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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm going back to #844 to read posts there and will come back here to respond. I'll be right back.

    Love, Mikie


    Ok, I'm back. Tweety is standing here begging me to go out on the lanai. It's still dark out so I told her, "Soon." She seems to know that means I'll go out with her later. These cats are smart and, after two years living with me inside, I think we just know each other's minds and, sometimes, each other's words. I'm so excited; my blood glucose was only 104 two hours after eating spaghetti for lunch yesterday and my fasting reading this morning was only 100. Woo Hoo!!! I'll be going to the pool this morning. I'm pumped now that I'm getting such good results.

    Sun, the Medicare Advantage Plans are usually zero premium or a small premium, depending on the county where you live and the plan in which you enroll. The larger the general metro area, the less expensive they usually are and the better the benefits. I'm not a fan of Kaiser but I believe BC/BS and the AARP Medicare Advantage plans are the top two in my area. My friend has Humana but it's not for me. Docs here don't like Aetna as they say this insurer isn't easy to work with in terms of reimbursement for their services. There are other smaller plans but I like using the top ones. If an advantage plan has your docs and hospitals, you could save a bundle. Most companies have both PPO's and HMO's. I have the HMO and haven't had any problems getting referrals to specialists. I don't need referrals for dermatologists nor gynos.

    My PCP visits are zero co-pay and, with the new plan, specialist visits will be $25. As I mentioned in another post, my drugs will be zero co-pay if I used mail order for 90-day supplies. If I need to buy one at a pharmacy, I will only pay $2 for a preferred generic, $8 for another generic or $45 for a preferred brand name for a 30-day supply. This plan has routine dental and hearing benefits. I get my dental x-rays and two cleanings a year for zero co-pay. Hearing tests cost nothing and there are deep discounts on hearing aids. This is just the tip of the iceberg so, if you are considering one, you could go to one of their meetings or talk with an agent. You don't have to wait for the COBRA plan to expire. Just be sure this is right for you if you switch.

    I'm sorry you are in pain. Chronic pain does get to a person. No matter how blessed we are, it is easy to feel depressed or angry; I tend to go to the anger side. When I'm in pain, frustration or injury will bring on a string of swearing like a sailor. Actually, it might make a sailor blush. :eek: Keeping a gratitude diary does help. I did it when I was bedbound and on Morphine. Even when life sucks, we can usually find things for which we are grateful. Hope you feel better.

    Granni, we've missed you. Glad it's not because you were ill--just busy. Too bad y'all don't have another computer or tablet. They aren't too expensive now. I NV you and Sun that you don't need to lose weight. If I can keep up this regimen, I'll likely drop to my ideal weight and then, I won't want to be losing any more. Barb is stick thin and, even though she eats, looks good otherwise and says she feels well, people here can't help but notice how very thin she is. There is another woman here who is painfully thin. I think it's more difficult to keep weight on than to lose it unless one can't work out.

    I got the RiliOn Micro glucose meter at Wally World. I got the same brand strips; it was the least expensive. All I have to do is prick my finger and insert the strip. That triggers the meter to turn on. Then, it shows me my last reading and confirms the strip no. This no. should match the no. on the strip container. Mine reads, F-4. Finally, the blood drop icon shows and it's time to touch the strip to the blood and get the current reading. When the strip is removed, the meter shuts off automatically. I buy 50 strips at a time. I don't test as often as I originally did now that I'm more familiar with my typical readings. My fasting glucose was only 100 this morning. I think it's taken a bit for it to come down in general as I've changed my diet and continued to work out. Good luck with yours.

    Julie, sooooo happy to hear about the progress on the roof. Are you using metal straps to tie the rafters to the wall? We have to here to withstand hurricanes. Inspector/engineer told me it's like having 650-pound gorillas hanging onto the rafters, keeping them from blowing off. I would imagine they would work well for any storms with high winds. I hope you can get more rest so you don't run out of NRG long term. I also hope stress levels have improved. The workers finished putting the roof back on our car port in front where the palm tree fell on it. I got the bill for removing the fallen tree and it will cost our assn./bldg. $277.50. That was one heavy tree; the workers had to cut it in small chunks just to be able to carry it off. I don't imagine a falling palm tree will be a problem for you. :) Hope you get just the right amt. of rain--a Goldilocks rain.

    Hope all our Porchies, Diane, Rock, Spring, Dar, Barry, and all the others (sorry if I missed anyone; my pea brain is not working well right now) are doing well and not too low on NRG to stop in.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, did you have a topping off ceremony for the new house? I read the
    tradition goes back to the Scandinavians. There are pictures on the net
    that show a pine tree being hoisted to the top of the World Trade Center.
    Something about appeasing the spirits of the forest. It was done when the
    outside structure of the building was finished, rather than when the entire
    building was completed. Glad to hear you are making so much progress.
    I hope Den is not pushing himself too hard.

    Sun, we found the illusive kefir. Gordon looked in 4 stores. At Ralph's he
    was told that they used to carry it, but not many customers bought it.
    Finally got some at Trader Joe's. We will see how it goes.

    Barry, have you run across the Ladies of Covington series by Joan Medlicott?
    The series started in 2000. There are ten books. No mystery so far, but
    they probably are cozy. About 3 old ladies who live in an old farmhouse
    in North Carolina. Somewhat similar to Jan Karon's books.

    Mikie, nice verse on the spinning cat. Sorry to hear your computer has
    PMS. But at least you don't, right? Glad to hear you got good results on
    your morning blood test.

