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    Good morning all.....I just went to bed an hour ago. When my hubby left for work a few minutes ago I was sitting out on the porch...he asked if I'd slept, I said nope, and he headed down the steps. Got to the bottom, looked back and said, "oh, by the way, happy birthday". I'd forgotten. And he's such a romantic....lol...

    Anyway, I know it's early for birthday cake, so fresh-baked gooey cinnamon rolls, coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea for all....help yourselves!
  2. rockgor

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    Here's the latest news from Cyberworld. I've
    gotten some 20 or so ads from Walmart in the
    last two days.

    Something about a $1000 gift card. Don't know
    the details 'cause I didn't open any of them.

    Or maybe they're not from Walmart. Seem to
    be scammers and spammers under every cyber

    You see the post a couple days ago on the Health Board? Send $1850 to China and you
    will be sent a cure for cancer. Good Night
    Shirt! Next you'll get an offer to buy the Great

    Eye'm OK. I told my various dysfunctional relatives I
    was going to have eye surgery. No
    response, which is what I expected.

    But after the surgery I did get an e mail from my
    younger brother which made me laugh. He
    said, "Let me test your vision. How many fingers
    am I holding up?

    Anyway, my OD (that's the right eye) was fine
    after a few days. The my OS (that's the left
    eye) started to hurt. Contrary to my expectations,
    it kept getting worse instead of better.

    Gordon looked at it and diagnosed a sty. I have
    never had a sty before in my life. I feel sure this
    is the result of malpractice by the surgeon.

    I am going to sue. I will ask the court to award
    a large stipend.

    For the present, Tylenol and some OTC salve
    seem to have calmed things down.

    Gordon's knee seems to be fine. He did not have
    to have surgery. Just several therapy
    sessions. He wore an elastic brace for a week. He
    has a final exam coming up this week.

    It is possible, however, that he may have some
    limitation such as "No working while stooping, or
    No heavy lifting."

    This would entitle him to Permanent Disability
    Compensation (i.e., money). Of course his
    employer knows nothing about Worker's Comp.

    The Claims Office is in Kansas! I seriously doubt the
    good folks in Kansas know the ins and
    outs of California W.C. Law.

    The courts in Kansas are known for their expertise
    re: tornado law, of course, but that's a horse of a different color.

    Eye will be back later if kneaded. Haha

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    Well, DH is out playing golf so I am on the computer to check on you all. He always says I hog the computer :) !! So I have to do it when I can. Actually I have to go do some weeding (my favorite thing) LOL !! Since the rain we finally had some things are overgrowing . We have so much brush and little trees around and bushes. Now we are trying also to thin outl that is how DH got his poison ivy, sumac or whatever it was. I just noticed on the back of my leg that I have a few little itchy bumps that have risen. I just put some Caldryl on them. They do itch but am trying not to scratch them. I had better wear long pants or capris next time.

    Jole - Thanmks for the cinnamon rolls - yumm !

    In answer to your question and I think also Sweet Spring Water,that my surgery will be on September th3 16th. I called to ask the nurse yesterdday morning cause Iwas getting a bit confused as to whether it was considered outpatient or not. It IS in the local hospital and will be considered outpatient. However, quite of they do spend the night. I imagine I will have a catheter and HOPEFULLY they will remove it before going home. If anyone is interested at all you can google TVT surgery and Anterior and Posterior Repair. That will telll you the interesting but somewhat gorey details LOL !!!

    So ry you are having alot of pain today. I know how that is for sure. The thing is with me I am not sure if it FM, CMPS or arthritis. I know I do have some arthritis in my neck and upper part of my vertibrae. I also have my mothers chronic back poain so who know what ais what. Theen there is the rest of me but whose counting ?? I am at least trying not to count them. Hope you do feel better soon JOLE, even if it just a bit and


    DON;T FEEL BADLY ABOUT DH ALMOST FORGETTING YOUR BIRTHDAY. My dH afater finally being married 47 years sorta knows my birthday. No we really don;t celebrate much or give present but may go out to dinner. Mine will be coming around again in October !! OMG, I am trying to forget my age now.

