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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Guys and Gals, now take your places.
    All join hands; we're off to the races.

    Bow to your partner; ain't life great!
    Bow to your corner; Don't be late

    Now smile big and promenade.
    Makes a mighty fine parade.

    Allemande left with the old left hand.
    Back to home, and there you stand.

    This is volume 3-5-1.
    Don't cost much to have some fun.

    Tonight's band:

    Drums: Barry Reburn
    Piano: Rosalie Bigalk
    Fiddle: Patrick Utz
    Harmonica: Blaine Harstad

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Can't report on all the exciting things I did yesterday. Weren't any.
    Mostly I napped. Have been up since midnight. Sort of like living upside down;
    or inside out.

    Didn't have enough oomph to go to the library. I think I have
    to go today though. I checked the library site to see what was
    due and what was to be picked up yesterday. Of course I've
    already forgotten what it said.

    Ah, well.

    Love the squirrel video, Cate, even though I was only able
    to see the first half. Mr Dad, who used to be a regular porch poster,
    joked about his squirrel pal in the park that he fed.

    He says the squirrel now has a girlfriend, and asked for name suggestions.
    I proposed: Goober and Chocolate Covered.

    Springwater, did the power go off while you were posting.
    Looked like you started to post about the vietnamese soup Pho.
    ("Pho" is pronounced like the first half of fudge.)

    It is beef broth w/ beef and noodles. It is served with what looks like a plate of
    weeds. You add whatever you want to your soup plus spices and flavored oils.

    Gordon and his co workers go to a Pho restaurant a couple times a month for lunch.
    Gordon said they went Tues. and there was substantially less business than usual.

    I don't understand the business about your daughter not working during school break.
    What is the rationale for that?

    I guess Mickey's daughter couldn't go to that school. Mickey,
    is Ashley six feet tall? Three jobs and college?! She's going to need Lynda Carter to
    play her when they do the movie.

    You know we have so many car accidents in LA, the police
    won't come unless there's an injury. They won't answer noisy-neighbor calls either.

    Georgia, which weighs more? A hundred pounds of yarn or a
    hundred pounds of salt? I bet Gordon has a hundred pounds
    of yarn. He has big, black trash bags full of yarn at the storage
    site. But, of course, he still buys more. You know how nutty
    people are about their hobbies.

    Well, in the interests of safety, I guess I'll post this and come
    back later to post some more.

  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Rock I have the answer to your trick question about which weighs more. Hahaha, you can't fool me on that one, they both weigh the same if they are both 100 lbs. Pretty good for a blonde. Oh shoot, i forgot to change my picture back to me and the girls, I will do that as soon as i get done posting.

    Actually, Ashley is about the same height as I am, which is 5'7". Yes, i know three jobs and college. We shall see if she can handle all that. However, I know when she puts her mind to something, she will get it done, so I have no doubt about her being able to do it.

    She is actually coming home today, they cancelled her Friday night class and she doesn't have to work until Sunday, so we get her until Sunday morning. Yahoo.

    Today on my lunch break I am going to see the therapist, this will be my 2nd visit. I just found out my copay is $50 each time so I may need to just see her every other week. I just can't afford to do it every week, but I guess that is better than nothing. I am not too crazy, LOL.

    Well gang, I need to go back to 350 and read the rest of the posts, so I will come back and post a little more as soon as I get caught up on all of you.

    Love ya and you all have a good day. Wow I can't believe it is Thursday already, whew, this week flew by.


    I am back, I read the posts by Julie and Springwater and Granni, wow Julie, what a scare for you. Yes, as a mother, that would be awful and yes, I would be at her door in a heartbeat. Thank God she is alright and I don't blame her for wanting her Mommy to stay with her. You wouldn't have to ask me twice.

    Geez, i have to go, one of the tenants upstairs found a hole in their carpet and thinks the cleaning crew did it. I need to go look at it, I will be right back....................Back again. Oh boy, there is definetly a big hole in their carpet. Gee, now I have to deal with that. You can tell it was eaten up by some chemicals as there is powder residue all around it. The weird thing is the cleaning crew left a note on the receptionist desk up there saying "what happened to your carpet". Now why would they do that all of a sudden.

    Well, I need to go and deal with this crisis, so I will catch you all later Porchies.

    P.S. Rock, it is not letting me change my photo, I will try later.[This Message was Edited on 02/26/2009]
  4. Granniluvsu

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    Rock - Thanks for starting us up again adn getting us in the square dance mode. That worked out really well yesterday since our theme for our Ladies Luncheon was C and W in honor of the Rodeo coming into town in Houston. The is the big one and some of the smaller towns have smaller trail rides and rodeos too. We had gone to it years ago when we lived in Houston but to far to go really.

