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    Hi, Kids, it's time for a new Porch already so decided to just do it. I'm going to post this in case anyone else wants to post and I'll come back to edit it.

    OK, I'm here to add on a bit...

    Granni, Wow!!! You're one busy woman! Hope you and DH can manage to get it all done. Removing a bush is serious yard work. Check out Sun's website when you have time. I didn't get to spend much time there but read the page and saw some recipes, one for a good Thai salad dressing.

    I needed food so went to Costco instead of Publix. I wanted a rotisserie chicken and they are still only $4.99 there. I also wanted hemp seeds and chia seeds. They sell them in large bags. It's amazing how much healthy stuff one can add to one's food with just a couple of sprinkles of nuts and seeds. I also picked up a bag of mixed dried organic blueberries, tart cherries, gogi berries, raisins, and some other stuff. This should be used sparingly as it is sweetened with organic apple juice but it doesn't take much to add a lot of flavor to things. It's distributed by a co. in my old hometown--Boulder, CO. It's the land of the healthy, the fit and old hippies like me. My days of looking like a hippie are over but I still harbor a laid-back, peace loving heart.

    Costco had big bags of salad and I got an Asian cashew slaw salad. It has the most delicious dressing. Again, I have to use it sparingly but the salad has soooo much fibre in it that what carbs are in the dressing will be gobbled up. One could make the Thai dressing on Sun's webpage. There are some of those little Asian rice doo-dads and cashews in a bag. A lot of those rice goodies aren't good either but I feel it's OK with this much roughage. I laugh when I add the nuts and seeds to food. Remember Ewell Gibbons in those old ads?

    My fasting BS was only 104 this morning. After 2 hrs., it was 106. I went to the pool and worked out and came back and it was only 102 after 4 hrs. Even though it was slightly higher than 100, it's pretty good and the best part is that it stayed even. I'm so run down from not having my meds for so long that the workout did me in and I'll be resting the remainder of the day. Hope that by tomorrow, I'm back up to snuff.

    Gonna go read some more of the book and the websites provided by Windy in a different thread here on the Chit Chat Forum. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Fellow Porchers

    Hope you guys are having a pleasant Christopher Columbus Day. Every time it
    rolls around I remember the morning news on a local station about 20 years ago.
    The weatherman was filling in for the regular newsperson.
    He said, "So we wanna wish you all a Happy Christopher Columbus Day. The day
    we celebrate the birthday of the great Spanish explorer."

    Mikie, Funny you should mention Ewell Gibbons. Gordon and I were discussing him
    only last week. It was a somewhat disjointed discussion as Gordon was talking about
    Ewell Gibbon, and I was thinking of Henry Gibbons from the 60sLaugh In show.
    Henry always had a poem to recite. (According to the LA Times, he wrote his own
    verses. Here's one.
    "The Alligator is my pal
    He could be your pal, too.
    You'd like him better as a friend
    Than wearing him as shoes."

    Sounds like you got some good stuff at Costco. I looked up those gogi berries one time.
    Forgot what I found. They remind me of Gogi Grant and gogo boots. Gogi had a
    big hit in the 50s with The Wayward Wind. I recently read that Tex Ritter had the
    big hit with the same song in Britain. (Tex was a singing cowboy, and father of John.)
    Gogo boots were a hit too. During the 60s. I recently read that Nancy Sinatra's song
    These Boots Were Made for Walking was about gogo boots. Doesn't sound right to
    me. I think threatening to walk all over somebody implies boots of a more sturdy
    nature. Like construction or cowboy boots.

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    Hello Everyone

    Mikie - thanks for opening up our new Porch. Ive never heard of gogi berries. Must google those gogi berries. Coleslaw too. Maybe i just dont know the english names for these.

    Rock - These Boots are made for walking was one of my favourites back in the day. we had a second hand LP player given by an uncle and a whole lot of LPs along with it. Also Summer Wine...Lee... whatever who sang it had such a beautiful voice, very different. So my ages 12 to 16 were spent listening to Tom Jones, Michael jackson (Ben), Osmonds (mostly Donny and Marie) Lulu, Joan Baez, carly Simon..oh a whole lotta wonderful singers and songs...what happened? I just dont like any of the present day songs.! Maybe one or two i see on the music channel but i cant be bothered to find out who they are. I guess priorities changed.

    Granni - I hope your DH is soon over the stomach ache. That is so inconvenient, right before a party.

