through my Suzanne Somers books because she has always included recipes in them. That is, if I haven't given them away and forgotten it. No, it won't hurt the kitties to go out on the lanai, it's just that Tweety wakes me with her yowling. It isn't every night but most mornings, she is yowling by 4:30. At least, I can usually let them in and give them their treats and go back to sleep. As it is now, they both start in making noise, poking me with their paws or meowing to get me up around 2:30 and they just keep it up. Putting them out means catching them first--not always easy. Hope you can find those recipes. BTW, kitties can get diabetes too and I'm glad I cut back on their treats. They are looking more svelte now.

    I think the injection is working. I've been salivating because the slight dry Sjogren's mouth is being addressed by the shot. I usually rest the day of the injection. I hope it gives it a better chance to work. My dear old friend is coming over for coffee in the morning. Another newer friend and neighbor, one of my swimming pool buddies, is going to join us for the concerts after the first of the year. I'm so glad. She is really sweet. We keep losing neighbors so it's good to replenish the herd. One of our Snowbird neighbors arrived and just learned of the death of one of our other friends who had lung cancer. I'm so glad we all had a chance to have lunch with her shortly before she left us.

    Hope all you good Porchies have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Glad you got your shot and seem to be doing a little bit better. Hope it continues into the weekend. O need to get off the Porch and do a little more investigating. Not supposed to have pork but made a big thick chop for DH and seared it in the pan with olive oil and a little Coconut oil and seasonings. The it went into the oven with some wonderful garlic and more evoo and covered it for awhile. It came out nice and juicy with extra juice to put on it and the extra garlic. It came out really good and I gave DH about 3/4 of it and I had the rest with cole slaw that also came out good for the first time, and zucchini and garlic and some little tomatoes. I find that my microwave cooks it almost just right when I leave the top open to steam a bit and it goes off when it is done. I push the button for fresh veggies. It is pretty neat. I cannot do that with my other microwave.

    Hope you have a good nights sleep and if those kitties start yowling put them out. They'll learn :)!!

    Well I have to leave for now and hope to hop on the porch some tomorrow if I can.

    Love to you and all,
    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni You can't even have pork per your nutritionist? I've scanned the internet and it seems there are two separate opinions on what to eat. Did she tell you that oregano oil will kill yeast? And just curious, have you asked her where she got her training. I read that Texas doesn't license naturpaths.

    Mikie: Thats great to read that your shot is working. I'm very slow with reading the book......I just seem to have so much pressing things to do around here and by the time I pick up the book, my brain isn't receiving info. So if you come across info that is interesting please post for the rest of us.

    I've listened to some Ted talks on the radio and also on the net. Fascinating and great minds.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    What a difference a good night's sleep makes! I got seven hours' sleep last night and am feeling much better. I won't be back to what is "normal" for me until I start taking my meds on Mon., but I'm much better than I was yesterday morning. I hope to feel even better than my "normal" from the shot and my new diet. I put the kitties out last night about eight o'clock and they were good. Tweety meowed a couple of times early this morning but no yowling. I got up and let them in just before five. Both seem so much happier and have been playing their zoom-zoom games and having a spirited smackdown. I think they like the regimen of time out there versus allowing them to do whatever they want at night. I know I'm happier.
    My saliva is still more plentiful so I know the shot worked, at least, for now. How long this lasts is anydobby's guess. The last booster I got didn't seem to endure so I may have to get another next mo. I hope not because I can't afford to do this every month. Actually, I can't afford to get any of them but I will do whatever I can to try to stay well (or get well). Between the shot and my new Roomba, I am dreading receiving my next credit card bill. I don't regret buying the Roomba, though, as it makes the difference between my feeling totally overwhelmed and being able to keep up fairly well around here.