    Unfortunately, we have to go there tonight to see our ony granddaughter dance with her dance group in school. She just made the dance team (that used to be called drill team when our daughter was in it. Now it is supposedly more suffiscticated I guess. I even had my hat and boots on for that one. Sorry you have been "living upside down" lately.

    Elaine - Now don;t be mad at your mom giving you that acoald I know she didn't mean it (-: !! I know what you mean. If I catch a cold I am usually down for the count for quite awhile. I have been lucky lately between I think trying to be very careful about not catching one, getting my flu shots yearly and now taking grape seed extract. I think has helped some besides the vitamins i take. Hope you feel better soon. You may want to try taking Grape Seed extract 100 mg - 200 or 2x a day) at least while you have your cold.

    Glad it sounds like the doc thinks all is well with your Ca check. I know you now need the official lab report but it sounds good so fara.

    Mickey - I need to get moving and try out that Magic Eraser today or tomorrow. DH is off to the dentist and so I am not typing while I can. That is a weird situation with the hole in a tenants carpet. let us know what you all decided. I am sure you hae to be careful to when checking these out They may just be looking for new carpeting !

    Cate - good luck with your partner and her violin lessons. Is she taking from someone? I took violin lessons in elementary school. It is fun but the violin is not a very forgiving instrument and is not that easy to play . Your fingers have to be in just the right place on the strings, and there are so many positions, not like a piano where you hit a key. I do hope she enjoys it though and is taking lessons from someone and not just trying it herself. Hope the teacher is patient, fun and really helps her to learn.

    Springwater - just checked all you posts - my goodness what stores. Glad your daughter's friend is doing OK. What a scare to put you through.

    BTW, DH and I only go to the gym 2x a week if we can. We both really push it especially him. I never want to go as I feel like - - - most of the time but DH pushes me to go which I guess is a good thing for me . I hate TO GO ESP THE TREADMILL. Glad you are feelin a little better. I love your post about your daughter - the DRAMA QUEEN". That was so funny, so many young girls are nowadays, I think, others more so I guess.

    Hope all is well with everydobby. I need to get something going around here. I won;t be on tonight as we will be gone to see our granddaughter and her group dance. We won't be home till really late I know. They don't even dance till 8:30 or so in the evening. There will be many other (HS)groups dancing too.

    Love to y' all - MIA's and lurkers alike,

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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Ugh, but i am exhausted. I just cooked and sent down all the food for the help. I mean help and family. They are like 12 people down there for my dinner today because i asked some former help who are their relatives too, to come. I made rice, pork curry, lentil soup, chilli with dry meat, boiled potato curry, and nepalese tomato chutney and also sent down curd. I think the thought of my dear ole ma in law walking for hours going to the monasteries and then coming back and cooking lunch for us yesterday, somehow shamed me?/ motivated me into moving my backside and cooking up a storm today. She who is almost 70 can do it, and i cant? That must have sparked somethng in me, a fire somewhere, CFS no CFS.

    Actually i am pretty proud because this afternoon i also went and visited my Chinese friends and her sisters at her office. I took them fried khabseys and knew from the look on their faces they werent lying when they said it was delicious. I have to say i did think they turned out well. I also on the way, picked up my salwar kurtas (Nepalese/Indian dresses) given for stitching two weeks before, among them was one which Chinese friend had given the material and she went thru it all, and i know she was happy i had made up the material she gave. She and her hubby and i had a good gabfest; we talked a lot about America, and i told them how some Obama non supporters were saying Obama was really Osama Bin Laden after a plastic surgery..and we laughed so much. And then she tells me how in this cartoon, the White house had been coloured Black and renamed Black House, and we laughed over that too.

    Mickey! I am very disgruntled because just now i tried to open your video of Ashley from the web[page u posted, and then they told me i have to sign in, okay, so i sign in, then a blank video comes up, and the message download flash player..so i press the download button which they have provided, wait for the two mins, and they say download completed, then i try opening the vid again..but again the message u need to download flashplayer...grrr..i gave it two more tries and gave up...but i did see all the comments for the video, her friends seem to have loved the video and i was keen to see..am i doing somethng wrong? maybe she can download onto utube like carla and cate does? By the way i had posted how i make the fried bread in a previous post. Since i see u asked.

