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    Hi Ya Porch Peeps! I didn't get caught in the door this time!!!!!

    I brought oatmeal raisin cinnamon cookies!
    What did y'all bring to the porch tonight?????

    Hope everydobby had a good-enough day!

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  2. Pippi1313

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    Haven't found a knitting teacher yet.
    Might hafta check craigslist or something, but I'd much rather have somebody here in the building. Even if I found somebody close by, I'm not entirely comfortable going to a strangers' house, & I never know when I'll have a "sick day" & not feel like catching a bus...
    I'll keep trying for somebody here.

    Didja find anything "unprofessional" on Brats' FB page? Like something the boss would frown upon? ;P

    ToOoOoO funny about your itchy neighbor!!!! LMAO!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to the library today. It was book sale day,
    and there were books on hold to pick up.

    Of course I had no library card or money, so
    things did not go exactly as planned. I remembered
    when I was getting ready to go that
    I had to transfer stuff from one pair of pants to
    the other.

    The problem w/ remembering for ALZ patients is
    that it doesn't do any good. One immediately

    Well, luckily I had 40 cents in one pocket. Was
    able to pick up a few paperbacks.

    Granni, I never saw a sewing machine that was
    propelled by knee pushes. Lots of folks still had
    treadle machines when I was a kid. They used
    them too.

    But, in the 50s my mother bought a mangle. It
    was a giant iron, about the size of a spinnet piano.
    Kenmore and Maytag both made them.

    Perfect for ironing big stuff like sheets. And it was
    operated w/ knee peddles. I tried
    to find a picture of one on the net. Not only
    couldn't find a picture, the stupid machine froze
    up and threw me off the net.

    Maybe computers would work better if powered
    by peddles.

    Elaine, as far as I could tell, your singing was
    just fine. I always wanted to be a great singer.
    Wasn't even a mediocre one. Ah, well...I'm
    a great listener. Haha.

    Springwater, never heard of Lisanthus. Found a
    photo on the net. Looked a lot like purple roses.

    You ever see wild roses? They look more like apple
    blossoms. Only a few petals. Saw some
    on a picnic half a century ago. They were climbing on a
    farmer's fence. Small, white flowers. Nothing at all like the
    modern hybrid floribundas.

    Pippi, hope your pain recedes w/ the water. Pain makes
    me crabby, like an old bear w/
    a wounded paw.

    Do you have a lotta dexterity? Gordon tried to
    teach me how to knit. Didn't get very far. Like
    trying to teach a bear to type. I just don't have
    the necessary brain-eye-hand coordination.

    I don't know what that is so hard to understand.
    My mother insisted for years that I could be a
    great pianist if I would just practice.

    Wake up and smell the reality of the situation,

    Georgia, how is working two days? Is it a problem w/ not finishing
    up some project on the second day? Anyway, hope it works out.
    The last two years I worked I could only do 2 hours a day, but that
    was ok cause I didn't take on any projects that required a lot
    of time.

    Julie, if you can hem, you're an advanced sewer as far as I'm concerned.
    Just before I left for college my mother showed me how to iron a
    shirt and sew on a button.

    I have sewed on a few buttons over the years. Never attempted
    anything that required more skill.

    Just heard crunching at the door. Yup, it's mama raccoon
    and the 3 younguns. They are
    so cute I'd like to go hug them. Haha, I couldn't catch them,
    and if I did I wouldn't dare pick one up.

    Hugs and waves to everydobby who's not here
    at the moment: Barry, Jole, Linda, Cate, Mickey,
    and all the beloved et ceteras.

    Your friend in cyber space
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    jole Member

    Pippi, I added some homemade banana bread and maple donuts to your cookies! Jerome just made a fresh pot of coffee so it looks like we're set for now, since there's no calories here. Yea, 'cause I love donuts 'n oatmeal raisin cookies!!!

    Bet that storm sounded great from your vantage point. Actually, I love storms IF I know there's nothing evil in them, being in tornado country.

    Georgia, I loved the humor of the flea story...it had me laughing also, although I doubt that you honestly gave anyone fleas on purpose.

    Glad to hear your family is helping out financially for now. Yep, never know about these relatives! I got an email from my brother who's been an outcast for the past 5 years. And he actually didn't want ANYTHING but to get caught up in each other's lives again...at least not for the moment. Just a little wary of him yet though.

    Rock, my hubby forgets his wallet when going to town also. But the funny thing is, I only go with him once a month to get groceries, and that's the only time he "forgets" it. He knows mine stays in my purse, and I think that's his way of making sure the groceries come out of my account! lol.....he's sneaky like that!!!

    Beirock is indeed German. It's cabbage and hamburger with seasoning rolled in bread dough and baked. Ends up like a larger version of the hot pockets they have now, but much better with the homemade bread! Very good. Some people use saurkraut instead of cabbage, but I like the cabbage better. I can't do it anymore 'cause it takes too much time and I can't do the bread dough. So I make the casserole instead.

