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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey gang,

    Well, I will try this again and see if it works (-: !! It has been a long time. Check the other side for any new posts you might have missed. More later on everyone.

    Hey Mrdad - whatever happened to SMG ?? Has she been kidnapped or something? Sure was a long retreat (-: !!



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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Holler if you got stuck during the transmission. I mean, transition. We'll send out Ursula or Missy to hunt for you.

    Here are some words to live by. How many of the authors can you identify?

    Close cover before striking.
    Your call is very important to us.

    Film at 11.
    Batteries not included.

    Goes w/ any color.
    Not for internal use.

    And now, for the serial part of today's post:

    With regard to selling people on E Bay, this was legal prior to the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865. The amendment prohibits both slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime.

    My alcoholic boss had to pick up trash on the Santa Monica beach for several weekends due to his drunk driving incident. This was involuntary servitude, but it was constitutional.

    There will be an essay quiz on Friday.

  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Kudos to you for turning on the light so quickly. I am jumping IN early.

    Now that I'm here, I have nothing to say...........

    Oh well, since when has that stopped me?

    Rock, I can identify most of the slogans you mention. The one about "your call is very important to us" gets a shout from me every time. I've heard that often they really are recording the conversation and have heard some interesting things while people are on hold. That's why I always say, If I'm so important to you, why am I sitting here on hold??

    Gotta git yer fun where ya can.

    Hugs all around - to Georgia who is baking her wonderful banana bread; to Linda who is fixing a wonderful dinner for her family and will bring us some later; to Joe who is watching the Bay - and the beekeenees; to Sweetie who is being her sweet self; to Julie who is burping a dear baby; to Elaine who's cleaning up on Ebay; to Candy who's relaxing with her good hubby; to Joan who I hope is resting; to Monica who's tending her pretty flowers; to Jinlee and her cat - how about William for a name - or Mango? To Annie who is doing something kind for someone. To Janalyn who never did pour me that drink.... To Carla who is lecturing Twyla and Missy; and to anyone else who has posted lately who I have fog-gotten to name. :>p


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  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope no one got caught in the door at the end. I am good at that.

    Sorry, I have not been on all day . DH wanted me to go to the bookstore with his so I went for the ride and looked around. I still have books around here that I haven't finished. He bought 3 big books, esp 1. It would take me years to read all those pages. He reads when he is watching TV. I can'at do that unless it is thepaper, a magazine or somethig very light. Oh, I can read all right but I won;t remember what I did read (-: !!

    Since I couldn't connect to the past volume I will not rememaber who said what - sorry. I didn't take notes either. As I mentioned yesterday finally got the curtains up. Hey, I just noticed that there is another window in that room . So I have to do them too. However, still have to clean those windows, mesure them and buy the curtains. I was lucky they had enought anyway for the windows Idid.. I had to look all over in the cubbies in the store to find enough of the right sizes, etc. My hands were killing me yesterday. I am guessing from all the extra work I havae been doing. Nothing like finding pain in another part of your body - just what I need.

    Elaine - I see you have a puzzle for us on the chit chat aboard. I added my answer but we will see huh ?? Hope all is well with you kiddo. Like I said I can't remember who said what on the last volume .So, anything goes on this volume till you get closer to the end with more posts. Hope you are cleaning up on E-bay !!

    Georgia - baking any more of that nana or strawberry bread? It sounds so delicious and I am to lazy to make it. I know it would be wonderful for breakfast. I used to be able to knit and crochet some to but it has been years since I did either. The way my hands have been feeling lately I am going to try and get by with as little as possible. So who is hanging curtains - ugh !! Dummny me ?? This shouldn't be as bad since now I know what to do and there aren't as many panels.

    Medad - How's your weathaer been by you. Is it bee kee nee weather yet?? Those chili rellenos sounded good. Was it an easy recipe? I think that is what you made?

