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    Good evening everyone. Please check thread 266 for latest posts.

    I haven't started a thread in awhile. Hope this one goes alright!
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    Going back to the last issue! I stil keep thinking of the cinnamon rolls!

    Annie and Danny; four rootr canals sound awfulo. I hope that the pain is getting better and you can find out the true cause. It has to be so frustrating.

    Excuse the typing```````my left hand is asleep-----it is from scanhning the last vol.! It is worth it though.

    Sweetie: I think that Charlestonm S.C. is one of the most beautiful cities! And to be married in one of those beautiful homes. how wonderful!! and How beautiful is must have been.

    Havent been on in a few days as I fell lousy! I can'ti seem to do much past noon and for the past 2 days I have had laundry. last evening I was so sick and exhausted that I just stared at the Food Channel. The heat gets to me but I'm not having the heat that some of you do.

    we have 2 AC's - one in back of house and one in Ffront. The frongt one goes on last and gthat's wqhere I am. Getting better now.

    My 2 pr of shoes came yesterday and I haven't tried them on as yet. I want gthem for grandson's wedding ----one pr. will go back as I now live in New Balance #811~ Oh dear!! My old feet!

    I WILL try them on tonight. Whoops! When Maggie, my pretty calico, starts to meow at me and keep at me, that's a sign to get u p!

    My typing is awful and the topics are boring so I guess I had better say -------i hope all goes well with you dear ones and all pain goes poof!!!!

    Gentle Hugs,,Joan
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    Thanks Sweetie, like Linda said you still got it.

    I can't not edit the last porch for some reason, but I am living in computer YeLL. Sorry you are there too.

    I have my tub going and this is the first time I have been able to get on line since earlier today, everything froze up and I gave up and went outside.

    So I haven't caught up on everydobby-sorry.

    Oh the good news- My shed is ready!!!! and I am not, they said 2-3 weeks, it has been one, so my neighbor is coming in the morning to level the site and then have it delivered Thurs. I was hoping for another week but I make take it anyway. Here is the big wave to everydobby-Carla
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    there is nothing quite like computer Yell. We're becoming quite adapt at destroying computers here. I didn't know anything could be so easy to do. My DH has worked for hours on them in the last couple of days because of what we did and what our satelite provider did to us. I don't think he has time to find a job...too much happening at home. To bad all of these jobs at home do not pay anything.

    Glad you are getting a new shed. We just received our new storage building that is replacing the one that the transfer truck destroyed. What does one do without a storage shed? I'm excited for you.

    Linda...Hope you find your wood heater soon. Can't believe that they are so hard to find in July! We heat with propane. I don't know how we will afford it this winter. We are on a yearly budget plan but we have to catch up the deficit at year end. Of course, if we do not find a job a budget plan is not going to help. Where is Kylob? She has not been on the board lately.

    Joan...It is so good to see you on The Porch again. We will have to add your name to the "Don't Feel So Good" group. I'm wandering if MrDad should be included because he has been absent also. Good luck with the shoes. I tend to go with comfort now more than ever when choosing shoes. I was trying to explain to my daughter that concept yesterday when she was trying on heels and I am looking for something soft. It is hard to find cute and confortable but I still try.

    Julie...You did sneak in at the last moment. Did you get to enjoy a nap? I have been thinking of your friend that is sick and still in Belize. It takes special people to do what all of you do. God's work is not easy. Is there anyone to replace her while her malaria is active?

    Mickey...Thanks for keeping me company this afternoon. Have a good day at work tomorrow. Your two children sound different....so much like mine. Your oldest sounds like my daughter and your younger one like my son. Both good people just different in how they view and handle life.

    It's my bedtime so hugs to all. Hope Granni is having fun.

  5. springwater

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    Hello to everydobby

    its not often i get to post at the beginning of a porchlight...

    I hear about the heat there even in the usa and can empathize, its hot and humid and sticky and also very wet here...monsoons in asia...a lot of my plans to go out on errands are dashed by a sudden fierce downpour..yesterday i had gone to the supermarket to get some dog flea powder and forgotten to take an umbrella, i got completely soaked on way back and had to hop into a cab and shell out money just for a 10 min walk. I didnt want to risk catchng a cold on top of other ailments. Lol. I sound so frail.

