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    Starting a new day with a new vol. Hope everyone is feeling hunkey-dorey today and ready to kick some ........

    Yes, Rock, you pronounced it right. It finally dawned on me where they came up with the name Laeya. When my mother was born, her dad named her Loeah Mary. Her mom threw a fit because she hated it, and none of us ever knew her by anything but Mary Mae. The only reason we knew was because a long time ago she'd told me that story, and I'd even forgotten it because she wouldn't tell me what her first name was.

    When she died and I was going through all her papers, I found her birth certificate. Us kids were pretty shocked. Honestly, I don't even know if it was ever changed, but her SS card said Mary May, so everything was a mess!

    Anyway, my daughter liked the name Loeah, after my mom, but her hubby didn't, so I think they made one up that would sound similar. Yes, Granni, we think these kids come up with crazy names these days too, but I've not heard of Loeah before either, and that was nearly 90 years ago!

    Rock, the way it's pronounced....I really don't think they gave it much thought, do you??????? lol....poor little sweet girl! (I do think it's a pretty name though)

    Hey, at least Jo-lee has meaning....it's a combo of mine and hubby's names! hahahaha

    In the night I watched a magnificent lightening storm. The flashes and zigzags were wonderful...and constant. But almost furious with it's intensity. It missed us, and for once I was glad. Everything here is so dry right now and those crazy sharp jabs of electric current could have easily started a few fires. No wonder the pain kept me from sleeping. It's amazing how the weather affects us.

    I need to get groceries soooo bad. We're down to nearly nothing....hard to fix anything to call a meal, but since I don't drive I need to wait on rain for my hubby to take time off to go to town with me. Oh, the life of being a farmer's wife! Everything revolves around the weather with them.

    Hopefully I'll get my kitchen straightened up some today also, and that'll probably be it. Tomorrow is one of my daughter's birthday, and I haven't even been anywhere to get her a card yet....guess a phone call will have to do for now, but I feel bad.

    Think I'm going to head back to bed for a bit...wishing you all a great day, and be back later. Mickey, we miss you!!! Elaine, feel well! Love to all.................Jole
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    Looks like alot's been going on! I left on Friday, and got home Sunday, and crawled right into bed.

    A new baby!! Great news! And a tape of Elaine singing! I bet my dog would like that! LOL

    I was visiting some friends in the Cities, and went on another biker ride, called the Flood Run, down the mississippi river, between MN, and WI.
    My ribcage hurts so much i have spots i can't touch. But it was fun. I've never seen so many bikes at one time, hundreds and hundreds. The road would be solid bikes, as far as you could see behind ya, and in front of ya.

    I brought home a purple tee-shirt that says, Nauti-Hawg. LOL
    Met a few interesting people.

    Anyways, home to normal life. Will try to catch up with everyone. I sure am a sore girl.


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    I will try and keep my eyes open today. May try and take a nap this afternoon. I was up all night trying to sleep and kept hopping up to go to the bathroom. Put a call in to the doctor to see if he thought I need to be on an antibiotic or if it ws normal or not for after this surgery. We will see. I just couldn;t get comfy on the couch and went to the lounge chair and then to the couch in the other room. It was darker in there so I think I might have slept some. I was off the Hydrocodone yesterday. I also think I have a resltess leg syndrome which occasionally kicks up. It just did ot want to go to sleep yesterday either. It is in my one leg. Geez, don't I have enough problems ??

    I seem to hav e gotten over the digestive problems (saying it nicely). So, hope that it continues. I also finally straightened out the dates for the 3 and 6 wk checkup that there were a mixup with. My calendar is such a mess and full of leftover doc and dentist appts due to this surgery.

    Julie - You are right that we are too blessed to be stressed. Hope things will straighten out quickly for Amy with as little stress as possible. Have a good day at work and hope you can come home and take a nap after your morning at work. Glad you are feeling a little better today.

    Jole - How interesting about your mothers name. Do you know if the original spelling was prpunced the same way as Laeya or not? Maybe you don;t know since no one is probably alice that was round at that time . I rthink the spelling they gave is original alnd pretty too. it sounds to me like it is Hawaiina? Doi you know the nationality?

    MSS _ glad you had a goaod trip and hope you get a good rest after it. Did you drive all the way. Not sure where you went I forgot. My brain is really foggy afater haradly any sleep.

