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    Just hopped on and started to type and realized we needed a new porch. Lots of posts on the last one, so go back and catch up. I'll get this one going then come back and visit.

    Granni, how did your mish mosh turn out? What a good name, by the way. My poor dad has never liked casseroles...I'm guessing too many "surprises" either cooked by his mom or by my mom :eek: So very glad you have your kiddos close now...at least some of them.

    Mikie, glad you and DOF had a great time. And I'm happy that the two of you will be able to keep in touch by text. Gpa never liked talking on the phone...even with hearing aids it was hard for him to understand what the other person was saying.

    Duckie, how exciting to be rearranging things...to me, it's fun...but I'll still be glad when we get everything put where it belongs. Let the ones with the most energy and muscles do the heavy lifting...someone does have to supervise, you know ;) Hope you enjoy your well deserved time off. How smart to let the next generation do most of the cooking...more relaxing for your DM, and for you.

    Sun, I'm so sorry the flu bug has hit your family...hope nobody else gets it. Amy texted me that Miley has the stomach flu...and Keira is supposed to go to her dad's shortly after Christmas. Down in Tennessee, David's nephew today tested positive for influenza...he was just at the kids' house on Monday. They sure don't need anything...

    Glad the tamales were a hit. Your trifle sounds like a great idea!

    Spring, what a pretty snowy scene...so peaceful. We just may have a white Christmas, according to the weather reports. I have to admit, I'm kind of glad we had our Christmas celebration at Thanksgiving...no hustle and bustle for me...not sure if I could, if I had to.

    I had a pretty busy day. Drove 45 minutes to one town to the "local" chiro. Had just pulled in to a restaurant to grab a quick lunch when our farmer called...he needed both me and Den to sign some farm papers. So I told him I'd drive back to the town (30 minutes) where he was (and where Den works) to meet him. By the time I got there, the farmer had already located Den and had gotten his signature, so I just added mine to the paperwork...something about emergency livestock assistance (funds) due to the drought conditions this year.

    Then I had to pick up Den's prescriptions, then drive 30 minutes to another town...where we do most of our shopping...I needed some groceries and this little town has only one store...and the prices are ridiculous (could have done it in the town where the chiro was, but got cut short.)

    Anyway, finally stopped for lunch and ran the rest of my errands. While I was out, a nurse from Dad's nursing home called to tell me that he had been passing blood clots in his urine (off and on this week) and they will do some labs next Wednesday. What???!!!

    I asked why they would wait so long and she said he doesn't have any other symptoms and there are "new guidelines" that dictate how long they have to wait to run any tests. Oh my goodness! I chose not to argue with her, but will call and check on him in the morning...and remind the nurses that he has had two UTIs in the past five months (causing him to be hospitalized)...the last time he also had pneumonia and was septic. I would think that might affect the guidelines a bit, wouldn't it?

    So, I am bracing myself for another hospital stay. Den doesn't understand why I need to stay with my dad at the hospital...I told him I've seen how they treat him when I'm there...I can't imagine how it would be if there wasn't an advocate right there with him.

    Otherwise, Den was thinking about working Christmas Day...they might just make the solar field deadline...and I was going along as his go-fer. Then I can go see Dad after we get done.

    So...I'd better get on to bed. Hi to everyone I missed this time...hope everyone is doing okay.
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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Yesterday afternoon, my legs started to hurt so bad. I think it might have been from washing the car but am not sure. Claudia, my friend in the hood, brought over a cute little book for me. It's a book of cats' letters to Santa--very funny. She had just gotten home from visiting her Mom at the nursing home. She loved the poinsettia plant I had left at her door. I left a note on one of my little cards made from the pen 'n ink drawing Frank had made of our end of the bldg. I have the large original piece of artwork on my wall. As it turns out, Claudia's bldg. is the same as ours and she lives in the same unit in her bldg. as mine in my bldg. Soooo, the picture of the bldg. looks like hers. Frank had given me several extra full size copies so I gave one to her. She's going to frame it like I have and hang it on her wall. We had a really nice chat. She is such a good friend to me and Nancy.

