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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Well, I got some hot pancakes ready for Cate and anyone else that wants to stop by - all different kinds, blueberry, choc chip, plain with all kinds of syrup. They are in a nice big warmer for tomorrow morning when you all wake up.

    Hopefully after those pancakes we will all be ready to start the new day, nice an perky or to go take a nap from food coma as my son calls it.

    Hope to get to see you all tomorrow sometime. Busy day and choir practice at night.

    Good night all !

    Love to everydobby,

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    Just read about this newest internet worm, set to do damage today April 1st. I don't understand all of it, but it seems as though it's another identity take-over...should not make computers crash. They're hoping it's not as bad as they think it may be, and feel many computers have already been infected, but the take-over wouldn't happen until today.

    My question is, if they steal my identity, do they "get" to take this DD with it??? ***Jole***
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thanks for starting us up..

    today I am having a problem keeping my eyes open, inspite of going to bed at 10pm and waking at 8am!! No wonder my husband is looking at me and commenting wonderingly, what kind of body functioning do you have? Depressive and chronically fatiguey kind, that’s what.

    Hello all

    A miracle happened yesterday..we got power whole day from 4am to 8pm! Its been raining three days now. And everyone feeling good.

    Mickey – of course I don’t mind you talking about Ashley :), in fact I like it, because it brings up memories of when my daughter was here – I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and them and your trips out…we share so much of the same emotions re our kids, pride, happiness, and worry when they get into scrapes. About Lindsey, maybe you should find out about her date, who he is, how he is..and then decide.

    Georgia – its fun to be friends with much older people, they are so confident, sassy and unselfconscious. At our community gatherings, it’s the older ladies cracking really naughty jokes and guffawing loudly…I love them!

    Rock – what a headache about your computer acting up! I hate to think we might miss your posts..i got the comics my daughter sent me, Caspar and I was so happy! There were bits of little Audrey, Lulu, Lotta…aaaah what memories.Im reading a book by Georgette heyer right now, sent in the Regency period, title is Frederica. Ive just started and i can see the hero is a bit dysfunctional with equally dysfunctional sisters...well, i can relate. Im rather enjoying, its funny and lighthearted stuff.

    Cate – sorry to hear of the sleep problems…I am suffering the opposite, can hardly keep awake …I don’t know which is worse, feels like my whole bloodstream is jammed with sticky substance and makng me woozy…today especially..aah the big bad depression thingy, I hope it will wear off, I haven’t been having long episodes lately. My website for photos


    uploaded some new ones of the flower show and my dogs

    Julie – hope you get some rest…but since when have we all been saying that…great to hear David can now call home anytime he likes if free. Thats a comfort.

    Jole – the monasteries are all functioning ones…they house a great number of monks some of whom are very young and they study there…people come to offer prayers and to ask the monks to do certain prayers like getting well, removing obstacles, etc for which they leave some money whatever they can afford. Each monastery has a head abbott who presides over the functioning. They run on money donated by devotees.

    Linda – your trip sounded great; so happy you went and good luck for the upcoming surgery.

    Well, like i said, the big bad depression reared up its head again today...i went out inspite of it and gave an order for sons school coat to the tailors...he needs an extra one so can have a clean one when other goes for dryclean...at least i got the one thing done out of the shambles that is today...i slept mostly....niece has gone to spend the day/night at her own home, shewill be back tomorrow...my daughter sent her the Princess diaries, latest book and she was very happy.

    I can hear my DHs car coming in the gate, i wonder what he will say when he sees me, my eyes are very heavy, lids closing....what a very funny disorder to have

    love you all

    God bless

  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    MMMmmmmm, Granni, you made me hungry and I still have 2 hours before i get to eat. LOL That is okay, I am glad you brought our make believe pancakes, I am pretending that I have bacon with them and lots of butter and syrup. Hope you had a good sleep.

    Well, I did walk Jack last night and he is just so darn cute. He knows our route by heart and he is so good at walking with me. He stays in stride with the way i walk and never pulls or drags behind, except every once in a while he will stop to smell something or you know do his stuff. I always bring my poop bag too. I can't stand when people let their pets doodoo all over and then don't clean it up. That is not very nice. Anyway we got back just in time, it really looked like it was going to start pouring rain any second.