    Mickey - How is your mom and you doing? Hope you are not wearing yourself out trying to help her.

    Elaine - take care sweetie and please keep your chi up and KEEP ON SINGING !!

    Hugs to everydobby,

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    I also plan to have a week that is both hunky and dorey!

    But, I did once hear someone say:
    "If ya wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans!"


    Speaking of which:
    Julie: Make a joyful noise on any board ya wanna!
    Although I'm not a Christian, seeing my Peeps being happy, makes ME happy!!!!! :D

    Dang! Now I already forgot who it was who mentioned odd names.
    Sorry! My brain has experienced serious fog all week!!!

    My mom has such a gosh-awful first name, I'm not even allowed to speak it!!!
    She's the baby of her family, & grew up with everyone calling her by her nickname "Babes". My cousins even call her "Aunt Babes".
    The rest of the world knows her by her middle name, "Marie".

    Don't even ask. I'm sworn to secrecy!!!!!!!

    Granni: I'm SO glad to hear you're finally starting to maybe get better! Sure wish you could get some good rest!

    Hi to: SweetSpringWater, Rock, Gordon, Barry, Elaine, Teacher, MorningSonShine, Carla, Georgia, Cate, & all my dear Porch Peeps!!!!

    Sorry if I didn't mention your name. I'm trying to exercise my memory & recall names w/o looking at the list!!!
    I know, I've omitted about 80% of the roster just now.....

    I reckon I need to start playing those brain-challenge games, to stimulate the ol' grey matter.... :(

    Love 2 All!
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    I had a surprise visit from our daughter. Her DH was going to a fraternity reunion at Purdue and they had to be there at 11 a.m. They left h ome in MI at 11 p.m. and drove until 3 a.m., stopped at a motel, then went on to Purdue in time for golf, she went to a friend's house, then came her in mid-afternoon. Whew!!

    We went to our super restaurant in the eve and no room in the dining room so went into bar. Another old friend came in with her "gentleman friend" and had no room to sit so they sat with us. Had a great visit. I barely knew the "friend" even though he always sits in front on me in church (In our church, we all have "our own seats") LOL But we had a great time. We went to Wallymart, then McD. and she left at noon for Purdue and her friend's home. Whew again!

    Was on FB just a bit on Sat. to find grandkids and what's going on. Yesterday after church and coffee, I came home and put a sweat shirt on (was really chilly) and sat and read papers and just rested.

    Granni: I am acquainted with all of those precedures that you went through to "GO". DH had that so often----took him to ER 2 different evenings he felt so bad. And I have given suppositories and sort of E's. He fought that every single time he was in the hospital!! I guess that was bacause of his big problems at the end.

    Congrats on that wonderful new baby in the world. There is nothing in the world that gives you more peace than tohold a new born baby. (Note: Anyone know that one verse in "Because He Lives?) I often kept from tearing up when we sang that in church.

    Names: My aunt, she was also my second mother, had a very odd middle name-----Etoile! E-toil pronounced. It meant "star" and my grandma had read a book with that name in it and just loved it. DH had a great-grandfather who was named "Union". Yep, a Civil War name! Arabella's other grandmother hates Arabella's name!!! Said she was going to call her Hope, her middle name. Don't know what she does.

    Have a friend who has a granddaughter named Aspen! The Dr. told them after the birth to think of the most wonderful place they had ever been. Guess that was pretty good compared what else it might have been!

    OK - are you ready to watch "Dancing with the Stars' tonite? I am ---finally have something to watch on TV!!

    Georgia: Even though I am an Old Lady, I seldom wear a dress - don't think I own one! The girls and ladies in our church mostly wear dressy pants suits, etc. and now beautiful capri sets. Like it.

    i don't know what I have. Any ideas?? Several weeks ago, I looked at my upper arm and thought I had a skitter bite--- but within a day or so, another appeared right next to it and boy , did they itch!!! It happened again somewhere else (2) and again. Last Sat. I felt one on my outer thigh/hip. I decided that I sould probably get another. by Sun.a.m. I looked and there were five of them!!! they still itch!! What in the world is it??? Bugs, allergies, bites, infection somehwere (tooth)?? Then one right in front but turned out to be one. Oh well.

    MSS: Isn't it awful to have a good time, then come home and pay for it? But at least we all can have a good time once in a while!! All worth it!

