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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Time for a new Porch Volume. I'm going back to the last one to read the posts and will be right back.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    I was over posting on the Homebound Board. I'm going back to bed for
    a bit. Thanks for opening the new installment.

    Here's a bit of humor I found on the site for "intellectual jokes".

    Jean-Paul Sartre is sitting at a French cafe, revising his draft of Being and
    Nothingness. He says to the waitress, “I’d like a cup of coffee, please, with
    no cream.” The waitress replies, “I’m sorry, Monsieur, but we’re out of
    cream. How about with no milk?”

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    I'm back. Decided to respond here due to Rock's excellent post.

    Rock, your jokes are sooooo funny. Not only is this funny in itself, but it's also sooooo French. Here's one which is a bit longer:

    Two Frenchmen run into one another on a country road. One asks the other, "Excuse me, Monsieur, but do you know Jean Paul Baptiste?"

    The other replies, "Do I know Jean Paul Baptiste? Let me tell you a little story. I was walking down this very road when I encountered Jean Paul Baptiste. He took out a gun and said to me, 'See those road apples? You will eat those road apples.' "

    "What could I do? He had a gun so I ate the road apples. Aah, but then I got the gun away from him and said, 'See those road apples over there? You will eat those road apples.' What could he do? I had the gun so he ate those road apples. Now, you ask me whether I know Jean Paul Baptiste--it was only the other day that we had lunch together!"

    TADA!!! :D This is one of my favorite jokes. It's just plain silly and, if told with a French accent, hilarious! Hope you get some sleep.

    Granni, it's not a TV I need; it's a new sofa. Rooms To Go is a furniture store and I saw their ad on TV. They have a white slipcover sofa like the one I now have. I want to replace this one while they still have this style. It's a Cindy Crawford brand. I always wonder whether those celebs have any hand in designing, or even selecting, the products they lend their names to. Glad you are finally getting that new door. I need to go through the condo during the cooler weather to freshen things up. Some things will come clean with the Mr. Clean eraser sponges but other things need to be painted. Half-wall in the entry has a filthy spot from where Tweety scrambles with her hind feet while jumping up on it. I'll switch from flat paint to a semi-gloss. It's like having kids in here. Both are dirty little creatures but worth the trouble. How's the roof/ceiling leak? Hope you can get it fixed once and for all.

    Sun, I'm so glad everything turned out well for you. Days like that are life affirming. I used to keep a gratitude journal when I heard about them on "Oprah." Now, I just thank God daily for even the smallest blessings. Yes, it is possible to rewire the brain to become more of an optimist. Neurons that fire together wire together. The more we practice optimism and happiness, the more we become happy and optimistic. It's a positive upward spiral. I had written to thank the doctor who writes a column in our newspaper for writing about healthy diets and lifestyle changes. I told him what we were doing to help one another and that I'd lost 20 pounds. I mentioned that I don't blame my doc for not being more proactive because he wasn't trained that way. This doc said he didn't excuse my doc because it's the doctors' responsibility to keep up on the latest research and findings. He was pleasantly surprised and happy for us that we are taking matters into our own hands. What a nice guy! I should see whether he is on my new ins. list of providers. He's a well known doc here. Hope your happy days continue.

    I will be taking the Highlander in to the mechanic for an oil change and the new tires this morning. It will be good to get them as I want to drive up to Sarasota for lunch at one of the Amish restaurants with my friends. One friend leaves for a riverboat cruise to Europe and I'm taking her to the airport on Fri. Guess she'll have to miss our lunch. Can't wait much longer as the Snowbirds are flocking here already. It's cold up North. They abandon their northern homes like rats deserting a sinking ship. Before climate change, they always came and went about the same time each year. Most of the ones right here are from Boston or Buffalo; I don't blame them for not wanting to sick around in those blizzards. Yikes!!! :eek:

    See my response to Sun regarding the doc I e-mailed. My weight loss now stands at 22 pounds. I had been afraid I'd plateau at 20 pounds but guess not. I'm so excited but the exercise does leave me very tired. I think I overdid it on the workout yesterday so will slow it down a bit. I've been having headaches so will cut the vitamin E I have recently re-added to my regimen. My doc said not to take it but Suzy Cohen says it's good for us. Good or not, if it's what is giving me headaches, I'll ditch it.

