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    Is OPEN!

    Evenin' Everydobby!

    I'm here with warm muffins & cold milk!

    Sure has been quiet on the porch today!



    Ahhh! It's a beautiful summer night.
    Can you see the stars?
    It's so peaceful tonight.....

    Snuggle up & share your day.

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  2. jole

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    The trip, funeral and trip back is over. Although I'm not worth a tinker's darn today (and know the rest of the week will be even worse), I'm so glad I went. I've never liked funerals....well, who does? They're so hard on everyone and always seem to cause hurt feelings in some way, shape or form to some family member. Long story.

    I can say our nephew/family were very happy we were there, cried and shared their emotions with us, and I will never regret the pain I have from the trip knowing the pain they're going through! We hope to get together the next time we get up to see our daughter. They promised they'd drive the rest of the distance to spend some evening together. I'm looking forward to it so much!

    My hubby and I now remember what it was like to travel with small kids...all the stops for drinks, potty, etc. Only now it's jut the two of us having to stop to get out and move around! I think we stop more frequently than when we had a car load...lol...a 5 hour trip turned into over 6.

    Granni/Pip, thanks for the sinner giggle! I needed that! Hope to be back tomorrow.....Jole
  3. jole

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    Special thoughts and prayers to you this week as your journey begins! Remember how special you are and how many of us are cheering you on! Everything will work out exactly as it is meant to with your family.

    Wishing you a "magic wand" of chemo to rid your body quickly of those beasties, and a calm, loving environment (per JS) for recovery time. GOOOOO ELAINE!!! Love ya lots.....Jole
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    Well,it is that time again (almost time for beddy bye). So get your books, and your blankies so come on over.

    Pippi - are you ready for a story sweetie? Thanks for starting us up again Pip. Yep, you gotta really watach me with my typos. I type to fast and who know what word may come out.

    Jole - Hope all is well after your trip back and forth. Hope you do not suffer to much because of it. I (sort of) posted to you on the AARP thread.

    Elaine - Go for it my dear. Just try and relax and take things slowly one day at at ime. Yep, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you will feel well enough to do some sewing or whatever you need to do.

    Julie - where are you? Hope you are not mowing again ! No wonder you need a real job (Good Grief) !! If you take that job hope you NEED to come home and rest some !

    Yes, it seems that the Porch was rather quiet today. I cann't believe that it is time for the new volume already.

    I go to the ob/gyn on wed for my full bladder test and there is also a funeral but not sure I will make that one. I will go to the visitation on tuesday evening anyway. Wish they did the testing on other days and not just wed. I have already missed two weeks since my doctor visit.

    Can't believe it is time for the new volume again. Well my dears hop in bed and grab those blankies and story books and lets get started. Granni is getting tired again :) !


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    Thanks for the story, Granni! I could hear it all the way over here, & I slept like a baby for the 1st time in weeks!!!

    Julie: LMAO!!!! Keira is a total HOOT!!!
    And it made me think: What is the funniest thing a kid ever flushed, & why are they SO fascinated with the swirling water? haha

    Elaine: I've kept journals, too. Your friends have a point - to a point... As I now need to go buy a SHREDDER before somebody actually sees them!!!!
    My bro, David has a technique I like:
    He writes letters to get the bad stuff outta his system, then adds them to letters, cards, photos, etc (when it applies to the sitch) & ceremonially burns it all, on a grill at a nearby park.
    He makes it an official, solemn ceremony, sometimes even waiting for a full moon night, & sometimes bringing a close & trusted friend with him for support.
    (Of course, non-city peeps can do this in their own yard/driveway.)

    And you're right. Your friends can see the sitch clearly, exactly because they DON'T have an emotional history or emotional ties to the people involved.

    One last thought about your brother:
    How DARE he bring your Dad into this!!!!!!
    "Do the RIGHT THING"?????
    You ARE doing the right thing by refusing to accept the WRONG things!!!
    Implying that your Dad would tolerate all that malarkey, just proves your bro has NO CLUE what your Dad would do!!!!!

    Yes, it's hard to severe the ties. But it's harder to remain in a sick situation.

    Take care of YOU & tell JS I said he better treat my adopted sister like the princess she is!!!!! :D

    Luv, Hugz, & a good day to Everydobby!!!!!
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    Well, we're cooking with gas today. Only had to log in three times.

