PORCHLIGHT #423 is ON!!!

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  1. Pippi1313

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    Good Sunday evening, Porchies!!!

    Whatta week we've all had! It's weeks like these that we REALLY need each other!

    Thanks to EVERYDOBBY for all the support! I'm getting a handle on things, & regaining some control.

    I couldn't decide what refreshments to bring to the porch tonight, so I set up a little table over there with all kinds of great munchies. :)

    Hey! I'm finally getting my drafting table moved up here! YAY, me!
    It's a HUGE steel-based table with lots of drawers & stuff. I'll finally be able to organize my art supplies better. The "system" I have now, pretty much consists of trying to keep everything in one area, & then remembering what is where.
    With my wall-to-wall windows, I'll have plenty of great light, & will finally finish the illustrations for my childrens' books.

    My buddy, Smitty is a delivery guy & he's arranging with a buddy of his to get it moved. I think he's underestimating how heavy it really is, tho.
    But that seems to be a guy-thing. haha. Guys think they can lift anything.

    Gosh, I sure hope we all have a better week!
    I'm sure gonna try!!!

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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pippi - that sounds great having everything close to your finger tips so you can sketch and all. Gee, it would be wonderful if you could show us some of your sketches, just as Carla has shown us some of her great art work with glass. I am sure many of us would just love to see some of your art work for your children's books. Have you gotten any books together yet? You have to tell us all about it (them) or what you might be working on now.

    Surely hope that today and the rest of this week will be a better one for you Pip as well as for others here on the Porch. Georgia and Mickey to have had a hard time. Hope things will settle down some for them too.

    Don't forget to go back and check the last volume for others who have posted.

    Thinking about you AWL and hope all gets better from here and that you all have a nice Labor Day, whether you are by yourselves or with family. Tomorrow will be quiet for us except for going to the club for BBQ and music in the afternoon..

    A special big hug for Pip, Georgia, Mickey and Elaine who hae had some bad luck this past week.

    Hugs to you awl,
  3. fibromickster

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    I can't believe it, i just typed up a hole post and lost it. My hands hurt so bad i must of pressed the wrong button, that never happens to me. Geez, well i am going to go walk Jack and then i will be back to repost.

    Take care porchies, love ya

  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Julie, don't feel bad about getting excited about getting the dishes done. I do the exact same thing! LOL

    I'm starting to feel a little better. Spent the last two days in doing nothing except eating and sleeping. Gotta do laundry today or someone is going to be very surprised tomorrow!

    I have a new song for you, Miss Mowing 2009.


    Pippi - I'm glad you're going to get your table. You're not only going to be more organized, you're going to be more comfortable too.

    I had a cheer us on song, but it just disappeared. Oh well, maybe it will come back later.

    Take care everyone.
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, DH is out playing a quick game of golf with a friend and I am eating breakfast as I speak, typing to you all. Then I have to go get dressed and do some more weeding and yard work - geez !! I wish I could hire all that work out. However, we don;t have loads of money so have to do what I don't want to. So, what elwe is new? Have to g odo osome before it gets to hot. The mornings have been pretty nice lately..

    It will be a quiet day today other than going to the BBQ at the c ub this afternoon.

    Mickey - Sorry you lost your last big post and that your mom is feeling better after her fall again ! I know what you mean about losingposts, especially the BIG ones. You put in all that time and effort totalk to everydobby and pooof it is gone in a flash. Why do we get timed out I would like to know??? I guess you disappered after you walked Jack last night. Have a nice time today at your party, Wish we all could come. I'll bet it si a really fun one.

    Teacher - I like that MOWING SONG song you wrote for Julie. Obviously it was written to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat !! Hope you start to feel a little better soon, after starting school and getting back into the routine of everything.

    Julie - Glad you can back to your normal cooking routine again afaater you got your new stove all hooked up. I prefer gas too but it seems that most of the homes around here are hooked up to gas. I had always had gas when we moved from NY many years ago and I believe we have always had electric since then in al the homes. It is great when the electricity goes off you can still cook with gas.