    Rock - i dont know what the heck the Rock ph was now, i forget. But i know the soup (pho) u are talking about, we eat something very similar in Tibetan dishes. In fact the very same, except, the weed thingy on the plate.

    Al righty then, as bruce almighty is wont to say...good night.me lovelies, it is almost 11pm here.I will hand over the computer to my niece to catch up on all her facebookers...and myself will try tidy my room, it is looking like a tornado went thru it....lots of folding/putting away to do before i hit the sack. I am gonna hit it like the proverbial ton of bricks, tonight, i am that tired.

    Love all of you porchies, lurkers, peekers and booers and everyone, and mr Dad miss you and Lila, Texan, and other longtime MIAs if u happen to see this.

    God Bless

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Geez a lot happened while I was away.

    Rock thanks for getting us going and hope you can get up and going yourself soon.

    Julie how scary- I hope Amy will be ok and you do you ever get to breathe? I don't know how you keep this pace up.

    Springwater seems you have your own drama too.

    Elaine glad the Dr like what he saw or didn't see. No- no date with the cutie pie, he has moved on now.

    Mickey hope you get your van fixed soon.

    I have good news and bad news- Good news my foot is not broken- bad news there is still a a peice of wood still in it. I have surgery this coming Tues.

    Good news- that cute adj got me enough money to fix my roof plus some and inclued the deductiable, so no out of pocket money.

    I have been busy taking care of hospital stuff, art club things and comforting a freind who's husband lost his job yesterday, she can't work and he is 57 and limited in what he can do. I don't know what will happen.

    Well I have to go to a meeting later and need food and bath then into town again.

    Cate loved the youtube video- too cute-

    Hello to everydobby, need to run-Carla
  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I looked everywhere for where you posted how to fry bread and I can't find it anywhere. I read all the posts on the last volume and this one. What is my problem?????

    Anyway, geez whiz, you must be pooped out after all that cooking, there is no way I could do all that. Wow. It all sounds so delicious, I sure wish i could taste all of it too.

    I can't believe they won't let your daughter work if she wants too. But I guess if it jeopardized her scholarship then that is a good thing. Ashley is also on scholarships so if her grades even slightly decrease she will have to quite at least one of her jobs, if not all of them. LOL

    Carla, oh my gosh you have wood in your foot and now you have to get surgery. What is next with you woman!!!!! You definetly have an exciting life, something different everyday. That is great that your insurance is treating you well, you deserve it after what you had to deal with.

    You are one of the most hardworking woman that I know of. Actually all the ladies on the porch are the hardest working women that I know, including me, so there. LOL I admire each and every one of you.

    Well the cleaning company boss is coming to meet with me in a minute so we are going to head upstairs and evaluate the situation. Actually I don't think the tenant did this to get new carpet, because they know that we were going to replace it anyway when the lease comes up for renewal in a couple of months and you can definetly tell a cleaning chemical ate right through the carpet. Oh well, accidents happen.

    Love you all and Happy Thursday Everyone.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Me again, are you all sick of me yet?????? LOL

    It is almost closing time (4:53) and I am headed home for a minute and then meeting my Dad, sister and brother for dinner at Longhorn, yum. They have wonderful steaks and rum runners and I could really use a drink right now. Ashley won't be home from college until about 7:30 so I should be home from dinner by then, I better be, I can't wait to hug that girl.

    So anyway, I just wanted to say goodnight to all of you and have a safe evening.

    Take care and I will check in tomorrow.

    Love ya and take care

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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - i hope Amy is doing fine. I wish she neednt have to go through this. I know how anxious you must be being her mom. Hang in there. I thought it was really sweet that you went with DH on his job. Your DH has always seemed like a lovely person whenever whatever you talked about him. Well, i had a big blow up with my own husband last night. Re my brothers. Im very disheartened right now. And wondering if I ever will be able to live out my life without some crisis looming up. And although i am very cross right now, I am trying to remember to see the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is that your DH and mine are good wonderful men and we couldnt do without them. I hope no hard core feminists are reading this. I mean life would be bleak without them (hubbies) around.

    Mickey - the post about the fried bread in porch 350. "Well, guess what? Today i got to do something which i ought to have days ago..but now i can cross it off my list....frying my New Year bread! (Khabsey). Yay! It was some achievement since i got out of bed with this horrible toothache and a very very tired body..yu know the tiredness which doesnt seem to go even when youve slept 10 hours? But i pulled myself to, and got the help to go buy the flour and ghee (clarified butter) and made him knead the dough. I put in baking powder, some grated almond, salt and sugar and some proper butter and he kneaded with milk. Then i rolled out the pastry and made some traditional khabsey designs and we fried it in clarifiedbutter. I made three kilos so there is plenty for new Year and for distributing to my friends and offering to people who drop in. "

    Well, about daughter, since she is an overseas student and not a citizen, she is not allowed to hold a job outside the campus. And she was unable to get a job on campus because they wanted people with good computer skills, she only knows basic. For summer it will close for three months. Im guessing she will have to come back. Our friends have told us not to risk her working clandestinely and jeopardizing her college education.

