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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'm going to post this and come back to edit it to add on so that anyone coming to Chit Chat will be able to see this.

    I got the kitties out on the lanai early last night and fell asleep only to wake about 1:30. I got up to use the bathroom and put 1/2 of a one-mg. pill of Special K under my tongue so I could sleep. About 3:00 the kitties yowled to come in; they seem to be stuck in the same early sleep pattern which bedevils me. I went back to sleep and slept until 6:30 this morning. Woo Hoo!!! I got about ten hours of sleep. I feel soooo rested. I think I may have to go back to using the Special K so I'm not so sleep deprived all the time.

    I have an Rx at Target so will have to stop in there to pick it up. Think I'll stop in at Rooms To Go and buy a new sofa. Sitting on this old one is killing my back. I've had it for years and it's time. Funny thing is that I'll buy one just like this one only a bit smaller. I'll take the two years to pay it off without interest. I hate to spend the money but need to get it while they still have the white slipcover style.

    I also need to stop at Costco to pick up some berries and a fresh Asian salad kit. Richard likes frozen blueberries for breakfast and I'll check to see whether they have them. They used to. I doubt I'll have NRG to do more today but, if I do, I'll finish cleaning by dusting every surface high up. By gum, I'm gonna get this place clean if it kills me, and it might. :(

    Granni, you must be very proud of your GK's. They grow up soooo fast. Kids are using some of Andy's college fund to pay for this brain center treatment because, without it, the likelihood of even going to college seems dim. The treatment appears to be working already and Andy told his mom that it is easier for him to focus since he started treatment. Severe ADHD is horrible and these kids suffer from it. It is awful not being able to focus the mind. I've been so tired the last few months with this relapse that my mind isn't focused and alert. I know my early teachers were frustrated with my inability to stick with one thing before rushing into something else. Kids with ADHD often have high IQ's which drive them to keep going on to new things to learn. How nice that you and your family can gather around the table for holidays. I had always thought I would have my kids around the table but it wasn't to be. Think I mentioned that I was invited to go to NYC for Thanksgiving to a hotel on the parade route. I'm glad I decided not to do it because I'm not up to traveling right now. Also, I have a lot of expenses.

    Taxes are due before the end of the month. As I've mentioned here, FL is a good place for those of us homesteaded here. I get one $25,000 exemption just for being a FL resident. I get another $25,000 for being older than 65. Finally, I get a $10,000 exemption for being low income. Tax collector can't even use them all because the appraised value, which is far below market value, cannot drop below $55,000. Taxes can be put off til Dec. or Jan. instead of Nov. with only a few dollars in late fees. I usually pay mine on my credit card to be received at the very end of Nov. The charge doesn't show up until my Dec. credit card bill, which is due in Jan. I get travel points too. Now, if I can only get to feeling like traveling.

    Julie, I'm so glad you guys are getting help with the house and, in the process, seeing family as well. What kind of windows are you getting? We used double-pane wooden ones when we added on to the house. We replaced our old metal crank-out windows with the new ones too. I stained all those by myself. Oy! These condos have fiberglass frames with only single-pane glass. They waste NRG like crazy and aren't soundproof. If anything happens to them, they must be replaced by hurricane-glass impact-resistant ones. Be sure to take all kinds of pix as you make progress. It's fun to look at them in the various stages of construction. We let our kids, and the neighbor kids, draw on the inside walls before we put up the drywall. They pretended it was cave drawings to be discovered some time in the future by explorers. Even their teacher did a drawing and message. The people who bought the house must have found them when they opened up one wall for another set of sliding glass doors. Wonder what they thought.

    Gotta read the paper and get ready to go to the pool. Hope all y'all have a great day and that our MIA's show up to let us know they are OK.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening our new thread, Mikie. As one of my co workers
    used to say, "You're the best." Glad to hear you got lots of sleep last night.
    I do most of my sleeping during the day.

    Are you sure Rooms to Go sells furniture? That name sounds to me like
    they oughta be selling trailers.

    Here's a pic of Gordon's newest orchid. It's a laelia anceps,
    and its name is Miss Wonderful. It won some award from the
    American Orchid Society.


    Julie, your nice Sunday dinner does indeed sound very nice. The kind
    we used to have when I was a kid. We grew our own sweet corn too. Mom
    had a large garden: half flowers, half veggies. And in those days most
    respectable housewives canned so we had lottsa stuff from friends.
    BTW, who is Jason? You probably told us, but you know I can't remember
    sic 'em.

    Granni, that's great to hear about your grandsons. You can pass this
    along to them if you like. When my nephews were about to start college
    I took a poll in our office. Almost everyone said the most important
    secret of success in college was to have a schedule. Doesn't need to be
    elaborate. Can be as simple as study in the afternoon after classes; play
    in the evening. Or vice versa.

    And start projects early. If a term paper is required, make a schedule
    for that. Week one, I will pick a topic. Week two I will start doing research.
    Week three I will do an outline. I told this to my son. Nevertheless it
    wasn't too long before he had a sad story about starting a paper the night
    before it was due. He was writing in the computer center when the power
    went out for hours! I didn't say 'serves you right', but I was certainly
    tempted too.

    Sun, what are disappearing sliding doors? Sounds like it would be
    tricky to install them if they disappear. Anyhoo, the work by the
    artist in question reminded me of stained glass. I had a college
    roommate who became a professional artist. In Greenwich village
    to boot. He made tiffany style lamps in our dorm room. I didn't
    dare walk barefoot in one corner of the room.

    Diane, sorry to hear you got pizened as my mother would have said.
    I hope you are greatly improved by now. With regard to our games,
    I thought of a new one, but instantly forgot it before I could write it
    down. Instant forgetting is the essence of Alzheimer's in my opinion.
    Anyhoo I have thought of another one. Hope you're back soon. I'll
    post about the new game when we finish the couple we're on now.

