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    Posts by Rock and Spring on the last vol. to check out.

    Hurting really bad today, but wanted to say hi at least. Rock, enjoying your posts on some of the other threads on the board!

    Georgia, I hope things are going well with you and grandpa now...I agree that people love to cause trouble. I remember when my daughter was broadsided by a neighbor who ran a stop sign several years back. It was all over the town that we were suing our neighbors....we didn't even know about it until someone jokingly asked my hubby what we were going to do with all the money....

    Well, it was our insurance suing theirs for damages to our vehicle!!! My hubby went over and talked to our neighbor. They both felt terrible about it, and our neighbor even announced in his church that it was not true, explaining the situation...which I thought was very nice. We would never sue a friend, even though our daughter still has a lot of problems to this day. But our neighbor had a broken neck, for Pete's sake. Yes, his fault, but he suffered enough!!

    People are just gossip happy at times, and love to stir up trouble....makes them feel important.

    Hi to everyone else....can only stay a few minutes at a time today...back to bed, and may get to visit with more later. Love to all.....Jole (Jo-lee)
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    Have been running around with DH this morning in the rain and then I went off to WM. it is black out here and trying to decide whether it should rain or not. it did rain some but hope it doesn't do any hard raining this evening so I can go to choir without floating. It it gets bad DH won't let me go. Actually, if is that bad I probably wouldn;t want to go either except for the fact that today is the first day of choir practice for the year, after the summer off.

    Jo - lee - sorry you are feeling so badly again today. Gee, pain is just the pits isn't it ? I know cause I have it too, maybe not the same as you, arthritis and FM and not sure which is which any more.. It just stinks . Yes, sometimes people are just so mean and for no good reason other than they want to be in the potlight even if it just for a short while. They don;t care who gets hurt.

    Pippi - Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope they will find out soon that your problems may be caused by lead poisoning. That sounds awful but at least then they will have an answer for you. Dd they say how long it would take to find out??

    Julie - Hope all is well with you my dear. You are just the buysiest gal. Hey, any left over hot pretzels for me. I have never made them but used to buy the in NY. They are so yummy !!

    Georgia - Hope you and Grandpa are relaxing and trying to forget the whole thing you have had to deal with with your troublemaker neighbor. Hope both of you are feeling better .You still busy knitting??

    Mickey - How are you and family doing. Hope your mom is doing better after her most recent fall. Wasn't she supposed to go to the doctor again soon to see about it and if any more damage was done.

    BIG HI's to AWL !! Thinkling of Elaine, SW, Joan, Linda, Rock, Teacher and everyone else who may be peeking in.


    Well, nature calls everydobby and I think DH may want the computer soon.

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    Hi Ya, Jo-Lee! LOL! Thanks for turning on the porch light!!!

    Rock: I've heard that too, about dental fillings causing heavy metal (mercury) poisoning.
    In my case, if I turn out to have it, it's a bit more nefarious.

    When I first got sick, I was living in a different town.
    There are 2 major, massive chemical plants there. One is Dow Corning, but I forget the name of the other.
    The populated part of the area is downwind & downriver from the chem plants.
    They often had leaks, spills, & airborn emissions.
    The companies gave the county a LOT of money, & the county assured everybody there was no risk & everything was both hunky and dorey.

    Even the local newspaper refused to print any letter-to-the editor that questioned this okey-dokey rosey report.

    People did question it. They new we were being lied to.

    In that community, "rare" diseases & "rare" forms of cancer were rampant. It seemed like everybody & their cousin had a "rare" disease.

    As I said, that's where I was living when I came down with my "rare" disease.

    Women there have an average of 4 - 6 miscarriages, for every live birth.
    The idiots there think numerous miscarriages are completely normal.

    All of this is allowed to continue because the company people & a handful of local people are living lives of rediculous luxury (while their neighbors & even their relatives are suffering & dropping dead).
    The rest of the population has no power to do anything about it.

    One night, I was sitting outside at a gazebo at my apartment complex, visiting with the neighbors, when we saw something really freaky.
    (I was in the wheelchair, as were several of my neighbors. MS is rampant there, too, & several of them had it.)

