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    I no longer believe this is the luck of the draw. It must be a vast conspiracy so that I have to start all the new Porch Volumes. :) In any case, I'll be ba-ac as soon as I read all the final posts on #847.

    Love, Mikie

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just took my fasting blood sugar and it was 98. Yea!!! I'll be going over to the pool this morning for a workout. I hate to miss even one because I think it's what is driving the improvement in my BS. It'll be warm all week. I wish we would get our nice fall weather back. Mother Nature teases us for a few days and then, Pow!, summer is back with the heat and humidity.

    Spring, Rock had a good idea to go to You Tube to see videos on how to build the little ovens. From the description on Wiki, it looks so simple that I could build one just from the directions. When I was a Girl Scout, we cooked in pits in the ground. There were rocks in the bottom and we built small fires on top of them. When the fire burned down, we would put our food, sealed in foil, on top of the rocks. Everything cooked through and through and was delicious. It took far less wood than with conventional wood cooking. I agree that something has to give. Continued shortages, for no good reason, will spawn civil unrest and demonstrating. If the govt. won't change, it can lead to riots. No one wants that. I keep you in my prayers that things get back to normal.

    Rock, thanks for finding the You Tube videos for making the solar ovens. It is my understanding that they get so hot that one can cover the food when not watching over it. BTW, Obamacare has nothing to do with price increases. Everyone likes to blame him but it's the greedy drug companies which are driving up the costs. Obamacare is nothing more than a law which mandates that everyone be covered by insurance, whether through Medicare, Medicaid, employer plans, or private insurance. If people cannot afford insurance, there are credits to help them pay for it. There are penalties for those who refuse insurance. It is against the law for Medicare to negotiate drug prices like the VA does. It's time to change that law.

    Julie, those girls are soooo cute. How sweet that Lorraine dresses up like Grandma Julie. Love the pix of your family. Hope you can get some rest.

    Sun, I'm happy anytime my BS is below 100. Of course, I'd like it to be less but, if this is normal for me, it's still within the normal range and I'm satisfied. As long as sugar isn't coursing through my bloodstream at high levels, it's not dangerous. Thank you, as always, for suggesting that book. It's so helpful to know what's going on inside. If only those kids knew the pain their pranks cause others, they might not do things like that. I doubt that one who helped you had any idea you were blessing him with an opportunity to be of help. I always said that God makes teenagers so obnoxious to keep us from being too upset when they leave home.

    Well, kids, I gotta go. I haven't eaten yet but I did drink my ImmunPlex in a small glass of milk. Directions say it's more effective in improving glutathione if drunk 30 mins. before breakfast. Have to see whether the paper is here. Sun. paper was late and I had to call customer service. DStdT should have no effect on their delivery. If anything, they have an extra hour in the mornings. I could understand it in the spring but not now.

    Have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm using my Surface and, for some reason, it will not let me edit.

    Sun, you had asked me why I want to buy almond flour. Suzy Cohen says it can be substituted for all-purpose flour in baking, cup for cup. Suzanne Somers has flour recipes in her books but they are more complex. I want to bake some low-carb cookies.

    Just got back from the pool. Four of my pals showed up. I had a good workout. I'd post more but, as it is, I'm going to hell for swearing at this computer.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: What is the surgery for? I know you mentioned that she had MRSA....right? Hmmmm......well I would suggest she find a new husband! Did you know there are people who will drive a vehicle for you for a fee. That might work......he could find someone and then have them drive back with him? He'll figure it out.

    Mikie: didn't you mention that you take glutathione? I was reading something about it on Suzy Cohen's website. I'm sooooo tired.....more than normal, but I think I might have a bug like you did. The last couple of days I've also had a stomach ache, but the glands feel better, thankfully.
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    Thank you MIKIE for just starting us up again and SPRING for turning off the old one. So sorry to hear about all the heart ships people are still going through in her area. All these awful things happening to people is so sad.

    JULIE - That would be something, Gpa going home to take care of you know who. OMG, what a mess that would be just like she takes care of him. Nothing would get done for anyone. Hope David can get another vehicle down to Tennessee. Aren't there any agencies that might have someone to come for the time it took for you to help David get the car down there. That shouldn't be too long? Of course you would have to pay but do not know how much. Hang in there kiddo. You have so much on your plate. I wish I or we could be of more help to you. Is that vehicle David's? If so what would he use or is he planning on just going back there to looks some more for positions? Was that an extra car they had? Hope it works out.

