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    I'm gonna be quick-Carla
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    First of all ---- Georgia ---- you have my prayers that Mr. M will come clean with what is happening and the two of you can work this out together. I'll be saying prayers for you and Mr. M.

    OK ---- tomorrow is the big day for the surgery and surpringly I'm very calm and not nervous at all. I'm ready to go. I will give all of you a holler when I get back to let you know I'm safe and sound. I have to "Hit the Hay" because I have to be in the hospital by 5:15 a.m. Whew, that is early!

    Good Night, Porchies & love and hugs to all!

    PS: Carla, I've been meaning to tell you how proud I am of your grass! Everytime I remember to tell you by the time I sit down on the computer I forget. LOL. This DD can be such a PITA at times. Anywho ---- you grow grass girl!!!!!
  3. Granniluvsu

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    at least I do not have to worry about DH busting in my conversation needing the puter !!!Geez (-: !!

    Georgia - so sorry hear that there is something wrong with dear Mr M. I hope it is nothing to bad and they can get it fixed up right away. What a worry !!We all will be thinking of the both of you and praying for a good outcome to his problem. Nothing like suspecting bad news on your birthday. Well, anytime is a bad time !!

    Again, I do not know what else to say and hope you did have at least a little bit of a nice birthday. I know that the not knowing sometimes is the hardest thing . Once you know what it is you can deal with it.

    May God bless the both of you sweetie !!

    Carla - Thanks so much for starting us up again. I saw when #30 came around and said forget it, or I WILL get caught in the door. Gee, you are a busy one.

    Elaine - Yes, that is a very good setup that you have at the place where you go to hang out. In a place like that you could have some fun and not have to worry so much.

    Oh, so you have had your eyes for Jerome kiddo ?? Hmmm, do you think it wise to have eyes for him?? Better be careful you know. However, then Rock and Mrdad might have to come and rescue you, if he gets to feisty (-: !! I know he had done lots of great things around here for us but we really don't know him THAT well. So, you had better be CAREFUL and watch for any more of those Red Flags. You should be an expert on those by now (-: !!!

    BTW, it sounds like you are doing pretty well since you haven't been having any more zapping treatments. Have you found a new specialist yet??

    1Sweetie - Hope things are straightening out some with the big mess you are in with your husband's x partener in business and the business per se. I hope it will all be resolved in your favor. Been thinking about you and home you are feeling a little better along with your situation.

    I wrote to you about that terrible situation and accident you had on your property on your other post. That is terribly sad !! I am so sorry for everything happening letely and hope all will be taken care of soon.

    Well, sorry but I have forgotten what everyone else has said on the past volume. So guess I have better sign off for now. I will try and check in later to see if Georgia has found out about what is ailing dear Mr. M.

    Lots of hugs to you All, inc those not mentioned. I need not have to tell you every time how much I care for you ALL.

    Blessings and hugs,


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  4. ckball

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    I caught it at the right time then had things to do, now is bath time.

    Georgia sorry about Mr M, I hope you get to the bottom of it.

    Elaine I do that too, eat a certain food everyday for lunch for months then change it and do the same thing again.

    Right now I am stuck on cheese sandwiches

    Sweetie my prayers are with you.

    Granni I am not the one going to a specialist, that is Elanie, but I have already done that about 3 years ago, had my cervix removed, pre-cancerous.

    Monica I hope you see this before your go into surgery, my half sister is recovering from neck fusion and she is doing very werll and she is 67 yo. Gook luck

    Ok my brain stopped working and can't remember what else I was going to say but my chariot awaits, well my tub and calgon to "take me away"-Carla
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I don't know why I sometimes get you and Elaine mixed up. I have caught myself a few times and then said - hey, it is not Carla that's doing this, it is Elaine or visa versa. Yes, I know it was Elaine trying to find a specialist but at that moment you were her (-: !!!

    Are you confused yet or still? Don't worry if you aren't I will get you confused.

    Nite nite to all. I just took my meds so have to go watch the news and try not to fall asleep.


  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hmmm the porch sure moves fast...i had just settled myself proudly into my very own name plated porchie chair with my hot chocolate and was watching life passing by alongside jole...and it was time to get off and resettle into porch 247.