    Got to go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Should you find yourself unsuccessfully looking around on the porch for a new
    post, you might consider coming over to the Homebound Board. I put up a
    thread called Getting To Know You. You can read and/or contribute your own

    Mikie, the French joke is mine in the same way as a desk at work.
    One can use it, but doesn't own it. I have a vague notion I heard that horse
    apple joke before at the Sons of Norway. Seems to work OK with a
    Norskie accent too. Yeah, you betcha. Or maybe I'm thinking of the
    one where the waiter says to the horse, "Sorry. I can't take your order.
    This is not my stable."

    Glad to hear you have lost some weight. That's great you're able to exercise.
    I used to. Seems like it was centuries ago. I've lost some weight too. When
    I got CFS at age 44 I gained 30 pounds, but was so depressed and out of touch
    with reality I didn't realize I'd gained anything. A couple decades later I
    gained another 5 pounds.

    But now that food tastes awful (a condition called dysgeusia) and I have
    problems with digestion and elimination, I don't eat solid
    food. Haven't for almost 3 years. Just now and then. Last week I had a
    handful of potato chips. (They still taste OK.) The week before I had a
    bowl of soup. The week before I ate some yogurt. Mostly I just drink
    milk, water, juice. I've lost 47 pounds. Now weigh less than I did in my 20s.
    Not how I pictured my golden years. But who of us expected what we got?

    Hope you guys have the best day possible.
    Hugs, Rock
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    Hi everybody,

    I'm wiped out today, so anyone interested in my "doc/Aetna stuff", please go to the Homebound board, and read the thread called "Hi, y'all..."

    And Kevin's going to be on vacation, Friday through Wednesday, so I probably won't be posting then.

    As Rock said, join in on our games on Homebound. The latest post is Rock's "Getting to Know You".

    Talk to y'all soon.

    Love and hugs,
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    Off to a funeral today. Waiting for pickup as DH has the car. Will be back later. Wanted to check in so I could get these posts on the new thread on my phone.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi, Everydobby,

    Just got back from the garage with four new tires and an oil change. New tires handle beautifully but ride like a truck. Yikes!!! That's why I got a crossover rather than a true SUV; I wanted a softer ride. Perhaps if I let some air out of the tires, they will ride a bit better. My guy tends to put about 5 psi's too much in them to achieve better gas mileage. I'm so thankful that I can take care of my vehicle; it has to lasssssst and lassssst. It has never missed an oil change. This is one of my things for which I'm grateful today.

    When I got home, our friend, Joe, was sitting out on the Balcony, talking to Barb. He's having a difficult time--the death of his wife is hitting him hard. Those two are like water and oil. One says something and the other says, "You're wrong!" I think both miss having a spouse to bicker with.

    I'm am hitting the wall despite having a lot to do. I fixed some bacon which, according to the TV news, will kill me, and two eggs. A nice, high protein meal. I had my carbs earlier at breakfast. Think I really overdid it at the pool yesterday. Today, I'm paying the price. This may be another day which certifies my ability to post on the Bedbound Forum. Check it out, Kids. They have a lot of fun games over there to take one's mind off the stresses of our conditions.

    Rock, or was it the one where the horse goes into the bar and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?" This one also works with John Kerry. I'm so sorry your CFS has affected you so severely. I thought my CFIDS/Me was bad enough until FMS came along. I thought that was bad until the Sjogren's came along on top of those two illnesses. Still, all three aren't as bad as your CFS. I keep you in my prayers. In the beginning of my FMS, doc prescribed a drug which put on about 35 pounds. They stayed even when I discontinued the med. As if that weren't bad enough, the drug didn't help. I started working out with my aerobic regimen to improve my good cholesterol and try to prevent heart disease. We have a strong history of heart attacks in my family. The weight loss was a bonus. Now that I'm doing the diabetes diet, I'm continuing to lose. If the bacon kills me, I'll look nice 'n slim at my wake.

    Diane, thanks for inviting us Porchies to the other Forum. You guys have a lot of fun over there. I've already posted. Enjoy Kevin's time off. How are those kitties doing?

    Granni, geez! Another funeral? It has to be getting depressing at this point. I hope your friends stop dropping. Come back when you can.

    Speaking of depressing--it's all gray and sputtering rain today. We may get real rain tomorrow. We could use it as we are probably in for months of no rain at all. I watched the PBS program on sinkholes. There are far more of them in FL than I ever realized. They tend to happen around retention ponds, just like the one behind my condo. AACK!!!

    See ya in the morning. Til then, stay well.

    Love, Mikie
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    DIANE - Thanks for starting us up again. Been so busy I hardly get to check and see what is going on in my online world :)!!! Plus doing whatever else I need to do.

