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    OK. I'm back! Just wanted to turn on the porchlight B4 somebody else did. That would be a major "fox pass", posting #401 simultaneously with somedobby else!

    Hey, Peeps! Who is MrDad? I don't think we've met. Has he been absent since I got here?
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    I was getting dressed Sat. and the phone rang and it was my good friend, the funeral director. He said that one of our coffee bunch for 30 yrs. had died during the night of a heart attack ! I don't even know what I said to him I was so shaken. She had had coffee with us the day before and was smiley and talkative! I still am in shock.

    #1 S. came to use his trimmer on the sidewalk and shrubs so he carried the food basket (pie and baked beans) and we went to her home. He DH of course is in shock. Her D and mine have become good friends by having knee surgery at the same time this spring. I called D as soon as I got the message.

    Sun. a.m. I read the paper and saw where one of Harley's dear friends, a lovely gentleman at the NH had passed away also. Just as I got out of the car at church another friend came up and asked of I had heard about the accident. Oh no, what else. Three local ladies had misread a stop sign and had gone onto highway and were hit broadside. 2 were airllifted to a big city and 1 was south at another city. One lady is my neighbor. By noon I heard that the one that was south had passed away. This a.m. the neighbor passed away! Our little town knows everyone and this has been in a state of shock.

    I will go to visitation for my dear friend at 6 p.m. and to the funeral tomorrow at 11 a.m.

    I really had a good time at the fair. Parked near to the sheep arena where the show was held. Got to eat at a nearby eating stand also and chat with people I knew. Also have an offer from fair board member that he will take me around anywhere in his golf cart.

    A generation younger friend asked if I driven out there and said yes. She asked "Alone". Yes, I did. "Why didn't you come with someone?" Answered "No one asked me" and laughed. Told me to get home by dark and I answered "Yes, Mommy". and she said "watch for deer". Now that I did as they are bad with the tall cornfields near the highway.

    That's enough about my tragedy and fair fun. Going to submit

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  3. Granniluvsu

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    Pippi- - Good job again in your turning on of the new Porchlight for the new volume.

    Joan - I am so sorry to hear about your dear friend, plus your neighbor and the friend of your DH that was in the NH. What a terrible accident to have happened. That was terrible that they 2 of them did not survive. Yes, it is all a terrible tragedy. I know that you will miss them all as well the people in your town. Yes small towns do seems to know everyone. I am so sorry about this. I kow it must be very upsetting to you and all in the town.

    Linda - Thanks for the info about Mrdad. He just sort of disappeared from the Porch and we all do miss him (those that knew him, for awhile anyway) I understand that you talk to him confidentially and that is fine. Please do tell him that he is missed a lot here and hope he doing well after his surgery.

    That must be funny to watch little :) Miss Lucie galloping or diving through the sprinkler. That is too cute.

    Don't forget to read the last volme to catch up, if you haven't read it all.

    Well, everydobby I have to go and start thinking about fixing dinner. Hope to check in later on to see who else has popped in.


  4. lilaclover30

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    Had a nervous moment. had 2 posts with an edit on one. Seemed to have gotten it done OK.!! Yea!

    Ii remember MrDad but know I haven't seen him for a long time.

    Oh my, I can't imagine chicken flavored tooth paste. Does sound awful but if she likes it, that's OK.

    But running thru the sprinkler brings back memories. Our kids when they were little just loved to do that. Just screamed and had so much fun. I don't remember myself and the sprinkler but when Dad had the hose on, I ran thru that and loved it. Oh my ----so long ago. Now greats are running thru the water of a fancy sprinkler. Kids love water.

    Oh, oh! Just re-read the post and is Lucie the dog??????? Oh well, they love itr just as much as kids.

    I wrote a card to a CAT Sat.! D's friend had a cat that she went to the house t o cat-sit for when they were gone. "Mommy" wrote a letter to Maggie and sent to P.O. box and we got it. I answered it and it was a fun thing to do. Well, that cat died and she has a new cat - a kitty that acts just like a human little one. Jumps on everything, runs wild, etc. So I wrote to the kitty and said since Maggie is so much older (wrote in 1st person) that she should be the kitty's godmother! It's a fun thing to do and it is addressed to the kitty too. Told him to behave toio.