    Julie - are the kids less sick at the new place? It is so unfortunate that they caught something when they came visiting. Do you think one of the reasons Lyndsey and David moved elsewhere is they thought the new place would be better health wise.? No mold or pollen or whatever it was making the kids sic?

    That was such a long trip. Please do take care of yourself. Thats nice that Den and David could get some work done on the house project.

    Sun - very innovative, your lil GDD. Asking for those specific things on her costume. Pink wings and skirt with music letters stuck to the dress...sounds lovely. I think she has taken after you. It is good of you to make the effort to go attend the GKDs soccer games even when it is so hot.

    Its quiet here. Theres an epidemic going on in town..petrositis. Its prevents movement. and so people cant get from one place to another.

    (for those who dont know, and im gathering everyone here, :D ..its lack of petroleum products. (gas) for vehicles. This joke was told to me by my DH last evening. Im gathering he got it from his golfing mates. He has managed to get a bit of fuel from somewhere, a company which stores fuel for their generators but he has to return it when the blockade is open (still no end in sight)and petrol can be had. Its enough for him to get to work and back for some time now. But if son has to go meet his mates or whatever, (schools still closed) he uses his mountain bike. and i walk.

    I made a roast chicken at long last. Couldnt not make it, coz the DH brought a whole chicken and dumped it on the kitchen counter. he normally brings chopped chicken.
    I had enough ingredients, sage, rosemary, thyme, paprika so that was a relief.

    Well, everyone take care. Got lots of cleaning to do.

    God Bless

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    Spring: you almost had me there.....petrositis.....I was getting ready to look up the meaning. Sorry your city is suffering so much. Years and years ago we all had trouble getting gas. My DH worked about 20 miles away so we had to buy a moped which he drove to work daily. Don't think it was like a spiffy motorcycle though. Gas was rationed and you could only buy it on your day and there were huge lines to get gas. You would get there early and get in line with your car. Kinda like what I see at one Costco gas station near where my DD lives. Sometimes on saturdays the line extends out the parking lot and in one lane of the road.

    And your chicken sounds wonderful. By the way......take a listen to Michael Buble on Youtube.....I love him!

    Rock: I remember back when "those boots were made for walking" was popular. I always felt Nancy Sinatra's career came about because of her father. But when I went to Europe on a tour it was very popular there which amazed me.

    Mikie: Glad to read the peptides are working.

    I got the costume done today.....my kitchen floor and table were covered with pink "fairy dust". I was hurrying to get everything finished before my cleaning lady came. I had asked my DD to send me a picture of the book that my DGD had read.....she laughed......said it was just a stick figure on the front of the book with the pink dress with black music notes and the pink wings. I had a huge amount of trouble getting the wings covered but it's DONE. I never like anything hanging over my head. I guess when you have a defective body you always, aways, always plan ahead because you never know you'll feel in a day or two. And when it comes to my DGK I never want to let them down.

    Julie: Either the kids picked up a flu bug and spread it or possibly it's in the water/air where you live? Have they been sick with anything since they moved?
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    Hi Kids, Thought you might like to see what we have blooming on our front
    porch. It's a mother in law plant. I didn't even know they had flowers.
    We also have a couple cacti in bloom.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope these pics don't vanish they way some have done lately.

    Springwater, I guess we have turned into classic oldsters. We don't like modern
    pop songs. I don't like much of anything today. Musicals, movies, operas,
    celebrities, politicians, etc. Sorry to hear about the petrositis. At first I thought
    it might be a disease that affects people who work in pet stores.

    Sun, nepotism is very popular in the world of show biz. And in politics. A
    couple years ago some mayor went to prison. In addition to whatever crimes
    were involved, he had his wife and teenage kids all on the payroll as "consultants".
    Good luck with the costume. If it's not too much trouble, post a picture.

    Julie, Sorry to hear David is having trouble finding a job. The world has sure
    changed in the last half century. Not for the better either. How is Den
    doing? Still on meds? Good luck with your staining project. Just don't
    stain the family escutcheon. HaHa.

    Mikie, are you busy posting too? Hope you and the kitties had a peaceful
    night, and that you have more energy today.