    MIKIE - At least the funeral was for a much younger person, which is really worse. it was a friend's son who I did not know. They lived in Houston I think. He was only 56, and that is young. They are not sure. He had had a stroke and then was getting better. Maybe it was his heart. It was a nice funeral as funerals go but then I had to figure out what to eat there. Geez, I know I cheated but I could have just eaten nothing. I bought home some cookies and deviled eggs for DH was happy to get them. They had so much extra food they said to take it so it would not be wasted. It is a sunny and beautiful day. Have to go to my small singing group this afternoon so have to go get ready.

    Need to check on my Christmas music that we are going to sing at the different facilities, etc. We are practicing some of that today and I haven't looked at it in a year.

    DH has a meeting tonight so maybe I can check to see if anything is happening at that time, besides people trying to get ready for beddy bye.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Well, true to my word, I collapsed in my bed yesterday and watched TV while snoozing off and on. It rained really hard during the night so won't be going to the pool this morning. It is supposed to be gray and rainy all day today. I won't be able to go to the pool on Fri. either as I have to take a friend/neighbor to the airport and then, on to my dentist for a cleaning. Peptide injection seems not to have worked. BAH!!! :mad: I'm even having FMS pain, which I haven't suffered in years.

    Barb sat out on the Balcony for hours, basically the whole afternoon, with two women neighbors. I could hear them every time I went into the kitchen for a glass of water. Then, she sat out there with Joe. Last week, when I mentioned the new study on sitting's being related to strokes, she declared that she never sits long and is active. What!!! She is in deep denial. The doctor told her not it sit for long periods. She often sits for hours on the Balcony or over at the pool chatting with people. That, coupled with her constant anger, really puts her at risk for another stroke or another heart attack. Yesterday, she was venting her vitriol and arguing with Joe nonstop. I can only keep her in my prayers because she definitely isn't doing her part.

    Kumho (or Kuhmo, I can't remember which) Tires is having rebates for new tires. Wouldn't ya know--the model of tire I got has rebates but not the size! :( Oh well, they weren't that expensive, as tires go. SUV tires, truck tires and performance tires are all more expensive. I just won't drive a tiny car that I have to crumple myself up into a ball to get into and is dangerous in an accident. So, I drive my Highlander and just pay more for gas and tires. Still, since it's 13 years old and going strong (knocking on wood), it is an economy car in the long run. New Highlanders are $15,000 to $20,000 more than what I paid for mine and mine isn't a stripped-down vehicle. YIKES!!! :eek:

    Granni, sad about this young man. Yes, that is young. Everyone worries about cancer, and rightly so, but heart disease kills more people every year. That, and our strong family history of heart attacks, is why I work out so hard. Now, I'm finding out it is good for my blood sugar too. I'm sorry it is so hard for you and DH to find things to eat. Y'all eat away from home more than I do. I did cheat a bit at Perkin's the other day but it didn't seem to cause a problem. I was just thinking about hard boiling some eggs. I love deviled eggs and may fix them. My blood sugar three hours after lunch yesterday was 96, my lowest reading yet. Let's hope the funerals stop.

    Gonna go read my real newspaper (as opposed to my virtual one). I have a coupon from Publix and need to check their ad for sales starting tomorrow. If they have good things on sale, I'll wait for those prices. If not, I may shop today. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Nice to see you on the Homebound Board, Mikie. Amazing how similar many of
    our memories are. And equally amazing how different they can be. Yes, John
    Kerry (above) is appropriate. So is Donald Sutherland. Never cared much for
    him. His kid is even worse.

    With regard to the news about sausage causing cancer, I read a decade or two ago
    that one should never eat foods that are smoked or pickled. Apparently the only
    thing more precarious for one's health than eating is not eating at all.

    More rain on the horizon? Remember Jane Morgan's hit The Day That The
    Rains Came Down? From the year I was graduated from High School. She
    was married to Jerry Weintraub who managed concerts for oodles of popular
    singers including Elvis. I read his bio a couple years ago. Jerry died this year.
    Jane is still with us; age 91.

    Diane, are you and Kevin doing anything for his mini vacation? Something not
    too strenuous? Gee, vacations and holidays used to be so important when I
    was working. Now it's vacation all the time, but I'm too knackered to do
    anything about. ("Knackered" is a little British slang I threw in for
    Barry's amusement.)

    Today is trash day. It will be extra noisy with the trucks coming round.
    I hope the neighbors are done with their tree trimming. We had power
    saws and shouting Mexicans for hours yesterday. Uff-da!

