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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hope I didn't get caught in the door or that no one else has either. Please check out the last volume for Pippi, Jole, Spring, Linda and many others.

    I am bringing all kinds of coffees and teas with me and breakfast treats. So, hope you will stop by an indulge.


  2. fibromickster

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    Well, the long weekend is over and i am glad. It was the most boring weekend i have had in a long time. Lindsay was on a float trip and Ashley was out with boyfriend on the town. So it was just me and hubby and all he does is sit in his chair with the remote and his laptop. We probably said 2 words to each other the whole weekend. I did sit out on the deck and watch all the fireworks in the sky on Saturday and Sunday night.

    The weather didn't help matters either, it was rainy all weekend and yucky. Yesterday morning Lindsay called from the place where they were camping and she was crying saying her stomach hurt really bad every time she had to go potty which was every 10 minutes she said. So when she got home about 3 i took her to the Home Care Clinic in Walgreens because i knew it had to be a urinary tract infection and sure enough that was what it was.

    That is the 1st time i had ever been there and it was perfect. We were in and out of there in 20 minutes. I totally recommend that place for anyone. Plus they take insurance and you only pay what you would in the doctors office and you get your prescriptions right there and then. I haven't talked to her yet this morning so i am not sure how she is doing. She is probably still sleeping so i don't want to call home yet.

    Pippi - I am with you on you are the boss when it comes to the doctors/nurses, they do work for you and i am so glad you are putting your foot down with them. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lincamp-congratulations on your anniversary girlie!!!! I am glad your hip is getting better and i am sure you wish it would get better a lot faster, but just be patient honey, it will take a lot of time. Not that i know anything about hip surgery, but my FIL had it and it probably took at least 6 months before he was able to get around without his cane. I am praying for you honey.

    Cynthia - Cherries are my favorite fruit and i could eat them all day long, yum. I wish i lived closer to you because i would take you up on your offer and come get a whole bunch. LOL.

    Rocko - Where are you?????? I hope you are not having puter problems.

    Granni - It sure has taken you a long time to get rid of that darn cold. Are you taking your vitamin C, LOL. I am sure you are, that always helps me to get over them fast.

    Elaine - I can see why you doc doesn't want you to do ab exercises silly girl. I remember when i had both of my C-sections, i wanted desperately to get back in shape and do my ab exerises, but no could do for at least 8 weeks.

    All my other porchies i didn't mention, love you all and hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

    Oh, I forgot, My FIL and MIL, me, hubby and Ashley did drive to Columbia on Friday to help Ashley move into her house that she is renting with 2 other girls. It is so nice and reminds me of being way in the country. It has a loft and a huge rock wall with a firepit. It is really old but perfect for them. Lots of land and spiders, yuck. Hubby bought insect killer stuff and sprayed everywhere. My MIL and I mopped, dusted, vacuumed and i also lined all the kitchen cabinets. It was pretty filthy but much better now.

    In a couple of weeks i am driving there to spend the weekend with Ashley. We bought her a queen size bed so there will be plenty of room to bunk with her. She has the best room in the house. It is downstairs and has a huge closet. The other two bedrooms are upstairs in the loft and it is really hot. Those girls are going to have to get lots of fans for up there.

    The weekend i am visiting with her, the girls are throwing a fund raiser banquet to raise money for their "hunting club" that they started, so that will be fun.

    Anyway, i better get back to work here, so i will check in later Porchies. Love you all.

  3. Pippi1313

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    Good Mornin, Porch Peeps!

    I'm feeling better today, & the fog is beginning to lift from my brain (a little, LOL).

    I was just catching up on recent posts & saw a question I can answer!