    Rock - How is Gordon's boo boo finger? I'll be hs is still cooking !!! MMM, you are so lucky having someone there who cooks for you.

    Candy - Hi there girl.. sorry I havent been here alot lately. Did post some on the boards yesterday but not much today but now trying to make up for it I guess. It goes in spurts for me. Sorry there is no chanage in your sister's condition. You have got to take every good thing that comes, even if it isn't slot. oh, I left you a note on he other post. Keep your chin up hon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Was busy yeserday putting up dumb curtains but at least one set of curtains is up !!!

    If anyone has some time and would like to come and help me clean window blinds let me know (-: !! I am sure many of you have lots of time and energy on your hands (ha) !.

    Carla - Hope Twy is continuing to feel and do better. Sounds like you are busy as usual !!

    Linda - how is your weather. It was cold the other day you said,. It is now in the 70's today I think but no sun. it was suposed to rain bt sofar we haven't gotten any.

    Marta - Hi thee and hope things are going better for you and the FC. Are your working still at the animal shelter or just visiting ??

    Sweetie - Hope you are feeling better. Nice to see you popping up here more lately.

    Joan - How are you and DH doing ? Hope all is well sweetie,

    Julie - did you say your dh was retiring now or really soon and when were you going back to Belize for your extended mission trip? I am confused about that. I know you will be back and forth to see all the family but didn;t remember when you were going to go.

    Well, for now I cannot remember who else to mention. So, for now I will say hi to those MIA like Lacey,Mickey,Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, Jim Bob, and John Boy (-: !! I know there are more but my brick wall has come back again.

    Hugs to all,


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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the concern expressed about Gordon's finger, friends. The fact is, however, it is a minor injury expected to leave no permanent damage. I'm know all of you have far more pains and disability. He has a regular bandage now instead of that bulky tube. Should be all healed up soon.

    Julie, it sounds like the yogurt will make your hubby's last day peachy keen. Hope your visit to the dentist wasn't too traumatic.

    Linda, I have read about scones in millions of British books. Have seen them made on the cooking shows. Don't think I've ever tasted one tho. Do you make them? Are they a lot of trouble? You make a batter, right?

    Georgia, we have lots of carne in CA. You can buy a wide variety of tacos including carnitas (pork); al pastor (grilled on a spit); al carbon or carne asada (beef) and pescado (fish). Generally served w/ radishes, cucumber, salsa and/or guacamole.

    You're right. The best thing to serve w/ carne is a margarita.

    Elaine, I never heard of botox for migraines. Sounds like one of those things that was discovered by accident.

    Candy, if you go here, ...well, the address is too long to post. If you just search for Yesterday's Child rock band you will find their site. It appears to be a current band that plays songs from the 60s and 70s.

    One of my friends went to New York to visit friends a couple years ago, Mr Dad. He said most apartments now rent for a thousand bucks per room. I remember in the 60s I rented the top floor of an old house in Minneapolis for $27.50 per month.

    Marta, perhaps you could take up trompe loile and paint curtains for Granni and Georgia. I am adding "fog-gotten to my vocabulary.

    Sweetie, I had fog-gotten about your battle w/ the mold. Glad to hear it is pretty much over.

    Haven't been in a hammock for years, Jinlee. Guess it might be a bit hazardous now in view of my advanced years.

    Jodi, all the best to you and Cody. Hugs to everydobby.