    Anyways i have landed here again. And put my feet up again.

    Georgiac - not sure who is SO but my prayers have gone out for you and him....and hope you get to know what is happening and it all turns out well

    Monica - best wishes and prayers for your successful surgery...pls drop in and let us know wen you feel wel enough how everything went

    Elaine - I havent seen Jerome around yet...is he cute? Ive been watching Dancing with the Stars and beginning to develop a crush on the little blonde fellow ..whats his name..Derek. he is so sweet and wholesome looking and has good energy. Is Jerome macho and charming?..dont mind those types either

    I think i am finally going to see a movie today Chronicles of Narnia part 2. My son already saw this with his friends and i had made a date with my daughter which got postponed since she was running some errands of her own re college. My friends all work and can only go on weekends.

    By the way does anyone here have a particular recipe for hash brown potatoes...i remember havingsome at an out of town place and really liked it. I know the recipes differ a little and would like some suggestions.

    Someone I think mentioned cheese sandwiches...one of the easiest snacks to make when in a hurry i found is to cut up bread slices, butter them, pop a cheese slice in between and then microwave for couple of seconds....you can put in tomato ketchup & an an omelette if you like. My son loves this.

    Ive oiled my hair and must take my bath now, better do it while i feel a bit of energy in my veins....with CFS, those moments are so elusive and transitory - must grab them when we can.

    Hello to all who showed up/show up.

    God Bless
  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I've run back and forth from the old porch to the birthday post and can't find anything about Mr. M.

    Whatever it is, Georgia, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Georgia. Marta and I missed something somewhere.

    Hoping for the best though.

    And many Happy Returns. No matter how old you get there's always somebody who says, "Wish I were 50 (or 60 or 90) again.


  9. fibromickster

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    Georgia, I will keep you and Mr M in my prayers too whatever the problem is. I can't seem to find the post either. Oh well, just know if there is something wrong I am praying.

    Monica today is the day for surgery and we are all in the waiting room porch just wishing you the best surgery possible. YOu are in our thoughts and prayers. We will be waiting for you when you come rolling out.

    Well, it is early and I really need to get to work here while my brain is in tact. So I will check in later.

  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well it is afternoon and I just got back from lunch. One more day to go and then I have a 4 day weekend, Hooray. However, it is going to be a busy 4 days, but that is okay, I would rather be busy at home than busy at work, if you know what I mean.

    Elaine, Jerome is real, truly and if I wasn't married I would steal him away. He just does everything for us porchies. What a great guy.

    Georgia, I am glad everything is okay, you know how we worry about our fellow Porchies. Thanks for putting our minds at ease.

    Granni, Marta, Rock, Springwater so glad to see you all on the porch. The weather is beautiful and the lemonade is delicious. I just love sitting here with you all and chatting away.

    Mr. Dad, Lincamp, Julie, Sis, Sweetie, Monica, Carla, Bevy, and all my other dear Porchies, miss you and hope you come by soon.

    Well 2 more hours to go and then I am headed to my daughter's softball game at 6. Yes, I run from hear straight to there. Hopefully it does not rain, so she can finally play. I will let you know tomorrow if she wins or not. She has a really good team this year. I am very impressed. The 1st game they had they won 10 to nothing. Lindsay got really good hits everytime up to bat. I love watching girls fastpitch and I miss playing so much and coaching. This darn DD, why does it have to ruin some things. Oh well. I am probably too old anyway.

    Love you all and God Bless

  11. ckball

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    I tried to have a relaxing day but it just never happens, I was doing ok until my golf cart died, don't know what happened, it seemed like it shorted out as the lound reverse beeper wouldn;t even beep.

    So I had to push it to AND then IN the shed with my car. That was after I pushed it just a teensy intseety bitty to far and it missed the ramp and slammed head on into the old shed.

    That required me to get ropes and pull it out and try again. Oh did I say it was thundering and lighntening all around me with big black clouds.

    In the meantime, the girls got antsy and went under the porch and because it has been pouring the rain, it was a little muddy.

    So that was my "relaxing" day. Oh after I got the cart in the shed, I tried to turn it on and it worked! Maybe the head on collision with the old shed "fixed" it.