    I'm out of things to write! Went blank! Guess I will find something to eat but I don't know what. I keep forgetting to get bread when I am at town.

    Hope all of you are feeling chipper after the party and had plenty to eat (and drink)!

    Hugz to all,

  5. Pippi1313

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    That's too much tragedy to even comprehend!
    Everyone must still be in quite a state of shock!

    I just came back indoors from the balcony, & checked to see who has been on the porch.
    I was out there sketching. I wasn't sketching what I saw. I was just sketching what came outta my twisted little brain.
    I've been in an artistic funk lately, with all the trauma (I really hate trauma & drama!). So, I just had to start drawing & painting whatever was gonna come out. I do think it's starting to help.


    PS: MrDad, if you read these posts, I'd really like to "meet" ya! I've grown to trust the Porch Peeps & their judgement, & you sound like somedobby very interesting!!![This Message was Edited on 07/20/2009]
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    Yes, 400 was my first Porch Party. I think my favorite part was how the sparks from the gasoline infused bonfire accidentally set off the fireworks waaaaay before it was time to light them! It was a sight to behold! Too bad I didn't have my camera.

    I didn't realize that a new treat had been invented. Are there any of the Cajun Blackend Permissions left? I'd like to try them.

    Was going to post yesterday, but was too tired. Felt good enough to go to church so I did.

    In the evening, a friend asked me to critique her baton corps. They are going to a national competion tomorrow and yesterday was dress rehearsal. That took all of my energy, but it felt nice to be needed.

    Went to see my reflexologist this morning. Did a bit of shopping for school supplies while I was out. Drama when I returned home. Someone had jimmied my door open! Of course, the police were called. I didn't enter until after they had check out the place, guns drawn and all.

    Get this. Nothing was taken. They did not enter. I can sense when someone's been in. It just doesn't feel right. That feeling wasn't there.

    The police say no one entered because nothing had been ransacked. Furniture, bed, bedding, closets, etc. were all still in place. Their conclusion was the alarm went off and they ran.

    Leasing's conclusion was the same.

    I don't know how that was because when I pushed the door open (I know, not smart), I set off the alarm. It would have had to have been reset.

    I think the Lord was watching and chased them off.

    After the dust settled, I went to Mom's for dinner and brought my niece back to babysit. Not much either one of us can do (actually, she's been trained a bit, I haven't), but I'm not here by myself tonight.

    She may stay tomorrow too. I figure I have her here, I may as well go to the grocery store! lol

    So, I hope tomoorw is a bit tamer than today!

    Love youse!
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been trying to get a Reply Button for about 12 hours. Finally used the
    proper technique. I had Gordon do it.

    Makes me so mad. He does the same thing I do. For him it works! Uff-da!
    It's like the Smothers Brothers. The machine likes him best.

    Got an e mail from Renee. She said she's had some sort of nagging flu
    for 3 months and has lost 3 pounds. I lost 5 pounds in 2 days.

    Anyhoo, as zee French say, I feel lou-zay.

    WAVES and WACs to all

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock -

    I hope your flu is a little better today.

    i have had this stalker hacker on my back for years now. it always tries to disable my computer...(unfortunately for it, my anti virus doesnt let it, but i know when it hooks on). It gets some cheap thrills i guess trying to disable peoples computers, must be some sick ex convict sitting in its room and pressing buttons.

    Everydobby -

    bit busy today....some errands to carry out and curtains to get down for washing.

    Had a long long talk at last with daughter, she is enjoying herself going to the library and just messing around...internships seem to be hard to come by right now, so she is just messing around and volunteering a little at refugee spaces..newly arrived people, getting their living spaces straightened out.

    hugs everydobby

    God Bless

    PS Wish it would rain some now, its hardly raining, just splotches for three mins and thats it..so its darned hot too.

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Ummmm.... Ghosts???

    Just kidding, of course. But it makes one wonder why someone would break in the door, but do nothing else.