    Carla - glad to hear about that your roof repair insurance is all worked out, that too by a 'cute' ins adj. I laughed so much when i read your comment about the 'cougar' coming out in you. Thats the way I feel when i see Ashton Kutcher. The cougar and i dont know what other animals in me start coming out, and going grrrrrrrr..wufff wuff wufff.Oh i cringed when i heard about the wood still in your foot...i hope they soon extract it and you are as good as new.

    Granni - what a proud moment to go watch your grandkids perform! I used to love going to the kids school and watch if they were doing something. Tell us all about it, after.

    Today i have to go to my elder brothers place, where everyone will meet. Younger bro is coming here, his son is already staying for hols at elder bros place, and niece and me and him will go on. I intend to go to the monastery near their place to pray for nieces upcoming exams. And daughters well being among other things.

    Right then, everyone you all have a good day when you read this, although it is night right now where you are

    God Bless

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  10. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    I'm a curious kind of gal
    One looking for some new pals

    Does this porch fit me?
    What do I need to do to see?

    I can dance, I can sing and shake my rump
    Anything to get us out of the dumps

    I'm willing to behave and smile pretty
    Oh these past few lines have made me giddy

    I want to belong, to be a big kid, too
    Please, can I be one of you?

    All goofiness aside, I like this format and am curious how it works :)
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had lots of energy today (relatively speaking, anyway). Went to the library and the market.

    Hi, MandyJ. Pull up something and sit down. The porch features everything from a glider to a
    rocker to a bale of hay. The place is open to everydobby. There are no rules. Just a place to
    chat. But there is no special topic to this thread. We just yak about anything we want, from
    kids to pets to Ashton Kutcher.

    People post when they feel up to it. Might be a couple times a day or once a month.

    Springwater, I have only the vaguest idea who this Kutcher is. But I did read in some magazine
    at the dentist's office about a new star from Minnesota. Thought maybe it was Ashton, but
    no, I looked him up. He's from right next door: Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Did you know the big news?
    He has a twin named Michael.

    Maybe the one from Minnesota is Josh somebody.

    Sounds like the rule regarding foreign students working is to protect jobs. Must be all those
    jobs we sent to India.

    Elaine, are you talking about GPS, global positioning system via satellite? These gadgets
    are very popular in thrillers. The bad guys put one on the hero's car, but then the hero finds
    it and puts it on a truck that's headed cross country. High-tech cat and mouse.

    Granni, did you get a Magic Eraser? I remember those tablets we had half a century ago.
    You wrote on it, then lifted up the waxed paper, and the message disappeared. That was
    high tech then.

    It's all relative. A thousand years ago the horse collar and the horse shoe were high tech.
    Very significant too.

    They upped food production which increased the population which led to the development
    of cities and eventually to overpopulation.

    Which begs this question. Was these advances a good thing or a bad thing?

    Mickey, my suspicions are aroused. What do you think? Did the cleaning crew leave the
    note to try and suggest the damage was done before they got there?

    Shortly before I retired a painting crew took some pictures off the wall of my office. They
    broke the glass in one. Being extremely clever, they hid the picture behind the sofa. Obviously they
    had better stick to painting and not attempt any criminal actions. They'd get caught on
    their way out the door.

    Monica, hard to believe your AD pills increase your pain. Rotten luck! That is really adding injury
    to injury. Have you tried supplements like St. John's Wort, SAMe, etc.?

    Carla, I hope you get your foot and your roof repaired, and things calm down for a while.
    At least it's minor surgery, i.e., not on me. Smiling out loud.

    Julie, is Amy's cardiac condition congenital. Does it look like surgery will eventually be
    necessary? Well, I hope things calm down at your casa too. Did you wear a big tool belt and
    a hard hat while you were helping Den?

    Cate, Patrick Utz is my brother's neighbor. Barry Reburn is my brother. I just put those
    names up to give the flavor of MN in the days when almost everydobby was of Norwegian
    or German descent. Not true any more.

