Porchlight 250 is KLOSED

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  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Ok I’ll do it! Mrdad is out looking for his squirrel and BeeKeeNee counting

    Linda is watching her birds and the squirrels slide down the pole

    Annie is chasing chipmonks from her catio

    Granni is entertaining little ones

    Elaine who knows what SHE is up to today, could be checking her paypal account, or out spending it or drivin the boyz crazy cause she will give them the time of day but not a date

    So let the party begin

    I have left my famous Nuttery Bipples along wth Grannies amerato, also left some non-alkie drinks like pink lemomade, Ice tea, and assorted soda’s or some Absolute too

    Have freshly grilled burgers and dogs, well that is what Mickey told me and her infamous fruit salad

    Chips and dips and boo berry lips from the snow cones.

    Of course no party is a party without chocolate chip cookies! Baked fresh on the catio, it is so hot we don’t need a oven

    The pool is just right and plenty of floats and chairs, don’t forget the sunscreen or we will look like Georgie Hamilton.

    Ok so here is to us
    Who would rather party than fuss

    A great collection of sprits
    So bring it on as we don’t fear its

    So let’s take this chance todayto say
    How lucky we are are today

    To have someone who always cares
    For without we couldn’t bear.

    So get a drink and pull up a chair
    And let’s get on wiff this affair


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  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    You're perking right along!

    I'm glad Linda already brought her git-tar because I loaned mine to Granni to take to a song-fest.

    Wonderful food here too!

    Our horrid weather is simmering down for now. We have power but many don't, the streets are swimming in water and the traffic lights weren't working in town today.

    Party on!

    Hugs to everyone, near and far -
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad you came by and enjoyed the food and atsmophere. Yes I am feeling better now and even did my rock climbing already.

    Now I will settle in and see who is coming by. Granni where are those tap shorts?? BooogiieeeWoooogiiiee

    I just saw the news on line about the storms in the midwest, I hope all our visitors are high and dry and their families are safe.

    Got by nuttery bipple and am cozy in my chair so come on in-Carla
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    well where is guido and the guest of honor?

    I cannot unbderstand why no one wants to eat the sliced tomatoes I brought along.

    Got some old records of The Band on the turntable (which gives MY age away at least!) and hoping old Bobby Dylan will mosie on in soon.

    I did take the liberty of inviting Willy Nelson to stop by so I hope no one objects.

    Wow. It is so cool and nice here on the porch tonight.

    Just a minute I see a handsome, Italian looking guy with a flower in his hair coming up the road with a squirrel on one shoulder and a couple of beekeeknee gals slung around his arms-could that be mrdad???

    And here is a lawerish handsome man with a man bearing orchids coming along behind and carrying a wonderful cake...

    Gee there are a lot of people coming up the road, call out whose there will ya?

    Love Annie
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad you made it, sorry about your FREE stuff not being worth the trouble. But it sounds like you win the prize for the Ebay earnings.

    Buying in bulk your hittin the big time girl! You go girl and be Ms Independant!

    Well see my new pic for my entry in rock formation. Later I will change it so you can see where it went.

    Marta where are you??? I think I saw her drift over to the barn wiff a Absol lookin for a hay stack to drift off to.

    Granni that was some show, wish I had those legs when I am your age, but I don't have them now so don't think I will have much luck,lol I am only 5'3 and all torso.

    Thanks for the show and here is your amereto.

    What happened that Mrdad, he must be over at the hot tub wiff the BKN gals.

    I got JT lined up to get us home safely so enjoy away- Carla
  6. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    Margaritas for all.

    I think that I could use a few right now.

    I will enter the no brain contest.

    Happy day for all,

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---PARTY, right Kids? Had one heck of a time getting the
    "Bee-kee-knee" Gals to leave the Park until I mentioned
    PARTY!!! Now they know that all my friends on the PORCH
    are for real. So nice of Guido to come by the Park and pick
    us up for the occasion. What would we do without Him? A
    real nice young man!

    I think I'm gonna have one of those Cold "Near Beers" and
    get myself started. Looking forward to sampling some of
    the great food! Thanks Ladies for all your contributions
    to the Party! I see Gordon brought a whole stack of His
    favorite '78 records. Some great music here Rocky!
    ("I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles")&("Yes, We Have No Bananas")
    etc. Two, too many to mention!