    During the hurricane last year THANK GOD for the gas cook burner hooked up to the gas grill we have on the porch. Nowadays I just have to cook for us so we don't have to worry about making all kinds of meals at once , etc. That is unless we are having a gathering of some sort. One of these yeaard though I do hope for another bigger oven. This one does not seem to be as big as the others but it is pretty old.

    Elaine - Hope you are hanging in their my friend. Give a holler when you can to let us know.

    Well, I do need to get dressed and start some work around here.

    Hugs to everydobby here on the Porch, inc those not mentioned,


  6. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Barry & Julie: SCORPIONS!!! YIKES!!! I'd be absolutely paranoid if I lived in a scorpion area!!!

    I saw a show on PBS where a "scorpion hunter" went out in the desert with a black light, to catch scorpions for an anti-venom lab.
    The little creepies light up just like a black-light poster.

    I know I'm SO lucky, up here in the "sky cave". I don't even have a single sign of a bug or a mouse, much less anything as dangerous as scorpions or snakes.

    Another PBS show is the reason why I'd never visit Australia (much less live there!). They have the most & deadliest crawlies on the planet, all in one place.

    Ireland would be cool, since the 11th commandment was: Ireland shalt not have snakes. LOL!

    Hope everydobby has a great (good-enough?) day!!!

  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey Pippi, I saw the same two shows on tv that you did! Deadly beasts of Australia -- how about those funnel-web spiders that seem to live in everyone's yard! As for the scorpions, at least the one I have anyway, are not bad -- no worse than a wasp sting. I pick them up by the stinger and move them to safety when I find one under a flower pot in the yard; it freaks Richard out!

    Rock, I'm glad you found R's blog-webby thing on movies. He is not a "pro" but he has taught cinema appreciation at college in the past. Also English. His degree is in Comparative Literature; mine is in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Eastern Religions.

    Rock, I traveled a lot as a child all through high school. I was an Air Force brat and we moved every 2 or three years, so I never had a feeling of "place". I have no sibs. All my family is in England; my U.S. "family" on father's side dropped me and my mom as soon as he died 25 yrs. ago. They were all "Sunday" Southern Baptists -- spent the rest of the week drinking and cussing. I guess they didn't want a gay nephew, or an English SIL.... It hurt my mother terribly, and affected me too. My father was also an alcoholic and a gambler, from a very large family in n.e. Texas (does that say anything?). LOL.

    I went to boarding school (American in London) for first two yrs. of high school. One of my room-mates family was stationed in Iceland, another from Spain. I got to go home for weekend; they didn't.

    Georgia: I sure am hoping for all the best for you and Grandpa. Don't know really what else to say -- just keep on knitting! As for peepers and lurkers -- I'm Guilty!

    Love to All,

  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    ... inside. 'Cause I've managed FIVE loads of laundry today. Now, I can go out repekably!

    No scorpions or snakes here. Just spiders. Not that I should say "just" with spiders. Don lak 'em atall.

    No lawn mowing here today. Too tired for that. I only have to use the weedwacker, but when I get tired like this, the vibration KILLS my hands. Besides, it rained hard for about an hour. Don wanna 'lectrocute meself.

    Am trying to pull myself together to go get my mommy and my sister so we can go see my niece tonight. Gots to deliver another round so she can buy one last textbook.

    Sister bought some new unmentionables and wants to wrap them up for her birthday, which is tomorrow.

    I know sometimes money is tight, but you don't have to give someone bloomers! Just wish them happy and move on! Yeesh!

    (She needs them, but you don't have to wrap them!)

    Mom wants to take her cupcakes. Enough to share with her fellow R.A.s. (Residient Assitants) I think that's fine. I'll just wish her happy since I've already dropped a bundle on some books outside of her texts just two weeks ago. I told her then that those were her present. She was content.