    Someone asked why a wake is called a wake.
    In the old days, before funeral homes, a dead person was laid out in the family home before the burial.
    The body was never left unattended, hence someone had to stay awake all night, to watch over the deceased. That overnight vigil was the original "wake".
    Being of Irish descent, my ancestors naturally turned it into an all night drinking event. LOL The Irish "wake" is basically a loud, boisterious celebration of the persons' life, where stories & memories of the deceased are shared & laughed over.
    Our version of the "wake" is not remotely morbid.
    Even today, at funerals, my family always ends up laughing at funny memories of antics, or odd habits of the deceased.
    This doesn't mean we don't mourn our loss. We all mourn in our own way. But the "wake" is a time to celebrate that we had the person with us for a time.

    I also read about cherry trees. There's an old gnarled cherry tree at Mom's house. It produces loads of cherries, but it's in the way & all wild looking & needs to be cut down.
    Since all my bros & Pop like to BBQ & smoke stuff, I suggested they save the cherry wood, in small pieces, so they can smoke with it.
    It'll take a year for the wood to cure, but I sure wanna taste cherrywood smoked BBQ. (I'm not much of a meat eater, tho.)

    More later!

    It sure feels great to be rebounding!
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a quiet 4th here. About three decades ago
    I took my son to the Hollywood Bowl on the 4th.
    The final number was the Stars and Stripes Forever complete w/ fireworks. He was thrilled!

    But Gordon and I did nothing special this year. Walked Zippy in the evening. Lots of loud booms from nearby Dodger stadium. Zippy didn't seem to notice.

    Renee told me her two older dogs get frightened
    by the noise. She gave them a doggy tranquillizer. The puppy who is about 6 months
    old didn't seem to mind at all.

    Georgia, I thought of you when I was in the supermarket's produce section yesterday. They
    had beautiful bell peppers in 4 colors.

    They also had some Thai peppers at $9 a pound. (In small print the sign said, "From
    Mexico.) Wonder where "Mexican" peppers
    would come from. Thailand?

    I looked up intarsia knitting. Said multicolors,
    like argyle socks. Funny; "intarsia" doesn't look like a Scottish word.

    Julie, glad to hear you said NO for once. There
    are plenty of other people who can do the cooking for a change. Same for Micky re: a
    party at her house.

    Mickey, is Ashley moved yet? I never heard of
    a clinic in Walgreens. We have a Walgreens a
    few blocks away on Sunset Blvd. It moved in
    to a store that had been home to a Pioneer
    Market for decades.

    I've been there 3-4 times. The help is hopeless.
    Don't know a thing. Some don't speak English.

    Jole, a cherry tree sounds nice. My brother in
    Oregon has a bing cherry tree in his back yard
    as well as a garden. His best crop seems to be
    large beets. He cooks them w/ the skin on for
    added textural interest.

    When I was a kid in our village, there were a
    few apple trees scattered around. We kids used
    to help ourselves. No one every objected.

    Cynthia, I looked up Red Star chickens. They are brown w/ brown eggs. Couldn't find an
    aricanna chicken, but I found Araucanas. Same
    thing maybe?

    They are also brown, but according to the site the eggs are green.

    This begs the question: what shade of green.

    And another question: is this what Dr. Seuss
    had in mind?

    Well, better post this. Will be back with more
    fascinatin' facts and tantalizin' triva.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Granni, how did the line dancin' go? When I
    was a kid we did lots of folk dancing. Round and square. The only line dance we did was the Virginia reel.

    Linda, was Lucie frightened by fireworks? Are
    you doing any kind of physical therapy for
    your leg? What is the prognosis?

    Remember "Dark Victory" w/ Bette Davis and
    Ronald Reagan? Bette played a patient who
    had "prognosis negative".

    Elaine, did they have Home. Ec. when you were
    a student? It was home economics when I was
    in school. The girls took home ec. and the boys
    took shop.

    Every spring the girls put on a fashion show.
    They modeled what they had made. I still remember a bit of the narration.

    "Rosalie Bigalk wears an outfit suitable for informal gatherings on the patio. Notice the
    rick rack trim around the collar."

    Nobody in our village had a patio. Probably most
    of us didn't even know what one was.

    My mother remember a home ec show from when she was a girl. This would have been in
    the l930s.