    Understand Granni and Her troupe may surprise us with a few
    Songs for the Party! Is that true Granni? Can't wait to
    see if it's true. Wouldn't surprise ME though. Granni
    loves to dance, sing and entertain.

    Well, the "Bee-Kee-Knee Gals" are headed for the Pool and
    I'm in charge of the sunscreen applications! Tough job,
    but somebody has ta do it. Ya know what I'm sayin?

    I'll be bac!!!

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry I missed some of it guys and gals.

    I brought some more Baileys with Amaretto !! Glad you like our BWBB dance. That ws one of our "practices" got another one tomorrow.

    Carla - Who ever said I was all legs hasn't measured or sean my whole body. I am more torso than legs and am 5'5" tall. I can still somehow wear some petite pants or jeans. Now that is not long legged. However, those tights do make you look legged plus that pic was less a few pounds also. Thanks anyway for the compliments anyway. I will take them when and wherever I can get them (-: !! Thanks for starting us up with this party. Even if I missed a bunch of it.

    Linda - You are another one getting this thing going, starting all those contest and thinking my legs are so long adn beauuuuu ti ful !!! I wish they were.
    MMM, all tht left over food from Mickeys party was fantastic and her wonderful fruit salad too.

    Bevy- thanks for the Margarita.s They taste really interesting withthe Baileys - Hic !

    Hey, how long is this party gonna last anyway??? Like our big anniversary party - - - for volumes (-: ?? However we may all poop out quickly. Hey that will be the idea for another contest LINDA - Who will poop out first (-: !!

    Elaine - Thanks for all the great food you brought. I am really stuffed !!! You must have been cooking for days kiddo !!

    Hey is anyone watching out for Mrdad and those BKN girls. That hot tub is really steamy in there (-: !!

    My grandkids have been good so far and are upstairs sleeping after playing in the lake with soem friends they made at golf camp last year. Their gparents are friends of ours.


    Hope to see all you Porchies tomorrow. Another busy day awaits me - busy busy !!

    Love, Granni

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  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Bevy so glad you could make it, thaks for Margarittas, hmmm good but do lime and butterscoch fo together?? Well after 3 you don't notice,hehe.

    Granni that was a great show and say what you may, those legs speak for themselves.

    The party goes on until we say so, anyone wanna bet who crashed out 1st??? Just listen for the growling tigers, shhh she is actually sleeping for now.

    Rock must have slipped out to garden with Gordon after he brought his 78's. Any Ray Charles in there, "I Can't Stop Loving you" was a song I listend to in my childhood on 78's, I had totally forgotten that until just now. Wow Flashback from way back! Thanks Rock.

    Mrdad I see you are taking fine care of your ladies, just make sure they don't leave anything hangin around if ya know what I am sayin??

    We need Rock to call for the square part better go see where he is.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Shucks! I forgot my party hat and noisemaker. Guess I can always wear a lampshade. I think there's duck-call on the mantle.

    Good piece of rhyming to start us off with, Carla. Hope you are feeling better after your ordeal.

    Did you really load all those rocks into your car? You must be Superwoman under your Carla Kent T-shirt. Many years ago Gordon and I saw a small boulder on the side of the road. It was about the size and shape of a basketball. Gordon thought it would be a nice addition to his garden.

    We couldn't move it.

    I read later that a square foot of rock weighs anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds. Too much for us.

    I don't know if W.C. Fields had any special reason to hate Philadelphia, MrDad. He seemed to be a misanthrope who cast his dislikes far and wide. I have only seen a couple of his movies, but I did not find them amusing.

    I liked your icon, Linda. Didn't know you played the harp.
    Well, shucks again! I should be typing this in my mail box.
    Ok, Be back soon as Fagin said in "Oliver".


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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the compliments, Annie. The cake in question is a lemon bundt. Gordon made the cake, and I made the glaze. Glad to hear the good reports from Danny's teachers.

    Never had Baileys w/ amaretto, Granni. I used to make liqueurs; usually imitation Kahlua. Haven't done that for a long time now. The home made variety cost about 20% of the real thing, and was a reasonable substitute.

    Mickey, I'm glad the party was a success. You must have been exhaustenized at the end of the day. And the fruit salad is just as good as I expected.