    I should be going to choir practice tonight but DH says no and he hates me driving at night to practice but I might have to do it and miss my other practice cause they are practicing some for the performance on the 20th. To much to do in so short a time.

    MIKIE - I am glad your BS has been doing pretty well. It sounds good to me and sounds like you are working hard at it. Had to go pick up some veggie trays this afternoon to bring to someones house for a funeral that is going to happen tomorrow for a friends mother who has died. Then dropped them off so she could bring it and other donations tomorrow for the funeral.

    HUGZ also to ROCK, DIANE and dear SPRING WATER, and all our MIA's inc Elaine and the list goes on. Have some more stuff to do on the computer so I need to get off for now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi All.
    Sun: I have been mourning the loss of your giant Strelitzia plant. What a shame it had to be removed! I used to see these sometimes in SoCal in Santa Barbara and south. Usually just saw the regular bird-of paradise. Did you know there are very few species in this genus? One is named S. alba --- and has white flowers -- not very pretty though. All from Africa.

    I am still exhausted from my cardi work-ups on Monday. Had echo and nuclear stress and another echo test. I'll know the results next week after I see my pcp. The tests were done 65 miles away and we had to be there at 9:30. I was there for five hours! (they had told me via phone that it would only take two and a half hours).

    We're still waiting for enough rain to get the springs and creek running. The springs feed our well. Still no water in it. We usually have it stop in August and start in Sept. A strange year......o_O

    The persimmon tree is covered with yellow leaves and orange fruit. They are a little hard right now, but will soften soon. Small, but no seed and easy to peel. I love the flavour. This variety is Fuyu.

    We went, after my ordeal at the hospital, to the hell that is Costco. Best place to get walnuts, TP and PTs too! I picked up some more turmeric, treats for Shorty, quinoa/brown rice mix, and a rot. chick needless to say. ;)

    Richard has been watching lots of Val Lewton movies -- most not to my taste -- "I walked with a Zombie", "Curse of the Cat People", and so on. I guess having taught cinema appreciation gives him a new perspective on things. The photography, lighting, acting, cross-referencing ---- aye, aye, aye:p.

    Soft-boiled egg for lunch.
    Later, friends.

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    Thanks Barry.....just to know that someone else loves plants the way I do makes it hurt a little less. I planted it almost 17 years ago after coming back from Hawaii. My yard was wonderful with this huge purple/black flowered bird, and intertwined orange, purple and pink flowering vines. All gone....all gone. But trying to look forward. I have one more fence bid and then we'll get it started. I bought a new plant for me.....Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor to plant up on that area once the fence is in. I love the look of brown leafed plants with chartreuse and blue grey plants.

    I'm sorry your heart test day was horrendous. I sympathize completely. I dodged a specific heart test in january where they inject something in your veins and see what happens over 3 hrs. I was SCARED especially when I heard horror stories and also read a person can die. I prayed and prayed.....had to get there by 8 a.m. and as I was walking to the desk a nurse met me....."was I here for the heart test?" Yep....well surprise.....she said it had never happened before but the person who was to do the test cancelled from getting sick all of a sudden and she had tried to call me before I left home. Thank you God! So I decided God didn't want me to get it and I said forget it, called my doctor who also said that it was OK for me to skip it, since my breathing tests came back that I was COPD. WHAT! and he was going to let me go thru this awful test??? And since I had to be caffeine free for 3 days and I had roaring headache the first stop I made after leaving the clinic was starbucks.

    Anyway, I hope the tests all come back perfect for you. Let us know how you're doing?

    I agree about Costco......been there twice with my DD and don't want to go back to a huge warehouse!

    Granni: ANOTHER funeral????
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm enjoying the cool morning because it's like summer here during the days. We've been setting record highs almost every day. I'm plugging away at cleaning in the condo. It's slow going because I'm trying to deep clean and also clean out things I no longer need. I had sent an e-mail to my ex, wishing him a happy birthday and asking how the diet was going. He said he's "watching the sugar." Huh? My guess is that he's watching it go into his mouth. He did say he's walking his dog, Shorty, every evening. At least, he's getting some exercise.

    My soulmate friend, Richard, called me yesterday. He still doesn't know when he'll come down but promised timely notification of when he plans to come. He said he's planning on staying a week--say what! He has another good friend and he may stay part of the time with him. We have always gotten along well and we once had back-to-back vacations to Bermuda and the Carolinas together that lasted several weeks. It's just that I'm used to having no one under my roof. Even my kids' visits wear me down after a couple of days. Of course that may be because of DGS who has ADHD.