    I had Kaiser Permanente at my last job. The doctors weren't too bad, but
    most of the clerks one had to deal with before you could see the doctor were
    terrible. When I retired I was informed that I could keep my coverage: $7000
    a year for me; $25,000 if I wanted to include my family. And that was a decade ago.

    We went to visit Jim the other night. He's Gordon's friend from the orchid club. The
    one who lives in the historic house in Pasadena. He has enough Halloween decorations
    for a dept. store. The front porch (which is covered and runs the width of the house)
    and the two front rooms are jammed full of everything you could imagine: At least
    ten pumpkins (some carved, some un); 5 foot spiderwebs with orange lights; skulls;
    tombstones; bats; ravens; and about ten puppets that are triggered by motion. When
    you get near them they move and say scary things. There is also a larger than life rat
    that lies on the floor. When you step on the tail it too starts talking and flailing
    about. The place will not win the good taste award, but will probably take the
    orange loving cup for quantity. Gordon says Jim has even more Christmas
    decorations which are stored on the third floor. Uff-da!

    Hi Diane, Springwater, Granni.
    Hugs Everydobby.
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    Hello All

    Just back from middle uncles. Went for our festival Blessings day. Was supposed to be yesterday but aunt was tied up. Her one DD came back from her former university in Minnesota where a professor is liaising with her to do some rehabilitation work for the earthquake victims.
    You wouldnt think the DD just got back; they had prepared a lot of dishes and they turned out good, most of them.

    Because of the fuel crisis, there werent as many of us as usual. One SIL and one granddd of uncles couldnt make it. But something was different this time, compared to last year. The energy was better. The two youngest members having the time of their lives rushing around and all of us women in the kitchen helping. The men, ie my DH, uncle and BIL talking. My son had to leave early because he had already made other plans, not knowing the blessings day had been postponed. So he came with us, got his blessings from uncle, the red vermillion mark on the forehead, a stalk of green paddy plant to stick behind one ear and a little pocket money as is the custom.

    I took a picture from the internet


    and he went off with his friends. nevertheless we had a good time. the DDs hadnt been invited to one uncles sons wedding in view of the fuel crisis and they were doing a small ceremony leaving the bigger ceremony and reception for when things got stable in the country, so i was seeing all of them after months.Lots to catch up on.

    I got some lemongrass from aunts terrace garden to try and grow. One DD had crocheted a beautiful triangular scarf made from pashmina scrap (they manufacture shawls) and offered to make one for me,but keeping in mind my resolution to declutter, i politely declined. I know im not gonna wear one.I honestly dont want to keep anything that i wont use. She understood.

    Mikie - your computers PMS had me laughing. I love the title The Glory and the Dream. It sounds like a lovely title for a painting or poem. Also enjoying your little ditties.I hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Sun - I hate pain of any kind. And would hate to hv a stiff neck.I remember you used to use your rice sock a lot. Kefir is a new word for me. First i thought of 'kafir', lol, which has absolutely no connection to food.

    Granni - sorry to hear about your DD. I hope she is on the mend soon. 10 pounds is a lot of weight to lose all at once. Hope you put it back on soon. I lost a lot of weight too this year. The earthquake and everything taking their toll. In fact i look so haggard, and had texted my DD with a pic and she said i should sue the earthquake for damages and also send my photo to Oxfam and other donors so they 'd send more aid. :D

    Rock - once upon a time i would hv loved to dive into that house of gordons friend and discover all the scary knickknacks...not now. I dont dig halloweeny things too much. But the lighted pumpkins always fascinated me...never found them scary. always found it a charming ritual for a fun festival. I would love to delve into a cellar and find old world toys tho...rocking horses..music boxes, quaint dolls, that kind of stuff. Wooden painted animals.

    Barry - thats the way i recharge too. Lying horizontal with eyes shut. Sometimes i curl up on the sofa in a Cleopatra pose and watch tv. I dont look regal but its very relaxing.

    Julie - you are really such a hard worker. you and Den. imagine working on building with all the health issues you two have faced recently and looking after an elderly family member. Hats off to you. Just getting food on the table and sweeping surfaces would be an achievement for me in that kind of a situation.

    Well, must needs get off the computer now.

    Diane, and all MIAs thinking of yous

    God Bless

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    Mikie: thanks for that medicare info. I CALLED United Health yesterday and talked with an agent. I told her I get COBRA until July 2017. I thought I would have to sign up in October 2016 but she said I should contact SS in late April 2017 to sign up as an initial....something.....I forgot. I write down all my notes and will keep them in my Ipad writings to refer to them. Just for the heck of it I'm also going to call BC/BS and ask if this is correct, because by keeping COBRA until July 2017 I save almost $200 a month over medicare and supplemental insurance. So much to think and plan for. I turn 71 come December and never did I think I would be able to do everything I've gone thru this past year +.

    Spring: I tried growing lemon grass, but apparently where I wanted IT to grow it just didn't like the spot, so I lost it. Sometimes I look at the lemon grass in the market, hoping to see little root buds on the ends so I could just buy and start it in water.

    Rock: As I mentioned before, go easy/slow on the kefir since your stomach isn't used to much. That house of your friend sounds so interesting. I used to love to dress up the house front and myself as a witch to pass out candy, but that's a thing of the past for me. I don't even turn on the light for kids to come to my house. In years past we would get BIG kids, and I didn't want that. There's a house nearby that has things hanging in the trees and a HUGE black spider dangling between trees. I just think about having to clean it all up!

    Granni: I hope your DD is much improved today.

    I'm going to an art group today. Not sure what I will take to work on though. I was looking up children's illustrators online and found this....