    Glad you brought it. You should have brought Ashley too. Well, I can understand she wouldn't want to hang out w/ a bunch of old (albeit lively) folks.

    Georgia, where did you and Mr M learn to cut hair? Gordon's been cutting my hair for decades. I have saved enough to fill up the car with gas and have enough left over to fly to San Francisco and visit MrDad.

    Boxes of trash?! Well, what the...I am shocked, Elaine. Guess you were even more shocked. Sometimes friends do the strangest things.

    You're right, Marta. Wonderful food and lots of it. I'd rather have home cookin' than go to one of the pretentious, overpriced restaurants in LA.

    Bevy, I love margaritas. Come to think of it, haven't had one this year. Here in LA they come in many flavors and colors.

    What was it Carla said?

    Get a drink. Pull up a chair.
    Let's get on w/ this affair.

    That would be, of course, an affair to remember.

    A big Dinah Shore Smooch for everydobby

  12. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Are you an all nighter or a early riser?

    Yep I loaded every rock and that is just one load, I have loaded it several times. Then I collect in my golf cart around my area but I have about cleaned them out.

    Now the county needs to mow as the grass is getting to high, I wear pants and carry a big stick and poke around until I hit something hard,lol

    I have quite a collection, can't grow grass so will hard scape instead.

    Well the party can still continue on today so come on out and play- there is still plenty of goodies left-Carla
  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Come and join the fun. It is such a nice day we are continuing until the pm hours for sure.

    MRDAD where is Sister MG? Not to make a pun but she is making a habit of not showing up for our impromptu "do's"

    Nice dancin'granni!

    Cake was delish Gordie

    I don'tr usually drink but the mergurit....murgerteeetas.....margerine thingies.....ah shucks, there must have been alcohol in sumpin, no what I'm sayin'? anyway they were very nice.

    Wanna know a real life situation?

    I had no idea what hard lemonade was-being Brit never heard of it. Was asked to bring the lemonade for the K thru 2nd grade picnic. Went to Costco and bought two huge jugs of hard lemonade-forunately teacher sawq it prior to me pouring it out for the kids. Teachers all had a great time though, and the kids got the coolade that they preferred!!!

    Just assembled a BBQ grill. Gosh ya pay $19.00 for something these days and they expect you to assemble it! What is the world coming to? (LOL) Actually, it is quite nice, even has legs and wheels lid, warming rack, tray etc. It said Will take app. one hour to assemble and golly gee it was spot on one hourl. Somneone inexperienced would still be working on it I bet.

    DH is off for an early morning round of GOLF (you all recall I bought him the $7(includes cart) coupons per game. He will then tank up at the reservation, except he forgot to take the lawnmowing fillup things tank whatdeyacallit, gig- canister that's it.

    I am bout to set back and have a nice cuppa tea. I think the Dunkirk(NY) Observer is printing my nice letter of thanks for the school etc. today or tomorrow, I'll let you know so you can peek on line.

    I am always willing to give a thanks when it is due. We have a rule in our house you can only say a negative thing when you have said TWO positive things first:

    eg I wanted to thank you for the hard work you put in last weekend

    I really appreciate the way you try and get things done

    Negative'' Can I remind you I'm the wife round here, not the maid when it comes to your clothes on the bedroom floor?

    Love Annie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, the boys are out for their golf lessons and DH is playing golf. I have wash in he washer and waiting for the other gals to come and practice our BWBB dance for our next gig in June. Stil have a little time left to practice, thank goodnes..

    Well, I see the part is still on but a few people are starting to drag and tha includes me. This hopping back and forth to the party and watching those boys is wearing out, but then again it doesn't take much (to get exhausted that is).

    The party sure was a fun one yesterday. However, I d see a few people sort of dozing off in the corner there, like Sweetie.

    Hey, better make sure Mr Dad doesn;t drown in the hot tub with those bKN girls. They must be wrinkled up like a prune.

    Hi Annie - I forgot to mention you yesterday I think. Glad tht Danny isdoing so well.

    Well, still got some stuff to do before the gals come and switch te washes,m etc. I just had to check in to make sure that everyone was behaving (sort of ) at the party.

    As Rock probably would say and alot of us older people too -"Enjoy yourself, its later than you think." Remember that song Roc, Mrdad and other old people out there??