    I usually get up around 4:00 or 4:30 these days and fall asleep around 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening. Wish I could get myself on a more normal schedule but my body does what it wants. The cats stayed in last night but asked for the door to the lanai to be opened at 3:00. Tonight, I may try just leaving the lanai door open a bit so they can come and go. I tried this once but they were wild all night long. Right now, Tweety is stalking a small insect which found it's way in.

    Julie, I'm sure David will figure something out about the car. I hope and pray he finds a good job. Perhaps if GPA goes to take care of sis, it will give you a reprieve for a few days. Whenever he has stayed with her, he realizes just how good he has it with you. Of course, it would give her time to brainwash him some more. This whole situation went from awful to ridiculous long ago. As always, my prayers are with you.

    Sun, I'll have to check out Suzy Cohen's website. PH has always had some good info on glutathion and I used to take their undenatured whey. Don't know why I stopped but decided to start it up again since this latest relapse. Sorry you had to lose the bird of paradise plant. Think I mentioned that we have two huge ones with white flowers along our bldg. and the one next door. We have a bunch of the orange ones which spread like wild fire. I love the smaller orange ones; they look beautiful along with the orange/yellow/green crotons. I planted some sweet potato vines along one side of our bldg. and they are taking over. I'll have to keep them cut back. Hope you are feeling better.

    Barry, sorry your cardio test was such an ordeal. I had the whole cardio workup, including the injected dye, years ago. Even though I was sick with CFIDS/ME, it wasn't too bad. I aced the stress test which came as a surprise to me. Hope you can rest up. At least, it's all behind you now. Hope you get the rains you need.

    Granni, OMG! Another funeral? Seems as though your time is divided between funerals and choir practice. I hope you are finding some way to have fun.

    Well, Kids, I had better go have my breakfast. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    DH should be coming in very soon so I need to type fast. I am also still in my PJ's.

    MIKIE - I didn't have to go to this funeral but we provided some of the food afterwards. DD and I belong to the same LARGE dinner group and it was a gal in the group whose mother had died. I do not really know her so didn't go to the funeral. We just bought some veggie trays from SAMS CLUB and brought them to her. She was going to bring everyone's stuff to the church today.

    Got our flu shots yesterday, finally. I find that they usually do help me/us. I used to get lots of URI every year and need to watch out for bronchitis and pneumonia which I have had. I usually don't get the flu from it but last night I had some unusual aches and pains in my neck area and of course my area where I got the shot was given sore too. I got up and took some IBU which did help a little bit.

    DH is now home and I need to get dressed. Lots of stuff to do today. We are supposed to go to Houston tomorrow to see grandson's last regular game but they are talking about bad rain on the weather. DD's in Houston will be very disappointed I know. I was really looking forwards to it. Not sure if they will get into the playoffs or not so it might be his final game period. He is a Senior as is his brother.

    Gotta run for now. DH will need the computer when I get off here. Then we need to go over to talk to my neighbor DD whose DH was going to do the driving to make the decision.

    Bye to everyone right now. Sorry no time to talk to everydobby individually):!!

    Love to everyone,
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    Hi again dear Porchies !!

    MIKIE , SUN et al- what types of Glutathione have you used. I am using the sublingual which is like $50 plus for less than a months worth. Have any of you have had good experiences with the cheaper variety?? I can't keep spending money like this although I have gotten some pretty good buys on line. The stuff I am taking now was prescribed by my ND. It is Clinical Glutathione by Terry Naturally. Just wondering if any others worked pretty well too but perhaps not that quickly for a cheaper price?? I have been meaning to ask you all but keep forgetting. Now I am getting nervous as Christmas is just around the corner and I don't much for anyone. I usually do Christmas out of my SS. It is mostly for the younger ones, G Kids but some stuff for our children.

    JULIE - How nice that David has figured out what to do about the car situation. Just driving him to the airport will be a big contribution towards his situation. My goodness kiddo, what would everyone do without YOU?? Hope the chiro will help you and hope that you are feeling a little better. . I don't feel that great myself as we both got our flu shots. The gal that gave them said they were stronger than the usual ones. Hope I can sleep better tonight. DH said maybe I should nap this afternoon but then if I did there might be a problem with getting to sleep tonight.

    BARRY - Sorry also that your tests took so much out of you. Hope you are starting to feel a little better by now and that you get the rain you need. Here it seems to be drought or flood lately. We are supposed to get more again tomorrow and through the weekend.