    The girls were demonstrating good table manners. One polite young lady tried to cut
    a pickle w/ a fork. It shot across the stage like a
    missile providing a nice example of Newton's
    third law of motion.

    Pippi, no, we didn't have a bar-b-que. Did you?
    Gordon did do lots of cooking though including
    stir fry, macaroni and cheese, enchiladas, a
    ground beef and potato dish, and something
    else I can't remember.

    Joan, yes, can't beat fresh strawberries. I remember when I was a kid the Methodist church put on an ice cream social w/ berries,
    angel food cake, and ice cream.

    That was half a century ago and even back then
    it was listed in the paper as an "Old Fashioned
    Ice Cream Social". I think it cost 50 cents.

    Springwater, yes, Pippi is right about the derivation of the term "wake". Urban
    legend has it that it was to see if the "dead" person was only unconscious and
    would wake up.

    But Wikipedia says the word comes from Indo-European and means a
    watching or standing of the guard.

    Mickey, what is this hunting club going to hunt? Husbands?

    Hugs and waves to Carla and Barry and anydobby dropping by.

    Oh yeah, Have to call the opthamologist. I have a blocked tear duct. The internist
    says it needs to be taken care of right now before it becomes something to
    cry about.

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the stores, ate and then went back to another store with DH, Now I am to pooped to participate in anything :) !! However, that really is nothing new. I just need someone to keep pushing me or put in another battery to keep me going- like the energizer bunny.

    Pippi - Thanks for the info on the the definition of the WAKE. I think that I have hearad thata before but then forgot about it till you mentioned it. Yes, that was a big thing the wakes in the old days. Like you said they were held in the peoples homes. Can you imagine all the partying going on ?? Thayt must have been something. Hope you are feeling a little better.

    Rock - You must have gone to the same school as I did (almost). In 8th grade the boys took shop and the girls took home ec (one part of the year was cooking and the other was sewing). We had to make our own graduations dresses. BTW. I almost finished all of mine but it was MOM to the rescue as usual. I am not sure how many times I word the dress but I dont think it was to many:) !! I don;t think we hada to do a fashion show, thank goodness. You are so lucky that Gordon loves to cook. I a so tired of all the cooking. I used to cook alot more food and stuff with our big family but now do what I have to do, which is almost every day unless we are going someplace to go out to eat.

    Mickey - Sorry you had a boring weekend. We did to but that was OK. When you get older you like some piece and quiet. Sorry to hear that your daughter had a stomach problem. I forget who it was (Lindsey ?). Hope she is feeling better. Boy, you did alot of cleaning for your other daughter , Ashley IN HER "DORM" home. . You are going to collapse girl. Between you and Julie I am more tired listeneing toall the stuff you have been doing.

    Well, gang. Hope all is well. I have to go check my wash in the machine before it all wrinkles.

    Hugs to everydobby,


  7. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Haven't been to the porch in a week or two...I have been a bit blue and didn't what to bring the cloud of doom with me.

    Goatwoman...I love african violets, not so much the peppers, but the plants are beautiful! I am jealous that you can grow anything. I have a black thumb.

    Granni...me too, me too!! I need a battery! My hubby doesn't work in the summer as he works for the schools. He hate being home all day, he is just not used to being home during the day. I am beat:)

    Rock...I live in northern Michigan..a beautiful area....God's country! How bout you and Gordon move here...and maybe you can invite me and the crew over from dinner A LOT! I need a good meal and Gordon seems as if he can cook very well:)

    Pippi...I am so glad you are feeling better. I think I was caught up in the crack on the porch. I wondered have you been to Louisville...to the haunting asylum?? I have always wanted to go, I am a closet ghosthunter...lol!

    Out for dinner...more to follow! Emily says HI!!

  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Heck yeah! You're talking about Waverly Hills. I've been there twice. I'm associated with a paranormal investigator in Nashville, & I was the chief researcher for the project when he & some of the group came here to investigate.