    Rock - You couldn't have described how I feel about Lindsay any closer. She is exactly like that , wants to be the good time girl that knows how to have fun and wants everyone to know that too. I stress to her all the time that she is not Ashley but her own person and I wouldn't want her to be like Ashley, I love the way she is, so loveable, always smiling, always there to help someone, and she does get really good grades too. I also tell her Ashley is not perfect at all and she wasn't perfect when she was Lindsay's age either, we definetly had our problems back then with her as well. Maybe not to the extreme of what we are going through with Linny but definetly not perfect.

    I am actually getting her tested right now for ADD, she has been compaining about not being able to function during school and retain information. There is also other things that add up to it too. So we shall see. Boy are you right, anytime she goes anywhere I am a nervous wreck. We only let her use the car to go to work, but even then I am a nervous wreck. I can imagine prom night with all 18 year olds how I would be, so I do think that would be my answer right there.

    Georgia, Yes, Prom is chaperoned, but that is not what i am worried about, it is the after Prom that I am worried about. I guess I could let her go under one stipulation, that I pick her up from Prom when it is over. I think I found my answer. I know she is not going to like it but oh well that is the way it is going to be.

    You will be just fine during your knitting class, you had me cracking up with your "brain fart" explanation. LOL I am sure you will be a little nervous, but with your knowledge it will all just flow out.

    Julie - Awww I am so glad your parents got to see their grandaughter, I am sure that just made their day. You Mom & Dad are very lucky to have you to take care of them.

    Hi Cate & Jole - I hope you two got some sleep last night after eating those pancakes.

    Spring - Wow, that is wonderful you had power all day, boy I bet you were just in heaven. I can't wait to go to your photo site again and look at all the wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing with us all again.

    Linda - there is no reason at all for you not to let your daughter go, especially since she hasn't given you anything at all not to trust her. Unfortunatley, Lindsay lost our trust and that is the issue. I agree, I would definetly have to meet this boy and there will be no after Prom party's unless it is at my house. LOL Actually back when Ashley did the school dances the kids always came back to our house and I would have food out for them. Those were great times and I wish Lindsay would want to be at our house with her friends. That right there tells me that they are doing stuff that I don't approve of. We have a very nice setup downstairs and there is no reason why she wouldn't want to come back to our house and "party". LOL

    Elaine - I hope you had a good time at dinner with your friends. Did you wear your lipstick??? LOL. I love Michael J. Fox and that is such a shame about his parkinson's. He is just so young, but he sure is taking it in stride and not giving up and doing everything he can to fight it.

    Well gang, gotta get back to work so i will check back with you all later.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Tried to post on the book club thread. No workee. Post vanished. I feel vanquished.

    Some days things just don't go well, and then other days nothing works.

    Oh well....

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH will be back soon aos I gotta get off. Just wanted to check in. Gee, are all my pancakes already gone - GGEEZZ! Now I am sounding like Elaine. Went shopping with DHt this morning and to the gym. I only did 1/2 mile on the treadmill and not so fast plus a few weight machines. We both have been off for almost 3 weeks since DH's knee problem, etc.

    Linda - I think it is, for all the reasons you stataed, OK for your daughter to go to the prom with him. If the parents will be driving and there are no parties to go afterwards, I think it sounds like a good idea, esp too if she has never been a cause for concern. Go for it MOM and let her go .

    Springwater - will have to go try and find your pictures again. Maybe I will find them this time. Sorry you are feeling so down. Glad you are getting out and getting a few things done anyway. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I don;t actually feel depressed but the pain geets me sometimes, like this morning and so I snap at DH (esp when he is a hurry and I am not). Hey, did you finish my ironing yet (-: !!

    Mickey - hope things will settle down some for you at work. Yes, you are so right when you talk about how different kids are from the same family. None of mine are alike, esp my eldest and the rest of them. They are VERY different. Still noticing the differneces at their old ages (-: However, some of their husbands or X's ahave had alot to do with some of it and the way their kids turned out - mostly my middle daughter. Can't believe they were pretty much raised the same way (for the most part). However, the 1sr is overly looked after while the 5th one wasn't for sure. I know that many of you understand what I am saying, esp if you had more than 1 or 2 children.

    Georgia - Hope all is well with you and that you get some students at your knitting classes, with minimal hassle from that other young person also doing classes.

    Hi to Jole and everyone else I forgot to mention.

    Love to everydobby,


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  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    for me anyway. Yippee, get to go pick up kentucky fried (chicken little sandwishes, yum) and then go home and walk Jack. It is nice outside and perfect for walking. The wind has definelty toned down today. I haven't heard from Ashley yet to see how the dissecting went, she is probably working.