    I watched a programme on History channel and they were predicting all sorts of doom...for couple of years later. I wont give exact date in case it alarms some people. Info about how Merlin the magician and the Mayan calendar and Mother Shipley (I think) & the Iching of China of mediaeval ages predicted the same things.

    I was reading a book Everday karma by a healer called Carmen Harra..and she made some predictions...that in the next 150 years 'we wil make medical developments so advanced we wil stop using knife to do surgery using only laser, light wil bcome our major tool of healing.We wil eliminate all diseases of blood like diabetes,cancer,AIDS HBPressure.

    If her predictions are true then the other predictions of doom cant be true. They clash on time line. Her book was published in 2002. And she predicted 'in 2007 the earth wil be hit by a meteorite as a lesson for us to wake up but there wil be no major tragedies. (Wasnt New York city supposed to be hit by a falling something from the sky which was blasted to pieces by NASA last year)? She also predicted America wil have a female president in near future.

    I just discovered this Emotional Freedom technique demo on utube and rather pleased to find it helped with my fatique and blues...going to try incorporate it into my routine from now on

    God Bless everdobby who looks in; have a good week

  6. fibromickster

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    Hope everyone got good sleep last night. I did but woke feeling still tired and no energy. Oh well, I just take it one day at a time.

    ELAINE - Thanks for all the info on my question that I posted you. You are very helpful. I deleted my post so no worries. I don't like leaving stuff like that up either even though it is something we all deal with, it is just personal. Thanks again, I will keep all that in mind.

    LYDIA - you must be exhausted, hope you were able to sleep in this morning. Lots of running for you yesterday. Sometimes i am glad I work because I know when the girls were little it was 10 times harder to stay home than to come to work. However, I still wish I could have stayed home with them.

    I remember having to have them fed, dressed put in their car seats, drive them to the sitter, drop them off, go to work, leave work, go pick them up, drive home, fix dinner, etc..... I don't know how I ever did all that, but I sure know I could not do that nowadays, that is for sure. I would definetly quite work if I had to do that all over again.

    I really admire stay at home Mom's, it is hard work. I am so stupid, I forgot my patches again and my elbows are killing me. I might drive all the way home at lunch and get them.

    I hope Granni is enjoying herself, we all miss you Granni!!!!

    Mrdad, where have you been????? Please come back and give us some of your wisdom. You too Rock.

    Lincamp - I never thought of wood pellet stoves, what a great idea. We do ahve a gas fireplace, but man, we can't even use it with these gas prices. We also have a heater on our pool and there is no way we will touch that one, even though we don't need it now. But when we opened the pool it sure could of used to be warmed up. Our bill would probably be about 300.00 if we used it. Oh well, maybe someday the prices will go down.

    Sweetie, Springwater, Carla and all my porchie friends, love you all. I guess I will get to work even though I really don't want too.

    Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell you guys. This morning when I was going out to my car, there were firetrucks, and all kinds of police cars up the street. Apparently, my neighbor had a huge garage fire, totally destroyed that side of his house (the house is only 8 yrs. old). Everyone was fine thank goodness (he has 2 young daughters), however, I couldn't get out of my street for awhile so I was about 20 minutes late for work.

    That is my exciting news for the day.


  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's a busy day in the neighborhood. Well, it should be a busy day in the neighborhood. I have 3 or 4 important things to do. Actually, they are the same important things I had to do on Mon. and Tues.

    As you said, Julie, you start out w/ a list and if you get one or two things done, that's about all you can expect.

    Thanks for the compliment, Sweetie. I don't think I've ever been called "cool" before. If you want to check out an EA meeting, you can look on line for one near you.

    Our standard joke is, "Try the meetings for a couple months. If you're not satisfied, we will cheerfully refund your misery."

    Georgia, we had a discussion before about where "Cow Town" is. I remember I looked on the net and found more than one.

    Anyway, why are shops going out of business? Wal-mart? Hard times? Plants close down?