    I like to get up by five on Saturday mornings to watch "This Old House" on PBS. What I didn't learn from my ex about repairing and remodeling, I have learned by watching TV. They are in Bellmont, MA redoing a Victorian home. They showed one they redid there 25 years ago. Those old homes are soooo beautiful but the owners of the last home painted it a gauche bright lavender. AACK!!! They need some architectural control over assaults to the senses like that. :confused: Apologies to anyone who likes lavender homes. In Denver, there is a house painter who owns one of the little, post WWII, homes right along the freeway. Every year, he paints it blue and orange for the Broncos. After season ends, he repaints it. Denver has some of the wackiest fans in the country. But, I digress...

    Granni, I also don't understand why the counselor doesn't want you to eat pork. Except for bacon, it can be very lean. I love my pork chops. In fact, maybe I'll remove some from the freezer to eat later in the day. I like those steamer bags of frozen veggies. They are flash frozen right after harvest and can be even fresher than those in the produce dept. When I do buy fresh, I often steam them in my rice/veggie steamer. I hope you can find more things to eat.

    Sun, I have read a few of the chapters in the book but I've gotten into some of the more complicated explanations of how everything works in our bodies, the different explanations of the various hormones and chemicals released, the different types of high blood sugar conditions, etc. I don't know whether I really need to know all this but, if I do, I'll have to reread it. The nice thing about the Kindle is that I can electronically bookmark any pages I want to revisit. I can also make notes to self. I did get some good answers...

    One is why my BS was higher after not eating for hours. According to the author, the liver stores the sugar the body can't use for later release. Right after a big sugar dump from the liver, the BS can be elevated until the insulin is released to address it. I think I'll be exercising more, even tho it can leave me tired. Exercising causes the muscles to use more sugar and the receptors on the cells are more apt to take the sugar inside and use it to produce NRG instead of leaving it in the bloodstream.

    The author doesn't believe in many meals a day. She says if we eat continually, the liver won't get the signal to dump the excess sugar and can lead to a fatty liver. I actually feel better just getting three meals a day with no snacking in between. This flies in the face of accepted, conventional Western medical thinking. I continue to examine all those beliefs and always will. My own reading and researching is what has saved me. That, and what I've learned from all our generous and caring members here.

    I connected one of the reasons the author calls Alzheimers, Type III Diabetes with what I heard on one of the TED Talks episodes. The combination of too much sugar and too little sleep can leave the brain with too much sugar in the liquid bath around the brain. The brain cleanses itself during sleep. If there is not enough sleep for it to do this, the TED Talks guy said it can lead to the plaque associated with Alzheimers. Several of the TED speakers believe the brain can heal itself and they have had good results for Alzheimers and MS. Researchers used to believe we only have a set number of neurons in the brain for life. New research shows that the brain continues to make new neurons but, if the plaque is present, the brain may not be able to make them fast enough. They are using stem cells from the patients' own bodies to supplement the new neurons.

    Same with MS patients whose brains cannot keep up with the destruction of the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerves. Again, exercise seems to slow the destructive action in both conditions. My neighbor has MS but is now asymptomatic because she is a runner and keeps herself in top condition. The research with stem cells is agonizingly show to go from the lab to accepted treatment. It will also likely be expensive to put into practice. If we can do anything to slow the progress of these diseases, short of stem cell replacement, it will be all for the good of the patients and skyrocketing healthcare costs. It's not people's faults that they have these conditions; the links to poor diet, exercise and sleep is only now coming into the light and, even if one practices good lifestyle choices, they may still get sick. There is a type of diabetes that slim people seem to get.

    The book author talks about cognitive issues because, when the brain can't use the sugar in its cells, it slows down without the fuel each cell needs. Reducing the sugar in the fluid surrounding the brain and allowing the brain's receptors to use the sugar to fuel its cells seems to be key. It's the same with the mitochondria in our body's cells. They need sugar to fuel the Krebb's Cycle in order to create NRG. So, our brains can feel sluggish as well as our bodies. Eating right and exercise seem to be a cure or, at least, the treatment to keep the symptoms at bay. Sleep was introduced on TED as the third key issue and, after this last week, I believe it. OMG! When I'm sleep deprived, I am a whole different person. That's where the mindset comes in. Mine is horrible when I'm sleep deprived and sick. I am depressed and feel hopeless. Despite all my whining, I'm really an optimistic person at heart.

