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  1. ckball

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    I haven't opened the porch for a while so thought I would see if I remembered how.

    Go back and check the last Vol as Julie, Goergia and Marta came by-

    Hope no one got caught in the door- I have hot chocolate and cookies so help yourself and there are still hugs left from Marta-Carla
  2. rockgor

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    Thanks for getting us started, Carla. Were you able to use your own computer in your own
    house? Linda said a stove pipe came down, and you had soot to clean up.

    I remember about 60 years ago the stove pipe in our kitchen fell apart. The clean up was
    a big job. But at least the kitchen was all hard surfaces, no curtains or rugs.

    Went to the library today. Got the book for the book club. The police were at the library.
    A librarian told me they were checking cars. Lots of people park in the parking lot, and
    then go shopping.

    Also went to the new EA meeting. There were only 3 people there. So we canceled the
    meeting, chatted for half an hour and went home.

    Yup, Granni, you're right. We are old. (I think we established that you are four months
    younger than I.) I remember when our house had no refrigerator, no hot water heater,
    and no furnace. Just a stove in the dining room. There was a vent in the ceiling that
    could be opened to let warm air flow up to the bedrooms.

    Julie, did you rent a movie? I remember when the movies cost 35 cents for adults and 12 cents
    for kids. A bag of popcorn was 5 cents. So was a box of milk duds or Jr. mints.

    "Planned-overs" is a good term. Did you make it up?

    Carla, sorry you had to re-post. I just had a post that didn't work, but I had remembered to
    cut so I could paste if necessary. Usually I forget.

    I got really confusiated today after I took out the trash. I was trying to line the waste basket
    w/ a grocery bag which was too small. I forgot all about the package of bags made for
    just that purpose.

    And then I couldn't get the phone card to work. I hope this ride is over before I get too loony.

    Marta, I'm going to try that Holy Basil. Does it only work for people who believe in pesto sauce?

    Soon be time for Gordon and me to go over to his mother's place and walk Zippy. The vet says he
    is a senior dog now (He's about 7 or 8), but he still lives up to his name. Just as frisky as when
    he was new.

  3. ckball

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    Glad everyone seems to have had a good V-Day.

    Julie where do yo have time to fix goodie bags and do all you do?? As always you still amaze me, I know it must be so hard having David gone and no contact, that was sweet of you to go see her at work. I love Richard Geer, hope the movie was good.

    Rock seems like you got quite a bit done too. Were the police that were watching the parking lot real LAPD or rent a cops? Hard to believe LAPD doesn't have anything else to do but give tickets for people parking at the library and then going somewhere else.

    Elaine I hope your mom gets her BP under control, I am sure your mom appreciates all you do for her. Hope Georgia's peeping tom has moved elsewhere now and you won't have to go al incogneeto again to distract them.

    I am going to paint today so hello to everyone else that pops in, I really need to finish these paintings and frame them. Catch ya later-Carla
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    I wrote a nice long post to you all and it just would not submit. I tried quite a few tmes. When I clicked on submit there was just a blank screen. After trying many time I just gave up..

    Soory but I have to go fix supper. More later hopefully. This is for the birds.

    Thinking about you all and esp Carla !!


  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    and without warning poof! the lights went out...I wont say what i felt like at that time, there might be a law against it.

    Its 6am now and the lights will go off in two hours. Will try make sure i type this in time.

    Carla - you are something else! I saw the utube of storm yesterday with ear plugs on and truly 'lived' it...i have never heard such loud pelting down of rain, absolutely thundering down, and everything rattling and creaking, and the ghostly figures of the trees swaying outside in a sombre kind of dance, the sound of the roof being torn off, and Twy running off into the chaotic night., with a panic stricken you calling after her. And all through it, you commentating on the events, holding your camcorder. I could hear the anxiety in your voice..it all took me back to the time when i used to watch Katrina being telecast live by CNN reporters; wondering if at any moment they were going to be just blown away into the air. I am so glad no bodily harm came to you and the girls; a storm of this magnitude - anything could have happened. So glad it is over. I hope you and all those in your area get back to normal soon as soon.