    Nothing much new here really . I need to order some more stuff including the Gluathione soon but I need to wait till my SS kicks in next week.

    SPRING WATER - Hope you and all in your area are hanging in there as you still try and get through the shortages and all and damages done to your area due to the EQ. Keep thinking about you and people in your area and what they have to do without. I pray that things will improve for you and all. I know you are luckier than some and I know it is still hard. We, here in the US are very spoiled and doing without all these conveniences would be very hard, especially for the younger people. Us older people have done without before.

    DIANE - Hope you and all are doing well and hope that things have improved as far as your doctors and insurances are concerned. Stay well sweetie.

    Bye for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Granni: I haven't taken glutithione. Wondering what experiences others might have with it.

    I'm spending a lot of $ for a trip for me at Christmas. Times are a changin.......so I may go the joke gift route this christmas for the adults. One christmas I told everyone to do that.....I set a limit of $5 for each person, told them to go shop at the thrift store and find something funny. I searched and searched for my DD......I was really looking for a used pair of red glittery high heels, but found none. My eyes spied a wooden box for $5.......OK so it wasn't funny, but I bought that. I came home after really looking at it and did a search on the internet. Turns out it was a cigar type humidor from around 1860, handcarved top and sides and worth about $100 so she got the jackpot that year.

    And link to this company was hooked up to an email. Took a look at the Tshirts and imagined my SIL wearing the one below......Can't stop laughing at them.
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    SUN - Where are you going this year for Christmas, to see family or just a nice relaxing place for you??? If you mentioned it before it went way over my head and I have forgotten. That sounds like a cute idea for Christmas gifts too. I know some people just do like a pink elephant thing , sort of like what you were talking about. Gee your DD was lucky with that one. Did she sell it or keep it?? I would have liked to see that one. My dad had a humidor for his pipes years ago but it was like a little table where you could put the pipes and stuff inside it, with a little door. It wasn't large but my dear Dad had it for years and I think they just used it to put a lamp on it even after he no longer smoked.

    I just checked out that link you sent. They were very funny. I love the one of Swiss cheese. I am such a cheese lover and that is why I liked that one especially. Sure could use a piece of cheese or two about now. That kills me not to be able to have any. The other ones with faces on them were funny too.

    I think it was MIKIE who was talking about possibly getting back on it again. I see some other brands and ones that are capsules and not sublingual. I will probably talk to the ND when I see her next month and ask her. I am sure this one is the best but it is also the most expensive.

    We were supposed to go to see my DGS play his last seasonal football game tomorrow but they are promising a bunch of rain , so we aren't going. Hope DD isn't to upset. Haven't herd from her since I sent the e-email saying we aren't coming. Both us and DD#2 and DSIL were going to go to and he was going to drive there. I told her that if per chance they get into some kind of playoff to let us know. He is a senior and he is coming to the end of his playing football which he loves. Unfortunately he doesn't get to play a whole lot as they have so many kids on the team and some much bigger than he. He is tall but not really bulky even though he has worked out. He is a good player when he plays but nothing you can do about that. Luckily our son got to play quite a bit when he played and he was slightly built too but I guess there wasn't as much competition. He was good on defense.

    Need to go and wash my hair. I will not be able to do it tomorrow as we are going out to eat with DD and DSIL instead of the game. The next day we are going to our DD to sort of celebrate DSIL's birthday, number 57, just the opposite of me I told him, 75.

    MIKIE - Let me know what you do know about Glutathione and what you took before. That is one expensive supplement esp the 500 mg sublingual.

    JULIE - It looks like we were posting at the same time. Good luck and hope the chiro fixes you up tomorrow really good. You sound exhausted. Hang in there girl :)!! Are you going to the close or the far chiro? Will try and get back tomorrow .

    Gotta run for now. Hugz to everydobby,

    Granni :)
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    Granni: My DD kept the box. It was quite nice and just lucky to find it at Goodwill. I first thought it was one of those carved wooden boxes from Mexico but when I got it home and really looked at it, I realized it was a china insert in the box and it had a label on the bottom which I looked up on the internet.

    I'm going to Maui for christmas. My SIL's company bought a small condo on Kaanapali beach (2 bedroom) and his mother wanted her whole immediate family to spend christmas there. So my DD asked if I wanted to go.....if I didn't I would have been home alone and that would have been awful. No room for me at the condo.....as it is there will be 10 people staying at it.....so I'm staying at a nearby hotel. My 2 grands have already asked if they can stay in my room with me. Of course.....it would have felt strange to be alone.