    OK, this is what I've been able to synthesize so far. I apologize for this looooong Warren Peace post but I think the info is vitally important. I only wish I had know more decades ago but then, who did? BTW, I watched a PBS program on Cuba. Since Fidel, and the crash of the USSR, which used to supply them with cheap fuel, the Cuban people have been living in horrible poverty. They are amazingly resilient and they look out for one another, sharing what meager food they do have. On the other hand, the govt. provides them with free prescriptions, the kind that are bankrupting middle-class people here in the U.S. What is wrong with both pictures?

    Hope all y'all have a great Fri. and weekend. My dear old friend will be over to have coffee with me later. I hope Barb joins us. Having an outlet to socialize and a support system is vital to us. I think that impacts the mindset factor of vitality. That is why I love all you Porchies!

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just checked the weather. We're going to have another 3 days of temps in the 90s.
    Too much of a good thing. Gordon missed an orchid meeting because he couldn't
    get the necessary info about it. He e mailed a couple people to find out what
    orchids the speaker was bringing. He asked about what would be on the POT.
    The current club President evidently isn't too sharp. POT is orchid club jargon
    for the "Plant Opportunity Table". Her response indicated that she thought
    he wanted to buy pot. Uff-da. This isn't his regular club BTW. It's one he goes
    to now and then. A day after the meeting he found out the plants at the meeting
    were the ones he wanted to buy.

    The orchid in question is the laelia purpurata which is a variety of cattleya (the
    prom orchid).


    I was listening to an old radio program earlier. Heard one I used to have on tape
    decades ago. Probably been 20 years since I heard it. Like running into an
    old friend.

    Granni, in response to your question, I am always reading 3 or 4 books. Read one
    for awhile and then switch. Right now I'm reading a thriller, a showbiz book and
    the one about the Oregon Trail. Things I used to do like play in bridge tournaments
    or go to the theater or travel or bungy jump are all in the past. Wait! Did I say
    bungy jump? I meant bunny hop. Well, I don't go dancing anymore either.

    Mikie, glad to hear that you got a good night's sleep, and that the cats are behaving.
    I don't think I've woken up feeling rested and ready to go for 20 or 30 years.
    Glad to hear you are happy with your Roomba. It's so frustrating to buy something
    and then find it doesn't work or a part is missing, etc.

    Sun, what sort of sewing project are you doing? Do you have a Singer? Remember
    in "Fiddler on the Roof" Motel the tailor was so happy to get a sewing machine? "No
    more hand made clothes," he says. Motel marries one of Tevye's daughters.

    Julie, another wonderful photo. The kids look like cherubs in Renaissance
    paintings. How is Den doing? I hope he's not working too hard on the house.

    Hugs to Barry and Diane and Springwater
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    My dear old friend evidently had forgotten our coffee; we made plans a few days ago. He was meeting with his other board member for their bldg. Barb and I sat out on the Balcony and I had ice water. It's still sooooo humid in the morning and hot enough to cause me to sweat with the slightest effort. I did sweep the Balcony off but I don't want to overdo things right away following the injection. Roomba is cleaning the floors. It's soooo much better to vacuum them every other day or so. Tweety wants to challenge Roomba's right to share our floors but she isn't brave enough to get too close.

    While I was out on the Balcony, I tried to saw a small limb from our cassia tree but the saw wouldn't cut much. I will have to call our landscapers. After I stopped, the little squirrel came down in front of my face and just looked at me as though to say, "What are you doing in my tree?" As I walked away, he ran down and came up the stairs looking at me with the same expression on his face. It wasn't an angry face, just quizzical. Bless his little heart; that tree is part of the squirrels' travel infrastructure. They just lost the palm tree which fell over so I'm sure they are disturbed at any loss of ability to get on the roof. It's their main travel route to the pine trees in the back by the pond.