    If your partner is going squeak, squeak, maybe she should change her tune. "Three Blind Mice"

    Well, time to hit submit. If you all don't read this, you'll know it went puff!


    Oh yeah, forgot something. Well, I generally do.

    Georgia, I don't know if one can knit an auto, but perhaps you could knit a cable car. [This Message was Edited on 02/26/2009]
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I hope your biopsy results come back with the all clear; you are so brave and matter of fact about it, you warrior you. Actually. come to think of it, all of us here seem to be to certain extents.

    MandyJ - wow that was some introduction. Like Rock said, pls feel free to make yourself comfy on the porch. Nice to have a new member.

    Cate - fogginess. Lots of us can identify. But happy to see you did drop in and yoo hoo!

    Rock - Ashton Kutcher. Former model. Now successful actor. Prettier than most actresses. Mischievous. Is married to several years older movie star Demi Moore. They were karmically supposed to be together - I just know it. Been together for ages now. And no straying on either side. Stuff dreams are made of.

    I am zonked out today. Its 8:30pm. Have fed and watered the hubs, son and niece. Made meself a nice cuppa tea. Am not hungry. But my eyes are closing. We went to my elder brothers place for lunch and altho i was very down and not in the mood, when i got there i lightened up. If sis in law can take the trouble to cook, i can try and appreciate it. The fact that lights came on helped. We watched AI. It said live. I dont know if it was. I was thinking stupid judges. They cant even decide among themselves who sang good and then hand out advice. So its really upto which judge to please isnt it? Was telling niece i guess the singers should just go and do what they feel comfy doing and love doing; at least they will give an honest performance.

    After lunch i begged off and middle brother and me and niece went off to monastery atop the hill nearby to pray. We perambulated and it was such a hot day, we were walking it, and pouf! how tiring. Anyway we ascended to the top amid chattering monkeys and worshipped and made niece light a big butter lamp.

    Then we descended and at the bottom of the hill, sat down in a little cafe and had tea and coke.

    Then came home. Rested. Made dinner.

    Now me off to bed.

    Love all of you

    God Bless

  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi MandyJ and Cate, you know what I think I am going to throw a Welcome Party for you. What do you think Porchies, are you all up to it. I will bring my famous fruit salad and Rum Runners. Oh my, last night at dinner i had one of those and guess what. I slept till 9:00 this morning. Yes, can you believe it. The next thing I know my phone was ringing and it was my boss, he says are you coming into work this morning?????? Hahahaha I can't believe I overslept right through my alarm clock, OMG. I was so embarrassed. He wasn't made or anything just surprised that happened.

    Anyway, I also had tried my new prescription my doctor gave me which is generic klonopin 1 mg. Maybe that was what did it. I really don't think 1 drink would have done me in that much, especially since it was 6:30 when i had it. I don't think i am going to take that klonopin during the week anymore, no way. Are any of you on this?????

    Well, of course I feel great today with the 11 hours sleep i got last night, WOW. That was so funny.

    Mandyj you will absolutely love the Porch, Jerome is our hero, and make believe cleaning guy and all around nice guy, he even protects us all and he is cute as a button. Elaine and I have a thing for him so no trying to pick him up. LOL

    The porch is always sunny and beautiful with lots of food and drinks, it is a place to come and post your sorrows, happiness, advice, or just get support from the other porchies. Like Elaine said there is no bickering or hollering, we are all best friends. I will never forget the first time I wanted to come on here about 2 years ago, I was intrigued by all the posts and people and loved it from the very beginning and they all accepted me with open arms. Oh and you can brag about your family and animals too, which you will find I do alot, LOL. Oh, and there is no need to address everyone, because as you know with this DD it is very hard to remember everything that everyone says, but if you want to that is fine too. Sometimes I like to print all the posts and address everyone, and then other times i am must too too tired to do so so I just talk about myself, LOL. The only thing I am sad about is that I wish you could have met MrDad, he is a wonderful guy and the one that really welcomed me here. Maybe he and his squirrel will come back sometime just to say hi.

    Well guys, since I was 2 hours late this morning I better really get down and dirty on all the work i need to get done. So i will check in a little later.

    Love you all!!!!!

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I wrote a nice long post to almost everydobby inc Cate and and BIG welcome to Mandy j and I think I clicked submit and when I went to another board and then came back I found out that it wasn't there. YIKES - it is was such a nice long post. I was even happy about it since I haven't been here as often lately.

    Mandyj - I loved your neat welcoming poem. It is neat and yes you are welcome anytime and hope you will keep coming back. This is such a friendly place. We even vent sometime but that is a good thing . So, it helps us to deal with much that is usually going on in our daily lives. I see you were welcomes by Elaine, Rock and others have welcomed you properly. We just love it !!