    I've bookmarked the Tshirts.......so unless I don't find something better I will probably buy it. Found them a tad cheaper on Ebay with free shipping too. I think they're a good picture transfer onto the shirt.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    I finally crashed yesterday. I was not only tired but felt a bit shaky and depressed. Last evening, I got a call from my Mom's best friend's son. Her friend died at age 99 yesterday morning. She had dementia and I had stopped going to see her because she didn't remember me and it upset her so much that she didn't remember. She was such a sweet person. I'll bet there was a big party in Heaven when she got there. One of her sons died about ten years ago and, I'm sure, he was waiting for her.

    Sylvester decided to throw up on the carpet last night and Tweety went wild and jumped on top of my 7' tall armoire. She likes to hide behind some dried foliage up there and meow for me. It's the kitty version of hide 'n seek. I always worry she will hurt herself when she jumps down. I finally got them out on the lanai and went to bed. They were good out there and I slept til 4:00. I fell asleep early last evening so got some good rest.

    I'm meeting my pals at the pool this morning for my workout. Next Wed., we have dinner with one of our own who is moving to Arizona. It is lobster night at the restaurant but I doubt I'll have it. I don't dislike it but there is probably something on the menu I'd enjoy more. The one organizing the dinner called me last night. She just had vein bypass in her leg and it was successful. She's been in pain for so long. The veins were 90 percent clogged. Another prayer answered through our prayer box.

    Granni, I take the ImmunPlex undenatured whey sold here to increase glutathione. It has been recommended by Dr. Cheney for years. He had an article on it in the library here. Thing is that one hardly ever finds a silver bullet in any supplement. Each one works a little bit and it can take a while before they produce change in the body. Unless you add supps one at a time and stay on them for several months, it is impossible to know whether they are helping. Sometimes, supps help behind the scenes but you can't really tell by how you feel. You can look up the ImmunPlex at the Store here. Hope you feel better.

    Julie, I love construction and am living vicariously through you project. It's exciting to build a home. I just saw a program on art and Alzheimers on PBS. Seems that, even in late-stage dementia, the person and personality is still there and can be reached. They used art and visits to museums to coax the person back out. Just seeing art, or other interesting things, is good for memory. I'd imagine that taking GPA on a ride where he can remember the bldgs. and people is good for him to keep his brain exercised. It's good for all of us. I've been so run down that my poor brain isn't functioning as it should. Glad David got his dilemma figured out.

    Sun, Maui is beautiful. I'm so glad you are going to be with family there. I was there in the 80's and met O.J. Simpson. He was sooo handsome back then and I thought he was the nicest man. Good grief! Little did I know or suspect. How could anyone have known? He was a handsome, charming football star. We were at a big hotel on Kanapali Beach. There were small penguins which had the run of the place. I played tennis and golf. So glad I did those things when I could. Doubt I'll be spending an money on trips now. Again, I'm so glad you are getting to go. What a nice Christmas this will be.

    Gotta eat breakfast. I drank the whey first; that is supposed to give better results. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    It's cold here. 55 degrees at 3 AM. Supposed to be 77 later today. In the
    meantime I have 3 layers on top including my thermal long-sleeved T

    Did I tell you guys I discovered a new relative? His name is Donald
    Harstad. My grandmother was a Harstad. The Harstads came from
    Norway just before the Civil War.

    Anyhoo, Donald Harstad was a deputy sheriff for 26 years. Upon retiring
    he took up writing. Lives in Elkader, Iowa, which is a village only slightly
    larger than the one where I grew up in SE Minnesota. Writes cop stories
    with a rural setting. Has written several novels; is listed as a best selling
    author. How far are you from Elkader, Julie?

    Mikie, penguins in Hawaii? Gordon and I didn't see any when we were there
    in 1991. Fifty years after Pearl Harbor. We only visited the big island. We
    were told prices were very high in Hawaii. My recollection is that our package
    trip (flight and hotel) wasn't expensive. I did buy some shell necklaces and
    key chains for gifts to take home. They weren't expensive either.

    Barry, sorry to hear about your 5 hour ordeal with the wonderful world
    of modern medicine. I hope you are all recovered. Do you have wild
    persimmons? I can't remember ever tasting one. Wikipedia says
    persimmons are a berry.