  6. Granniluvsu

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    I took a nap this afternoon, in the bed. I think it may been close to 2 hours but not edactly sure. Still haven't heard from the doc but I think wither he will call or the nurse afater hourse 5:00 pm

    Georgia - Gee whiz kiddo,, you are NOT old. I know you feel it and so do it. I am like Joan and do not wear dresses that often. OF course I do not work or have to wear dresses. Even at church now most people wear pants suits or nice slacks and top. They surely do not dress the way we used to when I was growing up - groan ! It was the hat, gloves, dress, high heels and all that stuff. I hated it, esp the hat part. Now some of the young kids, and some not so young, come in short shorts , jeans and dresses that you can look up and see almost everything, without tights on. I have always worn jeans and pants when us girls were "allowed to".

    You keep calling yourself an old lady. You are not, even if you feel like it. I keep telling myself I am NOT an old lady and I am almost 69. I know, that when you are as young as you feel, that is hard one to explain to me. Then, I must be 110 or so :) !! You can get some really good stuff sometimes in Thrift Shops but I haven't checked out one out in quite awhile.

    Pippi - That is funny that your mom didn;t want anyone to know her real name. It is nice when some names are passed down and all but people also need to think about how the new person will react to their name and others around them, if they are too strange.

    Jole -I can't remember if I read anyone else' post except Jole. I just cannot remember what you said my dear. Were we stil thinking about different names?

    My eldest daughter called me this morning to check on me. I think she called yesterday too. That was to swweet. We sitll have to make a date to come see the granddaughter dance at her HS football game. Our sporty twin loves football and DD had to tell me that he played his first game this weekend and won 26-0. He is black and blue but loving it. It reminds me of my son when he was growing up. His twin brother is not competative at all just with himself. He does Tae Kwon Do and Boy Scouts so that is good.

    Mickey - So sorry you have been upset by others on the boards. That is part of the reason I just stay here. Not much time anywho to go on all the other ones. Am lucky to ck the Porch.

    Bye for now to all my Porch Peeps. Got to send this before it doesn't go at all.

    Love to Carla, Elaine, Rock, Linda, Sweet SW, Joan and the whole gang, even if you are just peeking in !


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    I thought that maybe I was getting too wordy and too long.

    i did something today that I have putting off for numerous weeks - pressing 4 blouses. It wasn't that hard - I sit down to do it--have for several yrs. It is just getting the ironing board up, then getting it put away(haven't done it yet). I used to iron only on Tues., and I ironed all day!!!! DH had starched shirts that had to be sprinkled with the coke bottle with the sprinkler top on it. then rolled up to let set overnight. Yes, and I had to cook starch!!! don't let anyone say "OH FOR THE GOOD OLE DAYS"

    Daughter jus called. Good to talk to her. I told her about my five "itchyes" and she said to go to the Dr. tomorrow. I might as I really didn't feel as good as I could have both yesterday and today.

    Julie: I love the bit of advice in the poem! Beautiful.

    I am tired now - want to rest up for "Dancing" Daugher said it is to be 2 hrs. tonight and tomorrow nights and 1 hr. Wed.!

    love to all of you whom I didn't mention and if Elaine is reading this---we all love you and pray for your health to return, however long it takes! you are soi special to all of us!

    Gentle Hugs to all,


  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just peeked in…to say hi. Bit run off my feet now and wil be
    For few days.

    Yesterday, got so much grease off the copper chimney piece
    Over the stove…ughh! And almost broke down when I found
    Out the big dog had peed and the pee had run into a room where
    I stack some clothes in carboard boxes and had ruined them all.
    I hadn’t checked in that room because I always keep it locked
    It did the same thing in another room before too. But Im not going
    To dwell on it. Some more cleaning today, wen is there not?
    But now theres a sense of urgency about it. Ive been taking a
    Lot of breathing exercises breaks..in between and have been
    ‘sort of managing’.

    Joan – I love wearing starched cotton things…I too used
    To boil rice and use its starch butnow use those sprays.
    Hope the itches get better soon.

    Jole - i remember a song which went Jole, Jole, Jole Joleee hee heee heeeeee;
    I think..I love that name.

    Granni – Sweet to hear about your grandkids activities.
    And myself relieved to hear your ‘digestion’ problem solved.

    Georgia – you, old? Nah. No one who can do that amount
    Of speed knitting and keep up a job at a health facility can
    Be old.