    Hugs to Granni and Barry and Diane and all.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Slept eight hrs. last night, getting up once to let the kitties in and give them their treats. They held off playing their zoom-zoom games until I got up. Finally, things are back to a harmonious state at Casa de Los Gatos. I was soooo exhausted yesterday afternoon that I had a nap and still needed the eight hrs. of sleep. I feel soooo much better this morning. I heaped some of those dried berries, some almonds and chia seeds on top of my bran buds and it was delicious. Eating like this in the mornings gets me up and going for the day. I will have to eat lots of berries or give some to Barb because I got large containers of them at Costco. I get twice as much for the same as I'd spend at Publix. Berries are soooo expensive at the groceries stores.

    Rock, right now, "Kinky Boots" tickets are on sale. The auditorium which hosts Broadway shows and other big acts is just down the street from me on a university campus. Only problem is that the tickets originally go on sale for a season package deal. The good seats are gone by the time they offer individual tickets. They also have tickets for "42nd Street," a show I love. Like the alligator ditty. Down here we love the gators in a kind of respectful way from a distance. It makes me sick to see preserved gator heads on sale in tourist shops. They are usually baby gators. DGS was horrified when he saw them. Our whole family are animal lovers. I grew up in CO where cowboys were a mainstay. Country Western music was a favorite of mine. I especially loved the singing cowboys. As a little kid, I would sing those songs. I even twirled ropes. Isn't a Gibbon an ape? Enquiring minds want to know. Ah, I see you've posted since I started this Warren Peace. When my ex's grandmother died, we took her Mother-In-Law plant. She died on May 22 and every year close to that date, new spikes would appear on the plant. It was the only time they appeared. That plant never bloomed; I didn't know they did bloom.

    Spring, coleslaw is a very popular side dish for sandwiches and burgers. It's just fresh cabbage, and a few carrots, sliced like ribbons and mixed with a sweetened mayonnaise-based dressing. My Mom made world class slaw. She mixed the mayonnaise with a bit of milk and some sugar. The key to good slaw is to keep the cabbage cold and crispy. Some restaurants leave it out and it gets wilty and tastes horrible. The idea with slaw is to have a nice fresh side dish. I have an antique wooden cabbage slicer, sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets, along with other antiques. It was likely used to slice cabbage for sauerkraut, fermented cabbage used as a hot side dish. It's also used on top of sausages on hot sandwiches. It's very good for blood sugar and digestion. I almost bit on the petrositis too. How funny! The joke, that is, and not the shortage. I pray peace is restored. Sometimes, the war within is worse that the war between one country and another. I hope and pray the unrest in Nepal doesn't escalate and ends now. Bless you for cooking your chicken. I took the lazy way out and bought mine cooked at Costco. It's too much for one and today, I'll slice some of it and freeze it. Hope you have a good day.

    Sun, I made a mistake--the liver does take in extra sugar and stores it but it is released later as fat! Yikes!!! No wonder it causes a fatty liver if it can't get out of there. I've read about the connection between high blood sugar and heart ailments. Soooo many of us have high BS and high BP, a double whammy. I'm working hard to control both but, as Granni and I believe, the BP meds may be for life. The book author recommends all kinds of supplements and I'm reading about them now. She is sooooo knowledgeable. Glad you got the costume finished. Your DGD is a lucky kid. I'm like you; I hate to have things hanging over my head. If it's something new that I'm nervous about, I'll get an early start but if not, I may wait til the last minute. Of course, it's better to get started early just in case my NRG falls into a hole. My DGS does his own costumes and makeup, usually some gory, bloody thing. Oh, the difference between boys and girls: A fairy versus a bloody mess.

    Julie, for the life of me, I can't figure out why the doc would want to do a colonoscopy for GPA. Colon cancer is very slow growing so, at his age and with his health, it just seems ill advised. But then, I'm not a doc. If GPA isn't up to the test, he certainly wouldn't be up to surgery even if they found something. Besides, there is a non-invasive test they can do for people who can't take the colonoscopy. Do they suspect something going on in the colon to explain some of his problems? That's the only reason I can figure. I'm glad y'all were spared the prep and the test. Good grief! You've been going nonstop for ages now and you've been sick and tending to others who are sick. I don't get flu shots. The virii they use to make them are dead and are not supposed to make people sick but my crazy immune system overreacts to them and they make me very sick. I'll keep praying that David gets a job. Tell him to hang in there. You hang in there too, my friend.

