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    Hey did you guys know that light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. LOL. Just had to throw that in.

    Please make sure and read Granni and Springwater's messages on 312.

    Springwater, so why was your hubby on TV, he is a superstar, WoW. I am sorry you weren't feeling very sociable last night at the dinner. However, I know what you mean, there are many times when I fake my being happy and sociable and just can't wait to get home to my nice safe haven. So don't feel bad it really is ok to feel that way.

    Wow, 2 years, I don't think I would be able to handle my daughter being gone that long. You sure are strong to let her go that far away. But I guess, if my daughter wanted to do that I am sure I would have given her my blessing. I just thank God she didn't. LOL

    Granni - my husband is the same way about shopping. Fastest shopper I have ever known. That is why I like him to do the grocery shopping. That is my least favorite chore and I am glad he does it. I think most men are that way when it comes to shopping. That is okay, I would rather go by myself when I am doing Xmas shopping or clothes shopping.

    Well gang, I went to lunch with my BIL and he told me he is going to pop the question to his girlfriend. He asked me advice on how to do it and such. I told him to go down to Old Town St. Charles when they have their Xmas theme and take her to a nice dinner and then a ride on the horse and carriage and ask her there.

    He is such a good guy, she is lucky to have him. His exwife dumped him about a year ago, just fell out of love I guess. They have 2 little ones. His girlfriend has a little girl too that has mental problems, she is 9 but really has the personality of a 2 year old. She is so cute. He even bought my lunch, that was nice.

    Well, I will come back in a little while.

    Love you all.

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    Mickey - No, I have not started my Christmas card list yet. I got my List sort of ready and updated but then of course there are always a few more that send to you or we forget ! Every year I wonder abaut send ing to a few that we haven't heard from and such or wonder if we should bother as we haven't seen them and years and probably never will. The cost of the stamps is getting ridiculous as you all know.

    Sorry your MIL ( think that is who it was) kept you out so late shopping and was being really annoying. That is a hard thing to do with someone else, especially if they are older andnot sure of what they want or how much to spend , etc.etc. I understand the money part as my parents never had any either. However, shopping after working a full day is not good. I know that I surely could not do so. Of course, my dear you are much younger than I. Also, though with the DD';s we have age really doesn't matter. I am sure you just wanted to go home and go to bed or do what you had to do for the evening,

    Glad you got a nice lunch with the BIL and that he even paid for it. That was nice of him.

    Springwater - I know what you mean about faking. I do that alot too and push myself probably to much. However, if I didn;t Iwould just stay home and feel sorry for myself or try not to with all you great friends around here.

    Well got another phone call, friends from Illinois that we met in Europe years ago. We are still good friends.

    Bye for now. Might check on you all agin tonight. DH has a meeting and I will be home by myself !

    Love to everydobby,

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    Hey guyz I have missed you. I have been busy helping get some things going for David and he is in the hospital now and going to a rehab center. The family kept dragging their feet and I stepped in and got home health to come to his place today and they sent him to the er to help his pain control and got a social worker to help get him in a rehab place.

    HIs aunt just called and said that is what they are going to do. Poor man has been in a recliner for 2 weeks. His family is a little on the slow side, kind of back woods country people and just don't know how to talk to people or even who to call to get things done.

    I did start a new glass project but have lost interest in it as it is being a pain and think I will give the glass up for now and do something else for awhile. I was trying to make new stuff for the gallery but it won't sell anyway as this town just took a hard hit.

    The steel mill that use to employ about 12,000 was down to 700 and they laid off 650 of them this week. We only have about 25,000 people in the city so that is a big hit. I don't know what people are going to do, but I know they won't be buying art or stained glass.

    I have peeked in here and there but haven't been able to retain much as my brain fatigue has been more than usual. I have still been trying to find someone anyone to work on my cart. I finally found a service manual for $51 instead of $90 and will be here in a few days, so I may end up doing it myself. I have other things I would RATHER do but hey do what you have to, he said the manual is very detailed and should tell me what to do.

    Mickey I am so glad your daughter is ok after her accident, I know it is scarey when they call you and tell you things like that. My daughter passed out once, diabetic thing, and rolled her little chevy citation about 3 times over a hill and NO seat belt, she was 17 and VERY lucky, she always wears one now.

    Julie I bet you are counting the days until you leave Belize-do you think Den could stop here on you way back to the states if I haven't fixed my cart yet :) How have you been feeling, are you getting ANY rest? How baout the ear? I am glad you found a good day care for Keira, it does make things easier to have trust worthy people taking care of your baby. I know you will miss her why you are gone.

    Springwater I am sorry you are feeling down, but I understand. Depression is a hard thing to make those that don't have it understand. I have been up and down myself lately, some days I am fine then others I am not. I just try not to be too hard on myself and be good to me and spend time with my furry girls. I have been playing with them more since the cart died. We went down to David's one night and did a little show for him, he couldn't beleive Missy was counting. That is cool your hubby was on tv, what does he do? I hope you are back to your self soon.

    Rock what has been doing on with you? Do you still have you kitties and doggies. Glad you liked my Flash Gordon comment, did he get a helmut and cape for Halloween???