    A different neighbor told her that the woman in my bldg., who is an alcoholic, has lost her job. After having to put her little dog to sleep, she went on a week's binge. I had taken a card down and put it in her door. How sad. I am very worried about her. I also have to be concerned about how she is going to pay her condo fees. We've been through one resident who went into foreclosure and we didn't get her fees for three years. Fortunately, we recouped most of them when the unit was sold. I don't know what it will take for this woman to get help. She's had two DUI's and had to have a breathalizer installed in her car. She had to turn in her new car and drive an old banged up one for a while. I think DUI's now cost about $10,000 in legal fees and fines. Yikes! She was pretty good for a long time but she hangs out with another alcoholic in the hood and that isn't helpful. I can only pray for her. If she defaults on her fees, we will have to file a lien on the condo. I hate doing that but I'm responsible for protecting all our residents financially.

    If it's as nice out this morning as yesterday, it should be perfect for throwing some wax on the hood of the car. It gets hot in the middle of the afternoons but the mornings are fantastic. Afternoons are good for those at the pool. I'm so pasty that it's disgusting. Even Claudia remarked at how pale I look. It may also be due to the never-ending allergies from the RT. The skin around my eyes is red and blue, a sure sign of allergies. Thank God for makeup.

    Julie, thanks for starting up a new Porch. That beautiful little porch is right up my alley. So warm and homey looking. If Den ends up working, it's a good thing you did have an early Christmas celebration. Wow, yesterday sounds like one of those days when everything is a hot mess. I hope your Dad is OK. There have been cuts to Medicare and I suspect things will even get worse. It makes no sense to delay care and end up making people even sicker, costing more than the cuts. Doh!!! A little prayer going up for him.

    Sun, I'm so sorry your GD has the flu. It's starting to go around and the flu shot is evidently only about 10 percent effective against it. The good news is that those who were vaccinated don't get as sick as those who weren't vaccinated. I hope no one else gets sick.

    Spring, thanks for the beautiful snow picture. It's so gorgeous that I want to make it my screen saver. I also didn't do any Christmas decorating. I never even got my Christmas wreath put up on the door. Claudia asked what happened to my fall wreath. The door is just bare. Hardly seems worth it now so will put my wreath with the shells on it up. We are headed into what is usually the nicest time of the year here but it's been so hot that I don't know if it will be so nice. Glad you are enjoying others' decorations.
    Well, Kiddies, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. I hope everydobby has a wonderful day. The sun is just coming up here and the sky is streaked with bright copper colored clouds.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good Saturday morning! For some reason, I woke up before 6:00...felt Den stirring and he said he had already been up and filled the wood furnace (works out good that I check it before I go to bed at night and he's up early enough to fill it first thing in the morning.) He's headed off to work...going in an hour later, at 8:00 instead of 7:00. Last evening, he said he was happy that he's been able to manage these long, physically taxing days...exhausted when he gets home, but still able to get up and go again the next morning.

    I imagine he will crash and burn a bit when this project gets done...hope he can take some time off and just rest. At age 63, he's not too far from retirement, Medicare, etc...but we have to figure out what to do about my health insurance...I'm only 59. And we both still need some sort of supplemental...goodness, I thought we had more time to think about all this stuff, lol!

    Shift change at the nursing home is 6:00 am, so I will wait a bit before calling to check on my dad...if I call too soon, the nurse in charge might not have even seen him yet. Wish it wasn't a weekend...I would just call the DON and ask about these "new guidelines." But I'm sure most of the administrative staff are already on their holiday time off and, as far as I know, it's not "emergent" yet...I just don't want it to get that way.

    Mikie, how neat that you and Claudia live in the same condos, in different buildings. When we were in the military and lived in gov't apartments, it was so neat to see how people took basically the same set up and made their homes look so different.

    I hope the lady who lost her dog can get headed back on the right track. I know lots of people who would be absolutely lost if something happened to their pets...very sad...but the reality is that we have to pick ourselves up and keep going. We've lost lots of dogs and cats, goats and other pets over the years...some made more of an impact than others, but still sad.