    Julie, hope your chiro visit goes well. If you put three 2 by 4s together
    do you get a 6 s 12? Actually I read many years ago that 2 by 4s are
    really a little less when measured. So it's a term of art. In the old days
    (before all this climate change) snow didn't arrive in the Midwest until after
    Thanksgiving. Does it look like you will be done by then?

    Sun, hope you have a great visit to Maui. Does the plane land there or
    do you have to fly to Honolulu first? When we were in Honolulu almost
    every corner had an ABC store. One intersection had 2 or 3 of them. Sort
    of a 7-11 store with overtones of a drug store and Target (for cheap clothes).
    Hope you have fun without getting worn out.

    Springwater, do you ever get persimmons in Nepal? Maybe you could invent
    a new recipe with curry. I hope conditions are improving. It's so sad to
    read about what's going on in Kathmandu.

    Grannni, I'm surprised you got a flu shot. So many people here say flu shots
    are not for us. They only make us sicker.

    Diane, hope you feel better. Regards to Kevin and the kitties.

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Hi Everone

    Rock, I've never seen a wild persimmon, which don't grow on the west coast. This variety, fuyu, is a Japanese kind, and non-astringent. I don't know whether Spring has them where she lives, but they do grow wild in N. India and around there. I should think they might be used in a curry. We've made chutney out of them before, and it was really good. In town there is a large Hachiya persimmon loaded with fruit -- an astringent variety that is best bletted, like medlars and quinces.

    Sun, I really hope you enjoy your vacation in Hawaii! I've never been there myself. It will be so nice to have your family around you. Be careful surfing! ;) By the way, although I hate going to Costco, I like what can be bought there.... Last time, after my cardio stuff, I let Richard do most of the shopping -- I just grabbed up some dog treats and some Turmeric --- and fled the store while R. finished.

    Mikie, I don't think the penguins you saw in Hawaii were native, since they are not indigenous. Some are kept in "penguin parks"though.....and hotels where they are somewhat liberated..... Puffins for me! Love them, but only saw them in coastal Oregon.

    Spring, I am so sorry for the trouble your country is going through. As if things weren't bad enough after the earthquakes now you have this border blockade at the Indian border. What are they trying to achieve? No petrol --- bad for the whole economy and population. I hope things get better for you soon.

    Diane, hope you are doing alright. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love to all, Barry

    Love to all,
  16. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping in. Had a good workout at the pool and came home to Barb all riled up. She said she isn't leaving a car key while she's up North for the holidays. Everyone should leave a key in case of an emergency. She said no one better touch her car either. I told her I don't care whether she leaves one or not. In case of an emergency, her car will be towed. Joe came over and she told him he's stupid. She's getting worse.

    Rock, have you done a family tree? That isn't a common name so it's likely anyone with that name is related somewhere along the line. Those penguins were brought in to that hotel Maui for the tourists. Some of them do well in the tropics. They were small and tame. Cute little guys. We had to land in Honolulu and take an island hopper to Maui.

    Barry, as I mentioned to Rock, these were not native. This hotel is famous and has been on TV shows. The floor of the bar is a huge fish tank. Thank God my ex's company paid for everything.

    Gotta go. Too much swearing involved in using this laptop/tablet.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi again awl,

    Well it looks like the rain situation has gotten a bit better wo we are all going to drive into the big city for DGS's FB game. Hope we don't get rained on. We will have jackets and umbrellas but none of us wants or needs to be sitting in a rainy stadium. Trying to put some makeup on as I type Now that's a trick :)!! We are going to stop and eat supper early before we get to the game. So happy that DSIL will be driving and I don't have to listen to DH complain about either the rain, the congested traffic , or both??

    MIKIE - What hotel are you talking about. I haven't been following your conversation on this. It seems to me that when we went on our honeymoon we stayed in a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale that had a big fish tank by the bar I believe. It was quite impressive but not sure if it was the same. Sorry to hear that Barb is being such a pill. When does she go back home and for how long??

    SUN- How wonderful that you are going to Maui for Christmas. I was hoping to get there before I left this earth but somehow I doubt I as DH could care less about Hawaii. I had hoped to get there either with a dear friend of mine who owned a condo there or go and rent it for DH and I maybe a good rate. Well she died several years ago. She was exactly the same age as I. Not sure what it was , maybe heart since it was sudden that I knew of and I thin her dad had heart problems and mom was cancer I think. I know you will have a blast. It is so beautiful there. How long will you be staying??