    Being a local (with a family tie to the place) I know which of the myths are false. The misrepresentations are annoying, but I do understand the owners' need to draw in paying customers, to keep the place open & accessible.

    I did have quite an interesting experience there one night, that still puzzles me.

  9. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Pippi you are my hero, maybe when you feel up to it you could post about it, I would love to hear all about it! Another thread if you'd rather:)

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its Full Moon today.

    Chuckle…..I’m still laughing after reading Rocks post, very funny as usual.

    Cate – GOOD to see you pop in…I think I will have to ask a footstool to be made coz I noticed the legs ache a lot nowadays after standing around for a while or even doing nothing. We have a lot of carpenter shops around my area, so should be easy.

    Debra – wish I lived in Michigan…im always pining for the great outdoors..the houses are just mushrooming around our area, indeed the whole city.

    Georgia – I think the trip will be worthwhile…and your Oma so happy to see you. My Chinese friend gave me an African violet once in a pot, it lasted at my place for just couple of weeks..after that she has never given me a plant again…

    Granni – I remember a fashion show held in my school around when I was sixteen. But it was a fashion show with a difference. This particular fashion show had all the senior boys showing off girls dresses. Midis, maxis, minis, sarees, high heels they wore them all, and the people were rolling in the aisles laughing. Of course the hostel boys had made participating compulsory otherwise the more shy wouldn’t have agreed to.

    Rock – we had Home Science at school; our teacher was a north Indian very dainty spinster who had done her Home science studies in Edinburgh and spoke with a fancy Brit accent. Her favorite phrase was “well, I never, fancy that!” She was tall, stately and very sharp witted and took no nonsense. Because of her albaster skin and dark hair and dark eyes which she rimmed with kohl, and the upright way she walked, she got nicknamed Lady Macbeth. But we used to love her classes, because we got to eat what we learned to cook and she was such a very good teacher….dedicated and extremely dry wit.

    Pippi – good to see you rebounding….i think its kind of a tradition around here, lapsing into a flare, pit or whatever, and then rebounding. Did you read about Michael Jacksons ‘ghost’ appearing while they were filming Larry King Live in Neverland? Its supposed to be on utube. I could never never be a paranormal investigator; had one horrible experience in India. Really admire ghost hunters guys Scott and ? theyre so cool.

    Mickey - ive had weekends like that..when it was just boring. I hope Lindsey is feeling much more better. Ashleys new digs sound good…what fun they will have along with building a sense of responsibility.

    wil post this

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Elaine - just saw you posted, i hope the bleeding isnt anythng complicated..and that you wil recover soon....prayers going out for same and for Pippi.


    I will be going to maternal cousins moms death anniversary. Ironed my stuff and kept it ready. Big bro refused to go. He was called by middle brothers wife who found another creditor hounding her door. Before she leaves she wants to keep her kids with her brothers wife (he is out of town working), and keep her husband in a rehabilitation program. So big bro and his wife went and hunted out the place. But he says he is depressed because of younger brothers problems and doesn’t want to go anywhere.
    And I learnt middle brother has yet to do the CTscan.. So I guess I have to go and take him maybe tomorrow or day after. Another large chunk of money it will cost. I never ever imagined when we were young kids, how much problems this brother would cause and what hell his life would be. With older brother and youngest also jobless, life is seeming to be a frightening hellish place. And nowhere to run away to.

    Well onto more cheerful things, last night I made the macaroni and mince and invited bro in law over also. I had dropped off some pancakes at his place and went on towards town
    Where I accomplished a few errands. Bought some sage which I needed, I burn it in the rooms as incense, and got my watch battery replaced. The weather turned so hot, the sun so fierce I almost fell down exhausted and so took refuge in an Indian restaurant, and looked up ice creams on the menu. I found one which said “All American Banana Spit”. Hahahahaha. I don’t know if it was a printing error or they really thought it was spit instead of split. I ordered an ordinary vanilla one. I have passed by a tailoring shop which made suits….its name? Emblazoned on top of the shop proudly – “Human Fit tailors”.