    My ALZ is getting worse. I let the water run in
    the sink for about half an hour. And I scorched the
    sausages. They look more like burnt offerings than an entree.

    I did manage to boil the potatoes w/o damaging

    Pippi, it's bated breath meaning your breath is
    abated, as in a gasp. I read that a couple decades ago,
    then had to look it up all over again.

    The drafting table weighs 400 pounds? Sounds
    more like a draft horse.

    Jole, I like rainstorms too when I'm inside, dry
    and warm. When my son was little, we used to
    bundle up; put grandma's old sneakers on him.
    Had to use rubber bands.

    Then we'd go out and splash in the puddles. If
    there was a shopping cart in the parking lot, I'd
    put him in it and we'd drive through the puddles.

    Then home to a warm bath. Somehow this did
    not translate into warm memories though.

    Julie, your new job sounds wonderful. Hope it
    turns out that way, and that it is not too much for you.

    Granni, I was going to say that if you break even
    at the casino, you'll be doing better than most
    people. And here you were a big weiner. That's

    When I lived in Las Vegas I went to dealer school
    one day. The school always liked to have people
    drop in and play the role of gamblers.

    I won hundreds of dollars (play money) in ten
    minutes. So I walked across the street to a real
    casino and played with real money. Lost $20 in
    2 minutes.

    Springwater, I read Jamaica Inn when I was a
    teenager. It was made into a movie in the 30s
    (Alfred Hitchcock). Later done for TV. Several
    of Daphne Du Maurier's books were made into
    movies: Rebecca, The Birds, etc.

    Barry, is that the state bird you have in the back
    yard? Don't let the word get out. The state may
    assert eminent domaine and turn you back
    yard into a state park.

    Teacher, are you a circuit teacher who goes from
    school to school? Is it full time? I used to travel
    w/ a circuit preacher.

    Well, my surgery is this morning. The doctor
    said he wanted to do both eyes the same day.
    I said, "Well, if you incyst. So, we will see what

    Elaine, is today the start of the chemo treatment?
    Sending good vibes your way. You know everydobby
    here is rooting for you.

    Some more Letterman "Fun Facts".

    Strict vegetarians will not play Go Fish.

    Before she died, speed-reading pioneer Evelyn
    Wood was working on a way to watch TV more

    Despite his escape skills, Harry Houdini spent
    12 years trapped in a bad marriage.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its really late so cant stay..will come pop in tomorrow morn..

    Georgia - FB a/c id 'Ellie'?

    God Bless All
  8. jole

    jole Member

    Will be short also....still in recoup mode.

    Rock, I don't think I've welcomed you back yet...it's great you're able to be with us again! And I KNOW you were a wonderful father! Wish my dad would have taken even one hour of our childhood for us...

    I remember the movie "The Birds"...scared the dickens out of me! The other movie I remember that scared me was Kujo (sp?)...the one about the dog? Most "scary" movies don't bother me...Nightmare on Elm Street, oh heck, just lost my list...

    Granni, thank you so much! Maybe I'll learn some day to keep my mouth shut, huh? But then again.....lol.... That was sweet of you to spend your casino money on your grands. I would have done the same! Although I would have had to give it to my one daughter to spend. She's the bargain finder in the family, and buys for everyone...$4 JC Penny jeans and $3 shirts for her nephew, $3 outfits for her baby niece, etc. She always knows just what's in style too, which I don't. Plus I just can't shop anymore.

    Georgia, hope your week goes well, and your boss is understanding. Sorry you overslept, but you obviously needed it! At least that's what I tell myself on the days I don't get up.....

    Spring, hope you get your daughter's dress to her soon. It's so frustrating to plan something and not have it work out, especially when you have to walk everywhere like you do. Although I would love to be able to walk through your area with you....

    Pippi, you're just a fountain of good advice for a "young un". I'm impressed that you write children's books and do the illustrations also...quite an endeavor! Plus all the other talents you have! Let us know when something gets published so we can go buy it, okay? I can't wait.....although that's about the most silly saying I've ever heard. Of course I'll wait.....

    Julie, the job sounds perfect for you. When do you start? I honestly think the break from all the family problems will be good not only for you, but them also, to not have you to constantly depend on. And you will still have time to do what you HAVE to do for them. Just don't push yourself to the point that you can't do it, okay? I worry about you!

    Elaine, I'll be watching for your other post, and thinking of you often.

    Who did I miss??? Good thoughts all around..Mickey, Teacher, Cate,everybody.