    Oh yeah, Sun, haven't though of Suzanne Somers for ages. I read her
    biography a couple decades ago. She had a tough life with an abusive
    drunk for a father; was dyslexic; was badly treated by the producers
    of Three's Company when she asked for more money.

    Spring, I used to have a tuxedo. About half a century ago. I wore it
    when I was an usher. For about a decade it got a lot of wear. Then
    I moved to California and never wore it again. Probably gave it to
    the Salvation Army. Yes, I agree with all the other comments. The
    pearl pendent is beautiful. Very dramatic.

    Barry, don't know anything about Val Lewton. Hang on. OK, he
    was a producer from Russia; originally Vladimir Leventon. I'll
    have to see if I can find a biography of him in addition to the
    Wikipedia entry. Hope you are fully recovered from your ordeal
    with the medical establishment.

    Hugs All
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Target. Didn't make it to Rooms To Go because I bought a huge NY strip steak and had to get home to grill it. It would have taken at least an hour at RTG so will go tomorrow. I got the Rx and shopped for other things, including some food. Target had my tissues on sale way below my willingness to spend more than $1 a box. Feels good to get them on sale again. My allergies have really been kicking up so I go through them fast. The steak I found had a 'use by' date of today so it had a $5 off coupon on it. Target carries premium meat but not at premium prices. The steak wasn't that expensive to begin with and was downright cheap with the coupon. It was soooo tender--cut like buttah. I can get three meals out of it cause it is so huge. Now it's cheaper than cheap.

    I am exhausted cause I really worked out hard this morning. I upped the intensity of the workout. I'm down 24 lbs. now; only 16 to go before I need to start to slow down the loss. Loose meat is starting to firm up a bit instead of just hanging on my bones. I'd love to get to my target weight before Richard comes to visit. It usually doesn't get really cold in SC until after the first of the year. Real Estate may slow down around Christmas but he has family there so he probably won't come then. Can't wait to see him again. Speaking of which, "Last Tango In Halifax" returns next June with Season Four. What a great show!

    Rock, how nice that they named Gordon's beautiful orchid after me! :) Disappearing doors are usually ones which are housed in the wall when opened, like pocket doors. Often, the individual sections are smaller than big ones, like mine, and they have individual tracks for each section. The result is a big open space to the outside. Rooms To Go is, I believe, a regional chain of stores. You can buy individual pieces of furniture but, if you buy a whole room's worth, you get it at a really good price. For instance, a sofa, a chair, a cocktail table, two side tables and two lamps. It's great for those who are decorating challenged. They had a coupon for $100 off any Sealy sofa bed and, I believe, the sofa I'm looking at comes in a sofa bed. With two plus years to pay it off, and if I can use the coupon, I might as well to increase the sleeping space I have. Now, if I can just get my busy kids down here...

    I went back to finish college in my mid-40's, as did my SIL's Mom. She and I developed ways to succeed in school and considered writing a book. Just showing up is half the battle. That way, the profs know you are a serious student. Sit in the front of the class. Take really good notes; what you write down is more likely to stick in the brain. On tests, go through the questions three times: The first time, answer those questions you know; on the second time, try to figure out the answers to the questions you don't know for sure (you can usually omit two answers on a multi-choice question and C is statistically more likely to be correct if you're just making a stab in the dark); and, on the third time, check to make sure you didn't miss anything. So what if you're not the first one done. It is usually the first done who don't do well. Finally, get to know the prof. Stop by during his or her office hours for a little help or clarification. Smart and serious students do this. These are only three of the things we came up with.

    We should start an art club here. Someone could post a pic by a favorite artist, contemporary or classical, and we could all put forth our ideas, comments or critiques. This is what helps people with Alzheimer's, according to the special I watched on PBS. Besides, I think it would be fun. Any takers?

    Even though I got a lot of sleep last night, I might do a bit of napping myself. Don't feel up to cleaning. I might be able to get enthused for doing a bit of jewelry organizing and cleaning out. I have to clean out the kitties' litter boxes. Seems as though Sir Vester has been using it more than usual. I'll have to observe him as neutered male cats tend to get bladder and kidney issues.

    Hope all y'all have a great afternoon.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All!

    Diane, so good to hear from you. We won't be getting any Dungeness for a while until after the levels of domoic acid are down; big algal bloom off the coast. :(. Mussels are also out of bounds. I'm hoping that the off-season won't be too long.

    Mikie, do you take a shopping trip every day? We try to make it once or twice a week here, and I usually don't go. I've got no go left in me. Richard stalks for specials and sales, and I know he would have bought your steak! He loves his beef; I am not especially fond of beef muscle meat except the tongue.

    It's a grey, drizzly day, and cool to boot. High of 55 predicted. We had rain in the night. The well has recharged, but the pump isn't working....o_O. Appt. made for next week to have it fixed. $$$$$o_Oo_O
    I have my appt. with my pcp to find out the results of my cardio-tests, and to get a flu shot.

    Barry ;)

  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Barry,

    Was just surging a bit and saw you had visited the Porch. I'll bet some cooler weather and rain is welcome. Hope your test results are good.

    I basically shop when I'm out of food, usually once a week. If I happen to be at Target or Wally World, I'll buy a few things on sale or to fill in. As long as I have my bran buds, a little milk, salad greens and some berries, I'm good. I can always get veggies, meat and fish from my freezer. Even frozen berries are tasty and nutritionally good. My whole way of eating has changed. I don't miss the carbs from sugar and I feel better, except for my terminal condition of having no NRG. Whine, whine, whine!