    Yep, my baby will be 19 tomorrow. 19 and starting her second year of college. I think this year will be a WHOLE lot better than last.

    I know I haven't filled you all in lately. Apologies. My school started and she had to move in five days later. Haven't had the energy to talk. I knew you all wouldn't mind.

    School is going well. It feels different this year. Almost like everyone has had it with the principal making a difference among the staff and treating some as less than others. OK, so the cooks don't have a college degree. We can't teach them if their hungry! We're all in this together and it takes us ALL. This is a good feeling.

    I have finally found out the name of our author that's visiting, but I can't tell you yet. I guess he's such a hot comodity right now, that we're not to talk about it. Gate crashers, dontcha know. I'll tell you as soon as I'm able.

    Niece has been given a chance to be a Resident Assitant this year. Her grades weren't all that great last year, so she's on probation. She really wants this job, so I don't think we'll have a grade problem this year. She's finally figured out that you should actually go to class!

    I'm pretty sure I told her that, but you know us old people. We don't know anything and we don't remembe it even if we do!

    Seriously, she had a serious mind change this summer. I'm actually starting to like her. Wonder of wonders, she's realizing that she likes me too.

    She had R.A. trainig last week and she called almost every evening because she had learned something new about herself. I was too tired to try and respond. I mostly listened and that turned out to be OK. I learned more that way.

    Helped her get her room situated and her hall decorations started. I have one last piece to take when we go this evening. She wanted a board so she could post her girls pictures. I had to make it.

    I cannot describe it right now. Not enough brain cells. If I find a picture online somewhere, I will post where to go look, OK?

    Anyway. She has to have her hall done by tomorrow. She's working a freshman dorm and freshman move in Thursday. Everyone else comes on Saturday and Sunday and school starts on the 14th.

    I think she's ready.

    Parents are doing their usual to get drama started. I'm being boring. I'm not joining in.

    Sister #1 is still working. She even contributed to the back-to-school fund. Yea for her!

    Sister #2 called to tell me about an fast food chain that is now selling fried baloney-on-a-buisciut sandwhich for breakfast.

    Yep, all sounds normal in my world.

    I added brownies and chocolate chip cookies to the munchie table. I bet if you ask nicely, Jerome will bring you an nice glass of milk.

    Hugs[This Message was Edited on 09/07/2009]
  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Now, the good times start!
    The transition is hard on all involved, but now that I'm grown, I can see a LOT of things from Mom's perspective. Well, not exactly from HER perspective, not being a parent myself, but I no longer see her from a childs' perspective.
    And wonder of wonders, we discovered we LIKE each other! LOL!
    I discovered she's an intelligent, interesting person & I enjoy her company.
    I think this is the very best phase of the parent/child relationship.
    We're enjoying each other, & we're not yet to the part where she gets old & needs assistance or anything.
    Of course, since I'm the one who is sick, "caretaking" won't become my responsibility, even if she someday needs it.
    Thank goodness my 5 bros & I support each other, & our 'rents in every way we can.

    Enjoy this time with your daughter! It's the best phase, AND the longest phase. This is the part where you start seeing yourself in each other, & marveling at how unique & individual you are.

    These are the Good Ol' Days!

  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Hmm.... I think there used to be a TV show called "Good Times".

    Seriously, I know you're right. Transitions are tough, especially since high-sensitivity and late-blooming runs THICK in this family on BOTH SIDES. Poor kid was doomed even before she got started. hee hee

    BUT, I am eternally grateful to see that she is not taking after one of my aunts. Stuff didn't click for her unitl she turned 40! Or the other one that didn't click until she turned 60!


    Yes, I think I'm going to enjoy her a lot.

    BTW, I found a picture of that thingy I had to make for her to hang pictures on. It's called a memo board. I didn't know how to make one before I made it. We just saw it sitting on a shelf in the fabric store and she had to have one.