    My mother also had the sewing machine Granni talks about. It had a lever under the cabinet at knee height that you pushed to make it go different speeds. Very creative. She used it for a long time between the treadle and the electric. It was actually her favorite, but the treadle was the best for patching jeans and making quilts...it just seemed to handle the heavier materials better.

    Oh, your raccoon family sounds delightful. When we were smallish we had a baby 'coon that was abandoned by its mother, and our cat took it in as her kitten to raise. It ended up so big that it'd knock it's mother cat over to nurse. Was sooo funny to watch. But that cat loved it as much as her own kittens!

    My brother had one as a pet years later that crawled up and sat on his shoulder. It even went places with him in his car. Never left his side. So they can become domesticated.....not sure about housebroken though...I never asked him that question...lol...

    Elaine, I'm cheering for you with the chemo, and praying it goes as easy for you as possible, while killing off all those nasty beasties! Just remember we're all here for you, and as strong as you are, you will still have "down" days. I hope you take advantage of the new closeness with your mother to share those days with her....that's what she really wants, is to be able to hold you and comfort you when you need it. That's just the way mothers are!! And it's always okay to come here and get a little lovin' also, okay??

    I know you're a strong woman....and a proud one....and a very independent one...and I admire you so much for that! Your dad was a wonderful person who instilled some wonderful values in you...the fight and determination you have! There aren't many who can go through all you've been through and hang onto their sense of humor the way you have. But please let others "in" when needed, okay? I love you!!!

    Well, not much going on at the "ranch" today. I'm still slowly cleaning, and hubby is baling hay for the winter cattle feed. He won't be home for lunch, so maybe I can work and nap as needed and get a few things accomplished. You know, I still have the wedding pictures of my last two girls to get hung....it's been 4 years for the one, so maybe I'll see if I can get them up with the others...without them being too out of line. That's certainly NOT my strong point.

    Joan, Spring, Granni, Mickey, Cate, Teacher, Linda and all....thinking of you today! Love to all.....Jole
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  5. Pippi1313

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    Skies are bright, blue, sunny & clear, and the water has found it's way into the river. (Everydobby downstream, look out!)

    Elaine: Just remember that change takes time, & FORCING someone to change (that would mean your sister & her accomplice) could be difficult for your mom. It's gonna be tough to steer "Hurricane Sis" outta your path.
    HOWEVER! Rock was right!!! Rock says he gets crabby when he's in pain. Hey! Me too!!! Guess what? Hey! YOU TOO!!! LOL!
    As my mom always says: "Play it for all it's worth!" Translation: "use the tools you have & elaborate when nessecary". If Hurricane Sis gets anywhere near you during treatment, you have license to be a "crabby sick person". LOL! Be as crabby as ya wanna be (with Sis). Make her start saying: "GEEZ! She's mean when she's on chemo!!!"

    All is fair in love & war - as the old saying goes.
    Families seeem to be love AND war... Sometimes.... :)


    Now, about this sewing stuff:
    I discovered the best way to "hem" jeans a long time ago. Note: This approach doesn't work with dress-slacks.
    To "hem" jeans, cut off at the desired length with pinking shears - put thru the wash - VIOLA! A nice, stylish fuzzed-out line that breaks pefectly over the top of my sneakers, for a soft, I-paid-extra-for-this look! ;D

    Now a personal note:
    DANG! Y'all won't believe this! I don't date. (That's the part you will believe.) It's just not worth the hassle, being in a "relationship" IMO.
    "Relationships are hard work" says Dr. Pill (not a typo) on the tv. Well, who the heck needs another (unpaid!) job?
    The way I see it, not everyone is meant to be part of a couple.
    We weren't all put here to follow the same path, right?
    I'm a solitary person (without being all hermit-like about it), & I'm very comfortable with that.
    BUT! I got FIVE different dudes wanting to date me!!!!!!!

    I hate having to turn down a perfectly nice guy, w/o hurting his feelings.

    Normally, I just tell them they're really nice (& sometimes I add "& VERY cute!") but I don't date.

    That has worked fine, so far.

    Now, there's a slight problem with that line.

    I just MIGHT date Jesse!

    Hence, I can't tell the other guys I don't date, & then have them see me out with Jesse. They'd know I lied to them. Besides the fact that I despise a liar, & don't wanna become one, that would be more hurtful than an honest rejection.

    I suppose I could go with the line: "I'm kinda seeing someone already".

    But I haven't decided IF I really am gonna date or not.
    Every time I decided to date anyone in the past, things never turned out well.
    I actually really like Jesse, & I'd hate to mess that up by dating him.

    OK. Admittedly, I'm not extremely experienced at dating.
    But dang! I only have to walk in front of a speeding bus 2 or 3 times, & I'll remember not to DO that again! LOL!

    Anyhow... I don't even know why I'm telling about this. It's just all weird & stuff! haha


    Gotta go now.

    Catch y'all later!

  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Oh, brother! Not THAT tired old line! "Born again christian"??? I wish I had a nickel for everybody who claims to be a born again christian, but in reality merely has an annoying church habit (combined with a serious superiority complex).

    I tell them their claims are giving christians a bad name.