    Julie - your home made noodles sound very healthy. I always buy my noodles in packets..I dont know how healthy they are but convenient. Sweet to hear of Lindsey dolling up and having photos taken to send to David. Those must put a big smile on Davids face!

    Georgia - glad the peepers are gone..i cant think how exasperating it mustbe to know one is getting spied on. Also that the storm wasnt a bad one.

    Marta - nice to see you drop in! I too suffer CFS although it has let up considerably, recently, I still dont have the energy the others in my family seem to have, and i tire far too easily, but Im trying to work to improving myself and stop comparing myself to the healthy folks.

    Rock - my son studies A levels where the books and final exam papers come from UK. So its western literature. He studies "A View from the Bridge', a play by Arthur Miller and Julius Caesar. I find both very dark; but typically son finds them interesting.

    Mickey - hope Ashley had a nice Valentines day. Isnt it great to be young and have ribbons and cards and flowers have meaning on v day? Alas, those days are long gone for me, my husband has never been the 'flowers/card type. Hello, he forgets my b day if one of the kids dont remind him! And the one gift he picked out was a stout glass penguin royal blue and
    opaque decoration piece, it was grotesque...so i am secretly relieved he doesnt buy my presents any more! I only told him a year later that i didnt like his gift, thought it better to be honest than have him buy another monstrosity on later occasions.

    Jole - that was some cleaning you did! Doing all those bathrooms at once would have pooped me out! I have to take frequent breaks in between my chores. But a time was when I felt unable to do any chores any time, so its an improvement for me to be able to do some chores some of the time.

    Elaine - girl...I too need to get organised..and make some files like you did. My papers are all over the place, papers, photos, grocery bills, recipes from the internet, bah! Im humbugged just thinking about it! Oh before i forget, I heard a song on the radio by GNR called 'Chinese democracy'! Do you know anything about it? Are any of them lobbying for a democratic China?This is interesting, Axl Rose always frightened me..

    Well, notmuch my end. The crankiness and dullness still there. My husbands cousin came to visit day before. I hurriedly made some pancakes for her because she loves them. Also i had some fried spicy potato and fried fish. I accompanied my husband when he went to reach her back, and the shops and eateries were all lit up and decoratedwith hearts and ribbons...V Day.

    I didnt feel like cooking so on way back, i went into a restaurant and ordered pork noodles while husband did some shopping the the nearby supermarket.

    Frankly this lack of electricity is getting on my nerves big time! When i am feeling cranky i normally just settle down and watch some tv/surf net and now that is not there. But i grew up without tv/internet! Only got it when i was in my mid 20s. How did i manage?

    My daughter wrote me saying she and her friends are pathetic, they none of them have boyfriends or are in long distance relationships and so have no plans for V Day. I told her good, the more mature you get, the better the chances you will look for the proper things in a guy than plain dishy looks.

    Well, i will send this off now.

    hello to Linda, Monica and other porchies who are yet to sign in...

    God Bless

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Another cyber tragedy. Spent half an hour on a post, and it all vanished.

    Ah, well...

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Now that it is almost time for beddy bye I will try again after I lost that nice long post to you all. I am so mad. There must have been something wrong with the site of something where it wouldn;t submit. I kept trying and just go a blank screen.. I was able to retrieve it but it just would not go anyplace. So I gave up - - - - - -- AAACK !!

    This is going to be alot shorter than the original post since I have neither the time or the patience !!

    Springwater - you gave good advise you your daughter. Yes, she needs to take her time so as to know what good things to look for in a man. not just good looks. So many girls nowadays are just looking for someone rich and handsome, forget what he is like on the inside. I might say the same thing about men or boys looking around for young ladies. Sometimes in the process the girls are not acting like ladies if you know what I mean !! Glad you got to get the post out before the lights went out.