    So good to see you here. Let us know how the test come out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: what a coup on that steak! I buy marked down steak whenever I see it if it's a good cut. Other than that I don't eat beef. Did I miss somewhere that your DGS is having therapy for his ADHD? My older son is probably a genius, aced thru school and years later I found out he cut a lot of his HS classes to go have fun. I kept a close eye on all 3 of my kids but he must have been too smart for mom. He's on Wellbutrin and it seems to calm his racing brain. He really is unable to hold a regular hours job. He does freelance writing.....some months it's good and others sparce. A constant worry for me, but one of these days I won't be around to prop him up.

    Barry: Look at it this way......the pump is a necessary evil. I hope it won't be too much. I think I've got enough fence bids, though I might just for the heck of it call another fence company and see if they can beat the lowest. The first was $3,000 the second was $2700 the third was $2400 and this last was $2130. It might be fun to see "how low can you go" game. Must be a lot of "play" with how much they can charge on a fence for the exact materials to be used. Thankfully my neighbor and I are splitting it, but I spent quite a lot of $$$ on the gardening stuff.

    I had to run some errands today, starting with the store that sells reconditioned ink cartridges for the printer. I DREAD going there because this man likes to talk and talk and talk. Then I hit Michaels for some replacement blades for my Mat cutter, Goodwill store where I was searching for a black linen drawstring pair of pants.....(found them but just need to take them in a little) I saved about $35 by buying a pair of slightly worn ones and I only had to go thru 4 crowded racks to find them! Then stopped at Walgreens to search for a neck/shoulder heating pad. Didn't find it but while looking this senior citizen gentleman asked if I could show him where the Lysol was. Told him I didn't work for the store, he said, well, I'm blind, so I proceeded to help him find it. Then he argued with me that it was to wash his clothes....horrors! After 3 min. of this I spotted a manager down the end of the aisle so I yoo hooed to him! After 5 more min. in the store I noticed the manager was still with him, arguing that it wasn't for washing clothes. I wonder who won?

    I'm so low on energy today, worse than this entire week, so I ate lunch and added a small glass of red wine, hoping it might make me sleep longer than 30 min. SIGH
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    Omg so many posts and it is to late for me to write. It has been a busy day and I have to go fix dinner now and go to a special practice tonight for our church performance. I will be missing my usual choral practice. Need to go fix dinner and then go. Hope to check back tomorrow morning .

    This way I can get the new volume on my phone.

    Love to you all,
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    Hello All

    Just managed to pop in in between some chores.

    Mikie - thanks for opening the Porch yet again. I thought you would like the jewllery..i remember you describing a piece of jewellery you had and i loved the sound of it. They sounded kind of similarly created. I asked a friend about the stove and he said most people are right now using grain husks. they burn slowly and are cheap. but i am going to follow up the solar stove idea. our houses some hot water and electricity is procured by solar panels we installed years back. they have been life savers.!!!

    Rock - thank you for introducing us to Miss Wonderful. very beautiful she is indeed.! Not just college kids but i think us housewives do well with sticking to a schedule but mine goes for a toss due to some thing or the other most times. mostly a fall in energy or mood slumps or something is not there for the cooking or someone just pops in..flexibility is what i think i aim for with my present state. My DHs littlest cousin had come by the other evening, but i was not in a very sociable mood. poor thing. had to do with drinking a mug of tea and some packet roasted peas.

    Granni - hope you have a good practise and church performance. You all must be so good at it by now..all those years of singing. it would be a treat to hear your group sing I hope your community and the various places you go to appreciate it. wonder how many of them pause to think of the hours and energy spent by the performers in getting the songs and acts ready.

    Sun - woah! how wonderful that you have an upcoming trip to Hawaii for a vacation. It all sounds so beautiful. The fresh sea air, the sands will Im sure do you good. As will the company of your dear lil grands. Maybe you can paint some scenes or take pics to paint from later? Right now, i wish i was you.

    Barry - how nice that the temps have become cooler. They have here too. ive got out our winter quilts for the nights now but the afternoon sun can still do a mean burn on ones back. we only have very very cold afternoons in december and first week of jan. Nothing wears out my temper and gets me more mad than a water pump blowing up or a switch blowing a fuse! urgghh! hope your machine gets fixed soon.

    Diane - so nice to see you. Tho i wish you hadnt fallen ill.

    Julie - you seem to have had a lot of company. Thats nice. You and Den seem to be making the most of snowless days working on the big house. try and make time for you and den too. sometimes i forget Granpa is there with you. and wonder why you and Den dont make a date and go out eating, to the movies or whatever.

    I went out on an errand and every street has cars lined up hundred deep for gas. i think the govt got in some but people are having to go very early and wait for many hours. My son went and kept his motorbike in the queue at 8am..went and checked it during different hours of the day because people are reporting mirrors and other parts being stolen. then he went the next day and finally got his quota of 5 litres gas at 9pm the next day.48 hours wait for 5 meagre ltrs. its teaching him a good lesson in perserverance, if anything. he did complain his friends parents are buying them gas in black (at 5 times the normal rate) but we think its good if he gets out there and faces life in its stark reality. its working some, he kept aside his precious gas and told us he would be using his cycle as usual unless there was some urgency.

    A cab driver told me his boss was looking for a gas cylinder and willing to pay 8 times the normal rate for one but was quoted 10 times more. and some people left their gas cylinders in the queue and left for their work and found their cylinder itself was stolen. how can one human do this to another?

    my DHs cousin who needs transport for running her furniture business bought 55 litres of gas at 4 times the price per litre only to measure it out and find it was 10 litres short. she doesnt want to complain because she got it from a friend who got it from a friend and at least its good quality. most people are afraid to buy from people not known to them because the sellers are mixing with other things and so many motorbikes and cars are out of order due to this. even for our country, this state of affairs seems so out of the ordinary. ive never known something like this before.

    heh heh, my doggie just came with ears perked up, an enquiring expression and sat down beside me, looking up at me. then when i went on typing he put out his paw and scratched my arm. 'feed me' 'feed me'. which i will now.