    Mickey, sorry to hear about Lindsay's lapse of judgment. Most kids seem to think "Be careful" means "I don't want you to have any fun".

    I can understand your concern since you don't really know the extent of the problem yet.

    Joan, yes, when it comes to shoes, comfortable is more important than stylish. I never wear heels anymore.

    Sorry to hear about your muscle pain, Linda. Are you still using the stimulator for your neck?

    MrDad, wo bist du?

    Das ist alles


    Well, how bout that, Mickey?! We were posting at the same time and both wondering where that scoundrel Joe is.
  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes, we were posting at the same time. Great Minds think the same LOL LOL. Just kidding, you have the great mind, mine is just mediocre (sp???), see I don't even know how to spell.

    So you don't wear heels anymore, well hmmm I guess that is good, you are a guy, hmmmm right???? LOL LOL

    I still do at times when I feel good, and then there are times when there is no way in #*$& could I even fit my huge swollen up foot in the skinny little shoe with the 3 or 5 inch heel. LOL

    Well, I am just proscratinating on whether I want to work or not and the not is winning right now.

    Catch you all later.

  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes I did read you reply on my question to you and then I deleted it so it is now gone. Thank you so much.

    Hauling the pool to Rock's was a big mistake, they had to haul it over our house (like when they put it in - i have a videotape of it). However, they forgot to take the water out of it so it plopped back down in its hole and I told the Pool Movers that never mind. The Porchies will just have to come to my house.

    I know don't you hate it when you don't want to work but you know you have too. Sometimes I just want to give up and then I think, wait I have 2 daughters to care for and that is the only thing pushing me. It is not their fault I brought them in the world. LOL

    Gotta to go to lunch, be back in a couple of hours.

  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well porchies, I am back from lunch, only gone for an hour 1/2 so that wasn't too bad.

    Guess what????? I went home to eat lunch and get my patches,........well I ate lunch, let the dog out and rushed back here because I fogot it was my phone duty day at 12:30 to 1:30. Geez, well i was 15 minutes late getting back and I forgot my patches. I know what you are thinking, well it must not hurt too bad, but it really does, I just want to cry. What is wrong with me people.

    Anywho, I will just deal with it. I am at the point where i am just going to go home I think and call it a day.

    Wow, Elaine your nephew sounds wise beyond his years. His explanation of asking you was hilarious. I can just see you doing that. I wish i had the courage to tell my family, i feel so bad that i can't. You know, I will print off that pamphlet about fibro and maybe just put it on their beds and maybe thye will read it and ask about and then I can say well that is what your Mom has. I think that i know what you want to tell me for my husband to watch out for. Is it the dirty deed. LOL Okay, if I decide to go on it, I will post on the board, wich I am at 90% for sure going to.

    I will definetly tell them one day for sure. If I keep feeling like I do today, I wll have no choice. As soon as I get home at night, I get in the pool and the pain just disappears. I wish I could live in a pool bubble. LOL

    Wake up porchies, me and Elaine are lonely. I want to hear about all your happenings.

    Love ya, Mickey
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    In response to your request, I am here. Have nothing interesting to report tho.

    I went out and did one errand. Then had to come home. It is Hot here (84 or some such). I went to the market to get two things: Coke & Milk. As is to be expected nowadays, I only got one: milk. Poor old brain just doesn't work anymore.

    This insane goofiness does not make me want to cry, however. It makes me mad: I'd like to blow up something. Wonder if I'm to old to get a job doing special effects in the movies.

    You guys tried that Welchs' drink? White grape peach. It is scrumptious. Just the thing to serve at your next elegant brunch.

    Actually I'd rather have a carton of it than a $300 bottle of wine.

    I think I will lie down and read for a while. P. G. Wodehouse, perhaps.

    Well, kids, don't wear yourself out.

  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Just got a very positive phone call about a potential job for my husband. He had sent his resume to some insurance restoration companies and one of them called. They are very interested in him....interested enough to fly into the area to talk with him about starting a new office for them. I pray this is the answer to our prayers. They will be calling back to setup a time within the next few weeks. We really need for this to work.

