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  1. ckball

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    We are getting closer to that 300 post party.

    Please see the end of 288 for posts from Julie, Geogia and me-

    I have left warm chocolate chip muffins and more lemonade, summer is almost over, it will be cider soon-Carla
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  2. lilaclover30

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    Thank you for your prayers and concerns. Hubby is still in tghe hospital, very, very ill. I sat by his bed last Thur. and Fri. holding his hand and he never responded to me. Tears rolled silently.

    Sons came and went and finally I called them to come on Fri. I was so frightened and we were certain the end was near. He rallied a bit on Sun., and ate a bit!

    GThese past few days have been downhill again. He is signed in as swing bed - 20 days, then 80 more days in a nursing home. He can not walk at all and today he wouldned responds when #1 son, daughter and grandson wwere in there. Daughter spoon fed him.

    It is so difficult but the good ILord has givern me strength. i have no idea what is ahead so will try to get on more but this is the first time I could.

    I love you people for caring and for your prayers.

    God bless,

  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I lost my post with the scrolling thing.

    But do want to tell Joan that we are all praying for her and her family. Just rest when you can but I know you want to be there as you can too.

    I have to go to town everyday this week, inc Sat. Busy next few weeks, so will check in late.

    Still do not have all the rock done, just the front, I did take a few picks but it was dreary and my grass is brown and crunchy so it kind of lost some of it's effects.

    Julie I know you will enjoy helping Amy get her home set up. I do know how you feel about not being in "your" house anymore. I had a hard time when I sold my house in VA to move back here and move into my mom's house. I basically lived in the Cape Cod type 2 upstairs rooms with a bath in the middle for 3 years. Now the house I have is really too big but I will make do :)

    Mickey I hope your feeling better

    Rock I was totally stumped by your quiz too.

    Hope all have a good night-Carla
  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Carla thanks for starting us up again....ssssippppppp....that lemonade was good!

    Got up really late 9am - had insomnia last night...altho i was lying there trying to visualise and do relaxation exercises and what not. Hubby also was tossing and turning tho he normally sleeps like a log.

    i kept hearing 'ratty ' noises near my window, scrapings, knockings but when checking - nothing. Must make sure i nap this afternoon. No sleep really bad for me.

    Yesterday, took advantage of the resurgence of energy my body is experiencing and went visiting. Went to husbands aunt and her daughter. Later her married daughter also came by with her small son.

    Married daughter came in carrying a huge thermocol piece and it was for her sister..she is going to cut it into smaller piece and hang her earring collection on it...good idea...my own daughter used to hang all hers on a jean bag and hang the jean bag on the dressing table. It used to look so pretty.

    But for some reason i was feeling a little low at their place. I usually like going there because i always get lifted, the house is always clean, aunt and daughters always well turned out, they always hav some news about some place they went or somethng they did. You get it, they prob havent heard about depression or fibro.

    Husband whose office is in their compound came by to get me in evening and since it was my daughters birthday, he rang her and we all took turns speaking to her. But she was about to rush off to somewhere, so it was hurried. They miss her terribly because she was such a chatterbox.

    On way back home, took some take away meat dumplings to son. He got his first traffic ticket today...got stopped for crossing a red light or something on his way back home...'says' it was raining and he couldnt see properly.
    Their college has invited comrade Prachanda (now Prime Minister of Nepal) to visit on Saturday for a peace programme and they are asking students to volunteer. Son said he wont. Because he doesnt agree with what the former terrorist leader stands for. I told him forget the past...move on...the focus wud be now to get the PM to do what is good for the country. Son said maybe he should stand at the gate and as soon as the PM appears he will release white doves into the sky. LOL! Boys and their sarcasm.

    I heard about the plot to assasinate Obama and thought what providence that driver got hauled up for wayward driving..but did wonder why BBC and CNN didnt cover it extensively. I saw it on an Indian channel.

    Lincamp - you said it! Bottled energy. Wat a boon that wud be. Happy to report its still there..i dont feel like a dead rat wen thinking of the chores facing me.