    It was a moonless, dark but clear night.
    We saw a low cloud. It was a rusty red color, and it GLOWED!!!
    It was moving, in a downwind direction, but it was moving so slowly that we watched it for almost an hour.
    It seemed to have a heaviness to it. It was almost a solid thing. It never spread out or dissipated or even changed shape.
    It was like this low, glowing, red, THING was almost stuck together.

    Nobody had ever seen anything like it before.
    And yes, it came from the direction of the Dow Corning plant.

    I did get outta there, & move back to my hometown, but I've learned that heavy metal poisoning doesn't go away without treatment.

    I'm actually hoping I DO have it. It answers all my questions and there's a simple solution to that problem!!!

    And, as I said in my last post, that would mean my underlying illness really is in remission!

    My bro, David is the one who figured out I need to be tested for this.
    His current research is about anemia in all its forms.

    He discovered a case of heavy metal poisoning caused anemia, that as he read the report (every detail, including how the bone-marrow is affected) he realized it sounded like he was reading MY doc report!

    So.... I'm hoping!!!!!!!!!


    SweetSpringWater: Thanks for answering my question about marriage & divorce in your culture! I appreciate it, & my pal will be fascinated!

    B back in a bit!

    Love 2 all!!!!!
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    This is my post-library post i.e., it's after getting
    back from the library. I bought 2 paperbacks for
    a quarter and picked up a couple of library books.

    Jole, I worked in the litigation/accident business
    for over 40 years. Still took me 5 minutes to think
    of the term subrogation. That's when Insurance
    Co. A seeks money from Insurance Co. B. Almost always
    for repairs to a car.

    Sorry you're having a bad day. Hope tomorrow
    is better.

    Pippi, used to handle claims for Corning Ware.
    People filed claims for injury due to dishes that
    allegedly shattered and injured their hands. One
    of my coworkers got rid of all her Corning Ware.

    My mother had Corning ware baking dishes for
    years, and never had a problem. Have no idea
    how often this sort of thing actually happened.

    Speaking of arranged marriages, and illustrating
    that the past is just around the corner (and sometimes
    right here with us), my boss was
    an Orthodox Jew. His wife told me they were not
    going to arrange marriages for their 4 kids.

    The kids could marry anyone they wanted to as
    long as the parents agreed. This was not half
    a century ago, this was in the l990s right here in
    southern CA. The parents considered
    themselves very modern and liberal.

    Granni, if it rains tonight, you could perform
    Handel's water music. It was originally played on
    a barge while rowing down the Thames.

    Or Singin' in the Rain; Bridge over Troubled
    Water; Harbor Lights; Cruising Down the River.
    Moonlight Bay; Banks of the Wabash. Lots of choices.

    Georgia, sounds like you're under a lot of stress.
    I hope you can just relax and get some rest. Let
    Granpa and Ursala take care of you for a few

    Well, time to do my chores and then start a new

    Hugs and waves

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    Don't feel good right now! I went to a Srs. carry-in and came home feeling lousy. Took my temp. and it was 99.2. Now that's a lot for me whose temp usually runs between 95 plus and 97. I took it because I felt like I had it. My mouth tastes just like a sewer, you know, awful. Please don't let me get flu!!

    i am going with my neighbor lady to our popular restaurant (yes, very popular!!!) in town tomorrow evening. I just don't ever do something like that. Her hubby is up north fishing for 10 days.

    Took 2 extra-strength Tylenol a few hrs. ago but nothing.

    Georgia: You sound as if you have had a bad flare! i am so sorry - the mind does vicious tricks on the body, doesn't it?

    Grannie: The hot pretzels sound so very good. I wouldn't have the least idea how to make them, I never did very well with anything made with yeast. Partly, because I like the cake yeast and always nibbled on it. I did at one time make luscious sweet rolls. I had a wonderful place to let them rise too. No more!

    I don't know what caused my comp. to mess up. I had a wonderful picture of my 2 greats, Arabella and Jacob as a screen saver. Then suddenly, My Yahoo disappeared and the new Yahoo appeared. I don't like that one but don't know how to get it back!!