    Mikie: this is for you since you speak French. I can only guess what it says.

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    Rock, re your question regarding Joan Medlicott : never heard of her. So I've just requested the first in the series to see how I like it. Thanks for the heads up! I'm glad you found some kefir, and was surprised that it was so difficult. I've been drinking it for years and like it very much. All three of our stores carry it, even the tiny health food store. We have a different culture ;) in N. Calif. I guess! My favourite brand is Nancy's---- organic, blueberry flavour. Lifeway's is pretty good too.

    Spring: A lovely photo. I have a question, what is paddy plant? Rice greens? Is that it on the plate? Looks too large to be lemon-grass......

    Sun: Can't you get lemongrass at one of your nurseries? I've seen it for sale here, but this climate up here is not suitable for it.

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    Need to start supper. So many posts added since yesterday. Need to just add this so I can get what you all post on my phone. Got my hair done today and went to WM and searched for brown rice crackers and a few other things. This diet is to crazy. More on my doctor visit the other day later to give an update. Useless to even bother going with bills now that we will most likely have to pay for the useless tests done. Only went due to DH wanating me to go.

    More later. Glad to hear from you JULIE. Hang in there girl.

    Love to all,
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    Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is doing well today. Glad to see more action on our Porch. I worked out at the pool yesterday and Barb and I went shopping and had lunch out. She needed a jacket to wear when she goes back up North for the holidays and I needed fabric to line my valance. Big problem--I can't use a light colored fabric or the print will show through around the seams on the back side. The bottom of the back side is visible from the lanai. I will have to order two more drapery panels and use the fabric from them to line the valance. That way, the back will match the drapes at either side. Oy! This project is turning into a nightmare already!

    My dear old friend called last night and wants to come over for coffee this morning. He's been in physical therapy for his instability when he moves. Therapist doesn't think it's too bad and should respond well to the therapy. I'm so glad. It used to scare me watching him climb his stairs; his condo is in a different bldg. on the second level. What a nice man he is. I hope his stability is better because we have three concerts to attend the first part of the year.

    Called my mechanic to schedule an oil change and new tires next Tues. I'm getting some called, Kuhmos, made in South Korea. Highlander is made in U.S. or Japan. My vehicle is becoming a global machine. I have had Yokohamas for the last six years and they handle beautifully. Mechanic recommends the Kuhmo so I'll trust him. He installs a lot of them and they are slightly less expensive than the Yokos. Down here, we only get about six years from tires before rot from the heat sets in. There are cracks in the sidewalls and they are feeling squishy on turns so it's definitely time for new ones. Barb's are the same age and mechanic found cracks in the sidewalls and recommended new tires. It's so sad to have to get rid of tires with lots of tread still left on them.

    Rock, that cat isn't the only thing spinning. I've been so tired lately that my poor head is spinning half the time. You are right; I don't have PMS anymore. That ship has sailed! Barb claims she still has it and I believer her. I think I tried Kefir years ago and, if memory serves (and often it doesn't) I didn't like it. We were told it's a popular drink in the Middle East. I've never heard of the topping off ceremony but it sounds like a lovely, quaint way to celebrate a milestone in construction. I like to continue the old customs. Wow! Jim's house sounds amazing. Halloween is some people's favorite holiday and they go all out. DD#1 loved it when she lived at home. She made fantastic costumes. Do you get many trick or treaters? I don't here in "Old Folks Land."

    Julie, I'm praying that David gets the Hospice job. Hospice is such a wonderful organization and the employees I've met there seem so fulfilled. One would think dealing with death and dying would be depressing but for them, it is uplifting, helping people get ready to cross over. Your blood sugar readings sound good. Even if mine were normal, it was time to get rid of some of the bad stuff I was eating. I don't mind packing a few extra pounds but I'd like to get rid of a few more. I still have a few too many around the middle. Funny you mention Punta Gorda in Belize; we have a Punta Gorda just up the coast from me. I drive over the bridge and I'm in Port Charlotte. Both towns are separated by the Peace River.

    Spring, you have so many wonderful festivals, holy days and family customs there. There are still close families here but so many, like mine, are scattered to the four winds. I'm sorry the shortages meant some family members couldn't make it. Back when we were all in CO, my big Irish family, on my Mother's side, would get together for a rousing good time. Some of my most vivid memories when I was growing up are of wakes and funerals. In a big family, someone is always passing over. Of course, there were weddings and babies too. What is the significance of the red vermillion mark on the forehead during the blessing? I hope and pray these shortages stop and your life can return to a more normal state. Is there any progress in rebuilding structures lost in the earthquake? I hope so.

    Sun, I believe one can enroll during the year when there is a new condition, such as ageing in; change to present insurance, such as COBRA; etc. However, you are smart to check it out thoroughly. I'd check with Medicare or Social Security to be sure. My costs with the Advantage Plan are the approx. $104 for my Medicare Part B (which is deducted from my monthly SS) and the co-pays for specialists and drugs. I have a yearly co-pay of $16 for my kidney x-ray but my mammos and Dexascans have no co-pays. There are no co-pays for my twice-yearly dental cleanings and yearly x-rays. Thanks for the lovely video. Unfortunately, I've lost most of the French I ever understood, spoke, read or wrote. The video moved fast so I need to watch it again and pause it. The artwork and music were delightful and it made me happy to watch. You have made my day! Yes, you have had a rough year but you are surviving and thriving even if, some days, it doesn't seem like it. My shrink told me, after my divorce, that sometimes, it's OK just to survive. Now, when I'm having a relapse, I go into what I call "Survival Mode" and wait it out until I can do more. In the meantime, my condo looks like a war zone. Well, it kinda is; I'm fighting four immune and auto-immune conditions. Heck, you and I are Warriors!!!