    Well it is pretty quiet on the porch since the last time i posted. Rock i am sorry you are having so many problems with that darn computer. Me too, I have been trying and trying to post that picture of me and the girls forever and it won't let me. I am gonna try one more time before I leave today.

    Granni, 1/2 mile is alot on the treadmill, way to go. I can just walk, but there is no way i can run anymore, maybe for a short distance but no long ones. Jack and i are working our way up again to the 2 mile mark. He is almost ready. We have been going pretty steadily every day lately since the weather has been cooperating. He really needs the exercise, Labs can get fat really fast and it is so much better for their health if they walk and plus he is inside all day long laying around being a bum while we are at work. LOL What a life.

    Well gang, I am gonna shut down in a minute so I will check in tomorrow. Love you all and take care.

  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    After feeling like a huge black cloud has been hanging over my head for months now I got a break. MY GOLF CART IS FIXED- My GF's Dh Marvin has spent 3 days on it and it finally is running. As usual tho the bad news is I am still sick and between the abx and my inhalers I now have thrush.

    I felt better yesterday and over did it, then when I woke up at nine and saw it was raining I called Marvin to see what he wanted to do, he said it would clear up this afternoon so we would wait. I went back to bed and slept until noon!

    I have so much to do and the list is getting longer everyday, now that the cart is done Marvin will work on finishing getting the rest of the roof off and the roof over the deck off. My materials will be her on Mon and be a wrong turn I made on the way to the metal place I found someone to work with Marvin, long story but I hope this works out. I was hoping to get it done by next Thurs as I am leaving for PA then for the Easter weekend.

    No things are not fixed with my daughter yet but I hope to get some where with her while I am there and see my grandkids. I have found a property I am intersted in and will look at it while I am there plus do reserach on what taxs, ins, state benefits, ect.

    So I will be mia for a while longer. I don't know where my days go anymore but having someone here everyday I can't get done what I want to but I am so gratefull Marvin has been here. The timing of him losing his job was a blessing, he didn't like his job and now has a opportuinty to find something he likes better and is taking a break while helping me out.

    I need to go to Wallies and get another abx and a few things to hold me over until I feel like shopping. I am sorry for not addressing all but I haven't been able to keep up the last few days. I promise to do better, we are taking the day off tomorrow so hopefully I can get caught up with everything you all have been doing. Take care and I do miss you all-Carla
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Will try very short posts, and see how that goes.

    Pancakes sound good, Granni. Gordon and I often go to the bank after my Saturday morning
    EA meeting. It's right across the street from the International House of Pancakes. Don't think
    I've been inside one for 2 or 3 decades.

    I think a waffle w/ raspberry syrup would just hit the spot. Whenever I suggest same, Gordon
    makes a face and says, "Whatta ya wanna go there for?" Then he offers to make me potato
    pancakes at home. Well, they're good too.

    Jole, people who give pep talks and encourage positive thinking are always telling us, "Remember.
    You are not your disease." I guess that means if you ID is stolen, you'll still be holding the bag disease

    BTW, I'd like to buy some identity theft protection. The problem is all those places that advertise on
    the net list in their terms and conditions, "We can change the terms and conditions anytime we
    want to." In other words, you don't have a contract. Anybody know of a more honest provider of
    such coverage?

    Julie, glad to hear David call Lindsey more often. Maybe he won't have to go to Iraq. I kinda got
    the impression last year that Mr. Big Change was gonna end all that foolishness.

    Cate, hope you're feeling less banged up. You hear about the guy w/ the extremely contagious
    virus. Doctor prescribed a diet of pancakes and pita bread. Wouldn't cure him, but they
    slid under the door.

    Springwater, I read a book by Georgetta Heyer decades ago. One was enough. Depending on what
    history book you read, the Regency period only lasted ten, 20 or 30 years. Sure inspired a
    lot of romance novels.

    I'd rather read something of more substance: like Caspar the friendly ghost.

    Back later
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    HaHa, that last post was longer than I thought it was going to be. Called the dr.'s office re: my
    lab tests. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother, but I need him to refill my 4 prescriptions. He refused to
    do it when I saw him last week. "Need the test results first."

    As I expected, when I called I talked to the receptionist who told me in bored tones that someone
    would have to call me back.