    Rock - so glad ato see you back again. Glad Gordon didn' have to have surgery and is doing OK.

    So glad to hear from Mickey, Rock, Carla and others that were MIA for alittle while. We still miss those who have been missing for alot longer.

    I can't think of anything else exciting right now but hope this finds all my dear Porchies fairly well today. I will try and check back later on. Next week I think I have a new endo appt and someone else to go visit too Gee, I get to have so much fun just like you all ! Gee, this is getting tiring !

    I can imagine how dear PIPPI feels. Glad she seems to be doing better on her own without as many doc and hospital visits

    More hugs and luv headed your way!


  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Some of you asked about the fires.
    Well, I think the closest fires might be ten miles
    away. Generally the fires don't bother people
    in the established parts of the city. It's just
    the people on the edge who live near sagebrush
    that fuels the fires.

    There's some ordinance about keeping the brush cut, but apparently people don't do it
    because there are fires every year.

    I think the state could put prisoners or healthy
    welfare recipients to work cutting sagebrush.
    Old Arrrrrrrnold could get out there and show them how to swing a mean machete.

    Nah, never happen. Too much common sense
    for a government plan.

    Jole, is it you who is having a birthday? Yes,
    I remember now. Granni sang H.B. to you.

    Are you a seasoned scrapbooker? Philip Gulley
    tells about making a scrapbook to surprise his
    wife. Said it cost him about $500. Philip is
    a big advocate of front porches. Has written
    several books of essay and stories about small
    town life.

    One of the gals at our office made fabulous
    scrapbooks. She had her kids help.

    Springwater. sorry your post vanished. I'm sure
    it was peachy keen. They sure get to arguing on
    the CFS/Fibro board, don't they. Most of the
    arguments are subjective anyway. Can't be
    proven one way or the other.

    Pippi, what is Beautiful Dog? A song by some
    rock group I never heard of?

    Have you read about Arthur Fiedler? He was
    the conductor of the Boston Pops for 50 years.

    They made oodles of recordings for RCA. Now
    both Arthur and RCA are gone. I think all the
    prominent recordings companies of my youth
    have been swallowed up by huge conglomerates. Who could have predicted that
    30-40 years ago?

    Julie, sounds like things are off to a good start
    at your new job. I think the little rice cake
    ponds sound bland, but cute. If I were one of
    the little kids I would just eat the goldfish.

    The rest of it would probably wind up on a
    chair where someone could sit on it.


    The rest of my post vanished. Maybe it's flying around in cyberspace w/ Springwater's.


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    You bet your sweet bippy I will defend anyone of my dear friends on the porch if anyone, and i mean anyone upsets them or talks bad about them. Boy they just better watch out.

    I am trying to get my friend to come on here. She is new to this site and is getting used to it first. You would all love her. I went to grade school with her and met up at the reuinion and revisited after 30 years. She has the same illnesses as most of us here and i told her to join up with us if she wants to make some wonderful friends. She would be a welcome addition to the porch.

    Anyway, not much going on except my allergies are kicking in. Fall is here i believe and i get them in September/October. Yuck.

    I think Joan is addicted to Facebook now so we probably won't see as much of her as we used too. She is so cute and just loves it. I am so glad she found that site. However, I hope it doesn't take her away from us, i do love her on the Porch.

    Well dear porchies, i know this is short but i must get back to work. I wish someone could come help me i am so exhausted with all this work here and never know where to start. Yikes.

    Love you all, Mickey
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    – Happy Birthday to YOU! ********

    Did you make anything special? After hubby reminded you? By the way
    I am so glad your DH found some improvement and can move around.
    My present is a week of balmy days, no damp, no cold. Perfect weather
    For you to sit out on your porch and enjoy your kitties playing.