    My son is very happy. In evening when bro in law came over, he got a lovely present from bro in law. A brand new Tissot watch costing 200 US$. Bro in law has just joined a bank some months ago and since he was on a stock inventory team to assess loan eligibility for a shop, he got a 20% discount. I think its bro in laws way of thanking his elder brother for helping out with the studies, looking after his mother and everything since dad expired. He is husbands step brother and only 25 years old while husband is 53.
    My son has always been wearing watches passed on to him by my bro in law and bro in law said he thought it was high time, he got to wear something new. Wasn’t that sweet and thoughtful?

    Well, I am off now. I really need a nice bath…already drenched in sweat..its so humid.
    And I am going to do a lot of breathing and meditation. Really need to apply those lessons in non attachment Buddhism teaches otherwise I will plummet again, trying to fix middle brothers stuff. I empathise with Elaine…she goes thru the same thing and I don’t know how she stays sane.

    You all take care.

    God Bless

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  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good morning all!!!! Well, i did it, i dropped my phone into a cup of cranberry juice and now it is dead. Figures, i would do something like that. I had brought cranberry juice for Lindsay because it is really good for urinary tract infections when we went to the doctor. It was in the cup holder and yup i dropped it right in there. Oh well, i think i am due for a free phone anyway so that is good. I will go on lunch and check it out.

    Pippi, i am Irish and French, my real name is Michelle (Mom's side) which is French and Mickey is very Irish (Dad's side). You guys should see my Dad on St. Pat's Day, he gets all decked out. He is so funny. He is definetly proud of his Irish qualities.

    Rocko - Yes Ashley is pretty much moved in, but she is still "home". She will be coming back and forth, she better anyway. I would miss her way too much. She usually works every other weekend at the hospital and a few days a week sometimes so she will to her other home those times. LOL

    Yes, some of the Walgreens have like an Urgent Care Center in them now. I think they started that about a year ago. This is the first time i had gone to one and it was great, they treat all kinds of problems. You can go online and check out what they treat before you go so you don't waste time going if they can't treat your problem.

    Hope you get that blocked tear duct fixed, LOL. YOu are so funny.

    Granni - Yes, Lindsay is definetly feeling better. She has taken 2 of the pills that they have given her so for and it is working like a charm. I am glad you are feeling better too.

    Georgia - Sounds like you are really enjoying your classes, I am so glad that you are doing something you love. $400 round trip sounds great, I would definetly jump on that. I hope you get to go.

    Deb - Tell Emily hello from me too. So glad you are starting to get out of the blue.

    Cate - Hi there Cate, haven't heard from you in awhile. Yes, the porchlight is always on and will never go out. So come by anytime you feel like it.

    Pippi - I love watching all those paranormal shows, especially Ghost Hunters, that one is my favorite. Hubby and i record all of those shows. I bet that was exciting being in on the investigation.

    Elaine - honey i am praying that everything is going to be okay, which it is so please don't worry too much and let us know ASAP what the doc says. I agree with Granni, have JSmith take you and be with you.

    Springwater - I am sorry to hear about your brothers troubles, and you having to deal with all of them. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you for a sister. I have never heard of burning sage for incense, i will have to try that. Sounds like you have a wonderful BIL and he must really love your son, that was very nice of him to get him that watch.

    Julie - I feel so bad for Kiera, i wish they knew where the lice was coming from. I would definetly have them bomb the house too to get rid of everything in the house. You may want to try this. This is what i did to the girls and it worked like a charm, however, it was hell getting all the oil out, but worth it. I poured just regular vegetable oil in their hair and went through with a fine comb and got everything out. Also the oil smothers the lice where they suffocate and die. It was a mess though that is for sure. I have pictures of them with plastic caps on their head. Poor things.

    Well gang, nothing new on my end. Just working, so love you all and have a great Tuesday.

