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  1. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    HI, Porch-Ka-Teers!!!

    GEEEEEZ! I woke up at 5:00 am, & am WIIIIDE awake! I never do that!

    Guess I'm bringing doughnuts to this session of The Porch!

    Had another extremely massive pain spike on Friday, & spent yesterday recovering.
    Since our health-scare system here is unreliable at best, & fatal at worst, I let the Witch Doctor work me over with alternative methods & remedies instead of wasting my time at the ER.

    The geniuses at our ER's, when in a foul enough mood, will disgustedly announce that "pain is NOT an emergency" & tell us to go home & stop "wasting their time".
    Well, duh! Of course pain is not an emergency. But it sure is a major sign that something's wrong!

    They don't just do that to me. I've heard them say the same thing to other ER patients.

    However: YAY! I'm better-enough to sit up & rejoin the Porch today! YIPPEE!!!

    Happy Sunday, Peeps!

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  2. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Fleas would either itch me to death, or worry me to death!

    Knock on wood, I've never had them in my house, or lice either.
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pippi - sorry you hae been having so much pain. I know how much fun that isn;t. Do you feel sionce you have been not going to docs as much and treatments that you have been feeling better? Are you taking any more vits and supplements? Hope you are at least feeling a bit bertter than you were before.

    Georgia - Geez, fleas in your yarn - yucky ! That is terrible Maybe they think it is a furry animal or something. I guess they do like it for some reason and surely can hide in there. Maybe you should cover the ones you are using that opened, in a ziplock or something when you are not using them. Hope you get ride of them.

    Geez- I forgot who else posted. I have to go fix lunch so I will try and check in again loater.

    Hugs to everydobby,

  4. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    YES!!! In spite of my recent pain spikes (which is just part of what I have to deal with anyway), I'm feeling MUCH better since I stopped taking the MD treatments!!!

    That last round of treatments landed me in the hospital, having a medical crisis that coulda killed me. But it wasn't even the doc's fault (the hemo). The moron who answers his phone, wasn't really giving him my messages, when the treatments were first making me sick.

    Anyhow.... The natural stuff the Witch Doctor did for my pain spike, wasn't instantaneous (like some dilaudid in an IV would be), but it DID get my pain down to a bearable level, w/o having to spend 12 hours waiting for a shot & arguing with idiots.

    I have a regular checkup scheduled with Good Doc on Tuesday.
    He's completely agreeable with using whatever methods work.

  5. jole

    jole Member

    It's been forever since I've been here (or so it seems!). Lots going on the past week or so, and I'm down for the count again. Don't know if I've been on or not since our nephew's daughter died...(the one with all the cancer), but her funeral is this coming Saturday...she was cremated. So I'm hoping I can make the trip to Omaha w/hubby.

    Our summer has gone by way too fast, as has everyone's it seems. We only made it to the lake three times, and I don't seem to have accomplished a darn thing with the rest of the time.

    Georgia, glad you can keep your teeth....mine are going. My bones are shot too, but so are the teeth, and I think I now own half of my dentist's building...just can't afford anymore. So Rock and I will be in the same boat one of these days..lol.

    Pippi, good to hear you're feeling better. I hear ya about those ER's not wanting to treat anybody these days. If you're not dying, don't enter!!! So if you can't state the pain is caused by something specific and you're dying NOW, forget it. What a world we live in!!! When I was a nurse working ER it certainly wasn't that way...we treated anyone who entered, and believe me, we actually had people come in on the weekends with ingrown toenails. Yep! Guess they couldn't wait another day for the clinic. Now that, I think, was a case of the "Gold Card" syndrome...lol...

    Rock, I sure understand the not sleeping even when you're tired. The past week I've averaged 3 hours a night, and can't remember anything, but can't sleep either.

    Went to my daughter's baby shower yesterday. Gee, I never saw so many baby things in my life! She was thrilled, of course...but I remember the days when our kids had 3 outfits and I washed them....lol. Now they almost have enough to wear once and then they're in the next size! There was one little pink hooded coat that was the softest, most beautiful...and very expensive...baby coat I've ever seen. Thought it was brand new. Found out later that the gift bearer had bought it at a garage sale for $1. Sure did my heart good to hear that!!!

    Well, wishing you all well, and will try to remember you all next time. Love to all....Jole
  6. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Boy, summer sure does seem to be zipping away doesn't it? At least for me; last time I looked it was still July. Ah well.

    Talk of tomatoes a few porches ago; mine are NOT doing well. They have grown into monsters with few toms. and a lot of leaves. Bummer. Squash (old fashioned crookneck) is doin well, as are all my edible herbs.

    Pippi: Glad you are feeling better; it is so sad to read of others sorrows and pain, but it is good that you share them with us. I hope we can help you, though I don't know much about your condition. I do assume you have chronic fatigue however.