    If you go to the following link, not only will you see a picture of one, but you'll also get directions on how to make one. Sure wish I had had THAT when I was stumbling around in the dark! LOL


    Oh well, it's done. Her's is a navy blue background, white ribbon, and a mix of black and blue buttons (we used what we already had.) It's rather cute, if I do say so myself.

    Gonna go now. Wonder if Mom felt like cooking today? If she did, it's time to go be a mooch!

  11. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    that I was getting on the end of the last vol. Did anyone read it? Nothing too new and exciting.

    Around 10 p.m, I got the last of the Sun. papers read. Yeah! Today, I did nothing very important. #2 son came about 10:30 gather up some things. - took sweaters that were his Dad's, two other things that will mean a lot, and we just talked. Took me out to eat Guess where? McDonalds! I got to pick up 3 Rx's and I am now in the "gap" That certainly added to my day!

    I did some scanning - that is an up and down process.

    Nothing else new! Just hurt on my right shoulder! Oh well!!

    Nite dear friends,

  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    It does mean a lot, when we accomplish "little" things.
    We always seem to say to each other here: "Nothing important, just got some little stuff done".
    But it is important. We've learned (the hard way) not to take anything for granted - no matter how small.

    "Normal" peeps can rush thru their day "multi-tasking" (I hate that phrase, cuz it really means they're not giving anything or anybody their full attention).
    But I don't envy them.
    Things taken for granted, are not things appreciated.

    I took walking for granted. Of course, I'd walk thru life. Why would I think otherwise?
    Until the day I was suddenly paralyzed, & doctors were treating me as fast as they could, to stop the (very fast) progression that would put me on a respirator. (I was literally minutes away from the respirator, when they stopped the progression.)

    The world is a different place, when experienced from a wheelchair.
    I alway thought (if I thought about it at all) that it was just like normal life, except rolling around instead of walking around.
    Man, was I in for a rude awakening!

    There were suddenly so many things I simply couldn't do.
    So many places I simply couldn't go. Including places we'd never think of, like the frikkin handicapped-accessible stall in a public restroom!
    Yep. I discovered that the little blue sticker on the door, doesn't mean a wheelchair will actually fit in there.

    Even now, I'm frustrated because I'm missing out.
    My birthday is late next month, & my friend over in a neighboring city wants me to come visit.
    But, my birthday will have to be postponed til I'm walking.
    I mean really, how many of your friends' houses are wheelchair accessible?
    "Postpone my birthday"? Birthdays can't be postponed. They can only be missed.

    Have ya ever been annoyed at being in a crowded place?
    Guess what I get to have in my face, in crowded places...
    Yep. Strangers' arses...
    "Eye-level" has a hole new meaning.

    Anyhow... Back to my point...

    Little accomplishments ARE a big deal!
    We mention all the "little" things we do, cuz we know what most of the world doesn't know: EVERY accomplishment is a big deal!


    PS: I do have periods of remission, when I'm able to walk again. But they never seem to last long enough.
    In fact, I'm beginning to show small signs of remission again!
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock – tuition fees, yes…a bummer. We’re learning first
    Hand how much a teenage son spends. Petrol money
    For motorbike. Snacks money. Movie money. Mobile
    Phone money. Get together with old school pals money,
    The DH told son “goodness, how much you do spend!”
    And son said “I know, I wish I could get a job, then I
    Wouldn’t have to go thru this.” "This" being his Dad
    lecturing him on being thrifty. Unfortunately, no part
    Time jobs for teens in this part of the world.

    Joan – is your knee okay? How was Labour day..
    Tho you did say you were spending it quietly. I too
    Like mellow sunshine as compared to bright. I havent
    even attempted Farmville on FB. Lol.

    Pippi – we folks do tend to take walking for granted.
    And its so different when you actually think about it
    For one who is confined to a wheel chair. I think youre
    One brave lass..and its so encouraging to hear about
    The remissions…may they keep coming and one day
    Who knows?