    Now I'm off to eat a ham sandwich with a home grown tomato for my lunch.

    Oh, Joan, it's breakfast, dinner and supper here also. Turned into lunch when most of the kids married and moved into towns or cities...it does get confusing for the grands otherwise, doesn't it? If hubby isn't home I consider it lunch, 'cause I just don't eat until I feel like it....sometimes 3 pm before I eat.

    I'm also drinking a Diet Mountain Dew...haven't had one in forever, and boy does it taste GOOD! When I still worked, I had one nearly every day....some in my office would drink 3-4 cans of soda in an 8 hour shift. I never understood how they could do that.......and they still had good teeth!!!! Oh well, such is life!

    Taking more pain pills and back to bed. Wishing all a pain-free day......Jole

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been running around with DH most of the morning and then shopping myself to WM - what a thrill that is. Can you believe that DH has poison ivy or sumac or whatever it is. It looks awful so had to run for some caladryl or something similar. I keep telling him NOT to scratch or rub it. I am sure that is hard to do.

    Lots going on this week. A good friend of ours , another K of C, that we traveled to Alaska with last year passed away. We knew that he was having problems and they couldn't quite put their finger on it although he did have heart problems. I think his death was heart related but he did have other problems too. We have to go to his visitation and Rosary tuesday night. The funeral is the next day and DH will be there but I have ana appoinemtn to myave my full bladdar test to see what is what there and what needs to able done. My leaking seems to be getting worse, and not just wtress or activity related. So we will see.

    Elaine - thinking of you sweetie as you go through your treatments. You really have your head screwed n straight and we are really proud of you.

    Jole - Sorry to hear you are still full of pain. I know it is not fun at all and it is hard to not be able to do some of the things you wish you could have done. Ihad that when my mom was so ill and in the hospital. Of course I was thousands of miles away so my bro and his family were life saavers. However, I think at that time they might have thought I was selfish or lazy. I finally surmised later on, that my doctor cousin spoke to her and really explained about my illness . You know how good we look and all, even if we feel horrible, that does not work in our favor. I think now they are trying to be more understanding.

    They live so far way and we hardly get tc see each other and now my neices and nephew have kids. Never seen them either. My DH would hate to go to NY again. All my friends are gone anyway or have died. However, I do hope to go se them in the next years or so. I do see our kids once in awhile though , the ones who live in Houston but that is not even an easy task :) ! They are sll so busy !

    Georgia - sorry you have missed you class. Hope you don;t gt in any trouble !! I also forgot about my line dancing class today. Oh well.

    Mickey - I saw that you posted while I was away from the computer so DH could do his thing. When I got back on I saw your post but didn;t really get to read it yet. Hope all is well with you all and Ashley's surgery.

    Rock - so sorry that you have been having a bad day today. I know sometimes you can't win for losing, believe me. It is great that yu keep your sense of humor.

    Pippi - so glad that you had a good night's sleep last night and hopt my story telling helped :) !!

    Well, I have to get outta here right now and do some other things. I need to fold some clothes in the drier. Have to leave early for Chorale society, that has started up again so need to fix supper early.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to check in with you all later, at least tomorrow.

    Luv to everydobby,

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  10. fibromickster

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    Well the weekend is over and i am back to work unfortunately. It went by way too fast, but it was a beautiful weekend. The football game Friday night was so so boring, I actually wanted to go just to do something with the family and get out of the house. Even though it was free to go to the game, lets see, $10 for parking, $40 for 3 nachos, 1 hotdog and 3 sodas, LOL. Crazy isn't it, but i we had to eat since we had to leave right when i got home from work.

    When we got to our seats (which was right in front), i looked to my left and OMG i saw 2 of my friends that i used to hang around with in high school, i couldn't believe it. So that was exciting. We only stayed for a couple of hours and then left before it was over so we didn't get stuck in all the traffic trying to leave. We were home by 10:00.

    Ashley's nose looks great, they took out the hump part of the bone too while they were at it, so now her nose is so straight and cute. She still has a lot of swelling and the doc even stated that it would take about 6 months for the swelling to completely go away.

    Be right back gang..................

    JOAN - Yayyyyyyyy, you are on Facebook!!!!! and you are soooooo beautiful. OMG everyboddy you should see Joan, she looks like a movie star in her brown satin dress. WOW. It is addicting and i love it. Now i can see what you look like when i talk to you on the Porch. Now you are friends with Springwater and Julie too. I will suggest Georgia to you too so you can be friends with her.