    Granni you amaze me at all the things you manage to do. I haven't done christmas cards in years and don't have any plansto start this year.

    JOle I saw you stopped by, I missed what happen to your grandson, I will have to go back and read, I missed a few volumes.

    There are a lot mia's, Sweetie are you still out there? I hope you are doing better and your husband and son have found some work.

    Well I need to eat and am going to watch Dr Phil today, I really haven't had much time just to sit and watch tv. I have to work Fri and Sat so not sure when I will be back, but did want to touch base and let you know where I have been. Take care and be back when I can-Carla
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    Hey Carla, yes, I missed you very very much. Did you get my emails???? Gosh, again, I just wanted to say how lucky David is to have you close by. You are such a caring person Carla. He probably thanks God everynight you are there.

    So you are going to try and fix the cart yourself. Well I have all the faith in the world that you will. You are just such a handy person you won't have any problems and I know you will work on it until you get it done, that is just the type of person you are.

    Granni, yes I am younger than you so that is probably why I can handle it, just don't want to though. My spare time is so precious to me and sometimes I am just so selfish with it. LOL I just hope when I am your age I am in your shape. You do amaze me, you remind me of my Grandma, she just did everything. Always sent out cards and never missed a birthday, anniversay, etc...... You hubby is lucky to have you, he better realize that. LOL I am sure he does.

    Well it is 4:30 and after work I have to pick up Linny and her friend Priscilla (yes that is her real name) and bring them to school. There is some kind of function going on there and they want to go so I offered to bring them. Hopefully, they can get a ride home, but of course if they can't i will be more than happy to pick them up. I never complain about hauling her around because I know it won't be much longer she won't need me so much. December 8th is her 16th birthday and she will be driving. Boo Hoo, I can't believe it. I took that day off so I can bring her to get her drivers license. She is so excited.

    It seems like yesterday they were just little girls but now they are all grown up.

    Where are all the MIA's, I hope you guys are all okay, I miss you all.

    Love ya

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    I have been locked out for the last 12 hours or so. No "Reply" button. The Pro health technician told Gordon what to do, but this time it didn't work.

    Well, I got back on a few minutes ago and then I pushed a wrong button somewhere. My message disappeared. Good thing I had just started.

    Have less energy than usual today. That's ok, but it would be nice if I could take a nap. Can't fall asleep. Just moping around in a lustless, I mean listless state.

    Carla, I see you showed up between my first attempt and now. Yes, I'm still feeding the feral cats including a black tom who is missing an ear. I've seen him around for a year or so. He's finally getting up the nerve to come around and get some kibble. Still pretty shy tho.

    Last night Gordon had the front door open as usual. We had two skunks enjoying the buffet. Hadn't seen any for a couple months. Generally only get one at a time. They empty the water bowl whenever they show up.

    Our dog Zippy is about 7 or 8 now. Zippy still lives up to his name. Nevertheless, the vet told Gordon Zippy is now a senior citizen. I told Gordon to ask for a senior discount next time.

    No, Gordon did not wear a cape for Halloween. Did not cut any capers either.

    Mickey, Did ur BIL by U a BLT 4 lunch?

    Do you think you could train Jack to stomp grapes? Then you could make a video for Youtube. Do you ever buy anything from Burger's Smokehouse? I just ordered some ham and turkey for my aunt and uncle in Minnesota. In case you didn't know, Burger's Smokehouse is located in California, Missouri.

    Granni, glad you didn't get wet after all. In the Minnesota village where my brother lives they have a food pantry that gives away groceries twice a week. If you care to donate a can of something, you know it goes to someone who needs it.

    But if you give to an organized charity...The head of the Red Cross, I read, is paid over $750,000 a year. And the Salvation Army built a million dollar house for its CEO. And Jerry Lewis gets ten percent
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    of the money the telethon collects, my neighbor says. So the charities use up most of the money for their own benefit and only a pittance goes to the intended beneficiaries.

    I posted my unfinished post cause my aunt from Minnesota called. We had a long talk and I was afraid the computer would forget I was in the middle of a message.

    My uncle is in wonderful health except for his hearing. He turns 81 in a few days. My aunt has been in very poor health for more than a decade w/ bone and cardiac problems. She is still alert and cheerful and full of news.

    Julie, speaking of Ursula and her friend at a wedding reminds me that my secretary got married
    many years ago. Her 4 dachshunds were in the wedding with flowers on their collars. They behaved like ladies and gentlemen.

    Did you guys see the recent video on the news? The best man stepped forward with the ring, tripped and knocked the bride and the preacher into the swimming pool. The Three Stoogies couldn't have timed it better. Bottoms Up, Folks!

    Springwater, tell your hubby we'd like some quality control in our lives.

    Elaine, keep working on dancing Gingerly. Maybe John Doe will play the part of Fred.

    Well, maybe I will see about that nap. Or maybe the sink full of dishes needs some attention. Or perhaps I will go surfing. It's only ten miles to the Pacific. So many choices; so little energy. Sigh.


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    Mickey -hahahahaha,that superstar comment was funny. No no. No superstar there...its just husband has been part of the Nepalese federation of Chambers of Commerce for the longest time. Youhave to remember this country is tiny and so is its capital, where we are located.
    Since he has been in business for so long and also part of the business community which works with the government; he gets asked to answer questions on tv and elaborate on those kinds of issues like quality control etc. He also participates in golf tournaments and then he pops up in some clip or other in the sports news, from time to time.