  13. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Hi all, well the new burger at Mickey D's, Mushroom Swiss sucks. I'm not a big fan of Mickey's anyway but this burger had 0 favor and it was dry as the desert. Boo Hiss!

    After dinner we Chris (hubby) and I decided to take the girls to a movie (Emily-12 and Sarah-10). We saw Ice Age 3..not in 3D though. It was funny, but wait for the DVD if you can. We've also seen recently Transformers 3, and Star Trek...they were really very good.

    In the news recently I saw that there were some claims of racism with two of the robot cars. All I have to say is....what a dumb ass thing to believe. Those folks are really grasping for straws and need to find a new cause. IMHO, of course.

    Mickey...I really have to agree with you, I'm glad the weekend is over too! We live near Traverse City in Michigan. It's a tourist area and I hate the extra traffic. I love the bumper sticker "If its tourist season why can't I shoot them". I know, I know...I have a bad attitude sometimes:) Emily was tickled you said to tell her "Hi"!

    Elaine...Keeping you in my prayers, hope you are feeling better soon! BTW, I really admire your perseverance with exercise with FM. I know its so important and I really do what I can but some days rolling over is exercise!

    Spring...Ahhh, Northern Michigan is truly God's country. The colors in fall are indescribable! It is such a different world than down state. Been there, done that....ain't going back...lol!

    Lydia...the porch for me is a place to check my problems at the door. Just to enjoy the friendships and banter is such a blessing for me! I love you guys:)

    Well that's it for me...ttyl:)
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Boo hoo Deb, you aren't a big fan of me anymore. LOL, just kidding. Never heard of Mushroom Swiss Burger at McDonalds and i don't think i would get one from there either. I hope you don't get a tummy ache from it.

    My daughter went to see Transformers 3 last night, but have yet to talk to her to see how it was. She is usually still sleeping when i leave for work (during the summer).

    Well on my lunch I went to the phone store to see if i could get a new phone since mine died and hooray, i had an upgrade so i picked the FREE phone, yes, it was 100% free, i didn't have to pay a penny, just renewed for 2 years, which we would have done anyway. It is a white Sony Ericsson W350 (look it up on internet) and it even has a walkman on it and camera. I couldn't believe my luck.

    Sure they had some other ones that were only like 20.00 and some higher, but I just want a phone that i can talk on mainly for emergencies and such. I really don't care about all that other junk that i would never use anyway.

    So anyway, that was a good surprise. Well back to work gang. Take care.

  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i will go back to the last vol. and read it and also this one. I haven't been on as we had family here for the 4th and D remained for the rest of the week She will leave on Fri. and I will come back to talk to you.

    having a good time with her.

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    what a beautiful name. I didn't know your name besides Lilaclover. I am so glad you are enjoying all your company, that is wonderful to have your family all around you.

    Well gang it is 4:45 and closing time just about for me. So have a great evening everyboddy!!!!!!

  17. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi ya, Porch Peeps!

    I'm continuing to rebound, as I skip my IV treatments. That settles it for me. Regardless of what the docs' staff says, that's not a coincidence.

    I already forgot who said it, but I agree. I'm so glad the porch is here whether we're up or down! It's a good thing we take turns, tho! LOL!

    Rock: You gotta get that tearduct fixed cuz around here we never know whether to laugh or cry, so we gotta be prepared either way.
    Seriously, tho - take care of yourself.

    Mickey: Hey! I almost got named "Michelle". That was the other of 2 name choices when I was born.
    About the paranormal stuff: Yes, it's VERY interesting! It's another reason I was considering Sedona, AZ for a retreat. Not cuz of Sedonas' alleged paranormal happenings, but cuz I wanted to take a 2 day side trip to the Jerome Hotel, which isn't too awfully far away for a side trip.

    Springwater: I like to burn cloves for incense. There's just something about it that I absolutely love!
    I know what ya mean about your brother & the struggle between needing to change things, & needing to disengage from the situation.