    I'm not knocking all christians. Some of my best friends are christians, & one even refers to himself as a "regular Jesus freak". LOL!

    It's those hypocrites who give the whole religion a public black eye...

    I really, really, really, really hope you're not gonna have a bad flare!!!!!!

    I'm sending positives vibes & gentle hugz!!!!!!!

  7. jole

    jole Member

    Whoopsssss....it's almost 2 pm. Just looked at the clock.

    Pippi, wow! Do you know how many girls would love to have your dilema of 5 guys??? lol...
    Actually, how about going with Jesse just as a friend and see how things develop? You don't have to call it dating, and if you tell him up front that you'd love to spend time as a friend then no one can get their feelings hurt. HOWEVER, if you've already been seeing him as a friend....well.....I wouldn't say you've lied to the others. It's just that situations sometimes have a way of changing. That's just part of life.

    And by the way, Dr. "Pill" has been wrong about a lot of things, but the relationship part...yes, it does take a lot of work, but it's also worth it (most of the time). Wishing you the best!!

    Julie, I really feel sorry for your SIL. Guess I didn't realize her whole situation. And no, it's not strange to feel you need to get away from someone. Sometimes that's all that saves a person's life! I hope it doesn't get too serious, because it can be terribly frightening. If she would have to come stay with her father, that's probably one of the first places he would look. Sometimes this world is just not a nice place to be.

    Georgia, hope you're feeling better. Oh, sending your ex a pic of a goat sounds like such fun!!! Would love to see his face. You come up with the funniest things to do......

    Rock, I too get really cranky with pain. As a matter of fact, I owe my hubby a huge apology. I didn't sleep last night...was up when he got up at 5:30...visited a bit, had a cuppa together, then he left. I finally went to bed about 8 and he came in at 8:30 and woke me up. I yelled at him to just let me sleep when I have the chance and he left....haven't seen him since. I know I hurt his feelings, but darn, I don't wake him in the middle of HIS night!

    Oh well, things will be okay again, but he must be pouting now 'cause I called him on his cell phone to see where he is, and he won't answer. Guess he doesn't want to wake me.....

    Back to cleaning. Just had to visit and vent. Glad there's just a few of us here...lol....and hoping I can sneak back out without anybody noticing....love to all...Jole
  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I am sorry i have been MIA, but i have had a horrible headache since Tuesday. I have never had one as bad as this, it almost made me throw up several times. I feel so sorry for people that constantly have migraines, I could never go through that all the time.

    But guess what, i think i figured out the problem as to why, a stupid plug in in my office. Yes, i bought one of those oil plug ins on Monday and plugged it in and by Tuesday morning that was when it started. Well this morning i took it out and just about 2 hours ago, the headache magically went away. I hope that was all it was. I should plug it back in and see if it comes back, but i really don't want to go through that again. Yikes.

    Oh, got a funny. On the way to work yesterday morning i almost crashed (well that is not funny but the ending is). Anyway while driving on the highway i noticed something moving to my left (my windows was up), it was a medium sized frog, OMG, it scared me to death. I tried rolling down my window and pushing it out but it just hopped back down on the floor and disappeared somewhere. So of course I have been looking everywhere for it since then. I even opened all my doors when i got home that night for a while hoping that it would jump out.

    Well, this morning lo and behold i found the DEAD frog under one of the seats, LOL. Whew I am glad that ordeal is over. I am such a wimp when it comes to bugs or any kind of slimy things. I wish my daughter, Ashley was around. She would have gotten it for me. LOL

    Oh, gosh, i am being paged right now, i will have to post this and come back porchies. Bye for right now.

    Okay, i am back, but now it is 5:00 and time to go. I miss you all so much, I need more time.

    By the way Georgia, I absolutely love your Facebook name, LOL. So cute.!!!!

    Have a great evening everyboddy and i promise i will make the time to come on tomorrow.

    Love ya and take care,

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  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Some of those of those scents that are made with oil are just too strong for me - kind of sickening. i have one from B & B (don't know if I can name the shop) but it is plugged in the outlet. The first one was wonderful, the second I threw our after about 2 days and this one is Sweet Pea and is wonderful, not strong at all.

    I laughed out loud over the frog story! How in the world did it get in the car. But aren't you glad that you found a DEAD one instead of a LIVE one. I don't care for the creepy things. I didn't know until yesterday that we have tree frogs around here! Friends say that they hear them in the evening- I'm not out in the evening! I thought that they lived only in the south.

    Georgia: I'm not preaching------but the ones I know are not rich or nothing. I feel that I am a Christian but I don't brag about it to feel holier than thou. Maybe it depends on where you are. Sorry I preached!

    My DIL always asks for prayers for someone to get an A on a test, do well on something else, get the house that they want! I do not believe in that. Think it depends on the person himself as to what they achieve.

    Georgia: What a surprise to see a goat appear on the screen! A genius at work!