    Pippi – hmm..let me guess, was your moms name…
    Hepzibah, then? Lol. I hope you had yur hunky dory day.

    MSS – wow. Morotbiking. Im afraid my days for hitting
    The dirt track are gone…all my bones will probably rattle
    If I try…good to hear you having fun

    Julie – you can worship any board you want to..I need
    Spiritual fodder too nowadays…so meditate when in
    Bed. Otherwise I might crack.

    Mickey – miss you and hope things are good going..
    And your Mum picking up and you are not frazzled off
    Your feet.

    Elaine – hang in there, soldier. Counting the days till
    The treatment is over..and praying hard.

    Rock - did Gordon make any more special food; I wish
    I could cook like him; he seems to whip up delicious
    foot just like that; I can tell he loves cooking.

    Carla,Marta,Care…and all other MIAs, waves, hugs

    God Bless

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  9. jole

    jole Member

    Georgia, I love thrift shops too. I used to get a lot of my clothes there for work. Ours (well, an hour away) has really nice clothes and I never felt guilty if I didn't wear them all that much. So many people would pay big bucks on their clothes and you'd only see them wear them a couple times!

    Joan, what a nice suprise seeing your daughter! A great way to brighten your day. Sorry to hear about the "itchies". Did you maybe eat something different? Doesn't sound like fun, and I hope they're better today. Did you get to watch "Dancing with the Stars" last night? I've never watched it......don't think we get it on our channels.

    Granni, I understand the restless legs thing (or in your case, restless LEG". Mine gets really bad when I'm up more than usual or ride in the car very far. Sometimes so severe I literally think I could go insane....although some days that wouldn't take much....haha. It is the strangest feeling to just have those muscles tighten and jerk like that.

    Pippi, think we could all use some of those brain games! I sure have trouble with my memory anymore. Did you ever get your shelves finished by your table? Bet it all looks really nice. Are you drawing yet?

    Spring, sounds like you've really been busy cleaning! Sorry to hear of your dog's accident causing you to lose the box of clothing. I'm afraid I'd be upset enough to try and find my dog another home....okay, probably not! Does anyone there keep their dogs in a fenced in area in the yard like they do here?

    Julie, your job sounds like fun. I know it's work also, but even that sounds like fun. Hope you're feeling better and don't get a set back by going back to work too soon. Please take care of yourself....stress added to it can be a dangerous combination.

    Morning, Yikes! No wonder you hurt! Don't think I could even hang on any more, but it's great you had a day out on your bike! Always nice to feel "human", isn't it?

    Elaine, have yourself a great week!

    Mickey~Rock~ where are you?

    Teach, Cate, Carla, Linda, etc. we need you guys! Stop by as soon as you can, 'K?

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got a confusing e mail from my brother in
    Oregon. He was talking about Paulette Carlson
    from Minnesota and Highway 101. But Highway
    101 is right here in Los Angeles, not in MN.

    Anyhoo turns out Paulette belongs to a country
    western band named Highway 101. You can
    hear the group sing "Somewhere Tonight" on Youtube
    should you be so inclined.

    Even that was sorta confusiatin' since "Somewhere"
    and "Tonight" are songs from
    West Side Story. Clearly not country western.

    Don't you think Paulette sounds like she should have
    a twin brother named Paul?

    I used to have a coworker who would talk about
    her twin sister. Only the coworker was not a
    twin. Turns out she had several siblings including
    twin sisters. One died. So she always referred
    to the survivor as "my twin sister".

    Jole, haven't heard "hunky dorey" since I left
    MN. I once used it in a store and the clerk asked
    me what I meant. I said, "Hokey dokey".

    You know we get almost no lightning and thunder
    here in S. CA. And rainbows are even scarcer.

    MSS, I don't know as I'd want to ride in a big
    mob of bikes. Be afraid of a chain reaction collusion.

    The latest home town paper from SE MN reported on
    a wagon ride. Wagons filled with
    kids pulled by tractors. They went through the
    state park that is right next to the village. Then
    ended up at the Dairy Queen.

    Always stuff going on in the little towns in that area that
    are close to each other. A pancake breakfast, a basket auction,
    a talent show, a band concert, etc.

    Granni, glad to hear you are making some recovery. Have
    you considered that your restless
    leg might just be eager to go tap dancing again?