    Rock, so good to see you on the Porch. I'm sorry Gordon missed the opportunity to get his orchids. That pic is beautiful. So, did this woman offer to sell him some Mary Jane? I might have been more tempted by that than an orchid. I hung the dendrobium orchid I had bought for Barb in the tree. The canes are sooo long and about to bloom. It's too top heavy to just sit in the pot on a table, even though I have it staked. I never wake feeling as rested as I would like but, at this point, everything is relative. It's amazing how much difference an extra hour of sleep makes in how I feel when I get up. Everyone in da hood who is retired has a difficult time getting enough uninterrupted sleep. If you get up around 2:00, you can look out to see all the insomniacs' lights on. I also like to read more than one book at a time but I have to be careful not to leave one too long or I have to start over if it's a novel. I like novels that deal with supposed books of the Bible which were not included in 350A.D. They are called the Gnostic Books of the Bible. Some novels deal with fictional discovery of more lost books of the Bible. I find them intriguing. Right now, I'm trying to wrap my head around this blood sugar stuff and it's more difficult than I thought. The book Sun suggested is really good. Windy has provided some web sites for us in another post here in the Chit Chat Forum. I hope you are having a good day. What's not to love about reading and listening to old radio programs?

    Well, the kitties have settled down after some light play and I think I'll do the same. Watching Roomba has worn me out. ;)

    Love, Mikie
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "Watching Roomba has worn me out." Ha Ha. That's a good one. It's also kinda
    sad because that's how much energy most of us have much of the time.

    Here's another side splitting joke. Gordon just informed me that the garage man
    is at work. I'm not sure what he's doing. Putting in a new door or possibly just
    installing a new door opener. Anyhoo I said, "I'd better go see. He could probably
    use some helpful hints."

    That's funny because I am so un-deft I have trouble manipulating a hammer and
    nail. Was not an A student in High School Shop. Some guys actually built
    usable furniture. I made a lopsided bird house.

    Here are some book titles you probably won't find at your local shop or

    How to Shed Those Unwanted Pounds by Chris Christie.
    Falling Off The Cliff by Eileen Dover.
    Mixing Drinks for Your Home Bar by Al Choholic.

    Beauty Tips and Proper Deportment for Teens by Miley Cyrus.
    Know the Truth and It Will Set You Free by N. E. Politician.
    Remodel Your House Yourself by Rockgor.

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2015
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :)Good afternoon awl,

    I have been up bright and early cause DH waned to go EARLY to SAMS to do some looking and also the Kroger super center since I needed to check them out to see what I could find to eat there. We got a few normal things there at Sams but the Kroger Super Center had a great health food area where I found some sunflower spread or butter. I think I needed to get the organic which will get next time. I got the cheaper brand which is OK and probably has a little more sugar and is a little thinner. It is almost like peanut butter. They also had cheaper Quinoa and I need to check out more of their other stuff. They seem to have a pretty good selection but not knowing the store you can go crazy and it doesn't help with DH there who thinks he is trying to help :)!!.

    SUN - There seems to be a differences of opinion between docs of regular and naturopathic medicine about the alkaline diet. Some are more into it that others. We have plenty of pork here and I will eat a little of it when I cook it for DH. My naturopath is definately licensed as I have seen her license on the wall and she has many degrees including Naturopathic Doctor. She told me also that she had also studied some abroad to understand other cultures and their methods and studied for at least 10 years.

    BTW, DH took his BS last night, 2 hrs after eating and it was 116 which sounded pretty good to me. Trying to get everything a-ok for DH when he has to go in , in a few months for his a-1c. We didn't have any starches last night but he had some wine. So that is a pretty good reading. Hope you and MIKIE can get your readings in order. That should be very helpful to you both and to DH too and he will be happy if he doesn't have to give up wine.

    Also, the coleslaw I made last night turned out pretty good. I double the recipe and we ate it all but a tiny bit and DH ate that for lunch with his hot dog that I couldn't have :)!!

    We have to go to a party Sunday evening and that will be interesting. I have to figure out what to eat and drink. I will go with the flow and see what they all have to eat. It probably will be a lot of snack and simple food since it is a " tailgate party" of sorts. That is the theme anyway. I may have something like a spritzer with mostly tonic water or whatever it is with no sugar. Can't have soda either but I never drink much of that anyway.