    You may want get acquainted with Georgia (Goatwoman) who loves to knit and sew. You two can go ona tear and just knit away. She also donates lots of baby sweaters and such to places that need them.

    Mickey - I wrote you a long one about the Magic Eraser. Have you used the generic ones. That is the ones I bought. The shower doors looks better but it is still there. Our water is SOOO hard. I guess I need to do some more scrubbing. Do you use a damp ME or more dry? My shower and tub is synthetic marble so am afraid to use it. Have you use it on stainless steel. I have a ss kitchen sink that I hate. Unfortunatly , SS is in with ever all new appliances too. Don't have any of those yet though. Any other suggestions ? After you use it on your shower glass doors do you have to wipe or rinse it off?

    Sorry this is so short as I lost the one that spoke to almost everyone. Sorry I have no NRG to do it over again.

    DH and I got to waork at the church Lenten Fish Fry. I will probably end up selling and taking tickets and money.
    Have to go eat lunch .

    Love to everydobby inc those lurking about and peeking thru the bushes !

    Hugs also to those MIA that I dont have the NRG to write again.

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    To answer your questions about the magic eraser:

    Yes, i get it wet before i use it and sometimes i will spray bleach/chlorox cleaner on it first, that seems to work much better. I also have synthetic marble in my shower and use it on that all the time and yes you can use it on stainless steel too. I also have a smooth cooktop oven/stove and it works great for that. I don't think there is anything u can't use it on. I even use it on my walls and it takes marks off great, just don't scrub too hard or you will take the paint off, just scrub lightly. I even hand clean my floors with it, much better than a mop.

    I usually buy the bulk magic erasers at Sam's. They last me forever. Oh, and yes I rinse off the shower glass doors when I am done and then wipe down with a towel to dry them so everything is sparkling. I know it is only for a day that they stay that way, but it makes me feel better that everything is sparkling.

    Like i said u can use those on anything with or without cleaning solutions. When i do my floors all i use is hot water, no chemicals, but the shower is a little tougher so just spray something either on the majic eraser or staight on the glass doors or tiles and it even works great on the floor of the shower.

    Hope this helps, geez I should be a spokesperson for magic erasers, LOL

    Love ya, MIckey
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh Julie, I will keep you all in my prayers. I think that is a really good idea that they are going to keep her overnight to watch her, that way if anything would happen, which it won't, she will be right there in good hands.

    You are all in my prayers Julie!!!!!!!

    Love you,

  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Okay all you quiet little porchies. It is 4:50 and i am getting ready to pack up and leave for the day. I am actually meeting hubby and the girls at Lone Star for dinner right from work. Since Ashley is in town we are treating her out even though we really can't afford it.

    Well just wanted to say goodnight to everyboddy and hope you all have a good night and weekend. I will try to get on this weekend, but i am planning on spending all my time with the girls while Ashley is home.

    So take care.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so I guess it may be quiet around here. Actually I went shopping with DH and got some needed food and stuff.

    Oh, I am so tired today ! had hoped to take tickets with another girl last night, whose husband is in charge of the Fish Fry at church. However, someone else wanted to do it, so I was standing up all night after scrubbing bunches of potatoes for the guys to bake along with the baked fish also. We sold out of everything and would have even sold more had they all cooked more, and they cooked A LOT !! I won't be there next week since DH is going on as Men's retreat for church. I may skip a couple of the fish fries anyways and let a few others have some fun too(-: !!

    I really didn't even get to eat properly and just took two pieces of pizza home. The firwt one I gobbled down and wasn't that hot but tasted good anyway. Oh, did you know that pizza is a food group by itself - yum, yum !! They have pizza mostly for the kids who do not like fish.

    Julie - Hope Amy is doing better and at home. That is awful to be so young and havae these problems to worry about. I'll beat that Kiera ws missing her Mommy !! Hope all will continue to go well with Amy. Will you just TRY and take a little break (-: !! A break, what's that ??? You are such a good grandma !! I wish I had your get up and go and patience. I used to have alot of it and but alas it has disappeared. I guess the pain just wears me down every day.

    Mickey - thanks for your hints on the ME. Do you have any synthetic marble in your home - kitchen and bath? I j haven't done that much cleaning today since we were out shopping. Then after putting stuff away and eating lunch and just wanted to sit down and check on al you guys. I did try the ME a little bit with s spray of bleach water on the sponge on the bottom of my shower which is marble. It seems to be a bit cleaner but am afraid to really scrub hard on it. As I mentioned before I reuined part of my marble tub with chemicals some years ago.