    You all have a good night and then tomorrow.

    God Bless
  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another good night, eight hours of sleep, thanks to my Special K. It only takes half a one-mg. pill to allow me to sleep til 6:00. I have had 'conversations' racing through my brain lately and the Special K helps with that and my tinnitus. Guess, I won't be able to do without it. I just hope I can continue to reap the benefits without having to increase the dose.

    Yesterday, Sir Vester visited the inside litter box three times in a short period. Later, when I cleaned out the box, the pee clumps were small. Late in the afternoon, his little nose felt warm to me. I looked up veterinary clinics on Angie's List because Julie never got me their paperwork and she didn't remember the name of their vet. I called Jeff, their original 'baby daddy,' and he remembered it well. Julie had told me the wrong street name of the vet. By nighttime, his nose was cold again, Sir Vester's, not Jeff's. :) His nose is cold this morning and he took a normal pee. So, I'm going to watch him carefully before I take him in. I hate taking animals to the vet because it can expose them to other animals' illnesses. Also, his shots are not up to date. The vet told Julie he didn't need them as long as he isn't in contact with outdoor animals and stays inside. His beautiful bushy tail is standing up; when he's not well, he drags his tail. He hasn't initiated the zoom-zoom games for several days but that isn't unusual.

    I will shower this morning before going out to look for the new sofa. Then, I need to stop at the mgr.'s office to give her my written OK for the landscaper's work outside our bldg. I also have to sign for the bank accts. at our new assn. bank. Always something! I need to call the Veterans to come pick up the old sofa.

    Sun, yes, my DD#2, I and, now, my DGS have struggled with ADHD. The kids refuse to put him on meds, due to the sometimes dangerous side effects, so he is enrolled in the brain center's treatment program. It isn't unusual for people with this condition to have very high IQ's. I still have problems sticking with projects. It takes all my determination to finish them. I have three unfinished paintings hanging on my walls. I will finish the valance because I can't hang it until it's done. I haven't started it because I still need to do a bit of deep cleaning and, once I start the valance, I don't want anything to interrupt it. Sorry you have such low NRG. That was sweet of you to try to help that man. Surely hope he doesn't try to wash his clothes with Lysol. Yikes!!! :eek:

    Granni, hope you can come back and sit a spell but I know how busy you are right now.

    Spring, I am so sorry these shortages continue. I hope you can figure out ways to cope. I think the thing which appeals to me about the solar oven is that there is no fire involved and no fuel to collect. On the other hand, some dishes require a fire to do well. I saw a show on PBS where they used the pit to cook a whole pig. Instead of just rocks on the bottom, they lined the whole pit with cinder blocks. Perhaps if you do use the husks to build the fire, you could incorporate the rocks in the bottom of a pit to help with heat. Yes, it is horrible that people will resort to stealing when things get tough. Heck, as I mentioned, someone even stole my shopping bag. Evidently, it doesn't take tough times for some to steal. I think with what ails us, and the situation you have right now, flexibility is a necessity. We never know how we will feel and we have to prioritized and make plans accordingly. My kitties tap me with their paws when they need something. It must be universal animal behavior. I hope things improve for you.

    As usual, I need to go read the newspaper online. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl !

    Really don't know where to start and our small group sings this afternoon so I need to get off my you know what and do something. I am not even dressed yet. Just not moving to fast this morning. I am just sitting here reading posts like I had all the time in the world :)!!

    Tomorrows is our ladies club in our subdivision and I need to go collect some stuff for the food bank from out pantry.
    Also need to find some chicken that I can cook to add to the broth and what was left from gumbo that DSIL made the other day. Then I need to add it and some shrimp to it also. So I need to get moving since we sing this afternoon ,late !!!. I hate these late gigs as we call them as then I have to get home and put dinner in the stove or oven.

    SPRING WATER - So sorry for all the shortages you and your countrymen have had to go through since he EQ. It sue makes me thankful for all we have. Hope thing get better for you. I took a break off the computer and put some frozen chicken in the oven so that would be done tonight to throw in the gumbo. Also took some frozen cooked shrimp to put in refrig to throw in this evening. DH doesn't like to wait to long for dinner :)!!!! LOL Plus less work for me later on.

    I also just threw some stuff from the pantry to put in the bad for the Food Pantry. Years ago I was in charge of this endeavor. Likely I no longer am and it is also done differently now. Glad I am not in charge of anything. All this singing is enough for me now and DH is pressuring me to cut back again. I really need to go to choir rehearsal again Wed. for this special stuff we are doing. I will not be singing for Midnight mass so that lets me off the hook shall we say. Also we will be going to DS home for Christmas. Will be helping some at DD's for Thanksgiving though
    Nice to see such a busy PORCH even though I am not always that present, shall we say. Think of you all every day though. I need to go get dressed and a do few other things. DH is off at his meeting and will have lunch out so don't have to fuss with him till tonight :)!!


    JULIE - Glad to hear that Gpa Denzyl got to meet up with some other vets to talk about their past stories. I know it made him feel good and all about the Honor Flights that were so fantastic for them.

    Our are does a lot to honor the vets and in our subdivision there is man who writes stories about many of them that live in ur community. This time DH was honored and he came to get his story. It wasn't extremely special in that he wasn't a war hero and actually did get to serve during the war year. However it was during the Castor uprising and all that and Russia. He was a YEOMAN in a small Naval ship where they laid antisub cable or something. I need to get the copy and check it out for sure. He was on a small" Mine Sweeper" ship. He felt so honored and the picture of him and his ship will be our monthly magazine. He was a little embarrassed and may not have gone through with the interview if I hadn't pushed him a bit. I think all these men and women's stories are special and are very interesting.