    Carla - I saw both of your videos. They wee both so heart breaking. There you were videoing away in this terrible storm, your doggy Twy gets out in the storm. I know you were frantic and then you see the roof up in the tree and your lights go out, just to mention a few things. God bless you my dear and hope the insurance adjusters come quickly to you and to others in your area to get things back in order. While watching the storm I was reminded so much of the hurricane we just had in Sept - IKE. It happened at night though and we could not see anything where we were and the wind was fierce. I am so glad that you hada the girls with you and you finally got Twy back. How scary. The winds with IKE sounded terrible so eerie at night with the lights al out too. At least I had my husband and was not alone. I am so glad you had your doggies. They are such good company for you

    Hope you get to finish all the art work for your show. Just know I am thinking about you and hope youdon;t have to go throughanything like that again..Sweetie, you have definately had enough already with that ice storm too. Wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and all you have been going through. You are such a trouper . If I were along and by myself I amnot sure I would be that brave myself. However, I know you get to be somewhat that way when you have to rely on yourself, Big hugs to you my dear !!!

    Elaine - you said you saw Joan on one of the Porches or someone mentioned her. I surely didn't see her. I hope she is OK. Glad that you got to go out or see John on Valentines day and that things are still go for the relationship, esp with all the family problems you have had lately.
    Will send you another separate post one day about working on my sleep progress , etc. so as not to bother the rest of the gang. It is still a work in progress, shall we say. Do you still wake up at least once to go potty ? I do and usually can go back to sleep which is pretty good though.

    Georgia - Sorry to hear about all the rain you are having but if you need it , it is a good thing. We are so dry and luckily had a little bit of rain last night - good goody. How nice that Mr. M made a nice Mexican dinner for you. Wish my husband could really cook. If he does he usually needs enough help jut finding the utensils and stuff and by that time I might have gotten it done already myself.

    Julie - Hope your Valentines dinner was great. Did you saythe noodles were homemade? I have never made a homemade noodle in my life ! I bet they were really yummy . You are so busy doing such special things for everyone. I am lucky to get out and send the gkids Valentine cards and they are all so expensive if you do not get them at the $ store. Pretty soon it will be Easter stuff. I have gotten so I send thema bit of money if I donpt see them or are not sure of wht they want. They are all getting to old for the eggs and stuff like that except for maybe two of them. Some would like candy but I know the mom's don't particularly like that so I dont get much anyway. I probably won't see those two. Everything has gotten to commercilized and I am running out of money (-: !!

    Rock - yep we are getting old aren;t we? Still remember the radiators for heat and ice boxes for food. My mom fr many years had the old wriong/spinner washing machine and didnt havae a drier until my brother bought her one. She hated to use it and was still hanging things outside onthe line or in the cellar. I still remember hanging diapers ands stuff onthe line in NY. When they froze you just brought them in to thaw. Now everything is Pampers and throw away stuff.
    Sorry but it is late so I had better leave for now and hope I can at least send this one. If now I am going to throw this computer out the window or something !!!

    Lots of love to everydobby inc those not mentioned, peakers and lurkers,

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  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yuck, it is Monday and a whole 5 days of work. Didn't do much this weekend except grocery shop, surprised Lindsay by showing up at her work (McAlisters) and had lunch there while she brought me my food. She is so cute, she just smiles all the time and really is a hard worker. Other than that I just cleaned. Didn't do anything on Valentine's Day either, Russ worked and that night i rented a stupid movie (mirrors) on Pay per view. Haha, I am pitiful.

    We both got paid on Friday and everything is gone, zippo, we are broke until next payday. Hmmmm how am i gonna pay for thereapy on thursday and I also have a hair appointment next Monday, geez I guess we will have to transfer money from our savings. This hasn;t happened in a long time, although we did have to pay for Ashley's tuition for school, so i think that is what drained us. Oh well, I bought enough stuff to bring my lunch everyday, so no worries there and i filled my tank up, but that will only last a week. I hate using charge cards so that is not an option.