    Goatwoman: Just treated my cat for fleas, mites, roundworms, tapeworms, and heartworms. It Was Expensive!!!!!!!! But it worked! A drop at the back of the cat's head, and a shot in her butt.

    Well, here in N.W. Calif. looks like we're setting up for another heat-wave... Lord spare me! Just saw some hummingbirds out of the window, fighting as usual. Think I'll go outside - no, it's ALREADY too hot for me -- think I'll go lie down and read for a while and TRY not to fall asleep! Just drank my one cup of coffee for the day, very strong... Richard, my partner, tells me there are more quail in the back yard. We've had ton's of them this year, tiny little chicks growing up fast!

    I am out,
    Love to all,

  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Lots of summer left and only a week to get it all in! Yep, it's back to school next Monday.

    With that thought in mind, I'm plugging in my amp and electric guitar. Jerome has earplugs for any of you cats that can't hang with the groove! (or something like that) LOL

    (sung to "No Particular Place To Go" by Chuck Berry)


    Whew! That wore me out. Think I'll go find some sustinace.

    Bye! :)
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  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    About what you said about "dying right now" before the ER will do anything:
    Sadly, even actively dying is no garantee of treatment here.
    Several people have been told "there's nothing wrong with you" & were sent home, only to die within hours.
    It almost happened to me. I was actually hemmorahging & they wrapped an extra blanket around me, insisted there was nothing wrong, & made another ambulance crew take me back home.
    And that was while I was already severely anemic!

    The hospitals here are pathetic!
    The kicker is that they all have good "official" ratings, cuz they don't report their errors & mistakes & malpractice & outright abuse.

    I personally know several people who are trying to sue them for everything from wrongful death to rape.

    That's why I have to depend on myself & the Witch Doctor now.

    But, on a positive note! Halleluya (or however ya spell that word)! I'm feeling much better!

  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jole – sorry to hear of the sad loss in your brothers side of the family..i always wonder how people carry on after an event like this..i mean slowly losing a child!...i lost my
    Parents to the same disease and it almost killed me with stress and grief.

    Pippi – its an eye opener for me to know hospitals there also have that degree of
    Carelessness/callousness. We in the asian third world always tend to think of
    America as being no. 1 in everything. Im glad u seem to be doing better now.

    Teacher – back to school…it sounds like youre looking forward to it. The hustle
    The bustle the buzz. I used to love going back after every winter vacation..that is
    When we moved on to the next grade. It seemed everyone used to shoot up in height.
    I have The Celestine prophecy also by Ayn Rand somewhere..picked it up at a second
    Hand bookstore coz it looked interesting but alas like a couple of other books I
    Acquired, have not yet read it

    Georgia – you sound as happy with your new knitting book as I am when I get
    A new book on alternative healing therapies or the paranormal! We treated our
    Dogs for fleas but sigh…some of them are scratching again!

    Granni – your post re the bladder issues and TVTs was very informative..i think
    Its useful to file away info of this kind. I find the Porch a wealth of info really.
    So many nuggets of information which could come in really useful later on
    Or just very interesting to know. But I hope your bladder issues get resolved
    Soon..you are so active and busy all the time, I sort of always think of you
    As being healthy all the time although I know that may not be true.

    Barry – our guavas this year are suffering some blight..they are filled with
    Black spots…and I do so love guavas. And my dahlias…like your tomato
    Plants they have only foliage hardly any flowers…I saw on tv once a gentleman
    Who loves hummingbirds…he made a hat bird feeder and would sit there on
    His porch with the hat on…while the birds hummed and fed around his head.
    I would love to do that myself.

    Julie – that was a LOT of mowing..but nice to be out in the fresh air all that
    Time. My son would love to have that hot tub soak..you spoke of. Do you try
    And put different herbs and stuff to relax you? I read it’s a great help. I really want
    To try an essential oil to help calm my nerves..been too nervy lately.

    The dear Liza song is forever etched in my memory because I was in my kindergarten
    Years at school when two senior boys performed it for the variety concert..and as
    Happens at concerts full of boisterous kids, there was lots of raucous laughter..
    Also it was the first time Id seen a boy dressed as a woman.

    Joan – I am on Face Book…and if you do decide to join…pls let me know..will
    Send a friend request. I initially joined so I could see my cousins pictures..they
    Only use facebook for photos..and now common friends/relatives saw my name and have
    Added me so I seem suddenly have sprouted many friends.

    Rock – my eyes are sensitive too…but mostly they get red if the fringe gets
    Too long and I ve put oil in my hair. Did you find out the reason why yours
    Are itching? Piracy on the high seas law..yes, definitely that is one law which
    Needs to be created if it hasn’t already been done.