    Carla - my goodness, you are actually going to try and fix your cart by the instructions on a manual? I wish i could do that. I dont have the attention span needed for that kind of detailed work. My sons cell phone confuses me. What buttons to push and what not. I guess i just am not very mechanically inclined...which is sad because i always feel the mechanically inclined are the brainy people. Thats sad about the job losses. I just read on the news yesterday that the financial crunch is worse than was expected. I did see McCain on Jay Leno...when asked how he was doing after the defeat, was he resting...? He said" Im sleeping like a baby, i get up every two hours, start crying for some time, and then go back to sleep again. " Very sweet of him.

    Rockgor - I didnt know you had a dog. I know you have a tomcat. That story about the best man was hilarious.....!!! were they all laughing too much to be too mad? I know i would have been. About the costumes for the daughters dance, no, there arent any thrift stores nearby, there is one big superstore, I think an hours bus ride away near the college...

    Granni - must be deep into the preparations with Christmas coming round the corner....i always think having large families are nice during festivals...and it must be so nice to go out with the girls, dress and perform...something about Christmas...what ive seen of it...must be one of the very best festivals in the world.

    Well, Im off...not sure how Im gonna spend the day, theres enough mess everywhere, a question of what to tackle, when.

    God Bless
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    Elaine you crack me up. I can just see you doing the laundry and it flying everywhere, that is so funny, I guess it would make me laugh too. LOL. You are such a character funny girl. My left hip and leg are really killing me too the past couple of days. Feels like their are rocks in there or something. I can't sit for too long or it makes it worse. I have no idea what i did, but I just wish it would go away. Luckily I don't have to do stairs to do the laundry, LOL.

    Springwater - darn I though hubby was a superstar. I could have bragged and said hey I know someone on the Porch and her hubby is a superstar. Well anyway that is kind of neat that he gets to do that. I guess everyone in your town knows him, so he is kind of a superstar. Xmas is my favorite holiday. It is so beautiful that time of the year and it is the only time of year that I hope it snows. Nothing like a white Xmas. I usually go all out. I put lights on the house everywhere decorate the whole inside of my house too. I will probably start doing this this weekend, because it takes a while. I also have a really neat Xmas village that I display. I buy a new village every year and display them all on a big table with fake snow, roads, lamposts, bridges, horse carriages, santa, snowment. It is so beautiful. I wish we could put pictures up then I could show you.

    Well gang I am leaving here at 3:00 today for the weekend. I am hoping daughter comes home this weekend if she has time. Nothing much planned this weekend except just to start getting Xmas decorations out.

    Anyway, catch you all later.


  9. jole

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    Mickey, I didn't even realize the day until you said it was Friday....I just can't keep track anymore! I loved your opening comment to this volume-how true! >O>

    Bet it's actually a relief to have the shopping w/MIL out of the way early. At least you don't have to worry about any last minute stuff with her when it gets soooo busy.

    I love Christmas too....not the gift giving so much since I can't shop anymore, but the decorating, family, etc. I don't ever start decorating until in December though.

    I too have a village I put up each year, and by the time I hang 18 stockings and have the tree, it's pretty much done. I do have a 3-ft. Santa w/skis that the kids love, and a santa, reindeer and sleigh for the table, plus of course the Nativity Scene. That's it. No lights, 'cause I can't climb a ladder and hubby isn't interested.

    Springwater, I agree, you are one strong lady. I would have a terrible time seeing one of my daughters move so far away. Two years is a long time, although closer now with cell phones, etc. I had such a terrible time when my son and SIL were in the Military....that's when my depression really got bad, watching the news constantly of the war hoping that it wasn't them in harms way.

    Granni, it must be a man thing- my hubby never would shop w/me either. Now he does get the groceries most of the time, but that's it. If I need anything else the girls get it for me.

    Carla, it's great to see you again! Hope you can get your cart fixed so you and your doggies can again ride off into the sunset! You must all miss that terribly.

    Wow, your town has really been hit hard by the economy, haven't they? We are really lucky here....not much change yet, and still jobs to be had. It does seem though that when places close down or lay off that it's usually this time of the year, right ahead of the Holidays for some reason. Those poor people!!

    Rock, these darn computers! It's not just yours, and mine is new even! At least it's good to hear it was your computer and not that you didn't enjoy our company anymore.....

    I sure agree with you about food pantries. We have one in our town too, and right before the Holidays when I was still working our entire hospital would bring items in to restock the pantry. There would be so many boxes of food donated that it was totally amazing! Much better to give to people in the community and know where it's going.

    Elaine, ohhhh I feel your pain. I can NOT do cold either. Cold water on my hands, or even making hamburger patties for a bar-b-cue just sends terrible pain through my hands, joints, arms and into my shoulders. I can't imagine what ice would do! Heat works much better for me.....

    Georgia, I just can't believe your family! I would definitely shut them off too. Would MrM be your executor? Actually, if you just leave everything to him I don't think you even need one. Especially since you have a will....if you have a lawyer he'll take care of everything for you.