    Barry loved your culture pun. It took a moment for it to ferment in my brain. Do you drink the Kefir as it is or add anything to it? I think the one I drank years ago was plain and tasted like spoiled milk. AACK!!! I'm sure there are more tasty options available now. What do you do with the lemon grass? PH has a new green tea supp and I'm tempted to order it. Have read about all the good things green tea can do. It's not my favorite tea to drink; I like Constant Comment. I guess the supp contains the extract of whatever is good in the green tea. I'm loving the good stuff I'm now eating in lieu of junk. Seems to me that greens taste so much better now. Have you had rain? How's the well? I hope it fills back up.

    Granni, sorry you are too busy to stay. Come back to let us know about the lab work and doc. I hope all is well with you. I know what you mean about the dietary changes. It takes time to adjust and find recipes. There are a lot of recipes online and in books which deal with diabetic diets. I think the anti-fungal diet and the diabetes diet would have a lot in common, except for the fermented things which aren't good for the fungus. I know what you mean about spending and bills. I just had the peptide injection and now, I need new tires. I bought the Roomba, which was expensive but that was a choice. Well, it really wasn't a choice if I didn't want to lose my mind over trying to keep up the housework while I'm in a relapse. I've timed the tire purchase to show up on next month's credit card bill. In the past, when I've had a large bill, I've just paid part of it and paid the rest the following month, figuring the interest was worth it. Hope you are doing well.

    OK, have to go shower and do my hair before my deal old friend shows up for coffee. No time to proofread my post so, I apologize for any typos or other glaring problems in my typing. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Been reading (lurking o_O ) ever since the topic of diabetes came up. What I wanted to say is this...if anyone is interested, I have dried kefir grains (both milk and water) and I would be happy to send some to those who might be interested. Instructions for reconstituting will be included.

    Milk kefir tastes more like buttermilk than "store bought" kefir. It does NOT reproduce well in ultra-pasteurized organic milk. Raw is best if you can find it, but I use standard whole milk instead (the grains like rotgut milk).

    Water kefir tastes a bit like ginger ale. It's made using sugar plus it needs minerals. I've been using "organic" true maple syrup and it's works great for me. I've read the sugars change while processing, but I don't drink a lot of it since it "might" impact my blood sugar.

    There are several good videos on YouTube for making either type. But, they're like a plant...they do require care. It doesn't have to be made daily (which I don't). And, you can easily dry them again if you want to.

    The problem is...I don't know how to send/receive a private message to/from someone here on PH. How is this done? I don't want anyone to have to "publish" their address, etc., for all the world to see.

    Warm hugs,
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    Hi Windy

    To send a poster a message go to "Inbox" above.
    Click "Start a new Conversation."
    Type the user name of the recipient in the appropriate box.
    Type a title in the designated box. "Hello", for example.
    Click "Start a conversation" at the bottom of the message box.

    I'll see if I can send you a message.

    Well, it was apparently sent. Next step is to see if you receive same.

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    Hi everybody,



    Hi, y'all, I've been around, and not around, and then around, again. :) Oops! Don't get dizzy reading this post! LOL
    I found a new PCP doc for myself, an internist, female, 30 years experience. I met with my counselor, and she gave me a great pep talk.
    Then I found out a few days ago that Kevin's (my hubby) health insurance would be changing at work.
    His office is now offering one health plan -- AETNA -- take it or leave it. No more blue cross/blue shield, which is accepted at MOST doc's offices. Aetna is NOT. :(
    My appointment with the new PCP doc is for Nov 2. At which time the blue cross will be accepted. After December 31, they will not accept AETNA.
    I think it would be a huge waste of time and money to see this new doc, who will not accept our insurance on Jan. 1. Then I'd have to find another primary care doc within the Aetna health plan. What do you think????? (In case y'all don't remember: I have PTSD, anxiety, etc. -- medical phobias.)
    My mind is just so jumbled. I want an internist who accepts my insurance and has privileges at our local hospital (instead of going into the CITY -- UGH).
    Any thoughts, support, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
    I've been occupying myself with music for distraction and listening pleasure. I can't do the Name Game right now, maybe soon.
    Love y'all, Diane


    Please don't think I've forgotten about y'all!!! I do read, but I can't read all of the lengthy posts. I remember "bits and pieces". I do know that it's good to hear from you all, and that you ask about me. I'm just VERY preoccupied at the moment. Things will work out. I know they will. In the meantime, I'm just left not knowing. :)

    Y'all take care. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'll be back when I can!

    Love, Diane

    PS: Barry-- There's shrimp with Old Bay seasoning on the menu for supper tonight! Kevin's getting a homemade pizza. I don't know why Kevin gets a special treat though. It's my birthday!!!!! :)

    Later, 'gators :D
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    And knowing your background and how stressful it is for you to see a doctor, I guess I would say just wait until Jan. I'm trying to practice deep breathing to calm me down. My son has been lecturing me for YEARS that I NEED to meditate, so perhaps he was right.

    OH.....homemade pizza sounds soooo good. It's been quite a while since Ive had pizza since I've dropped all the things we love and shouldn't eat. Maybe I'll order a personal size pizza at the local pizza place for dinner tonight and see how my reading is tomorrow morning. This morning it was a SURPRISINGLY 94 Wow......and it's never been that low. This past week is was around 108 to 112.