    My son is still struggling with his eye. He goes to the doctor again tomorrow. Although the infection is healing, he is experiencing migraines and extreme sensitivity to light. The eye patch is not working for him. All of this is making his panic attacks/anxiety disorder really kick in which is putting him into a major depressive state. He needs therapy to help him deal with all that has happened to him and us recently. Tomorrow the doctor will start steroids and that is supposed to help with healing the torn cornea. I'm worried.

    Springwater....Read your profile. Love the picture of your children and the background is beautiful. You live in a very mountainous area. I enjoy your description of your life in Asia. I have also watched the show on History Channel that you mentioned concerning the end of time. I find the show very interesting. Stay dry!

    Mickey...Sorry that you forgot your patches. It is hard to believe when we do something like that but it is a part of life with these diseases. May you have a relaxing afternoon in your pool.

    Rock...I live many miles from a city that may or may not have an Emotions Anonymous meeting. It is an hours drive to the nearest city. I live in a rural area which definitely has its drawbacks. What is strange is that I live in a rural area and yet the local farmer's market is 1 1/2 hours from me. Oh and yes you are cool.

    Elaine...You have a very perspective nephew. Wish all adults could understand it so simply.

    Carla...Sorry you are having so many problems. I am computer illiterate so I can't help but I can feel your pain. I am on my 4th computer because of "easy" downloads or trying to remove or change systems on the computers. Best of luck to you.

    Linda & Marta...Take good care of yourself. Thinking of you.

    MrDad...Where are you? Come out and play if you are able.

    Jodie...You've been missing for awhile. Check in with us if you can.

    Granni...Enjoy your trip.


  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    For visiting me on the Porch, it is hot today Rock. Over on this porch it is 90 and the humidity is even worse, but I am not complaining one bit, I triple hate winter more than anything and so does my body. LOL

    I know what you mean about going to the grocery store, I usually only go when I need a couple of things and then I forget to bring my list with me and try to remember what was on it and of course I always forget a few things. Aggghghghh.

    I am not much of a wine drinker either, it puts me right to sleep. Boy when I use to be a wild and crazy girl my dring was the Long Island Tea. I could drink 3 of those everytime I went out and felt just fine. Haven't had one in a while so probably a 1/2 of one would do me in.

    Julie - Dont stress sweetie, but I feel for you, I know how it is, last minute stuff. Shame on Den for doing that to you. LOL Have fun on your trip and hopefully you don't wear yourself out before you are even on the road, however, if you do maybe you can sleep in the car.

    Hi Sweetie, that is wonderful, wonderful news for your DH. I will pray and pray too. Sounds like a very interesting job. My husband worked for an insurance company (salesman) for 16 years and then decided to lay all the employees that have been there for years off and hired all new, young employees. It was heartbreaking. Now he works for a warranty company, but it is not near as much money as he used to make. I felt so sorry for him at that time. He never missed a day of work and put in lots of hours.

    It seems no one cares about their fellow human race anymore. Oh well Congratulations to DH, I hope so much he gets it!!!!!

    Bye for now Porchies!!!!
  14. jole

    jole Member

    You all sound like you've been really busy! My past few days have been very boring...so boring you don't want to hear it LOL.

    BUT....this weekend we are having a family get-together at the lake..us, our 5 kids & spouses, and grandkids. We can't wait! But the weather is suppose to be in the 90's and where we're going to be where there is very little shade other than the ????? on the camper. (You know, the thingy that rolls out from the top) Mind is gone...

    It is near the wading beach area, so the little ones should have a good time...lots of sunscreen going to be used, I'm sure. And they will all have on lifejackets, so one person can watch them without difficulty.

    Will have horseshoes, wiffle ball, kites and "hillbilly golf", and frisbies for everyone in the evenings. cook out on the grill and firepit...bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, burgers, brats, s'mores, dump cake, etc.

    Most will sleep in tents, a few in the camper. Will have lots of water, gatorade, etc. so no one gets dehydrated. And of course beer...(it's not the lake without it) for the guys and sodas for whomever.

    There is a really nice shower house/bathroom just up the hill...thank goodness...with running water, which is the main reason we picked that spot.