    Lots of discussion here about current music. I have posted about how lame it is. Well, recently I have heard a few groups singing tunes which aren't like that lame, head-bobbing stuff which seems to anesthetize the Millenials (I know I misspelled that). If these kids are the future, I fear for the future but every generation has been labeled like that. It may be the next generation, like my DGS, who are the ones to straighten us out. We didn't have much time as young Hippies to drop out. Kids came along and we had to get with the program.

    Speaking of getting with the program... Think I'll go read the paper. I'm up hours later than usual but wish every morning were like this. Sun is finally appearing over neighbor's roof. It's dark soooo much earlier now but when DST is over, at the end of the month, it'll be soooo dark in the evenings. Hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm going to join in with everyone....a big shock that the snake plant blooms. But then Gordon gives it just the right amount of everything needed so it's thanking him.

    Julie: Windy has a very close friend who got ill 2 days after the flu shot, went to the hospital and came out with COPD permantly on oxygen. Over a year later she found out it was a defective batch but there was nothing she could do.....past the time to file a lawsuit. I take my chances and refuse the shot. My lung doctor did give me the one time pneumonia shot but as to the regular pneumonia shot he said we would just wait and see. I do see him tomorrow so I'll mention it. I don't want any meds or shots unless absolutely necessary. I got a flu shot years ago and became VERY sick the next day. The doctor said I probably had the flu already.....I don't think so.

    About the cole slaw, I love it, but don't want to use mayo anymore. Cabbage is VERY healthy for you, so I have some in my fresh chef salad everyday and if I'm doing stir fry I add it to whatever is in the pan.

    I'm going to try a no bake protein bar today.......need to take some of this protein powder daily but just putting some in my coffee to mask it isn't cutting it.

    I just watch the latest Downton Abby last night......someone I know is able to find it online because its already shown in England.......Monday nights are a treat for me. And then it plays on pBS come december.
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    Hey All! Hope you aren't feeling too bad today. I am convinced that my BP medication wipes me out in the morning. Anyone else feel like this?

    Rock, loved the pic of the blooming Mother-in-law's tongue plant. Sometimes called Devil's tongue as well as snake plant. I don't have the tall one like you have, but have four smaller species, one of which bloomed just last week for the first time ever. The fragrance of the flowers is unbelievably sweet, but the smell is only in the middle of the night. Suposed to be a good feng shui plant too, if you are into that. Again thanks for the picture, including the cactus on the right.

    Mikie, sounds like you are on a good diet. I like goji berries too, but they are a bit expensive. I like blueberries too, but fresh. I'll have to try the dried ones . Our breakfast is shredded wheat with bran, bananas, raisins/blueberries and walnuts. Huckleberry season is over, pretty much.:( The rest will be for the wild critters. :) We get a rot. chick every time we go to Costco which is about four times a year, also for $4.99. They are far superior to the supermarket ones that are so darn salty we won't eat them.

    Spring, I'm sorry for your petrositis. It must be a pain in the feet :confused:. I haven't been following events in Nepal since the Big One. Who is blockading whom, and why? I hope the situation works out alright soon.

    Julie, my dear, you are working too hard.....:rolleyes:o_O. Sorry, but I had to say it, but I think that you are doing way too much. You do have CFS/ME huh? Don't overdo things and crash! Best wishes to you and yours.

    Well, I think I'll make a cup of tea and sit outside with Shorty for a bit and listen to the birds. I've just been listening to some Hayden violin concerto, so outdoors now.

    Best wishes to all,

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    Cute pic. and such beautiful roses. One lucky girl.

    Is it my imagination or do you spend at least 1/2 your waking hours running Gpa around to this doctor and that for various tests, etc. You really have your hands full. How old is he now? Lots of seniors love the appts. because they've become the center of attention and it's the caregiver that really suffers. Oh yes.....hemorroids will cause blood also. And at his age and health, could he even survive surgery let alone chemo? Does he realize this? My DH had 1/3 of his colon removed but it was the chemo that really did him in and made him very weak and sick. Chemo is a poison to your entire body but it was my DHs decision to go this route. Your MIL actually was very blessed, dying so quickly. My neighbor had 1/2 her colon removed about 6 months ago and was told she didn't even need chemo.......she's unbelievably busy and full of energy and she just turned 80. The surgery was just a little blip on her busy radar screen. It's all in the good genes some inherit. We NEVER know when God will call us home.......that's why we have to make sure we're ready to meet him. Glad to read that the house is progressing so fast.

    My brother had an attorney friend......she hadn't been feeling good for awhile even though she was still representing clients in court. She had some tests done, her doctor called her in and said she better get her things in order because he gave her a month......she died in two weeks.