    Someone will ibe home to straighten me out. I have been looking at all of my high school and beyond photo books. Oh my!!!! I had the LITTLES WAIST!!!! can't imagine. I am also working on my side of the family's old photos and scanning them. #1 Son with put them on a disc and copy them for each of the 3 kids. Rather fun! But I have lost on picture!! Rather weird but my Dad's sister who was much younger, lost her new baby and then she died. The family had a picture of the tiny baby in q long white dress laying on a love seat. it was the only cousin and aunt that I had on my dad's side of the family. #2 Son said that maybe someone thought it was too weird to be in there. Whoops! that tells me a lot. Daughter and wife! i can't get the one drawer open - stuck - and I don't think that there is anything left in it but wanted to open it anyway.

    Think I will find something to eat to make my mouth taste better!! Hope tomorrow finds me feeling better and no flu!!

    I won't send kisses - I might infect you - and I will hug you from a distance!!

    Luv U

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    Sounds like everyone is flaring right now.

    The change of season really does us in. Soooo, hop on the Vitamin C. Try some cod liver oil too, if you have any (it comes in capsules now. Yea!)

    We won't completely fall apart this way, but it does help us to adjust.

    I have another name for you: Chelly

    I had a fun day. I mangaged to wear two completely different shoes to school today. Didn't even notice until one of the girls asked me why I was wearing missmatched shoes.

    I was surprised. But, as I told them, at least they're black! (our uniform is khaki bottoms, dark green or white tops, and black shoes) We laughed all day.

    It was a good day, but I'm tired now. I think I'm going to go get me a book, fill up the tub and turn into a prune.

    Given up on that name yet? It's pronounced "Shelly".

    Good for you, Pippi, for hopefully stumbing upon what's wrong. Keep us up on all the stuff.

    Elaine, I hope you're haveing a good day today. Praying for you.

    Another name before I go: Shandalear. Yep, just like the ceiling light.

    Cozy hugs all around.

  7. jole

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    I'm feeling better tonight, so decided to check things out again. I started on liquid magnesium and vit C yesterday, plus my other supps and pain meds, so am hoping for good things to happen....lol....

    Granni, your rainy weather sounds like here...dark skies all day with humidity and cool temps, but we didn't get any rain. I hope you made it to choir practice okay and had a good time.

    Pippi, Heavy Metal, huh? Seems like I remember them from the past (okay, not funny). Good for your brother in finding the info. It gives you another avenue to check out. That red sky incident had to be pretty scary...sounds like a horror film to me, which in truth I guess it was.

    Rock, that story about your boss being so "enlightened" that he didn't arrange marriages for his kids is unreal in this day and age. Although I do know plenty of parents who WISH they could have picked their kids' mates...and things may have turned out better..who knows? I just know that us kids wouldn't have lasted in a marriage dad would have decided on.....

    Joan, I hope you feel better tomorrow. Maybe you should postpone your meal out tomorrow night and make it another day. Probably how you got it in the first place was from someone who didn't care. I had a SIL once who was constantly going places when she was really, really sick. Her motto was, "If I have to have it, so can everybody else". She'd actually say that to people as she told them how bad she felt!

    Notice I said I HAD a SIL. She was such a mess...no words to describe her. She waited 'till my brother was fairly well off, then moved out on the pretense of starting her own business. He bought her a house in another town, landscaped her yard, all new furniture, new car, etc. THEN she divorced him.

    He stood by her and never said a word against her for years, even though she drained him financially and her kids have nothing to do with her. She is very, very bipolar and after being diagnosed refused treatment because she likes the highs. (Also likes the money binges and sex that goes with them). But the lows were horrible, and her family paid dearly.

    Now how did I get onto that??? Wandering mind syndrome....

    Teacher, good names! It reminds me of a story my nephew's little boy told us. He met two little girls in his summer reading group named Angel and Serenity. We asked if they were named appropriately, and he said, "Well, she aint no angel and she aint got on floatin' crown either!" Hahaha....he's such a little character!

    I can't imagine naming my kids Angel or Serenity...lol...

    Mickey, where are you? Haven't seen you for awhile....maybe I just don't remember....

    Georgia, feeling better?

    Elaine, good thoughts and prayers coming your way...

    Julie, your mowing days should be coming to an end shortly with the cooler weather. Yay!

    Spring, sounds like you're feeling better with the oils. Good for you!

    See ya all tomorrow! Sleep well.....Jole
  8. Pippi1313

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    Hi everydobby!