  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    hope you all had a nice st. paddy's day. i ended up meeting one of my gf's and her bf at finnegan's irish restuarant/bar...that is where marc and i met.

    he confuses me more everytime i see him....last night he looked me dead in the eye's and said you know jodie i love you. i did not know what to say then he grabbed me and hugged me and said happy st. paddy's day. he bought us drinks and met my friend's.

    his best friend/roomate was at the bar...he does not drink at all...marc said there is jason go sit and talk to him. i said i am looking for my friend's so i did stand and talk to his roomate. marc hung out w/me then we met my friend's outside the bar cause there was a waiting line out the door. eventually they got in.

    then later on that night marc told me i should sit on his roomate's lap...jason and i just stared at eachother and looked at marc. last i knew jason had a gf...but not sure...i said why would i sit on his lap? he said i don't know maybe you both can talk about what ever pops up....

    i think marc is insecure about his friend jason around me...cause jason did a lot of talking to me etc. granted he was drinking for sure....marc that is. oh boy, i think maybe he was trying to get me jealous about the reservation's w/a girl....maybe he was going to call and make some for us...who knows.

    i do really like a lot of things about him..but there seems to be some insecurities...but he was the one that said he is not looking for a serious relationship w/anyone at the moment that was about month ago...

    i think i will let this thing play out for a bit and try to talk to him when he is more sober...i think the 5 divorces his father had has left him some baggage. i know i have mine.

    well need 2 do hmwk, again.....

    hi to everyone of you...my mind can't remember everything right now...just know i read your posts and you make me smile...and yc1 sorry about your sister....hugs for sure.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    georgia 2 more to go...you bakem' and enjoy the eats for us.

    cody used my car to go to a vitamin shoppe and used yahoo for map. it got him lost and the wrong roads...but he made it.

    well gonna go for now and finish off the math then i need to write a survey for my speech. then go make 20 copies. i hope my word processor stuff is working correctly. it messed up last time and was a pain to have to get the correct format.

    party on porchies

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and thank you for your 2 cents....i just was dumbfounded, why he would say such a statement...and i know his friend must've felt the same as well. i know those two had a man talk so hopefully jason said something. i will say something to marc the next time i see him....

    i guess i have been doing some psychoanalyzing on him.....my friend told me not to really pay attention to the "jodie, you know that i love you?"

    well some things must change for him to hang on to me. i may have made him even more insecure when i texted him this past week about how he was inquiring about the dinner reservation w/a girl thing.

    i basically said that was rude etc. he said he was just making a general question cause he had to wait a long time when in there last.

    i don't know what marc is really using me for at this point...he went home to his place and i to my own last night....well i am not going to call him, he needs to start making or showing me more than he has. especially if he claims that he loves me...maybe he meant that like a good friend...whatever.

    love lydia
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Jodie,

    Please listen to Julie too. This guy is giving you more red flags then I don't know what. I was trying to think of who or what uses alot of red flag but I can't think of anything (-: !!

    Seriously hon, you are much better than this guy and if you think really hard I am sure you can figure out why he wants to keep on your good side. He sounds like he has lots of problems and you realy would be smart to stay away from him, friend or not. FRIENDS, or at least GOOD FRIENDS don't go around saying and doing some of the dumb and rude things he has done to you. Please listen hon, you are such a soft touch for a handsome guy, aren't you ?? You are just to nice. Start thinking of yourself for a change. You deserve alot more than that.

    I think I read your first post to fast and I didn't read or assimilate the part about sitting on this guys lap. After reading Julie's post I went back and read it. That guy is messed up seriously. I wish you would just stay away from him. Heis not acting like a GOOD FRIEND. Also if he really LOVED you he would not be saying these other weird things to you.

    Please concentrate on your studies and Cody. They are more important than some of these dumb guys, believe me. I know you get lonely sometimes but this guy is ot worth it !! Enough for now!

    TTYL hon.



    OK Julie, are you ready to go punch him out (-: !!!
  10. kylob

    kylob New Member

    Jodie - Take everyones advice...Move on...Marc is not relationship material ....

    Georgia - do you have a great recipe for banana bread that you want to share? Linda makes a great one too.Was it you who had meat marinating in orange juice? I laughed because my husban likes to add orange juice to all recipes...he made lasagna once and mixed the riccato cheese and spinach with orange juice...the acid broke down the cheese and it was horrible...

    Carla - you poor thing, I needed a nap after reading all you had been doing...hope Twy is holding her liquid for the outside..