    How do the farmers almanac know what kind of winter it wil be? Interesting..something like the oracle.

    Joan - so sorry to hear about DH in hospital, ...Im praying for DH and for you and your family in this difficult difficult time..but glad to know all your family is there too, its a measure of comfort to know the others are there too; pls also look after yuorself

    Julie - how different you are from what my mother used to be; even when i was a young adult she never liked me 'interfering' with the way she ran things at our house; she thought i belonged to the workplace and shouldnt have a say in making changes at the house...i remember when money was really tight and Id come home very tired after a stressful bus trip back home, on consecutive days, i saw her throw out huge pot fuls of cooked rice gone bad (we didnt have a fridge those days); and i snapped at her and asked her couldnt she adjust how much she cooks every day instead of wasting precious rice and boy, did she raise hell and scream back!!!And i was the only earning member in a family of six with dad bringing in sporadic bits of money from his paintings...no wonder dad went astray....mom was a control freak if ever there was one. After marrriage i went straight under the control of another control freak my ma in law...at least with mom i knew she loved me inspite of everything...any wonder i revel in having my own house now...

    Carla - hope u can check in sometimes....altho u wil be busy...and yes, do post a pic of the landscaping when its done....but i can already see,it is truly a labour of love.:)

    Erin - hope Mr M gets that job at the library; i wud love to work in one, the peace and quiet...and all the books to devour

    Hello to all those who have yet to peek in.....Elaine, Mickey et all

    God Bless
  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Joan, thank you so much for taking a little time to let us know about Hubby. I am so sorry you are going through this. Just know that we are here for you anytime anyday to talk. I will also keep you all in my prayers every minute i get. Take care and God Bless Joan.

    Elaine - I actually knew back in February when Lincamp told me that was why I kept getting sick probably, because of the msg. However, we were having an Asian lunch yesterday and that was all there was to eat, so I thought I would try it again and see if I got sick (dummy) and lo and behold I did. I am fine today though, so it wasn't as bad as back then.

    Lincamp - Yes, you told me so. LOL. I just thought I would be stupid and see if that was really the cause. LOL OH well. Yes, I am so happy that my daughter is coming home this weekend. I can also tell her Daddy is too. Last night when he found out she was coming home he was in the best mood I have seen him in in a while. He is really close to her and really misses his little girl.

    Carla - Ohhh a massage sounds wonderful. I really need to go get one of those sometime. When me and hubby were in las vegas a while ago, that was the first time I have ever had a massage and it was heaven.

    Springwater, I didn't know you had a married daughter too. So you have 3 kiddos, that is great. I am glad your energy has come back. I hope that it stays for you. I hate it in the mornings, no matter how much sleep I get, I have to drag myself out of bed. Pass some of your energy on to me please. LOL

    Georgia - I think volunteering at the library would be fun. I love books too. That is funny, a book about knitting murders, just don't get any ideas. LOL We will all know who to go to.

    Julie - I don't think Amy would ever in a million years think that you are ever in the way or interfering. I am sure she feels like the luckiest daughter to have you as a mother. Boy, I wish you were my mother. She is very lucky to have you as well as little Kiera.

    I hope I am not missing anyone, if I am I am sorry. Well, 2 more days and I get to see my Ashley. (heck she has only been gone 2 weeks) LOL. The worst thing is when I go downstairs and walk by her room she is not there and her room is so clean. I think I liked it better when it was a mess every day at least I knew she was there. Hahahahah

    Got to get to work gang. Chat later.


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The evil computer and I are still in a bad way. I must admit the computer is ingenious. It keeps thinking of new ways to torment me.

    Following my mother-of-all-extractions last Saturday, I have been using a medicated rinse, antibiotics and pain pills. My mouth still feels like a horse kicked me in the teeth.

    One of those rare cases where a horse shoe is definitely not good luck. (Historical aside: did you know that 1000 years ago the horse shoe was high tech?)