    Is there someone who might want to scare you? Like an ex-boy-fiend or something, who would wanna make you feel vulnerable?
    People can be creepy, manipulative, (& dangerous?) like that.
    Be aware of your surroundings!!!!
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  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Ya know, Pippi, I did have a thought about a lady that used to live across the hall. She came on strong, but she wasn't destructive. Or so I thnk. She did like to have her way and she did like drama. I usually thawarted her on both counts.

    No ex-boyfriends. They have both married.

    My area of the complex is pretty quiet. I don't bother anybody. So I really have no clue.

    Don't really have anything anyone would want:

    - PC is a desktop - too clunky
    - sewing machine - who knows how to use one?
    - piano - who wants to drag that around?
    - books, sheet music, common household items
    - TV - don't gots one

    So, I'm back to "What was that?" I don't know. All I know is the door was jimmied, the lock was replaced and a reinforcer will be installed today.

    I'm just thankful I wasn't home and I didn't return to catch them in the act.

  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I thought of this, cuz I had a stalker once.
    It was SO freaky!
    I'd come out of a class & the guy "just happened" to be somewhere within my line of sight.
    Then he started
    "casually" showing up at my job EVERY day!

    I hadn't done a thing to encourage him. In fact, I had to be downright short with him, just so he wouldn't think I liked him or anything.
    For some reason, the creep just became fixated on me.

    It got really scary, cuz ya never know what somebody will do.

    I actually started to think this stalker might put me in a dangerous sitch, just so he could act like a "hero" or something, & try to make me think I needed him hanging around.

    Then I told my 5 brothers what was going on.

    I never asked them what was said, but the 6-man conference put an end to all of that VERY quickly!

    I hope your sitch was nothing more than a thwarted burglary attempt, & not something weird or creepy. :)

    Heck, maybe some would-be thief stuck his head in the door & decided your belongings weren't worth a felony charge?
  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well I am back, sorry about yesterday, I got so swamped the last part of the day and when i got home i cooked dinner and had to run out to Lindsay's softball game. I think that was the last one of the year. They actually have one on Friday, however, they are not going to have enough girls to play. Oh well, it was pretty bad this year and Lindsay was so frustrated with her team. I think this is her last year of playing.

    Anyway, to tell you about my weekend, it was wonderful. One of the best weekends i have had in so long. I was feeling wonderful for one thing. Ashley and I drove to Columbia, MO Saturday morning about 9 and arrived about 10:30. Springwater, it only takes about an hour and a half to get there.

    Anyway, I dropped her off at the convention center because they had to help out setting up for the banquet that night. I went to the mall and got some shoes and clothes, yes, i splurged on myself. For one thing, I forgot to bring shoes and my jeans. LOL

    Anyway, then I went to her house, which i just love. It is in the boonies that is for sure, but it is so peaceful and serene, I even saw 2 deer about 100 feet from her house. I just sat outside and relaxed until her and her roomie got home. Then roomie's parents came because they were going to the banquest as well. It was nice meeting them.

    We went to the banquet and boy was I proud of my baby. As you know, she and 5 other girls started their own Womens Hunting Club and they were part of the different clubs putting this banquet on raising money for the disabled hunters. They even recruited 4 more women hunters and they raised about 1,000 just selling raffles.

    After the banquest we all went to "Cody's", a country bar in Columbia. Boy was that fun and yes, after 3 long island teas and a shot of yeager bomb I rode the mechanical bull. I couldn't believe it. I even stayed on twice riding it (they let you keep riding it until you fall off). I finally feel off into the pit (big balloon and very soft). LOL I even got picked up quite a few times. That sure makes you feel good, especially, when you are in your forties, LOL. Anyway, after that we went back to the house and had about 15 people over (2:00 a.m. by this time). We roasted hot dogs over the bomb fire and they were the best hot dogs ever. I finally went inside about 3 and was knocked out. I think the girls finally came in around 4 or 5.

    Sunday morning i took all the girls out to breakfast at IHop about 10 in the morning and then Ashley and I headed home. As soon as i got home, i laid on the couch and was out till about 7 that night. LOL I was pooped out.

    Anyway, that was my weekend and I can't wait till the next time i go and visit, which will be soon. LOL

    Joan - Gosh, I am so sorry about your friends, that is just horrible. You are in my prayers dear.