    ELAINE - you are in my prayers and thoughts as you go through this new journey ahead of you and yes, you have all of our support.

    ROCK - Yayyyyy you are back, I am so glad. Gordon sure does take good care of you. Gosh, if i told my husband to come on here and let everyone know how i am he would just laugh. He thinks it is stupid that i chat with all my friends on here. Yes, that is the kind of man I married, why???, I don't know. However, he is the father of my girls and i love him for that anyway.

    JOLE - Well you made it through your trip, I am glad, especially that you are back safe and sound and on the Porch.

    Teacher - you crack me up funny girl

    PIPPI - Gosh are you sure you are the age you told us. You are so wise, intelligent, caring, funny, and especially special. I am so glad you found us here on the porch. I couldn't imagine it without you.

    Julie - I am so so happy for you to have this job. They are so lucky to have you. Those kiddos are going to love having you for their teacher/caregiver.

    Georgia - look for Joan to be your friend on Facebook.

    Well everyboddy, I need to get back to work for now. I will be back!!!!

    Love ya all

    Mickey[This Message was Edited on 08/24/2009]
  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I stand corrected! With my breath abated!!! LMAO!

    I can't believe I never looked that up! haha

    And, a draft horse might be kinda fun in a studio apartment!
    But then again, he'd probably leave road-apples in the elevator...
    Maintenance would frown upon that, I bet...

    To all my other Peeps:
    I've been fortunate enough to encounter some very wise people in my life. I am who I am because of them. I only know what I know, because of what they taught me. The most important things they taught me include: Put knowledge into action. Never lie to MYSELF. Allow others to be human & make mistakes. When I'm wrong, do everything possible to make things right. Forgive. Never allow anyone to hurt me - physically OR emotionally. Even the best of friends will have disagreements - when ya care about somebody, ya work it out. The OTHER person in the disagreement is required to participate in the working-it-out, too. Be wary, but do figure out who to trust. "Spontaneous" is good - "impulsive" gets me in trouble.
    "Live & learn" - don't just keep having birthdays.

    The list is long, & there's a lot more.
    But y'all get the idea.

    But the 2 MOST important things I know for certain, is how much I don't know! (There's still SO much to learn!) And, the BIGGIE: I deserve love.

    Fortunately for me & my entire family, Mom is a good learner, too!
    And just as stubborn as her daughter! LOL!

    Mom sometimes says she has so many regrets, about how much she didn't know when we were little, & how she wishes she could go back in time & change so many things she did or didn't do "right".
    She laughs when I then gasp in mock horror & say: "Oh no! You mean you're one of those HUMAN people???"

    Besides... I know one other important thing: Mom sure wasn't prepared for having a kid like ME! LOL! I really should have come with an instruction manual! LOL!


    PS: Granni: Be sure to have Grandpa wash every shovel-handle, rake-handle, broom-handle, & everything else he touched while working, with dish soap! And throw away any work gloves he mighta been wearing!
    Mom got BAD poison ivy, which kept coming back, til her doc told her to wash or toss out everything that came in contact with the ivy. only then did she recover from it!!!!!

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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - I got your name from the last post.

    SW - What is your name ?

    Mickey and Joan - what is yours?

    Have any of you given your real names and info to login or to make an account?

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  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    My D said that was the best picture I had ever had taken. I really don't look that good now!~ We were waiting for our GS's wedding to begin and my dress was given to me by my DIL (groom's mother -she found it on sale!) The standing photos of DH and me was after winning the anniversary dance. (That was in Aug. 2008) That is the way I danced with him that night!

    It makes me feel rather sad. The next day we all stayed at the motel and had GD and Arabella's BD party. we went home, went to an ice cream social, and to bed. DH got sick that night, went to the hospital the next day and never stayed at home again.

    I am blind and so tired and tummy is rumbling. See ya tomorrow!!!

    Gentle hugs,


    The photo of 4 gals is of our 4 generations. I look a lot older in it. Then the whole family pix was taken after the above wedding. Only 2 GDIL was missing. (Been thru a lot at that - just month after DH died) The 1 of DH is also of GD and GG granddaughter and GGson. Love that pix - in NH then.

    if you want to see a wonderful pix of Arabella look on Jessica's [pix. It is with her BD cake Jessica made.