    Elaine: Good luck with your doc! I hope everything goes well. Don't let them make you wait too long. If you become too anemic, it'll add to your pain. (Anemia is painful all by itself.)
    You are constantly in my thoughts!

    Granni: We could let Rock pick the story. I bet I'd laugh myself to sleep! LOL!

    Hugz 2 Lilac, Deb, Georgia, Cate, Julie, & everydobby else whose name escapes me, cuz my brain is already asleep!

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to the supermarket last night. Saw three funny signs. One was posted next to the frozen
    Cornish game hens. "Each hen makes its own

    I guess this is supposed to clue you in that you
    need to buy one hen per person. To me it suggests that a tiny little hen with no head will come to your kitchen and prepare dinner.

    And in front of the pharmacy dept is glass case
    with this sign. "All the items in this case are in
    Aisle 7."

    And I forget the third one.

    Granni, if you're tired of cooking, you might
    switch to dial-a-meal. Found a flyer on the
    gate this morning from the new "Village Kitchen
    of India".

    You can order stuff like:
    Lamb Vindaloo $8
    Tandoori Chicken $13
    Tofu Tikka Masala w/ spices $12

    I bet Springwater knows about this stuff. Oh
    yeah, they charge for delivery. Folks in that
    village must be pretty well fixed.

    Georgia, mein grossmutter war ein Deutscher.
    All we know about that branch of the family is
    that the name was Rudnick and she and a cousin came over around the turn of the last

    Mainly a bunch of drunks and bums.

    My mother grew African violets in MN which was
    hard to do. One of the things she loved about
    CA was that they were easy to grow here.

    Deb, I am a true son of the Middle Boarder (the
    Mid-West), but have never been to Michigan.
    I do miss the change of seasons, but not the
    fierce winters.

    Cate, come back when you can stay longer

    Deb and Pippi, I visited several ghost sites
    a year or two ago. One showed how to make
    your own ghost video. You need to buy some
    kind of soft ware.

    Then you put a camera on a tripod to keep it
    steady and film the room. Then you film it again
    w/ a person walking around. The software will
    turn the image of the person into a ghost.

    Elaine, sorry the recovery is not going so smoothly. Hope it's a minor problem.

    I remember back in the 90s I had cataract surgery at Kaiser. About a dozen people all
    reported the same day and had the surgery.
    The next morning we all gathered again.

    Everybody reported no problems except two people who had pain. Seems like there's an
    element of luck in everything.

    I have to see a dr.about my eye tomorrow. One
    of Gordon's co workers saw the same guy. She
    told him the problem can sometimes be cleared
    up w/ antibiotics. If not, then minor surgery.

    But I figure anytime someone is poking around my eye, it is not minor.

    All for now
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Springwater, that's nice that your son got a
    new watch. I quit wearing a watch a couple
    decades ago. Don't really seem to need one

    Your Home Science teacher sounds like Maggie
    Smith in "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie."
    Gordon and I saw Maggie in a Noel Coward
    play a couple decades ago. A few months
    later we saw Lynn Redgrave in another Coward

    Now I can't remember which was in which. But
    they were both wonderful.

    I agree, Julie. Lice and stomach flu at the same
    time is a bit much. Which is a bit of an understatement.

    Mickey, did Lindsay ask who's fault it was that
    the phone fell in the cranberry juice? Well, I'm
    happy that you're happy w/ the new phone.

    Seem like at least 50% of modern thrillers feature a cell phone but it is never charged when
    the heroine needs to call for help.

    Joan, glad to see you on the porch. Nice that your family could visit.

    Pippi, when I was a kid my favorite bedtime story was Winnie the Pooh. The
    stories were only about 20 years old then. Dr Seuss was not around at all.

  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Sorry to be MIA for so long. Last week was rough. All I could do was sit.

    I've been reading, but am too fuzzy to respond individually so I shall say that all of you are in my thoughts.

    I did manage to take out the trash and do some laundry today. We'll see how much more gets done tomorrow.



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