    I am jinxed!!!! I told you about the time I tried sausage and kraut in a pressure cooker and it would not open. I threw it in the trash and now it is in our landfill! Well, last eve. I was going to prepare it in the crock pot but I got too tired. So this a.m., not early enough, I put it all together in a big pan, added chicken bouillon and water and put it on a burner. I was doing the dreaded job of completely redoing the litter box for Miss Picky. Makes my back hurt soooo much. Guess what I smelled next????? Right!!!!! Scorched food!!!!!!!!!!I went out slowly to the kitchen, couldn't go fast, and the odor was terrible. I tasted a piece of sausage and it was awful sooooooo, down the disposal it went.Never again will I try to cook something.

    I used to be a really good cook - family all said so ----fixed maybe 14 dishes for a get-together and didn't want help as I loved to do it. Gee whiz! Now I can't even fix sauerkraut!!

    Pippi: Try a date with Jesse. Who knows - you might learn to really like him. Never hurts to try!

    Julie: that is so scary about Den's sister! People like that always end up in trouble somehow - just so they don't hurt someone else in the process. No wonder you are worried about her. I am sorry to say this but I read in the newspapers and see on TV where people like him do awful things. Don't mean to frighten you more but keep away from him if he ever comes around again.

    I am sorry, porchies, but I am not even going to TRY anything to bring anything along! How about just good old potato chips and dip? I know I could do that without burning it up!!!

    Elaine; I am so sorry to hear that you have to have 2 rounds of chemo. When you feel good, do just what you want and when you want to do it. Just don't push yourself. Just let Elaine be Elaine! You are a precious person and you need to take care of yourself. Wonderful! Your mother told your sis just what she expected of her and what will happen if_---------------

    Rock: I love the old fashioned roses. My grandma had a beautiful small yellow rose that was so fragrant and pretty. Then she had a bush that had good sized fuschia blossoms on it, lots of them. I used to pick them and put them in a vase in the living room. So fragrant!

    i do believe that I have rattled on long enough, I am so tired, hungry, shoulders hurt, hands hurt.

    So long for a while. Hope to come in a see you all tomorrow! Get a good nite's sleep and say "go away" to those pains.

    Gentle hugs,

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    Pippi1313 New Member

    Yep. Total accident! All I wanted to do, was move my stereo speakers. They were on the floor, in a corner, stacked atop each other.
    In order to move the speakers, I had to get to the wires. The wires were behind a buncha books & junk, on a low shelf (about 7 feet long).
    Well... Things have been piling up over there. Which is why I wanted to move the speakers anyway. My art supplies (mostly) had been spreading themselves out from the long shelf & the corner, & things were beginning to block the speakers. Hence, I figured I'd get the speakers higher & spread them apart, the way they're supposed to be.

    I have some really great relaxation / meditation CD's, & I'd like to hear them as they're meant to be heard.
    (I could put it on the Pod, but I can't sleep with headphones. & forget about "earbuds"!!!)

    I slid myself around on the floor (which is the way I get a lotta work done), & moved everything to get to the speaker wires.
    I saw how dirty the shelves & floor had become, so I had to clean them before I put stuff back, of course.
    Rearranging the stereo & speakers was simple. Then I turned around & saw what a gosh-awful buncha disorganized junk I had piled up, in the middle of the floor.

    I had to put my paints & other art stuff in their containers, cuz they just seem to migrate everywhere when I'm working.
    Then I realized some piles of old papers & stuff could be thrown away...

    Now that side of the apartment looks great & I can even find everything!

    In a studio-apartment, if one side of the house is clean, it draws attention to the fact that the OTHER side of the house is cluttered....

    Well, dang!

    Since I keep the kitchen area & bathroom really clean already, I had to clean up the remaining clutter. So now the wholw house is de-cluttered!

    Now I need a nap... LOL!

    You're SO right about your entire post!
    Especially about dangerous people. We have a victim-notification program here. The victim of a violent crime (or threat) is notified when the offender is released from custody. Sometimes, tho, they don't get notified til the person has already been released. That has led to tragedy.
    You're also right about scents & headaches.
    I'm so allergic to most scents, I literally can't walk down the detergent aisle in the store!

    Well, Peeps. I'm worn out from all that cleaning & organizing!
    I'm gonna lay down & find something brainless to watch on tv.


    PS: If I do decide to date Jesse, I'll have to set the rules up front & let him know I'm not required to kiss him goodnight or anything.
    (I did mention before, that I'm NOT a romantic! LOL!)
  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    It's funny but, how did a kid that age have the remotest idea about a you-know-what?

    Where is everydobby today? Kinda quiet out here.

    Did somebody delete a post?
    My brain is acting weird today, but I coulda swore the number got smaller when I refreshed the page....

    I guess I'll sit out here on the porch swing by myself & watch the stars. Maybe I'll see a UFO or something.....

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon's office moves tomorrow. He has been
    bringing home stuff for two days including a
    turkey breast. It has been in the office freezer.

    It must be from last Xmas or Thanksgiving. Or
    maybe even older. Well, I can always roast it.
    If it's been in the freezer too long, the critters
    will appreciate it.

    Speaking of which, a lone raccoon and a skunk
    are outside the front door right now. Haven't
    seen a possum for some months.