    BARRY - Sorry you are feeling so punk. Hope you feel a little better soon. I don't even feel like going to sing but need to start getting ready. At least you wouldn't have to worry about putting on makeup which is what I am getting ready to do - aaack !!

    Love also to MIKIE, ROCK, SUN, DIANE, and everydobby else I may have missed today,
    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG!!! What a day it's been already. On my way to buy the new sofa, I had a flat tire. Just as I suspected, it had an aluminum screw that one of those horrid workers left strewn all over under the carport when they worked on it. Fortunately, AAA came to my rescue within 15 mins. The 13-year-old spare is in perfect condition. The AAA guy was sooooo nice and gave me an ice cold bottle of water while I waited. It only took him a bit to have me on my way. I'm going to write up a bad review for the company which worked on our carport.

    I got to Rooms To Go and bought the sofa in only a few minutes. This sofa is 12 years old so I can't complain about having to replace it. I bought one just like it only a bit smaller. My old RTG credit card is invalid so had to apply for a new one. I could have taken 4 yrs. to pay with no interest but I opted for 2 yrs. Heck, if I buy something, and someone is willing to extend credit at no interest, I figure I should jump on it in a NY minute.

    I came home, put dishes in the dishwasher and am running it. I heated up the rest of the steak and broccoli for lunch. That steak was delicious, even reheated. I am exhausted just trying to deal with the cats, the car and the sofa. Good thing I got rested last night. My head is clogged up and the Nasacort didn't clear it out. I'm going to watch Sir Vester today. So far, he is active and eating and drinking well. Julie said she'd stop over tonight to see them.

    Granni, I don't know how you do it. Good grief, you are one busy woman. I hope your church appreciates all you singers do. How nice that DH was honored for his service. Everyone who served is a war hero.

    I'm gonna go and get some rest. Normally, I wouldn't need it but, with all I've been through, I think I'll baby myself. That flat tire could have been soooo much worse. It could have happened when I take the ladies to dinner tomorrow night or it could have happened out on the freeway. Thanks to St. Christopher who watches over me and my car.

    Love, Mikie
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: sorry about the tire problems. I would be furious knowing where to point the finger of blame!!!!! And I agree, let someone else extend credit. Yes, keep a close watch on Sir Sylvester. I've read that male cats are prone to troubles. When does the sofa get delivered?

    I think you asked about giving our "two bits" on artists. I went to my art class today. I like this teacher because she's such a nice person but a terible teacher. She really gives us a smidgeon of art history on an artist. (my opinion is she's "nursing" her job") Well, today was taking a quick look at Jasper Johns' work, mainly his use of letters and numbers. And we were quite shocked at the $ he received for an auction on a very small painting.....I think it was about 10" x 12" and I want to say it was around 3 million. Unbelievable. He's still alive and in his 80s. Do you think he's laughing all the way to the bank??????? So our task this week is to paint our own Jasper Johns' version. I'm thinking of using my house #s. A waste as to instruction but it was nice to get with other fellow artists and chit chat.

    You give credit to St. Christopher and I give credit to my guardian angel. Today he was working overtime!!!!!! I was moving the cat "bridge", stuck under a small table and a chair. Dummy me, I wasn't thinking when I lifted the table and the heavy lamp came crashing to the floor, just left of my head. OMG OMg how hurt I could have been!!!!!

    Spring: You have such a good attitude!!!!! And good for you! Your son is learning valuable lessons on life. You might be able to pay for his gas but he woudn't be learning sacrificing lessons.
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I think the kitties are getting better and better the longer we live together. I no longer put them out at night but I do leave the sliders open enough so that they can go out if they want. Sir Vester now sleeps with me. Julie made them stay on beach towels at the bottom of the bed. It has taken him all this time to feel comfortable sleeping up next to me. Like Tweety, though, he prefers the softy-wafty throw on the other side of the bed. He seems to be back to normal this morning, even chasing after Tweety for a couple of minutes. He's eating well and drinking plenty of water. I'm so glad I didn't have to take him to the vet. I don't want them picking up something from the other animals there and I don't need to be spending money. Of course, if they needed something, the money would not stop me from getting treatment for them. St. Francis helps me watch over them.

    My Lifelock service is working. As soon as I got home, I had an e-mail that my info had been used to ask for credit from the bank which has the RTG credit cards. I just let them know it was I, and not some scammer, who opened the line of credit. Got a text message from DD#2 that my DGS brought home a whole stack of school papers on which he scored 100 percent each. This would have been unheard of before this new treatment. I'm so glad and, as I figured, he's so smart that the work is easy for him when he can focus. Woo Hoo!!!

    Sun, I ask my guardian angel to watch over me every day but I also ask St. Christopher to watch over all of us when we travel and to watch over my 13-year-old vehicle. I can't remember which co. worked on our carport but, if they are on Angie's List, I'll be writing a scathing review of them. I'll be talking to our mgmt. co. and insisting that the co. pay for the repair on the tire. I'm just glad the flat didn't cause an accident. I'll be driving three of us out to the Ale House for dinner. I'm going to wear my new black and white zebra striped jacket with the small bit of purplish royal blue in the border. I have a matching royal blue top and I'll wear my white jeans. I have a lapis necklace and earrings.

    Sorry your teacher isn't the best; however, I think dabbling in other artists' styles is exciting and expanding. Some things interest me and excite me, including numbers, clocks, maps and symbols like ampersands. I think I'll move my easel out of the front office corner and put it in the little sitting room with a smaller painting on it. It may be too big for the space and I need to try it first. I saw one painting all in an orange/terra cotta with only white coral on it. Very simple but interesting. Of course, I first have to finish the valance. One of these days, I'll also finish those three paintings on the walls. The good thing about being attention deficit is that there is always something to finish.