    I will put the pic in my profile. Now I get to give the girls a bath and relax some more. I am not complaining, just retelling the events of my day as I know so many other people have many more problems than I do.

    I think it is rather funny the things I get myself into. Living alone is difficult in the fact that you don't have anyone to bail you out but it gives me strengh each time I get threw each "lesson".

    Georgia I am glad Mr M is ok, you gotta watch out for those men, they are the worst at going to the Dr. Hope your flair is over soon.

    Mickey I hope your weekend goes off without a hitch and the weather holds out, we have had bad storms and tornado warnings the past 2 day, it hailed today.

    Elaine that is cool your freind is giving you stuff, sounds like you have been doing well lately withe your sells.

    Springwater good to see you back I did start to read your post about your trip, sounds like you had a wonderful time, how great to show that to your children. Glad you enjoyed your chair and coco, we change porchs every 30 posts that way it doesn't roll over to page 2. Somedays we have done a entire porch in a day and sometimes is is more like 3 or 4 days, just depends how each person is feeling.

    We have parties sometimes and have food and drink and Jerome takes care of the clean up. It is a nice place to get away for a awhile or support when it is needed.

    Julie we have been attacked my the cicadia's, they come around every 17 years and click and there are 1000's of them, in some parts it is almost deafening, but not like your flying bugs you had-

    Sweetie you have been in my thoughts and prayers today.

    Hello to Rock, Mrdad,Marta, Linda, Granni, Jodie,Annie,Jole, and everydobby else whose name I can't remember. Well here comes another storm gonna go in case my phone line goes too-Carla
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi ALL.

    I figured that I had better post now while it is quiet. GH brought the car down for its usual maintenance check and so will just wait there while it is done.

    Later on this morning two of my dancing friends wil be trying to practice the BWBB dance to ee if we can relearn it for the performance at the end of the month. That should be interesting !!! We haven't done it in SO long.

    Then I have to finish up the vacuuming that I started yesterday. I usually do not want to do it all in one day. I find it very tiring and hard on my back and energy..Sometimes by the time I finish the back part it is time to do the front part again (esp since my tile flooring up front is a very light color (sort of a cream or almondy type color. It just shows everything. I just hadte it, even if it looks nice. The coutertoips are the same color to which I also hate. I wish we could paint or do something to the ties to make them a darker color (like the mauve color we had in the other house)..Oh well !!

    Them this afternoon I have to go to Sams to pick up a cooked chicken and some Italian bread to go along with Some other things others are bring to a lady who just had a hysterectomy. It is through our ladies club and is called Care and Concern, I think. I am on the committee for a month. There are more people I already know who are ill or their DH's, inc a good friend of mine. Then will have to bring the food to this gal ad her DH and then fix my dinner so my DH can go to his K of C meeting. So I have to type fast (-: !!

    Elaine - you sure have been busy lately. Did you say you sell your things through EBAY or is it some place else? That is a really neat idea and also getting some free stuff from your friend is fantastic!! I am also in the process of trying to clean out adn get ride of stuff, mostly clothes that are fine but do not fit or I am tired of them.

    I always give to places like Goodwill and have for years I need to do some cleaning out of stuff inc a old playpen that is still good that I was keeping for grandkids. Have been keeping it for my son and dil who have been trying so hard to get pregnant. So far no luck, and two miscarriages.l Maybe if I get rid of it she will get pregnant (-: !!

    Monica - I hope this finds you feeling not to bad after your surgery. Please let usknow when you fell well wnough to post , how you are doing.

    Carla - Sporry to hear about your unrelxeing "relaxing day" with your tempramental golf cart. Glad it fixed itself (more of less). zi know what you mean about your supposedly relxing days turning upside down and turning out to not be so (-: ! Ity seems like that happens alot oround here too.

    Mickey - Hope your daughter won her softball game. I forget if she does some pitching to. I know you told me but there went my brain again. I used to love to watch her and my son when they played softball and baseball. Unfortunatly (I guess) I never played softball or any sport. My youngest daughter was a really good pitcher and nowadays I am sure she could get at least a partial scholarship. However, at that time the school did not even have girls softball - just soccer, maybe basketball and volleyball.