    Just don't fret over all this. I know it has to hurt terribly to know exactly where they all stand, but now you can get on with your life. I just can't imagine religion making that much difference....is this what being Christians is all about these days??? Unreal!

    Well, I am simply bushed today. Was up at 6:30, back to bed from 11-1, and needing to lie down again. I Just Hate Winter....that's all there is to it! Going to freeze here the next 2-3 nights so I suppose that's why I feel it so much. 26-28 degrees is just too cold...and I know it'll get much worse.

    I wish we could post pics on here too. I hope they get that feature up and running before long.

    Gosh, didn't realize how long this is getting. Better quit for now.....love to all***Jole***
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from an excursion; not altogether successful. I went to the storage unit and got about a hundred records (LPs) and a box of video tapes.

    My plan was to take the records to a thrift shop; then go to the bank. But after I loaded up the car I made a wrong turn and found myself in Pasadena when I really wanted to be in Glendale.

    Finally just came home. Will have to do stuff tomorrow or the next day. I paid my car insurance premium today. Maybe when it comes up again in 6 months I should think about giving up driving. I've made several wrong turns in the last few months.

    Springwater, the wedding video was very short. It ended w/ the people in the pool looking sorta dazed and wet. Maybe they laughed later.

    But considering how crazed most American women get about weddings, it my be several decades before the bride can see anything funny about the impromptu dip.

    Elaine, I'm sorry your leg is still paining. I admire your cheerful attitude in the face of adversity.

    How old is your dog? Did you ever hear about Harriet, the giant tortoise from the Galapagos Islands? She lived at the Steve Irwin (Crocodile hunter) zoo in Australia. It was thought that Charles Darwin brought her to England. She was estimated to be about 170 years old.

    Georgia, my dysfunctional family has gotten somewhat better in the last decade or two. My parents died. Sounds like a noir joke, but it's true.

    Any other change in people, especially one for the better, is pretty unlikely, is what I think.

    Seems like everydobby got a pain someplace this week. Mickey, I wonder what caused your leg to get outta whack. One of my coworkers had to have back surgery. He said the ortho told him men should not carry their billfold in their back pocket. Throws the pelvis off balance when they sit.

    Any my chiropractor said, don't sit with your legs crossed. Also gets the spine and pelvis messed up.

    Sounds like you go all out for Christmas. It takes a village to make Christmas for Mickey.

    I have the same problem, Jole. Never know the day or the date. This morning I wrote out a check to cash at the bank. Now the date will be wrong when I finally get there.

    You ever wonder about post dated checks? Seems to me they should be called pre-dated checks since you're writing the date before that date actually arrives.

    Gordon brought home 8 books from the library last night. Mayhap I will go read for a bit.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I probably won't get to today. Have to get ready for our Talent Show this evening. It shoud be funny. Nothing hard about the usic we are doing and when we dress up as hillbillys that should crack people up. Soje of us even have funnny instruments like a jug, washboard, tamborine. I have a slide whistle and a kazoo , that shows how talented and ambidexterous I am ) (-: !!

    Georgia - I can't believe your family is still being so mean and hateful. That is the only words I can think of at the moment that would fit.They don't deserve any of your time or posssessions. However, I know how sad that must be, at least at first when they first started acting that way. After that it gets old hat and you can't take it anymore. Then you just have to take care of yourself and get on with life. So gald that you at least have Mr M and you can take care of each other. When is Mr M's surgery? It sould be coming up soon. Hope he isn't too upset by the though. I know to be a little nervous is normal. my DH is not the bravest when he has to go for surgery or almost any other medical procedure.

    I also can't believe how that young bank teller (supervisor) acted when you told him the payment would be late. Boy, he surely doesn't sound like he should be in a supervisory position. Talk about how to scare people away from that bank.

    Elaine - Sorry you are still feeling so poorly. Keep up your attitude though, my friend. Hope it doesn;t go on to much longer.

    Mickey - Hope your daughter comes home to see you again this weekend. I know you miss her alot. If not do you think you could actually rest ??? Yes, at least you are finished with yur MIL's shopping. Patience, patience !! (and sometimes we don't have alot the way we feel). That includes me too.

    Julie - Geee, you got Samsonite suitcase for $5.99. Sounds like a great buy even if it is a second bag. That was funny about Kiera at daycare. I kow how many of them act by having 5 chidrren and doing home childcare for 13 or more years. These kids know how to act. It sounds like Kiera is all set and has settled into the daycare OK. I hace always found it SO funny when the mom;s brought the children and they fussed and fussed and the parents got upset and as soon as they left the child settled down. Talk about good acts many of them play ! When are you leaving for Belize? It sounds like pretty soon.
    Yes, I am sure it feels really weird with Den gone and all. I know as I have spoken to friends who have lost husbands. They are pretty busy, as they can be but still miss their husbands esp at night time when all has settled down. Glad Den is getting things done down there for Jenny and family.

    Rock - so sorry you got lost and made a wrong tale. It would be very esay for me to do that too. I hate the freeways and I could really get lost on one of those . Who knows where I would end up. That is why I try not to take the freeways to much. Those things are like a spaghetti bown with all those twists and turns. Oh well, you can do you chore another day and I am sure you will get to the right place (-: !!