    Seems like Carla is making it through her tragedy and boy do i mean tragedy. You poor girl, i just can't believe this happened to you and twyla and missy. I felt so bad for you when you were standing in the doorway calling for twyla to come back in (i think it was twyla, can't remember which one). You sounded so upset, i just wanted to give you a big big HUG.

    Rock, our vet considers Jack a senior too, he is seven, but he is still as playful as when we first got him. He is such a good dog. We really got lucky when we got him. My husband is not the most pateint person in the world when it comes to training a pet. Luckily, he learned everything so quickly and is so well mannered. His only downfall is the shedding, but i wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, not even a million bucks. LOL

    Elaine, I want so bad to start selling on Ebay, I am really going to think about starting that up on the side. I have so much stuff to get rid of and it just seems so easy to do. I am glad things are getting better at the homefront for you.

    Springwater, Marta, Julie Granni and everyboddy else that is checking in on the porch I will catch up with you all a little later, I am getting ready to go in a staff meeting so I need to go for now.

    Take care and lots of love and hugs,

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  9. jole

    jole Member

    No energy today so need to make this short.

    Marta, it's soooo good to see you back again, and I hope it's for more than just a short stop-over! We've all missed you so much. It was such a let down to have so many of you simply disappear from our lives overnight and not know what happened to you!

    I'm sorry to hear about your son, and hope he can find work soon....all that worry for you. Mothers just are that way, I guess. Also glad you will be getting a trip that I know you will enjoy tremendously! It's so much fun to be with family, isn't it? I love nothing better than to spend time with my married kids and the grandkids, even if it is so terribly exhausting. Just remember you can always sneak away for awhile if you need to.

    Yes, as granni asked, how are the kitties...do you still have them? I know they were a handful, especially the one. Please tell us more about how things are going for you....and stay awhile if you can! Love ya***Jole***
  10. jole

    jole Member

    Happy late Valentine's Day....I totally forgot it! Rock, I think I'm in much worse shape than you.....got up this morning and went to throw a load of wash in only to find the load I'd done Saturday still in the washer!

    Started the dishwasher and forgot the soap. I'm going back to bed now.

    Love to all***Jole***
  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I came back yesterday and couldn't find my post. I forgot how long these volumes get!

    What a wonderful welcome! Thank you all so much. I didn't mean to disappear on you (Jole). After the new site began, I found it frustrating and then somehow got sidetracked. As Julie said, I'm just pluggin' along.

    Georgia, yes, I still have both cats. Can you believe it's been almost a year since I added Honey?? Sophie still thinks Honey is one cat too many - and sometimes I think so too. She's terrified of anyone but me so I suspect she'll stay here. Georgia, I hope you're feeling better.

    Granni, you got a laugh out of me with the summer house idea. My youngest son and his family bought a house last summer, not a summer house. LOL But I am planning on a trip to see them. You sound as if you're doing well.

    Rock, Zippy is just a kid. We have dogs at the shelter looking for a new home older than Zippy. Of course, it depends on the breed. Larger dogs age faster. I guess that applies to humans, too. Good thing I'm small.

    Elaine, if you try Holy Basil, be sure to try the SuperCritical type; it's stronger. It's a mild way to balance cortisol and sugar, plus it has a calming effect. Although I wouldn't know about that last part lately.....

    Springwater, you're absolutely right. We can't compare ourselves to others. What I have to be careful of is comparing me now to "then". So good to read your post.

    Jole, thank you, too, for the wonderful welcome. I will try to come back more often!

    To all the rest whom I didn't name directly, know that I think of you and send my best.

    I brought more hugs. Do help yourself to more than one.

    Until next time, a big wave to those near and far,

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I am going to rush thru this as i think i hav 14 mins of power now.