    And thanks for that info about Aetna. It used to be the best insurance so why don't doctors accept. Possibly Aetna gives doctors more of a go around? As you probably read I'll go to Medicare in 2017 July so at least I don't have to worry about THAT ONE for awhile.

    I'm sleeping better lately thanks to taking a supplement my doctor recommended. Now I just wish I could get rid of the shakiness in the mornings. I feel like I've had 3 cups of coffee.

    Mikie: $$$ is flying out the bank door to pay for extra expenses like property taxes, car insurance, and a vacation I'm taking in Dec.
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from shopping after my dear old friend left following our coffee this morning. I stopped several places and ordered the aqua drapery panels from BB&B. They are now dirt cheap on sale and I used my 20 percent off coupons. It was only $16 for both panels. I don't think I could buy fabric that nice for such a good price. Now, the valance lining will match the side drapes. I'm excited to get started.

    I stopped at Home Depot to pick up some ant traps for the bldg. and a couple of plants. Our assn. provides the traps if anyone spots an ant. We don't usually have problems because we have a pest control contract but, once in a while, a renegade ant appears. This year, the people downstairs had an infestation but they were coming from the pool next door. Also, we got a ton of rain and that can drive them inside. I got a flamingo plant to replace the one which was looking a bit sad on the lanai. After I removed the plant, Tweety started digging out the soil. I have to clean it up and get the new plant in the pot to stop her. I got a beautiful hybrid orchid which reminds me of the Lady of The Night. HD has very good deals on orchids. I also got a tall fern for my lanai for the big pot in the corner.

    The clerk at the HD register was looking at each credit card sale and pulling out his cell phone and entering something into it. I saw the screen well enough to know there was a whole bunch of entries. I went in and reported it and the mgrs. were quite upset and were going right out to check on it. Even if he isn't stealing credit card info, it looks suspicious and he's not supposed to be using his cell on the job. My credit card info was stolen like that before and I'm always on the lookout. I mentioned it to the couple behind me on the way out so that if their info was stolen, they would have a good idea where it happened.

    Publix had some good BOGO's so I did a bit of shopping. I parked my cart, with my shopping bag in it, next to where they sell LOTTO tickets and some jerk took it. There is no way of mistaking that cart for another; the other one parked next to mine did not have a shopping bag in it. What a low thing to do! Finally, I filled up my car with the new cheaper gas. I'm a happy camper when I can go out and get everything done.

    Windy, a quick way to privately message someone is to click on his or her icon and click on "Start a Conversation." You just post on the screen, like we do on the forums, and PH will let the recipient know by e-mail that someone has messaged. We can open our messages by clicking on the Inbox above in the right-hand corner area. We had just been discussing Kefir and it nearly jumped off the shelf at me in the store. I got the plain so I can add what I want. There are no extra ingredients in it and I like that. Thanks for the info.

    Rock, I told your "Up" joke to my dear old friend and he loved it. He's in PT for his instability and I think it's going well. He's 89 and determined to be around long term and to do it with grace. Barb sat with us and my friend, Nancy II, stopped by with her dog, my beloved little fur friend, Chewey. What a nice way to start the day. I also told him about your spinning cat. Our obsession with that cat might seem strange to some people, but nothing much I do shocks my friend. Oh, to be among my kindred Porchies is one of my best blessings.

    I don't know what to say about having to change docs. This is happening a lot today when employers change ins. companies. It really affects people with chronic conditions who need to keep their docs. Is there some way to get referrals? Perhaps you present doc can help you find someone. I pray you get this figured out. BTW, my docs have told me that Aetna is difficult to deal with when getting reimbursed. That's probably why some don't want to take it. They used to be a good co. Sounds as though you guys are having a feast tonight. I hope you enjoy your day. I don't expect that people will read my Warren Peace posts but I like to talk (type). It's almost like journaling to come here.

    Sun, I now just relax and tell myself that everything is as it should be. I truly believe we can't see the big picture spiritually so we need to just trust that God has it all under control. Yes, the $$$'s do seem to all fly away at once. Got my property tax invoice but it isn't due til the end of the year. I have three exemptions so my taxes are low. I use my credit card to pay them and can delay them for a month or more if I choose. The county only adds $10 for each month one chooses to delay. I always pay them on time because I don't get the credit card bill for another month. Then, I get travel miles on the card. Your vacation is like my Roomba--it is a needed expense and not something frivolous. As I mentioned to Diane, my docs tell me Aetna is a pain to deal with and they don't want to take it. Glad you're sleeping better but hope the jumpiness goes away. I hate that feeling.

    Just ran into one of the board members I like. She swims laps before I go over to work out. She's also lost 20 lbs. and looks great. I asked her to look at the light in the pond fountain; she knows how to set the timer. I've asked mgmt. three times and they just don't seem to care. Same with our pool gate but it's a real liability to have an unsecured pool left open. All it will take is a tragedy for someone to sue us. I'm not going to continue to bug them about it. New board will not work with our old mgr. and only deals with her assistant. He seems angry and overwhelmed with all our problems here. Audit evidently turned up journal entries which mgr. did only half way, causing lopsided balance sheets. Seems to me that somehow, someone just made them balance. I could not get them to balance. Geez, beginning accounting drummed into us that every debit has to have a credit and vice-versa.

    Hope all y'all have a good evening. At 5:00 this evening, one of our local PBS stations is showing a program on pets showing their wild sides and wild origins. It looks really good. At 6:00, Nova is have a program on sinkholes. They are a big problem in FL so think I'll watch.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi DIANE, et al,

    Oh my what a mess with having to change insurance companies, that is if you like the new one then that is OK but when you think you have found a good doc and she doesn't take the new insurance, it is a bummer. As much as you seem to like this new doc I think it is probably better to wait to find another that will take Aetna. Yes, as MIKIE says there is a lot of that going around and it is not good in many cases. I know our prescription insurance that got changed a few years ago is not as good as it was.