    I think I'll get the Amish neighbors' "Root Beer Float Kits" ready and see if I can get them all delivered. I also found some little packages of cookies, candies, etc. at Aldi's yesterday...all made in Germany. Perfect to go along with the other treats. And I need to make sure my laundry is all caught up, just in case I have to spend some time away from home...being prepared to go to the hospital with my dad is surely a good way to keep that from happening, true? Usually, that call catches me completely off guard...

    Star, I meant to ask if you are familiar with the actor Robert Taylor? We just finished the Longmire series on Netflix...I didn't realize he was from Australia...what a great guy he seems to be.

    Hello and hugs to everyone else...I'd better get something done, since I'm up so early...

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    Hidey-Ho, Porchies,

    Just got in from waxing the hood of the Highlander. It's a crossover so doesn't sit up as high as a true SUV but it is as big. The old ones are bigger than the newer sleeker ones. The RT flare has caused some FMS pain and using my arms makes them ache. It didn't take long and I'm glad it's done and I can crash for a bit. Neighbors downstairs asked me to lunch on Christmas. They know about my conditions and how I can only do things when I'm up to it. I thanked them profusely and told them I have a really hard time planning on doing much of anything and have been crashing most of the time except to do a few small things. It was a bit awkward since I was out there waxing the car. Still, I know they understand. Thank God the new wax/cleaner products go on and wipe off so easily.

    Julie, you're smart to be ready to go if you have to. Just sent up another little prayer for you DD. Glad Den is holding up and hope he continues to. It sounds as though he likes his job and that helps. There are only 167 total units in our hood. There are three different styles of bldgs. which each contain eight units except for one. They are scattered so it doesn't look too much like military housing. There are courtyards across the street with clusters of townhouses. There is enough variety and I like that. You are right. Even units which are alike look totally different inside. I loved living in a family home but, at this point in my life, I'm happy to live in a condo. As it is, I often can't keep up inside. Hope you and your family stay well.

    After Christmas, I'm gonna try to go down and clean up the shrubs in front and get some red mulch. The whole hood is usually done but, because the mgr. is looking for a new landscape co., they aren't putting it down right now. The wind from the hurricane seems to have burned some of the shrubbery and everything looks dry, the way things often look up North in the winter. Everything here is usually green this time of year. They finally got the lamp posts put back up from being blown over. It just takes so much time to recover from such a destructive storm.

    Hope all our Porchies are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Whew! Got my deliveries made...caught everyone at home. They all love root beer and ice cream, lol...and I included a bag of fancy cookies or candy with each "kit."

    Even Prince, our closest neighbors' Border Collie, let me pet him. He's the one who bit me one time when I went down to see them...actually, he was okay while we were standing outside talking...it was when I went to leave. So, I am extra cautious now, and make sure to stay in the van till someone comes outdoors. I had my door open and just handed the gifts to my neighbor...he came up to me, so I gave him lots of loving...maybe we can be friends, after all. I know he's just protecting his three little girls, but I love dogs and it makes me sad to think of one not liking me, lol! But...Lorene says he's that way about almost everyone who comes to their house...

    I called to check on my dad around 9:30. The nurse today didn't even know what I was talking about :mad: but I kept my cool and just explained that I was worried he would get worse and end up back in the hospital. She kept trying to tell me that it would be Wednesday till they knew anything because of the "culture and sensitivity" test...and I kept telling her that I didn't think they had done any tests yet.

    She finally pulled up Dad's chart and saw where the other nurse had documented "hematuria" and the orders said to "push fluids and monitor urine output." And she said she saw Dad had some little cans of juice on his walker seat when he came back from breakfast (I keep his little fridge supplied with 7-Up and little cans of V-8 fruit juices, so the aids must have made sure he had some on hand.)

    We finally got "on the same page" and I was satisfied that they are keeping an eye on him and she said they would let me know if anything changes. I let her know my fears of him having to go back to the hospital if he gets worse before anyone catches it...but agreed that sometimes doctors rush to give antibiotics if they are not really needed. But she said he seems to be doing great so far today.

    Mikie, I'm glad you got your car hood waxed. Yes, anyone who doesn't understand these DD's might not understand that you can do some things at some times...but not always as planned or as much as you want. Nice of the neighbor to invite you, though.