    I think our landscapers might take my sofa. They will take most anything we get rid of. I chose next Wed. for delivery so I have time to get this monster sofa out of here first. It's hard to get too excited about a new sofa just like the old one but I loooove the look of slipcover sofas for a bit of a coastal look. I try to incorporate a tropical beachy look in here without its looking too contrived and kitschy.

    Wish I had more excitement to report but my life is rather dull most of the time. I actually like it that way as I lack the NRG for any more excitement than I have with my flat tire, sick cat and shopping for furniture. May all your lives be as dull or exciting as you like. Gonna go read the paper and check Sir Vester's pee clump to make sure he's peeing enough. He just used the box. Talk about excitement; I'm a litter box sleuth.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2015
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got home not to long ago from our ladies luncheon and fashion show. The food was good even though I cheated due to no other choices. I didn't eat all of the roll or the dessert which I know was very sweet. However, I did eat some of both of them. I ate all of the food, games hens, rice pilaf and some mix of sweet and white potatoes which was pretty good. The Cornish game hens had some sauce on it which was very good, probably not what I should have eaten but there wasn't a whole lot on it. It did taste yummy though. The style show was very interesting and I liked some of the tops especially but they would have to come down in price quite a bit for me to buy :)!!

    I hate the thought of starting to do the Christmas shopping stuff already. Need to get the stuff for one family coming down for Thanksgiving so they will have the stuff for Christmas. I didn't even pick up an angel tree tag this year as I have enough stuff to buy for myself ( for my herbal supplements, etc) and my family. It is the first time I didn't get an Angel Tree S.A. Tag.

    MIKIE-- Sorry about your flat tire and glad you got yourself a new sofa. Sometimes you just need to break down and buy what is needed. Also glad that your scampy kitties are behaving themselves.

    SUN - Sorry the lamp fill but glad it didn't fall on your head. That could hae been tragic for you. Was the lamp broken. Sorry your art teacher isn't what expected but oh well , hope you get something out of it anyway. You might be surprised.

    I need to go and fix dinner. Sorry I need to run for now. Thinking of everydobby. Hope to get back here tomorrow or even maybe tonight.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's quiet here. I haven't seen any news yet about Veterans Day. I remember
    the observance of same when I was a kid. I've posted on it previously.

    My Dad was drafted during WWII even though he had a family, was the sole
    supporter of his family and was in his 30s. He had his own restaurant. The
    military was known for assigning guys to jobs that had nothing to do with
    their occupation, but Dad was a cook at Fort Lee near Richmond, VA. But
    I've previously posted about that too.

    Gordon just got back from the Beauty School. He said there were very
    few people there. The instructor cut his hair while the students observed.
    I'm getting a hair cut myself later. Mr. Gordon will preside. He does
    an excellent job for someone with no training. And better than some
    who have had training. I once got a haircut in downtown LA that looked
    like the barber used a knife and fork.

    It was 66 degrees here today. My hands were so cold I wore gloves. I
    guess my dreams of becoming a hand model have withered away. My
    fingers are so skinny now they look almost skeletal. With enlarged
    knuckles. Oh well, as long as they still function.

    Congratulations on getting your new sofa, Mikie. I hope you get a least
    12 years service out of it too. We have 3 sofas in the living room and
    2 more in another room. As I have remarked once or twenty times, this
    old house is crammed with stuff. A great deal of which should be tossed;
    no, hurled out. Great to hear you DGS is doing so well in school. Those
    suggestions for success in school you passed on were good advice.
    Hope Sir Vester is OK.

    Sun, glad you escaped a blow from the lamp. Sounds like it would not
    have been a light knock on the noggin. You were lucky. But not as lucky
    as Jasper Johns. Here's his most famous painting, Folks.


    I read the Whitney museum paid a million for it 35 years ago.

    Springwater, your situation sounds pretty grim. In the early 70's one
    had to wait in line to buy gas here, but you could buy it on alternate days
    (depending on you license number) and the price went up but not
    much. It was still under 60 cents a galleon. More and more it looks
    like more and more governments have become totally dysfunctional
    and/or oppressive.

    Barry, glad to hear you've got some water in your well. Hope your
    next Dr. appointment provides some good news about all that testing.
    What's Richard up to?

    Hugs, Kids
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's 73 here this morning and it feels cool but it will get to 88 this afternoon. Weatherman keeps promising cooler temps but he keeps pushing the date back. It should have arrived last week. The temps have been breaking records for heat for this time of year. Sir Vester is back to feeling well. This morning, he attacked his catnip mousie and did the victory dance with it and took several victory laps around the condo. He is sooooo cute when he plays like this. Tweety is her usual self, demanding treats and belly rubs.

    Went to the dinner for my friend/neighbor who is moving to AZ on Sun. We all chipped in and bought her a lobster dinner. I had baby back ribs instead. They weren't great but not bad--overpriced for what I got. They seated us on the "patio" which was inside but had the aforementioned disappearing doors, opening one whole side to the outdoors. It was like a sauna in there and they allowed smoking at the bar. I had to put some Special K under my tongue just so I could handle the noise and, therefore, couldn't have a beer or drink. Still, we all had a good time; there were nine of us. Barb didn't go and I'm a bit worried about her. She didn't look good when I went over before I left. She has lost six more pounds in a very short time. She is skinny as a stick. I hope she's OK.