    So much has been going on around here too and talk about aggravating too, like DIANE's problem. I went to my PCP last wed thinking I might get the name of an internist as my DH was worried about me losing weight, close to 10 lbs in all I would say or maybe a little less. The internist bug got put in my ear by my eldest daughter who lives in Houston a knows a lot of people who work in the fitness and wellness industries. To suffice I would say it was a waste of time as they do not even think that I have a problem with yeast or fungus. When I told the young lady PA who dxed me she said that she never heard of such a thing (iridology, or eyeology). Then I figured that I was in trouble. I know she wrote it all down and talked to the doc who then came in to talk to me about it. They just think I need to eat a nice normal meal they way I used to. Actually that was some time ago but I haven't touched milk or dairy or cheese, or wheat since Sept. We had been eating wheat o whole grain since DH was told he had borderline diabetes.

    They said they would take a bunch of tests to make sure I was OK since I had lost the weight. However, I have not been able to read our scale so not sure how long this weight loss has been going on and it was exaserbated (sp) by the no dairy and wine thing. They said that if I went to an internist they would just do the same test. Turns out they did a bunch of normal tests other than cholesterol since I had eaten. Of course they were all NORMAL -. When I got home the next day and realized they had not done any other tests I wrote them a note on our portal asking if they would do a stool culture or something to see about my fungal dx. The nurse called the next day to say that she talked to the doc and he didn't think that I had a fungal problem. They just gave me a probiotic and said that would take care of everything. I don't even think the dosage he told me was enough. I asked him after I realized that the bottle said take two capsules daily and he said to take one.

    I got two books from Amazon and one of them was/is really interesting called the Candida Cure By Ann Boroch, CNC . She is also an ND and has a degree in eyeology. She says Western medicine does not recognize intestinal and systemic candidiasis as a health condition. Well she is absolutely right on that one ):!! She said don't waste your money and don't be surprised if they dismiss it and say your are crazy. We will probably have to pay for that visit and all the tests since it was not the yearly checkup which we will get in Dec. What a waste of time and money. They only recognize thrush, vaginal infections and those associated with HIV /Aids. I haven't said that much to DH about it but I am just going to have to go through this myself without a doc. If I need to I will up the probiotic or even try and other one. I could just scream and now I will have to eventually tell my DD #1 I will not be looking for an internist. Sounds like they might do the same thing unless possible a GI doc but I do not want to be bothered. I have had enough of docs or chiros years ago who thought I was loopy or whatever whatever. Yep, all those normal tests. Ann B also said that all tests are not always conclusive. It is a shame cause I really do like my PCP but not for this stuff.

    Well, I have been reading in this book and some on line from another ND who spoke of other things to eat, perhaps some flatbreads , that do not use yeas which is another idea plus the sourdoughs which I am going to eat more of also. I also found an ice cream of sorts yesterday which I didn't buy a small pint size it looked like for almost $5.oo made with almond and or coconut milk. I will buy some of those. I know those fruit bars I bought are not going to put any weight on. I know they will have some sugars but it can't be missing everything and take a small portion anyway.

    Gotta run for now as I have to finish with dinner. It is raining nicely thank goodness. Hope downtown Houston esp in the southern part doesn't have to much flooding. Gee, this has almost turned into W and P from MIKIE :)!!!

    MIKIE - Would you like to give me some of your excess weight that you are still trying to lose. I will put some of it on my face.

    I had better run and sorry I can't say individual his to everydobby.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I forgot to say that I really pray that David gets that hospice job. I know it's been so hard for the whole family, being separated, and it will be good for him to move back to be with him. When my mom was in hospice for a short time, my memory goes to the hospice pastor who supported me and prayed with me. If it's right for David he will get the job.

    Mikie: So nice that you are able to have caring/sharing neighbors around you to support you and laugh with you. I think that's what I'm lacking here......my neighborhood is basically........unfriendly/keep to themselves. I felt this when we first moved here over 30 years ago and it hasn't changed. Others in this town have said the same thing. Perhaps it's a california "thing". But I love my house and I especially love my restful/peaceful backyard and I would so miss it if I sold, which I don't plan on doing. So I force myself to get out when I feel up to it, and even those times when I don't but NEED people to spend time with. Perhaps I need to start a novel on this subject?

    Granni: I see an integrative doctor now who was the one who ordered all those special tests. The regular doctors just don't get it! My regular PCP was the one who said that a fasting blood test of 112 was no big deal! Everytime I've had to see one of the doctors at the clinic I go to over the years, I could almost hear what was in their brain......."boy, have I got an over the top patient"!!!!!

    I went to my DGD soccer game at noon and then on to an art show. This is a prestigious watercolor show.....nation wide.......and I know several fellow artists who got accepted in it. This is a big one.....over 3,000 entries and probably only about 75 were accepted. I ran into a fellow artist and her husband at the show, so we chatted for quite a while. But after all those hours, plus the driving time, has worn me out, so I'm treating myself to an early red wine and cheese time with Wasa bread then it's naptime.