    I only have a dozen teeth left, and none of them mesh. This means I need a soft (i.e. Jello) diet. But I also need a high fiber diet to keep my insides functioning.

    We are at what zee French call zee impasse.

    I made some Jello the other night. We only had two packages in the house so I combined them. Lime and Orange. Got sort of a khaki color.

    If you held it up to the light, you got that spectrum effect displayed by gas station puddles that have oil on top.

    Das ist alles
    Hugs and (very gentle) Kisses

  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You two crack me up.

    Rock, your jello sounds like it was very entertaining to you. I can just see you holding it up to the light and studying the colors. LOL

    Elaine - Who were the rowdy bunch. I know, it was Granni, Mr. Dad, Sweetie, Rosie, Texangirl, Jole, Joan, and whoever else has been MIA. So that is were they all are. Alright you guys, get your butts back here on the porch, we miss you!!!!!!

    Anyway, I went home for lunch (took 2 hours today) and had some left overs from last night dinner and watched House Hunters and some other HGTV show. I am hooked on those shows. Yes, it is really slack here, sometimes I can take 2 hours, sometimes none, sometime an hour and sometimes 15 minutes. It just depends on the kind of day and if I get my work done. That is why I love it here. No time clocks, noone looking over my shoulder. They totally trust me and I do whatever it takes to get the job done (well almost anything) LOL..

    Carla - I loved the video and where you live. Wow, so peaceful and beautiful. How nice. I bet you do love walking out of your house every morning and seeing that view. Hopefully, the houses that are going up across the street are not going to ruin your view. I am sure they aren't because if they were you would be throwing a big fit. I know I would.

    Back to work, I will catch you all later.

    Love you all.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Where oh where can my porchies be, oh where oh where can they be????? Hiding and working and sleep they are, that is where my porchies are at. LOL I am singing while I was typing that, you know what song that is.

    Well, it is 5:00 and I am headed out the door. So you all take care and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

    Hugs & love

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...I just thought that would be a lovely name for a book..only in this case it is our own comfy sweet porch i am referring to...

    Actually my day went off quietly yesterday, (obviously as i am typing it is morning 9am, Thursday)....

    did my morning worship after and noticed i hadnt offered flowers at the shrine for days...all the flowers are soggy with rain but i remembered our purple bougainvillae has climbed right to the top of the house and great big strands of flowery bloom hanging almost to the ground on terrace, so i snipped some off and put in vase in prayer room.

    The dogs are driving me wild because the little stray female we took in a year ago, has taught all other six dogs to climb on tables and steal food...(bread, biscuit, anything placed there)...

    i was wondering if they are not getting enuough food but when lifted they are heavy as heavy can be thogh they all look wiry rather than plump. And the vets think their weight is fine.

    I keep the stray one downstairs with one other dog to guard and at night she has a cage which she can slip into if she wants but as soon as the house doors open in the morning, she comes bounding up the stairs to say hello and maybe 'swipe food.' I dont know how to discipline her, she goes into such paroxyms of glee when she comes to see us, she bounds from room to room wagging her tail and slobbering all over us...Ive taken the other option, trying to check so we dont leave any food outside. Bah, these pets do cramp our style.

    The last time i went to town, i had bought couple of second hand books off the footpath stalls, (flea market?); one is called Tregarran - House of Secret, House of Menace and its a mystery and ive started it but conscience started pricking me and i 'tried' to do some chores instead. Just read a few pages and very engrossing. Last night while reading i seem to hav fallen asleep.

    Today son is being taken to see a play from his school, all the Socio students are compulsorily being made to attend..Kathmandu has a small band of very determined theatre group people and they manage to put up some good productions from time to time inspite of little or no remuneration at all, they do it for the love of art.

    Spoke to daughter yesterday. She had a busy day and was tired out. She hasnt even emailed for past three days.

    Elder brother dropped in for a visit and started talking about younger brother and hinted at 'further troubles'..but i didnt take the bait...didnt prod...prob more financial woes but Im in no mood to listen just yet...too soon after last time

    I might go check on the brothers kids tho later today....to get to his house, i have to pass by this really really noisy junction and its very unpleasant...so much noise pollution & crowds of people. It makes me jittery.