    Mr Dad - How nice to have a 65 degree day..we are expecting rain, freezing rain tomorrow...it is Linda and my girls day out...I better bring jammies in case I can't get home......The robins are back here, but it is not spring like yet...I love the cardinals(not the kind SMG is fond of)...I can whistle like a cardinal..( don't ya just hate people who brag about their talents!!!lol)

    Annie - thanks for the Irish blessing...nice to see you back on the board

    Julie - I blame my husband for the wet toilet and we don't have a cat!! How wonderful that you and Den are going to be able to go to Belize and make a difference in the lives of all those children...I have been watching Oprah's Big Give,her new show about helping people who are in need...I wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers.

    Marta - I didn't know about Earth Hour...thanks for the heads up....I laughed about your reference regarding "if I'm so important, why am I still on hold", how true....Jerry Seinfeld did a bit about the telemarketers always calling at dinner time....he said he would ask them for their telephone numbers and if he could call them back!!

    Rockgor - Linda and I were at the mall today and we went by Gordon Jeweler's and we struck up a conversation about you and Gordon...were your ears ringing? I wonder where that saying came from...Glad Gordon is healing...never knew you were a chef..

    Well gang, healing well from my surgery, but the loss of abdominal muscle supoort has caused me more than usual amt. of back pain...I had surgery as a child and have instrumentation in my back ....the discs above and below the rod are degenerative, compressed, herniated and or bulging...I have a lumbar support brace and will have physicl therapy for 3 months...I never realized the impact the surgery would have on my back...anyways, Lin and I will be able to spend more time together...share physical therapy stories and go to Walleyworld every week with our coupons....Great catching up with you all....Later porch friends, Kylob
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Granni: Ya "done good" with the Vol Change!! It's so nice to
    know that I have passed on the important skills invested to
    me by the venerable SMG! I don't worry about watching the "clock" anymore with all my talented friends like you to help.

    Kylob: So good to see you on the PORCH today. Do hope we found
    you a comfortable chair to help rest and recover. It was beau-
    tiful at the Park today. No Cardinals. We don't have them on the "Left Coast". But we have Bluejays that other
    than color look identical to Cardinals. Ya have them back there? Tomorrow, St. Joseph's Day (my patron saint) the
    Swallows comeback to Capistrano! But there are less and less
    each year, as so with so many other creatures I'm afraid!
    But I'm sure you are all so-o-o ready for Spring back there.

    Jodie: Think GEORGE HAMILTON !!

    Julie: It's like pulling teeth trying to get me to a Dentist! You brave Lil'Soldier! I can hear you getting
    excited about your trip. My Son's lifetime friend is in
    the Peace Corps in Guyana and is having surely a lifetime experience! Plans to come back and live in SF for awhile and I'm looking forward to hearing all his interesting stories!

    Rock: Tell the Gordon that I'm glad he is healing well! Ya
    know, I had high school girls work for me summers and week-
    ends in my restaurant. I would not allow them to operate my
    my Hobart Meat Slicer for fear of an accident! They left
    my employ with all their "wedding" fingers thank God!

    Linda: I had to go to Walgreen's today and make sure that
    Miguel wasn't selling any merchandise from the Easter 2011
    isle! He assured me they were not! Miguel agreed that peo-
    ple who needed things for this Easter should have purchased from the 2005 display when it was available then! So we are
    right on schedule being ahead on our holiday merchandising!
    Miquel has a promising future with the Company!!!

    At Chinese Lunch with my Son today, so much great food for
    so little money! I had a full dinner to have later in the
    to go box!

    Hello to all I "missed" today! (Ya won't be that lucky everyday)!