    I just had a thin sandwich ribeye and some veggies for brunch...better get busy now. Den will probably be home in time to watch his woodworking shows at 1:30...he is a creature of habit, lol! I think he only has a crew of one other guy working with him today, but there are lots of smaller, tedious wiring things to do, so they will hopefully get a lot done.

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    Merry Christmas Eve eve...this looks like the kitty we had when we first moved to the farm. His name was 'Sota, short for Minnesota Star :)

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    Back home from the weekly trip to my DM's house with DS. Spent longer than usual today, but helped her bake some goodies for the goodie-bags she wants to give everyone (banana bread, Swedish dreams, and peanut brittle). She laughed as we left and said that we had just made our own Christmas gifts. Tonight DS and I have to make the pies for tomorrow's dessert (chocolate and banana cream).

    We had some snow earlier today. It stuck to the ground for a bit, but then the sun came out and it all melted away. We have a chance of more snow tomorrow; they're saying we might get an inch.

    Spring - I have made a quilt each for my DS and DD. I'm working on one for my DH. I have given a few as wedding gifts. I made 3 commissioned wall hangings for a co-worker last year, and 2 large queen sized quilts for another coworker. Otherwise, it's like the painter who paints...an obsession that one cannot ignore.

    Mikie - I didn't decorate either. Haven't in years. I'm sure I look like Scrooge to all my neighbors. :rolleyes:

    Julie - It will be neat once it is done. I will have a wall large enough to be a permanent design wall, and I will have more storage space. I need to think about whether I'm going to move my computer desk into the annex or not. It would allow me to rearrange the main room a little bit. Still - it's a big, heavy computer desk and that's more work than we had planned on, so probably not. At least not this go-around. Hope your dad does ok.

    Sun - sorry to hear your DGD got sick. They say the flu is hitting early and hard - at least in Cincinnati. I hope nobody else in your family gets it. It's no fun being sick at the holidays.

    Dinner is left overs, so I'm going to fix some. Then DS and I have to make the pies.
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    Hi Kids

    I think I was gone 4 days, but it feels like a month. The computer was fixed by the DH of the
    librarian who teaches the oragami class. He refused to take money for his services 'cause
    Gordon has been so nice to his wife. Gordon took her a lot of old magazines. The heavy paper is good for folding. And he brought in some stuff he was gonna donate to a thrift shop. She took some of it for some little girls and some for a relative who collects stuff.

    Interestingly the guy said the computer only had two viruses. A month or so back we got an
    ad that said, "Your computer has 94 viruses and various other problems. Sign up us with us now to protect your computer." More lies and mendacities.

    But anyway Gordon or his brother will have to see if they can clear up some problems. Our
    desk site is all verkate and the home page is completely changed and lists hundreds of sites we
    might want to visit. But we don't.

    Anyhoo, good to be back. Nice pic, Julie. That chest looks like it's pretty old. Maybe it
    once belonged to a pirate. Arr! BTW, why don't pirates celebrate Christmas? Answer"
    They are afraid their leg might get burned as a Yule log. I hope Den gets his project finished,
    but not at the expense of his health. Certainly he's not responsible for various delays and the
    work of other people.

    When I was a paper boy I used to deliver the Minneapolis Star. There was a big Mpls paper
    and a big St. Paul paper. I think they have now merged. Did "Sota" like to read a MN paper?
    Come from MN? Have a MN accent?

    Mikie, we used to get a poinsettia every Christmas when I was a kid. From a frail aunt who
    had lost her young husband in WWI. I was astonished when I moved to California and saw
    poinsettia bushes that were bigger than some Christmas trees.

    Is your leg any better? Maybe it's time to put hopscotch behind you. Congrats on waxing
    the car. Been decades since I did that.

    Duckie, I think you said you had foot neuropathy. I did too 10-15 years ago. Got rid of it in
    a few days, with some exercises my doc showed me. Just bounce up and down on your toes.
    Lean on a wall, or a table or a window sill. I did it every day for about 30 seconds. Was cured
    in less than a week. I just realized that I haven't been doing it for years now, but the pains have
    not come back. Hope it works for you.

    Better go. Gordon wants to see how the machine is working.

    Hugs to Sun, Spring, Barry, Granii, JB, GB

    As the folks in the old country say: God Jul! Godt nytt år!