    That was a mighty good post you put up in CFS, as was Julies and Mickeys.
    Lol! Honestly don’t you think the CFS thread was beginning to resemble
    A mud wrestling ground? With me, and some others the prize wrestlers?
    Hahahaha. Actually I felt bad later on..participating in all that squabbling
    but one tends to get caught up in the moment…defending what
    One believes to be the truth.

    Carla – so nice to see you pop back in …yes, about your GD and her
    DH in Germany; they will be busy settling in and taking in the sights.
    Glad to hear about your improvement healthwise..gosh its wonderful
    To come up out of a flare isn’t it?

    Linda = hey…I made that wish …hahaha. So you have been keeping
    Up with the tragi – comedic saga going on over at CFS board? LOL!
    We seem to be drawing a lot of attention to ourselves. (Blush) but
    Hopefully also to the real issue being “debated” over.I hope the Lucie
    Ducie is doing well.

    Rockgor – goody you surfaced. Your presence was being missed.
    Now you have a sty? Normally one gets that as a kid. I did. Takes
    A bit of time to heal but its not that painful. Good to hear you are
    Not near those fires. Sigh. Every year this happens.

    Granni – September 16th? Good that gives you some time to prepare.
    Isnt a bit of rain welcome? Today it didn’t rain exactly so it was hot.

    Ah Mickey - you popped in while i was writing...i wish i could come help
    you out with your work..i hope the allergies dont get too bad.
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Today also was spent stayng indoors. Have remnants of cough. Funny,
    The cold medicine I had made the soreness in my knee go away and
    Also made me more active. But obviously I cant keep having it, otherwise
    It will damage my stomach and liver.

    Our big festival is four weeks away and everyone is starting on their cleaning.
    My elder brother came so I too did a bit of sorting and tidying with his help.
    There were couple of pants and shirts DH has outgrown….so I gave them
    To brother to alter and wear.

    Last night I watched a really hilarious movie on HBO I think called
    Death at a funeral. I should have gone to bed but couldn’t, it was so
    Funny. A Brit Comedy.

    My daughter wrote. She is back in her dorm and her best friend has
    Come to stay with her till Saturday because her college doesn’t open
    Till after that. I suppose the two of them will kick up a ruckus for a
    Few more days now. Oh, daughter had applied earlier and she has
    Got a job in her college library. She has to do some research in Geography
    Dept. or something like that. Not quite clear.

    Sons Fresher Welcome party is tomorrow. He was hunting out his formal shirt and jeans to wear to it. He is a senior. They are welcoming the new batch.

    Ah, I can believe Joan is busy over at FaceBook. Especially if one has a large large
    family. Im finding it so easy t keep track of everyone myself now since going over there.

    Well, everyone hugs waves, kisses

    God Bless
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about your old cat, Georgia. It's
    sad how things (including us) get old and

    That Spanish flu killed millions. More than WWI
    did. Your grandmother must have lived 60 or 70
    years after having the flu.

    Good to see you back, Mickey. Glad you had
    a nice time at the reunion. We only had 44
    kids in our class. When I went to our 35th, I
    could only recognize 4 people.

    Have to say the gals aged much more gracefully
    than the guys.

    Granni, hope your surgery goes as smoothly
    as my eye surgery did. I've had about half
    a dozen surgeries. I sure hope I don't have any

    Carla, Wow! Flare over; more energy; no
    brain fog! That's super; hope it lasts. Bet you
    do too.

    I remember Rosie. Her son was going to get
    married in a castle. Can't remember if he actually
    did or not.

    We used to have 3 posters from Scozia, but
    no longer. One in Glasgow; I think Rosie was
    in Edinburgh. Can't remember the third.

    Teacher, Pride goeth before what? A fall?
    No. Before destruction. A haughty spirit goeth
    before a fall.

    But that's only if you live in the Old Testament
    times. That was some adventure you described.
    I think a saw a silent film w/ Buster Keaton. Much
    the same plot.

    Hope your owie is all better now.

    Barry, how are you and kitty doin'? Is Richard nursing
    you both?

    Ha det bra

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Ya Porchies!!!!