    Joan, chips and dip are always good. I remember back
    in the 50s when chip dip was
    new. My mother came back from a bridge
    party laughing. She said her mother tasted
    the chip dip and found it revolting. Kept
    making faces all evening.

    She said, "Nobody is going to want to eat that
    stuff Uff-da! Her name was Aasa Gurin Harstad,
    a good Norwegian name.

    By the way, remember back 10-15 years? There
    really was a chip dip you could burn. You had
    to bake it in the oven. Combined artichokes
    and parmasan and mayonnaise.

    It was tasty, but so rich you couldn't eat much
    of it. Wonder if anybody still serves it.

    Pippi, the fundamentalists will approve of your
    No Kissing rule. They are afraid kissing will
    lead to dancing.

    I think that's from Garrison Keillor's joke book.

    Your cleaning adventures reminded me of a
    friend who told me she has a slight tendency
    to overdo at times. She does the dishes and then
    cleans the sink and, of course, that leads
    to wiping down the counter, and pretty soon
    she's washing the walls and thinking about
    doing the ceiling.

    That's why it takes her 3 hours to do the dishes.

    Sorry to hear about your new glasses, Elaine.
    Salespeople are not a very reliable source of
    info. Generally, anybody who is trying to persuade
    you of something is someone to be leery of. That
    includes politicians, tv preachers and sleazy boyfriends.

    Jole, guess you'll have to give hubby friendly
    reminders from now on. "Got your wallet, Honey?"

    I don't know why hanging pictures should be
    a problem. I remember a few years ago 2 guys
    came to hang pictures at the law firm.

    They had levels, some kind of laser beam, cords that
    retracted like measuring tapes, wire, various sizes of nails
    and hammers, and two sizes of ladders.

    Took 'em all afternoon to hang a dozen pictures.

    Julie, can't beat good old Rice Krispie treats.
    Gordon makes 'em for his office a couple times a
    year. His mother tried one once and liked it,
    so he told her how to make them.

    They turned out fine except she added an
    Asian touch: cilantro.

    Jole, yes, it can be traumatic to be awakened.
    A few years ago when I was still working I walked
    into the boss's office shortly after 8 AM
    and turned on the light.

    This provoked a loud moan. Turned out the boss was
    sleeping on the couch and was badly hungover. Shortly
    after that he hit bottom by hitting another car.

    This resulted in considerable expenses and
    spending time at the beach picking up trash.
    The story has a happy ending, though. He
    joined AA and got sober.

    Been wondering where you were, Mickey. Sorry
    to hear about the terrible headache. Sounds
    like you figured out the problem.

    I remember sniffing one of those aroma do-dads
    that you hang on the review mirror. It was
    supposed to smell like "New Car". What it really
    smelled like was "Nasty Chemicals".

    Hope you can post tomorrow. The porch needs
    your sunny presence.

    Well, kids, have to find something to munch on.
    There's half a can of Campbell's bean soup in
    the fridge.

    I already ate the top half. I made it French Bean
    Soup by adding croutons. Well, actually it was
    only two croutons, but they were pretty big.
    Actually it was 2 pieces of toast.

    Bon Appetit and Adieu

    La Rock
  13. jole

    jole Member

    Two big croutons= two pieces of toast! Rock, I can always count on you for a good laugh! And don't you dare say there's anything wrong with your mind....your wit and humor is going nowhere!!!!!

    The cleaning story is exactly how I was in my "former" life! My friends said they never saw anyone wash walls as often as I did...lol...and for the same reason, I'd get on a roll and not know when to stop! Honestly, my house was cleaner with me working full time, raising 5 kids, running to ballgames, etc. than it ever is now. Nope, still haven't gotten my curtains washed...OR my pictures hung! Oh well. Doesn't bother me anymore either like it did then.

    Mickey, hey you frog-loving girl! Good to see you back! Yes, some of those plug-ins will do me in also...but then I get migraines fairly easily. Hope your day is better tomorrow. Oh, no tax-free weekends for Kansas...darn!

    Joan, Sweet Pea is one of my very favorite hand lotions. My grandson bought me some when he was 3....picked it out himself! I'm not usually into scented things, but I do like that.

    Oh, how I relate to you with the cooking, Joan. It's not just you...I can now mess up a tuna casserole that has what, 5 ingredients? It's the most humiliating, worthless feeling to not be able to do what you know you once did easily and well, isn't it? Some days we eat sandwiches out of necessity, not convenience...lol....and canned soup isn't bad either, although it's something I never fixed when the kids were little!

    Pippi, Rock has a point there about the fundamentalists...lol....problem solved!! Yea Rock!
    Glad you got your work area reorganized. It always feels so good (and hurts so bad) when it's all done. I'd love to see your studio...I think I could be happy in a place like that if I were alone.

    Julie, hope your supper went well with the company, and you're sleeping well by now.

    Elaine, thinking good thoughts of you :) Relax and let John do the worrying for you!

    Granni, I think you must be busy 'cause nobody got a bedtime story from you tonight.

    Georgia, hope you and grandpa had a nice quiet evening together with Ursula.