    Jole - I know what you mean aboaut the cold. It has gotten cold last night and is retty chily today. BBRRR! I can't stand it and am glad we don't have snow here, just maybe some ice at times . It is in the 50's now and is supposed to get into the low 30's tonight. Wish I didn;t have to go out and perform tonight. At least it is not raining and we do not have to go far.

    Carla - Hope all is well and that youwill get your golf cart soon. I know you ALL miss those rides. How is your weather anyway?

    Well everyone, I guess I had better leave for now. Hope to see you all and maybe even some MIA'a tomorrow.

    Enjly the rest of your weekend !

    Love to everydobby,


  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    First off, Georgia – congratulations! You sound so happy. And so you would And my prayers for Mr M's surgery to go smoothly. Your family seems to be really annoying you. If only we got to choose our relatives. Its not a nice thing to say but I pray that in my next rebirth I don’t meet my parents or siblings. I need time to get over all the heartache suffered coz of them.

    Do you think it is because of his youth this bank teller is so brash and rude? I have often found it was because of their inexperience that youngsters hurt people. They don’t know any better. But since he is in a position of customer services how come he is not sticking to the rule of ‘customer is always right?”If he is going to adopt that attitude with his customers, that too in these difficult times, he isn’t going to last long, people wont come back and bank loses business.

    Granni – I don’t know what either a kazoo or a slide whistle is, but whatever they are, Im sure you are going to do one heck of a job entertaining those people. Good luck. Does your DH appreciate what a talented spirited wife he has? If I were a man , I would be very proud of you.

    Julie – being alone is something I think about too. I don’t hav too much problem with it for sporadic moments at a time….like several hours …during the day but an extended period? A few days back son, hubs and me were talking and the subject of money just popped up, and hubs joked and said he would just leave son a flat, a car, get him married off and then he was on his own. So I said be sure I have a nest egg so I don’t hav to ask the kids for money if he died before me, and son said , “but, aren’t you supposed to be buried with dad or something? "(An old Hindu custom, where the wife is burnt with the husband if he dies before her). I laughed and then said, I don’t mind, what is there to live for after that. Then I thought maybe I shouldn’t hav said it, it sounded like I didn’t care for the kids. But is okay we were all joking.

    Rock – eight books!!! No wonder you are such a wealth of information. About the date and day, I never know it either. Everytime I needto know I have to rummage for the days newspaper. Aaaargh, one dog Tinku just came running in from downstairs and leapt on to my lap and knocked some keys…I guess she was let out from her cage and oh my goodness what I wouldn’t giv to have her energy and joie de vivre.

    Jole – it really helps that I know my daughter is being exposed to new things out there in her uni. Surrounded by people who are also learning new things and growing productively. I used to worry about her seeing me when I was having a severe depressive episode, I didn’t think I was the right role model. Somehow I have got her thru schooling and now she will make her own way, thank goodness. Her roomie is the right influence, disciplined,studious, she goes to church on Sundays, keeps her side of the room spotless, and visits the gym regularly taking my daughter with her. I just hope son wil be lucky too, I have to keep trying to put up a cheerful façade with him, but he is so scarily intuitive, he picks up on my mood immediately. "Mum, you okay?" is a constant refrain. And that’s not good for his sense of security.

    Elaine and Mickey – sorry to hear you both having some sort of pain/flare up. Hope its over soon.

    No much to report. Yesterday I laid low. Did make some mushroom curry for dinner which hubs really liked. We make some sort of fermented bread which is steamed….called T – momo. It looks like risen scones but is only white flour and yeast and some salt and sugar but it tastes good with spicy mushroom tomato gravy.
    We are thinking of going and watching a movie today. I have to book the tickets. I tried to phone my brother to ask about nephew and niece and he is not picking up the phone or mobile. I guess he is busy avoiding the creditors hounding him.

    Its very overcast and cold today. Not the ideal weather.

    God Bless

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    OK I just lost my post, I wish I knew how that happens, but it took me back to the log in screen. So I am in my mailbox now.

    Now where was I? Georgia congrats on your proposal! I am so happy you have met your soul mate and it gives us “mature” single gals hope there may still be one out there for us. Are you planning a Mexican wedding and honeymoon? I am sorry your family is being difficult and I understand how you feel, I still have had no contact with my daughter since Aug, I guess we are both being stubborn and waiting for the other one to make the first move, but I am standing my ground for now. You are a wonderful lady and deserve every happiness you can get, so you go girl.

    Julie oh no you are not sick again or still? Has Amy had her house checked out to see if something is making you all sick? But I know families tend to keep passing it back around to each other, but it is odd it started after she moved in the house. I know how you feel in the empty cabin with Den gone. I am so glad I have my girls to snuggle up to at night to keep me warm. Missy sleeps up against my back and Twy sleeps on my feet, sometimes I can’t even roll over with one on each side,LOL. I think God will forgive you for missing church today, you have paid your dues. I bet Den and your friends are looking forward to seeing you soon. Will you be staying in your little house in Belize? What is the weather like in the winter? Is has to be better than here, it is COLD, windy and snow flurries right now, brrrrrrrrrrr. I hope you have a safe trip and accomplish everything you want to.