    Gosh, I feel a crapzillion percent better now!

    I called off that procedure that was being forced upon me tomorrow.

    I called the neuro's office, to ask about alternatives (there are none).
    I asked about sedation, & was informed in a MOST condescending manner, that NOBODY does sedation for this procedure.
    (Wait a minute! I can get sedation to have a little bitty tooth-filling, but not for 13 levels of screaming agony???)
    THEN the **&&^^%%$$## on the phone tried to convince me I didn't know what I was talking about!
    (Ohhhhh yeah! I keep forgetting I'm a frikkin moron.... Duh, me!)
    Nobody would even attempt to listen to what I was saying. One idiot even tried to tell me that (normal) people insist it's not as painful as having a baby!!!
    SAY WHAT????
    I actually hung up on them. But the procedure is cancelled.

    I'll discuss it with the neuro next week.
    I have enough to deal with. I refuse to be subjected to screaming tortures at the hands of morons.

    If it's a matter of life-&-death, they can D well sedate me, or forget about it!

    Now all I have is an MRI on Friday. Those are a piece o' cake.

    And now, (since they've proven themselves scorn-worthy) I get to step outta character & be the B****! LOL!
    From now on, whenever it's neuro day, I'll snub the staff & literally turn my back on them if they so much as say hello to me!
    (Trust me, they earned it! I won't bore ya with every detail of the whole one-sided MORONIC conversation.)


    Man, do I feel better!!!
    I was so terrified last night, I spent the night throwing up instead of sleeping...

    They done P'd-off the WRONG Mic! LOL!

    On better topics:

    HAPPY B-DAY JOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Lin, for whatcha said!

    Rock: What other-color-horse will Gorden get stuck with? HaHa

    Oh WOW! I feel like I just got paroled from death row!!!

    Love ALL y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    D was here from Thur. afternoon until yesterday morning. Yes. I did get on FB. If any of you on it see someone with my last name, it's a son, grandson, granddaughter-in-law, and Anna is to be one in Dec.
    D is the one who said i must get on but she won't. I am not certain why.

    Did have such a nice time with her. I cooked baby back ribs in the crock pot and they actually fell apart. That is about only the seconc thing I have cooked in it. They were soooo good.

    We went to a wedding in our Church, the son of a once-up-a-time good,, good friend. no,not invited but she did ask D to come to it!!

    We also went to my shopping town 50 mi. from here. Stopped at a Dress Barn but nothing there for me. Had lunch at one of favorites, Cracker Barrel. Went to big grocery and bought 2 cheap shirts, one $6.00 and other $15.00 - boy, did I splurge there. It was a good day.

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  11. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Jole: A very happy birthday to you! Hope DH gives you s nice gift and surprise!

    Rock: A sty? That takes me back to my school days. I was alwayg getting a sty - I have no idea why or what causes them. The problem with my eyes is SIGHT! I wear glasses bt have to take them off here on the comp. And when I drive an electric cart in the grocery store, I can not see that l labels on the shelves so I peer over the tlop of glasses. Probably look like a nut!!!!!!1

    Granni: I know what you mean1 I don't know why IO hurt so much. The shots did help my shoulders but now my legs hurt so much - ache especially when I tryu to stand. Now what is that? my neck, rightr waist, and down a bit, all over!!!! Doesn't ajt irritates you? And my fingeers just don't want to hit the right keys, as you havwe noticed.

    Granni: when in Oct.is your BD? I am one the 19th. It just seems to come around so fast, doesn't it??

    Jole: How wojuld it be if I sent a box of energy to hyou too??? maybe i should reserve a tiny bit of that for me!

    Georgia: how are the cats? our last cat, Chelsea, had to be put down because of diabetes. Had no idea when I took her over that would be her last ride!! i am so sorry8 that I didn't go into the room with her when Dr. Kay gave her the shot! Sob!!!!

    oh yes. I remember Arthur Fiedler! So much wonderful music. that seems to be gone in these days!!