    Teacher, got all those supplies ready to go? Time waits for no one when school time gets closer! My daughter was scurrying around at the stores today getting her kids ready to go.

    Cate, any more outings in the works? Wearing your new shoes?

    Linda, haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope things are going well.

    Springwater, glad the waters have run off...hope your electricity is on.

    Okay, who did I miss? I'm sure I'll think of someone in the middle of the night, even if it's just poor, hard-working Jerome.

    Oh, I was suppose to call my sis-in-law about an upcoming family reunion and forgot again...every day for a week now! That side of my family is huge! About 10 years ago we had a reunion and some relatives came back from Germany to attend....there were over 600 of us! Not going this time. Most of them are total strangers to me anyway, and it's just too many people for me to feel comfortable with. I can have a panic attack just thinking about it...lol....

    Will try to get on tomorrow if our company doesn't get here too early. Love to all...Jole

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My daughter and gson are still upstairs but I am sure that will be down for brreakfast VERY soon. So O can't stay and visit. I jst read all the posts. At least I think I read them all, who knows with me.

    Jole- Yes, I have been busy, not that we have done much just hang around the house and chat with my daughter. They are only going to be here till tomorrow morning. They leave very early in the morning to go tothe airport. I know that isnot happy !. Wwe will go out to dinner tonight and try to meet with some of the other kids who could ake it and 3 of the grandkids ( cousine or g son who is visiting). It is to hot to do much and they didnpot bring bathing suits. So, we will not go to the pool. However, that is OK with me The kids went simming when they visiting the other grandparents and family came to visit and see everyone from NC.

    Mickey - sorry you had such a bad headache from the scents. I know many in our choir have problems with it in our choirs that effect their vocal cords and singing too. So, we are not supposed to wear cologne, perfume, hairspray with sent, aftershave and stuff like that for the men to before a performance especially. Hope you are feeling better now that you have removed that deodorizer at work.

    Pippi - Yes, Elaine used to be like you (sort of) when I first came to the porch. She didn't date (at least much) and I think ws very leary of men for different reasons. She also didn;t want to get to close, if I trecall. However, as you see she has foudn her "John Smith" who has been wonderful wo her and they are getting on just great.

    Don't be afraid to "go out " with Jesse. Yes, you can give some "rules" first especiually if it makes you feel better but just try and take it easy like Elaine did. I think she was also good at handing out rules, at least at first anyway, untill she really got to know them better, and they became very comfortable with each other, after some time.

    Well, I think I heard my guests coming downstairs. So I had better run so we can have breakfast. Proabably see you all tomorrow sometime, if I can.


  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Whewwwww, i am so glad i feel like my ole self again, it must of been the plug in, no more headache, thank God!!!!!

    Again, I pray and feel so sorry for all of you (Jole) that get these migraines frequently, it is horrible and i am so so sorry you get these. I never want to have another one of those for the rest of my life. They are worse than this DD I think.

    Joan, yes, i do not like slimy things either, yuck. I am so glad i found it when i did, otherwise, i am sure my van would of stunk really bad if that was in there any longer.

    Pippi - i also get into these fits where I will clean everything and when i do I don't stop. There is just so much stuff to clean in a house/condo/apt., places where you wouldn't even think of.

    Granni, i never realized that scents can mess up your vocal cords, but if it is anything like getting this headache i have, i can see why you guys can't wear perfume/hairspray. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    Rock - I went to our Goodwill last night after work and bought 5 book at .70 cents each so i am stocked up for a while. I am just about done with the Queen of the Damned, which by the way, i am so surprised at how good it is. Lindsay's friend said she has the movie so i am looking forward to watching that when i am finished with the book.

    Julie - I too am worried about your SIL with that ex. I hope she can get that restraining order ASAP and i would also have her call the local police and explain the situation so they are aware and can keep an eye on him.

    Pippi - that is great that Jesse is such a good friend. That is the kind of guy you would want, start out as friends and you never know it could blossom into a soul mate. I wish you all the luck in the world. You are such an independent person that i know you don't need someone but it is nice to have that person by your side the rest of your life especially if it is your soul mate. If it is meant to be it will happen if not that is fine too, you guys will be life long friends which is just as good.

    Elaine - i am praying and praying for you (and my prayer group at work) that the treatments will work and everything will be taken care of for good.

    Georgia - I also delete my old posts for privacy reasons. Every once in awhile i will go through and just delete. However, this new prohealth it is more time consuming than it used to be. You are so right about the dating thing, when you aren't looking that is when it will happen.

    Well it is TGIF for me and nothing is planned for this weekend. It is supposed to be a hot one so i will probably be spending time in the backyard a lot in the pool relaxing and reading, however, i will bring my sunscreen with me this time.

    Lindsay starts school next week so we will probably go shopping during the tax free weekend too for school supplies, tennis shoes and clothes.

    Take care porchies and i will check back in later.

    Love you and happy Friday everyboddy!!!!

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday morning me and my DH,son and bro in law took off to this Hill resort
    Two hours from town called Nagarkot.…I had been asking husband for a day trip at
    least for a change from the town scene…and he decided we would spend a night up
    there too. Bro in law had to go to work next day so he only accompanied us, had lunch and went back.
    He was driving his own car.