    Julie - dear Lord, Im sorry to hear of this stomach virus you are hit with; it seems to me you ought to be resting now. Not traipsing back and forth to watch Keira. Bugs like that take longer to get over if you dont give yourself some TLC. Your immune system is already weakened. I hope you are downing a lot of fluids. Honestly think too many things are coming at you one after another....praying no more bad stuff comes up for a while now. But you are one of the most resilient/loving people i know. Bless you. And everyone around you is lucky you belong to them/they belong to you. Alsp praying Lindsey is well soon. Poor girl.

    Jole - sorry to hear of low energy; hmm that makes two of us. Fatigued persons. You and rocks story of absent mindedness reminded me. My sis in law living in Switzerland (husbands sis) had called two weeks back and told me she was so foggy she found herself one day going to the basement and shuvving a bundle of dirty clothes into the refrigerator!!! Instead of the washer! She is normally the most spry alert energetic person so she went to the doctor and found out she had was too low on haemoglobin. She has been vegetarian for 30 years now.
    I shudder to think what what i am low on. Most prob everything.

    Going to send this off first and then only continue.

  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have tried several times to post but either was interrupted or ran out of energy. I have no brain today. I just realized I missed my annual hemochomotosis appt today. I knew I had it as I went last week to have the bloods drawn for the appt today so Dr would have the results but forgot all about it. I wonder why??

    Julie yes springwater is right you need to be getting the fluids in you, I do well to take care of me and the girls I can't imagine having a large family pulling me in all directions. Hope this bug passes soon.

    Springwater you really should consider writting, your description of my video was something else. It is amazing you heard all that with the earphones. Sounds like you have been busy with family issues too. Good advice to the daughter about boys and I am very proud you told your brother no when he wanted money. They never learn if they don't have to fend for themselves.

    Hope you feel better but understand about the power thing, has to be a real pain? How long do they plan on doing this?

    Ok I had more but it has faded now, I do think I am in a official flare. I think I thought I was strong during all of this but now think I was just numb and now today has been a low day.I did cuddle with Twy on the couch most of the day but have paintings to finish but just go blank.

    Hope tomorrow is better for all of us-Jole, Granni, Monica, Elaine, Rock, Marta and all bush dwellers- Carla
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    as expected lights went off before i could post so here i am eight hours later. Ive just gotback from town. After lights went out, i made some lunch - tomato and cilantro chutney, and fried potatoe with fenugreek seeds and onion curry, and red lentil soup. My middle brother had come so i had to rush something up in a hurry as i just had a little left over mustard leaf curry and rice.

    I wanted to visit my ma in law, but squeezed for time, and when i tried to order some buffaloe chilli (which she loves) the enquiry people told me the restaurant number was not listed. Then i hitched a ride to the supermarket and tried buying samosas, (a fried bread with potato filling which she likes) and was told i have to wait for some time. I thought today is not the day to visit ma in law, and instead took the bus right further into town and bought a pen drive. I need this to download some photos of my daughter from cousins laptop and i need to give her pics of her wedding from my computer. I hurriedly bought some purple grapes on the way, and was thrilled to be able to again hitch a ride back on a bus. There by saving myself some 400 rs.which a taxi would have cost. 200 one way. Ths cost only 24 rs. hah!

    Yesterday i went to visit my sis in law (eldest brothers wife) coz a visit was long overdue..more than 5 months) and she had sent word thru brother to have lunch there so i didnt bother to cook. Took son (it was his holiday) and niece and we had a pretty nice time. Her garden normally full of flowers this time of year, was a bit bare...and no surprise because they have acute water shortage. Their well has run dry and she is borrowing drinking water from the neighbours well. The govt sends water once in 4 days and that too due to power outages she cannot fill her tank, if its a no lights day. Story of everybodys life nowadays in Kathmandu. Except for the uber rich who just buy tankers full of water.

    But one patch of her garden was ablaze with sweet peas, and i took some photos, I will try to upload one of these days.