    Jole good to see you back too. I don’t do Christmas shopping anymore either, I haven’t put a tree up in years. This is the first year without my mom and I have no where to go so it will be just another day. But I will be fine and prefer to be alone that day than a fifth wheel at someone else’s house. I like the idea of what your family does about the summer vacation together, that is a great idea.

    Elaine I hate to hear you are still in a flare, I wonder what is making your leg burn so bad, it sounds like neuropathy but your age and not being a diabetic you would think it wasn’t that. Have you ever researched PAD- Peripheral artery disease? I know 2 people that have it and burning is one of the symptoms. I would at least google it and look into it. My cute teapot that my boss put on ebay only had one bid for $24.99, that was the reserve, I had hoped at least $50-75 but I only paid $8 for it so I didn’t lose anything. She is a great seller and but I guess the interest wasn’t there for that item. I think it will be harder to sell now as there will be more people selling than buying this winter. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Rock I don’t know how you find time to read so many books, I can’t get threw my monthly art magazine. You are so good to take care of the kitties outside, does Zippy get along with the kitties or think it is a game to chase them? I wish I could get Smitten over her fear of the girls and get them to understand she is not a chew toy but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I have tried but they sense her fear and I don’t blame her. She seems content in her own suite, the bathroom, and has a place to look out the window and a tall shelf full of soft blankies to lay on and food and water and the litter box in the closet so she has everything she needs. I do spend time with her and brush her, she is a long hair, pet her and such but won’t let me hold her, she never was a cuddly kitten. I hope you and Gordon are enjoying your day today.

    Spingwater oh you poor deprived girl, you never had a kazoo or slide whistle is- Google them, they are kids musical instruments made of plastic, just blow in them like a whistle and they make a lot of noise. I think they were created by someone that didn’t have children,LOL but can be bought for next to nothing. I hope your mood is better and sounds as if your daughter is doing well at school. Will she get to come home for any holidays? So you have Christmas in your part of the world?

    Grannie how did the talent show go? I would have loved to seen you in your hillbilly outfit. Did you take any picutures?

    As far a me-well David is back home. The assessed him and said he can walk well enough on his own and since he has no insurance they send him home the next day. They did teach him ways to get up and exercises to help him. We put his reciner up on bricks to raise it and it was enough so that he can get up on his own now. Then they took his extra matteress from the spare room and put it on top of bed and that made it possible for him to get in and out of bed. He is 6’2 so the added high to the bed and chair makes it easier for him. He actually got up and made his own coffee today. I nuked some frozen waffles for him and chatted awhile then someone from the church came by to visit so I left.

    I will still go check on him but not as often now, his family gave me $50 the other night and I didn’t want to take to it but they insisted and it did pay for my golf cart book. I hope it comes tomorrow then I can get my hands dirty-whoppeeeeeee! It is suppose to be COLD all week, highs in the 30’s lows in the 20’s, but I do have a heater for my shed so I guess I will be ok.

    Well I better eat something and get busy, I started reorganizing my closet last night and need to bring the ladder in to get the upper shelves, since the ceilings are vaulted I have all this tall wasted space so I did put shelves up there for things like my air mattress and bedding for it, they are in garbage bags which are covered in dust and cob webs, then need to move the summer clothes up to the upper hanging area. I hate having to get the big ladder out but my step stool is not tall enough for my short legs.

    So a big hello to everyone else and hope you are doing the best as you can and if not hope you feel better soon-take care awl-Carla

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon all my dear Porchies. Thanks JULIE I was going to tell everyone the same thing about Joan/Lilaclover.

    Please do check on Joan's/Lilaclover's post on the chit chat board. She posted a nice mail for us all. So check it out and I am sure she would like to hear from all or any of you.

    Brrr- it was 32 this morning when we woke up and went to church. It is supposed to be 58 t says but doesnt feel that warm yet !

    Georgia - How nice you got an official proposal from Mr. M. Yes, we all want an invitation to your wedding (-: !! That is so exciting for you. Yes, so bad about your crazy family but you have done all you can to make it right with them, I am sure. If they refused to treat you with the respect and love you deserve, then forget them. I can't believe that none of them wanted to be the executor of your will. Good grief, they are all mess !

    Yes, more good luck to Mr M on his surgery. I am sure he will be fine and will get especially fine care when he gets home, from you. You must keep us updated on his surgery when you can !

    Mickey and Elaine - so sorry to hear thata you are both in a flare. I missed your post Mickey but read it off of Carla's post. Hope that they both of you are starting to feel somewhata better. You both push to hard. Try and rest some.

    Carla - Glad that you got the money for that book on golf carts. Hope that will help you get to have your golf cart back in working order. With your brains and ingenuity I have faith you can get it all fixed up. Glad that David is doing better and that his family at least gave you a little money for your help. I know you would have done it for nothing anyway !! How cute that Missy and Twy sleep all over you. Have you ever rolled over on them and have them yelp and wake you up?? Glad to hear that Smitten has her own suite in the bathoom - how cute. It sounds pretty good to me. Is the door closed all the time and if not does she ge visits from Missy and Twy?