    Hugs, Kids
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in with a joke which is in the general area we discussed a bit ago. Then, I saw that there was another post and Julie was posting the same joke with pix. Thanks, Julie! I love this one. Great minds...! If all y'all get this one, you could be a nerd, very smart or all of the above. Julie, I hope you can come back later.

    Rock, I do remember Jane Morgan and that song. Wow! She's still alive. I always liked her. Maureen O'Hara just died at, I think, 95. She remained a lovely looking person into her old age. This whole nitrate discussion on smoked and preserved meat came up years ago. Seems alcohol makes it even more deadly. A beer and a hot dog at a sporting event, while sitting for hours, could be fatal. If I had to give up bacon, life would not be worth living.

    As predicted, the rain is coming down in sheets but not in blankets. I guess it's snow that comes down and blankets the ground. My old stomping grounds in CO got snow already. El Nino has been good for skiers.

    I'm still tired (or lazy) but have things I need to do. I lazed around and read the paper and took a nice hot soak to loosen me up. Three hrs. following my high protein breakfast, my blood sugar was 103, not idea but not bad for me.

    Better get going. Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Here's a pic of my new orchid, a Little Stars (4n) x Cordata Alba (whatever that means).


    This is actually one I got online that is like mine. Every little spike on mine is loaded with blooms. I LOVE it!

    Love, Mikie
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: that's a pretty little orchid....very different.

    Julie: Is there a way to "clean the boiler" of any mold that might be in it? That's a lot of eggs!

    I'm having such troubles with my insurance, United Health. I called again today....nothing has been changed. The nice man I talked to was very helpful though. He opened up an investigation file. They need to check everything to make sure I'm not getting/paying for medicare.......nothing is free. Then called the Cobra insurance. I told them United Health is blaming them....cobra insurance says it's all the fault of UH. Then I called the lab to tell them the problems. In total there will be about $3,000 in lab charges, and I'm the kinda of person that wants things taken care of NOW. So many stressful things and the last couple of days I've had a roaring headache that nothing will touch. I'm wondering if it's a bug because for 2 days I've been hot and cold, and achy.

    I'm waiting for a gardener to come and give me a $ on things I need done. My neighbor just mentioned that we need to have a shared fence replaced.......it's got termites......another big expense on top of everything I've just paid out this past month. I'm suddenly feeling overwhelmed.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Yes that orchid is beautiful and thanks for sharing. Sounds like you get to listen to a soap opera of sorts daily while Barb and Joe or whoever discuss or argue over whatever they feel like arguing about that day. It is something and somehow sad that some people feel they just have to argue all the time or complain about something. I know, I had a school friend who was like that too but she took after her mom who was just a bad and the mom's husband was such a sweet pussy cat as they say, so quiet. How would it be to live with someone like that who complains all day long. I know it would bother me especially since my parents very rarely complained about anything . They were both so happy with what they did have.

    SUN - We also have UHC but that is our secondary insurance. Medicare is our primary and they have gotten so persnickety lately that not sure they will pay for much of anything other than the yearly stuff, if you are lucky. Hope your insurance stuff straightens itself out real quickly. I know what you mean about getting things straightened out asap.. Hope your headache goes away and that you feel better real soon.

    JULIE - Glad you got to see Amy and Keira the other day so you could bake. Baking is fun when you can at least eat some of it, not like me, no fun. Glad some of the stuff for the new house gets fixed up fast so you can get in it soon. Do you know if the kids that moved are having less colds or allergies since they moved out of the old house?? or not?? It would be nice if you could use the boilers but maybe it could get it checked out for mod to see. It sure would save you money unless it would cost a bunch to clean it up. Come back again soon when you can.

    SPRING WATER - Miss hearing from you too. Hope you and all are doing well in your area considering all the problems of late. Thinking of you and your family. Come back when you can.

    DIANE - Hope you are all doing well too and feeling better with your doc dilemma straightened out soon..

    Got back not to long ago from our monthly luncheon which was after the cart show that they have every year. So many things to looks at and to buy. Some beautiful things and decorations for the holidays if you want to spend the money. I bought a few little things for Christmas presents. DD bought more than I did.

    Gotta run for now and do a few things before dinner and choir practice. I will go tonight and hope I don't have to go back for awhile for our performance practice.

    Thinking of everydobby !

    Granni :)
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I think you said before that you had adrenal fatigue years ago? If so, you've gone to a different stage of it. From what I've read.....I can't find my book from Dr. Wilson.......it takes a loooooong time to heal from it, but mainly lots and lots of sleep and good food and NO stress.