    Good grief! The doctors are rich as Croesus, people fawn over them, and still they won't cooperate.
    If I ever find that magic wand that Harry Potter lost, they'll be big changes in numerous

    Linda, I think the most important consideration re: the prom, is that when the dance is over, the
    evening is over. No after-dance drinking, driving, partying, etc. I hope your daughter has
    a wonderful time. (And hope Lindsay does too, Mickey.)

    By the way, about that black belt, will she be wearing it?

    Elaine, who is Dr. Oz? That another doctor who specializes in entertainment medicine?

    Mickey, I think your solution to the prom problem is just great. Best for all concerned.

    Better try to post this and go.


  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, it's one AM here in LA. Pretty quiet too. No helicopters overhead, no sirens, no car alarms, etc.
    Mama Kitty is lying beside my chair. Every now and then she makes a little bird chirp. Sometimes she
    opens her mouth but no sound comes out.

    Just started a new book on the film history in Florida. Says hundreds of silent films were made there.
    Also says Jacksonville is the largest city (in terms of area) in the country. Who'da thunk it?

    Carla, I'm so happy to hear that your golf cart is functioning again. Now you can hitch the girls w/ a larriat
    to your chariot and all go for an outing.

    Hope Marvin and coworker can get your roof back in place in short order. I've watched skilled
    carpenters. They can drive a nail with two bangs. I'd need several and would probably get
    it crooked to boot.

    Mickey, you and Carla and Granni and Elaine and Julie are the porch energizer bunnies. I couldn't even make
    it 3 blocks to the book sale yesterday. I hope the business is secure enough that you can keep
    your job as long as you like.

    My former secretary took a new job last summer. Got laid off yesterday due to lack of business.

    She had just bought a cocker spaniel puppy over the weekend. There's a major expense. I hope
    to get enough energy to drive to the little town of San Fernando and visit her. She wants to show
    me the new puppy. It will make her feel better.

    Springwater, went to look at your pics. The red clivia is very dramatic. Never seen that color before.
    The dogs are adorable as dogs usually are. What is that carrot mask all about?

    Hugs to everydobby

  12. jole

    jole Member

    Darn it, I can't get into Springwater's site! Now I really feel left out!!! Don't know why it won't show up, 'cause I've never had any problem getting on before......

    Good morning all. We had a little snow last night. Just enough to settle down the dust for a few hours, lol. We sure do need a good soaking rain....well, not as soaking as ND has so I'd better be careful what I ask for.

    Granni, the pancakes were gone before I got any, so guess I'll have to pop a waffle in the toaster this morning.

    Mickey, I had a daughter like Lindsay, and she really kept me on my toes...added most of my gray hairs, by the way. I had to keep one step ahead of her at all times, and she too was a good kid, just full of fun and adventure. She turned out to have the most heartbreak later but dealt really well with everything life dished out.

    I think you came to a very wise decision...prom then straight home, even if you need to go pick her up. Do they lock them in once they get there? Here, once they're in, if they leave early the parents are called....stopped a lot of "fun" for the kids, but much less heartache and worry for the parents.

    Linda, I'm suprised your kids don't have an After-Party. I helped start the first one here, and continued until my kids were all through school. It was really fun, and I knew where my kids were! LOL. They actually didn't care that we were there....

    Georgia, thinking of you and MrM. and hoping you're both feeling better.

    Rock, it's no wonder you're a walking encyclopedia! Your reading material and mine totally differ. You read things with real knowledge....I read Dean Koontze! hahaha

    Julie, I hope you feel better soon. Please don't overdo. The world will turn whether we're vertical or horizontal.....

    Spring, any more electricity? I'm sure a day of it must have seemed like a small miracle to you. I hope it continues, along with some more much-needed rain at nice intervals.

    Sorry I can't get onto your site for some reason. I checked and double-checked to make sure I typed everything in okay, and I did. I'm so disappointed!

    Carla, fantastic news about your cart being up and running again, just in time for good weather. I really hope your trip to PA goes well for you, daughter and g-kids, and you find a home there that you really, really like. It would be great to be around family again.

    Elaine, always good to see you and find out what you're up to. You sound busy as always....good to hear you and John are still together.

    Cate, I hope you get the help you need soon to end your pain. It has a way of draining a person physically, mentally and emotionally, doesn't it? You still always come across as very cheerful though. Love that about you!

    I hope I'm not missing anyone....where are all our new friends? I know I'm missing you, and hope to see all of you soon.