    Teacher – that memo board of your nieces sounded so
    Pretty. We spoke to our daughter for just a while yesterday.
    She also is in her second year. The first year seemed to
    Have flown by for her. I hope she wil find the other years
    Also interesting. Coz this year she has taken some more
    Heavy duty subjects like eco and math.

    Barry – that’s a lot of traveling u been gone and done.
    That was a shame about your dads side of family. Looks
    Like quite a few of us here have had to deal with
    Alcoholism. Pity it affects not just the person imbibing
    But those around them as well. Don’t worry about lurking,
    And not posting…we do what we can…when we can..thats
    What so nice about this place. Coz everyone has a DD and

    Julie – how many times do you visit your chiro in a month?
    And what does he do? It sounds non invasive and I was
    Thinking maybe I too should go once. But suddenly my
    Joints and bones are behaving well so Ill just wait.

    Georgia – great to hear you gave that woman the cold shoulder.
    Just don’t hve anything to do with her…that trouble causing
    Thing. She’s probably jealous of what you and Grandpa have.
    Oh how I wish me and my brothers had tossed our fathers
    Paramour out of the door sooner, She was the maid in our house.
    Instead when she left, if was after a lot of havoc got wreaked on
    Us kids psyches and of course mums.

    Granni – isn’t it frustrating how the weeds will come back up
    Sooner than one thinks? Our weeding and Julies mowing. Lol.
    Oh when are the guests coming.

    Mickey – shame about that post disappearing…I think Ashleys
    Nose may hve healed completely now? I know you are still
    Very busy with helping out at Mums. Re post when you hve the
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I cant recall what i did yesterday...means yesterday went awaste...one of those lethargic
    days....i did make the tofu for dinner and so riled up coz the DH said it was horrible. As it
    is I bought it for him. Because of his weight issues and High BP i try to make stuff like mushroom and tofu etc...otherwise just son and i we would be content with potato and meat gravy and rice. The son told me he would bring me fried tofu from outside and maybe dad wil like that better. I dont know how to make fried tofu. What to put in it.

    I need to know to make more vegetarian dishes. But i need to make something with less oil.

    Today I need to have the copper thing over the stove scrubbed off its grease. We cant use
    the fan in the chimney because some mynah birds were squawking and i know they may have
    built a nest and laid eggs. Im losing the battle with the birds. I threw out a nest several times
    outside our bathroom window ledge only to have the varmint come back each time and remake it. The next time i went to see, the pigeon had already made the nest and not just that, also
    LAID an egg. She knows we'll not throw out her nest now so when i peer out of the screen at
    her sitting on her egg, she just glares back out of one beady eye as if to say..." I dare you".
    I bet her young wil be as cheeky. Theres one pigeon comes in thru the window and dances
    about on the dressing table...in front of me and Poopsie. I have a feeling its one of the young
    who hatched out of the bathroom window ledge.

    Elaine - I hope you doing good, girl..thinking of you.

    Everybody hugs

    God Bless
  15. jole

    jole Member

    Sat outside on the porch after hubby left for work this morning and enjoyed the sunrise. It was beautiful against all the clouds!

    My daughter/kiddies will be leaving in a few hours...they're still snoozing away...and I'll be ready to crash again. What a great time we had. It will be her last trip home due to weather, etc. now, so we made the most of the weekend.

    All our kids but one were in town yesterday, and we all took food in to grandmas for lunch (she's 95) and she just loves this one day a year with all the kids coming and going from her house. It was beautiful and we ate outside on her patio. All the town goings-on were fun, and the kids saw a lot of their old classmates. I stayed at grandmas...can't do all that walking.

    Anyway, just want to say I'll be back later....Hi Barry, enjoyed hearing more about you!! Joan, I'm sorry your knee gave out on you, but really happy you didn't end up hurt worse. I'm sure that had to be a very scary experience! Georgia, good luck to you and grandpa.