    Yeah, that red floating "cloud" my neighbors & I saw was really weird.
    It was a smallish cloud, not a big one. More of a mass than a cloud.
    This was on one of those really dark, moonless nights, & it was the glowing that really caught our attention. It was a slight glow, from within the mass, not a reflection of lights, & not a bright glow that would cast its own light. The color was a rusty, metallic red - dark, not bright.

    We all knew the chemical factories intentionally released stuff at night, when they wouldn't be caught.
    We saw it cuz so many of us, being sick, didn't sleep well, & had insomnia.
    It wasn't unusual for several of us to be gathered at the gazebo at 2:00 am.

    Hey! I can't believe I forgot to tell y'all about something!
    Many of us have been having serious pain lately.
    Once when I was in a major flare, my doc said to take anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen or naproxen. But I reminded him I'm allergic to those. He said a lot of pain is caused by, or aggravated by, inflammation.

    The witch doctor (Mom) wanted me to take olive leaf extract, combined with ester-C. (Just the stuff ya buy right off the shelf at wal-mart.)

    I didn't put any stock in all that herbal stuff, back then.
    It was easier to just go along with it to humor Mom.

    It actually worked!!!
    I wasn't getting relief from narcotic meds, & when Mom suggested the herbs/vitamins I expected it to NOT work, so it wasn't the power of suggestion, or the placebo effect.

    I took a double dose of each (taken together) 3 times a day.
    Peeps have to adjust the amount for their own metabolism, but it takes way more that the dose the label says.

    So, if anybody's pain is from inflammation, this really will help (without destroying any internal organs, like too much OTC med can).

    I've been in a low-pain phase since that last massive spike, so I'm doing ok for now.
    But I wanted to share that with y'all.

    When I took this combo, I felt incredibly better in just 3 days.
    Which is amusing, since I was sure it wouldn't do jack.


    See y'all later!
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Pippi – really glad you found something to help you..
    And something that’s gentle on the insides…I don’t
    Know what id do without my herbal and alternative stuff
    Being that I have such a weak stomach.

    Thats really horrible about the chemical plant and how
    it might be releasing toxic stuff into the air..cant you
    report it or something..just too scary for words.

    Jole – your SIL was a a character for sure…must have
    Been painful sitting around and watching her shennanigans.

    Teacher – hahaha two different shoes to work…where was
    Your mind? But it seems you are enjoying being back at school.
    Another unusual name..Seraphine…and I love the name Constance.

    Joan – I hope you don’t have the flu either..my bad cold made
    Me so miserable..and then DH caught it and now son. Also
    Looks like you are enjoying arranging all your photos…I sure
    Hope I will get to se them on FB.

    Rock – read your other post about how expensive dogs are getting
    To keep. I agree. If only Id known before. Just today when I went
    To the supermarket, I saw a poster for people to take in adorable
    Little black and white cocker spaniels..had it been the me of old,
    I would of ran and phoned immediately and been depressed if I
    Couldn’t get one of them. Now the older, wiser me just prayed
    The pups would get good homes where they wouldn’t be tied up
    Or made to sleep on hard ground..a common practice here. The dogs
    Peeing inside on the curtains and floor make me very stressed out
    Being as how I don’t have much energy to begin with. They hate
    To go out in the rain and like to mark their territory.

    Granni – looks like tis the season for rain. Weve been getting
    A steady stream but that makes me happy. Ooler temps and less
    Power cuts. I saw the floods in Istanbul on the news..my goodness
    People stranded in the STREETs on top of cars…what wacky
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Ive been trying to battle ongoing fatigue and blues with deep breathing...
    gosh am i lucky i live on our own and dont have people around to see
    me laying down a lot. Coz again the work is piling up. Where does all
    this laundry come from? I have way too many magazines and books all
    laying about..and medicines and oils and cds and blaaaah...i wish i was
    a tidy person..well i wish i had the energy to tidy up and clean all the
    time. And the doggy fur adding.

    Actually after lying down for most of the morning besides doing the
    morning worship which itself takes a lot of time if i follow all the rules..
    I sat and did some meditation and breathing and got energized enough
    to up and make a dish for lunch..big green peppers, potatoes, cheese,
    butter, tomatoes, onion and garlic thrown in together and cooked slowly
    with a bit of salt and black pepper for seasoning. I think everybody liked
    it, its all finished. I had some for lunch and son and DH polished off the rest
    at dinner.