    Love meeting all of you. now rest of you, get busy.

    My eyes are awful - can't wear glasses on the comp. can't see it. Just be accident, I have an eye appt. tomorrow. See what he says.

    The shots in my shoulders worked find as did the Depro-Medrol (anyone ever have that?). But my stomach feels crumby. Must keep it full. LOL. It may be because of my eyes - makes me a little dizzy.

    Jole; Funerals are so exhausting, especially if you are involved emotionally. Just wears you out --sorrow and grief are hard on the body and soul. Can You rest now?

    Granni: What is your full bladder test? When I was being tested a while back, they put a towel down and told me to go while he took an X-ray! There was absolutely no way in the world that I could make myself do that! Guess it was childhood potty training that stopped me, LOL

    Julie: What little ones won't think of to put down the potty. Just seems like fun at the time! Cross my fingers - mine hasn't quit for a long time. Put I am not taking the name and # off my cell of the guy that cleans it out.

    Elaine: It just breaks my heart to hear about your family, especially at this time or anytime! You are a very strong lady and you will come thru all of it with just J.S. at your side. I have known you long enough on Chat to realize the strength you really have. You are a sweetheart . Just hang in there and know that all of us have you in prayers and in our hearts!

    Rock: You sound just like me several times recently when I try my best to cook something really good. Impossible. I imagine that i could boil potatoes though (maybe)

    it use to be so much fun when I was little when it rained. I always asked if I could put on my bathing suit and go out in the rain. It was soooo much fun. Just to step in puddles, splash and run. I do not like to be in the rain now!!!!!

    Jole: My exciting drink is still ice water! used to drink a big bottle or real Coke every evening with a candy bar and did not gain a bit -----then!-

    Pipp: Don't you think that all of us have regrets in our lives, especially when you have lived as long as I have. Past can't be changed. I think so many times now as to whether I did enough for DH. Guess I did but still---------!!

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm going to keep this short. I'm in a flare and this is the first week back to school. NOT a good combination. But, there you are.

    Rock, I'm glad your computer is fixed so you can return to us. You were missed.

    Elaine, praying for you as you begin chemo.

    I teach in only one building. I have everyone from Kindergarten through 6th grade. 545 little darlings this year.

    I have a sleep test to do tomorrow and Wednesday. I also have to move Niece into her dorm this weekend. Will read as I can, but I probably won't post until Sunday or Monday.

    You all take care of yourselves.

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Yes. Of course you're right about having regrets.

    That's why it's so important to me, for Mom to know I understand.
    So, OK, she messed up some things. Don't we all!
    I don't expect her to be perfect.
    That's what I didn't understand when I was little.
    I thought she was supposed to always know what to do, & then DO it!
    It took my growing up, to understand how much we don't know, AND to realize she couldn't have always known what to do either.

    That's one of those important things I've learned:
    The part about working it out, & making it right again.
    That & allowing each other to be human.
    Now, we seem to find each others quirks to be amusing and/or endearing.

    Yes, we can look back & literally cringe.
    But then we're relieved that we've figured it out, worked it out, & got over it.

    You can't imagine how shocked I was, the first time Mom mentioned her regrets for the things she didn't do "right".

    I felt bad for her. I never did make things easy for her way back then.
    But the important thing is that we've forgiven each other, for what we didn't know.

    Forgiveness does seem to lessen the burden of regret...
    Don't ya think?



  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie – I know you are excited about the new job..good luck. It will
    Feel strange and new for a few days I suppose, and then you will
    Settle in. Make sure you get in some good rest also, so that you
    Will be fresh and rested when you first go in.

    Pippi – There are lots of things I cringe about when I recall my
    Younger days when I didn’t know better. Times when I must have
    Hurt someone and didn’t know. Don’t you wish we were born
    Knowing some of the things we learn years later?

    Teacher – hope you get over the flare soon…if school starts,.
    Obviously you are going to be busy…what grade is your niece?
    Is she in school or college?

    Joan – I hope the eyes feel better soon..mine were itching for
    Some reason some time back…used OTC eye drops…yes, like
    Mickey said, you look like a movie star in that brown dress.

    Granni – Look for a Sonam Shrestha whose birthday is 25th May,
    I dnt have a profile pic as yet. I don’t rememb what info
    I gave when signing up but then here we don’t have social
    Security or anything for hackers to hack into.