    See you soon....Jole
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, it will be another busy day with something to do in the am and pm. Have to go to my new endo this morning, then come home and have lunch. DH wants to go and do some working out after lunch. That is fine but then I have to go to my small singing group, then fix dinner, eat and then go to our first "work day" after the summer vacation. Not sure what all we will be doing there other than fiddiling with music, handing it collecting handing out or whatever else. Maybe we will working some more onthe music lirary. I and another gal are in charage of that . Then, tomorrow evening I have to go choir practiice.

    The problem is that we have so much to do (esp me) since I will be having surgery on the 16th and company sometime towards the end of the month, that I do not know where to start. I just look at the task and say, yiles I do not knw where to start and don;t. Have to at least vacuum and clean some bathrooms, blah !!

    Jole - I am sure you are all worn out from the big visit but am happy you had a gaood time. Yes, you can rest when they are gone. Then you will miss them, I know the syndrome :) !!

    Georgia - Hope all is going well with you and Grandpa ! I cannot believe that after all that neighbor said to you about him, and he about her that she had the nerve to ask if she could store some stuff at your house. Good grief !!

    Sseet Spring Water - Oura guest are coming towards the end of the month. So, that will be very interesting after my surgery. I don;t plan on dooing myuch cooking after all this and house work either. So, that will be interesting to seee what the house will look like then. I just made the bed upstairs and picked up a bit from when the grandkids were here in June. That tells you how much I go upstairs . I should vacuum up there too.

    Joan - glad you had fun with DS yesterday even if y ou did go to Mc Donalds. The company was great I am sure. Sorry also your shoulder is hurting now.

    Elaine - we are all thinking of you and hope you are still hanging in there and not causing havoc with poor J S :) !! LOL !!

    Pip - Hope you are feeling like you have more NRG and notto many aches and pains.

    Julie - I am sure you had a very busy day too. Let u sknow how it all went and hope you are feeling better. Finish your mowing yet ???? I did some weed pulling but it was already to hot out thee (or should I say humid) and those weeds have such bad roots on them. Trying to get them all out but the root is such a chore. So much more to go . Geez- everydobby could come here and we could have a weed pulling paraty ! I am sure you all would love that - yuck ! Maybe if we got everydobbyall drunk they would like it (or forget they were doing it in the first place :) LOL !!!

    Mickey - How was your party yesterday? Hope it went on OK and that your mom is doing OK to after her other fall.

    Lots to do before I leave for the doctors. So, I had better get off for now.

    Hugs to you awl (inc those not mentioned),

  17. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I only have 15 minutes B4 I have to head out to the bus stop.
    Mom will meet me at the end of the line to drive me the rest of the way to my neuro appt.
    I'll find out what my MRI revealed.

    My friend, James - the one who had the major surgery, that I've been asking every one 2 pray 4 - goes back to his surgeon 2day 2 find out when they'll do the 2nd surgery to close the incisions they had to leave open from the 1st one.

    I'll update everydobby on my doc & on James' doc, this evening.

    GOTTA RUN!!!!!

    Love 2 all!!!!!
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Labor Day was quiet at the ranch. Gordon made
    2 kinds of stir fry: chicken, mushroom, broccoli and
    zucchini in black bean sauce.

    (Note: Gordon is not afraid to cook vegetables
    that are hard to spell.)

    As we have discussed before, when you try and
    post is when people want to talk to you. In the
    middle of the night, it's usually a cat knocking at
    the window.

    Last night, about 3 am, it was Gordon. His blood
    sugar was low. Usually when this happens he eats
    a piece of bread and some fruit juice. We were outta
    fruit juice so I gave him some Cherry Coke. Well, it was
    kinda fruity.

    Anyhoo, he's fine now.