    And I thought Lindsey had a mold test done on the house about a year ago? WHAT! Den doesn't believe? OMG. And.....I thought Gpa was diabetic.......why the pie? That's all I'm going to say on the subject.

    I feel like I've got a bug so early to bed for me. I have a gardener coming tomorrow to do a ton of bush trimming. My neighbor asked me this morning if we should be thinking about replacing the termited fence so I will have a lot trimmed back to a fence guy can get in there to replace it. More $$$$ flying out the door. I talked AGAIN with United Health and the cobra insurance.....no change yet.
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    sorry for playing hookey these past few days...been feeling like


    (wet rag).Just compare that to the picture of the doggy which Julie posted. That dogs name must be 'Happy'. From the twinkle in its clear as spring water eyes to the curve of its mouth opened in a merry laugh, that dog spells 'its good to be alive'. Bless you, little pooch.

    Its also cold and wet today. Im not sorry about that part. The sun was still beating down till yesterday afternoon. In mid day when we mostly have the time to go out.

    The streets are looking like its Sunday (our day of rest) every day these days. Streets empty of traffic (which is actually nice for a change). Been no headway in talks with who ever is responsible for lifting this blockade. No fuel, no traffic. restaurants serving one fifth of their menu.

    We did get our first woman president but to preside over what, is what i ask. A country at standstill? Especially sorry for young folks who need to start their lives. or grown up lives.

    And my part time help lady reported back for work after going to her village for the festival. She lives 75km away, she normally gets a bus which takes her for four hours part of the way and then they walk for five hours. no motorable road, which is what most of the villages still lack. so a lot of ill people dont survive the journey to a city hospital because they have to get stretchered most of the way. This time however, she and her two little sons and her brother walked all the way back because they couldnt get buses to come back. She said it took her four days..taking shelter at the village houses and paying thru the nose for homemade rice and lentil and veggies.

    I do admire her, for all she goes thru, a husband who abused her and she ran away from him, all the sickness she suffers, she still is cheerful and active enough on her good days. She still has so much zest for what she calls her life. Filled as it is, with chores, and lack. She takes pains over her appearance and is always dressed neatly in a brightly coloured salwar kameez with a shiny plastic clip tying her neatly combed hair. a row of tiny gold rings on the lobes of her entire ear...gift from her parents which her husband couldnt get his hands on), a nice pair of gay sandals on her feet the toe nails of which are always painted bright red. In fact, sometimes when i havent had a good day, an outsider could be forgiven for thinking she is the mistress of the house and the slovenly looking lady with frizzy hair wearing a battered pair of specs,a grey complexion and still in jammies is the help.

    Her zest for life is demonstrated by the fact that she went and spent three quarters of her salary on one piece of embroidered saree with a lot of beads and glitter and which weighed like three kgs!! i kid you not! she brought it to show me, so bursting with pride, it was touching. But i was thinking, 'man, if i had to wear that saree, all i would be able to do is sit.' I think her income is supplemented by some help from her parents or something...otherwise she could not get thru on what she earns by doing housework in two places.

    She brought some squash for me from her parental homes garden and a bunch of dried bean stalk from their land and luckily shelled them for me. painstaking work which would have taken time because the beans are so tiny. :D She had given me some squash she had grown in the garden of the place she puts up at, here in town and i had had to go and hide them in my bedroom fearing she would be hurt because this was before festival began and i hadnt had the chance to make them. So she went and thought i had loved them and enthusiastically asked if i would like some more. And i couldnt think of a reason to say no.

    Rock - you ve been having liquid diet for three years ! I admire you are still so stoic and can find so much humour in so much around you. Food is a big part of me. Im great greedy guts and i woud be miserable not being able to eat what i want.

    Mikie - im not surprised your dear friend and barb dont get along. They sound very very different. Your weather and ours is so similar.!! we are having wet winds and rain too.

    Granni - so sorry to hear of your friends son that passed on because of cancer.

    Julie - Your Den is one hard worker. I hope your house is ready on time. And i pray no more mold problems.

    Diane - Happy birthday. !! I hope you and Kevin enjoy his break.

    Sun - the expenses from keeping a house in good condition, its always unexpected..those bills which accrue from having to keep something in working condition or prevent it from falling apart. only today i was telling my help all the pots and pans in my house and the stove are 17 years old. she is a bit of a spendthrift herself. cannot resist that new shiny clip or pair of dainty slippers or whatever.but then she is so much younger than I.