    Nagarkot is situated on a hill and the climate is much cooler because of its height.
    Also lots of greenery and as yet unspoilt. Since its off season and rainy weather,
    We got a big discount on rooms and services. In winter one can get a panoramic
    View of the whole country side and snow clad mountains and tourists come just
    To view the sunset and sunrise. Alas due to present rainy season, all we could
    See was mist swirling around confirerous trees. But I loved it anyway. The peace
    And quiet.

    I was really happy because I was just so fed up of the smog and dirt of downtown
    Kathmandu and all the traffic noises. Here it was just pitter patter of rain and
    The sound of birds and the trees swishing in the wind outside. And green green
    Green everywhere.

    I had told son to bring his laptop and PSP with him incase we couldn’t go out
    Due to the weather and he happily spent time in his room. Tho he did accompany
    Us for a walk up the hill the next morning. Son was so excited at the plentiful
    Hot water which just gushed out and he had almost seven baths in two days.
    Said he loved relaxing in the bathtub and almost fell asleep. At home, forget
    About bathtub baths, we use the shower sparingly, so we can save water. :Lol.

    In the evening there were Nepalese musicians with traditional instruments
    And they sang popular folk songs….one Nepalese family were enjoying a reunion or something and each one got up and started dancing in turns in the aisle near their
    Table. Which surprised me because Nepalese are mostly rather shy. But I thought
    It was lovely to see people so open and enjoying

    We took a hike this morning..the staff warned us about leeches and told us
    We could go by the main pitched road, but I dragged DH and son off on the
    Dirt track, lol. I was in my element I can tell you….i just love trudging in
    The wilderness with the scent of wet greenery all around me…there was lots of
    mist swirling aorund too, which DH and son didnt like too much, born townies that
    they are but I loved this kind of weather where i grew up in India. I had to pluck
    several tiny leeches off my foot but that was okay..not that bad.

    Ive put up pictures of my trip on my flickr web site….


    we came back at 10:30am and since DH and son gorged on all the meat dishes
    at the buffet for meals…I have prepared very simple wheat bread, lentils and greens
    for dinner. Lol.

    Will post this

    [This Message was Edited on 08/07/2009]
  17. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Mickey-we were posting at the same time.... I forgot to tell you TGIF...have fun shoppping this weekend. D#2 is bugging me to go but I don't have the energy to shop and my new hip cant tolerate it. Will have to send her off on her own...w my money of course....

    Spring-so glad to hear you were MIA for a good reason. I saw your photos and the place looks so peaceful and serene. Kind of like the Porch. I love all your flower phots too. So many different types and so colorful

    We could all use a day trip like that now couldnt we.....
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    glad u liked the pictures

    Pippi – I loved Alice in Wonderland when I was little, how I wanted to go through the door and intp that beautiful garden Alice saw thru the keyhole! And Winnie the Pooh, loved the places where they lived..in tree trunks and all.

    Jesse sounds like a great guy…I would say …go with the flow…you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering what if?......

    Linda – now you know why I was ‘quiet’..heh heh. Good to see you too and hear all your
    News. LOL about the kids and Lucies food and almost science project. She is a pampered one, that Luciel. My dogs areFed mince buffaloe meat, mixed with cornmeal but they just gobble it all up like the Great Greedy Guts they all are!

    Mickey – good to hear that you are over the headache…I too cannot tolerate scents…
    Although I love the green woodsy ones..there are very less scents don’t make me want
    To throw up. You will be busy with now with back to school shopping and stuff.

    Georgia - your and grandpas story is so romantic..sigh. Mine is an arranged marriage.
    Doesn’t get more prosaic than that. But, looking at where some love marriages I
    Knew headed, Im content.

    Granni – sounds like a real busy time you are having with the family visiting. Have
    Fun at the dinner.

    Julie – again on the move…make sure to rest when you can. What a headache about
    The freezer. Hope it gets sorted out. Oh, by the way so sweet of Lindsey to thank
    You on FB for sewing her pants..she’s a lovely girl by the way

    Jole – I hear you on the wondering whatever happened to the us of old. I miss the times
    I had energy to cook for lots of people and worry about decorations. Now I cant seem
    To keep up with the dusting whatever there is.Prrrrf!

    Rock – your post made me laugh like mad. Esp about the hanging pictures. Im sure
    The wild critters will appreciate roast turkey. I bet Gordons mum also is a darn fine
    Cook, never yet met a Chinese who wasn’t.

    Joan – the scent of Sweet pea flower is my favourite, although snapdragon also comes
    Close, oweing to some sweet memories connected with it when I was a child. A wet jungly garden and the sweet strong smell of rain wet snap dragons wafting on the moist air, when i was 10.

    Elaine - you dont need toxically behaving siblings and their partners at a time like this...will be praying the chemo goes through pretty smoothly..love your spirit and go..