    Georgia, I am also praying for you that you get that job. It sounds wonderful for you and something that you would enjoy. You deserve it and i sure hope you get it honey.

    Rock - That darn tootin computer, I am surprised you just haven't given up, but i am sure glad you haven't. Good thing you have Gordon.

    Carla - I watched your videos on Facebook and they were so good!!!!. Haley's new husband is sure a lucky lucky guy. She is absolutely beautiful and i see a lot of you in her.

    Teacher - So are you ready for back to school, i can't believe that is coming up already, Summer has gone by way too fast this year. Gosh, i bet that was scary coming home to that and i am glad you weren't home either at the time. What is wrong with people, how can anyone do something like that is beyond me.

    Springwater, i just love looling at your pictures on flicker. I love the area where you live, it is absolutely gorgeous. I am so glad you got to talk to daugher finally. I am sure that put your mind at ease. When will she be able to come home for a visit???? Yes, Ashley is only an hour and a half away so that is great.

    Pippi - You would love MrDad, him and Rock are a lot alike is their comical ways and he was the one that introduced me to the Porch and welcomed me with open loving arms. I sure wish you could meet him too. I was thinking about you telling your brothers about the stalker, LOL. I can just see how they probably went crazy with protection over you. Did you ever find out what happened???? or maybe you don't want to know, LOL

    Elaine - I don't know if you are religious or not, but it wouldn't hurt for me to pray for you that they do not find any other cancerous cells. I have a feeling that you will be free and clear honey.

    Julie - I just got my 4 month hair done up too. I agree with you, it is wonderful and i wish i could afford to do it every week. I so look forward to those appointments. It really makes me feel refreshed and like a new woman. LOL

    Granni - I am so bummed that i haven't had any more dreams about you. I can still remember that dream i had that you were in it. I think it is so neat how dreams are.

    Well if i missed anyone, i am sorry, i don't want to go back because i am afraid to lose my post, however, please know you are all true to my heart and i love you all. Take care and i will check back later gators.

    By the way, i didn't see that snake at all while i was at Ashley's house, so i think it is gone now I hope anyway. Oh, and the Landlord is having an exterminator come to the house and she is fixing all the things that we had on the list, so all is good.

    Bye for now, Mickey

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  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Well, not THAT way!!!

    I decided it was best to not ask my brothers what they said, or how they said it, to thwart my stalker. LOL! I have a feeling I don't wanna know. Besides, that way, I can't be called in to testify! HaHaHa!!!

    YAY for a family full of protective brothers!!!
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Georgia, you are so funny, you cracked me up about your neighbor not coming over anymore after your dream. LOL

    Well gang, it is closing time for me, and i wanted to wish you all a nice, safe, painfree evening. The girls did the grocery shopping for me today so I don't have to do that tonight. What a relief, that is my least favorite thing in the world to do.

    Anway, i get to go home and relax, watch tv and walk my doggie. Take care porchies and peepers.

    Love you all

  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    l just wrote quite a bit and what did I do? I hit something that turned all the post blue and poof=====away it went!

    i went to friend's funeral today. It was sweet and short, as requested. I walked to the tent with my walker for the burial service and that was difficult - the ground was soooo bumpy. I realized as I stood there that it was 2 mon. to the day that we had Harley's funeral and burial. Was rather hard then.

    Went to the luncheon and her DH wanted to talk to me. He needed to talk to someone who had been thru the same thing recently. I told him please not to be afraid of grief and when you are alone, just let the tears flow. I do that sometimes and gives me a little relief. I know that the 2 of them are now visiting up in Heaven and she is seeing the mother that she lost when she was 5 and holding the dear baby boy that died within a few hrs. of his birth/ God does wonderful things.

    Julie: When hyou get that beautiful and relaxing trip to your hairdresser, you are supposed to go home and
    curl up in the couch, and tell yourself how beautiful you are!! Don't mow!

    And I remember in my younger days when I had kids at home and a huge garden to can or freeze, I would say, "no rest for the wicked". Used to think I must really be bad!

    Teacher: I'm glad that you enjoyed your first porch party. Come back.
    How scary it must be to think that someone had been in your house! Doesn't it give you an awful creepy feeling? Glad you have new locks.