    God Bless

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Nice to hear from you, Springwater. Sorry there is so much bad news to report.
    Gordon has a squash too. Its a Kabocha, about the size and density of a cannon
    ball. One needs an axe or a hatchet to deal with it. It's been sitting under the
    kitchen table for the last couple weeks.

    You're right about Happy, the dog. Maybe dogs are generally happier than people.
    Maybe because they live in the present.


    Mikie, your orchid is a brassavola. I've never seen one in person, not even at an orchid
    show. Unlike most orchids they have a scent, described as like citrus. You can find
    some growing tips here:


    When you make deviled eggs, do you fix them the way people do
    for parties? When I make them, I just mash up the whole egg.
    Don't bother with mashing the yolk and filling the center, etc.
    Mine are never as good as the ones other people fix though.

    Julie, thanks for the illustrated joke. Made me SOL; smile out loud. Gee, deviled eggs
    Haven't had one in more than a month of Sundays. We had a secretary at the office,
    an older gal who knew her way around the kitchen, who always brought deviled
    eggs to a pot luck. Half of them would get eaten in the kitchen before the food was
    even brought out. She said her secret was ingreediment was dill pickle brine. I think
    one of my aunts did the same thing way back when.

    Sun, hope the insurance situation gets straightened out soon. We've had a wonderful
    internist for the last 20 years or so. Most of the time he accepts whatever the insurance
    pays (plus the co pay made at the time of the visit) and just ignores any balance. He
    is from the Ukrain, very urbane, and looks kinda like Charles Boyer.

    A shame about those termites. Maybe you could tell the neighbor all the termites are
    on the neighbor's side of the fence. Robert Frost said good fences make good neighbors,
    but not necessarily. Our neighbors on the south had a crazy guy move in next door.
    He tore down the fence they had put up. Claimed it was on his land. He was prone to
    litigation, or at least the threat of same.

    We went the library book sale yesterday. I bought two sorta iffy paperbacks for
    a quarter @. Also got some DVDs of the Simpsons. (I want to improve my mind.)

    Oops! Just heard an intruder in the back yard. Ok, I investigated. The intruder
    is the wind. It was blowing a cardboard box around. According to the weather
    report the wind is 8 miles an hour right now. Feels like more than that to me.
    The temp is 72. Here we are at the end of Oct. and the daytime temps are still in
    the 80s.

    Hugs to Barry, Granni, Diane.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    So good to come here and see so many of our online clan. I'm up but not bright eyed and bushy tailed like the kitties. I tried to go back to bed after letting them in but kept hearing a noise. I had been cleaning up paperwork and had two small paper sacks lying on the coffee table. Somehow, they fell on the floor and the noise I heard was Tweety dancing on them. They ignore the basket filled with cat toys to play with other stuff. It it's paper, so much the better. Like Sun, I think I'm sick. I've had a headache for days, along with aches and pains and extra fatigue. This morning, I'm feeling hot and chilled. Going to get back on my antiviral.

    Got a proposal from our landscaper to removed things in the yard but he didn't itemize it. It's a low price so I figure he forgot some of the things we want removed. I e-mailed him to ensure we are talking apples and apples. Barb is champing at the bit to get the cassia tree removed and can't understand why it isn't gone already. She, and her entire family, have such an entitled attitude. She thinks everyone is here to serve her every need. That is in strong contrast to how stoic she is in the face of strokes and a heart attack. Of course, she gives her docs and therapists a hard time just to be contrary. I think being contrary is part of her nature at this point. I try to include her in what is going on with our bldg. and that does help--some.

    It's still gray, foggy and rainy out. It's supposed to break up about 2:00 this afternoon. I'm stymied over what to do for Halloween. We get only one, or no, trick or treaters. The older boy at the end of our bldg. has Type I Diabetes so I think I'll try to find some of those little coloring kits like I got them for Christmas. I don't want candy sitting around. I could give it to Barb; she loves sweets and, at her age and skinny weight, she might as well enjoy it. She has hypoglycemia and has to keep her blood sugar up. Of course, sugar isn't good for that either but, like said...

    Spring, soooooo good to hear from you. I worry about you and yours with all this unrest and shortages. People there are certainly dedicated to the festivals and customs. About the only thing which calls to people here is shopping on Black Friday and waiting outside Apple Stores for new iPhones. Commercialism is replacing our culture. Sad! I'm laughing at your self-description. I usually describe myself as looking like the wrath of God. My appearance gets about as neglected as my condo. When I'm in a relapse, I have to go into survival mode. Not only is our weather like yours but our political gridlock is dragging us down. We have a president and congress but no progress except for a few breakthroughs of late. I hope your country breaks free of this mess. In the meantime, keep us updated on how you're doing.