    I thought you said once that you had adrenal fatigue? What types of tests have you had and what have your doctors done to help you? My new integrative doctor ordered labs, more thorough which included cortisol. Didn't know that could be included with regular blood tests at a lab. Annoys the heck out of me that my doctors havent been very thorough. So I'm taking some very expensive supplements.....3 of them a night.....supposed to help calm down the cortisol output and help me to sleep. I refuse to just accept CFS and not do everything I can to get back my life. And as far as I know there aren't any lab tests for CFS that can point to something and get an "a huh......so that's the problem".

    Wish we could get a little cooler weather here. I had to run the AC again and I HATE when it's too hot to go outside.
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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Aaaah, another nice cool morning. Our "cold front" has lowered the temps a bit. I slept from 9:00 til 6:00 last night but was awake between 1:00 and 2:00. It's my BP med which causes the insomnia. It's a listed side effect but this seems the be the only one I can tolerate at all without serious side effects, not that losing sleep isn't serious. Oy! At least, I no longer need daytime naps but I'm tired all the time. Peptide injection has shown no real benefit this time. Oh well, I'll save money by not getting them.

    Sun, I love slaw but the cabbage I'm eating is in the Asian salad I bought at Costco. It comes with an Asian salad dressing, which is yummy but probably no better than one containing mayo. The Thai dressing on one of those websites would probably be a better choice. I loooove that salad. I don't know why those flu shots make some so sick but I suspect, in my case, it just sends my immune system off the chart. Doing that can lead to autoimmune disease. I haven't had one in decades. It's amazing the pressure employers put on their employees to get them to avoid being off sick. At our locals hospitals, if employees don't get the shots, they won't be paid if they are sick with the flu. I doubt that is legal.

    Barry, always so good to see you here. I prefer fresh berries too but there are so many good things in this dried fruit mix that I figure it's a good thing to snack on or add to my bran buds. Everything in it is organic. I know dried fruit isn't always the best choice but a little is probably OK. As long as I get some healthy protein and good veggies/greens, I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm not eating bread nor any of the other things which spike BS and I'm not craving them. It's hard when one lives alone; I try to have a variety of things to eat but have a difficult time eating it all before it spoils. Green drinks are a good way to use up produce before it goes bad. How's the weather there? Has it rained any?

    Julie, oh, that Keira--what a beauty! Does she favor pinks and lavenders? Seems as though I remember her wearing those colors. How nice to have a sweet Dad to give her flowers. I'm glad you got all that staining done. I know the pressure you are under to finish. I just hope when it's enclosed, you can slow down a bit. I'm glad GPA's doc stopped the colonoscopy. There are other ways to check for blood in the stool before doing the test. One is simply the smear done right in the office; my gyno does one every time I get my annual exam. My gastero does one prior to the colonoscopy at the preliminary office exam. Blood in stool appears black and tarry, usually not bright red. As suggested, it could be from hemorroids. In any case, GPA's own doc is the one who should be making the decision, with you and GPA, of course. I wish you good luck and hope his concerns are nothing to worry about.

    I'm supposed to go over to the pool but am really feeling punk this morning. I'll probably go because I always feel better, but often more tired, when I make the effort. I have time to read the paper and think about it so will bid y'all adieu. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: ah ha! So my feeling was correct that Gpa LIKES all the attention. I'm sorry for you. It's hard to be torn in different directions while yourself is hurting, etc. I put everything about my aches, pains, etc. behind me while my mom was still alive. Seems like I was always having to run errands, take her to the doctor, etc. She was very angry when I set out looking for a retirement home. She had been at our house for almost 3 weeks after leaving the hospital and nursing home, BUT two women in the same house is hard. Then after she passed I finally saw a rheumatologist, and he put me on antidepressants for FM/CFS. When I went back 30 days later I said it didn't do anything for the fatigue but I was very happy. Well, that's because I was free of stress from taking care of mom and not the pills.

    Yes, you'll get this this "season". I've read something along the lines of........it's not the finish its the trip along the way.

    By the way, I've posted several links to adrenal fatigue, one long one just this morning. Be sure to read it.....I think I put it under FM. It's made for YOU.