    Mickey – must have been exciting running into those old
    Friends..and then you have your reunion coming up, tis the
    Season for reunions or what?! Great to hear Ashleys nose
    Is healing nicely and looks good, its worth then all the trouble
    of hospital and recover.

    Jole – I loved The Birds…the colour they used for filming
    Those days…I also remember Cujo…felt so sorry for the
    Big black dog…although it was supposed to be the villain
    In the movie.

    Rock – Good luck for your eye surgery.
    I became a fan of Daphne Du Mauriers writing after
    Reading..My Cousin Rachel. Jamaica Inn is much too
    Exciting To be reading late at night…the kind which
    will affect ones Dreams ….I began it late last night
    and put it down…after a few pages

    Georgia – I didn’t see the post Granni mentioned
    About your Face Book. Id.Anyways, will look
    Up Julie and Mickeys and add u.

    Elaine – thinking of you…you must have started
    The treatment by now…
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    yesterday, did a lot of walking..definitely my body must be in more active mode
    than usual because first i went to middle brothers place, where elder bro/wife
    were waiting for me and we collected the rents and tried to do some book
    balancing...one of the creditors was a tenant himself and he was very angry
    that we were not paying him his money..that middle brother borrowed months
    back....we managed to give him most of the rent collected and will use the
    rest to pay off some of the water bills. There is still a lot owed to him but too
    bad...who told him to lend it.

    As usual my spirits plummeted.. as would when faced with creditors and
    unpleasantness. So i didnt stay a min longer than i had to.

    I took a bus and then did some prayers and the monastery...and then
    went downtown...where i went looking for a folding stool for ma in law.
    My feet really ached because i couldnt find one, i was just looking and
    looking. I called up my friends sister, they have one in the office and she
    told me another part of town...huff.

    But one good thing I saw some lovely tissue curtains and other curtains.
    Our lace curtains at home is in tatters...but i have been too slovenly
    and unmotivated to do anything about it, although the DH said I could
    change them.

    I tried to go to look for the stool but i knew my legs were giving out
    so just had a cup of tea at a stall and went home. Thank goodness
    I know now not to push it.

    Today need to bathe and really rub Hobbes the lab down with some
    potent skin medicine because he has this skin disorder and poor fellow
    was itching so much..He needs three four treatments on alternate days
    and is much improved with the one treatment we gave him day before.
    By the way, the other dogs have got fleas again! Help! What was i thinking
    when i took on them dogs?

    You all take care.

    God Bless

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, the eye surgery is over. Modern medicine is amazing although some of
    the modern medical practices are a bit annoying. Had to wait in a cramped
    and crowded room for 40 minutes. Then saw the dr. who gave me a pill and
    sent me back to the waiting room for another 20 minutes.

    Pretty much the same procedure as the airlines and hotel use: overbook.

    I asked, "Why don't you give patients the pill when they arrive?" He said
    he couldn't do that cause he had to examine them first.

    Then he used a magic marker on my face and took a photo. I suspect that
    this is in case a patient sues him for disfigurement. He can produce the
    photo and say, "See. Ugly before I even started." (In my case that would
    be true.)

    So, aside from a few needle pricks in the eyelid, the procedure was painless.
    The dr. asked if I was driving. I said I was the designated passenger. Gordon
    took the day off to chauffeur me. Got home and crashed; slept for 7 hours.

    So now I have a black eye, but I 'spect it will be fine in a day or two.

    The surgery on the left eye was postponed. Dr. said the cyst was shrinking and
    might not need surgery after all.

    That was the minor-est surgery I ever had. I've had half a dozen surgeries or so
    over the years. Hope I never need another one. Hope you guys don't either.


  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'm so glad your surgery went well!

    Even "minor" surgery is a big deal.

    Hey, Rock: A couple of us mentioned "regrets" & it made me wonder...
    I've heard an old song, & I recall one line where the singer says: "Regrets, I've had a few". But I can't remember who the singer was, or what the song is. It was a male singer.
    Any clue???

    Just a quick good mornin to everydobby for now.
    The plumber is here, fixing the drain trap in my bathroom wash basin.

    Be back later!

  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I haven't addressed peeps who've had to attend funerals recently.

    I apologize. I'm thinking of you constantly. I just don't know what to say or how to offer comfort (although I desperately wish to do so).

    I just want you to know I HAVE been paying attention to you, & what you're going thru.

    Gentle Hugz...