    Julie, GPA should be down on his knees to you for all you do for him. How nice to make those eggs for his Sr. Citizen event. Sounds as though you guys will be making progress on the house. If you have a county expert on mold, he or she should be able to help you with it. After Hurricane Charley, I called ours and he gave me a real education on it over the phone. I know mold can be remediated. Yes, green plants in the window during the winter really helps keep the winter doldrums at bay. It's also good Feng Shui and the plants help clean the air. Good luck on everything.

    Sun, once again we share something in our lives. I mentioned above that I am feeling like you right now. I have soooo much to do and feel like crap. At least, if I have a bug, it would explain my worse-than-usual fatigue. Good for you for getting to the problem with your ins. When a person has two ins. plans, one is always primary and the other secondary. The secondary plan doesn't pay until the primary plan pays what it's going to pay. This can lead to a mess, as you can see. I also keep having the $$$'s flying out the door. AACK!!! I hope this stops for both of us and whatever bug we may have hits the road.

    Granni, I'm not familiar with cart shows. Is it like a craft show or vendors selling things? About the only show I usually purchase from is the Art Fest downtown in Feb. Most of the artists sell their bread-and-butter things to keep them going between sales of their expensive pieces. I love being able to buy a small piece of art and know who made it. I am partial to pottery and hand-blown glass. I'd get jewelry but it's always pretty pricey. Yes, Barb is her own soap opera but I try to avoid her when she's really riled up. No one in here pays much attention. She is starting to repeat herself more and more. YIKES!!! It's hard enough to hear this stuff once let alone ad nausium. How's the leak? I hope you get it fixed. Do you like the new door?

    Rock, is Lady of The Night a general description of some of the brassavolas? When I went online to look it up, there were several strains of the Little Stars. None of them exactly matched the full name on this one but they all resemble mine. I think mine will be loaded with blooms. A question for Gordon--should I repot it to get it out of the dirt medium or wait until it's through blooming. Instructions for care stated that this orchid needs to be kept watered more than others. Thanks for the link; I'll check it out. I do remove the yolks from the eggs to devil them. I use Gray Poupon and spices. Mom always sprinkled some paprika over them and I do too. If I'm making them for an event (never happens anymore) I garnish them with little olive slices. I love "The Simpsons" too. Nothing like a silly laugh to make us feel better.

    Well, Kids, time to end this Warren Peace and go read the paper online. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I feel for your helper......until I read what she blew her $ on! I know people like that.....when they get extra they spend it on unnecessary items instead of really thinking thru carefully. We were soooo poor when our kids were little. 3 pairs of sleepers for the first one, which was then worn by my DD and then my son, born 3 years after the first. When they were older I made a lot of raggedy ann/andy dolls at christmas time so we could buy presents. And then a neighbor clued me into thrift stores! I think my DD felt VERY deprived when she was young so now she goes overboard with buying clothes, toys, etc. for her two kids. But then.....I'm trying to instill in my DGD how lucky she is because so many other kids don't have a tiny part of what she owns.

    Mikie: You probably DO have a bug because of how everything hit you so hard. I'm a tad better today.....the headache I couldn't get rid of for 2 days no matter what I took. I wore an ice pack around my head too. And I think I started out just sneezing. I used my sinus rinse kit a couple of hrs. ago because I still had a sinus headache. My son was telling me he had a sinus headache for a couple of days this past week and my DIL was also having problems. I give thanks for recovery to oregano oil. I start taking some around October until march or april and it usually knocks out whatever I've picked up. I even travel with a little bottle of it.

    Rock: how are things going with the kefir? I had my kefir shake yesterday afternoon and was thinking it was like drinking a strawberry shake.....felt like I was cheating on my diet. And I've even started taking a little chia seeds in it or sprinkled on my salad. I read they're a great way to add fiber and they're chocked full of vitamins.


    Julie: It will be soooo nice for all of you to have more open space and privacy too. Whether it's CFS or adrenal fatigue, the big thing is stress and how well you sleep. I had some special lab tests that showed high cortisol, especially at night. She said that's why I wasn't sleeping good. The supplements she's recommended, Calm PRT, seems to be helping but it's very expensive.....$99 for a 40 days supply.