    Granni, I think it's OK to cheat a wee bit on the diet. I try not to but will have a little something now and then. It doesn't seem to spike my BS and, evidently, my insulin is healthy enough to take care of it. I'm starting to feel better in terms of attitude/mindset but I still get tired, often after my workout. I was soooo tired yesterday that I had to have a nap before dinner. Your lunch sounds delicious. Mmmmm! Was the fashion show casual or dressy or both? Sounds like fun. Since I have to get a few new outfits, I'm thinking I'd like to try something a bit different. I'll wait until I reach my goal to get anything. I'll take in my Capri pants I wear for everyday. They are getting HUGE on me and are starting to fall down. A wardrobe misfunction! I don't NV your having to buy all that stuff for Christmas. Glad we stopped doing that in our family. I only buy for Andy now and I usually just send money or an Amazon gift card. I know you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.

    Rock, thanks for posting the flag pic. I like it but don't see that it's worth the price. Of course, the paintings themselves aren't what makes them so expensive. The Whitney Museum has a new home in NYC. Isn't it Veterans Day when they used to sell the little lapel poppies, red ones and white ones. Mom always bought them for her and for me when we went downtown. I had uncles in WWII, even one in WWI. I also don't believe I'll be a hand model (or any other kind of model). Mine are my Mother's hands--bulging veins, wrinkles and brown spots. I wore a beautiful diamond and saffire ring last night and wished my hands looked better. I've lost weight in my hands and my rings are turning on my fingers. If one has the room, one cannot have too many sofas. I need to find someone who will take this one outta here so they can get the new one in. If this one weren't all packed down and hard, I'd keep it. One of these days, I'm going to have to get new carpeting in the living room and dining area. I think the one Sir Vester shreaded could be stretched and the ragged edge cut off. I'll put it off as long as I can. In the meantime, I have a nice throw rug over the damage and it looks good. I'm glad Gordon got all beautified. Good for him for cutting your hair. I do my own and do as well, or better, than some of the hair dressers I've used. Besides, the price is right!

    Gonna go read the paper. I'll print out the NY Times crossword puzzle. Last week, I even got the Fri. puzzle right. Almost unheard of with my pea brain. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Most restaurants these days think the louder the better! I carry silicone ear plugs in my purse for that occasion. My DD is greatly bothered by noise/lights, etc. and I told her to get them. Her reply.......well, I do have to hear! But the trick is not to push them in so much.....such enough to cut the extra sounds. Last time I went to a gambling casino I couldn't stand the NOISE and confusion, thankfully I was able to use the ear plugs, won $$ within 30 min. and we decided to get out of there. I don't think I will ever go back again.

    Rock: wow.....all those couches, but then I remembered that you live in one of those old victorian homes down around Carroll St. One gets to a point that cleaning things out becomes more trouble than just living with it.
    I also cut my own hair. I have a swivel mirror attached to my medicine cabinet door and it works great. I know exactly how I want my hair. No more going to a "professional" to have them mess it up.......I can do that myself! LOL

    It's been such a stressful time for me....at times I feel like crying. I still haven't gotten the insurance problem settled with United Health. Someone with 10 fingers went onto my account and changed it from primary insurance to secondary. I don't have medicare Part B only Part A which is free which you receive when you sign up for SS. Yesterday I even got a call from the lab stating they WANTED their $. This morning I called AGAIN to United Health, got a different supervisor. I complained about the last one who promised he would help and call me back. This one gave me his full name and phone #. I told this one I was tired of waiting and I need action, said I was going to file a complaint today with California DMHC......they handle these types of complaints. She promised she would call the lab this morning and ask them to hold on a little longer. This is for the bill from August......the second bill from them hasn't even arrived yet.

    This afternoon I have an appt. at my accountant's office. Someone will go over medicare options and explain everything to me and the price.

    And Yesterday I had a free house inspection, paid for by the gas company and edison. The young men were here for over an hr. checking where I might lose energy. So then next week someone will be out to discuss their findings. I did learn that the insullation in the attic is below what is code now, so it looks like I'll need to get prices on that too. The fence guy stood me up yesterday, I called 20 min. after he was due, so someone screwed up at his office. I'm so sick of incompetence.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Popping in for just a minute. It is late and time for me to go take a shower and wash the hair. What a project - ugh I hate it ):!! Going tomorrow afternoon to see DGS play in some of the playoff game. Don't suspect he will play much but thought we should try and get there. it probably is the last game for them and him..

    MIKIE - When will you get your couch or do you have it already? Hope you enjoy it and get another 15 or year out of it.

    SUN - So sorry you are having such problems with the insurance and all. I don't envy you all of those problems to handle all by yourself. I would feel the same way. DH is the one with all the brains for finances with a business degree. I can handle a ckbook but don't push it if you know what I mean. Hope you can get it all straightened out to your satisfaction.

    We are not buying big gifts for everyone, never really did but now it is especially for the kids with a few gift cards here and there with small gifts.

    Need to go wash this mop that has needed work for a few days but keep putting it off even with it being so short. It has gotten so straight lately.

    JULIE - Hope you and all are doing well.

    SPRING WATER - Thinking of you too sweetie and hope things will get better for you all soo. All those shortages have got to be annoying or upsetting to everyone. Hang in there kiddo. Hope things get better for you all soon.

    DIANE - Thinking of you too an d hope things are going well for you all, and hopefully better in the case of the insurance. Unfortunately not to much you can do about it when companies change insurances - bah humbug !!.

    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I've been up since 4:00 but got almost nine hrs. sleep. I was soooo exhausted yesterday that I crashed early. I spent about an hour trying to hook up Barb's new cable box. Even the technicians couldn't help so they are sending someone out to hook it up for her free of charge. A mgr. once told me that half the reconditioned boxes don't work. What an exercise in frustration. Barb can't talk well enough on the phone, since her stroke, to be understood. I usually have no problem understanding her but I'm used to her. There is pressure on the phone and she just can't get the words out. It was all I could do to talk and try to keep doing things to the cable box. Comcast is a miserable mess.