  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im glad i dropped in .....with this party being on in full swing...

    the music, the food, drinks, floats, hot tub....talk about atmosphere!

    the George Hamilton remark made me laugh...

    as did the wrinkled prunes remark

    ever'dobby' seems so spry and in the mood

    are there any beef burgers in the party? Where I live in Nepal beef is unavailable because cows are sacred. Its like a hundred years since i tasted beef. Buffaloe instead. But thats a bit tough. Eat chicken too, but rumours keep floating about bird flu in the vicinity so bit scared.

    Today 240 years of monarchy in our country came to an end. Officially, with the king leaving the Palace. He was giving a press conference on tv. But i feel monarchies everywhere will follow suit....I hope the English one will stay put for a few years yet. It lends a certain something to a country.

    I hear about the hot weather there but here the monsoons are bringing the temp down so lucky me.

    Hmm can we expect a tap dance from Granniluvsu's troupe at the party?

    Im going to just settle myself down and watch the fun. CK - I envy you your painting skills, and sunsets ...aaaah.

    Elaine..and everybody else...hi...hope youre all having fun

    God Bless

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Graduation Party - Big Success 06/10/08 11:30 AM

    I am finally back Porchies. I missed you all and was thinking of you all everyday. The party was a great success.

    There were probably about 100 people in and out all day and we all had a blast. All the kids and even a lot of the adults took advantage of the pool and swam most of the day. It was sunny and hot, about 92 degrees. Perfect weather. However, my poor hubby was outside grilling hamburgers, hot dogs and brats for about 4 hours. He was pretty pooped out at the end of the night.

    The food was awesome and the fruit salad was the biggest hit. I made 3 huge bows of it. It took about 2 hours just to cut up all the fruit. I had raspberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, purple grapes, green grapes, strawberries, pineapple and kiwi in it. Then right before I put it out, I cut up banana’s and put those in it. That way they don’t get too soggy. I will tell you , I could eat that all day long.

    I also made 2 big crock pots of moscochelli, we had pasta salad, potato salad, 2 potato casserole’s (the one thing my daughter wanted me to make, she loves it), barbecue beans and so much other stuff. She also wanted a big cookie for dessert so I ordered one of those and ½ sheet cake decorated in Black and Gold (her school colors). It was funny, everyone was walking around with black teeth after eating it.

    Anyway, it was so much fun and everything went so smoothly. Totally worth it, I am just glad I had yesterday off, although Ashley had an Allergist appt at 11 and Lindsay had a physical at 2:00, so I spent most of the day at doctor appointments. Oh well, still better than being at work. After that I went home and stayed in the pool till about 6.

    I am also off ½ this Friday and whole day next Friday, the 20th for my birthday and the following Monday.

    I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too. I printed all the pages out from the last volume and this one. After I read them all, I will come back and reply to your posts.

    Love you all and thanks for any prayers you did for me and all of your well wishes regarding the party. They all helped.

    Love, Mickey

  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh man, did I miss the Porch party. I am so sorry, I was so busy here yesterday I didn't even get a lunch break. Today is the same, busy as ever. I miss 2 days of work and they really pay me back for it. Geez

    My daughter had a doctor appt this morning so I just got here. There is stuff all over my desk. Don't these people know I have an inbox. No, they just throw everthing in my chair, on my keyboard, everywhere but my inbox.

    Okay, I hope you all enjoyed my leftovers from the grad party. Sorry there was no fruit salad left. That was the first thing gone at the party.

    Elaine, I hope you had some drinks for me. They sounded delicious.

    Well my daughter is here with me right now. I am going to take her home around 12:30 and then come back and work my butt off. So I better run, I will try and catch up with you all a little later.

    Love ya Porchies.

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I took a break and worked on my rock garden, I'll change my pic after this.

    Elaine 25 JELLO SHOTS!! Good golly girl, give me those keys! JT is John Travolta-he is our personal pilot, as long as your not afraid to parachute when it's time to take the leap of faith.

    Annie that Hard Lemonade gave me a good laugh, so glad the teachers caught that before it was served. Are you grilling steaks now for the party. Hope no hangover from the marggies, they can ketchup wiff ya. Annie I keep forgetting to ask you if you can watch Youtube videos, I have some posted there, my name is ckballl yes, 3 l's ckball was taken.