    I drug myself to my lung doctor this morning. TERRIBLE headache that even 600 mg wouldn't touch......just the usual neck and back troubles. I told him that I now seem to have pre diabetes, and.....I love this doctor.......he said there is a huge epidemic of pre D going on, don't we know that. And........that doctors need to be proactive on giving patients the right instructions on how to control and stop it. He also offered to write a RX for Flexeril for a muscle relaxant. I have some already but haven't taken it for a least 4 years so came home and took 1/2 pill.

    I'm waiting for it to kick in and also for Apple to call me. I was actually able to reset my password and cancel a genius bar appt. tomorrow morning. They're to reschedule it, closer to home.
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    Julie - thats a lovely picture of Keira. her eyes have such a thoughtful look. Like she is an old soul harbouring many years of wisdom garnered thru many lifetimes.What a heartwarming gesture of Clinton to send her those beautiful roses to school.

    Barry - theyre making a new constitution amending the one made when the country was a monarchy and some parties cant agree to what should make up the clauses. The bordering areas of the country which lie near India are angry that the Centre and India is supporting them hence the blockade.

    Mikie - thanks for the info on coleslaw. I didnt know it was a kind of cabbage.

    The DH brought an airfryer (id never heard of this contraption) and we made chicken drumsticks in it. We try not to use the stove too much since no cooking gas has come in yet from the border. The airfryer uses less oil, so DH thought it would be healthier too. Will hv to learn what what to make in it, tho. what a headache. Just not in the mood to learn anything new.

    Granni and Sun. argh..the thought of colonoscopy just churns my stomach. I hope Julies Granpa doesnt have to go through that, nor anyone. I do gather it is a little bit easier in the west. But just the thought thought of the prep, taking all those liquids etc....oof.

    Rock - that is an interesting flower to hv flowering at your door. It looks like a kind of sea anemone or plant one would find blooming on the ocean floor. I love any kind of flower which is white in colour.

  13. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much new to tell...same ole, same ole. My relapse continues and it appears that the peptide injection did nothing to help. Kitties were wild this morning. I had brought my stuff home from Costco in a box and left it in the entry way when I got home. I left it for them to play in; I'll have to break it down for recycle later. Tweety was out on the lanai and we heard strange scratching noises and Sir Vester yowling to entice her inside. I looked at the entry area and all I could see was Sir Vester's adorable little head sticking out of the box. These two are a riot!

    Got an e-mail from my ex and was shocked. He admitted that he has diabetes and is taking metformin for it. He wants to get off of sugar and will get the book to better understand diabetes. His brother is taking three separate meds for diabetes. Holy cow!!! The brother has bleeding in his throat from taking too much Aleve. Both these guys look just like their dad who undoubtedly had diabetes. He was grossly obese and was sedentary. His BP was high but he refused to take his meds and died from a brain stem stroke. Third brother seems to have escaped these conditions; he takes after their mother. I am copying our thread on sugar from Chit Chat to the General Health Forum. It is sticky and I hope more people will see it.

    Julie, I'm so sorry GPA has a UTI. Getting it controlled may help with the bed wetting a bit. I had wondered whether he would resent not being the center of your universe while the kids were there. When people get older, they become like kids themselves; I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. It can be very disheartening to do so much for them and have them appear not to appreciate it or realize the toll their neediness takes on their caregivers. Their demands seem sooooo selfish. I hope you do not have to wait for your own season to get something for yourself. You deserve a treat now and then. I realize how important it is to get the house enclosed but I hope you can slow down a bit after that. You know you are in my prayers.

    Sun, so good to know your doc is with the program when it comes to prediabetes. I keep seeing more and more on TED Talks, going back a few years, about our unhealthy food choices, obesity and illness. This is nothing new but it takes a few years, and a lot of public education, to get us to a better place, especially in the medical/healthcare arenas. I am absolutely shocked that my ex is finally admitting that he has diabetes. I think it has taken his, his wife's and his brother's health catastrophies to get through to him and get him out of denial. It remains to be seen whether he and she will be willing to make the changes in lifestyle. They are getting a late start. We are lucky that we are making changes now and I still thank you and Windy for all the help. I'm down a total of 21 pounds now and it feels good to be rid of them.