    Carla, are you high enough in the hills that the
    flooding didn't reach you? Are you isolated by
    the water?

    Joan, nice that your daughter and DH came for
    a visit. Speaking of E'toiles, I had a roommate
    in college who also had an aunt E'toile. The
    state motto of MN is E'toile du Nord, Star of the

    I used to play a hymn called "He Lives". "You
    ask me how I know he lives, He lives within my
    heart." You might be thinking of a different one,

    Springwater, I never thought of where laundrey starch
    came from before areasol cans. Of course it came from
    plants like rice or potatoes.

    Gordon made roast chicken and ham-bean soup
    and omelets over the weekend. He also bought
    some long beans and took them over to his mother's place.

    Long beans are like grean or string beans except
    they are a foot and a half long. See Wikipedia
    if you're curious.

    Ha det bra
  11. jole

    jole Member

    We went to get groceries last night....were getting desperate. I was shocked to see the huge array of pumpkins already in front of Dillons. I hope somebody plans to use them for pies/cakes, cause I can't imagine them lasting till Halloween. You know, as much as I cooked from scratch when the kids were all little, I've never made a "real" pumpkin pie.

    I remember the mess we made just doing jack-o-lanterns when the kids were small, and I can't imagine making that mess on purpose when it's so easy to open a can....lol....
    Anyway, pumpkin pie has never been one of my favorites, although I do love the smell of one baking.

    Laundry day today. Gee, I haven't ironed...or starched...clothes in a long time. I just grab them right from the dryer and hang them up..and call it good. May iron a white shirt occasionally, but that's it. I do good to get them clean and dry.

    It's cool today...46 this morning...my flowers and tomatoes are about done for. Everything outside has a sad look to it. Maybe that's just because I dread winter, 'cause I know some people that think fall is very pretty and love the cooler temps, but I fiind it rather depressing to watch the color disappear from everything.

    Wish we could travel to a warmer, more colorful climate for winter....sigh...........Jole
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally got a sort of half way descent nights sleep in the bed, last night. However, I called and spoke to the nurse and finally got him to call in an antibiotic for me. I gave myself one of those home urine test (strips) last nights and it indicated some leucosytes. So, I made sure to ther that when I call. Then sha actually called me right bak to say he was going call in something right away. So, hope that helps things to finally heal right and I have less of the going to bathroom, which I have beenn trying to elimate in the first place. Although the surgery waws really for leaking. So, we will see . I will be anxious to go to the doctor for my 3 wk check on October 1st. Then I should be able to drive again and all- not that I go all that far, to church, grocieries doctors, and exciting stuff like that.

    Joan - Oh I do remember the cooking the starch although I don'r think I did it much and then they came out with the spray. DH did not want heavy starch so I just sprayed when I had to do hiswork shirts. My mom used todo the boiling of starch thing. I know wht you mean about having to put up and take down the ironing board. I don;t have the space in laundry room to just leave it up. It is in the guest room;s closet upstairs. I iron only when I have to. I domostly what Joe does, take right out of the drier, sometimes when not fully dry and let the finiah drying o nthe hangers. Shape and maybe crease some things with fingers before they dry hanging.. Some non dressy shirts like polos I just remove from the drier and fold and put away unless they neeeded to dry more.

    Georgia - Gee, I can't believe that you are hotter than we are . Lately it has been getting cooler . It is pouring today which is what we need.

    Oh, you just wear what you feel comfy in. IO never felt that comfy in a dress but if you do that is great. I can see where some dresses esp in the hot summer would be much more cool. I wear some shorts at home but mostly capris and later on pants and jeans when it gets cooler or also sweats. I am so cold natured anyway.

    Jole - I know what you mean about laundry and starching. I do as little as possible for sure. Oh,m there are pumpkins and all kinds of Trick or TYreat stuff alreadyout in WM and other store. I think I also saw some in CVS the other day. They have the candies, costumes , etc. all ready for the young ones and their parents. Don't worry in a short while they will have the Christmas stuff out too - probably as soon as Halloween is over. Some stores might not even wait cause it takes solong for them to get all the Christmas stuff up. UGH - I do not even want to start thinking about it.

    Rock - Gee, could you mail some of that good stuff over here to TX that Gordon has been making :) ! He is such a great cook. You are solucky he loves to do that. I have friends whose husbands do most of the cooking. They are soo lucky ! My DH tries to help but needs to be told exactly what to do every step, I almost might as well do it already.