    Georgia - I am so glad to hear that all is well with Mr M. Yes that is typical male I think. They hate to go to docs or take the time to go. I am the appt maker around her for doctors and dentist and he would probably never go if I did not make he stupid appointment. I am glad it was nothing else.

    Springwater - So glad you like our relaxing porch. Yes, sometimes it is not relaxing and goes very fast and other times it goes slovely. It should pick up soon here afterawhile. Just make yourself comy and put your feet up with your nice cold lemonade .

    Rock - Don't feel bad about missing or not finding a lost post. I do that to but that might be one that Georgia wrote and then probably deleted. Mr M is fine , just needs to go and have his usual physical for his contractors license (or whatever it was she called it.) Turned out to be nothig serious but gave many of us a scare including Georgia.

    Julie - Glad to hear you are doing OK. Those flies sounded terrible and hope they fly away really soon for you ALL. How long did you way you were staying on your mission trip?

    Well, dear Porchies I need to get up and get dressed before my friend are at the door ready for practice.

    Bye for now, will check in sometime later on.

    Big hugs to ALL who I haven't named. Just remember that I love you ALL.



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  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hooray, one more day to go and I am free for 4 whole days. I get 3 weeks vacation here and 7 personal days so that is not too bad. I usually just take 1 or 2 vacation days at a time so I can spread them out throughout the year. I am also off the 20th and 23rd, another 4 day weekend. My birthday is the 20th and we get that day off as well.

    Lincamp - I listened to the weather last night and it is supposed to be sunny and 90 on Sunday. I am so so happy, perfect swimming weather. I just hope it does not change. Hubby is barbecuing for the party, hot dogs, brats and hamburger and I am making lots of different dishes. I am so excited. I have about 100 balloons to blow up (her school colors) and rented a helium tank to do so with the girls help. I am not looking forward to that at all. I already decorated the whole basement last weekend so at least that is done.

    Elaine - I bet you are excited, that is so nice of your friend to do that. I wish i lived close, I could give you a ton of stuff. I am too lazy to have a garage sale and I have some really nice stuff to give away. I will probably bring them up to Goodwill as soon as I have time to go through it all.

    Carla - You poor thing, what a cute golf cart though. Hopefully, by banging it into the shed it will work for good now. LOL I hope you have a much better day today Carla

    By the way, Lindsay's game was rained out last night, due to all the rain we got the night before. She is never going to get to play. That makes 5 games rained out so far, geez.

    Got to go, talk to you all later.

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Linda, Above is the site for the Mark Twain memorial stone. He and his wife Olivia Langdon Twain are buried where they lived for many years, in Elmira, New York.

    Olivia died in Florence, Italy, from "syncopoe" in 1904. Mark Twain died in 1910 w/ the return of Halley's Comet, just as he predicted.

    As for the book of the month, I am number one. The LA library only has one copy.

    Elaine, you mentioned collection bins. I hadn't seen any of those for years. Then saw two just last weekend. Used to hear stories about the homeless and runaways sleeping in them. Urban legend? Dunno.

    Carla, you sure have some adventures. Well, now you know how to fix your cart the next time it conks out on you. Isn't there some organization you can join for roadside assistance? Instead of AAA it would be GCAA.

    Mickey, what position did you play? Rover? I think that is so strange. Ten people on a team. I only played in such a game once in my life. I was lousy at softball. Actually I was lousy at all sports.

    I saw Julia Child cooking hashbrowns on tv, Springwater. She burned them black as coal and said, "Now you push this lovely crust into the center of the potatoes." Well, even the greatest can't get it right all the time.

    Granni, I get people mixed up too. I mix up Georgia and Carla. I think it's cause they are both such doers: one is spinning and knitting; the other is remodeling her house and staging golf cart marathons.

    I also mix up Marta and Annie. I think it's because they are both intellectuals.

    Hi Bevy. I hope you start feeling better. Did you tell us what instrument your son plays? If it's in a marching band, it probably would not be the harp or the banjo.

    I used to play the flute. Much easier to haul around than a big brass horn of some sort.

    Time to go. I have errands to do today. They're the same ones I should have done yesterday. Or last week for that matter.