    Georgia, I was thinking of writing, how reliable is
    your neighbor? Then I decided It was better not
    to play the role of the man siding w/ the man.

    In medicine, the expression is "not a reliable
    historian." In law it's "has a bad reputation for
    truth and veracity".

    One might say of your neighbor, "Whadda Gal!
    Such Gall with her Grill. Golly!

    Anyhoo, hope things are fine now.

    Teacher, Gordon's knee is much better now,
    thanks. Oops, now Gordon needs me in the
    kitchen. Have to put this on hold for a while.

    Ok, Gordon went off to work loaded down w/
    a week's worth of lunches.

    I enjoy your little songs. Do you remember the
    Gary Larson cartoon that shows a canoe full of
    boy scouts? Their leader is saying something
    like, "Ok, let's take if again from Row, Row, Row
    Your Boat." Meanwhile they are heading for a

    Sorry your post vanished, Mickey. I can't believe
    your poor mom fell again. Does she have ALZ?
    Maybe she was a roller derby skater in her youth?
    Can you move her bed downstairs? Would it

    Barry, I am reading a book by Victor J. Stenger.
    Perhaps you have read some of his works. We
    have been talking about MRIs recently. He notes
    that the most powerful of the new imaging techniques
    is the MRI based on the physics of
    nuclear magnetic resonance..

    He says the word "nuclear" was not used. Didn't
    want to frighten the patients.

    (Plus George W. Bush couldn't pronounce it.)

    Joan, I read your post on the last board. I guess
    H1N1 is the same as swine flu. Hadn't seen that

    Hope you have recovered from your fall.

    Julie, I caught your pun. But sometimes, these
    last few decades, I don't. Too much brain deterioration.

    You know, if you had gone to a good Catholic school,
    you would have known there were no
    snakes in Ireland. St. Patrick chased them all

    I used to have a coworker who was older than I.
    She was Jewish, but her parents sent her to a
    Catholic school because they had the best reputation.
    She said that was not uncommon
    in the 30s and 40s for families that could afford

    Getting tired. Gonna go lie down and read a book
    about the Civil War. Remember Ken Burn's
    documentary about 20 years ago? I think it
    had about 10 episodes.

    In one, a letter by Sullivan Ballou is read. It is a
    letter of goodbye to his wife. In the background
    Ashoken Farewell is played. A modern song
    written about 30 years ago by Jay Unger, it
    sounds like it came from the Civil War period.

    Sullivan Ballou died a few days later in the Battle
    of Bull Run.

    Like almost everything else in the world, the letter
    and music can be found on Youtube.

  19. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    My knee feels no results of falling, the sore areas on shoulder feel OK ---but why am I not and up and shouting for joy! Have talked to several people, not FMs, who all say the same things. "Boy, if I don't get it done in the morning, I just don't get it done!" Al least I'm not alone! One was much younger - had problems--had gall bladder removed but the stones keepo coming back. He is so much fun but am afraid for him. say a prayer for Donnie.

    This a.m. I decided it was time to get some drawer changing (not on me!!) done. i am going to put some things in the drawers of
    DH dresser - but I have to decided what. Have it mostly done but don't have all my slacks and capris changed around. And some are too big so to Good Will. But who will; take the bags down to them? Always something.

    I slept like a log last night! Not certain whey but was good.

    Georgia: I am so sorry that that person has made a mess of things for you.You have grandpa, don't you. I have discovered thaat people don't really care how others are feeling, inside or out or in your heart! They care only about themselves. Don't be a hermit, sweetie. All of us love you and want only the best for you. Relax with some soft music, lights down low and think only or what5 the music says. Don't apologize for ventinng - that's what we are here for - to listen!!