    If I can get some energy going today I think it sounds like a good day to get my banana bread made and in the freezer. If not, a nice long nap will do. Love to all***Jole***
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to check in. I started and then pushed something and it disappeared. Luckily, it wasn;t to far along. Have to pop in tonight to a Rosary/wake at a funeral home and then to choir practice again tonight. Need to stop at the sotres also after my hair appointment.

    Hope to check in later but it might have to be tomorrow.

    Cate - Hope you are feeling a little bit better.

    Springwater - Hope you have some more NRG tomorrow and your pics were great. RThe flowers and your family so beautiful - including you my dear !!

    Sorry gotta run all. Thinking of you all anywho !!


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a few thoughts after I got home from the hair appointment and spending a fortune in Wally World. DH told me he got a call from one of my former nsg. classmates telling me that our friend Joan died , I think it was yesterday. I am glad that I called her last week. At that point she could not even keep a sip of water down. She was so brave and so anxious to go and see all she loved that had preceded her. Well, enough of that. My friend was going to e-mail me soon. I am so glad she is not suffereing anymore.

    Gee, I forget who mentioned it but I did NOT JOG or RUN ON THE TREADMILL. I usually walk fast but this time I didn't walk as fast as usual either. DH did his in two tries and not as fast too due to his knee problem and als his nerve or muscle problem. Gee, it is fun to get old isn;t it?? The problem is I have been feeling like this for about 25 years and as you all know you do not have to be OLDER to feel like - - - -. If I jogged or ran I wouldn't last but about a couple of minutes.

    Julie - sorry you have been to pooped to participate. Yep that is no fun. Glad you did get some rest though.

    I am trying to remember what everyone else said to Julie. So, do not feel to badly about your memory.

    Elaine - Hi there sweetie. A HA - now it comes about your doubling as a Playboy Bunny !! Now I know why you wee asking so many questions about the new lipsticks (-: !!

    Carla - glad to hear that you now have your golfcart again. Have you taken the girls out for a ride yet? I'll be that they are or will be very thrilled. How far away does your daughter live away from you? Hope everything works out the way you want it to.

    Sweetwater - I forgot to mention your carrot mask. That is something new. I had not heard of that but had heard of cucumber masks. I havaen't had either. What is it supposed to do for your skin on your face. Must do something good since your face is very pretty and the skin looks lovely and smooth. Hope to seee you soon again . Hope you start feling better really soon.

    Linda - made you decision yet about your daughter's prom? Glad you got to take such a nice trip. I forgot to mention it lbefore.

    Rock - Hugs to you my friend. Keep on truckin and putting up with your puter and other stupid things. Yep, it is hard to work with and without them. Are those Kitties takin care of you or visa versa. I know you love to take care of them. So you hae a kitty that chirps - how funny.

    Cate - Hope you are feeling better too and that you do not have so much pain today . Yep, it is your attitude that counts alot. I try to always stay positive but know sometimes it is a little difficult.

    Georgia - Hope all is well with your knitting classes and that young person sho sounds like she was trying to upstage you and get your clients.

    Well, I have to run dear Porchies. Hae a few things to do before we wat a quick supper. The wee both have to go to the funeral home . DH has to stay for the Rosary and I havae to run to choir practice.

    Hiugs again to everydobby, inc those I have not mentioned!



  15. jole

    jole Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Joan. It's great you were able to call her last week though, and yes, she is much better off, especially if she was ready to go. I know you and your classmates will miss her though.

    Julie, what? Your feat on the treadmill is actually my best time!!! Seriously! Treadmills and I just do not get along, which is why I'm anxious for warm weather so I can get outside and start/stop at my own pace.

    I think I really have a hang-up about treadmills, 'cause I was walking on mine a couple years ago, thinking about how my girls actually run on theirs, when I turned loose with one hand, stepped on the side part, lost my balance and slid off the back falling on my right side. Quite the trick! Had quite the colorful upper thigh for a looooonnnggg time. Couldn't do that again if I tried! (And probably not even if I didn't try)

    Elaine, turned on the tv and there you were on The Girls Next Door!!!!! You're right, that lipstick looks great on you!! Does John mind your being so famous? ***Jole***
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Ha, I am on the computer at home, can you believe it. I missed a whole day of posting because I was so busy at work and then on my lunch break I went to the junkyard about 15 miles away to get the drivers side mirror for our car that was vandalized. I called them on Monday to see if they had one and he said he can order a brand new one for $65, but in black. So I went ahead and got it and hubby is getting ready to paint it white. We have some white car paint. I also called the dealer and guess how much they wanted for the mirror, $200 bucks. Wow, I feel good that i saved a lot of money.