    It really helps when you aren't feeling great , which is alot of the time with me. The thing is even when I am not doing well, like trying to get over surgery he will not just go and do it he will say what are we having which means I have to also do the planning.. Just make anything already and it willbe fine. Tonight probably will be TV dinners or frozen pot pies. We usually do not get them but I was not going to cook right away.

    Mickey and Elaine - Hope you are doing better. Look forwards to seeing you both here back on the Porch.

    Werll, I can't remember anybody else I need to answer to so will sign off for now. DH will probably be back soon from haircut and pharmacy.

    Love to everydobby,

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Teacher, what do you think of naming a kid Chemlahyah? Imagine a
    little kid trying to learn to print that. One gal at work told me she was
    planning on the name Jock. I said, "What do you think the kids will call

    She said, "Why? What?"

    I just left it at that.

    Elaine, your chemo post is now so long my computer won't reach. Can't get
    to the end of the messages.

    Julie, do you put anything into your applesauce besides apples and sugar?
    My neighbors used to make apple butter, but it looked so awful I never
    tried it. Dark brown. Haven't seen any since I was a kid.

    Georgia, I used to go to thrift stores all the time to buy used records and
    books. Now I don't buy records anymore. The used books are cheaper
    at the library.

    Mickey, are you still zigging and zagging between two homes? Miss your
    smiling presence.

  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Owww!!! I woke up with an odd pain. I guess I got myself into a twist while I was asleep, cuz this a place where I don't normally have pains.
    It's right smack-dab in the middle of my back, up between my shoulder blades.
    What an inconvenient place for a pain! I forget it's there, then slightly twist to look to my left or right, & YOW!
    It feels like one of those pains that will go away later in the day.

    Normally, I don't have pains (as bad) in the morning.
    My normal pain increases as the day progresses.
    Usually mornings are OK cuz I've been relatively still for awhile.

    Mentally, tho, mornings suck... LOL!!!
    (Is it OK to say the "S"-word here? I can't think of a replacement word, like "friggin".)

    Other than that, things are both Hunkey & Dorey!!!

    Jole: Mmmm!!! Punkin' Pie!!!
    2 things I love are pumpkin pie & cheese cake.
    My bro, Jess, is SUCH an excellent chef, one year he made me a home-made pumpkin cheese cake for my birthday! He even grew the pumpkin himself!!!
    It was the most DEE-LISH thing I ever tasted in my life, AND he was only about 12 years old when he did that! He invented the recipe himself!
    (Jess is the one who has the baby, my niece Rachel, who is his first child, & just had her 1st B-Day.)

    I have no idea how all 5 of my bros turned out to be such excellent chefs, & I can't even toast a pop-tart.....

    Rock: A world without rainbows??? Wow! I see some of the most amazing rainbows from up here.
    Have you ever seen a double-rainbow?
    I've seen SIX of them, in my life.
    Legend says: When a person sees his 7th double-rainbow, he'll have 1 year of good luck.
    That's just one of the reasons why I always search the sky for rainbows.

    Amazingly, a few years ago I was talking to an elderly neighbor lady, who had never seen a double rainbow. Less that one hour later, I saw one & ran to get her as fast as I could. She saw it, just moments before the inner one disappeared!!!

    Georgia: Who said you talk about yourself too much???

    I've noticed, that talking about ourselves "too much" is just another of the MANY things we keep apologizing for here!!!

    If we didn't talk about ourselves so much, we wouldn't "know" each other. We wouldn't have in-depth conversations. We wouldn't know what each others' life-situations are...
    We'd be mere acquaintances, instead of friends!!!

    Keep on talkin' sister!!! :D

    Well, Peeps... I'm about to attempt my first portrait (in paint!) of a dog!
    I'm only attempting this, cuz my dear friend (& unofficially adopted grandpa) would like: a) a piece of my artwork, & b) a portrait of his "best friend" Gordy. LOL!
    Portaiture isn't really my niche, hence, Gordy will be a total experiment.
    I think I can handle it, tho.

    OK. I gotta post this & come back for part 2...

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    (Geez! this timing-out thing makes me nervous!!!
    Can we request they allow us a bit more typing time?)

    Part 2 is brief...