    Rock: I guess H1N1 sounds much better than "swine flu"! I try to wash and wash my hands until they are so dry. I do not want it. One of my friends, Kathy on FB, has been in hospital with all the symptoms of it. She is a nurse too so easy to be exposed. Do take care!-

    Rock: Did I ever tell you whatr I did the first time DH had a low? He was in a store shopping for me and came out and said he was dizzy. (think i told this before but here it is again). I got a handful of Altoids in my hand and said eat. I got into the glove box and looked around and all I could find was a chocolate turtle that he had picked up at the bank (they give them away at christmas time) It was stuck to the bottom of the box and messy. I scrapped it up and gave it to him and said "eat". i didn't care about germs - only his getting his sugar up. He felt fine then.

    My grandson who is 30 and had diabetes #1 since 18 always has a can of sugar pop under car seat and all over house.l He wears a pump so can adjust it easily. nothing to fool with!

    Granni: How in the world to you expect to entertain right after surgery? Please don't do anything that will wear you completely out. Remember what we say --do what you can when you can and please don'tpush!

    And don't take the vacuum upstairs! You have tio be young, young to do so much! I just think is they don't like what they see, they can do it themselves!

    Julie: You are mowing again??? I think that your grass grows awfully fast! Do you enjoy mowing? we used to have a rider and I always did it on Thur. afternoon. DH was golfing. I really enjoyed it - thought about everything--Then the mower died and DH was always doing something tyo it. I said that was enough. Put it out by the trash on trash day and someone took it. Good luck to them! Sure does sound like Amy has that "thing". A 4 yr. od boy died of it over the weekend. I certainly pray for my greats!w

    Vol 2.

    Springwater; i too forget "yesterday" I keep a journal and if I don't enter it in te p.m., the next day I have forgoten what I did. Of course, most of it wasn't too important.

    Pippi: I am sure that the word handicapped doesn't mean wheelchair. I am so sorry that your are having such a tough time. Hope things get a little better, sweetie.

    And how younger and the healthier do take things for granted that we can, especially you, can't do. I used to walk so fast - dH could never keep up with me! Now everyone that I am with slooowwws down! Phooey! Oh well, I am walking andf I do so with that you could.

    Well, I do need to finish off a few things in the bedroomj and it is now 4:03 ---that is not in the a.m. either. And I can't see very well so not sure what I type.

    Bye and sweet dreams and a good tomorrow.

    Luv U,

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  20. Pippi1313

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    Back from the doc. Long story. I'll tell that part in a minute. First:

    Georgia: G's hives say a lot. Sounds like he's breaking out from the stress. (My uncle always got hives when he was over-stressed.)
    I'm SO glad it all turned out to be a big set-up, but I'm so sorry you had to go through that at all!
    Yes. People are evil & stupid. Let them stand there knocking. They'll go away eventually.

    Rock & Joan: Speaking of swine flu: I was on the bus this morning, & a guy 2 seats away kept coughing.
    I thought about telling him that if I got sick, I'd come & hunt him down. And if I got sick & died, I'd come & HAUNT him!
    But he got off the bus, as I was considering whether or not to say that.

    Sweet SpringWater: Also while I was on the bus, I was chatting with a girl from my old neighborhood (which is where I was going to meetup with Mom).
    There's one stop along the line, where about 30 or 40 people get on the bus, at that time of day. They're foreign, although I don't know what nationality they are.
    The girl I was chatting with saw them, & asked me who they were.
    I told her I didn't know. Just then, one lady in the group sat down next to her. This lady spoke english, & explained who they were & where they were from. I couldn't hear everything she said, cuz the bus was so loud. They always looked to me (judging from what I've seen on tv, of course) like maybe they were from India. But they weren't.
    I mentioned to my pal, about you & how fascinating it is to learn about your culture. Her eyes bugged out when I told her about arranged-marriages. She asked if people in arranged-marriages can get divorced, if they don't like their mate.
    I told her I don't know. It never occured to me to ask! But I told her I'd ask you about it.
    Like I said, I couldn't hear a lot of what the other lady said, but there's no arranged-marriage in her culture. I did catch that much.

    I'll post this & come back for part 2!