    Will post this
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    My bad dreams have subsided somewhat. But I do seem to have lots of dreams
    Re househunting…last night I had another one of them,,.again saw my father
    But it wasn’t stressful.

    Some progress on the credit issues..the electricity bills been paid off and another
    Beeg loan paid off by sis in law…and some of the water bills…that’s a load off
    Of everyones minds…and where is the perpetrator of all these bills? At his wifes
    Moms place, we haven’t heard a peep out of him. While we all run around
    Trying to find money. I guess he has his own issues, his daughters college
    Admissions coming up and in September his ultra sound to find out the status
    Of his spot in the liver…God help him.

    Its been raining steadily here for two days..what a relief...the power cuts have been
    cut down to two hours per day....and normally late at night...so thats wonderful.

    Today my husband was wearing a peach tie!!! I clicked a photo of it to show my
    daughter...but DH has always loved bright colours...I am never buying either my DH
    or son any ties ever...the one tie I bought son for his school grad do - he, daughter
    and DH all laughed at it. I had to give it away.

    When my bro in law had come over for dinner..once, my DH showed him his "Balley" shoes.
    My bro in law was impressed, hes at that age when he loves designer stuff..and then DH showed him the price tag..it was like 40 US$!!! We all laughed like mad..they were very well
    crafted copies bought in Sri Lanka.

    I was knocked out for two days by a sudden bout of the blues and stomach bloating which
    just came out of nowhere. I got nothing done. Nothing. I even didnt take my supplements.
    This is what happens when Im struck down.

    I did manage to go get my hair hennaed..but that was because i had already committed
    to the parlour...and they had soaked the henna overnight. I almost didnt go because my
    body was so heavy. Now my grey hairs arent that visible.

    Today is much better..energy wise..I dont feel like a ball of lead.

    Hugs to all

    God Bless
  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I was quite surprised several weeks ago, when I saw a documentary on our PBS tv station, about how many americans are going to India for medical treatment they can't afford here!

    So much of the official government line about access & quality of medical care (in MANY countries) is all illusion & delusion.

    So sad....

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is playing golf so I have to type quickly. Also will be leaving soon to go to my Line Dancing group. I need all the fun exercise I can get as my metabolism has gone to s slow crawl. Gee, it used to be real fast and I was so thin. Now, I am having problems gettting into my pants, unless they have elastic in them. I also used to be a lot more physically active, tap dancing and such.

    Sweet Spring Water - Glad that you didn;t have a bad househunting dream last night. These terrifying dreams can really be upsetting I am sure. If I dream it is usually very confusing and I can't figure it out at all when I wake up. I guess that is what my brain is uaully like :) !!

    Glad you and most of your other relatives are getting their bills paid and it is sad when family memebers have to pitch in to help, Most people have their own problems but if it is only OCCASIONAL and the person is in dyer straights, sometimes one doesn't mind helping out. I know what you mean about your body feeling like lead. Mine does a lot it seems. Glad you are feeling better today. Maybe having your hair hennas helped your spirits. I know that when I get my hair done I feel alot better too.

    Teacher - what a cute song for JULIE. I am still however, tryign to remember the song (music) for that song. Somehow I do not remember the title and I am suually pretty good with music. Did you make up the words yourself? If so, you did a great job. Maybe you missed your calling sweetie :) !!

    Pippi - Yes that is ashame about ER's and hospitals. If you aren't 1/2 dead, and screamig in pain with blood all over you you may still have to wait or at least have to wait forever. That is awful when you are feeling so horrible. Glad that you are doing a little better since you stopped to going t some doctors and getting those harsh treatments. Hope you keep getting and feeling better and better !!

    Julie - I hope you are feeling OK with all that you have been doing lately. Good luck on your FIL's urology appointment ! Try and rest a bait if you ever get the chance.

    Georgia - hope you got rid of those pesky fleas.

    Linda - DH and I will be going on wed to thursday to the casino. Hope we come home with some $. I am happy if I break evernm and if I win really good (I am thrilled). Still waiting for a big win buat I am not holding my breath.

    Special HI to Elaine along with Jole, Rock, Barry, Joan and EVERYDOBBY ELSE NOT MENTIONED. Gotta get ready to leave soon.

  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Springwater: my DIL lead me through getting on
    Facebook. I have family that is on it and it seems to be fun to get inj touch wioth them. Love to have you as a friend. i at their ho9me now so won't talk much today. I will be back home tomorrow.

    Love to you all.

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Your post reminded me of something I overheard in a clothing store:

    Two elder ladies were clothes shopping, just 1 rack away from where I was trying (in vain!) to find a pair of jeans that fit correctly.