    I haven't moved my small bookshelf yet.
    I definitely want to move it, and I will, but I may wait until the weekend. It'll be a 2-day job...

    For some reason, I don't much like weekends.
    I don't run errands on weekends, cuz the bus schedule is different (fewer buses, less frequent) & that makes things inconvenient.

    I only do downtown errands in the BratMobile on weekends.

    But, although I don't much like tv, I do like the "BritComs" on PBS. They're on over the weekend.
    Why is it that British sitcoms are actually FUNNY, but American sit-comas are just stoopit?

    Has anyone else seen "Waiting for God" or "The Vicar of Dibley", or my fave, "Last of the Summer Wine"?

    I wish PBS would run at least one Brit-Com every day....

    Okey-dokey, Peeps.
    Enuff outta me for now!
    I'll check in with y'all later!

    Love 2 All!!!!!

    Granni: You were posting as I was.
    Have you ever seen those ironing boards that fold out from the wall?
    I think they're SO cool!
    They fold up into a shallow "pocket" in the wall, & ya close a door in front of it.
    ....Which also reminds me of a "Murphy bed", which folds up into the wall, too.
    I saw a HILARIOUS Abbott & Costello sketch, involving getting folded into the wall with a murphy-bed, once. LMAO!!!!!!![This Message was Edited on 09/22/2009]
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Yes, it is me the stranger, Mickey. LOL Been a crazy couple of weeks but starting to slow down a bit, I hope anyway. Not here at work though, it is as busy as ever, which is good for me anyway.

    I went to a cousin's wedding last weekend and saw lots of relatives i haven't seen in quite a while, so that was fun and great to see everybody. This is my Mom's side of the family so they were all asking about her and worried. Of course she is still pretty bad off so she wasn't able to make it.

    Also bought a 4 year old washer and dryer ($300 for the pair), really nice set for my daughter Ashley up at college. Now i won't be doing all that extra laundry when she comes home, LOL. Not that i minded but now she has her own and it will be much easier for her not having to haul it back and forth.

    Other than that, I think i am in a flare right now, my whole body aches and aches and yesterday i slept right through until 8:30, woke up and thought it was Sunday. Called work (supposed to be here at 8) and told them i overslept and i would be in as soon as possible. That has happened in a long time. Luckily i have a great place and great people i work with.

    It is funny, someone mention something about pumpkins already being in the stores, well i went into Kohl's department store and they have all Xmas stuff out already, trees lit and everything. Crazy. Way too early for that. Kind of put me in a bad mood seeing that already, LOL. Not that i don't love xmas, I do, but not this early.

    I am still in summer mode even though yesterday was considered the last day of summer, it is not for me.

    Well gang, i love you all. I will be back, got to get caught up again on all the posts and also go to lunch.

  17. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi, Mickey!!!

    Why was yesterday the 1st day of fall?
    The guy on the tv news said fall starts at 5:18 this evening...

    Geez... Now I'm all confusiated...

    Glad ya had a good family get-together!
    Family gatherings seem to be either great or horrid. They never seem to be neutral...

    What do the docs say about your mom?
    Are they expecting a full recovery?

    My friend out in Oregon nearly stressed herself to death (figuratively speaking, I mean), when her mom was injured.
    Her Mom is in her 80's & lives with my friend. Friend works full time, takes care of the house & yard, takes care of the dog & the bird, prepares the meals, does the shopping... When her mom fell & had to have surgery on her shoulder, Friend had to care for her moms' personal needs & doc appointments, too.

    It's just WAY too much for one person to do!!!

    Friend & the Mom got through it, though!
    They're both doing fine now!

    I'm sending positive vibes & well wishes for your mom AND for you!!!

    SO good to hear from ya!!!

  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I am slow getting on as I decided that this was the day that I was going to finish the scanning of my family hisgtory pixs. I got it done!!!!

    My neighbor has pumpkins on her porch. The last time I did that the kids threw them out into the street the first night!! I just don't have them out anymore.

    I remember when the kids made jack-o-lanterns and the mess we had. But it was fun for gthem and for me. But I do love pumpkin pie! Ii used to use the pure canned pumpkin and the receipe on gthe can. Very goiod. Then I started using the canned prepared mix. Just as good. I am so hungry for a good pumpkin pie with whipped topping on it!!!!!! I would share it with all of you~~~~~~~~~``

    Yes, i do grab clothes right from the dryer and as soon as it stops. igt does save so much and most clothes look great. These happened to be blouses that for some reason were just plained wrinkled fromo the dryer. Hint, hint ---ii usually wear a matching T under them so I can wear them over and over until I spill!!!!!