    Spring, I've heard of those air fryers on TV. It'll be interesting to see how you like it. I hope you do. Frying in any kind of oils, even healthy ones, is one of the taboos in the diabetic book. The thing I like about the slaw is that the cabbage is fresh and raw. So much good fibre. The Asian dressing on it is delicious. I think there is cilantro in with the cabbage; I love cilantro. It adds a different taste. In our country, when there are two sides (and there are always at least two) each demanding different things, everything comes to a near standstill. We have been in gridlock for years now and people are fed up with govt. Everything here is controlled by money. Even our Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are "people" and can contribute unlimited amounts of money to political parties and candidates. I hope your political unrest comes to an end. I shouldn't complain about our gridlock when you can't even get supplies.

    Gotta go read the paper and get into the shower. I need to drop off a copy of my drivers license to the new bank and pick up my new contacts. I've felt so rotten lately that I'm soooo far behind on everything. Thank God for Roomba; at least, my floors are relatively clean. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    CFS/ME or FM? I see that on the FM forum that there are over 100,000 messages but on the CFS/ME forum there are only 19 messages. What's going on? I have CFS/ME.

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: someone else asked what happened to all the posts. Could be a lot were cleaned out OR those with fatigue just suffer in silence and those with PAIN want help. By the way, what do you do or take for the fatigue? Any supplements? That was one reason I started seeing this integrative doctor......for the bad fatigue. I go back this afternoon for more results from some tests. I hope and pray that something shows up where the doc. could say......ah ha! I see what you need to help you.

    My pool guy asked if we had a storm last night.....nope...just a lot of lightening, but where he lives they got quite a storm with thunder, lightening and rain. It's strange overcast today so maybe......
  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member


    Hi Barry --

    I hope I can help answer your "What's going on?" question.

    When this new PH forum was created, FM; CFS/ME; and a new LYME section(s) were created. As well as a GENERAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS section.

    BUT, after this change --- none of the posts were moved (by PH), from when there was only one (FM/CFS) forum. If a post related to ME/CFS, it stayed put in the FM section. If a post related to Lyme, it stayed put in the FM section. If a post related to FM, it stayed put in the FM section. That's why it looks like FM has soooooo many more posts than other forums.

    Then HOLLY-ADMIN posted:


    You'll find Holly's post in the How-To's/FAQs section (at the bottom of these message boards).

    So I guess if you want a post moved, you have to reply to Holly's thread, with the post link, and a mod will move the post (to CFS/ME or Lyme or whatever correct forum).

    As I view the board, I have not seen many posts moved. So FM seems like the most "active" forum.

    Not sure I explained this in a clear manner. Ask me if you have questions about what I wrote. Or post to Holly-Admin, or a moderator.

    Take care, Diane
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I got some more results from lab tests today. Very hard to understand but she went over papers and explained problems....one of them was a low pancreatic elastase. So when I got home I had to look it up, this is responsible for breaking down your food so you get the benefits from it. She told me to take enzyme tablets after lunch and dinner....I have good tasting papaya enzymes. Anyway, one of the symptoms of pancreatic problems is acid reflux in the esophogus, which I seem to be experiencing and I know you have that problem. It might be helpful to buy some papaya enzymes and start taking them and see if this helps you. I also go back in next friday for a quick blood sample for food allergies. That will take 6 weeks to get the results. And the good news is NO candida, worms, or any of that bad stuff down there. I credit it to taking oregano oil which she agreed.

    I also have cortisol problems. It should be higher in the morning, and it's very low. She actually suggested coffee which I said I drink.:p And another pill to wake up the cortisol, and of course the 3 at night which tries to lower it. That's probably the reason I had been waking up around 3 a.m. This all has been very expensive but at my age I have to try everything to turn things around.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane, Barry, Mikie, Sun, Julie, Rock and EVERYDOBBY,

    It seems like I have been gone forever from the Porch. Won't be on long right now. It has just been busy days and evenings and I am pooped out. To also make a long story short in between being just busy and trying to get info on my new diet(s) and chatting with my kids about it and others I have also made an apt with my PCP so I can get an appt. with an internist. I need to get a referral. I have lost some weight on the diet and DH has been worried. I can't afford to lost much and when I do I look awful. I lose it in the face and that is also not good.

    Had a birthday dinner with another birthday friend who is was Halloween baby, a red head and a really cute personality but also has FM, :LUPUS among other things and we were busy last night talking about diets. She is trying the Paleo diet which doesn't seem to be as restrictive as he antifungal. I still have questions and should be getting my books soon. My eldest daughter knows a lot about health and diets and holds a workout class for kids an adults at Crossfit. She suggested the Paleo diet and does that a lot and talked to friends of hers versed in my problem who said to go to an internist so I going to looking for one after my PCP visit.