    Hugs to everydobby

    God Bless

    [This Message was Edited on 08/07/2009]
  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Julie: I have to address you first!!!
    Please pardon my confusion on the topic of Keira & the you-know-what! I'm an only daughter who grew up in a house full of men & boys.
    I honestly didn't mean to imply anything improper. Please accept my sincere apology!!!!!

    And speaking of men & boys:
    Thank you all for your advice & insight about Jesse!
    My closest friends have always been men. I'm much more comfortable around men than women. Heck, I hardly know how to act around women!
    With my guy friends, I was like everybody's little sister.
    They'd tell me about their girlfriend problems, & shielded me from the guys who they knew weren't "safe" for me to be around.

    My dearest friend, Roger (who has passed away) & I were very close friends. But his girlfriend, "GG" (who grew up with girls) didn't know men & women could be friends.
    We tried to explain it. but it's one of those things, where understanding can only come from life experience.
    Since Roger & I lived practically next door to each other, GG had to either believe it, or not. She never did fully understand, BUT GG & I became quite good friends.
    I explained how unique that was for me - to have a female friend.
    (GG was an unhappily adopted child, & she really bonded w/my mom, too. But that's another long story.)

    But back to Jesse:
    Yes. I like him very much. And you're all right. The boundaries will have to be very clear, with no room for "misunderstanding" until I know if friendship will become exclusive companionship. :)

    Springwater: The concept of an arranged marriage is very foreign to us. But what you said made me think.
    If boys & girls were required to ditch a boyfriend or girlfriend, cuz their parents said: "I don't like that one!", I bet the divorce rate would plummet!!! LOL!!!

    Mickey: Ewwww! Frog in car!!! I like frogs, but I don't want them sneaking up on me! LOL
    I had a mouse incident in a car once.
    After driving away from my house in the boonies, a MOUSE ran out from under the gas pedal, & across the front floorboard! YIKES!!!
    I pulled into a driveway & jumped out.
    A wary elderly lady appeared at the farm house door. (I musta looked like a crazy person.) I told her about the mouse in the car, & she came out with a broom & I chased the critter out the passenger side door!

    Just imagine if that thing had run up my pants leg, instead of running across the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lincamp: No UFO's on the porch last night, darn it! haha

    Rock: I love your crouton recipe. But mostly, I love your ability to make me smile & even laugh, even when I hurt... :) Thank you!

    Jole: I'm gonna find me some sweet pea lotion or something! You've piqued my curiosity!

    Well, Peeps, it's time to go do stuff.

    Howdy & Hugz to Elaine, Granni, Georgia, Teacher, Cate, Deb, JOAN, & everydobby I forgot to mention by name!!!!!!

  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Howdy Porchies, my weekend is just about to begin, woo hoo.

    Pippi, OMG a mouse, that is way worse than a little frog, hahaha, i would of ran out of the car too. That is too funny.

    Hey you all, go to the fibro board and back Elaine up on this post about "Reminder - Stop all the foolishness". This one post is really being a you know what. I can't believe she/he is starting all this up again over there. Elaine's original post was so good and intelligent and wise and she/he had to come on there and ruin the post.

    Anyway, it was just uncalled for, i guess some people just get their thrills out of being rude and ignorant.

    So, anyway, you wouldn't believe how much the mother that Lindsay babysitts for paid her for 2 days of babysitting, probably a total of 16 hours $175.00. Yes, that is right, I can't believe it. Actually I can, the girls have been babysitting this little girl (her name is Charley) since she was 6 weeks old. They live around the block. She is definetly part of our family. I guess I would treat my sitter that good too when I know i can trust that person 100% and feel safe that my daughter is with someone that loves her, especially nowadays. They are so good to my daughters.

    Ashley started babysitting first and then when she went to college and work Lindsay began and is now babysitting for them most of the time. Little Charley even spends the night sometimes (free of charge of course, LOL). She absolutely loves my girls and even cries when they drop her off. I guess that would make any parent feel good about their sitter when they know their child loves their sitter.

    Oh, and then Lindsay calls and says that there is a note from Ashley on the island (kitchen counter) saying I stopped by home to drop off laundry and pick up mail. She came home (1 1/2 drive) to help her boyfriend with his truck, i don't know exactly what she had to do, but I am so sad I didn't even get to see her. Boo hoo. She could have at least waited until i got home from work just to give me a kiss. LOL But then she would have had to drive back to Columbia in all the traffic. Oh well, she will be home on Tuesday and stay home for 2 weeks.

    She is having her nose surgery next Thursday so I will get to take care of her like i used to when she was little. I can't wait. LOL I took off on Thursday and Friday. I will go to the hospital with her and stay until she is done with the surgery and then i took off Friday too to stay home and take care of her. Boy it is funny how much i miss doing things like that.

    Georgia - I don't blame you for not being sure about wanting to get married again. Why ruin a good thing you got going, LOL. I know for a fact that if i ever got divorced there is no way i would ever get married again. I would probably do what you are doing.

    Well guys and gals, I am going to get a few more things done here before i leave for the weekend so you all have a wonderful weekend and i will chat with you on Monday, if not earlier.

    Love you all and be safe,


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