    Georgia: YOu do not blather!!! It is just visiting with all of our friends. How else can we get to know one another? It's great!

    Granni: I do so hope gthat you can get your plumbing working once again! i feel so sorry that you are having so much trouble and problems.
    And as far as I ama concerned------frozen dinners and pot pies are just great. i certainly take advantage of them. I will sometiomes add a veggie to it - eat only a half can so the rest is for the next day. I hope I don't get tired of lima beans!!! i bought 3 on sale (I thought) as WMart. Then went to the grocery and got, this time for real on sale, 2 cans of baby limas and 2 cans of big limas!! Oh well~~~~~~~~`

    Rock: I used to make applebutter in the oven. I have a big round heavy aluminum roaster and I would put sauce, spices, brown and white sugar together and put in a low oven, stirring often and slowly coiok all day ----so good. Don't do it now ---the apple tree was cut down!

    Speaking of double rainbows, our family was all sitting out on the lawn following one of D's bridal showers and we looked up - a gorgeous double rainbow. Perfect ending to the day.

    oh Mickey: Not Xmas!!! It isn't even Halloween or thanksgiving! Why rush the season? I do not even want to think CHRISTMAS!!! I do hope that things will begin to run smoogther for you and your Mom. How is she? Sorry to hear you are ih a flair. So very sorry. Hope you aren't completely worn out!! You are too sweet for that!!!!!!!!!1

    Pip: I couldn't agree with you more ---- nogthing better than either cheesecake or pumpkin pie. Hungry for both.

    I love you all--- take care, all or you dear ones.

    Gentle Hugs,

  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Ha, i never get on this computer hardly ever. Well it is 8:00 pm and i just got back from walking Jack. I was hoping that would take some of this soreness out of me, and it definetly helped. I just needed to stretch out these muscles i guess. Not completely better but much better than earlier today.

    Thanks everyone for asking about my Mom, she is recovering very slowly and she just has to be patient. I take after her in that category, no patience. She is the type that is always on the go and can't stand to be laid up for long. Pippi, i doubt it is going to be a full recovery, she damaged herself pretty badly. Her whole right arm from her shoulder to her hand is going to be out for a very long time and probably will never be 100 percent again. I still can't believe how it looks, very grotesque. I won't tell her that, but i am sure she knows. She has huge stitches going from the top of her shoulder all the way to her elbow. It reminds me of that old old Frankenstein movie, LOL.

    Oh and just to let everyone know, there is lots of help for my Mom. There is my sister, my stepsisters (2 of them) and then me and my brother goes over there to help out with the fix it thingys. So i am definetly not doing it all alone. I am the cleaner though. I don't think anyone else knows how to clean in my family, LOL. But that is okay, i do like cleaning when i am feeling good anyway.

    Anyway, yes Joan, i can't believe they have Xmas stuff out already either, it is terrible.

    Now you two have me hungry, cheesecake and pumpkin pie, yum yum. I think i am going to go upstairs now and have some ice cream since i don't have the other two. LOL

    Goodnight Porchies and take care,

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I waited around all day but I know they are so busy in that office covering to docs pts, I got some Bactrim or the generic. Hopefully, that will help me sleep not having to get up so much .

    I just wanted to check in on my dear Porchies to see what, if anythign ws going on. I know it is time for beddy bye.

    Pip - do you need a story? If so make sure it is a very short one cause I am not sure how long I will last. I napped quite a bit this afternoon. It was such a dreary rainy day that it a good sleeping day.

    I think the song you were singing for Jole might have been "Jolene" by Dolly Parton.

    Mickey - Sorry to hear that your mom is so messed up after her other fall. I am so glad that their are others to help out and it is not just you doing it all.

    I miss you on the Porch bringing your sunny disposition to help cheer us all. Hope you will pop in more.

    Carla - where are you sweetie. We miss you too, and LINDA too.

    Joan - Yes, I agree with you about the Christmas stuff up in the stores already. It is ridiculous I hate the thoughts already .

    Well, I had better sign off for now. Hope everydobby has a good night tonight. Don't let those bedbugs bite :) !!