    Im still feeling better than usual, and quite inclined to have a go at all the household chores which normally bog me down, mentally and physically..the moment i think of them.

    I hope Jole and DH is doing well and that everybody is happy busy...also that Rocks teethache soon gets better,
    also Mickey - I dont have a married daughter - i was referring to husbands aunts daughter

    God Bless

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  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Can someone tell me how to take the scroll thing off?? I lost 2 posts because of it.

    I started to post last night and heard a loud boom and off went the lights, around 8:30. Called the electric co and they where here in 45 min. Drove up and down the road and found the pole then left.

    About 30 minuted later I was sitting on the porch enjoying the drizzling rain and night sounds then the light tried to come and boom a pole that is about 50 ft behind my new building threw sparks out and made a big boom and no more lights.

    So I went to bed at 10:30, they truck came back at some point because the girls started barking but I shut them up and went back to sleep. Got up around 4 to potty and had power. Fun night.

    Today is my second TPI at 2, then buy refreshments for my 7 pm club meeting. Diane and I were interviewed for the paper about Art in the Park, to be known as AITP from now on.

    After the interview we visited galleries, and business's putting posters and such up and begged for prizes and money. It was nearly 6 when I got home.

    I am confused Elaine, as someone sent me a email last night just before the power went off that the format had changed, then you post and it has all these >BR< things in it.

    But it looks the same to me, no difference at all. What IE version are you using 6 or 7. Maybe it was a glich in the board or Rock found a way in the back door and his computer took over! As it does seem to have a mind of it's own.

    Julie oh you poor thing, I can imagine how you feel being told you may have to move into grandpa's for awhile. Why don't you sell his house and build a commune on your farm, every has thier own little house with a park in the middle for Keira. I think that sound wonderful.

    What I shame he spent all this money with the addtion and now she can't come, will it ever end for you? Then I read where you took care of your mom and siblings when yo were younger, am I remembering that right? No wonder you feel the way you do, it is like "when will I get MY time" Don't feel guilty for feeling that way, you have taken care of everyone but you for too long. If you ever want to run away, for a weekend or something you are always welcome to my little peace of heaven here.

    Linda so when did you take up tennis???? Do you think it is caused my using the computer, is it you right arm? I use to get that from time to time when I work and used the mouse alot. Are you going to injections or just let it rest?

    Georgia- I hope you found a good atty for Mr M as I am sure his old boss will fight it all the way. Is it his knee that is damaged now? Poor guy, I bet he is not happy right now as he seems like someone that likes to stay busy and being told you can no longer work is a hard pill to swollow as many here know.

    SPringwater you sound you have about as much fun with your dogs as I do mine, lol. Missy is my gargabe monger. They always have food in their bowl, but she will get in the garbage for things like the wrapper for the cheese slices, the paper muffin thing when I make muffins or any wrapper that had food in it.

    Twila never does it, but Missy has been that way since she was born, she was the fiestiest of the litter and would would knock the other pups off so she could nurse.

    I am not sure what to do about the other momma dog and the other pup. It has been raining so I haven't went over in my cart plus I haven't had time, but I did go over afer dark in my car to see if light were on on the house and they weren't.There was no food in the feeder so I did feed them and gave them water.

    Then as I was getting back in the car the pup wouldn't let me shut the door, she get trying to climb up in the car, she was relentless. I finally had to get out and take her to the food then she started eating and I zippped out.

    The momma dog wasn't completely full of milk but I don't know if they stop making milk when they are no longer nursing. But with the rain and my schedule I haven't been able to look further for the pups, they are in any obivious place, but if they are still there I don't want to take momma away. I am thinking about taking the pup today to the shelter on my way in to town, then leave momma and feed her for a week or so and see if the baby pups show up.

    My gut tells me they burned them in the fire they had in the yard. It breaks my heart to think that, but it was a light bulb moment when "something" spoke to me with that thought.