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    Julie: I hope your dad is OK......scary when our elderly parents get ill. That dog sounds like a real good one to have around their little kids, of course not for the visitors.

    Rock: Hope the computer is now working ship shape. I HATE when I'm having troubles. My printer wanted an update a few weeks ago, then it zapped my iPad out of printing and I didn't know how to get it working again so my DS fixed it yesterday. I'm totally lost when it comes to electronic stuff.

    Mikie: Yea....the car is waxed! I don't think my 10 year Honda Pilot has ever had one.

    Duck: Changing rooms sounds like fun.....at least in my way of thinking. I love rearranging!

    It was fun having my little granddaughters over yesterday, but tiring. I gave a fuzzy stuffed unicorn to my 1 year old....which she hugged then the older one claimed it. OK...the little one didn't fuss. I guess she's used to have her older sister take charge of everything. Had to laugh when later the older one grabbed it and announced she would write her sister's name on the bottom of the foot, then proceeded to spell out her Own name. My son said...."that's not how you spell Mia's name"......of course at that age the older kids usually get possessive of everything. And the younger one, Mia, proceeded to demolish my juniper branch arrangements all over the floor.....dried branches and needles and all. Can't imagine how she did that without getting her fingers stuck. I could barely stand to touch them when I had to clean it all up.

    I was out to the stores today.....what a nightmare. I'm sooooo grateful for my handicap tag.
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    Rock - so glad to see you back! I wish exercises would be a cure for my neuropathy. Unfortunately, the root cause is a combination of my thyroid issues and one of the medications I took for chemotherapy once upon a long time ago.

    Sun - I also went to the store today. It was a zoo. Likewise, I was super happy to have the handicapped tag!!

    I feel like one giant bruise - I don't know if it's Fibro pain or if I'm coming down with something. I certainly hope it isn't the latter. I think it may be because I've been very bad and have been eating very poorly this week. Must behave this week....
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    Duck. My cleaning lady has neuropathy and her doctor advised her to try alpha lipoic acid....she said it helps. I think Barry said he also takes it. Check it out. Sorry you're hurting. Don't go lifting beds or couches!
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    Good morning, friends...and Happy Christmas Eve. Yes, I will be in the barn at midnight...at least I know Peace Sign kitty will "talk" to me. And Oreo dog will be there for protection. Haven't checked on my dad yet today as I know the nurse that came on at 6:00 am is probably still passing out meds and insulin, etc. Breakfast is 7:00-9:00 and there are always a few stragglers (usually including my daddy :))

    It is 13 degrees outside, supposedly feels like 7. A couple inches of snow on the ground and still coming down slowly. Would be a peaceful and relaxing scene except for the fact that Den and I are getting ready to go out and work in it...

    He had a crew (two other guys) for part of the day yesterday, so worked about 8 hours. Today...nobody, but me, lol! This week is supposed to be even colder...and the solar field has got to be able to go online by the end of the year. I'm guessing there will be a few "grace days" due to no inspector wanting to come out on the holiday...but...

    Good to see you back, Rock! How nice of the library lady's husband to take care of it for you. Speaking of "easy to fold" paper...I used to go to stores and get wallpaper sample books. They had sheets of the paper big enough for the Girl Scouts to fold into paper fans. Add a little bit of lace around the edges and "pearls" or other fine stones to the "handle" and they made a wonderful gift for their favorite lady for Christmas, Mother's Day, May Day or whatever holiday it was. I don't know if they even have those books anymore...

    Anyway, I'd better get going. Den is going in ahead of me and try to fix up some sort of wind break or shelter, and he'll run one of those salamander heaters...so at least we won't freeze to death. If I'm not back on here in a day or two, someone might send a search party, lol!

    Take care, everyone!

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    Good (late) morning, everyone. Just got up; slept nearly 12 hours. Still feel like I've been beaten from my shoulders to my ankles with a large stick. I'm going to take a shower, get something to eat and see how I feel. I'm glad the young-uns are cooking today.

    Julie - STAY WARM!!

    Frohliche Weinachten!
  14. springwater

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    Rock - nice to see you back. That's the worst part of having ones computer repaired. All sorts of new things, new processes to re learn. Nice of your librarian to repair your computer for free. Lovely give and take there between you all.