    I tried to drag my big old sofa out but couldn't do it by myself. It's too heavy and, because it's so long, it has to be lifted to go around the corner to my front door. I paid two of our landscapers $20 each to haul it outta here and down to the dumpster. It was a real job for them to get it out. If they didn't take it, I need to call mgmt. to get a special pickup from the trash co. I'm soooo relieved it's gone. I couldn't find a charity which takes larger pieces of furniture. I scheduled delivery for this coming Wed. because I didn't know how long it would take to get the old one outta here.

    Tweety managed to escape during the sofa madness. I went out and whistled and rattled the treat bag. She paid no attention and ran from under one car to another. Finally, I talked to her in the voice I use when I rub her belly. She immediately flopped on her side and I grabbed her. Boy was she mad when she figured out, too late, that she had been outsmarted. I hate it that I can't let them out to enjoy the outdoors but they are better off being inside kitties and, if I did let them out, it would cause all kinds of trouble with the neighbor next door.

    I called our mgr. and told her I wanted the aluminum co. to buy me a new tire to replace the one they ruined. I don't know whether they will but I'll try. Her asst., who handled the job with the co., will deal with this. He is inexperienced and overwhelmed so I'm not too optimistic. Instead of fixing the tire, I think I'll replace it, regardless of whether the aluminum co. pays for it or not, unless my mechanic tells me a repaired tire is as good as a new one. I am having lunch with our mgr. on Dec. 2nd. That's the soonest Wed. we can manage. Even though our big board is bypassing her in favor of her asst., I want to deal with her as much as possible for our bldg. She and I are on friendly terms.

    I just got our proposed budget for 2016 and there will be no increase in our fees. One bldg. in here needs to increase their fees by more than $50 per unit per mo. Yikes!!! :eek: They just had an $800 special assessment and cannot possibly increase their fees that much. That is the bldg. that Joe, Barb's friend, lives in and is now a board member of. She called me last evening and wanted me to come over and back her up in her current argument with Joe. I talked to him on the phone to his satisfaction. She had told him that I had originally looked at one of the older style units in the bldg. next to his and thought they were crappy so wouldn't buy it. I didn't buy it because it had lime green shag carpeting which was worn. Also, it faced the busy road on the side of the hood. OMG! I'm not getting in the middle of their ongoing arguments. I think they just argue for the sport of it and for something to do.

    Landscaper stopped by and will start the work of tearing out old, overgrown plants next week. He spray painted the plants with orange spray paint, making it appear as though we had been vandalized. I'll be glad to get those plants outta here so we can bring in new mulch and plants. I'm glad we have the money to do it.

    Gonna go to Publix to shop for groceries and a gas card. I will need to go to Costco for berries and nuts but it can wait. I hope I have enough NRG to clean out the fridge and freezer. I also want to deep clean where the new sofa will go. I'm so anxious to get it and get the new valance done. I think getting the new sofa is giving me some spark to do other things in here.

    My clothes are sooooo big now that I will eventually have to buy some new things. I'll try to take in some of my Capri pants. I am now a size 10 but, by the time I lose another 15 pounds, I'll likely wear an 8. I'm not buying anything until I settle in for good. It's a nice problem to have.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you are having such a stressful time now but you are handling it perfectly. Insurance companies live in fear of official complaints, especially ones to the state insurance commissioner's office. That's a good threat to use. Sweetie, it will all work out. Don't let the lab pressure you. Tell them that they will get their money but if they turn it over to a collection agency, they will only get half. Tell them to work it out with the ins. co. Having the ins. co. contact them was a smart move for you to make. You are doing just fine. Tell yourself that and know that it will all work out. I have to do this too just to keep from losing my mind, if it isn't too late for that. :D I have ear plugs for the firing range which allow me to hear voices but not loud noises. I've not tried them in a restaurant. I can deal with normal restaurant noise but I think it was the combination of noise, smoking and heat/humidity which did me in. Once I dissolved half a tablet of the Special K, I was alright. Take care and be good to yourself.

    Granni, I also hate showering and washing my hair. AACK!!! :( I dry the tiles every time I shower and that's a pain but not as bad as letting it go and having to remove the hard water drops from them. The tile is shiny white and shows every drop. I cannot afford to completely redo the baths and the white tile still looks good with what I have redone, so I want to keep them looking new. If they ever have to be redone, I will have to do it myself and I'm no longer up to those kinds of DIY jobs. The new sofa arrives Wed., giving me time to get the old monster sofa outta here. It was way too big for the condo. Enjoy the game. I sent my Andy a congratulations e-mail for his soccer score and his perfect school work. We never thought we'd see such grades.

    Hope all y'all have a really good day and, if frustrations appear, just do your best and blow it off. We aren't built for stress. Nothing is worth stressing out over, causing us to get sick. Thinking of all our MIA's and keeping everydobby in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi guys!

    Still feeling so-so, but a bit better.

    THEN, Kevin came home the other evening with a horrible sinus infection/sore throat/swollen glands/fever ... you name it! He's so sick that he asked me to call his doc's office this morning, to see about getting an ABX phoned in. Well, doc's office wasn't very supportive, but what's a person to do when they are not up to driving 10 miles to see the doc?? Kevin will go to the Walgreen's Clinic this afternoon if doc's office isn't going to prescribe.

    I have to fight that off!!!!, before I catch it! Time for oil of oregano, plus some other herbs.

    Just wanted to check in and say HI.

    Mikie, this pic reminded me of you and your kitties, with their soft blankie -------



    I'll be back when things settle down around here. :)

    Love and hugs,

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