    Rock I hope the gremlins leave your computer alone, it seems like you may have gotten a lemon with it being new and always having problems.

    Well I need to get busy and anwer some other posts then email some people with the info for AITP. Then shower and get into town to post flyers and such.

    I probably won't make it back today becuse of the meeting tonight then have to get up early for work on Fri then never know what that will be.

    I did want to mention my boss's mother passed this weekend. She o was a lovely and lively lady, she was told 2 years ago she had liver cancer and had six months to live. So she proved them wrong, she was getting weekly chemo treatments that kept her going that long.

    She even went to New Orleans a few weeks ago for a family vacation. Then last week she stopped making platlets and the treaments were causing severe diarheia so she was dehydrating. It was time as her body had done all it could, so she went to hospice Fri eve and died at 3 am with Whitney by her side. They were very close so this will be hard for Whitney. Her dad went with them to do show in Louisville, it is annual show where they now everyone and are like family to them.

    So I will be back when I can-everydobby take care and hello awl I didnt't mention, sorry for the novel, just making up for lost time, hehe-Carla
  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well Elaine, you do have all kinds of weird BR in your posts. I came on and everything looks the same as always, maybe there was some kind of gliche.

    Well 1 more day until I get to see Ashley again. I cannot wait. However, she will probably spend all her time at the river camping, fishing, etc... with boyfriend. That is okay though, I will still get to see her some. She needs a break from all the school work. She says it is really busy there but she is keeping up, so that is good.

    Carla, sorry about your bosses Mother. That is so sad. I hope she had a good last couple of years though and she wasn't sick all the time doing chemo.

    So Julie, you found Mrdad's squirrel, hooray, he will be very happy about that. I do miss him and hope he is okay. Has anyone heard from him????? Also, I can see why you are such a caretaker with your family, you had to do that growing up. I am glad you have Den, he seems like such a helpful husband to you.

    Springwater - I read every night. I start about 10:00 and read until my eyes cannot stay open any longer, usually about 1/2 hour later, sometimes sooner. I love reading.

    Well I guess I should get to work here so have a good day and I will check in later.

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    No, I am not having any problems whatsoever and I did not get a message from pro health nor do I see one. That is so weird.

    I hope they fix it soon, I would hate for anything to happen to this website and would miss all you porchies terribly.

    Please fix ASAP Pro Health

    Well I am getting ready to go to lunch early today as I have phone duty for the receptionist today so she can get lunch.

    I will problem grab something fast and soupy and read for a little. I am so tired and I am having horrible pains in my stomach which I have no idea why. Oh well, hopefully they will go away soon.

    Catch you all later.
  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I have always gone in as immunesupport.com. LOL. That is funny.

    If someone has Rock's email address, please let him know. But that is how I have always gotten on. I didn't even know you could get on through Prohealth.com.

    Oh well, I hope Joan can get on too. I am really anxious to find out how she and her family are doing.

    OMG and Granni and MrDad, they will be coming back and not know what hit them. Hopefully Pro Health will Email them.

    Georgia - My tummy isn't too upset it is just a pain in the left side. Hopefully it is not the appendix. So far my hubby and youngest daughter had theirs removed. I don't think I have ever had to have surgery except for 2 C-Sections and a tumor taken out of my leg that burst.

    Take care for now,

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  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I tried to get on my usual way and got "not connection". Happened to have a message from Worship Bd. so got on that way.

    Hubby is making some improvement, thank the good lord. Therapy is gettint him up, against his wishes, and making him us the walker just to the door and back to bed bgy door. Then she makes him do some work on his legs. He is terriby tired and gets a bit confused on his speech. I hagte to say this but all the children and mates have left for a few days. I never rerally relaxed - last evening I couildn't keep0 my eyes open.

    Today I was in such pain!!!! My legs, back-----all o0f me! But maybe some rest this eve. will help. Sit down and watch TV - I don't watch any conventions soI am limited.

    You are all so dear to care so much for us-----

    The Lord Bless Youi and keep you....


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