    Well, poor Jack, i couldn't walk him tonight as it is raining. So I have been doing laundry and i also cleaned out my walkin closet. I was bored. LOL

    Granni - I am so sorry about your friend, Joan.

    Elaine - The lipstick isn't a liner, just use the one you got at first (darker color) and put it on just the very edge of your lips and fill it in with the lighter color and rub your lips together so it will blend. No need to get lip liner. Yuck, i actually hate lip liner, it always makes you look fake. This way that i am telling you is very natural looking all day long.

    Well gang, Lindsay just got home from work and i am going to go watch ER, so hopefully I can check in tomorrow.

    Take Care Porchies,

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    Just popped in to say thanks everyone for the nice comments about my pictures…I put the url in my profile now so people don’t have to go looking for it in the posts…

    Granni and Rock – the carrot mask is something I used to do sometime back..grated carrot is supposed to keep the skin wrinkle free. I had more energy then. Nowadays,
    I mash a banana and put that because its less time consuming than grating.

    Also sorry to hear of your friend Joans passing, Granni. Just yesterday I was reading a book about ‘the other side’..and how wonderful it all was there..and felt quite happy that Joan was now free of pain.

    Mickey – my son has a get together with his old school friends of grade 10 and taking inspiration from your decision I told him his dad and I would come get him…since he said it started in the evening; I saw him considering this.

    Well I didn’t get my bathroom cleaning done after all. The feeling of being weighted down & my bloodstream being filled with sticky toxic substance didn’t go away so I slept. My middle brother added to the glumps by turning up and again making noises about his son needing new school uniforms, shoes, and daughters college admissions etc. But i spent all my childhood being the one being onthe receiving end of help from other relatives, I am just thankful this time round i am on the giving end.
    I guess the uniforms I can just about manage this month.

    Everyone ..hugs & God Bless

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  18. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well so far so good with Lindsay waking me up every morning before she heads for school. I haven't been late for work in about 2 weeks now. Thank Goodness. Not that i would ever get fired for being late, but it is embarrassing to walk in the office late every morning. I just cannot hear that darn alarm clock in the morning. I may go buy a new one that has the most annoying sound. One reason i can't hear it is I am 100% deaf in my left ear (ever since i was young) and if i sleep on my side with the good ear i can't hear anything and sometimes that is how i wake up. LOL

    Julie - Kiera sounds like she just might be a little mad at mommy for some reason. I remember when i went out of town for a few days. The girls were about Kiera's age, when I got back neither one of them wanted anything to do with me. They were mad because i left them. LOL That only lasted about a day though.

    Well, the big boss is having a luncheon today for all of us and we are supposed to bring one suggestion/complaint to the table with us. I have no idea what to say except that I wish people around here would mind their own business and stop gossipping. I hate that in offices and I stay way away from any of that.

    I have another wedding shower to go to this weekend so I guess tonight i better go out and get the gift. I also have to make 2 appetizers. I think I will make crab dip and bean dip. That will be easy and cheap. Other than that nothing much going on.

    Oh I did hear from Ashley about the dissecting of the cat. I asked her on Facebook (which you should all join, so much fun) how it went and she replied "Great, I just pretended it is what i would like to do to some people" LOL. So she took her anger out on the dissecting. I guess that was one way to get through it. LOL

    Well I will check in later Porchies. Take Care

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I have lots to do and here I sit on the puter. Just wanted to check in with you all.

    Julie - That is weird with Kiera. Yes, it could be that she is upset with Amy forr some reason but who knows with little ones. I am guessing that this will soon pass if she doesn't make to much of it. Hope it passes soon for Amy. I am sure it upsets her even if she is being the perfect mommy.

    Georgia - Hope all goes well when that youngin finds you there giving free lessons. Crazy kids !

    We have to go out tonight to a big dinner so at east I do not have to cook. Unfortunately ,I will have to dress up and put on makeup (-: !.

    I eed to go and do some work here in the house and put some of my music in order for Palm sunday. So, I had better take of and do something worthwhil.e I did chanage our bed finally and edchanged a belt for DH that I had gotten yesterday that was to small.

    Hope this post goes. DH needs the puter again. Probably will see you sometime tomorrow if all goes well.

    Thanks to all for your sweet thoughts about my friend Joan passing.