    I'm sure I will be taking naps with the little one, who is 18 months old, which gives me a great reason to be lying down!!! We are all very excited to all be together, relaxing and catching up with each others lives.

    This is actually our Christmas present to our kids....we buy all the groceries and pay for their gas. It has a lot more meaning than a gift they really don't want anyway, and gives us another chance to all be together each year.

    Other than that, no news. Enjoyed reading about all your adventures, and wish everyone the best. Love you all****Jole****
  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    get in the pool as soon as I get home. I even called my doctor today and told her my symptoms and she wants me to come in tomorrow. My next appt was in Sept. I think I am going to take the day off tomorrow (call in sick). I never do that, but I am really thinking about it. I guess it will depend on how I feel in the morning.

    Anyway, oh Julie I forgot it was your SIL's truck. Well have fun with his parents. Do you guys get a long good? I hope so. I am so fortunate that mine do with my inlaws becuase there is no way i would have separate parties anymore. LOL

    I used to do that, but not anymore. They all get along just fine.

    Elaine, I am also going to talk to her about how my energy is so so low.

    You all take care and i will chat tomorrow.

  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    dURN, DURN, DURN!!!! I had a great long epic written but I just hit the wrong key and----poof, up in smoke~~~~~~~ That makes me sooo mad. Not going to ko it over but will do the same thing some other day.

    LINDA, SWEETUEM JULIE, ROCK, ELAINE, MICKEY AND JOLE ~~~~~~i had kept notes to talk to you!! Phooey!!!! Rats!!!!!Shoot~~~~ Those are my nasty words!!!!!

    Until anlother time. luv u all!

  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I wish I could stay but have been on the computer all day, with the help of a "bush dweller" and her DH. She may come out and say hi someday, won't you???? LOL.

    Sweetie that is great about your hubby-just see him sitting in his new office-really visualize it over and over.

    Mickey I can't believe you haven't told your family, esp your daughters about your illness. I forget who said it, but they can handle more than we think.

    If you sheild your children and do everything for them, they never learn to have compassion or grow and learn how to do things for themselves.

    Our job is not to pamper them and give them everything, it is to make good, smart, hard working people that will go out into the world with something to offer, not thinking the world will do it for them.

    Suzie Orman said that the biggest mistake parents make is going in debt for their childrens college, they need to work while they are in school. When they are gone, then you are left broke and exhausted.

    I know many people who have done everything or gave everything for their children and now in their 20's and 30's and are still children and are always asking for help or moving back in and not offering any help for their selves.

    I didn't always feel like this but have seen it go wrong too many times. My freind that died last year, has 3 lazy kids, she gave them everything she could and when she got sick and could not do for them anymore, they left her alone to care for herself, she laid an entire day in her owm fluids before they came to her house to get something and found her still alive on the floor. She died 8 days later. I had known her kids all their life and she was a good mom, too good. Now they are struggling as they do not have the skills it takes to live a productive life. Sorry I will get off my soap box now. This is a sore spot for me.

    You must take care of YOU first or you won't be there for the good times. We are human not super human, I know I could not do any of the things I do if I had to work or raise a family.

    Well sorry to preach and leave,lol. I just see so many of us that want to protect our families and bear the burden alone. My girls are waiting semi-patiently for their evening walk, I have ignored them all day while trying to fix my computer. So hello to all for now and not sure when I will be back as my shed is to be delivered tomorrow but am not going to kill myself to get is set up and move the things from the house than need to go out there. Carla
  18. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I'm voting with Elaine & Carla. I know Linda has already mentioned to you about me warning her about the big CRASH that can happen. It ruined my life and she is not doing so great right now.

    You can stop it before it happens if you listen to the great advise from your friends and most of all your body.
    It is so hard to do because we all thought we were "Super Women"...kept pushing and pushing and then one day your body and mind just will not do it anymore.

    Just wanted to voice my concern too. Please take care of yourself. We do care.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    say farewell to our beautiful, tropical island as it sinks into the sea while the strains of lovely music wafted on soft breezes remind us that one day we will return...

    If you haven't read all the posts, now is your chance.