  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    kylob nice to see you back around here.

    mr.dad have you eaten at P.F.Chang's that chineese food is yummy. still thinking about george hamilton. weather is suppose to get nice i understand. spring break w/start on thursday for me.

    granni it isn't just his nice looks-brains and humor fun guy to be around and interesting to talk to.....but the red flags on really swinging around now....i asked him when we first had our first intimate conversation if he was the jealous type. he said no....but i am seeing something different. i will figure this out and do the right thing for me..

    still working on homework for sure. still have more to due...so i have to get back to the writing stuff...

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just popped in for two seconds to say , Way to go Julie !! I AGREE 100% with what you just said.

    Please heed dear Jodie !!!

    Sorry but I have to go and come back later on.


  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I had an awesome weekend. My daughter Ashley, her friend and me went to Columbia, MO for the Miranda Lambert Concert (country singer). It was at a place called the "Blue Note", really neat place. It was in a town like the cobblestone roads, old boutique shops and restaurant. We arrived about 2, because Ashley wanted to be the 1st in line so she would get right up by the stage (1st come, 1st serve). We brought chairs to sit and wait it out. The concert didn't start until 7. We had a blast, we met really nice people.

    The band was walking by in normal clothes and hats and Ashley recognized them. They went into a coffee shop and Ashley followed them and talked with them for about 1/2 hour. She was in heaven and they were so nice to her. She also got a 30 second meet and greet with Miranda before the concert.

    I let the girls go get something to eat while I waited in line and then i went when they got back. While i was waiting I met this woman, Angela, she was waiting for her husband to come back with his daughter. She is a doctor at the Lake of the Ozarks ER. I would have never guessed that.

    Well, I didn't realize I would be talking about this so long. Sorry this is long. Anyway, we went to Denny's after the concert (only place open) and went back to the hotel to sleep. It was so much fun.

    Elain, I still have not seen Vantage Point, no one wants to go with me. I would go by myself but I think i would have a better time seeing that movie with someone else. I may have to wait until it comes out on video. Trying to get my husband to do anything will take forever.

    I will check in a little bit, so busy here at work with missing 2 days. Talk to you in a while.

    Love ya all, Mickey
  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...being a brit I make scones all the time. We, from the North of UK pronounce them sconz, not scoanz BTW.

    It is not a batter at all Rock. How I make them is guesstimate flour in the bowl, in UK we use Self rising flour, which is oft hard to find here, so I add a little Baking Powder. So I may use four cups of flour about, one cup of butter or margerine,so cut this in, *add fruit or nuts, add a teasp (or more for higher risen) baking powder a tad of baking soda and add enough milk so you have a sort of pastry like (playdough) consistency. Turn the "ball of "dough" onto a floured board and roll to a one and a halfd ins thickness and use a round cutter to cut out OR - the way I normally do this is to shape the ball into two rough balls, squish out to a round make six pizza style cuts avross and bake either in a 375 oven till lightly browned. They are not that much different from soda bread really.

    Serve cut across the middles and spread with butter. In Cornwall and Devon we make plain scones and serve them with clotted cream (a thick cream that one cannot buy here, and jam) with tea with milk.The whole meal is called a Devon cream tea or Cornish cream tea and very popular.

    Now the above is old and traditional way to make scones. When I was a kid, no one had phones few cars, so people may arrive unexpectedly at teh front gate. My mum would look out of the window, saying "Oh here is Auntie Maggie" and dash for the kitchen to turn the stove on so when she had greeted the visitor she could rustle up a batch of scones whilst she "brewed" a pot of tea. IN the UK we have this need to offer tea and refreshments to anyone who calls by.

    Moosewood cookery books have great scone recipes and alo Ladies Home Journal - far more elaborate than their humble beginnings (soda bread cooked in the fireplace oven).

    Tell Gordon no ends of fingers as added ingredients!!!!

    When people could afford it they would add an egg. (*though as I child I only ever saw raisins or currents, added (although people also made cheese scones for a savoury change.

    Love to all who readeth. Love Annie

  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    wow -what happened to posts? Elaine I wrote earlier to wish you luck and it went away! Hope all went well. Annie

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