    Friday evening we will go into the big city to our eldest daughters house before DGS varsity football game. Then we will all go to a nearby restaurant close to the stadium where we will see the game. Hopefully the game will be fairly close. They did well last game but they have had a few blowouts in the other direction too. It will also be a little gathering for my birthday. I think our son and DIL will be there and we will go with DD , DSIL and DGS. Not sure what I will eat, except maybe another salad but I need to put on some more weight. Does anyone know of any drinks hat I can make or buy with little or no sugar or made of dairy? I know they have all those drinks like BOOST and ENSURE but as far as I know they have dairy and sugar.

    Sunday we will go to church and then go to watch the FB game at DD and have a little birthday lunch I guess there. They will BBQ chicken and that should be safe with salads. The chicken will not have BBQ sauce on it just grilled with seasonings on the BBQ. Most BBQ sauce has vinegar which I don't think I am supposed to have except for ACV.

    I am supposed to sing tomorrow afternoon so it will be another busy day.

    Hope all is well with everyone. Maybe now I can go back and read a little before I take my shower. Hope you all haven't forgotten me :)!!! Hope to check back sometime tomorrow.

    Sun - I am now editing and I see that you must have been typing as I was also. Hope those enzymes work out well for you and give you some help. Gotta run now !

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I suggest you do a search for some protein powder with things in it you can consume. Making your own is the best......don't buy those ready made in a can.....not good not good. And my personal opinion, perhaps you need to have some lab tests done to verify that you do have candida. As I stated several times, oregano oil kills all those critters. After all this time on this special diet, and losing weight you should be feeling better not worse.

    It's been 2 months since I changed my diet, dropping all sugar and gluten. I've lost about 8 lbs. and like you, I lose it first in my face and now my bra size! But to help from losing more I'm getting healthy fat from coconut oil in stir fry and an avocado daily. I also made a really good protein bar using the protein powder from the doctor, some peanut butter (almond butter is too expensive) some oatmeal and coconut oil. OMG.....soo good, and one more way I can get more protein powder in me.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I did a lot of work (for me) yesterday. Watered the flowers in the backyard (we no longer
    have grass) and washed the dishes. I can't say, "How the mighty have fallen," as I never
    was mighty, but I used to be very busy.

    Springwater, have you seen the giant water lilies that grow in the Amazon? I saw a
    program about them a few weeks ago. Most of the flowers were white, but they come
    in other colors too. I think some of the colors were iridescent, but cant remember for
    sure. I do remember the lily pads are sometimes 8 feet across.

    Mikie, I was watching Fred Astaire do his magic on Youtube. I read his autobiography
    some decades back. Noel Coward suggested the title: Steps in Time. Fred said it was
    kinda tough being a writer instead of a dancer. But he got the feat done eventually.

    I never heard of those oil-less fryers. Are they like the popcorn poppers that use
    hot air?

    Sunflower, are you doing any art projects now or are you focusing on your health?
    How about posting a pic of one of your creations? I guess you could combine the
    two. A still life of your pill bottles? I'd need a wide angle lens for all my pills
    and supps. I suspect most of us would.

    Julie, I haven't heard 'lickety-split" for a coon's age. Haven't heard "coon's age"
    in a blue moon. There's a song in the musical Little Mary Sunshine that goes
    Once in a blue moon, I think you love me. I was in a little theater production of
    same half a century ago. I was a forest ranger. Or to put it another way, in the

    Barry, I was sorry to hear you bought a rotten chicken. Then I thought, maybe
    "rot" chicken stands for rotisserie. I have not sampled same although they look
    very enticing. Seems to me the supermarkets sold them for 5 bucks a few years
    ago. Now they seem to be 8-9 dollars.

    Were you and Shorty listening to a violin concerto by Franz Joseph Haydn?
    Here's another dog who seems to be a music lover.


    Granni, how could we forget you? We rely on you for the latest news on choral
    music, the Masons, healthful eating and the goings on in Texas. BTW, do you
    ever make coleslaw? I had some at a Sons of Norway dinner. It was slightly
    sweet. I suspect it had apple juice in there somewhere.

    Diane, hope things are copacetic at your casa. Kevin and the kitties
    all doing fine?

    And speaking of classical music, for those who like refined humor, on
    Youtube you can hear a string quartet by Franz Joseph Haydn. It's
    nickname is "The Joke".