    ROCK - I know some people seem to complain about the flus shots making them worse but I haven't found that, at least in the long term. I used to get bad URI's very often but these shots do seems to slow them down some. If I catch something it isn't as bad. Everyone has to do what they think is right for them. Hope you are doing well and have found some NRG lurking around that maybe you snitch from someone else :)!! I am still trying to find some too.

    JULIE - I hope you are doing well and that the chiro is going to help you to at least feel a little better. Hope things start to settle down some a bit for you. You need to REST but somehow I am not sure that will ever happen unless you are the only one in the house with no one else to care for.

    DIANE - Thinking about you dear girl and hope you are feeling better and things have straightened out some for you. I know all this stuff on medical insurance is very worrisome. Sorry they changed Kevin's insurance at his work. Hope you both and kitties are doing well. Miss you here !!

    SPRING WATER - Hope things get better for you and all soon in your area. Wish we could help you and your friends get over this awful time much quicker. We all miss you a lot to when you can't be with us.

    Gotta leave now and change clothes for the big game. Hope to get back tomorrow. Sorry for being so sporatic in my visits to the Porch.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    I caught your sly pun about the hopper. [​IMG]
    I haven't done a family tree but several of my relatives have. There is an old
    book from about 1907 tracing the family in the New World

    In 1985 a gal in North Dakota brought the family history up to date. There were
    10 children in the family. She compiled enough data to produce ten books. One
    for the descendants of each child.

    I only have two of the books. There is a Donald Harstad in one book, but
    that particular Donald passed away in 1980.

    And one of my aunts put out a book. She used to write to historical societies
    and county courthouses, etc. She said some places were very helpful. Would
    send her free copies of records and photos. Other places wanted substantial
    fees just to look in their records. She also went to Massachusetts and New
    York and did rubbings of old tombstones on the ancestors who came from
    Wales in 1636. There is a book from early in the last century about them
    in the LA Library, but it can't be checked out.

    Barry, there was a news item today about a 6 year old boy's answer to a math
    question. Someone commenting was confused about the British comment
    on "maths". I felt compelled to explain that it all goes back to to King So and
    So the IV. That's right, huh?

    And thank you for expanding my vocabulary again with bletted. I looked it up.
    "Most varieties of quince are too hard, astringent and sour to eat raw unless
    bletted (softened by frost and subsequent decay)."

    Granni, I am still looking for some energy. Kinda like Diogenes looking for an
    honest man. If I find some energy I will grab a handful for you too.

    Diane, hope you're up to posting soon. Regards to you know who and the
    you know what.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - i didnt know you could do such a mean jump from one rock to the other. Loved your photo. and your tuxedo.

    I looked at the photo of the persimmons and yes, i think we have them here. in fact, theyre very common. and used extensively in an upcoming festival. But the ones here are too sweet for me and too soggy.

    Granni - Im glad you dont drive at night. Its much safer. Enjoy your big game.

    Julie - your house building work seems to be going full swing. Good luck!

    Mikie - I thought Suzanne Somers was the one who wrote a book on Handling Fear but i checked and it wasnt. That author was Susan Jeffers. I read the book sometimes just because i like the writing in addition to what she says about facing fear and dealing with it. Its a very old book i bought at a proper bookstore in town years ago but i found pages with squiggles in pencils on the margin so i knew it wasnt new but no matter, i took it home. and like possessing it. Theyre among a few books i keep rereading because i like the way the author writes.

    Barry - thank you for the word 'bletted'. Now when someone asks me how i feel i can honestly answer 'i feel bletted'. Like yesterday after taking a trip down to see someone'. every time you describe your surroundings i feel lost in flora and fauna; what a beautiful place you live in.

    Sun - Im dealing okay with the outside stuff happening because we do get in some stuff from other places and stock already there..but as the days wear on and provisions get less...a bigfestival is round the corner ..so people are again buying in bulk..lets see. I also dont socialize too much nor entertain so it didnt affect me as much as some others.

    I went down to see a cousin of DHs who is leaving for Canada where she is settled ..and i have never felt less like stirring outside. but i had to go see her. she came over as soon as she came and her elder brother who is in a group who goes on an annual trips to buy goats to release them into the wild also came by with pictures of the place they had gone to, so i felt bound to.

    Lack of energy is a beast. Imagine fighting something as simple as having to wash up, iron and dress. But it was good i did. She was happy to chat with someone and cry some more. Her husband had passed away suddenly and she had had to come back for that. and the grieving process is gonna take a long long time.