    I almost laughed aloud (which would have been horribly rude), when I heard one lady say to the other:

    "I just don't get it! I have to buy all new clothes. I haven't gained any weight, but everything MOVED!!!"


  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    hi to all,

    this is gordon. i'm posting from work and wanted to let everyone know that rock and i are having computer problem again. i've brought the CPU to my IT person today and he's going to get us a new hard drive as some of the sectors were corrupted. hopefully we can have the computer fixed by the end of this week.

    rock is at wit's end without any contact with his friends. maybe he can go to the library and insist that the librarian help him use their computers but he does not like any confrontation.....

    i would also like to take this time to thank one and all in this group for your kindness and friendship toward rock. he's always shares his experiences with this 'family' with me. is good to know that you all support each other and are having fun in sharing. rock is really a great person with a kind heart. he just always seems to run into bad luck in dealing with life.

    hope all is well and i'll tell him i've posted this message for him.

    goodness to all.

  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I just want to let everyboddy know that Ashley's surgery went great and i am now back to work. I will come back after i catch up on all of the posts.

    Love you all.

  18. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia is right! Rock is the foundation that holds us together with his wit and humor! He always speaks highly of you, and we all want to come sample your cooking....lol.... Hope the comp problem gets fixed so he can get back here to the porch...we miss him when he's gone! Best of luck to you, and thanks for letting us know so we don't worry.

    Mickey, it's good to hear your Ashley is doing well. I hope the pain has lessened for her. Glad mommy is able to take care of her....I'm sure you're spoiling her as much as possible. Bet it was really hard to go back to work today, huh?

    Granni, how did you doc appointment go? Or did you say and I missed it? My brain is more than a little foggy with the lack of sleep this week, so hope things went well for you also.

    Julie, I hope the mowing's complete so you can get onto other things. The trouble is, it always seems to rain just as it gets finished, then it's time to start over again. Sorry to hear the fatigue is winning out lately...we didn't appreciate the energy when we had it, did we? My sleep is terrible lately, none at night and a few hours during the day, so fatigue is my middle name. With it comes depression, more forgetfulness, etc. Oh, for a few of those old days back, right?

    Spring, your hubby's peach colored tie sounds nice to me! Actually, it's a battle for me to get a tie on my hubby anymore since the attire around here has gone more casual. But I am seeing more suits being worn again lately, at least to weddings, etc. For awhile people didn't even wear them then, which I think is very tacky...going to a wedding in jeans, dress shirt, etc. He at least wore dress slacks and dress shirt, even if he didn't have on a tie. But then I know our country living is always more laid back than the city.

    Teacher, I enjoyed your song to Julie. You did a great job! The words fit the melody perfectly! I always enjoy being reminded of songs I'd forgotten...along with most other things...lol... Hope school goes well for you this year and you survive all those little kiddies!

    Elaine, praying for you and wondering when your chemo begins? You are so brave and strong...but remember we will still love you just as much if you need to lean on us at any time, okay?

    Cate, hope things are going well and you've had another fun outing to tell us about!

    Pippi, okay...my mind is blank again....and I didn't double page...so I hope your day is better. I know you were having a bad time for a couple days. Will start with you next time, okay?
    Love to all......Jole

  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Nice to meet ya!

    Tell Rock we'll miss him terribly while the comp is on the fritz, & await his return with baited breath (although Rock dislikes having bait on his breath) LOL!!!!!

  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Springwater - Glad to hear that some of the stressors in your life are lessening. Maybe your dreams will not be so terrifying anymore. I'm glad you don't feel like a ball of lead anymore. That's way too heavy of a feeling! LOL

    Pip - I like to use natural medicine too. Just went to see my reflexologist today. Talked her ear off!

    Granni - We are NOT going to talk about how small we were in our younger days! I used to be able to hide behind a telephone pole. Now, elephants try to hide behind me!

    Gordon - Thanks for letting us know about Rock. We were going to start chanting here in a minute to get his attention! I love his odd bits of information and his puns. We shall be waiting impatiently for his return. (P.S. Love some of the recipes he passes on from you. Makes me wanna get up and cook something!)

    Mickey- Glad to hear the surgery went well. Now we shall pray for a speedy recovery.

    Elaine - I'm glad you're getting all set up. Nothing worse that being down, realising you need something, and know you can't get it. I love your "proper prior planning". I'm glad your cousin called in a panic. Shows you that someone in your family DOES care. Good for her. AND good for J. Smith.

    Someone mentioned that they couldn't remember how the tune went for Julie's mowing song. Google "No Particular Place To Go" or "Chuck Berry". You should be able to find at least a sample of the song to remind you how it goes.

    A big summer hello to everydobby else. I'm going to get off here and call my girlfriend. She's a school social worker and she had to go back today. Gotta rub it in a bit. hee hee

    Nighty night!

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