    Do you put straight bleach or bleach water on the sponge? Sorry to be talking so much about the ME and all my cleaning woes. Hope you have a great weekend with your family. Also hope your weather has been improving. Ours is crazy cold and then hot and then chilly again. The sun is out so that is a good thing but the north wind is blowing again today. It was in the 80's yesterday and in the 40's this morning and tonight or tomorrow morning it may be freezing. I do not even know what to wear? I am slways so cold. So, hot is good but then I will have to come and jump in your pool.

    Springwater- It sounds like you had a nice walk with some of your family. Glad you got to rest when you finally got there. Hope you got some NRG back after your big treck. You are always so busy. I hope you had some nice weather. How is your weather where you live?

    Sorry but I am not to tired to think straight !!

    Elaine, Carla, Cate, Mandaj, Georgia, Rock, and ALL our wonderful MIA's (Mrdad, Linda, Jole, Monica, Sweetie, Joan, Annie ) and everydobby else - I hope you are all well and having a great weekend.



  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The government has announced that they will probably increase the hours of loadsheddding to 20 hours per day come next week. Why dont they say they will send 4 hours of power a day instead? Everyone who talks of it, has a glazed look on their faces. We, as a country are going in reverse. Back back to the 'dark' ages. I am going to start practising to adapt. You know the rules of evolution..adapt or go extinct. And Im not ready to go the way of the dinosaur,... yet.
    Maybe it will be good in some ways. My son will spend more time playing basketball or playing chess with his dad. I will read a great many more books. And become proficient in the art of amusing myself in ways other than watching tv or surfing net. And also learn how to cook a perfect pot of rice on the stove rather than the cooker. Aah what a nice time to look forward to!

    Julie - praying for Amy and her medical issues to settle down. Also Jenny. Laboring there in Belize, helping other people. Why is this bad pastor still on the loose? But his time will come.

    Granni - i bet the church function was busy busy busy if so much stuff got cooked. its so much fun to hear about what all you do there. The fish fry and all. Im glad to know pizza is a complete food. The son is a tad too fond of it.

    Georgia - I heard the governator talk on conserving water in Ca. You people have been having a lot of storms. I love storms. Not the damage they do but the beauty of a storm in full force. I could watch for hours. It makes me seethe to think of the way your father discriminates. Reminds me a bit of the way mom used to praise my brother and never me in front of people. I could be supporting the whole family, but she would tell my aunt, about how her SON bought the dress she was wearing. My brother prob her two dresses in her entire lifetime. But nary a word about me draining my life blood supporting them all. I have a suspicion she was jealous of me. But she did love me.

    Yesterday i dont knw what happened. I was so tired in the morning itself and so disinclined to keep the date with my dear cousin rather hubbies cousin sis who had called me and her sister for tea. I was hoping against hope it would be cancelled but nope. So i got ready and i have discovered somethng important. I can MAKE myself feel enthusiastic about attending a do when i HAVE to! I got dressed and got on the bus to the supermarket to buy biscuits and then off to pick cousin sis up and onwards.

    This hubbies cousin sis who called us is married to a filthy rich family (joint) but whats the use, she has to tiptoe around the house. She made us some delicious cheese and tomato sandwiches and chatamari a kind of nepali pancake with egg in it. We couldnt laugh and scream like we do when we meet at her mums place. And she preferred to take the whole tea out on a tray to their office premises where there is a lawn with some cherry trees and garden away from the dragon ma in law and other members of family.

    It was her, her little toddler son, her sister and me. We did have a nice time, with her son frolicking around. And i managed to click pictures. The Tibetan New Years pics of the whole family at ma in laws place got disappeared due to some dysfunction in the camera so this was a consolation. Wil upload later when electricity and time permits.