    The talent show was fun last night. If I get any pics I will put them on for allt o see (if we are ever abale to do so on this new board). That crazy slide whistle is so used and certanily not very expensive that it stuck in a strategic place in the music. Howver, I did get it to work at the end where I was supposed to play it.

    Springwater - Thanks for the sweet words to me. DH thinks I should have done a solo. I said, do you realize how much work that is, and that is just getting the music and someone to play for you besides the practicing yourself. Maybe I will try and sing with another gal who is both of my groups. She can sing almost any part . She used to teach piano besides singing. Hope you get to go out and have some fun at the show you were talking about.

    Rock - I cannot believe that you have read so many books. I find that I also have problems concentrating and so read slowing and alot of stuff over again. I to am lucky to read a magazine. I forget who else mentioned that . Was that you JOLE?? So glad tht you have been popping in to more lately.

    Well, everydobby I guess I had better run. Have to go check on my thawing roast beef (that I haven't had for years). I will make that and baked potatoes, yummy. Sounds good already and haven't even started cooking it.

    Love to Y'all,


  15. jole

    jole Member

    Hi to all. Today seems extra long.....maybe because I only slept for 3 hours last night...seems to be happening more frequently again. I'm really needing another treatment, but the money is just too hard to come by these days, so will hold out for another week, then may be feeling okay for Thanksgiving.

    Rock, driving was one of the first things I had to give up when I got this DD. I not only had trouble remembering where I was, but had these terrible moments of seeing things that were not even there! Then my coordination became so bad that I couldn't keep the car on the road....after the third time in the ditch I quit.

    I read somewhere that when you see things in your peripheral vision that aren't really there it's one of the symptoms of Lyme disease....haven't seen that on any other Lyme sites though.

    Julie, I didn't realize you were leaving for Belize this week already! I'll say a prayer that you get well before then. It sounds like you're getting that upper respiratory stuff again. (Whoops, I really didn't say that......)

    I'm sure it was hard for you to miss church this morning. I haven't gone but a few times in the past 5 years, and would love to get back to going. Just can't seem to deal with all the people...and have panic attacks. I do have devotional books and the Bible I try to read frequently, but I'm sure not enough.

    Georgia, a Mexican wedding then living in Mexico sounds great. I think their country is so very colorful, and the people always seem happy, even if poor.

    I wish I could be there with you on Tuesday to keep you company at the hospital while you wait during MrM's surgery. That is a very lonely time, and seems to go soooo slowly. Be sure to take a book or something along....although it's difficult to concentrate I've found.

    Spanish was one of the subjects I took in high school. Can't say as we had a very good teacher though, 'cause we played more "Hangman" using Spanish words than actually studying. Plus it's been eons ago and I remember very little...just that it's easier to understand than to speak, I thought.

    Granni, the talent show sounds like it went off without a hitch, and your hubby sounds very proud of you! Mmmmm, roast beef! When we were growing up we either had roast beef or fried chicken every Sunday. My mom was the world's greatest cook....but with 7 kids I guess she had to be. We lacked for a lot, but never good food!

    Springwater, I don't think I like that old Hindu custom of wives being burnt if the hubby died first....wouldn't have wanted to live there back in those days for sure!

    Carla, wish you could be here for Christmas with us. By the time all the kids/grands get home you definitely wouldn't have to sit in a corner....heck, you probably couldn't even FIND a corner..LOL. It's pretty noisy and hectic, but fun...and always room for one more! Just bring a dessert, okay??

    Hope you were careful up on that ladder in the closet. I take it you don't suffer from dizziness or fear of height....and the project is complete. Isn't that a great feeling?

    Well, there's not much going on here today. I'm sorting through cassette tapes and VCR tapes to pitch. Didn't realize so many had accummulated. No one has a cassette player anymore it seems, or VCRs for that matter, so doubt if it would even do any good to take them to Goodwill.

    Hi to all not here, and will be back tomorrow I hope**Jole**
  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I realized I missed Mickey earlier, it was the losing the post thing that threw me off. I hope your daughter came home to visit and you are feeling better. I walked nearly 2 miles Thurs and the last 1/4 is up a steep hill, oh my thought I was going die. Thank goodness a neighbor stopped me to chat and gave me chance to catch my breath. I don't know what I was thinking but I paid for, really worked the glutes.

    Georgia thanks for your words, my daughter does not believe or understand my illness's and maybe one day she will but I will live my life the best I can. We will all be there Tue in thoughts for you and Mr M. I bet you will take some knitting to do while you wait.

    Jole thanks for the christmas invite, but I would be out the door-I do have issues with sensory overload. If I get more than 3 or so customers in the store all wanting something, I get all frustrated and half to remember to breath-lol. Not the mulit tasker I was YEARS ago.

    I did get the closet done enough, didn't want to get the ladder out, it is better than it was so I can live with that. Then did some cleaning and other odd things that have been waiting for me to get a round to it.

    Granni glad the show went well even with a musical malfunction. I get the door to Smitten's suite closed as she does not like the doggies and they think she is a chew toy. We have been working on that but not sure if it will ever work.