    Mickey: I hope that you can get your friend to join us. Tell her we would all love to have her join us in info(?????) and fun. no, I intend to stay on the proch with my FM family! i enjoy it too much to leave all of you.Glad to see you once in a while!!

    pipp: I am so glad that you got paroled from the procedure. I dond't know what it was?? I scanned the last 2 vols. but didn't study them.

    Think I had better submit
  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I certainly hope that nobe of you get that Swine flu!! Sounds awful and it seems that some of tghe deaths are in younger folks.

    My dad told me all about the WWI flu. He was in the medical division and he took care of hundreds and hundreds of soldiers that didn't make it. He never had the flu so he was really blessed. I hopd that there is no repeat of something like that.

    I had a biopsy on a place on my back 2 weeks ago this Fri. My dear Dr. never takes the time to report on it, my urine sample and all of the blood work I had!! He just doesn't take time to look at all of the reports. Hope all is OK - I imagine that it is. just makes me disgusted that Dr. don't take tiome for things like that. what if if was his son or daughter?? You can bet tat he would see that. I'll call tomorrow and make him mad.

    I hope that the cooler weather brings back ENERGY. Please???

    i will try not to be absent sooo long. Love youi all,

  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Joan: You didn't miss the post where I told about the medical horror (I mean "procedure"). I went back & deleted it, maybe an hour after I wrote it, cuz it was so negative.
    I was crying (OK, bawling) when I wrote it. & I almost NEVER cry!!!

    Hey! I laughed at your description of yourself, peering over the tops of your glasses.
    That's what Good Doc does when he's giving me his "serious" look! LOL!
    He does a kinda, duck the chin, peer over the glasses, straight down the nose at me (usually while trying to keep a straight face - haha).

    I'm an October baby too!!! I'm on the 26th. BUMMER! I want a Halloween B-Day! My big brother has a Halloween B-Day. I came along just in time to spoil his party & get all the attention. HaHa
    (I don't think he ever quite forgave me for that...)

    About the flu:
    WOW! Lotsa talk about swine flu & the big epidemic back in the 19-teens.
    I have an extra concern. Living in a high-rise, I hafta touch elevator buttons, door-opener buttons, etc, that LOTS of other peeps touch.
    AND having an AUTOimmune disorder, I can't take vaccines.
    (There's a whole thread here on Chit-Chat explaining the reasons for that.)

    Yes, I carry & use disinfecting wipes, but they're mostly antibacterial, which is useless against a virus. Clorox bleach wipes (although not easy on the skin) will kill viruses - fungi too.
    And I scrub the hide off my hands the minute I enter my apt, B4 I touch anything!!!

    Well, my dear Peeps, I can assure y'all I'm feeling MUCH more relaxed now! I can't eat when I'm stressed, upset, or depressed. And I just had 2 HUGE chocolate muffins! LOL! That means I'm relaxed again!

    Mom just called to check on me, & she assured me I did the right thing. Especially, since the docs' office staff couldn't or wouldn't answer my Q's about the procedure. I'd asked them to postpone & reschedule it, so I'd have time to discuss it with Good Neuro before making a final decision, & they flatly refused to reschedule.
    So, I'll talk to Good Neuro about it anyway next Tuesday, when I go back w/my MRI films.
    I felt relief, when I cancelled the procedure, but Mom's support really made it all OK. :)

    Hey, this is weird:
    There's a news-copter circling my building.
    They're having a phony-baloney "town hall meeting" a few blocks over. It's our congressman (Yarmuth) talking about the alleged reforms in health care.
    It's "phoney-baloney" cuz no disagree-ers or questioners are allowed.
    The rules are clear. They're only taking Q's they approve of ahead of time. This way, they can show us on the tv news as: "Louisvillians Support Obama's Reform Plan". That's what it's supposed to look like. It's all for show...

    IMO, there's no way to support or not support, since the politicians won't tell us what it says.... Frustrating! How can we make choices & decisions w/o all the information?

    To everydobby who is sick, suffering, & flaring: I'm thinking of you constantly, & sending positive energy!!!!!!