    I just got a call from husbands cousin to come for tea tomorrow. Since her married sisters are coming, she wants it to be a get together. I will have to make sure i iron my clothes before the lights go out again. I have used up all the ironed clothes. And yes, i will have to henna my white strands of hair or aunt will comment. She already ticked me off the last time i was there. I have never seen her with white hair, she is always immaculate and henna-ed. Today i did banana my face. No i didnt throw a banana at it, i put a face mask of mash banana and olive oil. I havent done it for months and my face was feeling sand papery.

    Mickey - that must be a one off experience being waited on by daughter! Normally it being the other way around for us mums. I hear you about the money disappearing as soon as one gets it. I have to really refrain from impulse buying. But these days Im getting the hang of it. Also i have developed the habit of scribbling down the accounts for every rupee i spend. This gives me an idea of where the money is vanishing. Honestly because it seems like that. Vanishing. Not being spent. Then when i tote up, I find its all tallying and feel relieved.

    Julie and Carla, please rest up. Carla, it must be the reaction from the shock setting in, now that its all over. Your bodys way of getting you to relax and recover from the upset. As for my power situation, how long will it be like this? Im afraid to ask. Theysay till there s more water in the rivers..and monsoon is like four months away, groan!

    Elaine -thanks for the info on Chinese D. Im glad Axl Rose also knows about the Dalai Lama. How deceptive appearances are. Of course, he also must be maturing since those olden days.

    Well, all, i better go iron. And start the water pumps and put the rice in the cooker. I have two more hours.

    God Bless
  15. jole

    jole Member

    I definitely have a lot of sympathy for anyone who's hurting and lacking energy!! There's a low system over Kansas and Nebraska today, and oh boy do I feel it....am hanging onto furniture and walls to walk, my throat is sore, head foggy, etc. so it's a pretty immobile day for me.

    I would use my cane to get around with, but the only thing I seem to be able to do with it is trip myself. It's more of a hazard than a help. My best friends today are my recliner and pain pills! LOL

    Wishing for a better day for all my wonderful friends tomorrow!***Jole***

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  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Kind of late for me to be posting, it is 4:57 already. This day flew on by. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyboddy. MIss you all and I will be back tomorrow. I need to take off now.

    By the way, did you all see the post about Joan aka Lilclover having another Great Grandson, Caleb Henry. I love that name.

    Toodaloos everyboddy.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is almost time to go fix dinner (not much really) just some soup since DH took me out to lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant. Had some delicious enchiladas, along with rice andcharro beans (not refried, sort of like bean soup). Thekr chips and salss are so diciocious and come with the eal. The chips are warm from the oven and so thin and light, not like many we have tasted.

    Just did another wash today but it is still in thedrier so I had better take care of it before it is a mess of wrinkles. Some of it is bed sheets, so that is not to bad.

    Julie - so sorry to hear that you and your family are sll sick. That is awful and then you are still supposed to take care of them. Who is taking care of you (-: ?? Try and rest a bit please. Poor Lindsay must feel badly between the stomach bug and geing alone. She wasnts to be with her mommy (no matter how old she is)! Hope you all will get better really fast.

    Springwater and Jole - sorry you both are to pooped to participate ! Hope you both get a little bit of energy soon. Spring - dealing with that lack of electricity has got to be driving you crazy, trying to figure out when to what and get it all done.

    Carla - Yes, you need to take care of yourself to my dear. When are those pictures due. Hope they get done in time for the show. Is it that important and how often do they have shows or art auctions? If you feel to badly maybe you could finish it later on for a different auction.

    Well, guys and gals I have to run for now.

    Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned,

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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - i hope your mother recovers soon..I can imagine your fathers concern. Please take care of yourself, also. Give yourself little breaks; in between doing things and you have been doing rather a lot.

    Granni - nice to see you popped in for a bit. And on the go as usual.

    Georgia - that must be a lovely quilt you've been working on! If it took you two years; you pelt out sweaters so fast!

    Mickey -thanks for the shout out about Lilas great grandson...i wouldve missed her post otherwise.