    Elaine: i just wish you the best possible news and take care of yourself. We love you!

    Sorry I didn't talk to all of you but Maggie, my cat, is meowing and grabbing at my elbow to turn this thing off and come out of the den. She doesn't wangt to stay in here anymore and won't go out of here along! Scardy cat!!

    Hope to hop in tomorrow when I am a little more rested and my brain is thinking ---- does it ever????

    All of you who aren't feeling well, I hope that rest and a good nights sleep helps and tomorrow will be better.

    hugz and love to everydobby!

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm here to post. Geez, I guess I will have to find a bedtime story to read PIPPI and bring some mfore goodies for our bedtime snack.

    It was to get here though tonight to see how everyone s doing. I spent a fun (huh) morning in the dentist's office have 1/2 of my mouth (teeth and guns) deep cleaned. The worse part were the shots for anesthesis and the trying to keep my mouth open so long. I have to go back in another month to have my other half done. It was so expensive (even with insurance). That is why we are having 1/2 done at a time. Oh well, at last 1/2 of my teeth and gums are clean :) !! I just can't believe the prices of these things. I guess cause part of the time they use the lazer cleaning. Not sure how expensive that is. The rest is scraping and such. What fun !!

    The I went to Annas Linens that have all kinds of home items with excellent prices. I did get some much needed sheets and some other little things. Then home for soem soup for lunch.
    The rest of the day was some wash (which I didn't finish ) and doing some homework on the computer on reducing my meds especially my b/p meds when they run out. I will be getting more pills, mostly generic.

    However, the Diovan is going to be the one expensive one I have to take anyway. I won't complain at the price of $90 for 3 mo supply (with my Mail Order Insurance) since I called up WM to find it was $108 a month at WM. YIKES !!!! I am so afraid of what might happen with this health care stuff that is going on now. That is another depressing story so I will try and not talk about it. DH and I are so afraid that many of us seniors might get the shaft in the end. I certainly HOPE NOT !!

    Remember, the Porch is a place for fun and frolic !!! So, I wil try and forget about all this mess.

    Joan - so sorry you had to go to another funeral sosoon after your DH's./ Was it yur neighbor or someone else in that accident? That is awful. You gave your friend''s hubby good advice. to tl talk about it and cry and let it out. It is good for the body and soul. Hugs to you my dear !!

    Julie-- I hope you took Joan's advice and didn;t mow the lawn after going to the hairdresser. You wear me out woman !! You can go fold the clothing in my drier OK ?? Hope all is well with you my dear.

    Elaine - thinking of you douring your doctor visits and such. Keep on trucking sweetie !

    Mickey - how nice it was of your girslt o do the grocery shopping for you all. BTW, it is good practice too.

    Georgia - You did the right thing about your meds;. Hope it works out and it is the job just for you and what your really want !! Hopefully no brats there either :) !! Sorry I haven't been in any more of your dreams lately.. That would be something fi we both did andwe acatually knew what we both looked like :) !!

    Rock - sorry to hear you haven't been well. Hope you will be feeling better soon !!

    Teacher - what a scarey thing to have happen in your house (or apt, I forgot). How teerrible but I am glad that you didn;t go there while they were there and no one got caught. Great that you changed the locks. When do you start back to school - you lucky girl??

    Spring - Hope you are doing OK and have some mroe NRG to getup and out to do your chores. Last time I heard you didnpt have much NRG but were going to do some chores or visits anyway. Good Girl .

    Well, I better get outta here and take my nighty night supps so I will be ready for beddy bye when that comes aorund soon.

    Sorry, I cannot talk to you all but please know I love you all !



  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    So good, duh-duh
    So good, duh-duh

    Took my momma to the doctor
    (I said "doctor")

    Took my momma to the bank
    (money, money, money, money, mon-ey)

    Took my sister to the dollar store
    (another day older and deeper in debt)

    My niece helped me take my patio swing apart because it was falling apart
    (She works hard for the money)

    Watched a bit of the solar eclipse on-line while listening to a female reporter ask one partner if that was the moon on the left and another if they were supposed to continue to keep the camera on the eclipse.
    (There's a moon out tonight, wa-ha-ha-hoo)

    And now it's bedtime. I'se tard!
    (Rock-a-bye baby on the treetops)

    Will see you all later!
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    to say hello...i have to go out to a monastery...yesterday also was out most of day, husbands uncle phoned to say a relatives father in law had passed so i went with uncle and his wife.