    I received my order of magnesium flakes so when I get up I hope to make my magnesium oil/cream. My SIL was joking......"so you're turning into a compounder"! Yes, I guess so. I need to grate my block of beeswax and then melt/stir/whip everything on the stove.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - All I can say you have a lot of something ( not sure what) to be doing that compounding :)!! LOL Me, I am to tired out and lazy to do that -LOL. Getting to lazy to even cook for myself let alone my DH. He is not to picky but he does want real FOOD !! Did you change from your PCP to the Integrated doc? How far do you have to go to see her or him?. OH, wine and cheese sounds SOOOO GOOOD !!! Yummy !! I miss both of them . Glad you got to go to the art show. Sounds like fun and very interesting.

    JULIE - Yes, I do hope David gets that job too. Good luck to him.. Hopefully if it is the right thing he will get. Yes, it is so hard to be away from family especially when those kiddos are small. Come back when you can and make sense out of what you want to write :)!! Miss you and so many other. Nice to hear from DIANE too !!:)

    Need to run for now. Hope to check back with you all tomorrow. Have church if we don't have floods. Have to finish doing the med boxes for DH and probably myself to if I have the time. DH wouldn't take much of anything if I didn't fix his boxes. Oh, he would take his 2 b/p pills and maybe his cholesterol supps.

    Love to you all,
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I'm sure there's the perfect job for David. It's hard when we think we're right for something but we don't gt it. God has his reasons. And perhaps you just need to back away from your brother? At this point you need to take care of YOU first. My one aunt had alzheimers and her sister would also visit with her at least several times a week. Many times she didn't even recognize her, but at other times she would remember and ask where she had been. I'm sure it hurts.

    Granni: I have a PPO so I can go to whoever I want......one of the advantages of it. Maybe you need to look closely at your medicare selections. I think you have until Dec. 3?

    A fellow artist and I were discussing one of the artist's work hanging at this show. I remembered her name so did an online search. I think her work is unbelievable!

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Oy! All these frustrations with docs and insurance. I'm definitely going to join the HMO instead of the PPO. With the PPO, I could see any doc I want but, if I needed surgery, I would likely have to pay a lot more so I'll just find a new gastero and orthopedist. The ones I have are good but there are other good ones too. My PCP is on the new plan so nothing will really change there. He is arrogant and believes a fasting blood sugar of 105 is just dandy despite my high blood pressure and peripheral neuropathy. I mentioned yesterday to my friends that these docs have no interest in preventing disease and only want to treat patients when they are sick. My dead old friend lit up and said, "You've hit the nail on the head."

    Granni, I've given up on traditional docs and do my own research and treatments/changes in lifestyle. Most of what I do requires no prescriptions so I am free to pursue my own treatment. Case in point: Medicare will no longer pay for hormone therapy replacement drugs. I buy the pregnenalone sold here; it is the raw material from which my own body makes its hormones. Without hormones, I have heart palpitations and night sweats. Both my PCP and gyno seemed shocked that I stumbled on this simple solution. Oh, my! What's a mere patient doing finding her own treatment which is safer and more normal than drugs? Many systemic chronic infections do not show up on routine lab tests and these are the gold std. for most docs. The infections will show up on PCR DNA tests but no ins. companies will pay for it. I just proceeded as though I knew my mycoplasma infection, which triggered my CFID/ME full blown back in 1990, had gone chronic and stealth and treated it accordingly.

    I laugh when you mention my sending you some of my extra weight. Remember when Jeraldo Rivera had fat removed from his tushie and injected into his face to puff out his wrinkles? It just begs for jokes which I can't mention here. You are a very active person and, by eliminating some of the more high-calorie foods, it's no wonder you have lost weight. If it were me, I'd do the candida diet and find some allowed foods with a higher calorie content. I wish you luck and, if I could, I'd send those extra ten pounds by overnight delivery.

    Sun, CA and CO have a lot in common, a youthful outlook and active lifestyle. CO is generally not a friendly place. FL, on the other hand, is extremely friendly. There are only 167 condo/townhouse units in our little community. We run into each other getting our mail, taking our garbage to the dumpster or walking dogs. We stop and chat. We don't have a clubhouse nor scheduled activities here as some communities do. Most of us are retired but more younger people have moved in here in recent years. My friends and I meet up at the pool but they are not as committed to working out as I. We do lunch now and then. Our biggest art show is in Feb. There are others down the coast in Naples but it is even more congested down there during season than it is here. No place to park and traffic which makes you want to tear your hair out.

    I'm glad you have your art and classes. Are there any groups at the library for other interests or a book club? I'm also glad you have family close enough that you can attend your DGD's games. I think if one loves her home, it is the biggest blessing. Perfect homes/nests are hard to come by and so are good friends. Unfortunately for those of us who are sick, it is hard to get out to find new friends. Thank God we have our Online Family here.

    Julie, sounds as though your DB and you are on good enough terms to talk for an hour. If it were me, I'd just ignore his wife as much as is possible. Toxic people are really bad for us. Unfortunately, you can't escape GPA's and sis's toxic behavior as long as you are caring for him. All you can do is put on your bulletproof suit and ignore the behavior as best you can. That's what I've learned to do with Barb and her nasty kids. While I'm being as kind and helpful to her as I can be, she's out badmouthing me to anyone who will listen. She's done this forever and talks trash about everyone so most people here discount everything she has to say. Still, it's stressful but I manage to try to keep myself from letting it get to me too much. I am named after St. Michael the Archangel and I ask him to protect me from the slings and arrows of my enemies. Two of the nasty board members keep feeding Barb stuff they know she'll rush home to tell me. I ignore it. They have their own agendas. They are mad at me because I was public about the reason I resigned from the board.