    Well, i am just back from husbands aunts place. Turns out it was aunts b'day. Cousin just said it was a get together. Anyway, it seemed like it was MY birthday, because cousin gave me a very pretty polka dot black and white shoe with bows and strap because they had been presented it but it fit no one, it fit me to the T and then uncles other married daughter gave me a pretty bag and shoes..sadly the shoes didnt fit me, they were too large, and then the other two cousins sisters clamoured to try it on, but it was too small for them..and we all started laughing, poor girl had to take it back. And one married sister had brought flowers for everyone and i got a bunch of pink and white carnations from her. I was feeling bad because aunt was there with no gifts from two of us ....one married step daughter who gave me the stuff, and me, her daughter in law. But i am also relieved because i was trying to be frugal this month.

    Before i went i hennaed my hair and it must have worked coz they said no white hair was showing. I have a few strands which stand out normally. One married daughters little two year old was so exhausting to look after. he is a real terror, in the way an active two year would be.
    His mum made some egg and lettuce sandwiches and macaroni and they had got in a birthday cake, which was really delicious. They packed some food for son and then i came back as son and niece didnt have the key to the house. I didnt leave it with help for security reasons.

    On way back , (came with hubby who was also at the tea, ) I saw a man wheeling a cart full of flowers and to my delight there were huge golden daffodils, these are very rare in Kathmandu, so i made husband stop and bought some four pots and two other flowers i dont know the names of.) Very happy. I have been hankering after them daffys for years now. And to think in England they grow wild!

    Now i will just make a curry with pork cubes to go with the yeast steamed bread and greens i already have. I hope i can watch some tv at least, there is one more hour of power before it goes off at 8pm.

    I think the magnesium and calcium must be helping, the crankiness has lifted a bit altho the mood still threatens to nosedive at times if i dont watch myself, and practise mindfulness. Also the ache is gone a bit, and i am able to work without my bones and muscles feeling resentful and imposed upon. I think the breathing exercises also must be working. Thank goodness. I still get episodes of general anxiety where suddenly i am hit with feelings of anxiety about life in general and insecure and want to hide in a hole and be safe from life. I felt like this last night and this morning while waiting for the henna to dry. But coping.

    Everyone, hugs to you all trooping in or peeking in or lurky wurkying around.

    God Bless

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well DH is out playing golf since it is sunny out and doesn't seem to be too wet from the previous rains, so I will try and pop in again for a bit.

    Went shopping with DH this morning and then had lunch and did another wash. Gee, I am not sure that we dont have people sneaking in here to give me wash.. I son;t seem to have as much as DH does. I do wear some of my clothes, like jeans more than once before washing but they are still there (-: !!

    Before getting on, I have been trying to get hard water spots off the shower door. They are driving me crazy ! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT TO USE TO TAKE OFF THE HARD WATER SPOTS OFF THE SHOWER DOORS??? I have tried vinegar and water and helps a little bit . Then I heard that WD 40 also helps. Maybe I just need to keep doing it a little bit each day, scrubbing away. That also seems to remove some of it but is there anything anyone knows of that might have some other ideas? I am now trying to squigi the doors every time I shower so no more will build up. I just bought another squeege that is bigger and has a little sscrubber on the end. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE MOST GRATIUOUSLY ACCEPTED.

    Julie - Glad that your mom is doing better that the family seems to be improving. BTW, you mentioned Kiera eating her chicken noodle all by herself. That sounds rather trickey and messy for one her age. Does she eat with noddles with her hands. Does any of the broth get in her mouth? That is always funny to watch them and also can be very messy and THEY WANT TO DO IT BY THEMSELF !!! Hope you get to get alittle rest yourself. Did you evern find your resume? That was thoughtful of Lindsay to not want to bring the bug back to Kiera. Hope she feels better really soon.

    I have found that when I am trying to really find something, that is a good time to clean out that drawer or wherever you are looking (-: !!