    Julie - sorry to hear about your DF. I love dogs but am also scared of approaching them unless I know they're friendly.

    Dmc - sorry to hear you're in a sort of flare. Bad timing. How nice that the other ladies in the family are cooking, tho.

    Mikie - I hope your legs are better. I've never waxed our cars..I should try. The roads are so horribly dirty and dusty though. It seems like a hopeless pursuit.

    A business friend of DH's invited us for a movie show and pre movie dinner before that. He is very prosperous, business family from two generations and now sons are well enroute to taking it thru third generation. Anyway, he booked most of the hall for a premiere show of an Indian film and organized dinner in an Indian restaurant in the mall. The same mall I posted picture of. I asked him what the occasion was, he smiled and said forget the occasion, just lets enjoy.

    It wasn't the movie I would've chosen, all out action, but I enjoyed the break from the normal humdrum of house and the authentic Indian cuisine.

    DS stayed home working on a project and DD joined us enroute after attending a 'paint while you sip' outing at a cafe. Organized by a friend of my BILs new wife. An instructor takes them through the painting process. They painted a Christmas picture in keeping with the festive season. DS called a few of her friends and BIL was there too.
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  15. Mikie

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    Joyeux Noël, Dear Porchies,

    Hope everyone has finished everything for the big day and can rest a bit today. I'm vegging out a bit. Our newspaper has the biggest crossword puzzle in it that I've ever seen. It's not very challenging but it sure is HUGE. I've done the regular puzzles. Had to stop and have a small glass of eggnog with a bit of nutmeg sprinkled on top. To me, adding booze to eggnog spoils it. I like eggnog and booze, just not mixed together. AACCKK!!

    Yesterday, DD sent an Omaha Steak cooler full of things. I'm not done eating things from the package my other DD sent after the hurricane to help replenish my freezer. Today, it's bacon wrapped fillets. Mmmm! I'd like to pick up some Brussel sprouts but really don't want to brave the store. The wrist I sprained is causing my arm to go numb today from using it to wax the hood of the car. Think I'll get the TENS Unit out.

    Julie, that cat on the Christmas tree is cracking me up. How funny! Perhaps the animals do speak at Midnight on Christmas Eve but just not in English. Think I've mentioned that my old dog used to talk in her sleep and I would always listen because she sounded as though she were speaking some language. SV makes so many different sounds that I believe he does speak but I'm not fluent in Cat so only understand a bit of what he says. Stay warm and don't work too hard.

    Duckie, sounds as though you are your usual busy self. I hope you can find time to relax. Glad you don't have to cook. My neighbor got neuropathy from his chemo and they gave him Lyrica which helped a lot.

    Rock, soooo good to have you back. I closed the lid on the FPOC and, when I came out this morning, it was really hot. It's not supposed to do that. OTOH, it's working like a charm (knocking on wood). Hope you can get yours back to where it feels more like it should. The best thing one can do with pop-ups is to delete them, if possible. I've had sooooo many phishing phone calls lately. I've blocked the numbers but they call back with the same message on new numbers. Good grief!

    Sun, the lunch sounds nice but a bit messy for you to clean up. Aah, the fight between siblings for presents. Sounds just like Christmas when my girls were small. I got the little boy at the end of our bldg. a ball with holes in it so he could grab it when he was about a year old. His brothers tried to take it but the little one screamed bloody murder and it scared them. The younger or youngest have to be tough. BTW, it wasn't the whole car I waxed; it was just the hood. The water beaded up everywhere else. Glad you enjoyed the kids.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope y'all are enjoying the Holiday Season.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good morning.....Christmas Eve day! I'm hurting everywhere......I've got a mantra I've started to say....."sugar is poison". I've been eating goodies and shouldn't. Last time I did this was a few weeks ago and I noticed two days later I HURT everywhere. Tramadol, ibuprofen and coffee early this morning so that meant only a few hours of sleep for me.