    Was tired because had just got back from shopping for groceries and the tailor when i received the call to come.

    Also bumped into an old friend and spent some time catching up. It seems most of the folks we knew some 30 years back are having problems with their families by way of property distribution and stuff. Siblings who used to be thick as thieves.

    Granni - Im okay energy wise but taking care not to over do...and experience the slump.

    Teacher - sorry to hear of the break in..please take measure for your safety..these are rather dangerous times.

    Mickey - glad you liked the pictures...

    sorry cant address everyone right now...have to run...will return later


    hugs all around

    God Bless
  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    G'Nite, Everydobby!

    Last night I dreamed I woke up to discover my building had collapsed, & mutant monsters (missing neighbors) had escaped from a sceret mad-scientist lab in the basement.


    Whatever happened to "sweet dreams"??? LOL!

  20. jole

    jole Member

    only to find I've missed a great party! It was great hearing about all the old days...I too was one of the very first of the bunch of porchies...and so much has happened since then...people coming and going, but never forgotten!

    Anyway, a week ago we were at the lake when my hubby was hit by tremendous pain in his back and leg...the same as before with a ruptured vertebrae that required surgery...twice. Well, after a trip to the doc, pain medication and an MRI, we had our family reunion at the lake this past weekend.

    It was a lot of fun for all our kids/grandkids, but I have to admit a little disappointing for us. I was worried about hubby...and since neither one of us were able to go out on the water due to pain, etc. we missed out on a lot of the fun. Our one daughter was here from NE with a 2 year old and 3 month old, so I spent most of my time in the camper with her baby so she could visit her siblings.

    The most important thing though was that all the kids/grands had a good, relaxing, time to visit and catch up with each other's lives....which was our Christmas present to all of them, and one that they look forward to each year.

    Got home Mon. evening and the phone rang....it was the doc calling to say hubby's MRI didn't look good at all. Severe narrowing of the spinal cord plus another bulging disc, so we go back to Wichita for another consult tomorrow, and probably a 4th back surgery for him.

    The last time they were trying to remove a lot of scar tissue/calcium buildup to free the nerves and punctured the spinal sac. They had to use some sort of glue to seal the hole, which is part of the problem this time. Scarey time!

    We were told this surgery would be even more complicated and dangerous to free up the nerves, and recovery time will be anywhere from 4-12 months. He has had a lot of muscle atrophy in his one leg, and is prone to having his leg give out easily. His pain tolerance is extremely high, which means by the time he goes to the doc it's already too late for a good outcome.

    Pretty sure this is the end of his farming career....and it's not easy on him at all to face that fact. Yes, you're all right, getting old is definitely not for sissies!!!! And I'm so good at preaching "Let go, Let God" and suddenly I just can't do it....what a hypocrite I've turned into! I've shed more tears...for him, and his loss of so much...than I have in forever, and wonder where they all come from......Joan, I think of you and all you went through with your dear hubby!!

    Needless to say, this has all put me not only into a flare, but my nerves are more than shot. Add to that trying to figure out a way for the farming to get done, wells to get checked, cattle taken care of, cats/dogs fed, flowers/tomatoes watered, etc. I'm not quite sure what way to turn right now.

    Oh well, life does go on, doesn't it? And yes, we all have our problems. Elaine, I wish you the very best with your upcoming tests and treatments.....Joan, prayers to you and all the friends families.....Rock get better.... Pippi, good to hear you sounding perkier....Georgia, happy hunting and hiring....and to all the rest, just know that I care and love ya all.

    Will be back as soon as possible....please say a few prayers....we don't know if this first visit will be just a consult, or if the surgery will be an immediate thing. Will do whatever they say at this point. My hubby is a wonderful guy who never complains...just keeps putting everyone else first and hates asking for help back. It breaks my heart to see him have to go through this again!

    Love and hugs to all my dear friends....thanks for letting me vent a little***Jole***

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