    Springwater - glad you got to get some "presents" from your cousins or relatives. A nice pair of shoes, a purse and pretty flowers sounds wonderful to me. I am sure you appreciated it. Hope you are feeling better and have more energy and that no depression has come to "visit you. I am sure that is not much fun. That problems with the lack of electricity could cause problems I would think but just try and continue to feel up and do what you need to try and keep your spirits that way. You are such a busy gal with your familly and all.

    Georgia - Glad you (Mr M) got your "new" 1918 Singer sewing machine going. You have been so busy making things. I am sure it bothers you to be sitting down watching TV or watever without something to work on. Not much on TV that I can think of anyway.

    Mickey - Hope all is well with you and that things will settle down for you at work.

    Elaine and Carla - Hope you both are doing OK considering all of your recent problems . I know that Elaine seemed to be doing alot better and almost back to her old (or should I say young self.

    Carla - Hope you have gotten some rest and have gotten a chance to work on your paintings. When was that art auction you were worried about? Have the insurance adjusters been around YET?? I am sure the mess is driving you crazy but it shoudl straighten out for , hopefully more sooner than later.

    Jole - Sorry to hear you were not feeling well before and had alot of pain. Hope you get to feelig a little better soon. I know pain is no fun for sure. Had it for years but lucily I can get around pretty well by myself at this point.

    Rock - what's going on with you? Been the library lately? Is Gordon making any more differrent and yummy foods for you of late? "your" kitties still popping in for petting and "kibbles? I forget if you had one or more than one kittie looking for food, love and temporary housing !

    Well all, I need to go and work onthe rest of my wash. Are you sure none of you have come by to drop any off before going off on your various outings???

    Luv n hugs to everydobby, (lurkers, peepers and MIA'S included),


  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day lately. They are flying right past me so fast. Today is my little sister's birthday, she is 42, about 15 months younger than I. I called her and sang to her over the phone. She was cracking up the whole time.

    I also called my Daddy, I miss him so much. We usually get together at MY house of course periodically but it has been since Xmas since we have had any get togethers. Oh well, once the weather turns nice and the pool is open, I am sure there will be many more parties.

    Granni you must try the Magic Eraser, it is the most wonderful cleaning tool that I have ever had. All you need is water on it. It is better than any mop, chemicals or any other cleaning tool. I think it is made by mr. clean I am not sure. But it looks like a white sponge. It is wonderful for soap scum, marks on the walls, floors, etc..... cleans anything, oh and silver. It is amazing.

    Boy, you guys probably think i am getting paid to talk about the magic eraser the way i rant and rave about it, LOL.

    Springwater, I just love the way you get so thrilled about those flowers and presents, you are just so darn cute. I have a question about the Henna, what does it do for your hair besides getting rid of gray. I don't have any grey hair, but would love to have a little more bounce and healthier looking hair sometimes. Does it work for that???

    Tomorrow I am going to the doctor to see if I can get a sleep study done, my therapist thinks that I would benefit from getting this done. I have tried to take sleeping pills (ambien) but can't. It makes my sleeping 100 times worse and actually I fall asleep fine, it is just that I wake up 2 or 3 times per night to go to the bathroom and sometimes i wake up with shakes and then I wake up feeling like i have been run over by a truck. Not that I have ever been run over by a truck, but I am just imagining how it would feel to be run over by a truck. LOL, okay i will shut up.

    Rocko - where art thou?????? Miss you guy. I bet you and Gordon are at some type of Orchid event or maybe you got lost going to the Dentist again. I hope not, I hope you are just at the library like Granni said.

    Julie - I bet you are relieved that everyone is getting better in your household. Gosh, it almost makes you want to take chlorox bleach to your whole house to get the sick germs to go away. I always throw away my toothbrush after i have been sick and get a new one when i feel better.

    Well my Lindsay has been doing great at work and she loves it. She finally got her 1st check and was so excited. Russ went with her to open her own checking account and now she has her own debit card, she thinks that is just so neat. Oh, how it would be so nice to be that age again, only if i could skip the school part, LOL.

    Well gang other than the above that is about it for me on this side of the Porch. I hope to hear from you all soon, Miss you guys lots.