    I also keep thinking about poor ol' 45, & how tenderly Mom doctored her at the end of her brief illness.
    (For those who missed that post - 45 was one of Mom's kitties.)

    OK. I'm heading for the nearest Porch swing to unwind from my ordeal!
    C y'all there!!!

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm tired and a bit stiff. I always am at the beginning of the year. Adjusting to the school schedule is a bit overwhelming at times.

    So far so good with all my classes. I've had three days worth and it looks like I won't have too much trouble. Yea!

    I had a Kindergarten class today. I feel sorry for some of those little darlings. I don't know what their parents were thinking.

    Guess how you say this one: Yellon

    Sorry for not addressing everyone personally. By the time I get home, my brain has had it. I'm following, but my responses to people on the phone are horrid enough.

    Have you given up on the name yet?

    So, hugs to all Porchies. I love you guys!

    Ok, here it is (phonetic spelling): yeh-lawn


    P.S. More names later!
  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    A kid in my 2nd grade "music class" insisted on calling Beethoven

    you guessed it!


    No matter how many times the teacher corrected her, she just didn't get it. The teacher eventually gave up....

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not sure how much I will post but wanted to at least say good night to you all. Nivce to see Mickey and Linda pop in. Joan too. I have to remember to go and sign up for Facebook, still haven;t done it. I seem to always forget or get distracted.

    Joan - my B-day is the 18th, one day before your ( a few years later than you)!! I think we spoke about it last year somewhat. I have to come find you on FB. It seems Mickey thinks that you may spend more time there than here. Don't do that sweetie ?? Glad you got some bargans at the store today. I love a good bargain. O get that from my mom :) !!

    Pippi - So sorry that you had such a terrible experience. It must have been bad if you were crying, wrote about it and then deleted it. I didn't get to read it. I like that BEE toven :) !! I guess the teacher just gave up !! LOL!

    Teacher - sorry you are so pooped after your busy day. I can imagine all those little Kindergarteners. They are so cute but a bundle of NRG for sure. Take a hot bath and relax so you can do it all over agani tomorrow. I can't believe that name and some of the names the parents are naming theor kids is crazy. Like you said, the poor kids. As it is my eldest daughter named their first and our only granddaughter MEEGEN. I guess that is not terribly strange but her name will never be pronouced or spelled right either. It is not MEGAN MEGHAN, MEGAN, etc. etc. I guess that is not as bad as YELLON, or whoever it was you spelled it.

    Linda - It was great to see you on the Porch too. I almost forgot about you my dear. Yes it was a very big surprise to get that Royal Flush.. I probably will never get it again. Hope you are feeling OK and got over all the ups and downs of your surgery. Are you almost as good as new? How is that little pup Lucie??:)

    Mickey - Hi there kiddo. Looks like you have been so busy. So sorry to hear about your mom andher fall. I missed how and where she took the fall. Hope she will heal fast

    Hi also to Sweet SW, Rock, Jole, Georgia and everydobby else I forgot to mention.

    I love you ALLl. Throwing big hugs and good night kisses to you AWL !

    Huga Granni

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Those of you who went in to the CFS site and posted. Please be careful of opening
    any links posted there by people u dont trust okay?? I had trouble with my message board page not completing the unload process.....

    so the reply buttons wouldnt pop up and i wouldnt be able to reply. Ive fixed it and was

    able to post but please be careful. Ive had people try to harm my computer in the past...
    so dont take chances.

    God Bless
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got to the library book sale yesterday. I used
    to go every Wednesday. Now I make it about
    once a month. Haven't been to my 12 step
    meeting in months. Just don't got no N-R-G!

    Anyway, I thought I would share some gems
    from "The New york City Cab Driver's Joke
    Book". A real treasure I picked up for ten cents.

    Q: What would you have if Ella Fitzgerald married Darth Vader?

    A: Ella Vader.

    And here, the author tells us, is a true story. A
    lady got in his cab. He asked, "How are you tonight?"