    Going for a dinner on Wed. for my birthday and another friends whose is on Halloween. Will have to decide on whether to have a glass of red wine or not. I have been pretty good lately on it but when you go out in public and especially if they have little choices I hate to just drink water but we will see, as I drink that all the time at home. Not sure what they will have on the menu that will work out well.

    MIKIE - Hope you continue to feel better and got to rest today while Roomba has been cleaning your floors. Hope those kitties behave for you again tonight so you can sleep. Going to run over to DDs house in a minute. They just got back from losing at the casino. The went when the other daughter's husband wanted to go for his b-day so they went there one day and enjoyed one evening at other DD's house on Thursday. They rushed home today to get organized as they have tickets to go tomorrow to watch the Astro's playoff game tomorrow afternoon with DGS.

    Gotta run for now. Thinking of everyone. I am guessing JULIE is home with lots of memories after all the Tenn. gkids left today. Hope she isn't too sad. It was so nice they all could come. Any ideas from anyone as to what I can drink at a party or home when DH is drinking his wine with no sugar or alcohol ????

    Love to everydobby inc, ROCK, DIANE, SW, and all my wonderful PORCHIES.
    Granni :)
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: that was a ton of good information you wrote concerning diabetes. Thank you a lot. May I suggest that you cut and paste it onto the post that Windy started on Diabetes. I'm sure it will help others with having that special post on it. You're great at narrowing down the important points!

    This morning my reading was 94. Surprised the heck out of me since I ate some no no crackers last night while fixing my dinner at 7:30. I have red wine before every meal/and with it.......a habit I acquired at least 50 years ago....and with me giving up all sugar and most carbs, and living alone there's no way I want to give up this vice.:p

    Granni: If I'm out somewhere that I will have to drive home, I don't drink wine. Just a nice glass of cold water with lots of lemon slices on the side. Actually it satisfies me. Your DHs readings are great. Keep it up.

    Rock: Funny about the POT......quite a misunderstanding. When my husband was alive we would go to the "pot shop" to buy cookies. OMG.......strange people there and it smelled funny. Here in Calif. I could get it anytime I wanted, I just don't want to. I'm loopy enough with my neck problems.

    I'm sewing decorator pillows using some antique lace I have. I used to be able to whip out a pillow in no time, including the inner pillow, now I'm slower than a snail. I used to do some sewing for a local decorator shop but no more.

    Rock, you mentioned Motel being happy with his sewing machine, I was discussing with my son how things have changed concerning the size of house most want to live in. I told him back in the 50s I was quite impressed with the kids whose parents owned a "2 car garage" and had more than 2 bedrooms. Our first home was 1300 sq ft. and I thought it was huge....of course there were only 2 of us. When we bought this house it's much bigger but with 5 of us it was all full. Now there's only me....but it's still full. And a lot of people now are wanting to go to "the tiny house" which I can't see at all.

    I've been working my way thru watching the DVD The Hatfields and McCoys. One line last night struck me when she said all she wanted from her husband at the point in life was a double wide boiler! I guess to do her clothes out in the yard. And there's a song in Paint Your Wagon (a favorite movie of mine) where Jean Seaberg sings about wanting nothing but a little one room house where she can just be happy. Well, that was back in the 1800s.....things have sure changed.

    My next unexpected project today is to make a fluffy pink skirt with an overlay of glitter on the netting skirt part. I stopped at the Dollar Tree Store for some fairy wings, but all they had were purple, resembling something for a purple bat. So I'm hoping to remove the purple and hot glue the pink glitter fabric over the framework. My DGD asked me yesterday if I could make a costume for her........she was to dress like a charater in a book she had read and give an oral book report.....and she emphasized PINK wings and a pink dress with black music notes on the skirt. So I figure after the skirt is made I'll cut out music notes out of felt and hot glue them on.

    This morning I attended both DGKs soccer games.....OMG No shade and it was already 90 at 10 a.m. Most people had umbrellas. I wear a large hat but for the next game I got out my black rain umbrella to use.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2015

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