    I also went and did some grocery shopping in evening when the lights went
    off at 7pm. It was drizzling slightly and i loved walking in the cool moist air.
    Bought some wrapping paper and a birthday card..because its a friends
    birthday. Already bought her present few days back. I hope i get the
    energy and motivation to go drop off the stuff to her tho..

    i am supposed
    to go visit a cousin...husbands uncles son...and have not been able to
    make the move. Their relations are a bit strained..so consequently i too
    feel unwelcome...but again if i dont go, it wil seem like an insult. Funny
    family dynamics going on here.

    It was my husbands cousins birthday on 9th (the one who studies in
    Minnesota..but i detected a bit of world weariness in her email. I wonder
    whether the strain of studying and living in a foreign country is getting
    to her. At home she is pampered silly. I hate to think of young people
    depressed. She wrote "well, its 9/9/09. quite a unique day but the weather god didn't think
    differently and just let the cold odd weather continue. i am hoping for the
    sun to shine a bit more. and yes, i do feel the pressure of making this day
    extra special and pampering myself...when the truth of the matter is, its
    just another day. the sun rose, it will set....traffic will continue, work
    will go on. except i will be trying to transport myself into another world
    of relaxation, peace, pampering and happiness. u know what....yes, i think
    i am going to pursue that. i will make it special!!"

    I suppose we all have our blue days. But Im very fond of this cousin sis, want
    her to be happy and smiling always.

    Aargh! my DH just came and reminded me i hadnt made his tea. its 10:30pm
    but he wants a cuppa before bed. I forgot, i was busy typing this..hahahaha

    God Bless

  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Your temporary-reality-shift reminded me of something I experienced over the course of about a year, when I was a teenager. (And no, I wasn't on dope or anything. LOL!)

    I had a co-op job from school (got class credit while working) just a few blocks from where I live now.

    Part of my job (being a co-op kid, & not a "real" employee) included running errands for the big boss lady.

    I know this city like the back of my hand.
    But one day, I walked out the door with a packet of papers I was supposed to take to an office building 3 blocks over.
    I'd been there a bazillion times before.
    Suddenly, about halfway there, I didn't know where I was!
    I was completely, absolutely LOST in a familiar place!
    I didn't know where I was going, or how to get back to where I came from.
    I was terrified, cuz I realized this was abnormal, & I shouldn't be lost.

    I also know better than to look like I'm lost, in a big city.
    Although I was scared, I kept my wits about me & kept walking.
    I was afraid I'd get more lost, though. So I kept walking around the block I was on, never crossing a street. That way, I wouldn't get more lost...

    I didn't know what was happening to me, & I didn't know if it would stop or not.
    This was during a time when Mom & I weren't getting along (not surprising for teenagers, LOL!). But as I circled the block, I picked out a door to an office building & decided I'd go in that door & find a phone to call Mom to come & find me, if I wasn't able to get un-lost.

    The next thing I knew, I was standing at the door to building where I worked.
    I didn't remember going there.
    I was still holding the packet of papers I was supposed to deliver.

    I went in & the big boss lady was furious.
    Apparently, I'd been gone for about 3 hours, & the person waiting for the papers was phoning her constantly.

    Boss Lady rushed up, demanding to know where I'd been, what I was doing, etc...

    I just looked at her & didn't say anything. Heck, what could I say?
    I didn't understand what had happened, so how could I explain it?

    I don't know what kinda expression was on my face, of course, but it musta been a strange one.
    Boss Lady stopped mid-rush & mid-shout, and gave me a very strange look.
    Still, I just stood there. Looking back on it now, I think I was in shock or something.
    Boss Lady slooooowly turned & quietly walked away....
    And she was a tough, take-charge type of chick! She had to be, to run a business in a male dominated profession.

    Similar things happened over the next year.
    I got my drivers' license, & it happened when I was driving across the freeway.
    I suddenly didn't know where I was, where I was going, or anything.

    I didn't panic. I decided to stay on the freeway, & not exit, cuz the freeway circles the city, & it'd basically be like when I was walking continuously around the block, before.
    That time, it only lasted about 10 - 15 minutes, & then it was over.

    Pretty strange, huh?