    My landscaper has been working with a chain saw for 2 hrs. and he still has more work. His trailer is FULL because he had to remove part of the old wood fence. And he will still have to use a stump grinder to remove some stumps from this giant bird of paradise. This is the one that has black flowers with some little white on it. Gorgeous. He will be leaving some smaller ones which I'll have to keep control of the size. I have two fence guys coming this afternoon for bids. Oh yes, did I tell you I found 3 dead rats on the patio this past week. Someone must be putting out rat poison. Thankfully I had one of those grabbers from the dollar store! I've emptied my little water fountain......I'm sad about that because I love the sound of running water......but apparently they were attracted to it. I was told that rat poison makes them very dehydrated.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    My little furry "alarm clocks" got me up at 4:30 and I decided not to go back to sleep. When I do that, I have occasionally slept til almost 7:00. I have to be at my neighbor's at 7:00 to take her to the airport. She's flying up North to meet a friend and then they fly together to Europe where they board a river boat to cruise. I hope she has a wonderful time. She's the newest neighbor in our group and she's such a nice person. Her cat, Charlie, will be lounging at the Cat Nap Inn while she's gone. Another neighbor will be moving to Arizona to be with her family. We will be having a dinner on Nov. 11 for her.

    I have to drive about 15 miles down the coast to get my teeth cleaned. Can't complain; it's free through my Medicare Advantage Plan. When I come home, I'm going to go online to sign up to switch from the BC/BS HMO plan I have now to the AARP United HealthCare Medicare Complete plan. It's always been the better plan but, last year, they dumped soooo many of my docs. They've since added many of them back. My Tier 1 and Tier 2 med will be zero co-pay through their mail order service. BC/BS upped their co-pay to $15 each, for a 30-day supply, regardless of where people get their Rx's filled. Switching will save me $720 a year in prescriptions alone. Also, yearly out-of-pocket cap is lower in case of a bad illness or injury. I'm feeling really good about this.

    Julie, you are never rude. I've often used the phrase, "between a rock and a hard place," to describe your situation. You navigate this difficult path with grace and kindness. Keep your eyes on the prize and your new home will be a reality. You have so much difficulty but you also have blessings. I know you have an attitude of gratitude which helps you get through the rough waters. How nice it will be when you have your own space and GPA has his. I think he might stare because he likes watching you as you work around the kitchen. I once read that children benefit emotionally by seeing their parents taking care of them and their home. Older people revert to being child like and this may apply to GPA. I know the cats love it when I work around here and they follow me. When they lived outside, they would come to be near me when I worked in the yard. How wonderful that GPA's sugar is under control and that he can have a special treat now and then. My new UHC Medicare Complete magazine had some low-carb recipes for cookies that sound healthy and delicious. I'm going online to find their other similar recipes. Get some rest, Kiddo, so you can continue to fight the good fight.

    Sun, yes, I started out sneezing and coughing. I couldn't tell whether it was a bug or Red Tide, which is here in low concentrations. After the chills and sweats, along with swollen lymph glans, I know it's a bug. My immune system usually won't tolerate such invasions and will get rid of it post haste. I still have a headache at night and I woke with one this morning. I will use my nasal spray to deal with it. My appetite is gone. I'm struggling to find things I want to eat. I'm down 23 pounds now. I still haven't drunk my kefir; I forget about it. Those rats probably got a high dose of Coumadin/Warfarin. Too bad you had to empty the fountain. Townhouse courtyard across the street has a fountain and I love the sound of it. It's the sound of the fountain behind my condo in the pond which I usually hear. We don't have mice or rats due to wildlife which catches them. Hawks and ospreys will swoop down and take them away for a fast-food, fly-through snack. It's like the McDonald's of the bird world. We have some huge bird of paradise plants in between our bldg. and the one next to us. They can get as big as they want. They have white flowers. I use the smaller orange ones toward the front. They spread like weeds. Take care, my friend.

    Gonna go read the paper. Nothing but shootings in the news here. While the new commission on gun violence was meeting, a man was shot only two blocks from where they were convened. People in the bad hoods keep complaining about poverty and having no jobs for young men but they seem to be waiting for someone to just give them jobs. They do nothing to prepare for working. Those young men don't stay in school and they have babies while they are sill in high school. The last three shooting victims each had children and one of them had another child on the way. Two were in high school and one was in college. They don't seem to understand that babies having babies is a recipe for poverty. I know this cycle is difficult to break for people who have never known anything else but something has to give. When I pick up my friend at the airport on her return, sadly, I will be armed just in case. It's only for defense and I pray I never have to use my weapon.

    OK, on a more cherry note--it's going to be a beautiful day today. Hope you day is beautiful too.

    Love, Mikie
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