    Someone sent me the absolutely cutest youtube video this morning but I can't capture the link to post here. So do a google search for "freshpetfeast" on youtube. OMG.....all these dogs and one cat!
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  17. dmcduck

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    Sun - I totally agree with the sugar thing. It's what I was alluding to. We've had so many sweets in the office (vendors send us stuff) and I've been a very bad girl, and I think that's part of why I'm in so much pain now.
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry:. Every time you mention the lentil sausage soup it makes me crave it! I'm going to make some this week after christmas. No, I don't get a flu shot. Those of us with FM find that we get REALLY sick from it. I got two bad reactions years ago. I also have a friend who has a good friend who got the flu shot years ago, went into the hospital within a few hours and came out having to use oxygen all the time now. Wasn't until after a year was up that she found out it was a bad batch. I'll just have to take my chances. As I mentioned, I think I'm hurting from too much sugar I've consumed.

    Here's something interesting on papaya seeds, which I've always dumped in the trash. Most interesting.

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    Just got home and had to check on my family here...Barry, glad to see you!

    We didn't freeze too badly, but I can see why Den comes home from work so exhausted every night...crawling around underneath all those solar panels that are already in place, the wires are frozen stiff, trying to work with gloves all day (the little screws and bolts, etc. are so hard to keep ahold of.) And several times he would stand straight up too soon (before he had cleared the panels) and hit his head...bah humbug! (Well, that's not usually what he said :mad: )

    The hardest work I did today was wiggling out of all my layers of clothes to use the job site porta potty, lol! But I tried to be the best go-fer I could be...holding screws, holding the extra wires out of the way until needed, just having some company was a big help for Den. Not sure if they will make the deadline or not, but they are all doing the best they can...different contractors are doing their own parts, and trying to work around each other and Den's crews.

    Anyway, we are both ready for a nap. Oh, Barry...I'll just be in the barn at midnight, and only stay a few minutes...just tradition, lol! I've been doing it for over 35 years...same spot in the barn.

    I'd better get going. Will visit more when I can. Lindsey called as I was typing and now Den is napping without me.
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    If you press on the above URL and press play, a very cute vid comes up of a corgi smelling a puppy's butt while scuffling, and it's reaction.

    Sun - I find it stressful when lil ones fight. Those too young to understand what's right and wrong and grabbing others things or even punching another wee one. Sometimes it's funny. I remember my lil toddler baby brother socking it to my then 7 year old other brother in the cheek with a round Tibetan bread..logomomo at mealtime. Out of the blue. Luckily it didn't hurt.
    so no fight.

    I don't think you should quite call sugar poison because you will be affirming that sugar IS poison and your subconscious might take it literally and make you react to any kind of sugar or any little amount of it.

    Maybe I will not eat sweets is better..just a thought.

    dmc - I heard on a radio show a doctor interviewed during Festival time here..their hospital gets most cases of gastric attacks,diabetes complications, and Hypertension during Festival. Because of all the overeating and eating restricted foods.

    Mikie - bacon used to be my favourite food once. Bacon for breakfast was yum! Are you going to allow yourself a little wine or something for Christmas? Something with a kick? I keep thinking I would like to make hot punch but never get around to doing it.

    Barry - so good to see you. My DH loved the pistachio chicken. Not so much the orange chicken. Today I made Parsee Red Chicken from the book I got on sale. It looks great. White chicken with flecks of red chilli flakes. I had to use tamarind and coriander seeds. Happy about that because they will get stale if I don't use them up. That lentil soup with Andouille sausage made my mouth water. Albeit I'm vegetarian. I thought maybe u could serve it to the others as a departure from normal lentil soup I make.

    Chicken and Pistachio Korma pohs Kitchen..

    This recipe looks similar to one in my book

    I make Nepalese dishes mostly which is close to Indian except Indian food is more spicy. I also make Tibetan and spaghetti, pasta etc continental. This city is good in that you get all kinds of spices, condiments, because of the many restaurants catering to.international tourists. The locals love French fries and burgers, steaks too. And there is a restaurant around every corner these days. The only thing I don't do is bake, these days.

    Tad cold today. My DH brought a cottage cheese piece (paneer) and asked me to make spinach paneer. Its the season for spinach now. Ive done it, it takes a little longer to make than simple curry because one has to brown the cottage cheese on its own, boil the spinach, puree it, and then make the curry.
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