    Springwater glad you came by. I do hope your country is going to be better place to live now. I admit I am not that knowledgable about what is going on other than the Chinese have not always been the best rulers. Hopefully you will have peace again.

    Thanks for the kudos on my art work, if you read my profile you can find my "place" to see my stained glass and the before and after of my bank repro house I bought several years ago and have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in. But I do love it now.

    Speaking of blood, sweat and tears-THE GRASS MAN COMETH!!!
    The lawn co that my step brother works for came and said for $300 they we'll bring 2 ton of top soil and seed and lay straw for my yard the end of next week!!!!

    That gives me time to finish my rock garden as I have to ride my golf cart over the area that will be seeded, then I may actually have time to enjoy my hard work. Oh what will I do??? Oh stain the cabinets in my kitchen that have been waiting for 2 years to be turned blue. Finish cleaning the back yard...you get the idea a house is never DONE!

    The weather is much cooler and less humid so going back out for a bit, hello to everydobby that came by to our party and will ketch ya later-Carla

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    What fun we all had are still having.

    First of all, that WAS Sally Fields with that broom and NOT SMG!!!

    Guido, I don't know about your deciding to escort the beekeeknee gals home for Mrdad, I think they would have ben fine with him.

    Rock and Gordie it is about time you stopped hogging the hot tub, and Lin said strictly NO speedos-what, they are not speedos, they are what????

    Granni, you were meant to be doing Bugle Boy, not The Full Monty, good job Georgia had her shawls handy. No wonder we got written up in the NE!!!

    mrdad now every time I turn around you are with a differently BKN gal, plus all those animals. Do you think it is wise to wear those nuts around your head? Oh they are NOT nuts they are, what???

    Elaine, there are guys hanging outside the fence swear they met you last week, we got Guido to do his Sly Stalone act with them.

    Linda, do you really think doing cartwheels is adviseable with your neck???

    Mickey, why are you wearing a graduation gown???

    Bevy, come on now off with the Carmen Miranda hat and off the table top with those spike heeled shoes please.

    Marta-rasmbling rose of the wild woods...... who is that man you brought with s screen door over his head and neck?

    Carla, three guys just showed up with a ton of dirt and seed, said you gave them this address,

    Springwater, the burgers in the USA are called Hamburgers though have NO HAM, they are beef (or so it is rumoured)

    So all together guys one, two, three.

    "We are, we are the Porchies" stamp stamp clap, stamp stamp clap. etc etc (to tune of we will we will rock you)

    Well I better get going home whilst I can still drive. See y'all at 300. K?

    Love Annie (just taking all these left overs for Rosie and Monica and Sweetie to cheer them up.)

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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    all join in and sing. Linda will accompany us on her ukulele.

    Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think;
    Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink.
    The years go by as quickly as a wink --
    Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.

    Sure, I remember, Granni. Big hit when I was in grade school. If you visit Youtube you might be able to hear it. (The videos wouldn't play for me which is often the case on Youtube. Another good idea that didn't work out too well.)

    Never heard of "hard lemonade", Annie. Of course a "Tom Collins" is just lemonade w/gin. Better is a Vodka Collins which replaces the nasty-tasting gin w/ vodka.

    W/ re: 2 assembling a BBQ grill, this was the subject of a Simpsons episode. Studies show that all aspects of modern life have been covered by the Simpsons, Carol Burnett or Lucy.

    Elaine, Laura Croft was in the crossword the other day. Some clue about twins. Neither Gordon nor I had any idea what was going on.

    OK, I looked it up. It's a video game.

    Springwater, glad to see ya. Did someone say something about George Hamilton? Musta been MrDad. He has several invisible friends. None named Harvey so far as I know.

    No, Gordon and I are not wearing speedos. They are "Furbelows for Guys". (Don't worry; the fur is fake, just like my jewels and my teeth.)

    As Edgar Guest said, Carla, "It takes a heap of hauling rock to make a house a home." Pretty sure he was right. After all he was poet laureate of Michigan. I know we have folks here from Michigan. Can't remember who tho.

    A ride in a golf cart does sound like fun, Linda. That's what I think when I see people in scooters. But then I think, not if you had no choice.

    Well, think I just sit quietly in a rocker and enjoy a margarita courtesy of Bevy. If it isn't California's state drink, it should be.

    Here, somebody else can wear my lampshade for a while. Elaine?


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