    Anyway... I'm just saying (what you already know): It's not as big of a deal as other peeps might think it is.
    I think it's just as scary, maybe scarier, for someone else to witness these little "shifts" of ours.

    I think it's a physical thing.
    Some synapse didn't fire correctly, or a nerve didn't get an intended signal.

    After it hadn't happened for a long time, I did tell Mom about it.

    Although your sitch isn't exactly the same, I just wanted to tell ya I've experienced little "breaks" too.

    It's no big deal now, but it sure was a big deal when it happened. Especially since I was just a kid.


  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to come and check out my friends on the Porch. I did before but then DH needed computer so I gave up and went to do some cleaning that I really needed to do before I go in for my surgery on Wednesday, the 16th. Normally I wouldn't worry about it to much but I know that I will be getting some kind of company towards the end of September. So, the upstairs needed to be clean up some. Still not completely finished but Iam getting there. Then I have to do some cleaning downstairs. I just tend to keep on putting it all off and time is running low - aaack !!

    Pippi - Gee that was some strange experince you had years ago when you were a teenagaer. I can get lost pretty easily but I haven't had that kind of experience where I had no idea of where I was or where Iwas supposed to b going. Now, if I went downtown and had to go soeplace by myself I would be totally lost unless I had a map with me, or a navigation system. Then, I would still relaly have to pay attention cause I now sometimes they can throw you off to, like they tell you to turn left and you should have turned right.

    Do you have any idea of how long it will take to find ut aboaut that test for leady poisoning? Gee, that would be something and at least they should have a cure. That would be wonderful !! That is nice to know about the pain relief you got from the Olive leaf. I think that is what you said, and the Vit C. Do you take it all the time and if so how often and do you have a dosage? I know everyone is different and what may work for you might not work for me or others..

    Georgia - Hope you ae doing better sweetie and Grandpa too. Hope he went out so you could go talk to your friend, even iif he is a male friend. It is good to have someone else to talk to about your situation that you trust. I guess maybe Grandpa may also be afriaid that he might lose you .

    Sweet Spring Water - You were worried aobut where all the laundry is coming from. Well, maybe some of it is from Jule and some is from me :) !! For awhile there I was doing JULIE's laundry. Now that she is working she had also been dropping some also off at your house.
    So sorry about all the flooding !

    Sorry you have been battle fatigue so much and the blues lately. Hope you reemember to give DH's cousin her gift too, especially after going out to get the card and gift. That sounds like something I might do:) !! MMM, ythat dish with all veggies and cheese sounded wonderful. MMM ! I don;t always havae meat but DH is a different animal like yours I think.

    Jole - Hope you are feeling better. How do you feel after your supps?

    Teacher - your mentioning cold liver ol brings back memories of my childhood. We had to take a spoonfull of it every day. Yuck was it bad tasting. Now they have pills at least.

    I had better close this volume since DH will be coming again in a few minutes.

    Love to everydobby,
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  13. lilaclover30

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    This is the third time I have started this!!! But I don't have the flu or a bug but something must be going on in my head or hands!

    Where was I? Have no idea!

    I tried to get on Face Book and I couldn't! All i could get was a map telling me to sign up and meet friends all over! The my home page is Yahoo and all I can get is eMachine home page, that's the brand of my comp. #1 son and wife are coming Sat. and I am certain he can get me back to where I belong!

    Teacher" You gave me a bit of humor for the day! I remember 1 evening when I was riding in the back seat with a group of ladies, going to a bible study meeting. I leaned forward to hear what someone said and why - I don't know - but I put my hand on one of my shoes. I didn't remember wearing that pair.!! Well, "that pair" was on the other foot and the other foot had a different shoes on. I just laughed and laughed.

    During the meeting we sat in a circle and there were my 2 different shoes clearly visible! we need something to make us laugh. LOL

    pippi: Do be careful if that ever, ever happens again. Just find somewhere to stop and get your wits together again!! Be careful, sweetie.

    Georgia: Glad that you are having lunch with an old friend! You must have a lot to chat about. And yes, WHERE does all the laundry come from??? I did a basket full today and didn't realize that I had worn so many different things. I often hit my "front" when I eat. My excuse is " I have such a large shelf that it catches everything" That's my shelf out in front on my upper half.!!!