    I had a break of sorts day before when i went and had lunch out with a friend. She had made this beautiful pendant out of raw pearl with silver wire entwined. so i asked her to make one for my DD. It was an oddly shaped pearl with two tiers and she had worn it on a silver chain and she was wearing a lovely baby pink plain sweater in cashmere with a boat neck which showed off the necklace.

    (something like this


    but in silver work.. looked so nice.)

    we had korean but i didnt like it too much. a lot of raw salads and being a veg, they could only offer me egg done in one or two ways. anyways, due to the situation in the country they couldnt give us milk tea or juice. and i did not want soft drinks. but it was good to catch up on my friend and her doings.

    righto, my part time helper has come and i need to be around so she doesnt knick something..i lost a spice (herb) i went to a lot of lengths to look for and get, so i dont want to let myself get all angry and hating again...its not just losing something but the time and hardly there energy in looking through all the cupboards for something thats been long stolen. the sense of ones security being attacked. I just dont need that.

    It is a beautiful day..sunny but not hot. yay. I think i will air out the bedclothes.

    God Bless

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2015
    rockgor likes this.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Not much to tell. I was totally inert yesterday when I got home from the store. I have a LOT to do in here and have to get some NRG. It's a worse mess than usual because I've started to clean out small areas and get rid of stuff. I will just have to bite the bullet and get my stepstool out and dust the tops of my kitchen cabinets. It will just be a cursory dust job because I'm not up to hauling our 8' ladder over from the pool house, up the stairs and into the condo. If I stand on the countertops, I can get rid of the worst of the dust. No sense in cleaning down below as long as I'll be stirring up dust overhead.

    Last time I went to Publix, someone took my cart, with the shopping bag in it, from the LOTTO area. They had to have known it wasn't theirs. So, yesterday, I loaded three reusable shopping bags onto the conveyer belt so the bagger could use them. Instead, he put them into the shopper's cart in front of me. Neither the cashier nor I saw him do it. Again, that person in front of me had to have known they weren't his and yet, he walked out of the store with them. The cashier and I made the bagger chase that guy down and get the bags back. From now on, I'm keeping a better eye on my bags. Good grief!

    Dear old friend is supposed to come over for coffee but, when we make plans a week ahead, he forgets and schedules something else to do. I hope Barb is in a better frame of mind because her negativity is getting to me. I try not to let it bother me but she's just soooo toxic and it seems to never end. AACK!!!

    Granni, the hotel I mentioned is in Maui in Hawaii on Kanapali Beach. I can't remember the name of the hotel. The swimming area is 1/4 of an acre by itself. There are two connected areas, an old-fashioned swimming hole with a water slide and a proper swimming pool. Connecting them is a grotto with a swim-up bar inside. The whole first floor lobby has no walls; it's all open air. That's where the penguins hang out. They are so cute. There could have been changes made since we were there.

    Rock, thanks for the pic of the penguin. Like the otters, they can be very playful. The ones in Maui were pretty tame and reserved. They wanted for nothing. What a life! Do you carry a lantern like Diogenes when you search for NRG? I don't carry one but I haven't found any NRG either. When my cousin did the family history/tree, I wasn't into it much but my Mom was. It was my Mom's grandparents who came from Ireland. Due to the prejudice against the Irish at the time, they dropped the "O' " from their last name. I can't imagine they were fooling anyone with their thick Irish brogues. Heck, all you have to do is look at my Mick face and pasty skin and you know right away I'm, at least, partly Irish. Being part German also factors into my pasty skin. You can tell I'm part Irish and part German cause I'll drink whiskey and I'll drink beer! TADA!!! Don't forget to tip your waitress; I'll be here all week. :D

    Spring, that necklace is absolutely gorgeous. It's exactly my kind of jewelry. I like gold, silver and gems but I really like the more organic look, especially of those types of pearls. To think the our Earth harbors such treasures is really exciting to me. Even normal agate rock can be polished to make beautiful stones and beads. Suzanne Sommers was a successful actress but, when she hit perimenopause, she started writing books on health. She was on the forefront of the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Then, she decided to tackle her weight gain. That's when she conferred with specialists in the medical field to come up with a diet which is a lot like the Mediteranian Diet. It's heavy on protein, fats and veggies and light on carbs. One can mix protein, fats and veggies but carbs must be eaten alone or with veggies. Have you looked any further into the solar ovens? Heck, if it weren't against the rules here, I'd build one just for the fun of it. That is, if I were to find some NRG. Alas! It always comes down to NRG. If I had some, I'd send it your way.

    OK, gonna go read the paper online. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie

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