    Hugs to all

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hey Rock, to answer your question, in Fastpitch Softball I pitched mostly and when I didn't pitch I played 3rd. I so loved it. We used to travel all over the Midwest for tournements.

    Then when I was about 25 I got into competitive Slow Pitch Softball and that was my favorite. I was on a team called The Dirty Dozen and our coach was about 70 years old. He played Men's fastpitch most of his life and his 2 daughters were on my team (yes, he is still alive and I keep in touch with them, they live about 1 mile away from me). I played 3rd base all the time on that team. We were together for about 15 years. I also played fast pitch at the same time (of course different nights, LOL).

    I had to finally quite playing so much as Hubby was getting quite made about me being gone almost every weekend in the summer for tounaments. Most of the time I brought the kids with me which they loved staying in hotels.

    Then of course I got the DD about 3 years ago, and had to quite totally. I hate it, I miss it so so much. I even got a work team together here at work for about 5 years. It was men and woman slow pitch. Of course that wasn't as competitive as my women's team. But it was so much fun. WE would drink beer and play, LOL, that was a sight for sore eyes.

    Oh well, I also coached Fast pitch for about 8 years (my daughter's team). I have to say coaching is much more exciting and nerve wracking than playing. Last year was my last year with them as they are all getting ready for college now and they didn't want to play anymore.

    Okay, now you all know about my athletic life. LOL Long story, sorry to bore you all.

    Glad you like the Dilbert Quotes, and by the way, I agree with you, wish I was retired too.

    Love you all,

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  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am beginning to think you all are ignoring me. LOL. I am back from lunch now and just wanted to touch base and I see no one has come to the porch since this morning when I last posted.

    Where are all my Porch Buddies, Jerome, did you put a sign up stating the porch was closed????? or is everyone at Carla's helping her with her golf cart.

    Oh no, that can't be she has already fixed it all by herself, what a Woman!!!! I have to tell you Carla, any man would be so lucky to have you as a wife, that is for sure. Heck, I will take you as a wife, LOL

    Well, I am done for now, Please come back porchies, I really miss you all.

    Love Mickey
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Another quick note to say all is well here for now. The clouds are rolling in with wind up to 60 mph gusts, and are under a severe tornado watch for today. Kansas is suppose to really be in for it, along with Neb. and a few other states.

    We are planning on going to the lake this weekend if it rains first...with our daughter and husband. Our other daughters are going to join us, so will be fun. They have a boat and will be out on the water, mostly with the motor off and fishing.

    The fuel is just too darn high for skiing, which they love. But it is still relaxing. We will cook over the grill, sit outside in the evening and just visit or play cards, and the kids will sleep in a tent while we will be in their camper. They usually build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows and make smores for the kids....of all ages.

    If it doesn't rain, we will be home and the guys will be working in the fields like crazy. Everyone is soooo far behind with the farm work because of all the rain.

    They are getting a little cranky right now knowing everything will be ready at once...wheat harvest, feed planting, swathing and baling hay, etc. Just not enough hours in the day and they will be putting in 16 hr. days again. It's such a dangerous time of the year.

    Well, I can relax on the porch and visit with my friends to get my mind off all the stress of farming.

    Monica, prayers to you.

    Elaine, I agree...Jerome would be a great catch and I think you should go for it!!!

    Springwater, I enjoyed our visit on the porch.

    Mickey, good luck with your upcoming weekend. You'll surely need those 4 days!

    Georgia, good luck to you and hubby. Mine finally went for a check-up after 20 years! I really had to force him...and of course, he's in great health! Just slowing down with age. Still want to try your strawberry bread soon...it sounds soo good!

    Marta, Rock MrDad, Jodie, Granni, etc. hi to all. Storms are getting closer and my bod is getting achier so will quit. This wind and weather is taking its toll on me.

    Love you all~ Jole

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow everyone left today-it is sooooooooo hot they are probably in the lake, hope that Linda and Joe aren't dkinny sippin again,lol.

    I am only here because after I fixed my cart and unload the load of rocks in my Jeep, I came in and have stayed. May have to turn the ac on for the first time.