    I think that it is about time to quit this!! A bit of ago a Walgreen's page came up and said they were sorry, the could not fill my request. then my list of Favorites came up and couldn't get off!!!!!!!!! What in the world is going on with my hands (or is it head)

    Floods, springwater: Yes I read about those floods and how terrible is must have been for some! Can't imagine!! It seems to rain north, south, east and west of us! I guess we need it ---we only get a few sprinkle at a time.

    Hope it doesn't come Sat. night. We are to have our annual Fish Fry on the street. I was small when it first began. Used to be on Main St. but it is a st. road and won't allow town to block if off.

    I just lost it but FOUND IT! Think I will just stop------rest my weary mind!!

    Hope to see you all again tomorrow.

    luv to awl,

    [This Message was Edited on 09/10/2009]
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's gonna be a hot day here today, in the mid 90's. Too hot for me. I got up a did all my watering of outside and inside plants early, came in a got out of my sweat-drenched clothes, and washed my hair. Exhaustion. Went back outside to do my meditation of listening/no thought. Drank a cup of chamomile/lavender tea.

    Now I'm charring red bell peppers to skin. On the other hand, I'll let Richard skin them while I'm writing this! We'll use them on sandwiches with soppresata (a kind of salami) and tomato. Tomorrow I'll tackle the fresh pineapple he bought. I love pineapple, but not the canned ones so much. Once you get the knack pineapples are not so bad to prepare, unless you cut your fingers off.

    Rock: No Stenger for me! I'm not an atheist, but lean towards Buddhism in its non-sectarian form. You sure must live close to the library, it seems you go there often. I request my books online, and R. picks them up along with his stuff. Unfortunately our rural libraries here are in a pitiful state in regards to when they are open..... four days a week, 12 to 5. Used to be much better years ago, before funding was slashed. I give lots of books to the library, and am glad they can use them. They catalog most of them pretty fast and keep them. I'm glad Gordon's knee is better, but what a bummer for the longer commute. How are the orchids doing? My beautiful red Epiidendrum is just going over, but for four months was truly beautiful.

    Georgia : Hope all is settling down around you. An interesting thing I just read is that they have discovered what they think is the oldest twine in the world --dyed fibers twisted together, 30,000 years old. Discovered in a cave (if I remember right) in the country of Georgia! As soon as I read it I thought of you and the work you do with fibers! Keep on Knittin'!

    Pippi: one of your last post made me laugh. The one about being in a wheelchair giving you a new perspective of the people around you -- i.e: their rear ends! Love you, lady.

    Well, lunch is served, and then to read my Colm Toibin book "Brooklyn", which I like very much. I see it has been short-listed for the Booker Prize.

    Ciao for now,

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Chelly (pronounced Shelly)

    A teenager known as Chelly,
    Subsided on moon pies and jelly.
    She tended to shirk
    Any known form of work;
    Just lolled around watching the telly.


    A pupil yclept Shandalear
    Yearned to be a candelier.
    But sometimes life is just too tough.
    The poor girl wasn't bright enough.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just back from de-webbing my car. The
    spiders spin webs on the bottom of the car and
    the breeze blows boungainvillea petals and bits
    of straw into the webs.

    I find it hard to believe there are bugs to eat
    underneath the car, but the spiders are tenacious.

    Reminds me of a surrealistic experience I had
    a couple decades ago. In those days I was
    working four hours in the morning and napping
    in the afternoon.

    A cop banged on the door, woke me up, and
    lectured me about trash and spider webs around my car.
    Except there was no trash or spider web.

    I told some friends who all announced vigorously that they
    would really have told him off. The only
    trouble w/ that approach is 1) I thought he was
    crazy, and I know he was armed; 2) If an LA
    cop gives you a ticket, the judge will find you

    That's why people pay therapists to listen to
    them. Most friends and relations just tell you
    what you shoulda said, how you handled it all
    wrong, etc.

    Barry, our library is only 3 blocks away. When I
    was a kid in the village, the library was a room
    in the municipal building about the size of a
    small living room.

    It was open 5 hours a week.

    Just read a book published by Hyperion Press
    which is a division of Disney-ABC TV. 40 pages
    were upside down.

    Tsk, tsk...How standards have fallen. Incompetence
    and chicanery wherever one looks.