    We left around 5pm and it was so cold and blowsy. I had been lively at the tea but nearing home, started feeling the drowsiness. I was dying to sleep. I drop cousin sis and reach home and guess what? Hubs has returned from his golf and gives me the news i have to dress and attend a formal dinner with some people of his bank! There are some overseas promoters and their wives and the other Nepalese bank peoples wives are coming. I could make out he really wanted me to come because i mostly refuse and his business associates/friends think he doesnt take me. So i stifled a big groan and agreed. But i told him if i dont sleep for half an hour i will collapse. So i do. (sleep). Then i up and wear a formal tibetan dress whch doesnt need ironing. (no lights). And we go. I did some breathng exercises. Because i am also anxious, i hate formal dinners. And it works. Im ready for mingling. There are like three very elegant Pakistani ladies (wives) and luckily i find theyare not stuffy. And there are three of us nepalese ladies. We talked about everything from nepalese culture to Pakistani bombings and Osama bin laden to the recession and power cuts. im surprised to hear pakistan also has power cuts as bad as nepal!!! When we were leaving one of nepalese ladies who works for the bank asked me what i do. I told her i stay at home. And she said it didnt seem like it the way i talked. That i seemed to know a lotabout a lot of stuff. (I mentally thanked all the tv channels and books ive devoured over the years).

    Got home, around ten. And collapsed. But woke again when the lights came on at 12pm. Because there was ironing of sons school uniform and others to do. Ironed and then again slept. This morning my husband said i snored! He said Hobbes the big lab who was sleeping on the sofa on his other side also snored. And between the two of us's snores, he couldnt sleep! Eh!?

    Hugs everyone

    God Bless
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Springwater, I love your energetic spirit of life! Your posts are so cute, and make me feel as though I've known you forever.

    Rock, are you sure we didn't come from the same small town? Actually, I live near one right now that sounds like your hometown....so small it doesn't have a single stop light....one one-way street that people still (after 20 years) will go down the wrong way just to see if they can (cheap entertainment), no law enforcement.

    If you see someone in the middle of the street that you haven't visited with for awhile, it's nothing to stop the car and just sit there and visit....sometimes for 15 minutes before another car comes along and you have to either move or wave them on by. LOL

    This is where all of our kids went to school. Of course they knew all the kids, all the parents, heck, everyone in the stands at the games and performances! It was like one big family, everyone looked out for everyone's kids. I remember playing "mom" to quite a few over the years.

    We live 7 miles from town, and whenever kids came out to "study" with ours I made them call when they got back home 'cause our country roads are a little trecherous....would tell them how slow to drive, etc. They'd always look at me, smile and say "yes, mom". But they didn't mind....'cause I made good cookies! Those were their highschool years.

    In the gradeschool years the kids would always wear old clothes out here to spend the night and play in the barn with the kittens, etc. Our son and friends would climb around on the farm machinery or run on top of the stacked bales of hay yelling at the top of their lungs pretending they were who knows what. Or seeing which building they could climb up to the roof on. And then there was the badmitten games and even a few mud fights! Good fun, not spent in front of the tv or video games. How times have changed.

    Now kids can spend hours together and not know each other at all. I think it's really, really sad. They miss out on so much without all the good, real conversations.

    Gee, I haven't remenisced like this for a long time! Those were really good days....and now I sit here with no one to keep me company but my hubby and porch friends! Life goes 'way too fast, doesn't it?

    My headaches are subsiding a bit the past few days and hopefully I will gain back a bit of entheusiasm with a little more rest. Otherwise, all is well.

    My daughter and boys were here for a short while yesterday, and I received some much needed hugs...those boys are the best darn huggers! And always leave saying "I love you Nana. I love you more Nana. I love you more than you love me. I love you to infinity" LOL They have to outdo me and each other....

    Welcome Cindy! Good to see Monica and Cate back.

    Julie, ssslllloooowwww doooowwwwnnnnn!!! Good luck to Amy. I hate those dark spots in life....

    Elaine, you go girl! Loved your organizing tips...yep, knew them but a refresher is always nice.

    Georgia, think of you often. So happy you have your new job, can get away, enjoy what you like and still make a little money....great!

    Mickey, your love of your family is like a breath of fresh air. You have such a pure pride in them....you do know you should give yourself a little credit there, right???

    Granni, how are your feet? I would think they'd be getting a little tired after all the standing and working....but I've been to a few fish fries also and they're wonderful, even though a lot of work.

    Carla, sorry to hear about the "board" in the foot! You too work too hard and have to pay, don't you? I know living alone has it advantages....but also disadvantages when you have to do a man's work to keep everything up. Good luck to you!

    Linda, always good to hear from you....is it spring yet????????

    I'm not sure who I've missed, but please don't take it personal. I'm in a big hurry and we will be going to my daughter's in NE today....her hubby has fairly serious inner ear surgery tomorrow and we're babysitting for a few days. YEA!! Can't wait to see them since it's been since Christmas. The sad thing is the ride up there makes the next day pretty miserable for me...so I'll probably be on the couch watching hubby and "my" 2 year old play. But the next day hopefully will be my turn! Love to all***Jole***

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