    Ok off to bed for me, just had a long hot bath so should sleep good and probably won't remember I wrote this in the morning,lol. Carla
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    We went to the orchid show yesterday (pausing briefly at Wall Mart to buy 36 pounds of cat kibble). Attendance was the lowest I've seen. Possible causes: the recession and the brush fires. The freeway we took to get to the show was closed on the way back. The San Fernando Valley (immediately north of LA) was full of smoke.

    As usual we saw lots and lots of beautiful flowers. Like going to the Louvre; more than you can take in at one time. And some colorful names too: Hwa Yuan Grace Elvis; Tutankamen; Ballet Folkorico; Hawaiian Splash; and Floribundum FANGtastic.

    These were all created by hybridizer Norman Fang. Since there was no crowd he and Gordon had time to chat. Gordon bought 5 plants (about $30 apiece) and they threw in one as a bonus.

    Georgia, did you erase a post or am I imagining things? That banker sounds like an unpleasant fellow to do business with. I believe the scientific classifications would be Genus: immature. Species: twerp.

    I don't know what kind of anesthesia Mr M will get tomorrow. The last time I had surgery the anesthesia paralyzed my saliva glands. Terrible dry mouth which ice cubes could not help. Would have been nice if someone had told me to expect this.

    Elaine, this leg problem seems really mysterious to me. Any change in appearance? Are you taking pain pills?

    Oops! I should be doing this in my mail box. Well, will come back shortly.


  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nice you got your closet straighten around, Carla. Do you remember Fibber McGee and his closet? Probably not many people do, but after a slow start (about 5 years), Fibber McGee and Molly became one of radio's most popular programs.

    Nowadays a tv show may be killed off before it's been on the air 5 weeks.

    Jole, you're right. Yesterday was longer than most Sundays. It's because some people set their clock back late.

    This is all explained in a physics book I'm reading. It is written for non scientists. It says the crowning achievement of the 20th century was the development of the Standard Model of Elementary Particles.

    If I understand it correctly (and I'm pretty sure I don't) it explains and unites everything about the structure of matter and energy. With one significant omission: gravity.

    Glad to hear Keira is doing well w/ her introduction to day care, Julie. Pretty soon she be bringing home wonderful things to put on the refrigerator.

    Granni, I have lots of time to read cause I don't do much of anything. I am reading a book on the old west and found something startling.

    A young girl was abandoned by her parents and placed in an orphanage. At age 15 she ran away. To disguise herself and find work, she dressed as a male and continued to do so for the next half century.

    In l868 she voted. This was 52 years before the Constitution was amended to allow women to vote in 1920.

    The cross-dressing voter was named Charles (Charlotte) Parkhurst. The English suffragette who led the movement that gave women the vote in 1928 was named Emmeline Pankhurst. She died a few weeks after casting her first vote.

    Think about it: Parkhurst/Pankhurst. Anyone ever see the two of them together?

    Glad things are calmer this morning, Georgia.

    Greetings to all.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thought I would just do a quick run onto the Porch before DH comes home. It is in the 30's or was so this morning early and he is playing golf. At least it is not raining and there is sun. Itr is supposed to warm up the hight 60's or low 70's by this afternoon they said. So, we will see.

    Georgia - Sounds ike you were upset with something that Mr M said. I am guessing he is just nervious about his surgery. Try and forget it and wait till after the surgery and he sould start to behave, or should I say calm down, again (-: !! Yes, herbal tea might be helpful in calming down. Iknow there is certan kind that is supposed to be calming but I have forgotten which one it is? Was is Chamomille??? (sp)

    Glad you will get out today., That is a good idea to go see your friend and just forget what he said, whatever it was.

    Gordon - glad you got to get out yesterday and see some beautiful flowers. They are so beautiful especially where there are so many like that. Wow, that was alot of cat kibble you bought. I thought you were feedoing only one cat,oris there more?? Yes, it is much cheaper to by more (or in bulk). Yes we do tht too but not kitty kibble.

    Jole - your Christmas sounds like ours if they all come. We will be this year at our sons in Houston for Thanksgiving. Christmas we will be at our daughters.. They (the sons) have no children as yet and another daughter, her fiance and her children should be there too. I doubt if yours is quiet as ours usually isn;t unless the kids go outside to play. The grownups can get rowdy to sometimes with alot of chatting going on.

    Carla - Hope you get your golf cart book so so you can start working on it. You are so hand. I surely couldn;t do anything mechanical ! Take it easy kiddo with all that walking. It is good for you but try not to overdo it (pant pant). Hope those doggies finally get used to Smitten and don;t try to chew her up and that she gets used to them and isn't so scared or (antisocial) .

    Elaine - I can't get over your ways of washing your clothes and getting them up and down. Would any of us think like that? I know I wouldn;t. Well, I would throw down the clothes but getting them up again al clean and folded would be a challenge. Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Mickey - I hope you are feeling better. Don't lknow if youa are at home or work.

    Joan - Please come and visit us on the Porch. We are missing you my dear. I left you a note on your other post.

    Hope to see some more MIA's soon too, Jodie, 1Sweetie, MrDad, etc..

    Well, I can't think of anyone else and what you all said so I will leave for now. Hope to check back later when some of the sleepy heads have arisen (-: ! Yep, I realize many of us are in a different time zone (s)

    Lots of hugs ALL around,


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