    I am so sorry your Dad isn't doing well. I just sent up an extra prayer for him and for you. I also hope and pray you don't overdo things to the point that you can't recover. It's great that you are getting help with the house. Those guys are lucky to have you fix a nice Sunday dinner for them. I hope David finds a job just made for him. Again, another extra prayer. Take care, Dear One, and get some rest.

    My Sunday paper is sitting here waiting for me to read it. I noticed there is a $5 coupon if I spend $40; that's a 12.5 percent saving. Last week, I used the $10 coupon when I spent $50. Groceries ended up costing only about $41. Publix is trying to capture all the Snowbird business. As it is, they are almost a monopoly, except for Winn-Dixie which is a crappy store. Hope all y'all have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all,

    Just wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes you sent to me! :)

    I'm still not sure about doc stuff -- NO I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS DOC YET. I would be a new patient, with a pay of $300-4oo just to walk in the door. It's more complicated than I've posted here. You can read more on the Homebound board, under my thread "Hi, Y'all". To sum it up, it's just a mess, changing from Blue Cross!!!!!

    And then if I verify that she won't take Aetna Health Ins. -- It'll start all over again. Get my medical records from her office. Find a PCP on Aetna. Oh, just ugh. Why can't we keep Blue Cross?????? Only Kevin's employer knows, and they are not talking. They will not even give out the PLAN NAME!!!!! Mid-November.

    Thank you all for your Birthday wishes!! Kevin and I enjoyed our suppers last night. :)

    You all take care, my friends. I'm trying to do the same. :)

    Love and hugs and prayers -- DIANE

    PS -- GRANNI, are you near the flooding in Houston, Texas????? Stay safe!
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a wonderful birthday DIANE. Not sure if it was yesterday or today but you can celebrate both days anyway. Hope you celebrate and ate some great food, any leftovers? What did you eat???. Did Kevin have his home made pizza? That sounds wonderful to me. Not supposed to have cheese, either, that stinks. You do know that cheese and pizza are both food groups :)?? LOL

    Hope you find a good doc soon. That really stinks and I am so sorry for you to have to go through all that.

    We do not live in Houston but we did have a lot of rain, more than 4 inches as of this writing. Depending where in Houston we are probably somewhere close to 75 miles away but still have had a lot of rain and also the leak is back again, in two small places. We might even have to eventually have to replace some crown molding over the mantle - grrrr !!!! Some places in Houston got pretty flooded and lots of street flooding. Those around bayous and such have more to worry about. We didn't go to church either. The rain has slowed down now and should be gone this afternoon I think.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to you and everydobby,
    Granni :)
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, nice of you to drop in on the Homebound Board. We don't have many
    homebounders posting there. I had not heard about Jeraldo Rivera and his
    plastic surgery before. Looked on the board. It happened on TV more
    than 2 decades ago. How did I miss it?! I guess he can now dance
    cheek to cheek with himself.

    I know nothing about Winn-Dixie except it sounds like a cheer you
    might hear at a football game in the South. Gordon just left to visit
    a big Asian market in the San Gabriel Valley. They don't have coupons,
    but they do have low prices. Especially on produce. And they carry
    lots of stuff he likes that 'Merican stores don't have at all. Gordon's
    mother BTW always referred to katsup as "Merican sauce.

    Sun, glad to hear you got to a water color show. Have you been doing
    any painting yourself? With regard to kids trick or treating, we only
    have one kid on this block. Well, we did. He was about 7. Haven't
    seen him for a while. When I walked Zippy we used to stop and visit
    with him and his dad. The boy would walk Zippy for a short ways.

    Two years after Zippy was killed by a coyote, I was walking around the
    block. Ran into the boy (I forgot his name) and his dad. They didn't
    remember me or Zippy. There are some groups of noisy teenagers we
    sometimes see on the streets at Halloween. We just turn off our lights,
    and nobody comes by. Frankly I would be afraid to let a bunch of kids
    from LA on the property.

    Julie, good luck to David with job hunting. How our country has changed;
    and clearly for the worse. When I got out of college I took a state exam.
    It qualified one for hundreds of jobs. A month of two after the test I got
    three invitations for a job interview. All 3 places offered me a job.

    Granni, Your pictures don't look like you need to lose weight. I
    recall an old diet that was very simple; people were talking a lot
    about it a few decades back. It's the 3 minute diet. For 3 minutes
    you can eat as much you like of whatever you like. Then you're done
    for that day.

    Anyhoo, I though it was a joke; only mildly amusing. But I looked
    on Amazon. There really is a book called The 3 Minute Diet a Day
    book by Michael Dow. Who knew? There is another diet that was
    recommended by author Peg Bracken. For 2 meals of the day you
    eat nothing but a head of lettuce. As Peg put it, "This has the added
    advantage of annoying everyone at the table."

    Julie, maybe you could use a 3 minute a day plan at your place. "I'm
    only cooking for 3 minutes a day now. Anybody who wants something
    more knows where the stove is." Or, "From now on, I'm only giving a
    certain relative 3 minutes of my time a month. Other than that she's
    not my responsibility." Or "I'm only mowing 3 minutes day." Well,
    something to fantasize about while drifting off to the land of Nod.

    Where is Nod, BTW? Answer: It is east of Eden. Cain moved there
    according to the Book of Genesis.

    Diane, Many Happy Returns. Did you say Kevin has a birthday around
    this time too? Can't remember nothin' no more.

    Hugs to Windy, Barry, Springwater. Gotta go. Can't sit any longer.
    It's laundry day. I have assembled the laundry and done the bedmaking.
    Later I will fold and put away. Gordon has to do the middle part where
    the washer and dryer are involved.

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2015

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