    Thanks Mick for the kinds words, I have had my share of men but I don't think it was meant to be. I am too independant now and been on my own since 1994.

    And this area is not known for good men, I had a few male freinds in VA and if I would have stayed I had a few interested in me, but as I said - it wasn't meant to be, I guess that is why god gave me the talent, gift or whatever to figure out how to get things done,lol.

    Sorry to hear about your daughters games being cancelled, I guess it wasn't meant to be either, I know that sucks to want to play and the weather won't cooperate.

    Good luck with all your party plans and glad to hear the weather won't be a problem, I sure would like to have a pool right now. Wish I could come to your party, I bet you make a mean Pina Colada.

    I am lucky enough I get to do a "colon cleanse" on Sun as it is time for my 2 year colonoscopy and upper endoscopy, glad it is only 2 years. I don't mind the procedure, they knock my butt OUT, it is the day before and drinking all that nasty stuff to drink.

    Linda glad to see you in your chair, but you are dozing so I won't wake you.

    Elaine is getting all her items ready to sell.

    Granny I am like you when it comes to vacuming, can't do the whole house at one time. I need to shampoo my area rug in my studio, it is cream colored with a raised pattern on it. I used it in my living room at mom's house as she had really ugly brown 70's carpet but was new, she picked it out. But the cream it is not practical, esp with the dogs, but I got my $40 bucks out of it and if works in the room.

    Rock maybe I should look into that GCAA for when I break down away for home. Hope you and Gordon are doing well, any shows coming up.

    Does anyone have ciadia's this year, theya re a big ugly unharmless flying creature but make this very loud clicking sound and there are 1000's of them. I don't know how long they stay but I am ready for them to go now.

    Well hello to everyone else, this laptop is hot on my lap and need something cold, I made popcycles from sugar free lemonade as the dollar store had the molds to my make them.

    They aren't bad, I need something I can eat on sunday-Carla
  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Iced tea, lemonade and some choc chip cookies and banana bread. Also there is some choc chip Bryers icecream in the cooler to put atop those brownies I just made.

    I am soooooo exhausted after all that work making the snacks cannot stop to chat now but enjoy-I read all the posts-also had five consecutive meetings for the education committee today and we are popping out to check out a victorian duplex that came on the market last week...

    visitors left-my SIL called this am when I was out as she felt a bit down, I said you are missing the company here and she said she thought that was it....

    What did Dorothy Parker say"fish and visitors start to stink after three days in the house" we had fun, told a lot of old corny jokes with my brother...he is 13 years older than I so he is always still thinking I am his "kid sis".

    Love Annie
  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Porchies, now I don't feel so lonely, I am so glad you all stopped by. This will probably be the last time in a few days to post. I will try and take a break to go on the home computer, but I usually never have time when I am home.

    Jole - Yup, we are supposed to get those storms tomorrow and guess what, of course my daughter has a game tomorrow night. LOL Well, not if it rains. Oh well. Poor kid, she so wants to play. I am so envious of you upcoming weekend at the lake. That sounds like so much fun. We usually go once a year to the Lake of the Ozarks and stay at one of my contractor's condiminium on the lake and go jet skiing. I love it, however, when i am done, my body take a week to heal. It is so worth it though. Have fun and be safe.

    Carla - I still say you are one lucky catch. However, i know what you mean. I am comfortable right where i am too and even though it is not the best I am still unwilling to start all over. I will be married forever I think and don't even want to think about having to date ever again. Even if I did get divorced I don't think I could do it. I would rather just live alone and take care of just me.

    I did that colon cleanse about a month ago and had a colonoscopy and of course I hacked it all up and had to drink it again. That is the worst part of it all. Yucko. Good Luck and I feel for you, that is no fun.

    I love popsycles, i buy the red/white/and blue popsicles everytime i go to the store and probably eat one everynight. My dog loves them too, I usually let him have half of one, sometimes a whole one. LOL

    Annie - No wonder you have no time for the Porch. You have been a very busy lady. Hopefully, things will slow down for you this weekend. Thanks for the treats, they are so so good.

    Okay wonderful Porchies, you all have a wonderful weekend and be thinking of me on Sunday being the "hostess with the mostess" LOL.

    Love you all and bye for now.