    What does short listed mean? Is that like "nominated"?
    Glad to see you're up to posting
    more often lately.

    Joan, sorry you're feeling poorly. I was surprised
    how much Tylenol helped me when my sty was
    making life miserable. Much more effective than

    Teacher, can't remember if i suggested this before or not.
    "Your shoes, My Shoes" by Tom
    Paxton is a cheery song. Bet your kids would
    love it. You can find it on line.

    Jole, your SIL sounds like a character from a
    really bad sit com or a depressing documentary.

    Pippi, I looked up Ester C. Thought maybe it
    was something from the Old Testament. Apparently it's
    good old vitamin C that's been
    tamed so it doesn't upset the tummy.

    Springwater, your dish w/ potatoes and cheese
    sounds yummy. I agree about the poor animals.
    I'd like to give them homes, but it's becoming so
    difficult. Getting hard for me to climb the hill
    when I take Zippy for a walk.

    Joan, I agree about the computer. Sometimes it
    does goofy things. And sometimes I can't tell
    if it's the computer that's goofy or my mind.

    Granni, I remember cod liver oil. Before they put
    it in capsules, it came in a bottle w/ an eye dropper.
    My mother used to give us two drops
    in a glass of orange juice every morning. Yuck!

    In those primitive times, the orange juice was
    squeezed at home. No frozen concentrates in
    the 1940s.

    Time to water the plants. Gordon has a Brassa
    Nodosa in bloom. It's a small plant mounted on
    a piece of cork. Has had two blooms for the
    past several weeks; pure white.

    Although people often think of orchids as delicate,
    the blooms are pretty tough. Usually last for 1 to
    2 months.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    AllI can say is that I have been planning on having my surgery on the 16, next wednesday. However, I got a message on my CP that I hardly ever check for messages, and it was from my doctor's office saying that they had to cancel the surgery. Gee whiz ! All my crazy planning going down the tubes. Well, I called but the gal in charge of probably setting up the surgeries was gone. So, I left a message on her machine. I will try and call her in the morning to see what is what. Geez, I want to get the darn thing over with.

    Besides the usual urinary problems I have been having I think Ialso may hare what they call interstitial cystitis. I feel like I have an infection and there is no bacteria there for them to find.. However, I am in pain. It has happened more than once.

    turns out the doctor is on bed rest for her high b/p. One never thinks about docs getting sick but they do ! With her schedule anyone would get hi b/p but I have it anyway and don't have her schedule for sure.Hope she gets better soon.

    Well, everydobby, I ned to go and take a shower and wasemy hair. That is what I call the HAIR PROJECT - hard work for me anymore.

    Bye for now. Just wanted to let you all know.

    Stay tuned for the next program tomorrow :) !!

  18. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I'm so sorry your having a bad time. I'm giving you a hug in my head/heart. Sorry i haven't kept up being in touch.

    I remember Mark, the cake man! :0)

    Just keep reaching out to your friends, don't lock yourself away. That what i do when i'm depressed, it doesn't work, very well.
    I had a really deep depression this winter, before things started going better this summer. I told my husband i didn't want to exist anymore, i've never been that bad before, it was scary.
    Part of the reason i think i've been going full out this summer with as much fun as i can have. I've lightened up on alot of things, and just want to laugh with my friends and family while i can.
    I know that doesn't help out your situation, just rambling. Hope you still want to be friends, i've never not had you too far off in my heart.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee, this is crazy. As far as I know the surgery is now back on with the father of the doc who was going to do the surgery.. That is OK with me as he has had alot more experience,, like about 40 years or so.

    More later. I have to try and get back with the docs office again. This phone tag is for the birds.

    Welcome again Misty ! Hang in their Georgia.

    Try and be back later on.

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia, I'm so sorry for everything you're going through right now. When you add it all together, you have had a lot to deal with lately, haven't you? Yes, you probably are in a depression, but the type that rest and thinking things through will resolve. Just take one problem at a time to work on and it won't seem so overwhelming, okay?

    It's good you have a friend to confide in...just be careful you don't let past emotions get in the way...silly me, I know you already know that!

    I too am going through a trying time right now...posted about it on the worship board, so won't go into it here...but it's only one problem and I know how hard things can be, and how they can affect you, so please take care of yourself! We all love you! Jole

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