    She answered, "I'd complain, but how long would
    you listen?"

    Teacher, your post inspired the following:

    A zookeeper known as Yeh-lawn,
    Called a friend on the zoo's public pay phone.
    He said w/ a sob,
    "I might lose my job."
    Someone has stolen the grey swan."

    Joan, I wonder if you could find one of those
    old cardboard periscopes. Maybe in a dime
    store. Wonder if one can still find a dime store?

    Might be just the thing for your shopping expeditions.

    Georgia, I have two great, great grand uncles
    who were born in 1877. Peter Andreas Harstad
    and Aanond Theodore Harstad. Sadly, both
    died in infancy.

    The double "A" in Aanond shows it's Norwegian.
    Harstad was the name of the family farm. I read
    that when some of the Harstads arrived in the
    New World, they were given, or they chose,
    the surname Anderson.

    One of my Harstad cousins married a gal from the
    neighboring village of Wykoff. Her surname was
    Eykoff. It is frequently said there that, "It isn't
    Wykoff till you've seen an Eykoff."

    Joan, sounds like you got some bargains at
    the Dress Barn. Is the store in a converted
    barn? Gordon got some new shirts at the Good
    Will last week. About 5 bucks @.

    Pippi, maybe the teacher would have done
    better to have the pupil refer to the great composer as
    Ludwig. But then again, that could
    be tricky since the Germans pronounce a "W"
    like we pronounce a "V".

    So do the Norskies. Vell, time to be on my

    Ha det bra og auf wiedersehen

    Herr Rock
  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Howdy All, what a beautiful day it is here in ole St. Louis. Fall is definetly here darn it. That means pretty soon we will have to close the pool. I get sad this time of year because i know what is headed just around the corner. Oh well, we all have to live with it because there is nothing you can do about it.

    Rocko we only had about 45 in our 8th grade class too. I went to a private Catholic School so we all went through all 8 grades together, that is why we had an grade school reunion. I probably only recognized about 10 people and the rest i had to look at their name tags to tell who they were. What is great is that the popular people back then (not me that is for sure) are fat and ugly now. LOL. Shame on me that was mean.

    Jole - Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you do not belong in the zoo, happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you sweetie!!!!! Hope you had a good one.

    I hope Julie is feeling better, I know she was pretty much down in the dumps with that darn ole flu bug, well i hope it wasn't the flu, just a cold. You are a pillar of strength woman. I sure admire you.

    Springwater, I am so glad you hear from your daughter and it sounds like she is just really excelling and enjoy her college life. So fun for her. She got a job, that is great!!!!! and in school, how convenient for her. I need to get on facebook and see if you have put anymore photos up, I havent' really been on there much. However, did you see the picture i posted of my 8th grade reunion. I am on the bottom row (blonde) sitting in the chair. Gosh it was so much fun

    Well Granni, Pippi, Teacher, Elaine and all my dear Porchies, i must hit the inbox and get some of this stuff done. Love you all and I shall be back.

  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Dime store? Did everything cost a dime?

    I can blow a bundle in the "Dollar Tree". LOL!
    They actually have good stuff in there.
    And yes, everytime I'm in there, I always hear someone ask an employee: "How much is this?"

    Mornin Porch-Ka-Teers!

    Things are better today.

    I heard from my Bro David yesterday. He & his wife (my only SIL who qualifies as "family") are on vacation in Scotland & Ireland.
    I SO happy for both of them, that their years of hard work have put them in the position to take trips like this. (Between extended periods of working their arses off, of course. LOL)

    David is the bro who earned his doctorate in chemistry.
    Sheesh! I can barely do middle school math... (But I am facinated with physics.)
    David is still "one of the bros". He wouldn't even know how to be condescending.
    He's more likely to crack us up with a really twisted joke, than talk about work.
    I'm very interested in his work, but I have to ask about it, cuz he doesn't go around bragging on himself. (Bragging on him is my job. haha)

    OK. enuff rambling-cuz-I'm-not-awake-yet...

    C y'all later!